Malaysia Bans International Sex Robot Symposium

"Intercourse with robots-don't try to be ridiculous," say Malaysian police.


Real Doll/Facebook

Malaysian authorities are saying thanks but no thanks to an international "Love and Sex with Robots" symposium that was scheduled to be held there. "It's not our culture," said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar about the event, which was to take place in the metropolitan area of Iskandar Malaysia in November.

"It's already an offense in Malaysia to have anal sex," Bakar said at the press conference, according to the English-language Malaysian newspaper The Star. "Intercourse with robots. Don't try to be ridiculous."

The event's organizers had been warned and the police would "take action…if they choose to hold the event," Bakar said.

But as racy as the robot event might sound, this gathering was to be more academic than erotic. The love- and sex-robots symposium was one several sessions taking place as part of an "Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference" co-chaired by Adrian David Cheok, a professor of pervasive computing at City University London, and chess-master turned toy developer and author (his book is Love + Sex With Robots) David Levy.

Cheok said the event was not meant to promote sexual and romantic relationships between humans and robots.

At the moment, such relationships aren't really possible anyway, since artificially intelligent sexbots don't yet exist. (For more on the once- and -future pursuit of human-like machines for people to have sex with, see my feature from Reason's April 2015 issue.) But some people are already plenty worried about the possibility. For instance, the Campaign Against Sex Robots was recently launched by two academics to promulgate the idea that sex robots would be "harmful and contribute to inequalities in society." The Campaign called Malaysia's decision to ban the sex robots symposium "welcome news considering the significance of the sex trade in Malaysia."

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  1. Excuse me for a moment

    *tries furiously to cancel Malaysian Airlines ticket*

    1. Wouldn’t that be more in sadness than fury?

      1. Oh I’m angry

    2. You probably don’t want to fly that carrier anyway, regardless of destination.

      1. I was routed thru Amsterdam. Why? What have you heard?

        1. A macabre reference to Malaysia flights 17 and 370. The former was shot down over Ukraine, the latter disappeared over the Indian ocean.

      2. The 777 is an incredibly safe aircraft, as long as…..

    3. No wonder I can’t get through to cancel my tickets. Their phones must be melting down.

  2. I thought they’d already invented a sexbot.

    1. +1 Ms. Pinky 2.0

      1. Zappa’d.

  3. “It’s already an offence in Malaysia to have anal sex, what more intercourse with robots. Don’t try to be ridiculous,” Bakar said…

    I assume that made more sense in the native tongue. “Don’t bite that robot’s shiny metal ass.”

    1. No, he brings anal sex into every conversation. The people around him thought it was just a bad joke at first, but now they are kind of worried.

      1. Well, they do tend to bring anal sex into every election. It’s kind of the go-to condemnation there.

        1. election

          Gah – HTML fail

  4. They can have my sexbot when they pry it off my cold, dead, penis!

    1. What if that sexbot were, say… Agile Cyborg?

      1. At least it would be agile. That might come in handy. OTOH, having it constantly reciting it’s “poetry” might make keeping an erection challenging.

  5. “We look to Malaysia as a model of freedom and sophistication,” said no one ever.

  6. the metropolitan area of Iskandar Malaysia

    We’re off to outer space
    We’re leaving mother Earth
    To save, the human race
    Our Star Blazers

    Searching for a distant star
    Heading off to Iskandar
    Leaving all we love behind
    Who knows what dangers we’ll find

    We must be strong and brave
    Our home we have to save
    If we don’t in just one year
    Mother Earth will disappear

    Fighting with the Gamalons
    We won’t stop until we’ve won
    Then we’ll return and when we arrive
    The Earth will survive with our Star Blazers

    1. Nicely done.

      *immediately inquires of superior officer regarding transfer request from third bridge to any other part of Space Battleship Yamato*


    1. Too bad I already made a Futurama reference.

      1. I’ll be whatever I wanna do!

  8. But the International “Love and Sex” with Children Symposium is going ahead as planned.

    1. Nah, they moved that to Khandahar.

    2. The Super Adventure Club is not to be denied.

  9. Why was this planned in Malaysia in the first place? I would have thought Japan or Korea would be the place.

    1. ^This. Or Thailand. Does RealDoll make a thai ladyboy model?

