Several Deaths Reported at Community College Campus Shooting in Oregon (Updated: Obama Comments)

From seven to fifteen reported dead.


Credit: Michael Courtney |

There is very little being reported right now and we'll avoid speculation. Police have responded to mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon.

We have seen reports that between 7 and 15 people have been killed. KATU in Oregon is reporting the situation live here. Their Twitter account is here.  They are reporting that the shooter is "down."

Updated (4:45 p.m. eastern): At a press conference, the Douglass County sheriff would not provide casualty numbers but said there was a single shooter, the shooter and deputies "exchanged gunfire," and the shooter is now dead. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has described him as a 20-year-old male.

Updated (6:40 p.m. eastern): President Barack Obama spoke on the shootings, calling, as he does in these situations, for more gun laws.

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  1. Let’s all jump to conclusions

      1. “Could be”!

      2. Make that a trampoline.

    1. See what happens when you let in a bunch of military-age Syrians? SEE?

      1. Good one!

      2. I’d like to check out his medicine cabinet.


      Got all the premature conclusions covered.

      1. And you are just praying to Cthulhu its a PEANUTGOLDBUGTEAHADIST.

        1. Just somebody who voted for BOOOOOSSH

          1. Either that or it was the gun’s fault.

      2. Has anyone heard from Tony today ?

        Just wondering.

      3. Maybe it was Wilbur Whately. He didn’t bring the Necronomicon back on time, and they took away his library card. So he flipped out.

    3. I’ll take “this confirms (insert bonehead theory here) that I’ve been saying all along. Congress must act now!!!” for $1000 please, Alex.

      Oh, and Turd Ferguson.


      1. #blackOregoncommunitycollegestudentslivesmatter

    5. Ban guns.

      1. And what’s that old story about repeating actions over and over and not getting any results?

        Maybe someone should ask BO why he’s been speechifying the same drivel so many times with No Measurable Positive Effect..?

        Such a Motivator For Change!


    6. There’s only one way to stop this madness. Prosecute the family members of these wack-jobs for not reporting these sickos to the proper authorities. The vast majority of these family members know their offspring and relatives are dangerous nut-jobs, yet nothing can be done until the sickies do their damage.

      In the 40s, 50s and 60s we used to institutionalize the mentally ill but then the Liberals said “You can’t lock these people up, they didn’t do anything.” So we let the whack-jobs out to roam the streets and live under our bridges and get a hold of guns and kill us. Sounds like another socialist plot to me.

      This is insane. We deserve the fucked-up society we have.

  2. Great, now we get to hear journalists asking every candidate about this for the next couple weeks.

    Sorry if I’m sounding callous. It’s a bit like if a large demographic want to ban private cars, so every single six pile car up in the nation got reported on the national news. Bad shit happens to innocent people, but I’m more likely to slip and break something in the bathroom or kitchen than be on either side of a violent encounter with a gun.

    1. +1 No one need more than 4 cylinders.

      1. Only professionals should be allowed to handle one ton death machines. What if someone slams on the breaks in front of you? You might panic and swerve into an innocent bystander on the sidewalk. Professionals unlike your average person are trained how to handle these stressful situations.

        1. I’m not sure you can buy a car as light as one ton anymore…

          1. More reason to ban modern cars. When cars were first allowed to drive freely on our roads they were mere lightweight slow model-T’s. The current death machines couldn’t have been anticipated by the legislatures of the time. We can not hold our citizen’s safety hostage to an anachronism of history.

            1. Nicely done, IIIocust.

          2. 2016 Mazda Miata is about 2300 lbs. I’m not sure about the Smart Fourtwo, but that barely qualifies as a car.

          3. You can but they come with pedals to crank instead of an engine.

      2. I like my 8 cylinder SS Monte Carlo! It is a gas! It is a little difficult, driving it. It wants to spin the tires, too easily, especially when it is wet! And, it shuts down 4 cylinders, at speed, to get 28 miles/gallon, estimated. Can’t wait to get my 4 cylinder turbocharged car to replace it, in the future!

