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Watch Matt Welch Talk Hillary's Benghazi Performance on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes at 8:00 pm ET


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Yesterday, we learned that on Sept. 12, 2012, as body parts will still being pulled out of Benghazi, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil in a phone call that "We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack—not a protest." We also learned that Clinton still maintains that Innocence of Muslims "sparked" the violence, and that in fact Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of Mohammed "sparked" the cartoonists own grisly murders. In other words, we discovered more entrants to and context for the Obama Administration's "Benghazi Hall of Shame" when it comes to inaccurately scapegoating a piece of American free speech for an act of anti-American violence.

So hopefully I'll have a word or two to say about that—and also what the hearings yesterday told us about Hillary's (awful) war doctrine—tonight at around 8:00 p.m. on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes.

NEXT: New Jersey Senate Overrides Christie Veto of Bill to Give Cops a Say in Whether Someone Can Get Mental Health Records Expunged so They Can Legally Own Guns

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  2. The future must not belong to those who appear on MSNBC.

  3. Honest question. Is Matt making any inroads at MSNBC or do they stare like him just made out with Marty Feldman?

    1. He’s the resident crackpot. Just like Nick sits in the crackpot chair if he’s on Bill Maher’s show.

      1. Just like Nick sits in the crackpot chair if he’s on Bill Maher’s show.


        Maher has a crackpot chair…good one.

        1. That joke only works in the singular.

        2. Maher IS a crackpot.

      2. beats sitting in Maher’s highchair.


    1. It’s Welsh… if you’re going to get it wrong, get it wrong correctly.

  5. Sorry, new arcade bar opened up.. Hopefully shows up on YouTube.

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  7. “I’ve thought more about Ambassador Stephens than all of you put together. I’ve lost more sleep than all of you put together.”

    That was my favorite part.

    1. She spent so much time caring about him that you could say she was the real victim of Benghazi.

    2. If Hillary spends a lot of time thinking about something, that doesn’t bode well for the thing.

    3. She’s real fuckin’ heartbroken, OK?

    4. Hillary Clinton loves like hot frozen icicles of hell. Hillary Clinton thinks like a bear-trap with twelve human legs trapped between the teeth. Hillary Clinton feels like a pile of Starbursts melting in the collective stomach of an entire brigade of Liberian child soldiers.

    5. Just watched it, agreed. Poor baby. I find it very hard to believe that sociopathic cunt lost a few winks over a couple of dead bodies unless she pondered the thought of political expediency.

      1. A small price to pay if their blood greases the rails for her ride to to the White House. Where she will ascend to rule all of us little people.

        Because it’s ‘her turn’.

  8. What is left to discuss on Benghazi? The media has already told me that Hillary did great and the Republicans just looked mean and petty.

    1. Wasn’t it Bush’s fault there was trouble in Libya to begin with?

      Or am I missing a step?

  9. “But seriously, Matt. You have to agree the Republicans never laid a glove on her. She came off as, well… Presidential.”

    1. Since it was her own corner men doing all the scoring, that is right on paper.

  10. Hey Matt, stay away from Reason’s initial backing of Pompeo’s ridiculous assertion that Stevens being unaware of Clinton’s email address was important. Ambassadors communicate via cables. Don’t look silly on national TV.

    1. This is true. It’s cronies who communicate via email.

      1. At this point not sure where all this will land. Her supporters are gonna stick with her version of the facts and that’s that. If her poor record as SoS and the email thing won’t sink her she may very well survive.

        Wouldn’t surprise me one iota she gets the nomination.

        1. I haven’t detected much loss of support from Democrats– they do love a criminal.

          In my neck of the woods, there’s certainly support for Sanders, but as I’ve postulated (and Democrats have expressly admitted) that’s a social show-card at this early point in the season– a fun thing to do while this whole Hillary thing shakes out, then when things get serious, they’re gonna fall into line.

        2. My Marxist aunt is an Hrod supporter. Hillary could take flamethrower to a hospital nursery and she would still vote for the cunt.

