TPP Trade Deal Finalized, General Blames Afghanistan for Hospital Strike, Amtrak Train Derails in Vermont: P.M. Links


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  1. A cop and his union in Rhode Island are complaining because a worker at a Dunkin’ Donuts wrote “blacklivesmatter” on his coffee cup.

    They’re going to lay off donuts now?

    1. Shoulda wrote: “Fuck You Stop Murdering!”

    2. The union says it believes that “all lives matter.”

      Tomorrow: A cop and his union in Rhode Island are complaining because a worker at a Dunkin’ Donuts wrote “alllivesmatter” on his coffee cup.

      1. How about all guts matter? Physically fit LEO can only lead to fewer taserings/shootings as they won’t have to resort to compliance tools right out of the gate for fear of infarction from exertion.

      2. The problem is that some lives matter more than others.

    3. Hello.

      Montreal set to dump 8 billion litres into the St. Lawrence.

      And I don’t believe a word they say.

      For you hockey fans, Mayor Coderre is the guy who when with the Federal Liberals made a stink about Shane Doan allegedly calling another player ‘frog’ without a SHRED OF EVIDENCE.

      Shameless politician is shameless.

      1. As long as that shit stays on your side of the border.

        1. Nativist!

          Oh, you’re not discussing Cytotoxic migrating to US?

            1. You wouldn’t, and that’s your problem.

      2. Yeah, calling someone a frog without a shred of evidence is bad. You should at least do a background check first – does he have a silly accent, is he quick to surrender, does he avoid deodorant, that kind of thing.

        1. The whole cheese-eating surrender monkey canard is a trumped-up insinuation and I for one will not countenance its mention. Furthermore, I have no first-hand experience with purportedly maloderous French people, and find the rumors of deodorant abstinence implausible at best. In that same vein, the spurious notion that French women prostitute themselves at vastly higher rates than their cohorts in other countries is not a suggestion which ought be taken seriously by gentlemen. Finally, any reference to cultural snobbery unbefitting a mongrel race of human-shaped doormats for German soldiers is a remark of such low character that anyone even alluding to it should be asked to leave forthwith.

          1. Finally, any reference to cultural snobbery unbefitting a mongrel race of human-shaped doormats for German soldiers

            Anyone who thinks that should vist Verdun.

            Hell, at the total disaster of 1940, French troops didn’t run any faster then Americans at Kasserine Pass.

            Also, Germans were classified as “swarthy” by Ben Franklin, same as French and Slaves (and Swedes!).

            1. According to Paul Johnson, French propagandists circulated studies prior to WW2 allegedly demonstrating that Germans on average possessed several extra feet of intestine. And that’s my one novel WW2-related factoid.

            2. Hell, at the total disaster of 1940, French troops didn’t run any faster then Americans at Kasserine Pass.

              So the Army lost 50 miles, rallied, and defeated the German offensive, eventually regaining the lost ground.

              The French lost everything, capitulated, and never managed to rally enough to do anything more than annoy German troops.

              One of these things is not like the other…

          2. French Battle Rifle for sale … never fired, only dropped once.

            Does smell a little funny, tho.

    4. It’s Rhode Island so cop union vs donut worker union?

    5. I’m surprised they didn’t bust the worker on trumped up charges.

      1. The day after the buzz dies down, he’ll get SWATted..

    6. “Waaaaaaaaah.”

      1. To clarify, for the n00bs and drivebys, that’s my impression of the cop/union complaint. Also, huge balls on the barrista.

      2. This is why you always wear your bullet proof vest. You leave it off one time to go get a cup of coffee and look at how easy it was for this punk to put a word right through your thin skin.

        1. put a word right through your thin skin

          I don’t think it could have been stated with any more brilliance, Pope.

          You win the girl, the gold watch…everything!

          1. +1 John D. McDonald.

        2. Shut it down, guys. His Holiness wins for today.

    7. Fucking childish response.

    8. Oh BS. Most cops don’t hunt black people for hunt. Thousands of blacks call the police everyday. Black officers shoot blacks as much as white officers. LA is

      “Black lives matter” is a racialist statement and ultimately an appeal to bigger government. The BLM activists don’t make a distinction between George Zimmerman and cops who shoot black kids, justified or not. Those who embrace actual reforms to stop police violence shouldn’t coddle this crowd.

      ALL lives matter. If Brown and Rice were white, only we would be outraged. The black community would be utterly silent. The notion that police only tase and choke blacks to death (and only because they’re black) is beyond stupid. “IstandwithAhmed” because zero tolerance policy only activates on Islamophobia?

      1. The fact is that a lot of progressives won’t lift a finger unless they seen opportunity to play the big anti-racist hero.

        Every time I’ve discussed police violence with progressives, I try to point out some of the cases of white people being shot unjustly and make the point that it’s a government accountability problem rather than just a racism problem, but their response is always “yea, but they’re MOSTLY black people!” and completely disregard what I just said.

      2. “Black lives matter” is a racialist statement and ultimately an appeal to bigger government. The BLM activists don’t make a distinction between George Zimmerman and cops who shoot black kids, justified or not.

        [citation needed]

        I don’t see the point in antagonizing them. This isn’t a question of ‘either racism or militarization/lack of accountability,’ it’s an interaction of both that causes people to get killed for no good reason, disproportionately but by no means exclusively black. And the black lives matter folks by and large seem to recognize that.

  2. Hillary Clinton today called for a bunch of familiar gun control policy proposals that won’t accomplish what she thinks they will.

    She’s going to be as big a gun salesman as her predecessor.

      1. I missed that clip on Saturday Night Live.

      2. Where is the audience member who shouts “You Lie!” during her answer.

        1. That might have been the only interesting thing that ever happened during a state of the union in my lifetime.

          1. I’ll just leave this here, and walk away before the Cosmos see it.


      3. Why do they make such stupid assertions?

        1. Because they know that no one in the media has the guts to just start laughing when they say shit like that.

          I’d kill to have just one interviewer just start laughing and snorting and saying “suuuuuuuure” when she starts lying like this.

        2. I don’t know, she’s transparently full of shit, that’s crystal clear. It’s painfully obvious to all but the willfully blind. I’ d rate her statement as true plausible..

    1. This place will need to change one of its window signs.

    2. won’t accomplish what she thinks they will.

      She thinks they’ll shore up her support with her base, which they likely will.

      That may not be what she says they’ll do, but what she says and what she thinks are often diametrically opposed.

    3. Yes they will accomplish what she thinks they will.

      She thinks the proposals will appeal to leftists who are filling Bernie’s events while leaving hers half full.

      That is what they are designed to do and they will have some effect even if only marginally.

      1. I know a number of hard core gun enthusiasts that are democrats for various reasons.
        Campaigning on gun control is one of the few things that would get them to vote republican.

  3. The terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal have been finalized. Now it has to get ratified by Congress. Details of the agreement are going to start becoming public. Bernie Sanders has already blasted it.

