Tea Party Favorite Matt Bevin Wins Surprise Victory in Kentucky Governor's Race

The GOP win has significant implications for Obamacare.


The polls were wrong in Kentucky.

Surveys showed that Republican candidate Matt Bevin, a venture capitalist and Tea Party favorite who had unsuccessfully challenged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a GOP primary less than two years ago, had partially closed the gap with Democratic candidate Jack Conway, but was still expected to lose by about two points.

Instead, Bevin won in a landslide, besting Conway by nine points, with 53 percent of the vote to Conway's 44 percent. 

Bevin's win could have major implications for the fate of Obamacare in Kentucky. 

As a candidate, Bevin opposed the state's in-house Obamacare exchange, KYNect, which is generally regarded as one of the most robust and stable of the state-run Obamacare exchanges. Kentucky also expanded Medicaid under the law, a move Bevin has suggested he would undo. About 400,000 people are covered by the Medicaid in Kentucky, and another 100,000 are signed up through the exchange. 

What caused the upset? It's hard to say right now. President Obama is deeply unpopular in the state, which is heavily dependent on the coal industry for jobs. But opposition to the health law runs high too, and it's likely that opposition to Obamacare is at least part of the story. 

The election of a staunch Obamacare opponent like Bevin presents a test of the law's strength and permanence. In many ways, it seems to be entrenched, but if Bevin can successfully roll it back, then that might suggest that the law still has weak points, at least in more conservative states.  

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  1. Not for nothing, but Conway ran a completely negative campaign. Completely over the top in my opinion, and likely shot himself in the foot.

    Bevin was pretty cordial about it in his acceptance speech, but did make a joke about his ‘evil twin’ being all anybody saw on the TV for the past two weeks.

    1. It wasn’t just negative, it was also ham-handed, and entirely transparent. They carpet bombed the airwaves with these two ersatz aging good-old-country boys talking about how crazy Bevins is.

      I’m sure to the inside the beltway types dropping helicopters full of cash on Conway those two actors sounded pitch perfect, but the the people who actually live in Appalachia they were pure Hollywood AND they often had the reverse effect – making people aware that Bevins was someone closer to them in spirit than big gubmint Conway.

      Bevins’ victory was only an “upset” to the sorts of people who a out of touch with what is really going on.

  2. Good fucking God on a saltine cracker. I knew i122 would win, I had no idea that seattle voters were so monumentally retarded as to vote for it over 60%.

    Jesus. A campaign funded by major outside interests that… My god now I’m depressed. My city government now forces me to contribute to progressive political campaigns.

    1. Whoa! So far the idiocy which is the SF city gov’t doesn’t require that!

    2. GET OUT NOW

    3. Seattle sounds like one of the worst places to live in the country if you’re not a prog

  3. Of course the law has weak points. First and foremost is that It doesn’t work. Enrollment is approximately half of what was expected and probably going down further due to future adverse selection. The PACE act eliminated the migration of 51-99 to Small Group in 2016 which means the end of the Small Group exchanges since the better risks with just Self-Fund. The co-ops are failing and insurers are pulling out of the exchanges in many states because state DOIs won’t allowed the rate increases necessary for the insurers to not lose money. The population that has actually enrolled in the exchanges is sicker and older than expected, which will only cause rates to go higher and higher and lead to an adverse selection spiral. While politically inclined people think it is impossible to end the law, those of us who understand how insurance and health care financing work know the law cannot last. It is a dud. It could never work. People did not want it, but the Democrats forced it down our collective throats. It will die an easy death once Obama is out of office earning $300k a speech patting himself on the back and crackng his dopey jokes. Good riddance to both.

    1. “…While politically inclined people think it is impossible to end the law, those of us who understand how insurance and health care financing work know the law cannot last….”

      I sincerely hope and wish you are correct, but I have my doubts.

      1. The law won’t surive. It’ll be replaced with single-payer.

        1. Designed to fail.

        2. I don’t think so.

          The Democrats could have implemented single payer instead of Obamacare. Not a single Republican voted for that, the Dems had majorities in the house and senate.

          They wanted Obamacare because it does what Dems love most – shovels money from the middle class to giant corporations, all the time professing that they are helping the poor and every day person.

          The Republicans are going to have the Senate and House for the foreseeable future. There’s no way they will pass single payer, even if Obamacare is a train wreck.

          1. SP would have split Dem votes, since many unions have great health insurance.

            1. Yep. Legislating SP was a bridge-too-far for the party at the time, but a one way trip towards single payer was Obamacare.

              Far too many people in positions to know (and not just Gruber) have plainly and publicly stated so.

              1. It’s still not as bad as Hillarycare would’ve been.

        3. No it won’t. The Dems were as close to SP in 2009 as they could ever get. Ocare has queered healthcare ‘reform’ forever.

