Free State Project

Free State Project Crosses 90 Percent Threshold, Gets Closer To Triggering Mass Move to NH

Over 18,000 people have pledged to move to New Hampshire and fight for smaller government. When the number hits 20,000, the big move occurs.


Will 2016 be the year that the Free State Project (FSP) becomes a reality?

The Free State Project is an unprecedented movement—once 20,000 libertarians pledge to participate, it will "Trigger the Move," and they will make their way to New Hampshire within five years. The organization has now exceeded 90% of its goal with more than 18,000 pledged participants, and almost 2,000 "early movers" have already made New Hampshire their new home with fresh faces coming in every week.

"This is the culmination of a decade of work and we're just months away from reaching our 20,000 participant goal," says Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project. "Early movers have purchased about $40 million in New Hampshire real estate, and many have brought businesses and jobs with them."

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