    2. You’re even less likely if you avoid ‘gun free zones’. The irony of that fact, well, it’s palpable.

    3. I see your point, but the analogy isn’t apt. If there was a driver who drove through a crowd of people and killed many of them, and this happened over and over, then the analogy is apt. Shooting is an intentional act to kill. What you’re describing is an accident.

      1. yes all analogies must use criteria that are identical in all ways. context is irrelevant to analogies. and dont even get me started about similes!

    4. (six pile car up) < six car pile up

  3. Brace yourselves. Gun grabbers are coming.

    1. We’ve been surrounded by them for years.

    2. They always do.

    3. I’m avoiding Derpbook, Twitter, and… well, everywhere except here for the next several days.

      1. That is probably wise of you.

      2. I avoid those pretty much every day.

        1. Racist !!!!1!

    4. It wasn’t a gunfree zone already?

      1. Sort of.

        Colleges in Oregon can’t prohibit licensed concealed carry, but can (and usually do, IIRC) ban unlicensed mere possession or open carry.

        Of course, I’d bet a dollar that the shooter was not a permit-holder…

        1. The lone security guard was unarmed.

          OR SO I’VE BEEN TOLD.

          1. They are at all the community colleges around here. It makes no sense.

    5. And by “coming,” of course you mean ejaculating all over their televisions at the thought of climbing on top of a pile of dead bodies and grieving family members to call out their moral inferiors.

    6. Brace ourselves for what?

      Somehow, the NRA has managed to equate guns with apple pie, Jesus Christ, and the Statue of Liberty’s glorious bunghole. No one is grabbing shit. and I think that most Americans have conceded the fight.

      1. The anti-2nd Amendment crowd is a lot like the anti-abortion crowd. Neither issue will move the way the respective sides want them to move in America, but they just can’t shut the fuck up about them. To their detriment.

      2. Brace ourselves for another endless round of near hysterical bleating about “common sense” gun regulations that wouldn’t have done a damn thing to prevent the tragedy that’s being exploited and thinly veiled insinuations that by opposing them we approve of and endorse mass murder. Look, it’s ok to believe that if we just had more laws violence like this would be prevented. I can understand that belief, even if I think it’s completely wrong. One can utterly disagree with someone and still respect the person. It’s the self-righteous smugness it takes to stand on the graves of the innocent dead and the blatant appeals to emotionalism I can’t stand.

        And yes, the same applies to the NRA people who laughably insist their rifle is protecting them from radical Islamists. The odds that any of them will ever see a terrorist other than the likes of Salim Abu Aziz are worse than the lottery, lightning, and Tony voting Republican.

  4. Awful to hear. Heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families of the victims and of the shooter, all of whom have a difficult time ahead of them.


    Can we politicize this now?

    1. Too late. The other side already has.

      1. Read down before you climb off your high horse Nikki.

        1. But but but mommy they do it too!

  5. How many more times does this have to happen before we finally get serious and do something?

    1. Given the number of times this has happened, and nothing has been done, never.

    2. Repeal Dodd-Frank? That’s something.

    3. “” do something””


    4. Finally my dream of online only college will be realized!

    5. Do something…

      Like what?

      “Something” is not a policy or even a serious suggestion.

      (“Something must be done. This is something. Thus this must be done.” is the worst form of that.

      But “do something!!!!” is not serious either.)

      1. Your sarcasm detector is broken.

    6. I just did something. I took a sip of my iced coffee. I feel better already. And yes, I’m serious. Finally.

    7. I blame the feminization and slutification of society. Our society needs to embrace positive masculine role models to prevent these tragedies. Therefore, effective immediately, GI Joe and He-man will be put on every major network for 90 minutes a day.

      1. Of course, waffles, we must have reasonable fun laws, such as the ones recently passed in Springfield. He-Man should wear a shirt, obviously, and the GI Joe characters should fight crime/enemies using the types of firearms available in the founders’ times when they use guns at all.

