That's Some Fine Police Work


Andrea Ellis

After Andrea Ellis cut her arm on some glass, her sister called 911. The sister also saw a Columbus, Ohio, police car passing by and ran out to flag the officer down. Bad decision. As the officer approached the house, he saw the family dog and decided it was a threat. He pulled his gun and fired. The bullet missed the dog but hit Andrea's 4-year-old daughter in the leg, shattering the bone. The officer then ran back to his car and drove away.

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  1. That’s unbelievable!!!!

  2. The officer then ran back to his car and drove away.

    He had to get home safe before anything else bad happened to him.

    1. He missed the dog, after all. His life was in mortal danger.

  3. Our review of the incident shows that the female made a furtive movement that caused the officer to fear for his safety. One bullet discharged from his gun and struck the female suspect. We have contacted the district attorney regarding felony charges of assault on an officer. This is a continuation of this country’s war on police. We ask for your prayers for the officer at this time.

    1. Less funny since that is frighteningly accurate to the police statement. From the statement:

      “No officer ever wants to be in any way associated with such a tragedy,”

      “Witnesses are being interviewed, evidence is being evaluated, forensic reports are being considered and the officer involved has provided a statement to the Division. ”

      “It is too early in the investigation to respond to all of the statements made to local media regarding the incident, but not all of them are correct.”

      “The Division will take the steps necessary to appropriately address what happened, make any necessary changes to training or policy and take any corrective actions that are warranted to lessen the chance that a tragedy like this ever happens again.”

  4. just a flesh wound, move along now or there’ll be real trouble

  5. Officer involved bullet leg striking.

  6. Bee tee dubs, this happened in June and I can’t find any information on any charges or even discipline for the shooter.

    1. Well, this article is from last week.
      No relevant update whatsoever.


  7. She’s “disappointed” ?!?!? That’s the level of feeling she can muster?

    This is one of the reasons why there will never be change in the police departments. I would hope the cop fled because the mother was about to apply rule .303

    1. Hey, the fact that his gunplay was panicked saved her dog’s life.

  8. A reminder that the bulk of police are drawn from the same population from which most criminals derive.

  9. Reading the news sites that reported on the story is depressing. Lots of “wait for the investigation – once the facts come out you’ll see that there is more to the story” and other ludicrous cop felation in the comments.

    The idiot panicked and fell back on his training – which was supposed to be “if you are attacked by a dog during a firefight, just shoot the dog” but has somehow morphed into “if a dog barks at you or approaches you, shoot the dog”.

    They are going to have a hard time whitewashing this one. The guy not only shot a toddler, he then fled the scene. There cannot be any defending the flight.

    1. This one’s a peach:

      Aaron Young ? 3 months ago
      I figured all the loons would come out and blame the cop. Thank you for proving me right. People, control your dang dogs, quit letting them run the house, it is YOUR house not thiers, If a dog, which i can only guess was a pit or pit mix came charging at me darn right id shoot it. It sucks that he hit the girl instead but it sounds like the scene at the time was full chaos and a barking charging dog only adds to that. Such a shame that is had to happen but I dont blame the cop.

      1. Another genius:

        M Joiner ? 5 days ago
        There is more to this story I’m sure. The dog weighed 40# and most likely is a pit bulldog. Pit bulls are NOT bulldogs,, they are terriers. Terriers bite and clamp down and hold on causing significant injury to a person or another animal. They can be very dangerous animals if taught to be that way. This is the reason they are used in dog fighting and drug dealers use them for protection.
        I spent 15 years as a paramedic in a large urban city and was called to multiple incidents where dogs attacked First Responders.
        I also suspect that the little girl was injured from a ricochet, and not actually shot by the officer.

        He goes on to blame the family for the shooting because they were running around and screaming and creating a chaotic scene.

        1. Copsuckers gonna suck cops.

      2. That was the one that brutally reminded me of my policy to never read the comments!

        (I read the comments on Reason because y’all are funny as hell)

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