      2. Its true! She ignored problems in Benghazi through official channels

        1. Remember, to these people, gross negligence and wanton incompetence is an alibi.

        2. How does a human being allow a ‘friend’ to casually die from torpedoes shot into his office? I’d fucking follow every goddamn ambassador every motherfucking day to make goddamn SURE none of my men and women died from idiots overloaded with murderous super-charged religious intention. Supermen and Superwomen armed to the fucking teeth would be posted at all the corners with massive powers to kill dangerous people who fuck with my ambassadors.

          I would make the best goddamn Secretary of State that bitch never made.

    2. A decent explanation of the diplomatic “cable” from Slate:

      But in more recent times, the cable started to function almost exactly like an e-mail, and as of 2008, the State Department handles both modes of communication with the same Microsoft Outlook-based computer system.

      This distinction isn’t always very clear. Ever since State Department employees got e-mail access in the 1990s and early 2000s, higher-ups have worried that important information will end up in e-mails that eventually get deleted. The new messaging software is intended, in part, to address this hole in the record-keeping system by allowing senders or recipients of regular e-mail to note (by checking a box) that their message is to be maintained in a long-term database as a FOIA record. Naturally, this capability makes the system for sending cables redundant, and in fact people inside the department have noted that there’s little functional difference between the two. The developers responsible for the new communications program even proposed eliminating the “cable” classification altogether. But Foggy Bottom old-timers objected, arguing that to get rid of cables would be an abandonment of a grand diplomatic tradition.


      1. Since she didn’t “have a computer in her office,” she couldn’t get the cables either! She sure is a crafty fox.

        Good thing she wasn’t at home alone all night with her computers that got all her official stuff!

    3. That’s rich as you don’t seem to mind looking silly here.

      1. It’s joe. Looking silly is basically all that he does. Well, that and being really, really short.

    4. Yes, it is completely plausible that the United States Department of State has no telephones or computers in the 2010s, only telegraph machines.

      Really, you’re going with that?

  11. She turned over about 30,000 emails in paper form in December, forcing the State Department to spend months processing them to get them back into a digital format. Her attorney said she then discarded 32,000 messages she deemed personal that were sent from the same account, then wiped the server clean.

    Remember that episode of Veep where to obfuscate and delay investigations into wrongdoing, they provided paper copies of everything?

    Boy, what a cunty bitch.

    1. You can’t honestly say you’re surprised, though, right? I mean where do you think Veep got the idea? It’s a common obfuscation and delay tactic. They also did it on Silicon Valley last season.

      1. What do you mean “the idea”? Are you telling me Veep isn’t a documentary?

        1. (sits Paul down)

          Paul…I have something to tell you. Veep isn’t a documentary. It’s a documentary from a parallel universe. Understand now?

        2. If you want to see real political shitheels, try watching ‘The Thick of it’. I believe both shows have the same creators.

  12. I will say something a bit blasphemous, and I could be wrong on it. I really don’t think Hillary is to blame for Benghazi itself. That reads as a CIA operation to me. One she was OK with, but it was all about sending guns to Syria. In terms of the aftermath, she’s just another member of the administration who lied about what happened.

    The real issue is that Republicans aren’t in a position to call out the administration on the real issue with Benghazi which is that they were using the state department as a cover to funnel guns to Syria. To do that, they established a soft target deep away from the center of power in Libya where it was most vulnerable.

    1. I will say something a bit blasphemous, and I could be wrong on it. I really don’t think Hillary is to blame for Benghazi itself

      Not everyone here is saying she is. Speaking for myself, it was the response to Benghazi that’s so shameful.

    2. I really don’t think Hillary is to blame for Benghazi itself.

      The committe that investigated the incident for two years agrees.


      WASHINGTON (AP) ? A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees.

      Debunking a series of persistent allegations hinting at dark conspiracies, the investigation of the politically charged incident determined that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.

      IMHO, the Repubs have basically ruined their last good weapon by trying to shoehorn the email business into this. By associating it with something that even a couple of Repubs have kinda sorta admitted was a political hatchet-job it looks like they’re desperate for getting a dirty trick to work rather than impartial truth-seekers.