        Perhaps Skeletor could be re-envisioned to address bulimia and/or anorexia….

        1. GI Joe should have A-Team type assault weapons. Full-auto, never need reloading, and never actually hit anyone.

    8. What would you have us do ?

    9. I agree, we should do something about this. We should stop restricting firearm rights and allow people the right to protect themselves no matter where they are on America’s soil.

  6. The supervisor on the radio feed that Warty posted is a fucking idiot. The worst I’ve ever heard. Ever.

    1. The reporter I was just listening to thinks rounds= magazines.

      1. Mentioning “clips” will probably really confuse the hell out of them.

        1. No one needs a clip that holds more than seven magazines.

          1. Seven magazines, or ten Readers’ Digests.

            1. Bartender, I’d like to get the next round!

              *** reconsiders ***

              Never mind.

            2. Wouldn’t that be four Readers’ Digests, because they’re condensed?

            3. No sensible subscription needs to have 12 magazines for home reading.

        2. Practically no mass shootings are committed with double-barreled shotguns.

          I propose a two-barrel minimum gun law.

          For the children.

          1. I propose a two-barrel minimum gun law.



      2. On a related note, I just extended my subscription to Car & Driver magazine for only $4 per year for three years!

    2. The other people seem calm and capable though, Playa.

      Oh – thanks Warty.

      1. Yes, it’s almost like watching The Office. Everyone is doing a great job in spite of the buffoon in charge.

        He just asked for a body count from the hospital over the air. That’s a big no-no. The fire department pays for his fancy cell phone for a reason.

  7. As firearms are banned on its campus, I’m certain that this could never happen at my institution.

    1. Is that Mulatto U?

        1. Partially Mulatto, is that a tautology?

          1. I believe “octoroon” covers it.

            1. I always find it amazing that 1) people ever thought skin color really mattered and 2) it is so powerful that a 1/16 genetic heritage was enough to not only talk about but come up with a specific name for.

              1. One Drop rule. Tracing lines told you who could still be owned or not. In some places octoroons were freepersons.

              2. It also served as fodder for a whole genre of 18th century art (Casta paintings), which remind one of Pokemon breeding charts.

                1. It’s like a recipe book for racists.

                  My father’s side of the family is melungeon. I always figured it was a slang term for mulatto, although a lot of them would claim to be descended from the Portuguese.

                  1. Melungeons are tri-racial.

                    1. My cousin had his DNA tested to see where our Y chromosome came from. Turns out it was the Indus Valley. Best guess is that there were some Spanish Moors who came up from Florida/Caribbean along the Appalachians and mixed with the Indian, European, and slave populations.

                    2. I;d guess Indus Valley (Pakistan) would come from Gypsies who migrated to Europe in the Middle Ages. DNA testing and language analysis has shown them to be connected to India

                    3. Those Moors probably did a lot of rapin’ of the indigenous savages back in the day.

                  2. African/European/Native American describes most of Puerto Rico

                    1. Awesome. I’ll make that claim next time I see him. That should get his panties in a twist.

              3. From my understanding it was a way to justify keeping the increasingly white slave population after importing fresh slaves became illegal.

    2. Musta forgot to ban murder on their campus!

  8. Why can’t these fuckers ever just commit suicide? I hate them.

  9. And of course they’re doing a room to room search now even though they already have the shooter.

    Never miss a chance to play GI Joe!!!!

    1. Oh come on now. It’s a possibility-albeit small-that there is/was an accomplice. If there was ever a time for the cops to ‘get active’ it’s when there’s a campus shooting in progress or just happened. Beats those fucks who stood around with their thumbs up their bums like at Columbine.

      1. An accomplice who is unarmed and just sitting quietly in class? Seems like a good reason to point guns at hundreds of students who have already been terrorized!

        1. No, an accomplice who helped shoot these people. Neither you nor I can rule that out, and ruling it out is worth some GI Joe police action. I think getting shot by a hypothetical accomplice is just a tad worse than the sight of GI Joe cops.

