Joe Biden

Joe Biden is Running Out of Time

Has to declare by next Monday to make next Tuesday's debate, has to declare by end of October to meet November filing deadlines.



The first Democratic debate is scheduled for October 13, 2015. It will be organized by CNN, which said it would accept Joe Biden as a participant so long as he announced his intention to run for president.

With only six debates scheduled by the Democratic National Committee in 2016—compared to the 26 debates and forums in the 2008 election cycle—Joe Biden, who would be the latest major candidate entrant into the presidential campaign in several cycles, can't particularly afford to miss it.

High-profile potential candidates have waited this long, and longer, to announce they weren't running. Colin Powell announced definitively he wouldn't be running for president in 1996 in November 1995, and Mario Cuomo, widely seen as a frontrunner in the 1992 Democratic primaries, announced he wouldn't run in December 1991.

Even with 26 debates in the 2008 cycle, the first Democratic debate, aired on MSNBC on April 26, 2007, featured all eight candidates who would make it to the Iowa caucus, including Joe Biden.

Carly Fiorina's significant rise in the polls after a widely praised performance at an undercard debate illustrates the importance of participation in the debates. Bernie Sanders saw his polling rise from the low single digits to within spitting distance of Hillary Clinton, fueled in part by Democrats' frustration with a lack of non-Clinton choices.

Sanders passed Biden's position in national polls in late June, when both were at around 11 percent. Biden saw his own surge in the polls starting in late August, hitting 20 percent in September as a non-candidate.

If there were ever a time for Biden to declare he was running for president, between his mini-surge in the polls, growing disillusionment among Democrats with the scandal-ridden Clinton, and the first Democratic debate coming up next Tuesday, it's not. Sources inside the Biden campaign seem to confirm that. Politico reported this morning that Biden's "confidantes" have sketched out a timeline that would see Biden reach a decision by Monday, October 12, at the latest.

Politico repeats prior reporting that Joe Biden has decided to skip the first Democratic debate. But that news, which came out late last month, appeared to be based on Biden reportedly not making a decision until the end of October. The end of October is about as late as Biden can make a decision, because filing deadlines for state contests start to come up in November.

Last month, sources close to Biden said he wasn't going to participate in the debate based on the fact that he's not preparing. Sure, even Joe Biden has to prepare, but given that his charm among Democratic base voters is his propensity to speak off the cuff (most famously when he came out in favor of gay marriage in 2012 before President Obama had announced his "evolution" on the topic), how much preparation does he need? Missing the debate, on the other hand, would be a huge wasted opportunity to capitalize on the momentum Biden's achieved as a non-candidate.

While Biden is currently polling better head-to-head against most potential Republican candidates than Clinton is, it's important to remember there's little substantive difference between Biden and Clinton. Both are Democrats who served under the Obama administration, aging politicians who were both there to cheerlead some of the worst policies devised by Democrats in the last thirty years—including the expansion of the war on drugs and the broader criminal justice-industrial complex—and to rubberstamp some of the worst policies devised by Republicans in the last decades, including the war on Iraq and making the war on terror a permanent fixture in U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

That Joe Biden is not actually Hillary Clinton may be the only thing he has going for him, and it may be enough to make him a contender. That says as much about the state of the Democratic race as it does about Biden and Clinton.

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  1. …Joe Biden, who would be the latest major candidate entrant into the presidential campaign in several cycles, can’t particularly afford to miss it.

    I disagree. He can definitely miss as many as possible. In fact, it will be desirable for him to do so. The voters likely won’t care.

    1. I’m inclined to agree. Debates are for candidates who really need to make a name for themselves, or are seeking to gain on a strong frontrunner. Biden doesn’t need the former, and could reasonably defer the latter until the actual primaries begin (though he’d still need to announce in time to get on the ballots).

      I think his “coyness” is about A) The political poker game going on within the Democratic party, where much of the establishment would like an alternative to Hillary, but fear being too quick to abandon her and earn her enmity lest not enough follow, and/or B) Biden personally being uncertain whether he wants to subject himself to the grind of a campaign, particularly after recently dealing with his son’s death. His recent activities may simply be a personal testing of the waters.

      1. He may also have the inside scoop on the email shenanigans. If he’s aware that more bad stuff is going to come to light. Why risk committing a gaffe in a debate if you don’t have to. It’s the same tactic Hillary was using before the private server revelations took root. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

    2. Yes.
      I was going to say the only reason he needs to be in any debates is for my personal entertainment, but your version sounds kinder and gentler.

    3. Don’t worry, that big blow hard, Biden, will probably be our next president.

  2. Is there a way to have Uncle Joe declared Vice-President-for-Life? I mean, he’ll be crashing on the couch in the Oval Office no matter who wins the election anyway, so you might as well make it official.

