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A Missouri court has ordered Harris-Stowe State University to pay Beverly Wilkins $4.85 million after finding the school had discriminated against her because she is white. Wilkins accused Latisha Smith, a former dean of the College of Education, of systematically purging the department of white faculty. Smith fired Wilkins in 2010 because of budget cutbacks, but Wilkins said under Harris-Stowe's official reduction-in-force policy several black teachers should have been fired before her.

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  1. oh no, we’ll have to reduce the safe zone budget…

  2. I think it would be fundamentally unfair not to extend affirmative action admission policies to faculty.

  3. University officials also declined through a spokeswoman to be interviewed, but Ronald Norwood, chairman of the Harris-Stowe State University Board of Regents, issued a statement calling the jury verdict “regrettable,” and leaving open the possibility of an appeal.

    “The case is related to events that transpired in 2010,” Norwood said. “As a result of the recent changes in leadership and personnel, Harris-Stowe State University is now moving forward in writing a new and very exciting chapter in the history of this great university.”

    “I wasn’t even here when we were being racist! You can’t punish me for something that didn’t happen on my watch!”

    1. #RegentPrivilege

  4. Such mixed feelings! The blowback of racists being punished for racism, of professional victims turned into victims, of goose-sauce being force fed to ganders, of turnabout is fair play, all of it is delicious.

    I understand she won because the university violated its own clear policy on who gets laid off, but in my world, there would be no need to justify racism; if blacks or whites want a nice pure-race college, let them do so, and let them struggle with trying to figure out how to define pure races.

    1. +1 no Muggles.

    2. Mixed feelings? I see no downside here. People such as the defendant made their own petard, and now they have been hoist upon it.

  5. ‘Latisha’…of course.

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