    Every country should be self sufficient. Better yet, every household should be self sufficient. Think of how rich we’d be. Bernie 2016.

    1. I’m personally skeptical of this shit since I’m sure it includes all sorts of regulatory compliance agreements. Most ‘free trade’ agreements in the 21st century are actually about regulatory smoothing, which isn’t actually free trade.

      1. The fact that it’s being kept secret is all you really need to know.

        1. “The fact that it’s being kept secret is all you really need to know.”

          This is indeed a trueism and the fact that it is thousands of pages long means their are carve outs for certain groups.

          Free trade agreement can’t be over 1 or 2 pages long or there is necessarily some non freedom involved.

      2. True. Hopefully an improvement on the current situation, though. Cato’s doing a “chapter by chapter” review of it. We’ll see whether it’s an improvement or not.

        1. You mean we won’t have to pass it to see what’s in it?

    2. Until now I thought TPP stood for “Toilet Paper Patrol.” Silly me for thinking it was something important.

  4. Right now I have two advertisements on this webpage: One telling me they are predicting the date the race war will start and the other explaining that millions will be sent to FEMA camps in 2015.

    So…who is Reason selling ad buys to, Alex Jones?

    1. I’m getting FEMA and Hobby Lobby. What’s the race war ad look like?

      1. It’s an electoral map from 2008 with the blue states and red states and it just says “PREDICTING THE DATE OF THE COMING RACE WAR: WATCH THE VIDEO.”

        1. Right the race war where 13% of the nation’s poorest citizens enters into armed conflict with the other well-armed 87% and their armed goons.

          No idea how that would eventually turn out.

          1. As a long, drawn out low-intensity conflict where conventional military forces are bogged down because the ‘enemy’ can fade away and hide among the civilian population?

            1. How could the enemy fade away and hide among the civilian population during a race war?

              It’s like you don’t even know what a race war is, bro.

              1. Their beady eyes, and flappy heads stick out like a sore thumb.. Follow the trail of Kraft dinner boxes back to their enclaves..

              2. White race-warriors hiding out among white people, black ones among black people?

          2. It’s not like a sizeable portion of the military and police force is “other than white”.. That 87% would ride them down like grass..

      2. I get race war and Scooby Doo. Maybe they’re targeting racist stoners?

      3. Hobby Lobby means you’re gonna be on the losing side of the race war.

        1. Also, I’m getting ‘NASA’s dire warning: “What we feared most is coming. 13 months to get ready!”

          Ooh… spooky.

          1. I’m getting that NASA thing… and an ad for Allstate Insurance. Ha!

    2. Man, there were Lawrence Lessig ads for me the other week. I think Reason alternates their ad buys to play both sides and maximize revenue. Quite shrewd, mmyes.

      1. On the other side of the coin, my banner add is Avis asking me to rent a Porsche.

        Well technically it says “Fahren Sie Porsche Exlusiv bei Avis 175EUR/TAG”

        1. On refresh it’s back to Snorg tees. Well that was fun while it lasted.

          1. TOR changed proxies?

    3. If I wasn’t blocking them I’d be getting ads for Bugattii and Bombardier, you peasants.

    4. A ton of ads on this site are re-targeted, so I guess the question is, what else have you been doing on the internets?

      1. With Irish, I’m betting it’s some pretty sick shit.

        1. Posting here can sometimes be some pretty sick shit.

          /Said with PRIDE!

      2. I certainly don’t frequent the Daily Stormer and post under the handle “You Jews You Lose,” if that’s what you’re asking.


        1. That was funny.

          1. Most comfortable hipster-ish swim trunks ever.

    5. Haha, I get some mailings that are pretty far out there.

    6. I got the same ones. I think I’ll avoid clicking.

    7. *pause adblock and noscript*

      razors, watches, tshirts, and insurance

      meh, nothing exciting

      1. I love adblock, but every now and then I miss those ads with models wearing “funny” t-shirts.

        1. I have adblock and don’t use it on sites I actually like because I am a nice person.

          Although Reason’s ads are so fucking terrible that they’re really trying my patience.

          1. Reason does have shitty ads, and it’s hard for me to believe they couldn’t make more money with better ads. That said, it was WaPo that got me to break down and block ads. Terrible, just terrible.

            1. Really, WTF are the DR power equipment ads?

              1. WTF = Where the fuck, not what

              2. The perfect gift for your favorite ADA?

          2. Reason’s ads suck. I can’t block them on mobile and it drags my tablet down to 286 speeds.

        2. *Tightly fitting* funny t-shirts. On well-endowed models.

          Turning off Ad-block I get –

          ‘End of World Muslim’ – yeah, written just like that.
          ‘Lessig 2016’ – who the hell is Lessig?
          An ad for underwear
          ‘Libertarian apparal’ – which is just a bunch of cheap t-shirts. But without the attractive models.
          And an ad for Time-Warner Cable – which I *already have*.

          1. Ah, my mistake – its ‘The End of the World Muslim’. Guess who it is.

            1. Cat Stevens?

      2. I shut off my protection and all I got was a pop-up from Nick Gillespie asking me if I’d like to know how to make $7368 per month working just a few hours a month at home from my computer. Then he asked me if I liked gladiator movies.

        1. Tell him, look mister, I just found the mask, I’m not really a welder.

    8. Speaking of race wars, I see that the media are covering up the race of the Oregon shooter.

      1. I have not seen any actual screenshots from CNN where they used the ‘whitened’ image of the shooter. All the screenshots I’ve seen have been from right-wing websites. If CNN actually did that, you’d think there’d be screenshots out there of the picture on CNN with the CNN graphics and news crawl…but for some reason no such screenshot exists.

        Now I’m not saying right-wingers definitely photoshopped that picture themselves in order to claim CNN was lying about the shooter’s race, but I would not put it past them.

        1. The line is that CNN wiped their server deleted that image.

          Not hearing much from the perp’s mother, in any event.

      2. I’m on a plane and can’t click through. Can you tell me what the race was?
        I’m guessing 880 high hurdles?

        1. Think something shorter, like the hundred.

      3. Yep, he was as much a person of color as the current president. And all of his victims had pale complexions. It doesn’t conform to the narrative, so it is a matter of irrelevance. It certainly has nothing to do with racism because only white people can be racist; actually they all are to some extent. In fact the shooter was a victim of the gun lobby.

        1. If Obama had a son…

          1. He’d be hanging out with all his white friends, smoking dope, while dad pulled strings and cashed in favors to groom him for his inevitable presidency..

    9. Thank you for not using adblock so I can.

      That’s how I approach recycling. Others do it so I don’t need to.

      1. Works for vaccines too 😉

      2. You should work to stop others recycling. Except for things like aluminum it is actually *more* energy intensive (and expensive) than simply making something from scratch.

    10. So…who is Reason selling ad buys to, Alex Jones?

      You mean Bill Hicks?