    1. Can we make him Creepy Uncle Czar? Or Goofball Czar? Secretary of Blundering?

      There has to be a role for Uncle Joe.

      1. He can be in charge of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll and wear the top half of the bunny costume.

        1. “And I’d like to congratulate Joe on his promotion to head of the ONPCP: the Office of National Pants Control Policy! Pull your pants up and take a bow, Joe!”

    2. The new Oval Office massage therapist.

    3. I just checked up on 22nd Ammendment, and there’s no limit on how many times a person can be elected as a VP. There’s some question whether two-term president can then become a VP, but there’s no reason not to have permanent VP.

      So all he has to do is campaign for both parties to put him on the ballot, and done!

      1. I do not think there is much question for a two term president. One of the requirements for vice president is meeting the eligibility requirements to be elected president. A two term president no longer is eligible.

      2. Best assassination insurance ever. It would be stupid not to pick Uncle Joe as your running mate.

  3. You mean Joe Biden’s liver is running out of time!

  4. I’d almost watch one of these debates if Uncle Joe was going to be in it. I mean, I won’t, but it’s about as close as I could get to doing so.

  5. Both are Democrats who served under the Obama administration, aging politicians who were both there to cheerlead some of the worst policies devised by Democrats in the last thirty years?including the expansion of the war on drugs and the broader criminal justice-industrial complex?and to rubberstamp some of the worst policies devised by Republicans in the last decades, including the war on Iraq and making the war on terror a permanent fixture in U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    You know how many Congressmen and Senators there are in Washington who got elected by supporting the worst policies of both sides? You know how many Presidents there are in Washington who got elected by supporting the worst policies of the Obama administration?

    1. ” You know how many Presidents there are in Washington who got elected by supporting the worst policies of the Obama administration?”

      Um, one?

    2. You know how many Congressmen and Senators there are in Washington who got elected by supporting the worst policies of both sides?

      Seems to be working well for Alexander and Corker.

  6. Who’s going to enforce the deadline if he misses it? Rules are for the little people and the LP; Biden is on the inside.

  7. If the Democrats’ best hope to keep the White House rests on the popular appeal of Bernie Sanders, Mumbly Joe Biden, Hillary “I am not a Crook” Clinton, then their best chance to hang onto the White House is really about whether Donald Trump wins the nomination.

    He’s probably the only one who could lose to that bunch. Maybe Ben Carson if you assume progressives are really a bunch of bigots.

    1. Jeb Bush would also lose. Probably not any other candidate. So it’s assured that the stupid party nominates one of the two.

    2. I am not so certain Trump would lose.

      1. That is a scary thought.

        1. Not any scarier than Hillary winning, probably less scary.

          1. I think less scary. Trump at least has some grasp about how free markets operate, even if he personally is a bit of a crony capitalist. And he wouldn’t appoint leftist judges the way Hillary would.

            1. I won’t vote for him, I’ll vote 3rd party again unless the libertarian candidate sucks. If everyone could just have some fucking principles and stick to them, we wouldn’t be in the currently fucked up state we’re in.

            2. he personally is a bit of a crony capitalist

              Trump is a ‘bit’ of a crony capitalist in the way Venezuela is a bit of a dictatorship.

              “he wouldn’t appoint leftist judges the way Hillary would.”

              No his noms would likely believe in total deference to the legislature and executive. Lefty judges would at least punt the government on surveillance, sometimes. Trump’s noms wouldn’t.

              Hillary would still be better than Trump.

      2. Nor am I, but I can’t imagine what the world would look like afterwards.

        1. It looks similar to the last time America elected a populist idiot during an economic downturn and enacted anti-trade protectionism ie The Great Depression.

  8. I would like to see him in a debate with Hillary. I can just imagine him smirking and that stupid grin every time she says anything. Maybe she’d just have a stroke or something and we’ll finally be rid of the wicked witch.

    1. There’s a reason that his handlers only allowed him to debate Paul Ryan once, under very controlled conditions.

  9. Everybody keeps asking to be VP in the Almanian administration. Cause no one wants a real job. Since I haven’t picked a running mate, I’m making it official – Joe Biden will be my VP For Life.

    Almanian for President – 2016
    I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

    And I’ll definitely support VP For Life for Joe Biden

    1. Hmm. I’m intrigued. What’s your platform?

    2. I want to be Czar of something.

      I Probably Won’t Can’t Make It Any Worse.

      1. I will have no Czars. But you’re invited to help me dismantle every single fucking bureaucracy. We’re going through the whole thing, whacking ’em one by one.

        EPA – gone
        TSA – gone
        NSA – gone
        Education – gone
        Energy – gone
        BATF – now a convenience store, gone as a Bureau
        etc. etc.

