Bobby Jindal

Gov. Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race

And then there were ... still too many.


We have some lovely consolation prizes.
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After failing to make any sort of impact in the race for the Republican nomination for president, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced this afternoon that he is dropping out. He let the world know via Fox News:

"Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity," Jindal said in a statement announcing his decision. "We cannot settle for the left's view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country—no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are—can succeed in America."

When asked by Baier why his candidacy didn't take off, Jindal said his campaign spent "a lot of time" developing policy papers, but "clearly there wasn't a lot of interest" in those papers.

The 44-year-old governor told Baier he is not endorsing another candidate right now, but will support the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

"At the end of the day I trust the American people to select our nominee for the next president," he said Tuesday. "I want someone who's got the smarts to make big changes."

Jindal never made an impression that there was anything special about him to make him stand out above the other candidates. At his last debate appearance, his stock answer to just about every single question was to cut government spending, no matter what the question was about. It's certainly an agreeable sentiment, but in the absence of Sen. Lindsey Graham answering every single question by warning everybody about ISIS coming to kill us all, he simply sounded repetitive. He pointed out that he was the only governor among the Republican candidates that actually reduced state spending during his administration, but it didn't seem to get him anywhere. This isn't an election about reducing government spending, at least not this point in the cycle. More's the pity.

More Reason on Jindal here

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  1. I had no idea he was ever in the race

    1. I think he was at the kids’ table once or twice. I don’t know.

      1. I remember him running in 2012 but not this time around. Course I’ve been trying to ignore the whole thing as long as possible.

        1. Gah I don’t even remember that. Just think, he’s got another 7 or 8 campaigns in him.

          1. I hope I live long enough to ignore him that many times

    2. I was kind of shocked to learn the other day that Lindsey Graham is still considered to be running.

      1. Posted this the other day. Dude calls Graham a Socialist for criticizing IP.…

        1. Meh. Graham can be summed up by just calling him the ‘war boner’ candidate. He’s a one trick pony.

          1. Amazing the lengths some men will go to repress their true sexuality.

        2. Well, if he had been against IP, that would make him per se against a form of property, so “socialist” might be the right term.

          Instead, he was in favor of some modest modifications to the particular nature of US IP protection, so, yeah, not so much socialist.

          1. IP is property by man made law. I do not recall it being part of natural law.

            James Watt’s steam engine patents delayed the wide spread use of steam engines by 20 years.

  2. “We cannot settle for the left’s view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.”

    Unless you’re from Syria apparently.

      1. Pff born in Pittsburgh.

        1. Dad from Syria though.

          1. In Europe, if your dad is from Syria, but you were born here… you’re Syrian.

            This is America. He is American.

            1. Right but the original quote specifically mentions parents too

              1. Enh… I’ll let you have this one.

                1. YES! lol

  3. It’s polite of him to let everyone know that we can continue to not be aware of his existence

    1. Isn’t the guy Indian? I mean of Indian ancestry? So he’s an Indian America, right? Or someone’s a fucking racist. WTF is going on? So there was this Indian guy, A Latin guy, and a black guy all running for POTUS as Republicans? And the Democrats? 2 old white people? Do I have this right? Where is the media outcry about the racist Democrats who refuse to let anyone run for president outside of old white people?

      1. All republicans are white men regardless of race or gender.

        1. It’s called tolerance

      2. Maybe he should have ran with his given name, Piyush. That would have give everybody a chance to show their unracistedness.

        1. He could have had Salt-N-Pepa follow him around singing Piyush It Real Good.

            1. I’m pretty sure if I were his campaign manager he would be leading the polls right now with great ideas like that.

              1. This dance ain’t for everybody
                Only the sexy people
                So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance
                Dance, I said!

                1. I underestimated you AJB, you are the Stephanopoulos of the post-modern error.

                  1. “post-modern error”

                    So that’s been are whole problem all along.