    11. I had to put up AdBlock, because Reason was murdering every browser I tried, both on Mac and Windows. But before it finally went up, while I was doing Accomplished Female Athletes series I was getting mostly Emma Stone’s Game of War thingie and Russian Dating sites.

      What I’m saying, Irish, is look upon your posting history and think hard.
      Wait, no, what I’m saying is, AdBlock. You won’t regret it.

      1. I’ve found that Flashcontrol is all you need. Once you block all the flash content, the browsers work fine and any sane, non-flash ad still gets displayed.

    1. Return of Kings keeps proving why no one takes that shithole of a website seriously.

      1. Oh, LOL this is retarded:

        In Babylon’s holy institution of social justice, evil was symbolized by Tiamat, the goddess of motherhood and beauty. Just as feminists despise the motherhood role of women today, they concocted this character Tiamat, as “a mother who put her children’s well-being before her own.”

        Tiamat was brutally killed by a shining hero named Marduk. Marduk did away with the old conservative ways and issued in progressivism. He altered the natural universe into a new order, and enslaved Tiamat’s followers, which symbolized mankind. He then took a partner named Sarpanit, synonymous with Ishtar, the goddess of sex and prostitution.

        In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the divine princess Ishtar gets her daddy to take revenge on Gilgamesh for refusing her sexual advances, and he ends up losing eternal life. Babylon was a feminist dream.




        Oh, he’s serious…

        1. That site is irredeemably terrible. There is a place for positive masculinity, but it’s not as obvious. It just plain sucks that there are such loud and dumb voices that drown out anything worthwhile.

      2. Return of Kings: Because Roosh V wants to prove that not all the derp in the world comes from left-wing commentators.

      3. A couple of weeks ago they had an article by some asshole drunk about how pot was so terrible.

    2. Someone has a shitty understanding of early Christianity.

      1. And the Monster Manual.

        1. If he’s talking about Githyankis, maybe I will click on it after all.

        2. +5 heads, one of each color.

    3. How can you not excerpt this beautiful passage?

      Religious patriarchy is the time-tested opposition to feminism and all forms of social justice. This is why spirituality is so important for men today. Satan is every bit as real as God, and Satan’s plan for the world is feminism and social justice. Satan wants a world where men get publicly shamed for lifting too many weights at the gym or hassled by the school administrator for using gendered pronouns.

      1. Satan is every bit as real as God

        I’m not sure if I can argue much with that.

        1. Which brings up an interesting question. I always assumed that if I met the Devil, it would confirm the existence of God. I never understood the stories about people selling their souls since it would be an extraordinarily stupid decision based on what you would then know for certain.

          1. Well, people never actually admit it when they’ve been consorting with the devil.

          2. The thing is – how would you know he was the Devil? Because he says so? Maybe he’s just a sufficiently advance alien come down to screw with people.

            Same can pretty much be said about any god.

            1. Yeah, there’s no magic. If there is or ever was a ‘god’, then we’re talking about an advanced intelligence and technology. If you could go back in time and take some advanced tech with you, the primitives would probably be convinced that you’re a god, no doubt.

        2. Awesome scene discussing this matter in Daredevil, my new favorite show.

          1. so… You’re telling me I need to get NetFlix?

      2. Satan wants a world where men get publicly shamed for lifting too many weights at the gym

        Hi-larious. Freaking fantastic.

        1. I bet Satan wants men to be vegetarians, too.

            1. Cannibals.

  5. NATO is warning Russia against crossing into Turkey’s airspace to continue its airstrikes in Syria.

    Looks like Russia is going to have to start calling them Freedom Drumsticks.

    1. It’s not supposed to ‘work,’ it’s just supposed to be used as a cudgel against such people who would defy the Top. Men.

      And if it happens to get you political points with the proles in your faction’s base, so much the better.

  6. At 25 weeks and 4 days of development, babygirlc is in the 84th percentile of weight. Suck on it, average fetuses.

    1. Hmmm. But does she have a thigh gap?

      1. Move out of the way, Old Man With Candy. Lady B has taken the pervert cake.

        1. I’m more like a mentor.

          I just want babygirlc to be a winner with a slim and attractive figure and it’s never too soon to start restricting carbs.

          1. Let’s start by cutting out dairy when she’s born.

          2. Does LB really stand for Lucille Bluth?

            “You want your belt to buckle, not your chair”

            1. Pro tip: smoking correlates to low birth weight. There’s no need to lose those extra ounces if you never gain them!

              1. Don’t ever let the haters tell you that eating disorders are bad. They’re just jealous.

          3. Soo… pasta is out?

    2. I missed the announcement. Congratulations.

      1. I think this was it.

        1. Congratulations!

          Ask Jesse for name suggestions.

    3. Congratulations.

      How do you weigh a fetus?

      1. Very carefully.

    4. Oh. I thought you were joking.


    5. Congratulations!

    6. robc have you started her on adderral yet ?

      It’s never to early to instill good health habits.

    7. Congrats!

  7. Chef Ted update:

    You may recall I was asking about an easy way to cook lamb chops in the Friday PM Lynx thread.

    Anyhow, I decided to follow Playa Manhattan’s recommendation for the marinade since I already had all the ingredients at hand. But I broke down and bought a $20 cast iron skillet Sunday morning so I could do the recipe that involved sticking the skillet in the oven. The beautiful results are here:…..-small.jpg

    It turned out a bit spicier than I would have thought, probably because I made up the marinade on Saturday night and left the chop to soak in it until 5:00 PM Sunday. I paired it with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a nice inexpensive Chilean Carmen?re as you can see. My golden retriever was quite jealous.

    Of course, you’re all going to make fun of the dining room d?cor instead. 🙂

      1. Another consequence of Mom’s Alzheimer’s. It got put on the table one Christmas and never taken off, and I wouldn’t know where the normal tablecloth ended up.

        1. And if you go one or two photos back on my Photobucket account, you’ll see the winter we had here last winter.

        2. So you are taking care of your mother who has Alzheimers ?

          Sorry about your mom but congradulations on being a man.

          I had a similar experience with a mom who had ALS. I left A&M two semesters before graduation to care for her as she was alone and 60 years old.

          It’s hard but you will never regret it and can always hold your head high for doing the right thing.

        3. I need a framed print of that.

    1. Thumbs up on the Carmenere.

      After enough Carmenere, the decor doesn’t matter.

    2. Good for you. Cute pooch.

    3. It certainly looks much better than the steak I tried to cook on high heat in the kitchen… and then the smoke alarm rang.

      1. Did you use a rub or marinade with sugar in it?

      2. The smoke alarm just means you’re doing it right.

    4. That’s not bad for someone who doesn’t know how to cook.

    5. You do realize we had the same recipe except I said lime and he said lemon.

      /stares intensely.

      1. I had lemon juice in the fridge. No lime juice.

      2. That’s not the same thing. I said Greek style, not Mexican.

        1. I don’t care. I hate lamb. I just prepare it for my wife. I also make it with fennel with polenta on the side. Again, hate both but gotta please people.