      1. You really misunderstood my point. The head of the State Department really doesn’t have much to do with the response to the attack itself. And I don’t think Hillary was ever really a big enough of a player in the Obama admin to change that. She was there to pad her resume for a presidential run, and the Obama administration tolerated her because of her political connections.

        I was merely speaking of the development of the attack itself. The State Department had no legitimate reason to have an office in Benghazi. It’s sole purpose was to serve as a point to run weapons into Syria. It was a cover operation. The post was recently established for that purpose. It was in an area where there was little local control in which the US was relying upon Islamic militia outfits to provide security. The militia themselves operated as an extremely weak, decentralized version of a franchise to the main version.

        In short – Benghazi happened because America sticks its fingers into everything in the Middle East. The Obama admin’s continuation of that policy resulted in Benghazi. It was a CIA operation gone bad. Hillary had little part in that.

        1. Correction duly noted. Gin Gimlets are hell on the ol’ reading comprehension business.

    3. I really don’t think Hillary is to blame for Benghazi itself.

      Unless her private email server was compromised (which it was) and details of the operation got into the hands of people that wanted to stop it (Iran, Syria, Russia); who then used that information to carry out the attack.

      In which case, she is directly responsible for Steven’s and the others deaths.

      1. As far as I can tell, the committees is not investigating that theory, which they absolutely should be.

  13. FYI or piece of advice: Don’t do IQ tests drunk. Pretty fucked up.

  14. I don’t know if I’ll have time to post this tomorrow, on Troll Appreciation Saturday:

    “We affirm religious freedom in the United States, but this freedom isn’t unlimited. Our rights to express faithful convictions end when acting upon such convictions violates the personal autonomy of our fellow citizens, even when these citizens are our children….”

    Oh, boy, you say, I see where this is going. And you’re right:

    “American statutory, constitutional and common law affirm the rights of individuals to make informed decisions with regard to protecting the health and dignity of their physical integrity. Drawing upon such noteworthy legal traditions, in 1997, the U.S. Congress criminalized all forms of female genital cutting. In doing so, Congress affirmed the prohibition of such acts does not abridge the religious or constitutional rights of parents. Rather, they protect the rights of girls.

    “When will the cutting of boy genitals be so criminalized?”

    1. Why do I have a feeling that’s a slow pitch to the manditory vaccination crowd.

  15. “There’s a lot of dough riding on the outcome of the National League Championship Series.

    “Chicago-style deep dish pizza maker Emmett Burke, a die-hard Cubs fan and owner of Emmett’s in Greenwich Village, has wagered a saucy bet against lifelong Mets fan Mark Iacono, owner of thin slice joint Lucali in Carroll Gardens.

    “If the Cubs win the series, Iacono is sanctioned to sling deep dish pies at Burke’s Macdougal St. restaurant for a night. But if the Mets win, the pizzaiolo must churn out ‘za in Brooklyn like a true New Yorker: Thin crust, wood fired and Neapolitan style with the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio.”

    1. Mark Iacono huh. Wonder if he’s any relation to Tommy Iacono founder of Tommy’s Pizza in Columbus. I grew up on that stuff. Best pizza in town. Very thin crust. Perfect.

  16. “FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Before the annual “Civil War Revisited” reenactment opens to the public, local school children get to experience history firsthand. It’s a day their textbooks really come alive….

    “”I think it was cool to experience because it’s so different from how we are today,” said Katelyn Lally, Glacier Point.

    “”It was a lotta disgusting things. They didn’t used to wash their hands. Or they wore the same clothes for a year,” Jeremiah Hunter from Glacier Point said.”

    And don’t get him started about all the slavery and death.

    1. Hey, Mr. Prince! Hey, Mr. Prince! What’s with those rags flapping in front of your horse?
      Toko tonyare tonyarena !
      That’s the Nishiki no Mihata demanding you subjugate the enemies of the Emperor!
      Toko tonyare tonyarena !

      1. The Bowler hat and U.S. Cavalry style hat really brings the room together.

        1. And historically accurate. The “uniform” for the Meiji forces really did look like someone just raided a 19th century Army/Navy Surplus store and handed out whatever was on the shelves.