                    1. I make fun of error for era by using are for our. Perfect.

                    2. You think it’s a typo. BWAHAHAHAHA!

          1. I got shit on the other day for hating commercials… I love that one. Makes me LMAO every time.

            1. It’s pretty funny. I used to hear that song about every night at the clubs.

      3. All you need is someone in a wheelchair and you have a James Watt joke redux.

      4. Well, because he is Catholic, not Hindu, he is a faux Indian. Just ask Dalmia.

  4. Talk about cognitive dissonance

    ‘Political correctness’ doesn’t hinder free speech ? it expands it…..e-missouri

    1. On one side are the ever-harrumphing Reasonable White Men

      That’s not racist at all.

    2. Ugh…That bile duct of a woman continues to be able to make money writing her shit about how it’s OK to stop others from communicating.


      1. I believe the correct term is ‘cunt’.

        1. Gimme a break, will ya? I’m trying to use more of my insult vocab. I thought of cock-stain, or shit-smear, but neither of them worked. Once I had bile-duct down, cunt just seemed…I dunno, passe`, maybe.

          But, yes, cunt is correct.

          1. How about “condemned fuck hole”?

            1. Don’t forget fat!

            2. Disease ridden cunt.

    1. Damn that sucks. He was young.

    2. I hate to ask, but what is the “All Blacks”…?

      1. They play a weird and less manly type of football.

        1. I wouldn’t call rugby less manly

          1. Oh yeah.

            No, I was thinking it was some racial thing – until I wikipedia’ed it.

  5. Jindal also announced that he had, in fact, been a GOP contender.

  6. I had forgotten he’d ever dropped into the race.

  7. Jindal said his campaign spent “a lot of time” developing policy papers, but “clearly there wasn’t a lot of interest” in those papers.

    Sheesh, people can’t be bothered to read actual legislation, much less intellectual theories.

  8. The problem with the Indian was…

    wait for it..

    …people had too many reservations about him.

    1. Umm, the ‘other’ kind of Indian.

      1. He’s gay??

    2. *Lights the Swiss signal*

      1. What’s the gamboling dude, chopped liver?

    3. It an anti-establishment election cycle. He hasn’t defined himself yet as naan-establishment.

      1. And… we’re done here.

        1. So now you curry favor with Q?

          1. Dot’s OK with me.

            1. And how! Wait whut?

              1. Man my face is all red

                1. MOVE OUT OF DC, BIGOT!

  9. Now if we can get the other two non natural born Citizens out.

  10. Real life would be more interesting if J.R. Ewing from Dallas became real life and was running for POTUS. Trump is so fucking boring. J.R. would be like ‘I done bought Saudi Arabia, you’re too late Bobby, I’m adding Saudi Arabia to Southfork and we’re gonna drill baby.’ and would smile that shit eating grin.

  11. He was in it???

  12. In a stunning upset, companies in the bay area are allowed to provide transportation for their employees! Several SF politicos and many activists admitted to the ER for treatment of shock!

    “Corporate buses, symbol of changing San Francisco, gain approval”
    “Despite opposition from critics who see the sleek shuttles with their tinted windows as driving the affordable housing crisis, the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors decided Tuesday to continue the controversial program that allows the buses to share Muni stops, establishes shuttle routes and charges operators a fee.”…..639579.php

    Yep, outlaw those damn buses and housing costs drop like a rock.

    1. I just see them as a sign of corporations building their “campuses” in sleepy towns that lots of young tech people don’t want to live in.

      1. Could it also be the opposite? Young people living in the ‘burbs because it’s affordable, but commuting to the ‘prestige’ downtown locations?

        1. Yes but then the workplace would be centrally-located at least, and probably easier to reach for more people.

          1. I guess I’m not seeing a problem here. The workers get into “transit” and avoid cars. They get to live in San Francisco (we’re presuming a lot here because the linked article was vanishingly thin) and get a bus-ride to work.

            Are all these tech firms NOT in San Francisco? Are all these workers IN San Francisco? And at some point, isn’t there some agency involved– with all parties? The workers can choose to live elsewhere, work elsewhere, the corporation can choose to locate elsewhere– all of which would be determined by bottom lines and ‘worthwhileness’ of the aforementioned choices.

            It seems to me that if we beg the question and assume that the firms are OUTSIDE SF and the workers are INSIDE SF, and the firms are willing to provide corporate buses, that the choice of locating outside the city is seen as a positive trade off and the workers living INSIDE SF also are willing to make the trade off.