          1. Yup. Proggies had their one shot in a lifetime to ram SP down our throats and failed. They won’t hold a super majority and the presidency for a longtime to come.

            This is why I’m 100% done with democrats. They could have worked for important issues but instead passed this POS monstrosity.

  4. Bbbutttt single payer!! If they only would have listened, these “top men” would be controlling healthcare altogether, and the bureaucrats can set and control prices. That’s right, price controls which create shortages. But just ignore history, because this time it will be done the right way.

    If Bernie gets elected, his new “Democratic” Socialism is the best new thing. Hell, there are so many people defending it with “you don’t know what it is” without knowing what it is themselves. It’s hip and new, that’s all you need to know. Because despite the failure of socialism all over, it’s got to work this time. I’m willing to even bet everyone’s future kids on it, higher taxes, continued currency debauchery and not my house nor other assets because I’m so sure it will work.

    You see, we fear the market because we’d actually have to sacrifice our own stuff for our ludicrous ideas, and others won’t be effected by our derp. And, you can’t control a well armed populace. How are we going to go door to door and rob folks without standing armies and police forces? For through the state we hide behind, who hides behind their standing armies, we don’t have to face any consequences for our wants of theft through what amounts to violence.

    —Prog Slaver

    1. The Berndog won’t get the nod.

      1. This^

        He was just a lackey they threw up to avoid the impropriety of a pure Hillary nomination process. Too bad he will actually beat her in some states and is forcing her to move so far left she maybe damaged goods in a general election. It would be great if he won though. If we are going to go full retard, let’s just go full retard !

        1. You just want to see Peak Derp, don’t you? 🙂

        2. Bernie got talked into it because he saw it as an opportunity to drive the window of public discourse leftward.

  5. Probably doesn’t mean much but On the Issues has rated Governor-Elect Matt Bevin as a libertarian-leaning conservative:

    So I guess that’s something.

    1. Libertarian moment?

      1. “Libertarian Moment?”

        Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and now Matt Bevin. I would have to say….yes there is a “libertarian moment” and it appears to be happening in Kentucky.

  6. He’s not the classical liberal we deserve; he’s the religious nutbar we need. A Dark Horse.

    If he does the max damage to Ocare that he can as governor, then this’ll make up for Ohio being a dumb piece of crap.

  7. Dude, you’re Canadian….fuck off we can identify idiots without your help.

    1. No you can’t.

  8. “About 400,000 people are covered by the Medicaid in Kentucky, and another 100,000 are signed up through the exchange.”

    My bet is that at least 200,000 of these people probably voted for Bevin. The upshot for them is that they showed Obama and elite liberals just where they can get off. Good for you, Wal-Mart employee of America.

    1. It’s hilarious that lefties like you consider yourselves “elite”. In reality, you’re just a bunch of smug douches who like to go around thinking you’re better than people who work at Walmart, or whatever, to mask your own intellectual shortcomings. Also, you write like an imbecile.

      1. I care less and less. If poor people want to stick it to smug elitist liberals by voting for a Randian, corporatist asshole who will slash their Medicare benefits that’s their loss– not mine. It doesn’t affect me. I have to say that I roll our eyes, shrug, and dismiss a lot more than I used to. Maybe I’m just getting older.

        Perhaps someday people in red states will catch on that reducing tax rates for rich people or railing against socialism doesn’t affect the fortunes of the twin pillars of their demonology– effete city dwellers on the East Coast or hedonistic deviants on the West Coast. It just makes rich people richer and Wal-Mart employees poorer.

        I’m a socialist and a revolutionary in every sense of the word and would like nothing else than to see a mass rebellion, but I’m also a pessimist. I think the power of right-wing victim hood, alienation, and good old-fashioned racism probably precludes any kind of collective awakening amongst the White working poor.

        Ultimately, though, I’m not going to fight in this country’s bullshit oil wars or tell people how great this country is so do I really care if a lot of people made their life more difficult by voting in some right-wing ideologue? Eh… I’d say I’m one small emotional level above “completely apathetic.” Let these tea-baggers eat cake.

        1. Tasty tears of derp.

          And you’re a revolutionary in every sense of the word, except for the sense where you actually do anything but pout on a message board.

        2. Wow you are so butthurt. First you look down on walmart employees and now are looking to express compassion. Cut the act.

          Can you cite some policies where he is cutting taxes on the rich?

          How do tax cuts make rich people richer and the poor poorer? Never understood how high taxes on rich helps others

          1. Well, the corporations act all corporationy, and then they make money.

        3. Maybe you should give your speech to filthy rich liberals in california and new york

        4. “I’m a socialist and a revolutionary in every sense of the word and would like nothing else than to see a mass rebellion, but I’m also a pessimist.” – derp

          Pray tell who will fight for you during this rebellion ?