        2. U.S. Cavalry style hat

          It’s called a Stetson.

  17. Hillary Clinton is the dry hide and massive bony antlers of the modern Democratic party…. makes goddamn sense if your collective leftist souls are dead and require mounting above the dancing gaseous flames of socialist romance.

  18. Prediction: 3 minute appearance

          1. Does not compute

  19. Hillary Clinton would make an awesome grandma at home with kid puddles carving little dry gourds and feeding a pile of suck ass cats out on the back goddamn porch. And you stop by and play Scrabble with Hillary. Maybe drink tea out on the deck that needs painting out back next to the farmer’s field.

    Hillary Clinton should never be president of anything other than the goddamn local bingo parlor because the bitch can’t even save a single goddamn ambassador and his boys from being kilt by some dumbass jihadist thugs. How can she save a country from Muslim overdrive? Not. Can’t happen. Unless your brain is filled with progressive shit bleeding with self-hatred.

    1. But her labia will pay no price for Libya so lob your criticisms all you like, she’s going to be your president.

      1. At least I won’t be Fisting her pooper, king American.

        1. No, she’ll be fisting all of ours.

  20. Walsh is going head-to-head with John Sossel.

  21. Boy, this looks like it was a tough interview from Roads Scholar Rachel Maddow.


  23. This is looking to be a penetrating interview from Hayes to this Clintonista. I think I’ll take a break until this coupling comes to climax and they move on.

    1. I feel confident that woman can bench press more than Chris Hayes

  24. FUCK Hillary Clinton. And FUCK the shit-eaters supporting her grandma ass. Jesus FUCKING Christ, the Democrats have slipped into an endless malaise of nasty sand eating the fucking brains out of their deluded skulls. And these shit punchers have the audacity to claim people of idiotic faith are zealous idiots. Yes, people of faith are idiots but people of faith have never had a single edge on Democrats. Not a single goddamn edge.

  25. You can be old and be a living wizard. Hillary Clinton is old and a living stale piece of humanity.

  26. You can be old and lightning walking on the earth brilliantly setting all the dumb ass youth on fire and shit. Or, you can be Hillary Clinton turning every single goddamn thing in her path to ice.

  27. slobber slobber slobbber… no one actually watched the testimony so we can characterize it however we want… slobber slobber slobber…. super presidential…. slobber slobber

    1. Democratic underground has some nice characterizations of it. Mobster like, she didn’t give them shit.

  28. The Democratic party has finally evolved into the CNN and Comedy Central party of dumb chuckling boobs blindly bumbling to shitty leftist writers who get off on Hillary Clit while their intelligence drips like ear wax onto the floor they been fucked upon.

  29. They do work as intended. They work in that a bunch of assholes get camera time.

  30. What on earth is going on with Welch’s voice?

    1. Vocal fry is all the rage with the girls

      1. Are you talking about what speech pathologists call ‘crackling’?

        1. Its a form of self-oppression that has real economic costs, says Duke U. experts

          1. Yep, that’s it. What’s interesting, the video you link suggests it happens towards the end of the phrase, lowering the voice to the lowest register, resulting in vocal fry.

            There’s a trend with young women (and now women who are old enough to know better) who crackle FOR THE CONTINUUM OF THEIR SPEECH.

            1. I was perfectly happy with the self-cutting and the eye-roll-gifs on the gawkers but I draw the line at girls talking like a junkies or …god help me…. Mother@(#*@()# UGGS

              1. What do you have against the weekend uniform of sorority girls everywhere?

                1. Think of how bad their feet smell.

                  1. Think of how bad their feet smell.

                    I am, which is why I am aroused.