        I’ll give the CIA a stay while we figger out what snooping we actually need to have. For other countries, not our own citizens.

        Oh, and I pardon Edward Snowden, first day on the job.

        And try Obama for crimes against Common Sense. Sentence – no TV time for you. Ten years. Be gone.

        1. Keep the NSA, but have them stick to their original purpose of spying on other countries, at least without a court order.

          1. Keep the NSA

            You’re kidding. Right? RIGHT?!

            1. Do you object to spying on other countries? That’s been a basic form of national defense since forever. AFAIK the libertarian objections to the NSA are about warrantless and widespread spying domestically.

              1. Nope sorry the NSA is too far transformed and corrupted. A few decades ago keeping it was okay now it’s the Deathstar pointed right at our civil liberties. Destroy it.

        2. WIth that platform; you get on the ballot, I’ll vote for you.

          1. I’m ready to proclaim Alamanian as Supreme Overlord. I get to be Master Chipper of Regulations.

            VP Overlord should be robot Biden. We need to stay entertained while I chip away at those pesky piles of paper.

            1. But I guess that name type-o has killed my chances of being Chipper Czar.

        3. I’m your man. Just envision one angry libertarian with a certain mulching device and large stacks of regulations.

        4. I’d still go with Trump and/or Clinton over Almanian.

          1. Trump AND Clinton, sure – I can see that. Trump OR – come on, man.

        5. Put me in charge of the “dismantling”.

          The chance to run through the IRS main office with a claymore (the sword) would bring joy to my heart.

          Put more claymores (the mine) at the exits to nail any would-be escapees.

  10. So who’s actually declared for the Dems so far? HRC, Sanders, anyone else?

    After some googling, wow. Besides the above, there’s Lincoln Chafee, Larry Lessig, O’Malley, and Jim Webb (who I’m surprised isn’t polling better). No Warren or Mark Warner.

    Jeez, not exactly a murderer’s row, is it?

    1. “Jeez, not exactly a murderer’s row, is it?”

      I guess that depends on weather you believe the Vince Foster conspiracy theories.

    2. Martin O’ Malley, of Baltimore prison scandal fame.

      1. Also: taxing the rain, and cracking down on crime in ways currently politically unpopular.

        1. Rain tax is dead. If Hogan never does one other good thing, which he probably won’t, there’s at least that.

        2. “cracking down on crime in ways currently politically unpopular.”

          And rightly so.

    3. URKOBOLD 2016

    4. I think Democrat FEC filings for prez were in the hundreds as of months ago, as were the Republicans.

    1. Protip for wastepaper basket fires, you pour your beer on it when it smellng smoky.

      1. Why would beer be smelling smoky, and how would that help the beer?

  11. OT: anyone else hoping bears replace zombies?…..5-17-41-57

    1. In that 2nd link, it’s too easy to hope that the bear eats that annoying woman.

      1. Huh?

        I actually think she has some steal balls.

        I would be the fuck out of there quicker then spit.

        1. I wouldn’t be wondering around in bear country without a gun that could kill a bear.

          That video should be sufficient evidence to not go wandering around in bear country with only a can of spray. And that’s just a little black bear. A grizzly probably would have eaten her spray bottle and all.

          Why are you eating my kayak, lol. Dumb, silly woman. It’s a fucking bear, he doesn’t understand you, you shreeking moron.

          1. Several years back was in the Smokies and saw a bunch of people chasing after a cub with their cameras. I’m like, I hope you find mama dumbasses.

          2. “he doesn’t understand you”

            I do think it dimly understood that she did not want it to eat her Kayak….and then did it anyway out of spite.

          3. The comments made me chuckle.

            Btw, nothing prepared me for her voice. Wow. That takes annoying and shrill to a new level.

        2. Stupidity is often mistaken for bravery, but it ain’t the same thing.

      2. She is only annoying on the surface sort of cartoon way….when you think of it as something not really happening in reality.

        1. It’s annoying partly because of her denial about how powerless and momentarily incompetent she is.

          It reminds me of a neighbor I had when my dog was a puppy. She had a huge dog who she couldn’t control and whenever it saw my puppy it would break free and literally sit on it. Then the owner would stand there and screech at it, which did nothing, and just made me hate her more while I tried to rescue my dog from being pummeled.

  12. I think his holding out to be Kayne West’s VP

  13. Better hurry, Joe. Those racist jokes won’t tell themselves.

  14. he was never going to run. people are just being nice because his son died. i still think he winds up as secretary of state if hillary wins.

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  16. The Fema ads, the race war ads, Muslim End of the World ads all lead to the same place, A prepper site informing you how to survive an EMP attack. Answer: go Amish. Duh.

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