'The Narrowest Grounds'

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I recently started reading a new law blog, "The Narrowest Grounds", by Asher Steinberg. Steinberg blogs about "the upcoming Supreme Court term, along with the occasional circuit opinion or law review article that catches [his] attention." He's a thoughtful analyst and a good writer. I've never met him or had contact with him, as far as I know. But he says in his introductory post that he recently completed a federal clerkship. I also recall his name popping up as commenter at various law blogs over the years.

Steinberg's posts have included a critical response to a recent column by Noah Feldman; a post arguing that the D.C. Circuit was wrong not to apply Bivens extraterritorially; and a reply to Will Baude's forthcoming article on originalism. I don't agree with everything Steinberg has written, but it's interesting and substantive work deserving of more attention.