          1. You know what the lemon, garlic, onion and oregano do? Mask the taste of the lamb.

            Do you even like gyros? Done correctly, they’re 50% lamb.

            1. What part of ‘I don’t like lamb’ don’t you get?

              50%, 25%?

              /Read in Greek accent. Spits on ground.

      3. And everyone knows you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all down.

        1. I hate coconut.

          I hope you drank the appropriate wine with that lamb? I can’t make out the bottle.

          1. It doesn’t matter, he was drinking out of a carafe sized glass, so box wine would have worked.

            1. My wine glass wasn’t *that* big!

          2. You obviously didn’t read my original post. 🙁

    6. “Dog poops in snow” should be framed and sold at an art museum.

    7. I ordered a framed print of the dog crapping. Can that be delivered to my work address?

    8. I like that fork. Is it part of a set?

  8. A U.S. general says it was the government of Afghanistan that called in the airstrike that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz. Doctors Without Borders has since left Kunduz, condemned the attack, and accused the U.S. today of trying to shift the blame.

    I’m sure if we get another 14 years of war in the country, we’ll get the terrain down. Just part of the learning curve.

    1. Who knew you could get a Nobel Peace Prize for bombing recipients of a previous Nobel peace prize?

      1. It’s all very meta.

      2. Yasser Arafat?

        (Begin shared peace prize w/ Sadat for ’78).

    2. Don’t worry, we’ll build them a new hospital, and replace the patients, too!

      1. The service plan is bundled with the package..

  9. it was the government of Afghanistan that called in the airstrike that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz

    So we’re taking orders from the Afghanis now? Can I put in an order for a missile strike on a certain hill in a certain swamp?

    1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, aka the Swamp? I agree, it should be bombed into oblivion.

      1. “Go to Hell Gay-tors, Go to Hell…
        EAT SHIT!”

        1. I was thinking of Capitol Hill, but I suppose hitting any of the Floriduh teams would have a similar yield as far as hitting lying, cheating, thieving scum.

          1. Don’t be hate’n..

          2. Easy Jerry.

            reason’s legal budget is already shot for the year.

  10. So, how does everyone here deal with the derpbook posts our Prog and SJW acquaintances always post after every shooting. I’m so, so tempted to reply to these but I make it a point to keep my derpbook apolitical.

    This weeks most annoying items: A statement that the Constitution does not guarantee open carry. A picture of “automatic weapons” that include a revolver and what appears to be a semi-automatic pistol (guns and the captions are too blurry for more positive ID)?

    1. If any of my friends post that stuff, they’ve long since been hidden from my feed.

      1. Yeah, I keep being tempted to do that but I then ask myself why I don’t just delete them.

        1. I’ve probably hidden about 90% of my FB connections at this point. Peer pressure is a bitch.

          1. I hide everything except seeing pictures of my friends’ kids cuz I like watching them grow up.

            And I like funny viral videos.

        2. For me it’s because of the casual sex. I can put aside political differences for a decent lay or a parlay into one.

      2. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to have to hide my father…does that put me anywhere near the worst?

    2. I don’t do Facebook.

      1. Listen to Ted S. My life has been much better since I deleted my facebook account.

        1. I didn’t delete mine. I just never log in. I can’t remember exactly when the last time I did, but it was at least 6 months. I hardly logged in before then, but now I make a point of it.

        2. Add me to this list. Free and clear, and less bullshit.

    3. I don’t derpbook

    4. I stay off whenever the derps get especially vocal. Which is to say, always.

    5. After Sandy Hook I dumped a bunch of “friends” and rarely log in at all. Maybe every two months at most. My favorite facebook day is coming up soon though. I re-update my status to “Happy Columbus Day!”.

      1. Oh, that’s nice. Hadn’t thought about that.

    6. The tone is different this time. They’ve given up. I like it.

    7. I cope with these posts by logging onto Facebook only once every few months at best, then promptly leaving once I’ve gone through all the private correspondence worth reading and responding to.

      1. Yeah, since about 2007, I only log on when responding to a direct message.

    8. I stopped using facebook early in 2008, during the primaries.

    9. If I did Facebook I would immediately block anyone who posts anything political. I don’t care if I agreed with it or not. Facebook is for posting cute cat pictures and planning get-togethers.

      1. Thank. You. We (libertarians) have here and Cato, Dems have Daily Kos and DU, Repubs have Freep, etc.

        1. You can do better than Cato.

          1. What’s wrong with Cato?

      2. The cool kids don’t do facebook; they do myspace.

      3. Back when I would log on, I had to block family members who would post 30 things per day. Not updates, just “funny” (stupid) pictures, memes, and cartoons. I had a couple of family members that must have done this ALL DAY. To find something that someone posted 2 days ago I had to scroll through all that shit. I just said fuck it and blocked them. Then I realized no one was posting anything interesting anyway.

    10. Ignore and move on. With the election campaign here, my feed is 90% “look how racist Conveservative Nazis are trying to kill you with poison milk”. So I scroll past till I see a cat, a scale model or a WW2 picture (new Harper Nazi thing might stop the third rule).

      1. Ignore and move on. With the election campaign here, my feed is 90% “look how racist Conveservative Nazis are trying to kill you with poison milk”.

        Let’s not go to Canada, tis a silly place.

        1. You only say that because all the hormones in American milk made your brain half-bovine!

        2. Bags of poison milk? Diabolical!..

    11. I only follow a couple group accounts where I talk to other members.

    12. So, how does everyone here deal with the derpbook posts our Prog and SJW acquaintances always post after every shooting.

      Hide post…hide post…hide post…hide post…hide post…hide post…

    13. I always try to point out the technical inaccuracies, like you mentioned – automatic weapons, military-style, armor-piercing, clips vs. magazines, etc. Also, try to bring up facts that wreck their narrative, such as:
      – Most statistics that claim to identify gun ownership as a cause of crime are very screwy, and often rely on different methods of data collection (US definition of murder vs. UK definition of murder) and misleading terms (“gun deaths”).
      – Most other countries never had a problem with mass shootings to begin with, so gun control can’t really be credited with eliminating them.
      – Almost every mass shooter purchased their guns with a background check, so more background checks wouldn’t help at all.

      In my experience, if someone is committed enough to post those little pictures on their Facebook as though it decimates the entire pro-gun side of the debate, you’re not likely to change their mind. But you can show others who are witnessing the conversation that the anti-gun argument is built upon half-truths, misconceptions, and phony statistics. Also, you can show them that you’re calm and rational. Most anti-gunners will fly into a rage rather quickly when their views are challenged, so you can do a lot of good by showing people which side is using logic and which side is using emotion.

      Of course, if your circle of friends is full of idiots with closed minds, none of this will do a bit of good. It’s your call.

    14. I enjoy trolling them with articles posted on their pages.

      And I always yell: “READ THE COMMENTS!!!”