    2. I can only guess they didn’t think any farther than “southeast Asia”. Or even “Asia”.

  10. Yeah, the whole sex “robot” thing is great for drawing the hysterics out of the woodwork. Because this is simply an advanced form of masturbation. Those things aren’t alive, and they aren’t intelligent – dolls not robots, really.

    OK, I know that Catholics* and Mormons are against masturbation, any other religions?

    (*)They only care about male masturbation, every sperm being sacred and all that. Jilling off is apparently ok.

    1. any other religions?

      Orthodox Jews. But only because they believe a guy’s load is all that’s required to form a human and that women contribute nothing beyond being an incubator. Not sure if any still believe that way today, but that was the accepted explanation way back when their religion was first made up.

      1. Many of my neighbors are Orthodox Jews. They’re very insular, so asking them whether or not this is still the case will be nice icebreaker.

        1. Most religions forbid masturbation, but few know (or even wonder) why it’s considered wrong. But that’s because it isn’t, and if God hadn’t meant for us to do it he would have made our arms shorter.

          1. +1 T-rex.

            Why else do you think the T-rex in Jurassic Park was so angry?

            1. Good Government Almighty, Loki, Holy Shiites! It took me the longest time to stew on that before I got it! So T-Rex is pissed ’cause his puny arms cannot reach his dwonky, I finally got it! THAT is why he wants to eat the humans!!!

              OK, so NOW I can finally beat the shit out of our family cats and dogs, with a perfectly good excuse… They have it coming to them!!! THEY can lick their assholes and their balls, and I cannot! Come here, kitty-kitty-kitty…

              1. Never fear, Reasonoids Dear… Please do NOT be calling on the SPCA because of my threats! Cooler heads have prevailed and will prevail! I am NOT beating the crap out of kitties (AKA Chairman Meow and Hurkle and Silly Socks; please don’t ask).

                Details at 11:00: Trying to be a good libertarian, I applied the NAP and had group therapy with the humans and the “companion animals”. It is agreed that even though I cannot lick my own balls or asshole, the cats and dogs consent that I can lick theirs! Yee-Ha! Catnip and milk-bones and ass-lickings and ball-lickings all around! Pleasure and peace CAN prevail, as it will prevail in the SQRLSY One barn / madhouse!

      2. The Church of Scienfoology believes this: It is a “sin” (known as “HAM”, AKA Heresy, Apostasy, & Malpractice) to personally have sex with your own body, even if your own body is intertwined with another real or fake body. Instead, you are supposed to have your Religious EFFIGY (robotic effigy will do fine) have sex with others, or with other effigies if your effigy’s partner is a fellow Scienfoologist, on your behalf! To learn more about Scienfoology, please see

        1. Since I know that many-many of you are REALLY curious about this, but are too shy to ask? Yes, I did pull a “fast one” on you there. The Scienfoology web site here cited does not actually discuss sex in much of any detail. That’s because it’s a “clean” or family-oriented web site. And of course, we all know that sex is VERY dirty!

          Well anyway, Scienfoology is much-much into religious beliefs about the efficacy of “placebo powers” as are activated by religious practices with your effigies. Since sex is SOOO dirty, you can escape ALL of that horrendous, overwhelming GUILT by having your effigy have sex for you, instead. Placebo powers will give you your sexual pleasure, and/or make you or your effigy’s partner pregnant? It only works if you BELIEVE, though! If it does NOT work for you, your FAITH is lacking! Go work on your Faith!

          For a rough analogy to “effigy sex” in Scienfoology, go to and search for the string “Pet-Petting Protocol”? You should NOT personally pet your pets; you should have your effigy do it for you!

      3. Thanks, Aunty. Amazing that they’ve managed to hold on to that in light of evidence to the contrary. Amazing, but not surprising, unfortunately.

        You got a reference for that? Not doubting you, but rather following the same line of reasoning as PBR…

        1. You got a reference for that?

          I’ll look for one. But never underestimate the power of religious superstition. We know today that pork and shellfish are perfectly ok if handled properly, but some religions still refuse to indulge.

        2. ‘One who spills his seed literally kills his sons,’ Prosper Malka, one rabbi interviewed in the film, tells Gruder.