  31. Is this Welch’s husky seductive voice?


  33. Domenech = Wins on Collar
    Matt = Runner Up on ‘can’t lose’ purple tie
    Hayes = needs to have his tailor cut the fabric from behind his neck so that his perpetual slouching doesn’t give him hunchback effect like he’s a bored 8yr old at church

    Hayes also just cut Matt’s point off re: “Lies about video” because it was the only clear blatant lie

    1. *technically the hunchback effect is caused by bad shoulder cut, but no one would have understood that, visually

      1. Is that what’s going on with Sanders? Is that why Sanders looks like a little Gremlin sitting on a stump?

        1. Mh?

          Some examples of Bernie neck-bunching

          When you raise one arm over your head like the first one, its basically impossible to avoid some of it, because the structured shoulder pushes up and compresses the seam behind the neck. Shrugging (like the second one) obviously doubles the effect.

          but just sitting down and slouching, if that’s ‘your normal thing’ (see: members of congress), it should be avoidable with little bit of tailoring. Or~! just get an unstructured jacket. but that doesn’t look quite as sharp.

          1. As a contrast – British politicians probably *know this*, and train themselves to raise their arm from the elbow only, and consequently always look “unruffled”.

            A british colleague pointed out to me that “All your politicians look like they buy their suits off the rack… like they’re car salesmen”. They never get their suits tailored (exception – black politicians) And I realized he was right. And that they do it on purpose… to look like ‘regular guys’. Every now and then you get a pimping pol, but most of them stick with the baggy-cut, square-shoulder 2 button thing.

            Or, they do the Jared Polis thing and dress like they’re stoned all the time.

            1. And I realized he was right. And that they do it on purpose… to look like ‘regular guys’.

              I’m not convinced that’s the exact reason. As opposed to the classic British Savile Row tailoring, the “tradtional” American style has always been the sack suit.

              1. it is somewhat amusing that you have to go to Japan to find examples of that “classic american” style, while the US brooks brothers site has people Tom Forded the fuck out, pinched waists and exposed cuffs, etc.

                1. Tom Forded the fuck out, pinched waists and exposed cuffs, etc.

                  Jacket looks ill-fitting, and you know what they call a guy that wears dress shoes sans socks?

                  1. A fag? No wait, Italian

              2. My theory about US politicians isn’t so much just the specific cut of their jib so much as it is uniformity of it and its persistent blandness. Its definitely a conscious cultural choice to avoid looking ‘fancy’.

                People in the business world have evolved in appearance every decade, while pols have pretty much all looked the same since WWII

                1. Its definitely a conscious cultural choice to avoid looking ‘fancy’.

                  It is interesting how European Socialists seem to dress very expensively.

                2. Its definitely a conscious cultural choice to avoid looking ‘fancy’.

                  Except on Seersucker Thursday.

            2. Kwame dressed like a fucking boss. Granted, he’s currently in federal custody, and exhorted said suits, but, well, they looked good.

            3. Oh, I made that observation years ago. Sports broadcasters dress better. I’m often not impressed by what I see out of North American politicians at all. The Parti Quebecois are particularly awful.


              And that’s a flattering picture. I didn’t feel like looking for others wasting my time with those hicks. Anyway. The guy on the right at the mic is worth about a billion. His suit looks like it’s off the rack.

              1. Sports broadcasters dress better.



  34. There’s the door, Welch. There’s a throat lozenge on the other side. USE THEM BOTH.

  35. Huh, “most watched” videos on Chris Hayes list are:

    All In America
    Economic Inequality
    Climate Change
    Racial Equality

    Wow this show must be insufferable.

  36. Bunch of mirrors with wings fell out of my asshole into the face of my second self, cutting the light butterflies from the lace of my third master.

    1. Lines in the concrete are made by powerful fingers, Agile.

  37. Posted it on Wednesday, but no one cared. Actually saw one on the way home from work yesterday (near Domino’s HQ)

    Next step towards the Deliverator

    No skatepunks were ‘pooned onto it.

    1. If you caress a woodchipper it eats your arms.

      1. You caress the warm greasy housing, Cy, not the hot spinning chipping drum.

    2. Yeah, not seeing the potential energy to fire a pound of bacon into the Asteroid Belt.

      1. Yea, deliverator wouldn’t be caught dead in it, but it’s a start, right?

        1. Had a ride in a Tesla the other day. Holy fuck, can that thing move. I wonder how many pizzas you could fit into one.

          1. only has to fit like 6, once it has the nuke engine.