          1. Without knowing the if or who of accomplicism what/whom are the cops searching for in their room to room adventures?

            1. A maniac who is pointing his gun at people for no good reason.

      2. The shooter is a pasty. Check the photographs of all the people running toward the grassy knoll.

        1. A “pasty”? Interesting..

        2. A pasty with or without tassles?

          1. It’s. A Cornish dish of beef and taters wrapped in a fried pie crust.

            1. Don’t forget to put some onion in there!

              1. That’s what she said!!

        3. mmmm… meatpie

    2. I’ve got a friend from high-school who’s on campus, in lockdown according to her FB.


      1. Hope your friend stays safe.

      2. What religion is she ?

    3. Never waste an opportunity to blow a dog away.

    4. they are also taking the sheep i mean the students to a different location so that they can do what i don’t know instead of saying okay go home now.

      1. Don’t they test everyone for GSR?

      2. Mandatory counseling.

  10. OT:

    Fiorina: ‘We must be prepared’ to use force on Russia…..-on-russia

    1. If she were to be elected I’m confident that the Valkyries would be quite busy for some time.

    2. Any potential adversary must believe we are willing to use force against them, idiot. How do you think deterrence actually works?

      1. Like gun free zones?

      2. “I believe we must tell the Russians that we will conduct [and] we will secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that we’re supporting,” she said on Fox News’s “Hannity.”

        She’s being more specific here and advocating for the US to take an active role in the Syrian conflict in opposition to Russia. That’s not the same as the deterrence I think you’re referring to.

        1. This is bad, and she is bad for thinking that. Although Russian intervention is probably NOT aimed at getting rid of ISIS, so that is bad as well.

        2. Well, yes, she’s basically saying, “we won’t let Russians bomb our proxy to preserve their proxy.” That’s exactly how deterrence works.
          Because right now, Russians are sparing ISIS and bombing non-ISIS rebels. Which makes sense, US and friends have been hitting ISIS as hard as they could, not much Russians can do there.
          Now, you want to argue US should have no proxy and should support Assad, that’s different. Won’t get you far with Republicans, but maybe different parties should offer different policy options.

          1. I would argue that it’s a rats nest and the only policy worth pursuing is ISIS containment. Opposing Russia isn’t going to help that.

          2. I agree.

            It’s important to maintain US credibility. We come in and back a rebel group against Assad, but then as soon as the Russians back Assad should we say to our proxies, “Sorry, it’s been nice knowing you!” because we don’t want to poke the Bear?

            Maybe we decide this fight isn’t worth the risk – but which groups are going to want to ally with us in the future when we show this level of commitment, and will the Bear begin to push us even harder because they’ve seen our fecklessness in previous confrontations?

            1. The credibility was ruined when we decided to back a disorganized, terrorist connected, group of rebels in the first place. It was a bad idea from the beginning.

              Are you saying that because it’s now an even worse idea because of Russia’s involvement that we need to double down?

              1. True.

                I was speaking more in generalities than this specific situation. I did say this may not be the fight we want to pick.

          3. “Now, you want to argue US should have no proxy and should support Assad, that’s different. Won’t get you far with Republicans, but maybe different parties should offer different policy options.”

            Republicans ?

            I thought it was the Lightbringer who drew the line in the sand. I though Clinton/Kerry said Assad must go ?

            Silly boy. The Republicans are in Congress and Obama has a pen and a phone. And a State dept. and a military to boss around. Congress ? What the phuc do they have to do with anything ?

          4. “Now, you want to argue US should have no proxy and should support Assad, that’s different. Won’t get you far with Republicans, but maybe different parties should offer different policy options.”

            Republicans ?

            I thought it was the Lightbringer who drew the line in the sand. I though Clinton/Kerry said Assad must go ?

            Silly boy. The Republicans are in Congress and Obama has a pen and a phone. And a State dept. and a military to boss around. Congress ? What the phuc do they have to do with anything ?

      3. “How do you think”

        He doesn’t.

