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Bernie Sanders Campaign Refuses to Focus on Foreign Policy at Tonight's CBS Debate

Running for president but needs more time to prepare for breaking news changes.

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The Democratic presidential candidates (now just three of them: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley) will meet tonight for the second out of six scheduled debates this election cycle. The Republicans plan to have more than two dozen, but the Democrats will be limited to six largely by presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton's refusal to agree to more.

If the goal was to make it harder for voters to hear the candidates engage with each other, scheduling the second one for a Saturday night was a big victory.

Now the Sanders campaign appears to have contributed to driving down the viewer numbers even more. They reportedly objected this morning to an attempt by CBS to focus tonight's debate more specifically on foreign policy, terrorism, and national security, because of news items highly relevant to that topic.

Yahoo! News reports:

A top aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., one of the three candidates, got into a lengthy dispute with executives from CBS, the network hosting the debate, during a conference call on Saturday morning. A staffer for one of the other campaigns who was also on the call described the exchange to Yahoo News as "heated" and even "bizarre," and a second source on the call confirmed the nature of the exchange… 

According to the rival staffer, Sanders strategist Mark Longabaugh lit into CBS vice president and Washington bureau chief Christopher Isham when the changes to the debate were detailed on the call. 

"It was a little bit of a bizarre scene. The Sanders representative, you know, really laid into CBS and basically … kind of threw, like, a little bit of a fit and said, 'You are trying to turn this into a foreign policy debate. That's not what any of us agreed to. How can you change the terms of the debate, you know, on the day of the debate. That's not right,'" the staffer recounted. 

Another person who was on the call confirmed to Yahoo News that Longabaugh had a lengthy dispute about the changed plans for the debate format during the call with CBS. The Sanders campaign declined to comment. 

A few weeks ago, President Obama mocked the Republican presidential candidates for complaining about the moderators at a CNBC debate. The president asked how the candidates would handle Russian President Vladimir Putin if they couldn't handle CNBC moderators. It was a dumb quip because it was packed with assumptions—mainly that the U.S. president needs to "handle" the Russian president and that Obama was doing so.

Republicans' reaction to the moderators was… debatable (sorry not sorry). Certainly it has fairly little to do with how Republicans would perform on foreign policy (generally: poorly). But Sanders' apparent refusal to spend more time discussing foreign policy tonight when that's what's in the forefront, however briefly, of the American political conversation should disqualify him as a "serious candidate" (not just because it betrays a poor grasp on current events and the policies related to them but because it hands Hillary Clinton, the only person on stage tonight responsible in any way for, for example, ISIS being in Libya, a bit of a free pass) But Sanders is a right-thinking person with right-thought positions involving giving Americans more free stuff, so the self-described "serious" people in our national discourse won't ridicule him for his ridiculous decision today to stick to the script no matter what.

UPDATE: It took Bernie Sanders just 13 minutes to make the important point that the Iraq war, which Hillary Clinton supported, has "unraveled the region." Clinton responded by admitting the Iraq war was a mistake. There was no follow-up about whether the Obama administration's intervention in Libya, which helped unravel that country and introduce it to ISIS, was also a mistake.

NEXT: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Terror; French President Hollande Declares He'll Be "Unforgiving with the Barbarians"

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    1. How about we don’t and just say we did?

      1. Racist !!!!1!1

  2. But if Sanders casts doubt on accepting more migrants or suggest that we join France in their ruthless attack against ISIS, he may look like Islamophobe.

    We have our own terrorism concerns on college campuses, where helpless minority students might be questioned on whether they can speak English. We had fun for a day, but it’s time to shift priorities.

    1. TESL rules. As long as I am an English teacher in Taiwan.

  3. It looks like someone deflated Dick Cheney? Was it Tom Brady?

    1. Deflated? Was he ever inflated?

  4. “But Sanders’ apparent refusal to spend more time discussing foreign policy tonight when that’s what’s in the forefront, however briefly, of the American political conversation should disqualify him as a “serious candidate””

    Bitch Pul-leeze. Maybe he just wants to talk about the things that will (or should) affect them– like funding Social Security, infrastructure, access to health care, taxes, abortion, defense spending, how many people we put in jails, racism, paying for secondary education, etc. but, yeah, you’re probably right… We need to talk endlessly about whether to put 100,000 or 500,000 troops in Syria. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your time arguing with a Neocon-lite politician like Hillary Clinton about how WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW, LIKE NUKE RAQQA you are totally full of shit. Did I get it right, Ed?