            I do kind of like the idea of the Tesla. And I *love* that they just ship an auto-pilot update without any kind of approval.

            Been away from H&R for a bit, that may have been discussed to death already.

          2. The problem with the Tesla is, if you plug in the pizza warmer, it’s range gets cut by 2/3ds.

            1. that’s why it needs the nuke engine.

            2. And the pound of bacon? Just an elliptical orbit not quite reaching Mars.

            3. But can it be hoverconverted?

  38. Trump and Carson.

    I’m still laughing at you Peanuts and your two horrible choices this cycle. You’ll be begging for Romney/Obama in six months.

    1. We are, but not because of Trump or Carson, but because of Hillary and Sanders.

      1. They suck too.

        I admit 2012 looks great compared to these freaks and idiots.

        Will you admit the same?

        1. I’ve admitted many times on H&R that after Obama was elected, I never missed Bill Clinton more.

          1. If you didn’t miss Bill Clinton during Dumbya’s reign of error that means you are truly a Team Red partisan.

          2. You Know Who Else missed a Communist Party endorsed leader?

            1. i bet you were cheering your ass off when Dumbya expanded government more than anyone is history with his big Gov PATRIOT Act, Medicare Welfare, No Child Left Behind, MeCain Feingold, Home Downpayment Welfare Act, TARP, FISA annulment, etc.

              TEAM RED COMRADE!

              CHENEY IS GOD!

              1. Some of us thought Obama would repeal the PATRIOT act like former Obama Supporter, Michael Moore said he would.

    2. Go fuck yourself demfag. Not even the hitnrunpublicans are shilling for Trump or Carson.

      But we sure can count on you to walk in here with Hilary’s dick shoved down your throat, bleating about how awesome Obama is.

  39. If you run into a cable strung between trees and your head falls off you can call yourself Hillary Clinton.

    1. or… just maybe *or*…

      Joan Crawford… has RISEN FROM THE GRAVE

    2. Shit, CeeLo’s verse was dope.

      1. That loop is reminiscent of an old Cab Calloway joint or something. Something from the 30s.

  40. So if that fucking cold ass grandma can’t protect a goddamn ambassador in a whack tiny hole in the wall country why does she think she can protect millions of America, bitches?

    1. what if we don’t want protection?

  41. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fin…..power.html

    President Cavaco Silva may be correct is calculating that a Socialist government in league with the Communists would precipitate a major clash with the EU austerity mandarins. Mr Costa’s grand plan for Keynesian reflation ? led by spending on education and health ? is entirely incompatible with the EU’s Fiscal Compact.

    This foolish treaty law obliges Portugal to cut its debt to 60pc of GDP over the next 20 years in a permanent austerity trap, and to do it just as the rest of southern Europe is trying to do the same thing, and all against a backdrop of powerful deflationary forces worldwide.

    The strategy of chipping away at the country’s massive debt burden by permanent belt-tightening is largely self-defeating, since the denominator effect of stagnant nominal GDP aggravates debt dynamics.

    It is also pointless. Portugal will require a debt write-off when the next global downturn hits in earnest. There is no chance whatsoever that Germany will agree to EMU fiscal union in time to prevent this.

    The chief consequence of drawing out the agony is deep hysteresis in the labour markets and chronically low levels of investment that blight the future.

    I didn’t know the Torygraph was filled with so many One Nation Tories.

    1. The Portuguese Socialists and Communists have buried the hatchet on their bitter divisions for the first time since the Carnation Revolution and the overthrow of the Salazar dictatorship in the 1970s, yet they are being denied their parliamentary prerogative to form a majority government.

      This is a dangerous demarche. The Portuguese conservatives and their media allies behave as if the Left has no legitimate right to take power, and must be held in check by any means.

      These reflexes are familiar ? and chilling ? to anybody familiar with 20th century Iberian history, or indeed Latin America. That it is being done in the name of the euro is entirely to be expected.

      He also overlooks the fact that letting these people in power in Iberia or Latin America has also been pretty terrible.

