Chris Christie Claims Black Lives Matter Want Murder of Police, John Kerry in Israel, Comet Lovejoy Releases Alcohol: A.M. Links


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    On the campaign trail, Chris Christie claimed President Obama didn't "support" police and that Black Lives Matter protesters called for the murder of police officers.

  • John Kerry is in Israel trying to ease tensions; Palestinians have been stabbing Jews over the fear that Israel will permit non-Muslims to pray at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
  • The United Auto Workers labor union and General Motors have tentatively agreed to a new four-year contract that would prevent a strike.
  • A presidential and parliamentary election was held in Haiti, but it will take some time to count the votes.
  • Comedian Jimmy Morales won the presidential election in Guatemala.
  • A magnitude-7.5 earthquake in Afghanistan killed at least 40 people.
  • NASA has detected Comet Lovejoy giving off up to 500 bottles of wine's worth of alcohol a second.

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