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Police Mag Calls Marilyn Mosby 'The Wolf That Lurks'

No love for the prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case


How do police unions feel about Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor who charged six Baltimore cops in the death of Freddie Gray? Well, here's the current edition of the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association's Frontline magazine:


The author of the cover story is Sergeants Benevolent Association chief Ed Mullins, a man who once called a cutback in marijuana arrests "the beginning of the breakdown of a civilized society." Here's a sample of his Mosby piece:

Mosby insisted that she was a lifelong supporter of law enforcement, proudly boasting that she came from five generations of police officers and saying that "law enforcement is pretty much instilled within my being."

What she did not say was that her mother, a former Boston police officer, violated the department's drug abuse policy in 2006 and spent 45 days in rehab. When she again violated the policy, she was allowed to resign rather than be fired in February 2008.

And there is more!

Her father, also a police officer, was fired from the same department in 1991 amid accusations that he and his partner were robbing drug dealers at gunpoint. And her uncle was canned from the Boston PD in 2001 after testing positive for cocaine.

What family legacy was she upholding?

What does it take for the head of a police union to criticize a cop? Well, if the officer has a kid who wants to put other cops in jail…

To read the whole issue—including an item where Mullins praises Joe Biden for "getting it"—go here.

[Via Justin Fenton.]