      4. Why sabre-rattle against some idiot who is willing to do your dirty work?

        1. Russia is not going to go after ISIS that hard. ISIS helps legitimize the Assad government. Not to say that one should sable-ratter here but don’t get your hopes up for a Putin-cleansing of Syria.

    3. “Fiorina: ‘We must be prepared’ to use force on Russia”


      If she really wanted to act tough she would have drawn a red line in the sand and threatened Putin that if he crosses it there will be a price to pay. It worked for Obam…….oh.. wait a minute.

  11. These shooters should do everyone a favor and shoot themselves first. Then again, if they did that they wouldn’t get all the attention (posthumously) that they felt denied during their life.

    1. And don’t forget the manifesto! I have a manifesto but no one wants to read it. But if I go out and kill a bunch of people then the masses will scramble to get a copy in an attempt to understand me. In this environment I’m surprised there aren’t more of these shootings…

      1. I’m starting to wonder if we should provide a public place to commit suicide. An eight story monument that you can jump from for example. If you commit suicide using it a loud speaker will play a one minute speech by you after you hit the ground, and an up to one hundred page manifesto can be made available to print in a nearby gift shop. A set amount of the proceeds from sales of your manifesto will go to the cause or person of your choice.

        It’s a spectacle that gets your message out. You can get revenge on people by claiming they are the cause of your death in your one minute speech, and most importantly it doesn’t involve killing other people.

        1. I’m in, you pick the place then tell me where to send money.

        2. Interesting idea. But I suspect that over time people would become numb to it, so crazy people who have to up the ante to get the attention they desire. Plus it’s hard to imagine that being allowed since there’s so much opposition in this country to Assisted Suicide. But if your proposition were ever on a ballot, I’d vote for it!

          1. Oh people will definitely become numb to it over time, but it will act as a tourist attraction because humans are both curious and morbid. The people doing these sorts of killings are crazy enough they don’t realize they are hurting their causes, so they are probably crazy enough not to understand the difference between tourist and convert crowds.

            The anti-assisted suicide thing is the main problem I see. I can’t figure out a way to get around the current legal framework. Not unless I piggy backed off a crisis like the current one. Catch people while they are thinking about how they wish the bastard just offed himself, and they won’t think about people pressuring them on their death beds.

            1. NOW you’re thinking like a progressive! 😉

        3. Nah, a reality show. The Ultimate Reality Show. Useless fuck could drone on and on about how disaffected he is until they hit a hard break. Perhaps a panel that mocks him by rating his sincerity 1 – 10. Then he can dynamite himself in front of millions. Slow Mo would be a plus. American Psychiatry Assoc. could be a sponsor. Or Ruger maybe.

    2. Then again, if they did that they wouldn’t get all the attention (posthumously) that they felt denied during their life.

      I don’t think they would be in a condition to care.

  12. I’m just glad that there’s now something to distract from the Dunham thread.

    1. I’m on the live news feed from the local tv station. They’ve now got a student from the college on the phone. He just told them how he had been on his way to the “Lie-berry” when he first saw activity on campus.

      1. What? He’s an Ebonics major.

  13. OT: You can now Yelp your friends (or anybody else)

    Imagine a database that allows you and everyone you know to be ranked, classified and reviewed by someone you’ve dated, worked with or befriended, without their consent.

    Welcome to Peeple, described by the founders as a “positivity app.” When it launches in November, Peeple will allow users to rate and search human beings in the same way we rank and file restaurants, hotels, and car services on scores of other apps.

    1. That idea is idiotic and I only give whoever came up with it 1 meowmeowbeenz.

      1. The people who came up with it are really upset that people are saying mean things about them on the internet now. The lulz are pretty epic.


      2. It would be better if it were limited to the context of the other sites.

        mad.casual – A Langham Hotel-style intellect with an Ed Debevic’s personality at a Budget Rent-a-car price.

      1. “Is known to repeat his opinions over and over again, as if we didn’t appreciate his wit the first time.”