    1. Gee, I’m glad you reverted to agit-prop; you almost looked decent over in the IS thread.
      But you’re right, why should a presidential candidate concern himself with foreign affairs where he has constitutional authority, when he can spout talking points regarding issues constitutionally under the control of others?
      I mean, if he was honest, he might have top point out the total incompetency of the current administration and the criminally-negligent actions of that hag across the stage.

      1. I don’t know… Maybe he should talk about it and how all this military spending doesn’t seem to be working out.

        But, you know, I’m just a troll here so I don’t know why you’re spending time responding to me. Real libertarians want to invade Syria and close the border with Mexico in response to a terrorist attack carried out by French nationals in France so, if you’re not for marching on to Raqqa, maybe you really are nothing but a secret squirrel Lefty asshole.

        1. american socialist|11.14.15 @ 9:24PM|#
          “….Real libertarians want to invade Syria and close the border with Mexico in response to a terrorist attack carried out by French nationals in France so,…”

          And real lefty assholes find it hard to post twice without lying,

        2. “I’m just a troll here”

          WOW AI has finally reached sentience.

          Who knew ?

        3. You’re totally right; Bernie needs to focus on important stuff like how he’s going to bail you out of your unpaid mortgage at the expense of those of us who aren’t fiscally retarded. Gotta stick to what’s important.

      2. “Gee, I’m glad you reverted to agit-prop; you almost looked decent over in the IS thread.”


        Why did you feel the need to butter it up ?

      3. If he’d legalize pot. he’d have my vote.

        1. Republicans take heed/

    2. Go fuck yourself, racist.

  5. I just noticed he kinda looks like a big, dumb Bernese dog. Or should I say Bouvier Bernoir?

    1. He’ angry. He’s been waiting for 50 years for the commie utopia to appear and that pesky capitalism just won’t go away. He’s his own last chance.

      1. Those clouds aren’t going to yell at themselves.

  6. Presidential candidates have a right to safe space too.

    1. Well for the DNC candidates. Being with the media is their safe space.

  7. Reason and Republicans – even in an article presumably about Bernie Sanders…never miss an opportunity to bash Republicans.

    Sanders has shown himself to be a political whore – policy changes on immigration and 2nd amendment. The Mizzou and student protests across the nation are Barry parodies – increase minimum wage, more government jobs, free college, etc.

    1. It’s insane, isn’t it?

      One would think that libertarians would at the very least try to make some common cause with Republicans — people who are generally with them on about 65% of issues — in an election year that could result in the election of a president who will push us over the cliff into actual socialism and appoint supreme court justices who will effectively repeal the first, second and fourth amendments.

      But nope. Libertarians will ride their uncompromising principles straight to hell, smugly shouting “I told you so” the whole way down.

      1. sorry, bro, Republicans have no interest in cutting spending and entitlements as history has shown…dipshits like you trying to rewrite history doesn’t it so. fuck off.

        1. Who do you want appointing the next two to four supreme court justices? A socialist who’s completely in the pocket of the social justice mob, or a republican who MIGHT actually pick someone with respect for the constitution?

          With a republican, we at least have a shot at another Scalia, Thomas, or Alito.

          With a democrat, we’re GUARANTEED another Kagan, Sotomayor, or Ginsburg.

          You might hate every single policy that the republicans currently stand for, but supreme court appointees have far greater long-term impact on your freedom and liberty than any legislative policy a president can enact. So who do you want picking the next few justices?

          1. I’ll be honest–given the choice, I’d rather have the republicans pick the next SC justice. Doesn’t mean republicans are above criticism, though. And I’m still voting for the libertarian since my vote doesn’t matter anyway.

          2. Trump has said that he thinks Edward Snowden is a “traitor” who should be executed. Do you think a President Trump will be appointing judges who believe in the Bill of Rights? Clinton is just as bad, of course. Libertarians don’t have a horse in in this race. We’re fucked.

            1. Trump isn’t going to be president.

          3. I want a Libertarian dictating Policy and picking SC(R)OTU(M)s.

            1. Between trump and Hillary yea, we are. Republicans at least have Rand Paul and a handful of guys with libertarian views……dems not so much.

            2. But you’re not going to have that this time around. So are you just going to throw a tantrum and spend election day in your safe space like some brat college student who can’t bear to face a cruel world that’s not living up to expectations?

