You Can't Say That


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The student union at Warwick University in England blocked a planned speech by Maryam Namazie, a member of the Council of Ex-Muslims, saying she "is highly inflammatory and could incite hatred on campus." The student union says it has a policy on outside speakers that says they should "avoid insulting other faiths or groups."

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  1. Ms Namazie suggested the decision prevented important debate and amounted to oppression.

    She said: “It angers me that we’re all put in a little box and that anyone who criticises Islam is labelled racist. It’s not racist, it’s a fundamental right. The only way we can challenge aspects of Islam is through speech…”

    Not in England it isn’t a fundamental right. But I’m sure students will get just as much out of the replacement speaker, Paddington Bear.

  2. Thomas the Tank Engine will be on the panel as well…

  3. To most folks, Europe is “ahead” of the States in public policy. Let me just say that I enjoy saccharine; I think it is double-plus-good.

  4. Quote from the linked article:

    “Labelling us as Islamaphobic is a way of preventing us from expressing our dissent.”

    Isn’t speaking out against Islam the exact opposite of being afraid of Islam?

    1. With all the new emphasis on “sex trafficking” and “animal rights”, I think we need to re-package the whole anti-Islamofascist thing as “freedom from sex slavery” for goats… No one is truly free, in this world, till the last goat-fucker has been jailed or “re-educated”!!!!

      1. I’m crying I laughed so hard at this, assuming you were deployed there?
        If so, I think we both know their sex abuse against little boys is far worse than their goats and camels.
        +1 Man-Love thursdays

        1. Thank Allah, I have never been deployed over there… A vast waste of money and lives, if you ask me… See http://hotair.com/archives/201…..an-police/ where we see how futile it is that we defend the GOOD rapists against the BAD rapists! The Taliban were actually harder on this boy-rape thing than we are, it seems… (US soldiers punished for punishing a boy-raper who was a GOOD boy raper, on OUR side!)

  5. Seems like the timing is perfect to either open a new university that markets itself as a truly free speech/open ideas campus. I’m sure there are tons of students who feel stuck because everyone is always telling them what’s good for them and would transfer in a second.

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