  11. ’cause food allergies are so safe:

    Meanwhile in the Future: To Stop Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans
    …Another modification that Liao proposed was an induced allergy to meat, to help people reduce their consumption of animals. …

    1. Let there be no doubt about the hellscape that would be human existence if these people win the hearts and minds of mankind.

    2. Holy cow, there’s a heaping helping of derp in the comments over there.

    3. Just so we’re clear:

      Genetically modified organisms to produce food = bad
      Genetically experimenting on humans = good

      1. Next we talk about breeding people to be shorter, something Liao says could reduce our carbon footprint. Smaller people require less energy and use fewer resources, Liao argues. But selecting for height genetically would be a nightmare, according to the most recent paper that Maxmen found there are 697 genes involved in height. Since there’s not a good way to select for height genetically, another method Liao talks about in his paper is using treatments that cause babies to be born light ? to have a low “birth weight.” But that comes with a set of very real dangers to the baby, and few mothers would opt to take that risk. Not to mention set their kid up for society’s bias against people (particularly men) who are shorter.

        1. And this brings us to the last modification that Liao talks about: empathy. You might remember that just a few weeks ago we talked about empathy on this very podcast! And you might remember that empathy is actually a really hard thing to define. Liao’s idea is to give hormones like oxytocin and seratonin to people, and to perhaps decrease someone’s testosterone. But those hormones have all kinds of effects, and can change people in really profound ways beyond making them a little more amenable to negotiating.

          1. This is creepier than the backstory of the reavers in the Firefly series.

          2. They can have my testosterone when they pry it from my strong man like hands.

        2. In other words, Eugenics for the Environment

      2. Genetically modifying corn is way beyond the capability of mankind. It’s the height of hubris to think we could accomplish it without any adverse effects on the environment.

        But modifying human beings, that’d be cake.

    4. Wow! That is really messed up. On one hand I would point out that philosophy seems to be finding new deep ends to go off of. On the other hand, some credit to the philosophers — they are just following through the implications of current progressive thought right out to the logical end.

    5. Yes, because all land that is used for raising cattle could easily be farmed.

      I’m sure all those ranchers who are raising cattle in the Bad Lands in western N. Dakota could easily start growing corn on the sides of all those buttes.

      1. Given a big enough subsidy, they will.

    6. I propose that to better serve mankind, Liao works on building up a tolerance to anti-freeze. Start with something small, like a pint or so, and by the end of the week.. gallons..

    7. So we would be allergic to ourselves? Umm… okay.

  12. The terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal have been finalized.

    I hope Guillermo del Toro directs this one, too. Even if the Kaiju do have gender issues this time around.

    1. Why did the heroes wait until the last second to remember that they had the Ex-Im Bank to use?

    2. Speaking of, remember that government (anti-communist, anti-drug, anti-drinking) propaganda in media article Jesse had last week? Is there a CAGW-alarmist propaganda fund somewhere? I can’t think of another reason to shove stupid CLIMATE! message into Pacific Rim.

  13. An Amtrak train derailed in Vermont. Seven have been hospitalized.

    It’s like a metaphor for a Bernie Sanders presidency.

    1. If all we get is slow news days, I would vote for him.

      Seriously, why is that even a PM link?

      1. Probably because it’s a notoriously governmenty train service.

        1. Oh, definitely. I think piling on Amtrak has been done to death though.

          1. Amtrak is an organization of chronic fuck-ups, too pathetic for derision and ridicule..

  14. Hillary Clinton today called for a bunch of familiar gun control policy proposals that won’t accomplish what she thinks they will

    No, they will accomplish exactly what she thinks they will. Just a little step closer to banning all guns. Not for her of course, for the peasants.

  15. Everybody in need of emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions — WTF is with
    the price of Epipens?

    1. It’s not the meds, it’s the auto injector. It’s fucking foolproof, and the robot voice talks you through it.

      1. But they had non-talking mechanical auto-injectors which worked just fine. Also, if they can sell a talking greeting card for USD$5…

        Yeah, I know, R&D costs. Also, they cost a lot less in Canada due to government regulations there which effectively means that US consumers are subsidizing canuckistani anaphylaxis.

        1. Some people are retards. My neighbor, for example. She knocked on my door late at night a few weeks ago and asked me to inject her. She couldn’t figure it out. And then when the ambulance came, she refused to go to the hospital. Then epi pen wore off, the reaction came back, and I had to call the ambulance for her again. Like I said, some people are retards.

          Oh, and she brought me flowers the next day. Just what I always wanted.

          1. Please tell me she was stung by a bee that came out of the flowers she was picking for you and had to go to the hospital yet again.

            1. No. Store bought, still had the price tag. Although there could have been some bees hiding in there somewhere.

            2. It was the msg on the peanut butter and shrimp sandwich he made her…

          2. You’re deathly allergic to flowers?!?

            1. No, I’d just prefer $50 worth of beer to $50 worth of flowers if I save someone’s life. Strongly prefer.

              1. It’s like people never heard of a fruit basket.

      2. It’s fucking foolproof, and the robot voice talks you through it.

        But, enough about Hillary’s campaign.

    2. Why are you even thinking about Epi’s Pens?

      Yeah, NPR covered this and in the US they are only sold in two-packs because the new guidelines say that some people need a double shot for a severe reaction.

      1. You’re missing an “i” in there, aren’t you?

        1. He shortened it to make it more realistic.

          1. I was in the pool!!!

    3. I would gladly pay $450 – $500 for a device that would prevent me from dying.

  16. NATO is warning Russia against crossing into Turkey’s airspace to continue its airstrikes in Syria

    Any violations of a NATO member’s airspace will be met with a harshly worded letter!!

    1. And a stern lecture from President Obama

      1. He’s literally drawing red lines around the borders of every NATO country on his map.

        1. President Obama didn’t draw that red line. Congress drew the red line!!! THE WHOLE WORLD DREW THE RED LINE!

    2. We will be very very angry with you. And we will send you a letter telling you how angry we are.

  17. Hillary Clinton today called for a bunch of familiar gun control policy proposals that won’t accomplish what she thinks pretends they will.

    She’s not stupid.

    1. Isn’t [strikeout] they way I would strike out “thinks” in the above?

      1. [s]text[/s]

        Replace the [ ] with the corresponding less than / greater than signs.

        1. Thanks. So:

          Hillary Clinton today called for a bunch of familiar gun control policy proposals that won’t accomplish what she thinks pretends they will.

      2. The letter “s” in angle brackets (less than / greater than).

        Like so.

      3. (less than)s(greater than) thinks (less than)/s(greater than)

  18. A U.S. general says it was the government of Afghanistan that called in the airstrike that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz. Doctors Without Borders has since left Kunduz, condemned the attack, and accused the U.S. today of trying to shift the blame.

    This is impossible. The war in Afghanistan is over! Obama said so! All my proggie friends congratulated themselves about how wonderful Obama is because he ended the war in Afghanistan!