              And P.S., the president does’t ‘dictate’ policy. As a libertarian I’d hope you understand that.

  8. Jesus, there was a debate tonight?

    The DNC really is in the bag for Clinton.

    1. Good point, Saturday night is where TV shows go to die.

    2. Why are they even running through the motions? Sanders is not going to be the nom.

      1. Trying to keep some suspense, so they can keep ratings high on political shows; basically they’re doing the same thing with the campaign that they do for bad movies and soap operas: try to convince us that the main character might actually die when we know full well they won’t.

        1. So when is Bern going to whip out a picture of his wife and kids and tell us about how when this all over they’re going to move out to a ranch in Montana?

        2. It’s very possible when the Hildbeest gets indicted.

      2. To democrats, it’s a chance to force Hillary to pull left and compete with Sanders over the communist wing of the democrat party.

        Rather than the alternative: to watch her immediately veer right and start to woo potential moderate voters.

        They don’t have to give up on their dreams of socialism just yet.

  9. I can understand Bernie being cranky about them wanting to change the terms of the debate – he’s already met them halfway by agreeing to have the debate late at night and way past his bedtime and now they want to pull this shit?

  10. Where are the live Tweets? I demand snappy,snarky, and retweetable zingers. Whats a debate without sanctimony and drinking games?

    1. We’ll just comment here live. We can out-comment the Reason staff.

      1. Pshaw, I’m far too lazy and ignorant for that, I need spoon fed wit, gall-darnit.

        1. Spoon-fed browser-crashing data, huh?

    2. Here’s a link to the list that the live tweets are taken from.

  11. “…mainly that the U.S. president needs to “handle” the Russian president and that Obama was doing so.”

    Putin’s a cretin, but he makes Obo look like a grammar-school kid.

    1. Only because he is, despite every authority figure in his life telling him the exact opposite.

    2. I don’t know, I’m kind of amused that ‘rip on Putin’ has become the go-to tactic for insecure politicians. Especially when the media tries to spin it into Putin being ‘intimidated’. Obama’s done it, Harper did it, one of the first things Trudeau talked about after the election was how he was going to do it, etc.

      The man’s goddamn ex-KGB who used to make East Germans disappear. How the hell would he be intimidated by a former community leader, drama teacher or lawyer?

  12. “It can’t be an American fight [vs. ISIS], but must have American leadership.” Because Americans are just better at making other people fight, huh? I thought the British were past masters at that.

    1. “I thought the British were past masters at that.”

      Don’t forget the French; look how they handed Vietnam off to Harry and then spent years whining about ‘American war-mongers’

  13. I, for one, welcome a president who does not react well to rapidly changing circumstances.

  14. Countries struggling over water’s going to lead to terror, according to Sanders.

    1. We must safeguard our precious bodily fluids.

    2. Hey people in the ME are already living in 110 degree heat, but if it goes up to 110.5, they’ll totally go even more apeshit crazy.

    3. Old man yells at cloud…for not raining.

    4. “…He found his stillsuit’s watertube in its clip at his neck, drew a warm swallow into his mouth, and he thought that here he truly began an Arrakeen existence–living on reclaimed moisture from his own breath and body. It was flat and tasteless water, but it soothed his throat…”

  15. 9/11 happened before there was an invasion of Iraq, huh? 1st one didn’t count? Didn’t get far enough in?

  16. What a strange, strange world that we live in, where O’Malley makes the most sense.

  17. Shouldn’t Bernie just shave his head? It’s good hair or Eisenhower bald if you want to be presidential.

  18. But Sanders is a right-thinking person with right-thought positions

    I thought he was sort of a left-thinking person with left-thought positions.

    1. It’s all relative, man.

  19. OMG, Hillary’s trying to say the outcome in Libya was good??!

    1. She didn’t get killed, so no problem.

  20. From the live tweets:


    But they aren’t angry, at least not at the perpetrators. “They’re stupid, but they aren’t evil,” their friend Sabrina, an administrative worker in one of the theaters in the 11th arrondissement, said. “They are victims of a system that excluded them from society, that’s why they felt this doesn’t belong to them and they could attack. There are those who live here in alienation, and we are all to blame for this alienation.”

    1. “and we are all to blame for this alienation.”

      She must have a turd in her pocket.

      1. does Mizzou have a branch in Paris?