          1. “Revolutionary Mortgage Deadbeats Front”

            1. The other benefit for people living in areas where rich people haven’t completely taken over the government is that middle class people can dispose of debts like corporations do without having bankers and cops chase you down for every last penny.

              1. Socialists like yourself are so stupid you actually think rich people and profitable businesses go around throwing away debts willy-nilly without any consequences.

                In order to declare bankruptcy, you have to be bankrupt. You have to dispose of your assets and try to pay off your debts first. Then you suffer a substantial period of credit unworthiness.

                Your problem is that you are living in the house that you aren’t paying for. That’s just stealing, and outside of eminent domain–which every libertarian has railed against–is not a mechanism available to “rich people” or “corporations”.

              2. Cops only chase you down when you owe the government money. But I’m guessing you support that.

              3. I think you are just making crap up in this post

              4. Where are these areas where the rich have completely taken over?

        5. Whoa easy there fella. I thought you claimed to be a libertarian.

          Your ham tears are way too salty. Might I suggest you switch to another brand?

          “Waste no time with revolutions that do not remove the causes of your complaints but simply change the faces of those in charge.” -Francesco Guicciardini

          1. “Your ham tears are way too salty”

            See? This is what I’m talking about. I live in California– not Kentucky– so I don’t have to live with some ideologue as governor. How do I break it to you that voting for Tea Baggers that will lower the tax rates of my idols– smug Hollywood directors and Michael Moore in NYC– doesn’t bother me in the slightest?

            1. See? This is what I’m talking about. I live in California– not Kentucky– so I don’t have to live with some ideologue as governor.

              Um, you’re kidding, right? I mean… um… I can’t really think of something to say here.

            2. What is it with people and their obsession with taxing the rich or them getting tax cuts? Half the North American population pays little or no taxes!

              1. Quit confusing him with facts.

            3. So, upthread you say…

              “The other benefit for people living in areas where rich people haven’t completely taken over the government….”

              And you live in California? Hahahahahahahaha…..

        6. I have to say that I roll our eyes, shrug, and dismiss a lot more than I used to. Maybe I’m just getting older.

          How many people’s eyes do you personally get to roll?

          I love your beleaguered beatification schtick, though. Those poor sinners lumpenproles, they just don’t know what’s right for them. But noble american socialist, the saint people’s champion, has grown weary of fighting for what he knows is right for them. He’s just can’t help but be narcissistic pessimistic about how the people won’t rise up against the evil rich people and corporations, on his behalf in their own best interest.

          If you were any farther up your own ass, you’d be able to look out of your mouth.

        7. Randian, corporatist

          look who doesn’t understand words

        8. I’m a socialist and a revolutionary in every sense of the word and would like nothing else than to see a mass rebellion

          LOL–bitch, please. You and the rest of the Coffeehouse Soviet wouldn’t last 15 minutes if shit ever got real.

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  10. About 400,000 people are covered by the Medicaid

    Pete, did you just age 30 years in a day, or are you subtly making fun of Kentuckians? After that I read the rest of your post with a drawl.

    1. I reckon’ you got that right.

      *spits chaw out, resume whittling*

    2. Did he read that statistic on the Google?

  11. “I’m a socialist and a revolutionary in every sense of the word and would like nothing else than to see a mass rebellion”

    Why not revolt against your neighbors and try to force socialism on them?

    Without the state and standing armies you aren’t shit. Your violent ideology is just that, and you know without your masters who hide behind their armies you can’t stand on your own two feet. Letting everyone know your a socialist is not cool. Socialism is a disaster, one you choose to ignore.

    Kurt M?bius, POS nazi SS Guard.

    We were told by Captain. Lange that the order for the extermination of the Jews came from Hitler and Himmler. And as police officers we were drilled to regard any order from the government as lawful and correct. At the time I believed the Jews were not innocent but guilty. The propaganda had drilled it into us again and again; that all Jews are criminals and sub-humans who were the cause of Germany’s decline after the first world war.”

    You’re really no different. Being your dumb ass socialism has already, and does lead to misery and death for people.

    You fear freedom, free markets and folks capable of defending themselves. They aren’t prey when they are able to defend themselves whether with fists, and feet, or arms.

    Go to an s&m club and have someone dominate you, and make you their bitch. Don’t force your wants of slavery on others.

    1. Whoops, forgot to end the bold. Screw it

      1. I dunno. It makes the quote a hell of a lot more interesting.

  12. Isn’t it something how Republicans do better in the actual election than in pre-election polls? Is there something wrong w the samples? Do many people have some reason to not tell pollsters they’re voting for a Republican candidate? Do Republicans cheat better than Democrats?

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