    1. It’s now a kinetic operation. Operation — get it?

      1. Soooooo….. Mission Accomplished?

    2. Just a little workplace violence.

    3. Ask them why Captain Murderdrone just murdered some more poor brown children. See what they have to say about that.

      1. I really don’t think that Captain Murderdrone cares whether they are brown, or even whether they are children, so long as he gets to kill somebody. But it is fun troll progressives that way, given their sanctimonious concern about “the childrenz” and “people of color”.

    1. Too soon. I feel like Mr. Poopybutthole at the end, in the fetal position, rocking slowly back and forth.

      (he was kidding about a year and a half, right? RIGHT?)

      1. (he was kidding about a year and a half, right? RIGHT?)


        It’s very important to note what the smooth-operator voice [on 1-844-MORERICK] said: “We’ll see you next year.” If you didn’t watch past the credits, Mr. Poopy Butthole has a gleeful freakout implying that we’d be waiting “a year and a half…or longer” for our next Rick and Morty fix, similar to the gap between Seasons 1 and 2. But given the fact that Rick and Morty has long since been renewed for a third season (which might even feature a Mr. Meeseeks revival!) a shorter timeframe is reasonable.

      2. Mr. Poopybutthole

        That is, of course, the first character I would want anyone who hasn’t seen the series to hear about, lest they get a poor first impression…

        He says he’s sorry you didn’t have any bad memories of him.

        1. Mr. Poopybutthole is the best and I will not hear you say otherwise.

    2. Also, fuck Jerry. And fuck Tammy. But especially Jerry.

      1. Hopefully the [spoiler] takeover of [spoiler] and his resulting new [spoiler] will make him less of a bitch. I don’t have high hopes, though.

        Beth’s, Summer’s, and Morty’s response to him during their argument was quite touching, though.

        1. The conversation, and then him being completely okay with the [spoiler] takeover of [spoiler], because it was good for him, screw everybody else on [spoiler], even his own family.

    3. And one more thought:

      I didn’t realize until a second watch that Tammy’s parents were Gaius Baltar and Number Six.

      1. Ha!

        I saw James Callis in the credits but confused him with Jamie Bamber and didn’t make the connection.

        They manage to pull a lot of starpower in for voices.

      2. But he did not want children.

  19. Has Obama appeared on TV yet and apologized for bombing a hospital and called for some common sense laws that will prevent that happening again? Why is the USA the only country in the world that bombs hospitals, day care centers, and wedding parties on a routine basis? This sort of thing happens every few months and yet Republicans won’t do anything, but Democrats are at the table, right?

    Did I miss that speech?

    1. If he did that, he’d have to pass a stringent background check.

    2. He’s still trying to come up with a way to apologize (1) without admitting that we still have a military presence in Afghanistan and (2) placing all the blame on the Republicans.

  20. Donald Trump is wrong on immigration? Oh, my stars, thank you, Reason, for…er…citing Mother Jones on this important subject! I’m sure we can trust them on it, just like we can trust them on statistics where gun control is concerned.

    To continue our education in correct thinking, I present What is Fempathizing? It is not to be confused with femsplaining, which doesn’t exist.

    Not to mention, change starts at home ? which is what Everyday Feminism is all about. Noticing and amending our own sexist socialization can improve life immediately.

    Get Educated! Before We Get You Re-Educated!

    1. You do realize the sentence you quoted is directed to other women, right? The “our” is “women’s”?

      1. Yes, and? Because feminists never, ever attack women who don’t think like them? Christina Hoff Sommers, or Lauren Southern wouldn’t get bumped off into a re-education camp if these people had the power?

    2. I preferred your other series.

      1. I was wondering if there were wrong incentives in play there.

        1. Wrong? Wrong?


          Fuck it. I’m just going to amuse myself with a google image search of Snorg Tees girls.

          1. Oh.. I get it.

            Wrong incentive for reason writers.

            Fuck it, I’ll still go enjoy the Snorg Tees girls.

  21. As a professor in America, I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare

    With every instance of mass murder on a school campus, it becomes more and more challenging for teachers to continue to walk into their classroom.

    Yesterday afternoon, news outlets reported that a man had gone to Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon, and shot 10 students and teachers dead, with many others injured. The news broke just as I was about to commute to Fordham University, where I am an adjunct professor.

    I tried to persuade myself to not get on the subway to the Bronx. This isn’t worth it, this isn’t worth it, I kept repeating as the train rattled over the tracks. As an adjunct, I make around $250 a class and don’t have health insurance. What if I get injured on campus? Who pays if I get shot?

    It might sound like an oddly calculated consideration?but these shootings don’t feel “random” to me anymore. We are living in a world where disaffected people seem drawn to my area of work. Where my very occupation puts a target on my back, and on the backs of my students.

    I am powerless as a teacher in the classroom. I am. Teachers are, no matter the pay grade, or education level, or type of institution. And everybody knows it.

    Ah yes. Everyone knows that the school shooters hate teachers and it’s all about you.

    Link intentionally withheld.

    1. As a professor in America, I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare

      Well, you could certainly be gunned down for mocking the camel fucker prophet, but that would be your own fault, right?

    2. I went and found it because that kind of retardation is rare and must be bottled and preserved lest Al Sharpton die and we run dangerously low on retardation generators.

      Regardless, I got in an argument with someone on twitter because I pointed out that your odds of dying in a mass shooting are about 0.00002% and it is therefore so irrelevant that literally no one should even worry about it and was immediately told “WELL TELL THAT TO THE FAMILIES.”

      Yeah, how dare I point out that you’re 10 times more likely to drown to death but no one argues we should outlaw swimming? Silly me – I should have behaved with mindless hysteria instead.

      1. You clearly are a child-hating TEATHUGLIKKKAN

      2. Then share the link.

        I want to ask this criminal why he is disobeying The Law of The Land and isn’t contributing his fair share to society and buying inflated health insurance so that others less fortunate than he can have health insurance as well as his privledged ass ?

    3. As an adjunct, I make around $250 a class and don’t have health insurance.

      He should just switch to becoming a public school teacher in the Bronx. The salary is a hell of a lot better than that and the benefits are okay, and the kids are cute until they hit middle school and start trying to kill each other, so you just stick to elementary.

    4. It might sound like an oddly calculated consideration?but these shootings don’t feel “random” to me anymore. We are living in a world where disaffected people seem drawn to my area of work. Where my very occupation puts a target on my back, and on the backs of my students.

      Are you a marine, like the people killed in Chattanooga?

      Are you a black churchgoer, like the people killed in Charleston?

      Are you a Jew, like he people killed in Paris and Copenhagen?

      Are you a police worker, like the guy targeted by an Islamist in Australia the other day?

      Are you in a Sidney cafe, like the people gunned down there by an ISIS sympathizer?

      Are you a cartoonist like those killed at Charlie Hebdo or targeted in Denmark?