  42. GOP committee proposes to deregulate firearm suppressors

    The Hearing Protection Act of 2015, proposed by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) and co-sponsored by 10 of his colleagues, would do this by removing silencers, which are also called suppressors, from the purview of the National Firearms Act, instead putting them in the same regulatory category as long guns. As its title suggests, the bill’s sponsors are framing it as an effort to keep shooters from damaging their ears.

    In 1934, in the wake of Prohibition-era violence carried out by heavily armed bootleggers and gangsters, sound-suppressing devices were included on a list of NFA weaponry and other hardware, alongside firearms like machine guns and short-barreled shotguns. Today, purchases of silencers are still subject to a $200 fee, which covers an extensive FBI background check that can take months to complete.

    However, Salmon’s bill would make it as easy to obtain a silencer as it is to get any other gun or piece of equipment from a Federal Firearms License holder. The $200 fee would be removed, and anyone who paid the fee between Oct. 22 and the law’s actual enactment would get a refund. The bill also includes a provision to nullify any state-specific registration or taxation on silencers.

    The pants-shitting in the comments is hysterical.

    1. Someone should alert the retard commenters that silencers are required in some european countries.

      1. They did. Retort = “when you accept ALL European gun laws, then we’ll talk”

        1. That’s expected– but the road you take them down is the ludicrous idea that silencers turn the owners into John Wick assassins.

    2. ” even with the current federal restrictions. According to data released earlier this year by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were nearly 800,000 silencers registered under the National Firearms Act as of February 2015 — a 39 percent rise from 2014 numbers, which showed that 571,150 such devices were registered.”

      Yet everyone is still pissing themselves about the “potential for misuse”…. there’s a half-million floating around and as far as they could find, none (or so infrequently as to be not worth mentioning) used in any crimes.

      This would fall entirely under something Epi said the other day = they oppose it simply because its something “gun people” want. Never mind if its harmless, has legitimate application, reduces noise pollution. The wrong people like it, therefore it is horrible

      1. Yep. Hunnert percent. It’s a tie-their-hands approach to legislating. Which in the case of limiting government power, I can get behind. Unfortunately, this is ‘tie the people’s hands’ approach.

      2. The “reality-based” community gets their knowledge of firearms from movies. Because suppressors turn gunshots into mouse farts rather than tolerable loud noises.

      3. there’s a half-million floating around and as far as they could find, none (or so infrequently as to be not worth mentioning) used in any crimes.

        plus all the pop bottles.

      4. there’s a half-million floating around and as far as they could find, none (or so infrequently as to be not worth mentioning) used in any crimes.

        plus all the pop bottles.

  43. Is there such a thing as a good airline? The plane I was supposed to take from LGA had to be diverted to JFK because of a mechanical issue and the need for a longer runway. So my flight got canceled. Delta at least got me on flight to Richmond instead and is covering the 1.5 hour taxi ride from there to my original destination, but I’ll still get home 7 hours later than I was supposed to. It seems like it would have been way easier to just bring in another plane from the get go. Are there really no standby planes and crew at a major airport like LGA?

    1. Is there such a thing as a good airline?

      Yes, but not in the United States.

      1. Well a lot of good that does me.

        If we all had flying cars by now this wouldn’t be an issue. God. Damn. It.

      2. Meh, Singapore Airlines is pretty comfortable even in coach though.

        1. Cathay and Singapore have played leapfrog with each other as to which is the best ranked airline for, what, 20 years now?

    2. “Is there such a thing as a good airline?”
      Turns out you can book Lufthansa through United and bypass United altogether for international; United is filled with people who have been doing it forever and HATE having to deal with the customers (unions, I’m sure).
      In the US I try for Southwest or Virgin.
      Or drive or (it’s worth checking) charter and avoid commercial.

    3. Consider yourself lucky. Delta delivered you to your destination and even paid for a 1.5 hour taxi ride.You cannot expect a better service from a US airline. I have the top-tier elite status (executive platinum) with American Airlines, which means I fly at least 100,000 miles a year. You wouldn’t get anything better. The ginormous major airlines in the US flying to a humongous number of airports domestically cannot be directly compared to single-hub airlines.