            1. You’re right – this is a good thing given the situation. I was just being meta, as in “this is what *I* would prefer”.

            2. “It seems to me that if we beg the question and assume that the firms are OUTSIDE SF and the workers are INSIDE SF, and the firms are willing to provide corporate buses, that the choice of locating outside the city is seen as a positive trade off and the workers living INSIDE SF also are willing to make the trade off.”

              SF city gov’t stinks; it’s about as lefty as the market will allow and still function. But SF is wonderful; regardless of your tastes in food, for instance, you WILL find a world-class eating establishment serving it. And as the film-makers say, there are no bad angles; the views are spectacular.
              So, yep, the employees live in SF and commute to Silicone Valley where it is largely a remake of Queens with higher rents.
              People choose to live in downtown Palo Alto or the Los Altos hills; no one chooses to live in San Jose.

              1. I have lived in SF. Despite the fact that I hated the West in general and left after one year… I did like it there more or less. I would NOT be happy with a commute to Cupertino or whatnot. I wasn’t in the biz back then so I only worked one shit job in SF but I still think I would choose a job in the city over a prestige job at Apple… if such a thing exists.

            3. Some tech firms are in SF, yes, but most are down the peninsula. The preferred lifestyle for many young techies is to live in SF and commute out of it. Hence the $3,000/month one bedrooms and no houses under $1 million.

        2. Admittedly, I have a personal gripe about this. Here in NYC all the tech jobs are being farmed out to NJ while the execs and HR get to stay in Manhattan. I’m a city boy – I hate commuting to NJ.

          1. I too am a city boy, but I have no illusions about why businesses are fleeing my city. None at all.

            1. Chuck likes the SF social scene, but he didn’t get rich paying taxes:

              “Charles Schwab bringing hundreds of new jobs to northeast Tarrant County”
              “Over the last few years Schwab has made it no secret that it plans to move jobs from its San Francisco home base to more affordable locations.”

              1. I have no idea where “Tarrant County” is but I hope they provide buses to somewhere that people actually want to live 🙂

          2. Oh, I should say I LOVE commuting out of city. Commute is reverse, my parking is free, my drive is short, and I bring money INTO Seattle– which the city council has made clear they’re not interested in. My patience is wearing as thin as my youth.

            1. My transit costs are double and the lunch choices are shit. I get what’s going on, but I still hate it.

      2. To be fair, it could be both the ‘prestige’ location of a downtown office, coupled with young hipsters living within the city but don’t own cars, and find the local government transportation retarded.

    2. I see it as people priding themselves as believing they are “the change we’ve been waiting for” are angry that somebody did something, which they wanted to have happen, but which inexplicably happened without their permission or participation.

    3. On the one hand, American must be awesome if this is what is considered a controversial problem.

      On the other hand, American must be retarded if this is considered a controversial problem.


    1. First Base.

  13. Weird little punk is grungy governing fodder infinitesimally bereft of originality yet superbly suited to run a fucking mudhole on the edge of a tepid sea.

    1. Careful, Cy. The man is a Rhodes Shcolar.

      1. Diamonds are forever, love.

        1. Diamonds evaporate in the nova, Cy.

  14. It’s time for a barbaric yawp. Like this….

    YAAAARRGGG!!!!!! Fucking Black socialist Obama won’t launch a nuclear war in Syria and won’t institute a religious test for entry for refugees. YAAARRGGG!!!! After an attack on Paris it’s clear he has no idea on how to protect America and probably would just like to invite ISIS to a Lakers’ game where he could announce Shariah Law. You know, there were a 150,000 troops in an unwinnable war in Iraq back in 2008, but it’s unclear to me why or by whom people elected this asshole. It was much better before…

    1. Lakers suck.

    2. You misspelled YAAAAWWWWNNN!!!!

    3. Cool story bro.

    4. american socialist|11.17.15 @ 10:37PM|#
      “It’s time for a barbaric yawp. Like this….”

      “In 1937, the Census Board reported a Soviet population of 162 million. Since state demographers had told Stalin to expect the total of 177 million, he had the Census board arrested and shot for the crime of “treasonably exerting themselves to diminish the population of the USSR” (the government’s own words).
      “Prophet of Innovation”, McCraw, pg 397

      That sort of a barbaric yawp regarding one of your heroes?