      Oh, what’s that, you’re not all of those things? Then maybe other people have been targeted all over the planet for just these sorts of killings and you should shut the fuck up, you self-obsessed narcissist.

      1. Most shooters are teens or twenty-somethings. Possibly, they’re drawn to schools and colleges because those are institutions where they spent significant time and know they’ll find vulnerable people to kill.

        They’re killing in environments they have some familiarity with.

        1. Let’s face it. If there were armed security in class rooms, this would stop. These people always seem to seek some type of ‘going out in a blaze of glory’. If they are facing the certainty, that they’re going to be shot dead the second they pull out a weapon, they’re not going to try it.

          But democrats don’t want to talk about this. Why not? We all know why not.

          1. That would be really expensive.

            1. Not if you limit the amount of frequencies and classrooms. There is really no reason why students have to spend so much time in classrooms. They can do any lecture type class on the intertoobz. Sure you have labs and things that cannot be done at home. So post a few armed guards in those areas at class time. Democrats will never let that happen. If it stops mass shootings, they will have no more piles of bodies to climb onto and crow.

              1. Ah, yes. But then, you lose the childcare inherent in schools. Plus, so many generations have grown up with the understanding that, “That’s just what you do-send kids to school”.

            2. One option is to just allow concealed carry in colleges and see if that helps.

              1. Now that’s just crazy-talk.

            3. Not if “security” = “guy with gun who knows how to use it”.

          2. If there were armed security in class rooms, this would stop.

            I think the Israelis tried that with some success.

      2. We are living in a world where disaffected people seem drawn to my area of work. Where my very occupation puts a target on my back, and on the backs of my students.

        Its not your *profession* dude. Its large numbers of people penned up in rooms that don’t have easy escapes coupled with the knowledge that there are likely to be few to no people who are armed and could pose a threat to you.

        When seconds matter, the campus police are giving speeding tickets miles off campus.

    5. I’m glad he teaches Shakespeare and not statistics.

      1. It’s highly likely that he’s just as bad at Shakespeare.

        1. He’s an adjunct professor of Shakespeare in the Bronx, so yeah, probably.

        2. How dare you! He’s a Fordham man!

    6. You know those mental health checks for gun purchases that lefties keep proposing?

      This guy just failed his.

    7. Teaching Shakespeare: Everybody Dies.

      1. Heh – love the icons, especially the one for “beheaded”.

    8. As an adjunct, I make around $250 a class and don’t have health insurance.

      That must have been a disappointment considering the wonders of Obamacare.

      1. Good point.

        Why isn’t this person obeying the law and buying mandated Obamacare ?

    9. “I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare'”

      Drama Queen

    10. Here’s a gem.

      “The shooter’s name, his story, didn’t matter to me then and it doesn’t matter to me now. But one thing I do know is that the cyclical violence perpetrated by young men has long had its psycho-social origin in misogyny.”

      It’s misogyny see. That’s the root of the problem. And the shootings are at schools because I am a professor, not because schools are gun free zones so don’t you even thik that ungood thought.

      I am truely almost speechless. I once had trouble thinkig that their were ideed people this stupid.

      But never again will I think that because mine cherry hath been abused.

  22. So, how does everyone here deal with the derpbook posts our Prog and SJW acquaintances

    Who does a what, now?

    1. I don’t have a derpbook account and I never go there. Try that, it works perfectly.

  23. Fuck Stephen Harper. He’s preserving supply management-fuck the other TPP countries for letting him-and giving Canadians a tiny increase in the amount of milk that can be imported. In exchange, famers get billions of dollars in compensation for…having to deal with a microscopically less feathered bed. I can’t wait until Muufri releases yeast that synthesize milk NO ONE will be spared from the flame of disruption.

    1. Are cows illegal in Canada or did they all freeze? Can’t the Canadians drink polar bear milk or something? Maybe some moose milk?

    2. The dairy lobby is the most powerful mafia in Canada.

      I can’t stand how they leverage dairy’s health importance as a reason to maintain a monopoly.

      1. Is milk expensive there?

        1. It’s Canada, so the answer is always yes. Also, milk in Canada is sold in plastic bags. Abomination!

          1. Is it as good as the milk in Murika? Because I have to tell you, I didn’t drink any milk when I was in Canada, but every other country that I have tried it in, it was pure shit.

            1. Most* Canadians are convinced that US Milk consists mostly of water, hormones and impurities, and that’s why it’s so cheap. WE MUST STOP TPP!

              *and by “most” I mean it’s received wisdom being trumpeted everywhere, kinda like anti-gun or pro-Canadian Content sentiment, where going against the concensus gets you eaten alive. Doesn’t stop cross-border shopping, of course. Revealed vs Stated Preference and all that….

              1. I’ve been drinking Murikan milk all my life and it hasn’t killed me yet.

              2. Most Canadians are also convinced that Murikans are gun crazed maniacs, right? Gun crazed maniacs driving around the wasteland like Mad Max, drinking toxic watery milk.

                1. Yes, that’s pretty accurate description of how US is portrayed. Gun Crazy, Car Crazy, Devastated Infrastructure, Billions of Poors Dying From Lack of Health Care, and, now that mafia is threatened, Shitty Milk.


          Works out to $6/gal.

      2. I also recently learned that milk is stupid expensive in Canada. $7-8 for 4 litres. Nuts. Maybe it’s Canada dollars so about US$5.05 – $5.47 per gallon.

        1. Depends on location, but yes, milk and cheese are stupid expensive here. That’s what trade barriers and production quotas are designed to achieve, after all.

          1. But don’t you have massive plains upon which to graze massive herds of cattle?

            1. That could cause more warming. And Canada cannot afford any of that, not even one degree!

            2. Quotas limit the amount of milk that can be produced, no matter if you make improvements or whatever. It’s like saying “dont’ you have 98% car ownership rate?” when discussing taxi cartels.

            3. Sure they do – and all those plains are covered in 3 feet of snow for 8 months of the year.

  24. A cop and his union in Rhode Island are complaining because a worker at a Dunkin’ Donuts wrote “blacklivesmatter” on his coffee cup

    *insert tasteless joke about whether the cop likes his coffee like his victims*

    1. *snort*

      You made me choke on afternoon pop.

    2. From last December, during CNN’s disastrous #AskACop show, still the funniest:

      Elijah Daniel ?@aguywithnolife Dec 16
      when dunkin donuts accidentally gives u a black coffee do u have the urge to shoot it too or no #AskACop

    3. When he’s done with them, he puts his cigarette out them?

  25. Dear

    I like the picture of Bernie sanders juxtaposed with a newspaper story about an Amtrak train derailing in Vermont. It’s a tad bitchy and insensitive, but I give it points for being true believer material. In that vein, can we get a picture of a Massey coal mining disaster when rand Paul drops out of the presidential race?