          More here:


          I couldn’t make this shit up…

          1. Gruder, a 44-year-old father of six who once worked for MTV Europe and didn’t become religious until age 30

            Gruder describes his own journey from secular to Orthodox Jew, recounting the guilt he felt knowing that he previously had sinned. To repent, he said he has taken seemingly countless ritual baths, fasted, given to charity and rolled around naked in snow at a ski resort in northern Israel. He said that was a purifying experience.

            Nope, can’t make that up.

          2. Thanks, Aunty.

            1. BTW, I wasn’t suggesting that Orthodox Jews today believe that a load is a tiny human. Only that it was the basis for the belief of why it was forbidden. I’m sure many primitive cultures believed the same until science proved otherwise.

    2. I’m pretty all the Abrahamic religions and their various sects frown on masturbation. Don’t about Buddhism or Hinduism.

      1. Fucking a I need to learn to type without leaving out words. I guess I could turn this into a game of mad-libs:

        I’m pretty __________ all the Abrahamic religions and their various sects frown on masturbation. Don’t ___________ about Buddhism or Hinduism.

        1. I’m pretty ___much feeling WAY guilty about ALL of my sexual feelings, thoughts, and doings, in proper obedience to all of the detailed teachings about “the more guilty you feel, the more virtuous you are”, as taught by_______ all the Abrahamic religions and their various sects frown on masturbation. Don’t ____dump on me and make me feel yet MORE guilty by making me learn all_______ about Buddhism or Hinduism. … (Cum to Scienfoology to learn how to get rid of ALL of your sexual guilt, by using religious rituals with “anatomically accurate” effigies, for your sex play, instead).

          1. ROFL! Stop, oh God, please stop! 😉

  11. I’m dying to know what caused them to ban anal sex in the first place.

    Warty? Care to explain yourself?

    1. Muslim majority country. Duh.

      1. I thought it was OK.

        It’s not gay if you’re not in love…

      2. “Muslim majority country.”

        I think it depends on the culture. For example, it’s okay in Iran “preferably with the wife’s permission” according to a previous Ayatollah (who answered an e-mail query as I recall).

      3. Thanks, Chuck. Didn’t know that.

        1. I looked for a link but I couldn’t find one, Tonio.
          If memory serves I was listening to a segment on talk radio (NPR I think) which was a rather smug rendering of how the Iran regime and attendant Theocracy was dealing with the internet (or some similarly themed piece).
          The reporter chose a few questions submitted to the country’s religious leader via the internet and one was about anal intercourse. This question seemed to be particularly amusing to the reporter and anchor, who in my opinion tried to use it and the given answer as a means of general disparagement.

          I do not like the Iranian (or any other repressive) government – it’s just that the radio segment smacked of an abundance of “we’re so much better than them” smugness.

          That’s probably more than I needed to write on the topic but if you want a link I’ll certainly look for one.

          1. I can google it if I really need it. Thanks, Chuck.

  12. “It’s not our culture,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

    How fortunate, to have one person with the wisdom to speak for everyone in the country.

    1. I’m wondering if this is considered idolatry, which is a big no-no among muslims. Having said that, I just realized that this will be how fundies justify being against that.

    2. I would speculate that he’s trying to push the West’s “multicultural sensitivity” buttons.

      1. I, for one, WELCOME our new International Sex Robot overlords! All of my 7 wangs and 12 cunts are salivating for their imminent, Immaculate arrival…

    3. “It’s not our state-imposed religion” is too much of a mouthful.

  13. For instance, the Campaign Against Sex Robots was recently launched by two academics to promulgate the idea that sex robots would be “harmful and contribute to inequalities in society.”

    I guess now if you’re an academic and you want to make sure and maximize that sweet, sweet grant money you have to somehow connect whatever you’re studying to “inequality”. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than a couple of years ago when it seemed they tried to connect everything to “climate change” in order to keep the grant money coming.

  14. Hasn’t ENB already admitted to having had sex with a robot? If so is she banned in Malaysia?

    The anti-robosex people are tilting at windmills. To ban sex robots wouldn’t we also have to ban dildos and vibrating massagers?

    1. Not to mention fleshlights.

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