      1. Was the source of this piece of information from a Conquest book? I make it a rule to never trust the MI5.

        1. american socialist|11.18.15 @ 12:26AM|#
          “Was the source of this piece of information from a Conquest book?”
          I see you can’t read, either, dipshit.

          “I make it a rule to never trust the MI5.”
          Of course! Much better to trust the USSR ‘news’, right? I mean lefty ignoramuses like you can’t be bothered with actual information; agit-prop forever!

    5. Fuck off, actual racist.

  15. Re: the claim that Jindal cut spending: I have heard from these parts that this is all smoke and mirrors and BS. Thoughts?

    1. It is all BS. He claimed he was going to reduce state employees, which he did. What he didn’t explain is why the state payroll went up as the number of employees went down. He is as much a cronyism as Obumbles, or worse.

      Good riddance.

  16. Jindal was one of those JOKE candidates on the undercard that I knew would get nowhere.
    The rest of the republican clowncar needs a purge.

    1. Alice Bowie|11.17.15 @ 11:30PM|#
      “The rest of the republican clowncar needs a purge.”

      As opposed to the D ticket that needs an indictment.

      1. And Depends, and walkers.

  17. “Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity,” Jindal said in a statement announcing his decision. “We cannot settle for the left’s view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.”

    Because growth is what really, really matters. When was the GOP ever ‘the party that believes in opportunity,’ unless it was the opportunity to make your second billion dollars?

    Nice to see Jindal going out as the divisive little whore he’s always been. It suits you, Bobby.

  18. Personae dramatis:
    1) Kamala Harris, local politico who started as a cheap date for Willie Brown and rode his coattails into CA State AG.
    2) Dede Wilsey, aging socialite who, between her inherited wealth and a money-dripping Rolodex can be counted on to fund such things as complete museums. And end up sitting on the boards.
    First act:
    Dede takes pity on a janitor with health issues, has the museum give him a $450K golden handshake without getting board approval.
    Hardworking gal in accounting says “WTF?!”, gets the door held open for her and slammed behind. Most people comment on the weather.

  19. Second act:
    In a move guaranteed to keep her off Dede’s Christmas list (and probably piss off Willie), Kamala announces an investigation into the payment; yeah, the De Young is a non-profit, and like most, sucks at the public teat.
    “State attorney general looking into S.F. museums’ ‘gift’ payout”
    (cont’d with added complications):
    “Donations to Harris
    There is another level of intrigue to this story. Harris herself has long been a part of San Francisco’s social scene, and campaign finance records show that Wilsey donated more than $24,000 to Harris’ two races for attorney general from 2009 to 2013.
    In March, Wilsey maxed out to Harris’ 2016 U.S. Senate race with a pair of contributions totaling $5,400, according to federal elections reports.”…

    Do they eat their young? All will be resolved in the 3rd act…

    1. I find it hilarious that all these names are the same power brokers I remember from briefly living in SF almost 20 years ago.

      1. That surprises me less than Harris starting the investigation. Did Wilsey’s dog piss on Harris’ shoes at the Opera opening?
        I mean it’s not like Harris ever gave a crap about corruption; if she did, Willie’d be in jail, and she would, too.

      2. The only SF regular missing from the playbill is Jim Jones.

        1. That’s COLD!
          If you ever run into Willie, you can ask how me met Jim. Willie instantly notices a very close friend on the other side of the room.

    2. Things ran better when that guy that ran around in a loin cloth in those Conan movies was governor.

      1. Like a good lefty boot-licker, I’m sure you were horrified when he tried to reign in the pub sec unions.

  20. I doubt door-holding is much of a thing, as the act of preceding a women through a door is probably a microaggression.

    Side note: Apparently Apple is a subtle rebel, given that the iOS spellchecker doesn’t recognize “womyn” or “microaggression”.


    Wait – I get the Yokeltarian link.


    Wait – I get the Yokeltarian link.

    1. I ask AGAIN!


    Chocolate whoopie for infinite dicks on this fucking morning.

  24. Jindal did leave an impression on me, of how a man can lose his mind when he gets ambition.

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