    1. You know, you’d be much funnier if you were far less stupid. Yeah, wishful thinking, I know.

      1. Wasn’t attempting humor so that’s good I guess. I was trying to metaphorically roll my eyes and guffaw. How’d I do?

        1. Uh…you did great, big guy! Here’s your gold star. You want a juice box, too? It’s almost nap time, you know.

    2. It takes a disturbed brain to read that far into it. The writers here do not pay that close attention to detail. Hell they barely remember alt text.

      1. Waffles, you underestimate AmSoc. He can see straight into the souls of you, me, and all of the Reason staff. If AmSoc declares something to have had an insensitive ulterior motive without any real justification, it’s because he KNOWS, and far be it from us to question that knowledge.

        1. So which gay and immigrant-basing Republican are you going for? There’s been some debate in the comments over whether one should support fiorina, bush, or Carson to push the libertarian agenda. What do you think?

          1. I will support whichever big government fascist slaver you deign give me permission to, as you are without question the smartest individual ever to grace us lowly libertardians with attention

            1. Psst, Bernie sanders is pro-choice, supports immigration reform, advocated for equal rights for homosexuals before it was cool, has consistently advocated for more permissive drug laws, and opposed the Iraq War. I’m a libertarian so I’m going to vote for him.


              2. 1. Bernie Sanders has been quite explicit that his support for ‘immigration reform’ begins and ends with sealing the border to traffic (*all* traffic – in or out).

                2. His support for those other things is predicated on the premise of *more government power*. Libertarians don’t need to worry about equal rights for homosexuals, more ‘permissive’ (still gonna need *permission* though) drug LAWS, and opposing idiotic wars – because we’re for rolling up the state into a more manageable form that doesn’t HAVE THE FUCKING POWER TO DO MEDDLE IN THOSE AREAS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

                A vote for Sanders is a vote for a Bush 5th term.

              3. Err…. not so consistently on the more permissive drug laws. But better than the rest of the field! Of course his ideas on economics, redistributive taxation, expansive welfare state, etc. would make it very difficult to exercise any individual liberties that did materialize. So he’s a no too.

                Is there any way to vote for “None” and have it stick? We just elect “none” and then we close up shop at the federal level? No?

                Yeah, you’re right. That’s not gonna happen either.

            2. You guys been basing immigrants again? What base did you put them on this time, you shameless heathens?

              1. It’s more about the base they let us get to, ain’t it?

              2. 7th edition is out and now everything is on 32mm bases.

          2. Also, i love you!

      2. In the event, the alt text specifically refers to the first item, the TPP agreement they point out Bernie is opposed to. That’s some tin-foil hat thinking right there, assuming they slipped the Amtrak story in as a subliminal link to Bernie.

        1. So Amsoc’s projecting his fears in an irrational statement? Hold on, let me find my shocked face…






    4. It’s a tad bitchy and insensitive, but I give it points for being true believer material.

      Much like your comment!

    5. Gee, which one is a heavily state-subsidized boondoggle forced on the taxpayer by elected senators to cull favor with a small constituency?

  26. With every instance of mass murder on a school campus, it becomes more and more challenging for teachers to continue to walk into their classroom.

    Huh- I thought it would be the one from the whiner in Texas I saw the other day.
    Campus carry is just like a slow motion holocaust!

  27. As a professor in America, I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare

    For teaching Shakespeare? Not likely.

    William Faulkner, or Edith Wharton, on the other hand…

  28. ” General Blames Afghanistan for Hospital Strike”


  29. An Amtrak train derailed in Vermont. Seven have been hospitalized Rethuglican Budget Cuts Clearly Responsible

    1. Shitty infrastructure in a country with one of the lowest tax rates amongst industrialized countries proves socialism doesn’t work. I wouldn’t ride on a train in Deutschland if you paid me.

      1. Look, I think its trying to be sarcastic now.

        Socialists are experts on trains.

        1. Certainly fewer derailments per capita!

        2. Shrugs. You right-wingers sure are gulag fetishists. I’ve never been into that kink, but I say to each their own.

          if the point of libertarianism is to tell us how great it is in Capitalist Utopia of United States I wouldn’t lead with anything referencing large incarceration rates or how that reflects on the quality of its government.

          1. “if the point of libertarianism is to tell us how great it is in Capitalist Utopia of United States ”

            Well it isn’t.

            I love that America’s shitty GOVERNMENT OWNED AND MANAGED infrastructure somehow equates to an indictment of libertarianism/capitalism. Gosh you are so adroit at working backwards from your conclusion.

            1. And Germany busted up its Deutsche Bahn monopoly years ago so his snark about Deutschland doesn’t even make sense.

          2. I’ve never been into that kink

            Well, except for tax dodgers, amirite? Wesley Snipes sure did deserve that stint in a cage, didn’t he?

  30. World Teachers’ Day: UN Agency Highlights Early Childhood Education for Oct. 5 Commemoration

    The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization said up to 10.9 million teachers need to be hired worldwide by 2020 to meet the goal of universal primary education for all.

    Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

    1. 2021. Feral Chinese kids still score higher on standardized math tests than teacher-coddled Australian aborigines. The tests are still wrong. The almost 50 point genetically inherited IQ gap has nothing to do with it.

    1. The Imperial Presidency is a terrible thing…except for trade negotiations.

    2. The Lightbringer and Pope Commie:…..=USRTS2I2U

    3. I’m just skimming over these comments quickly, and at first, I read that as “Histroinic Diplomacy By Our Dear Leader”, then I chuckled at my mistake… Then I realized it’s probably more accurate the way I read it.

      1. * Histrionic

    1. Augustus Sol Invictus is the Florida Libertarian Party’s candidate and has faced other accusations ranging from his support of eugenics, prophesizing a “great war” within America’s borders and drawing support of neo-Nazis.

      Meh. I’m still voting Vermin Supreme for everything whether he’s on the ballot or not.

      1. Vermin trounced GayJay in the 2012 NH Primary.

      2. How’d he become a local Libertarian Party candidate? Way too normal…

        1. They wanted Starchild, but he was too busy on the Astral Plane.

    2. Who is the Florida Libertarian candidate for Senator?

    3. It was covered last week, Johnny.

    4. I alerted you all to this a couple days ago.

    5. The goat thing is weird, but defending neo-Nazis in a criminal case, when you’re a lawyer – what’s wrong with that?

  31. “Hillary Clinton today called for a bunch of familiar gun control policy proposals that won’t accomplish what she thinks they will.”

    That is bullshit Scott. They will accomplish exactly what she thinks they will, but not what she claims they will. Those are two different things.

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  33. Those commenters on the Huff post link remind me why voting results in the enslavement of others. These people are so despicable in that they would force others to be weak serfs like them.

    One even went so far as to say the U.S. Govt grants people rights. What a POS slaver.

  34. Donald: eres un Pendejo !!!

    Donald lives in the biggest, most successful sanctuary city.

    1. If you’re talking about NYC, it truly is a sanctuary city.…..-Rosenberg

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