      2. “and we are all to blame for this alienation.”

        In a sense is true. It’s folks like this that make it possible for eight jerks to shoot five hundred people.

    2. We’re going to have to start calling it “Paris Syndrome”

    3. tweets are for twits..silly wabbit.

    4. Jesus. We don’t even need camps for these proggies, they will build one themselves, plead guilty and jump in the chambers out of white guilt !

  21. Why do the same three people keep talking? The Debate moderation is terrible and biased.

    1. Drones with tactical nukes? Did I hear that right?

      1. Submarine drone yes with tactical nukes

  22. :”. They reportedly objected this morning to an attempt by CBS to focus tonight’s debate more specifically on foreign policy, terrorism, and national security, because of news items highly relevant to that topic.”

    It is incredibly unfair to expect candidates to respond to actual crises that occur, when they’ve spent so much time preparing responses to imaginary ones, like “Inequality”, “Campus Rape” and “Climate Change”

    1. Especially since the office to which they aspire is constitutionally empowered to engage in foreign relations. I mean, WIH should they discuss what they are supposedly charged with when they can read their focus-group-tested stump speeches?

  23. Hillary, FDA does not test drugs, except biologicals.

  24. Trump now at 42%:…..21679.html


    1. So? Jeb Bush will get the nomination. You said so yourself.

    2. So much for those who wrote that he was near a ceiling to his support. I never understood why they thought that of him as opposed to other candidates.

      1. Probably because his negatives were so high and continue to be so high.

        1. As if negatives were unchangeable, any more than positives are?

          1. Romney couldn’t do it.

    3. /WHACK

      Bad little poo eating primate !!!

      1. I generally subscribe to the Tarran Doctrine but I’ve enjoyed the JPyrate Corollary the last few nights.

        1. Whack-a-Troll

        2. It’s a little bit of everything. Toddler, primate, inanimate carbon rod. I have no idea what the proportions are.

          1. We can make a solid guess though.

    4. That’s a 17 percent swing from a few days ago, so it’s going to need confirmation from other polls.

  25. Okay… I am going to say this again because it needs repeating. To be a great Executive Leader, your domestic economic policy should be in tune with your foreign policy.

    Mr. Sanders does not have a firm domestic economic policy. Mr. Sanders riles his base through rhetoric, and demagoguery. Much like Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton does.

  26. Has Bernie intimated any sort of foreign policy at all?

      1. /WHACK

        demagoguery is not an economic policy nor is it a foreign policy.

        Bad little poo eating primate !!!

        Bad !!!!


        1. I laugh each time I read your posts, and feel bad about it. Please post trigger warnings…..although just seeing buttplug’ name prior could be sufficient I guess…..carry on !

  27. It took Bernie Sanders just 13 minutes to make the important point that the Iraq war, which Hillary Clinton supported, has “unraveled the region.”

    Bernie is of course wrong. There’s not much reason to believe that anything would be better off if Sadaam were still in charge.

    1. Can’t tell if serious.

      1. Then you haven’t been paying attention. Like a good little chickenhawk, he’s serious.

        1. Exactly, this fuckstain from canadistan want’s blood , does not care whose blood it is and as far as I can tell is not a volunteer to shed his blood. You are beyonfd pathetic…

      2. Oh I’m serious, and that me unique apparently.

        If this is the best you can do, then it means I am probably right.

    2. A few hundred thousand people might be alive, and Iran would have an effective rival. I’d say that would be a lot better.

      1. An ‘effective rival’ it defeated in the Iran-Iraq War? Before Gulf War I even happened? The notion that Sadaam’s Iraq ‘contained’ Iran is a fantasy that people here refuse to give evidence for.

        “A few hundred thousand people might be alive”

        Ah yes. I’m sure they’d turn out great, just like Syria. Good thing America didn’t invade that country. Could be a real mess.

        1. never mind that Saddam’s ouster gave rise to ISIS, which I suspect people might see as a bad thing. And who know’s what Qaddafi’s will yield. Sometimes, bad guys serve the purpose of keeping the crazies in their midst bottled up.

        2. The Iran-Iraq war was a draw.

          While it’s true that Saddam was seriously weakened in 2002, you really can’t compare even a weakened Saddam to the current puppet government in Baghdad, which could be overthrown at pretty much any time by the Iranian militias it depends on.

  28. OT: Indian city (hosts a lot of IT) is inundated with toxic white foam whipped up from a lake so polluted it caught fire. Foam will single skin on contact. Weird and gross.


