CNN Correspondent Collaborated with Hillary Clinton Team to Denigrate Rand Paul

2013 emails reveal pattern of CNN's Elise Labott working with, and for the goals of, Hillary Clinton's team.


CNN's global affairs correspondent Elise Labott made news herself this month when the network suspended her for an opinionated tweet that read: "House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish."

A set of old emails from 2013 between her and Hillary Clinton's team reveal some perhaps even more interesting news, as summed up at The Blaze, showing a pattern of pre-planned collaboration with Clinton's people regarding her stories and tweets.

This includes tweets poking at Rand Paul for supposedly not being active enough on Benghazi, and one in which Labott admits to straight-up lying to her bosses to cover for Clinton:

Regarding Paul:

"Are you sure rand paul wasn't at any hearings," Labott emailed [Clinton aide Philippe] Reines, seemingly picking up a conversation that took place elsewhere.

Moments later, she published a tweet to her account.

[Tweet read: Sen Paul most critical on committee of Clinton, but a little late to the #Benghazi game.Not sure he was at many of the 30 previous briefings]

"This is what I tweeted," she wrote back to Reines, seemingly seeking approval.

Later that afternoon, the two exchanged more emails.

"She was great. well done. I hope you are going to have a big drink tonite," Labott wrote Reines.

There is more evidence of Reines guiding Labott's tweeting in the full story, and even this rather damning detail from an email to Reines in which Labott wrote, regarding lack of face-to-face on camera interview with Clinton in early 2013, that "I did get several emails from networks today asking if I thought the reason there was no on-cam was because you guys were hiding something. I just answered that it was customary in the week of new years (even though that's not entirely true) but frankly nobody believed me."