      1. Delta seems infected with the same ‘you can’t fire me!’ employees as United. We don’t get American out of SFO, so I got no opinion.

  44. If the fucking fran can’t be a sweet ass secretary why should she fuck my cock as the leader of a goddamn country?

  45. If bullets had wings where should they fly?

  46. Anybody else reading End of Doom?
    Comments from youze guys regarding the last chapter of “Hungry Ghosts”?

  47. I hear Hillary called Boy Gowdy and asked “Can we do this again real soon? My favorables are way up.”

    1. “I hear Hillary called Boy Gowdy and asked “Can we do this again real soon? My favorables are way up.””

      I hear turd posted “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!”

      1. Sevo, you need to expand your act, bro. It’s stale. It reeks for real.

        You have the Louie Gohmert crazy in you. Let it out, bro! Let the crazy out!

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|10.23.15 @ 11:16PM|#
          That rich from a middle-aged asshole with daddy problems and a propensity for “BOOOOOOSH”
          Fuck off, slaver.

          1. You’re still holding back.

            Let the crazy flow, bro.

            Let it rip.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|10.23.15 @ 11:21PM|#

    2. The idea that this hearing helped Hillary is short-sighted at best. There is now film of her lying, contradicting herself, cackling, and even uncontrollably coughing. Most voters are not even paying attention to politics now, but next summer when they are, some of that will appear in attack ads against her.

      That is, assuming she lives that long, and assuming she hasn’t been indicted for perjury by then.

  48. There are valid defense funds for Snowden. You can contact one of his attorneys for info: Jess@exposefacts.org
    C’mon, cheapskates! This guy deserves it!

    1. I’ll donate if he comes to this country and stands trial.

      1. To what, buy a headstone for when he’s vanished?

  49. “Benghazi” is just another example of Conservative media going “all-in” on stupidity and then moving the goal posts as their initial claims crumble.

    The entire scandal started off with baseless accusations that the Secretary of State and President knew of the imminent terror attack and not only did nothing, but put American diplomats and security personel in imminent danger because of their inaction.

    Now, years later, it’s “Oh, they blamed it on a youtube video.”

    And somehow people wonder why no one takes this shit seriously…

    1. True, Hillary is charmed to have opponents that are such imbeciles. But beyond giving smug progressives a weekend to feel even more smug, I doubt this will turn around her huge unfavorability problem.

      At best this inspires Bernbots to be less hostile towards her since even if they aren’t crazy about Hillary they hate Republicans more. That’s not at all a sound strategy to win an election if you only have appeal to the converted.

      1. Don’t feel bad. You should see what’s going on up here. Now that the Shiny Toy left-wing government is in power, the narrative is about how ‘rationalism’ has returned to Canadian politics. Of course, they talk gibberish on stuff like gun control, economics and climate change.

  50. I don’t know why somebody somewhere hasn’t drawn up charges against hill-dog for running the state department off an unsecured server. Anybody who knows how things work in the real world can see that the Chinese and the Russians – and just about any other foreign intelligence agency that gave a shit – would have figured that out in a few weeks and hacked in without any delay. So she was basically operating in the open – anything she put in e-mail would be an open secret.

    It’s so pathetic that incompetent doesn’t even start to cover it. The fact that she is being given a pass on it just makes me want to scream.

    1. So what do you think, the Russians, Chinese etc. are just sitting on some very compromising e-mails that they will use to blackmail President Clinton? They certainly aren’t going to release anything before she gets elected. Of course, no matter what comes out, the hard-core Hillary supporters will wave it off or claim it is all Dick Cheney’s doing.

      1. Not to sound all tin foil hat crazy, but, something like that goes a long way in explaing why Obama and Kerry have both bent over for the ayatollahs in their Iran ‘treaty’ – which is more of a complete surrender than a deal.

      2. I don’t believe they are sitting on anything. Knowing what the US state department was going to do in real time was all the value they needed from that information.

    2. Unless it was all a trap, to send disinformation to foreign spies….

      Naw, it was just idiotic egotism and a wish to avoid oversight…..

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