    1. It will be reported as a failure of the free market, since India has been a bastion of unregulated business activity FOREVAH!

  29. So somehow the $ these min. wage earners are going to be spending are going to materialize from nowhere, increasing the total amount that gets spent?

    1. No, they’re just going to take it all from the rich. I’m sure the Pakistani guy that owns the gas station down the street only works the register 14 hours a day because he really likes handing out cigarettes and lotto tickets then. Followed by going home and swimming in his big pile of money sScrooge Mcduck style. The only reason he doesn’t hire someone else to work there is because he loves the life so much.

  30. America should have stayed out of Libya obviously but again it would probably be in the same place if America had. So many people had it in for Qaddhafi.

    1. Possibly. But maybe Qadaffi toughs it out and maintains order.

      1. No way. EVERYONE had it in for him. The Saudis (he tried to assassinate one of them), the Qataris, the French. When the French want you gone…they have a lot of influence in Northern Africa.

        If Assad could not quell his rebellion, I doubt Qaddhafi could.

        1. so why is it our job to take out Qaddafi and leave behind a broken Libya? It is curious that you totally support invasions that go after bad guys with the same vehemence that you oppose bad guys sneaking into other countries and causing problems.

        2. I guess the obvious question is, if they wanted to get rid of him, why didn’t they? None of those countries you mentioned ever seem particularly keen on taking the initiative, so I don’t think Qadaffi’s fate was sealed.

          Furthermore, it likely wouldn’t have been as bad if he had fallen under different circumstances; same with Hussein. American involvement is like poison to the public opinion. If one of Saddam’s bed-warmer’s had stabbed him to death in a fit of rage, I don’t think things would have gone nearly as badly as they did when the US overthrew him.

    2. Do you remember why we got involved in Libya in the first place? It was because Qaddhafi was days away from crushing the rebellion, and Obama worried that there would be a massacre of the rebels.

      1. I believe that was a Hillary-led move. Libya is now right alongside Belize and Costa Rica as places where retirees want to move.

  31. “A majority of my supporters are women!”

    Oh well, then, that settles it.

    1. Why you hate the wisdom of the hooha?

      1. Snatching Victory: The Hillary Clinton Story.

        1. *shudders (plural)*

        2. I think South Park did an episode on that…

    2. + 1 Folders

    3. Must…resist…urge…to make… sexist….comment…

      1. Don’t resist

  32. Get her boys

  33. O do find it funny that the moderator keeps putting words in their mouths to try and start shit. He’s like some high school girl.

    1. I wish he would do a better job.

      This is a carnival sideshow. Hilliary is their nominee. Full Stop.

      bernie is seaking from conviction, wrong but heartfelt.

      Malley is filling out a job application.

  34. “I hate Wall Street!”

    “I hate Wall Street more!”

    1. Hillary apparently said she told Wall Street to “knock it off” before the 2008 meltdown.

      She’s like an ineffectual mom.

      1. She’s basically pretending to be Forrest Gump at this point. I hear she convinced a reluctant Brian Cranston to take the role of Walter White during when she ran into him in a bar.

        1. She convinced Obo to reschedule dope! Well, didn’t she? She DIDN’T?
          WIH not?

          1. I’m sure she’ll evolve on weed like she did with gay marriage. Shockingly it will happen once the polls tell her to.

  35. What’s the point of a debate if they keep agreeing with each other.

    Malley accepted because he is the necessary foil.

    1. They agree with each other because Team Blue is all about finding victims and they all agree that victims need to have government programs to address their victimhood.

  36. I like Glassed Eagles. They’re beautiful and valuable collectors’ items. I don’t know what you weirdo ideologues are going on about.

    1. Hillary doesn’t like glassed eagles because she hates America.

      1. See? Somebody gets it.

  37. Bernie Sanders = Pale Pot.

    1. You own me a keyboard. My current one is covered in beer. =)

      1. You should never be the bongmiester.

  38. Dear

    Hey I just turned on the TV and found out there was a debate from a major political party. Then, I looked to and didn’t see any live twitter feed by Elizabeth brown, et. Al. I was looking forward to your cooking and drink recipes and debating whether libertarians should vote for Marco Rubio or Carly Fiorina. I like those kind of intellectual debates… They have a Kobayashi Maru quality to them.

