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CNN Correspondent Collaborated with Hillary Clinton Team to Denigrate Rand Paul

2013 emails reveal pattern of CNN's Elise Labott working with, and for the goals of, Hillary Clinton's team.


CNN's global affairs correspondent Elise Labott made news herself this month when the network suspended her for an opinionated tweet that read: "House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish."

A set of old emails from 2013 between her and Hillary Clinton's team reveal some perhaps even more interesting news, as summed up at The Blaze, showing a pattern of pre-planned collaboration with Clinton's people regarding her stories and tweets.

This includes tweets poking at Rand Paul for supposedly not being active enough on Benghazi, and one in which Labott admits to straight-up lying to her bosses to cover for Clinton:

Regarding Paul:

"Are you sure rand paul wasn't at any hearings," Labott emailed [Clinton aide Philippe] Reines, seemingly picking up a conversation that took place elsewhere.

Moments later, she published a tweet to her account.

[Tweet read: Sen Paul most critical on committee of Clinton, but a little late to the #Benghazi game.Not sure he was at many of the 30 previous briefings]

"This is what I tweeted," she wrote back to Reines, seemingly seeking approval.

Later that afternoon, the two exchanged more emails.

"She was great. well done. I hope you are going to have a big drink tonite," Labott wrote Reines.

There is more evidence of Reines guiding Labott's tweeting in the full story, and even this rather damning detail from an email to Reines in which Labott wrote, regarding lack of face-to-face on camera interview with Clinton in early 2013, that "I did get several emails from networks today asking if I thought the reason there was no on-cam was because you guys were hiding something. I just answered that it was customary in the week of new years (even though that's not entirely true) but frankly nobody believed me."

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  1. What does it take for a journalist to lose credibility these days?

    1. Being a journalist?

      1. Yes, the correct question is when does a journalist ever gain credibility these days?

    2. I’m not sure they had a lot of credibility to loose in the first place. You know you have a UUUUGE problem when Jon Stewart, a comedian doing a comedy show, is the most trusted ‘news’ man in the nation.

    3. Richard Quest has a television show and Rick Sanchez had a hit and run DUI and he is still around, so it must take an awful lot.

  2. These Hillary emails are screwing over all sorts of biased journalists. I guess they are really regretting her not keeping two emails, so this kind of stuff would never come to light.

    Seriously, if she set up an official account she could have done just the barebones formal task of her job there, and then kept all the backroom dealing to her own private account. No one would have been able to prove that state business was done on the private account and no one would have been able to search it. Thank god for incompetence.

    1. Try to imagine (I dare you) how much evil/corrupt shit Hillary has been up to the last 20 years that we don’t even know about? Consider that she does evil shit all day, every day. It boggles.

  3. But but but, Chris Cilizza said it was a conspiracy theory!

  4. I would bet a whole shitload of money this is vastly more rampant–on all sides and TEAMs and with so many journalists–than anyone realizes.

    1. Absolutely, but especially with the politicians with media clout.

      “You want an interview with Hillary?”

      “What questions are you going to ask?”

      What are you doing for us?”

      “Quid pro quo, Clarice, quid pro quo!”

    2. Exactly. The majority of our media is bought and sold. I’m looking at you FOX news, put down the stones and step away from the glass house. I think the real problem is the veneer of objectivity these “journalists” peddle to the masses while they are on the take. Journalists my ass… more like fraudalists.

      1. Dear Deathmarch,
        Fox News would not get the viewership it does if it were not for the main stream media being a bunch of lying, corrupt douchebags. Untrustworthy journalism has killed the truth, most people already know this. Fox is biased, but the reason for it was the vacuum that liberal media created.

        1. I don’t disagree. But I believe they are guilty of similar behavior outlined in these emails.

          1. Links? Not that i doubt you, but ….

    3. The response from Glenn Thrush of Politico was that this is SOP so he doesn’t know what the issue is.

      1. How else do you expect these journalists to get hired by Democratic administrations?

        1. More importantly, how else can you expect CNN to hire folks from Democratic administrations?

    4. Yeah, I dunno. I bet Rand Paul’s media collaboration is near-zero; ditto anyone who’s foursquare against the DC concentration of power.

      1. There are a lot more pols who are part and parcel of the government / media party line than ones who aren’t.

  5. “”She was great. well done. I hope you are going to have a big drink tonite,” Labott wrote Reines.”

    Cocktail parties!

    1. she meant “have a big dick tonight”, fucking autocorrect.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if just once a big deal was made about one of these leftist “journalists” getting busted like it would were it, say, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck? I’d love to see it if only one time in my life. As it is, this will be a non-story before disappearing completely.

    1. You might have a point, except, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH

    2. Well the people who would be making a big deal out of it – the media – are already firmly in Hillary’s camp.

      There almost couldn’t be a more flagrant conflict of interest: media and progressives both oppose citizens united because it inhibits the (corporate) media’s monopoly on information and counteracts that corporate media’s wielding of that monopoly in favor of progressive agendas. “Safeguarding democracy” my ass; it’s one oligopoly trying to banish the intrusion of another oligopoly into a market dominated by the former.

  7. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.

    Anguish? Shame, disappointment, maybe. Are we sure she wasn’t fired for having an anguished vocabulary?

    1. Maybe the SOL had a pinched nerve and bending her neck caused her pain. Ever think of that, smart guy?

  8. CNN is the most fair and balanced news ever!

  9. Look, how else are progressive journalists going to make bank if not acting as agents for corrupt politicians ?

  10. Nah, pointing out that it sure seems like CNN is firmly in the Hillary camp is just pure TEAM RED conspiracy theorizin’.

  11. “This is what I tweeted,” she wrote back to Reines, seemingly seeking approval.

    Later that afternoon, the two exchanged more emails.

    “She was great. well done. I hope you are going to have a big drink tonite,” Labott wrote Reines.

    Oh that is just deliciously awful.

  12. “House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.”

    Someone help me out here.

    Isn’t this about Syrian refugees – who aren’t in the US but in some camp (maybe a UN camp)?

    And the forces of Compassion want to admit 10,000 of these refugees, no more.

    Apparently, Compassion doesn’t require admitting 20,000, or 15,000.

    10,000 is enough to punch your Compassion ticket.

    But if you want to admit none, or only, say, 5,000, or if you want them to go through security screening, then you’re a hatey hater, a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, you would ship the Jews back to Hitler’s Germany.

    Have I got that right?

    1. All refugees and asylees have to go through a 2-3 year screening progress but I’m hearing from immigration lawyers that the Obama Administration has been ignoring the screening requirements.

  13. When the politicians have sooooo many goodies they can dole out to their strategically placed supporters, is this really a surprise?

    I’m taking bets here. I got $20 that says Labott will be Hillary’s White House Press Secretary.

  14. Gee, let me find my shocked face…OK, here it is.

  15. Lest we forget, Labott was just suspended for two weeks after editorializing a tweet.

  16. Yeah, I guess that exchange could only have taken place in 2013, given that it implies Rand Paul was a threat to Democrats.

    (Hey, I feel bad about that joke too. Don’t kill me.)

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