Election 2016

Watch Matt Welch Talk 2016 Politics on CNN's Smerconish Today at 9 a.m. ET


I will be appearing on CNN's Smerconish program a little after 9 this morning ET to talk about the GOP debate, the Republican Party's retaliation against NBC, the disintegration of Jeb!, Ben Carson's relationship with the truth, and related concerns.

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  1. Quick, join the other 7 people watching CNN!

  2. Smerconish, is he the token independent? He is the only one I occasionally agree with on teh CNN.

  3. Smerconish. Pfffft. Doesn’t go far enough. All the other networks give you the Smercon straight-up, undiluted.

  4. Smerconish is one of those rational Republicans who left the GOP due to the crazy-ass fascist lurch of 2001-present.

    1. The Democrats’ ass-fascist lurch is, for some reason, considered perfectly sane.

      1. The leading Dem candidate is not proposing rounding up 10 million undesirables and shipping them out of the country.

        1. Fascism.

          I don’t think you know what this word means.

          1. So you’re saying expelling 10 million undesirables is routine whereas baking them in ovens is full-blown fascism?

            Or are you just shilling for Team Red again?

            1. How else are they going to cut emissions?

            2. And what are they going to do with the people who engage in non-SJW thoughtcrime?

              1. I’m sure Grandpa Gulag Sanders will come up with something.

            3. You are not even in the ballpark. Like I said, you don’t know what the word means.

          2. I want to point out that yet again Shirek has demonstrated incontrovertibly its lack of sentience. The leading democratic candidate is an even bigger fascist and warmonger than Bush, and it doesn’t say a word against her.

            No person with any cognitive ability would fail to make note of that. No person who isn’t a Democratic partisan and is upset by warmongering and fascism could fail to make that observation.

            It does this over and over again. It repeatedly fails the Turing test. It repeatedly demonstrates a complete lack of comprehension of any of the concepts in its comments.

            Yet you guys keep interacting with it as if it’s human. I find this utterly baffling.

            1. Man is flawed, tarran.

              1. Man can pass a Turing test.

                Shriek can’t.

                Shriek’s not a man.

                1. I believe Rufus’ point is that because man is flawed, he will choose to spend his time on pointless/detrimental activities even when he knows better.

                  1. Ah. I was blinded by my irritation.

                    1. I thought you were blinded by something else. :-p

                  2. I can swing both ways.

                    Tarran’s point, nonetheless, stands.

                    1. Chelsea lose again. I’m still baffled by the calls to get rid of Mourinho.

                    2. I have nothing to say.

                    3. Chelsea lose again. I’m still baffled by the calls to get rid of Mourinho.

                      It’s the reaction of a spoiled-rotten fanbase.

                    4. Maybe it’s because Mourinho is a bullying asshole?

                    5. Maybe it’s because Mourinho is a bullying asshole?

                      There is that too. I suspect he’s “lost the locker room” – these dopes can play better than this.

                      Who cares – I’m in dreamland.

                    6. They’re not alone. Juve lost to Sassuolo.

                      Mourinho is acting a little more narcissistic than usual though. Not sure I’d fire him right now. Seems rash.

                      I haven’t watched soccer in general (been watching bits and pieces of EPL, Bundes. and Serie A) close enough to know Chelsea’s problem.

                    7. Mourinho is acting a little more narcissistic than usual though. Not sure I’d fire him right now. Seems rash.

                      I only hate-watch Chelsea – don’t know what’s really wrong but they say Mourinho’s teams always fall apart in the 3rd (4th?) year.

            2. Harder task: convincing Americans that government is the problem or convincing HnR Commentariat to ignore the trolls?

              1. Government isnt the problem.

                1. I lost this part:

                  Getting rid of government will not get rid of the power mongers. Those people, too many to list here, will not poof out of existence. They will simply gravitate towards whatever power structure is erected to replace government.

                  The best we can ever hope for is to disperse power as much as possible, to decentralize power so that no one person can have so much and all the competing power mongers can fight each other.

      2. Exactly. You never see Palin talking about that.

    2. He doesn’t think Rand Paul is totally nuts nor is he member of the Invasion of the Month Club. However, he does think a third moderate party is needed but is vague about how such a winning coalition could be cobbled together.

      1. Call me crazy but we need a small government party.

      2. a third moderate party

        You mean the Why Can’t We All Get Along and Spend More Money Without Any Scrutiny Party

  5. I used to listen to Smerconish on Sirius a few years ago – Smerconish on Politics I think the show was.

    It was a good politics show free from all the nonsense.

  6. Matt’s ‘watch me, watch me’ routine reminds me of my kid when she was three when she used to demand, ‘see me, see me!’

    I’m gonna tell you what I told her Matt. “NO!”

    /pushes kid and Matt aside.

    1. No one yet has explained what end is to be achieved in this obvious fuck up. In what way is Obumbles furthering our national interest? What is he hoping to accomplish? What is his endgame?

      1. He’s being all presidential and shit.

      2. “What is he hoping to accomplish?”

        The appearance of “doing something!”

        1. I believe those politicians who are generally left-of-center kill people for human rights reasons.

        2. I thought Obama’s forgein policy rule of thumb was “don’t so stupid stuff”.

          How does he justify this ?

          No reason or purpose was given for putting more boots on the ground just this time in Syria where the Russians are bombing our “allies”/

          Hey maybe that’s it. He thinks that the Russians won’t bomb. the moderate Islamists ( hahaha ) if they might hit an American.

          1. OneOut|10.31.15 @ 2:01PM|#
            “I thought Obama’s forgein policy rule of thumb was “don’t so stupid stuff”.”

            And I’m pretty sure he was going to run the most transparent administration evah!

            1. I’m pretty sure his only rule is “do stupid stuff”.

  7. I think of all the Republican candidates the one that represents the idealized version of the Republican Party of Reagan and the prosperity [for some] of the 1980s is George Pataki. I might vote for him in a pinch versus Hitlery.

    1. That’s pretty much mental masturbation since you won’t ever have to make a decision between the two.

  8. What sort of news ggets released on a Saturday morning? Why the sort which further criminalizes the wanton hag running for prez; that sort:
    “Official says no plans to release Obama-Clinton emails now; State Dept. posts 7,000 new pages”
    “The White House position is that the president’s communications are not subject to public record requests under the Freedom of Information Act and can be withheld while he’s in office. The George W. Bush White House likewise held that his correspondence would not be released until he left office”
    (Oh, look! He’s, well, just as bad as Bush, and a liar besides!
    “Clinton has maintained all along that she had never received or sent any classified documents at the time on her private address or server. The email use is currently the subject of FBI and other probes. ”
    (Speaking of liars!)

    1. Actually Drudge linked to that yesterday Sevo.

      Just a routine Friday dump of shit they hope goes mainly unnoticed.

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