    I thought the Democratic debates were all going to be about how many millions of people we should put in camps with Hitlery arguing for 5 million and DA Bern arguing for 10 million, but instead it’s all about proggie crap like eliminating minimum sentencing, legalizing marijuana, and making sure police officers don’t shoot up the neighborhood. What a fucking disappointment! Great Leader would be tsk tsking.

    1. “Debate” is a misnomer. The only Dem debate is who promises moar free shit.

    2. it’s all about proggie crap like …

      You left out “I will tax the shit out you”, “I will remove your right to self-defense”, and “I will give you free rainbows and sunshine”.

    3. “They have a Kobayashi Maru quality to them.”

      Unlike the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Exchanging wit with you is like being a lone Klingon invading Risa.

    4. Hi AmSoc!

      I still need help with my STALIN Scouts badge. This one is in propaganda truthiness. I can’t tell if I’m supposed to execute the useful idiots before or after the election. I know that I can cast their votes for them if they’re dead, so that’s not the issue. But do I need them to still be, um, alive when they publish?


    5. “I thought the Democratic debates were all going to be about how many millions of people we should put in camps with Hitlery arguing for 5 million and DA Bern arguing for 10 million, but instead it’s all about proggie crap like eliminating minimum sentencing, legalizing marijuana, and making sure police officers don’t shoot up the neighborhood.”

      Yeah, Dems lie about those issues every four years. And get elected and do nothing. Did you expect something different?
      Oh, and the only one of those (legalizing dope) is within the authority of the Pres. Like the current Pres. Like the current DEM Pres.
      Who has done fuck-all about it. But to dem cock-suckers like you and turd, that’s ’cause he hasn’t yet ‘evolved’, right?

    6. There was a debate?

      The one that’s so interesting that it ended 7 minutes early? The one that was deliberately scheduled so that most people would be watching college football instead?

      You’re giving Tulpa a bad name.

    7. There is stupid and then leech stupid…fuckwads like you are leeches and will rightfully be shunned.

  39. World needs ditch diggers too

    1. Digger please.

    2. Nununununuh

  40. I never had a forgein crisis to deal with but this one time in band camp….


  41. I never had a forgein crisis to deal with but this one time in band camp….


    1. $10 bucks on Canadian flutist.

  42. O’Mally talks in circles. Also, quite milquetoast.

    1. I think moron not milquetoast is term.

      1. Yeah, moron applies to all three.

        1. No argument here.

    2. I already miss Webb.

      1. Webb is going to run third party. This may be a great year to do it, with the Dems nominating a totally unlikeable candidate out of pure fear, while Trump has messed up the GOP nomination process so much that they can’t vett anybody and will probably nominate somebody far right.

        Odds of Webb being the LP nominee?

      2. I was not aware that Canadians could vote in U.S. elections ?

        1. I know, right? Your hat can’t vote!

          1. Well when my hat tells me to do something I always listen, and obey.

    1. It’s Time to play the game.

  43. Hillary has to love running against those two. Compared to O’Mally she appears to have a personality. Compared to Saunders she appears almost sane.

  44. Hmm, so basically Bernie and O’Mallley are the fat ugly chicks Hillary hangs out with to make her look half doable?

    1. Whoa whoa whoa. Slow down there. Don’t say something that you can never take back.

      1. No shit. Hildog is chubby chasing in over drive. Can one really come up with a more despicable human being? There are a few but the Hidebeest is front and center presently.

    2. Turd and commie-kid would. And Tony. Jack. Those who don’t care where they stick it if they’re promised a free breakfast in the morning.

      1. I have higher standards. Breakfast and lunch.

      2. Tony likes dicks according to his narrative, so he’s probably not in the running.

  45. U.S. Gotta hand it to Reason and their ability to criticize everything. One day after Nick chastises all those who rushed to make a statement because doing so was political, here is Ed chastising someone who wants to make sure his response is thoughtful and not based on politics.

    Who can keep up with libertarian flip flopping?

    1. IDK, your mom?

  46. Bernie Sanders made history last night … he was the first Presidential Candidate in history (to my knowledge) that has EVER listed the litany of CIA/military overthrow of governments from Guatamala, to Iran, to Iraq, etc. that have bankrupted our nation of treasure and dignity, and spread turmoil, sadness, and misery around the world. BERNIE STOOD UP TO THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX LAST NIGHT. If he doesn’t win, we will be war as usual for the rest of or lives.

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