        1. I have a new mouse now and have left those days behind me.


              *starts Vogueing*

              1. Say it again Lee.

    2. I’m really surprised it too this long.

    3. Awesome. We can start with Congressmen.

    4. I saw that this morning and thought it would be awesome to have that for H&R commenters. I mean, the wiki really hasn’t been updated in a while.

      1. That could be entertaining. Especially if you can only update with reviews of commenters that consist of memes they have spawned. So essentially, John, Warty, and Nicole.

    5. “Nicole: the worst”

    6. Well we already know who would be rated the worst.

    7. Yeah, this will totally not end up a place for exes to bitch and falling outs from high school to be rehashed. I see this either fading in two months or becoming a tool to inform your in group who is in the out group.

    8. Actually, I think this concept is brilliant. Perhaps people will be more considerate if they know that their mistreatment of others could come back to haunt them.

      1. Fuck off.

        1. Ah…the first person I’m gonna rate!

      2. Or, people will just shun all human contact since there’s no way of keeping crazy exes from posting crazy, made up bullshit.

        1. ^This. I’ve been delving further and further along that path since the Facebook was introduced in 2005.

          1. My wife has absolutely refused to have anything to do with Facebook since it was created, for exactly this reason.

            She thinks anyone who goes in Facebook is nuts. She gets pissed if anyone posts a picture with her in it on Facebook, and asks that they not identify her if they have posted something.

            But she also has a strange belief that she has online privacy since she doesn’t go on Facebook.

            1. Yeah, she asked me to ask you to stop talking about her on here.

        2. I said I like the concept. But as with many things the execution will likely fall short. Sometimes I forget there are crazy and/or lying people among us.

        3. What? Are you nuts?

          The best way to get the real truth about any man is to ask his ex-wife. Everyone knows this.

          1. You misspelled “bartender”.

    9. I eagerly await enough assets to accrue in my down-rankers plus one stupid hiring manager eilling to blame my not getting a job based on my down-ranks to make me live on my own island rich.

    10. I don’t think of yelp as a source for restaurant reviewers so much as a source for pompous reviewers

      “I’ve eaten all over the world and I just love this type of currently trendy ethnic cuisine, so I was surprised to find a restaurant serving this style of food in this otherwise podunk town. I hope I never have to come here again, but if I do at least I know of one place I can be seen without dying of embarrassment”

      I imagine a database for ranking people would be similar, with reviews telling more about the reviewer than the one being reviewed.

      1. bleh *source for restaurant reviews

      2. I don’t think of yelp as a source for restaurant reviewers so much as a source for pompous reviewers

        Yes, thank you! You can tell that some of these assholes have had a life-long dream of being a restaurant critic for the NYT or something similar….and now they get to indulge in some wish-fulfillment.

        1. Exactly

          Google reviews is much better. You don’t have to wade through a long paragraph of BS to get to “my sandwich was tasty” or “my sandwich came with extra cockroaches”. The reviews are straight and to the point.

    1. Wtf are they even talking about with this “Beta” stuff?

      I sort of understand it in the context of pajama boy, but not the way they’re using it.

      1. It’s PUA-speak. Alphas are jerks and go around impregnating ladies who then get betas to raise their children. Betas are losers who white-knight for women because they think “being nice” is the way to get laid, as opposed to the real way, which is “being a dick.”

        1. This is true. When I have sex, I single-mindedly concentrate all of my focus into my genitals. I am my dick. Be the dick, and nothing more than the dick.

        2. pppt. they’re both wrong. The way you get laid is to be good looking, funny, and fantastic in bed.

          poor kids. someone needs to kick their ass and teach them some self respect.

          1. You get laid by teasing a woman with low self-esteem about her hair, weight, clothes, and intelligence. Also, I am not saying you hit her if she gives you any trouble, but a smack or two is okay.

            1. Just remember to use a stick that is no wider than your thumb. Need to stay on the right side of being legal and all.

          2. Being a quick witted dick can make people you interact with superficially like you. A friend of mine got really misanthropic after finding that being a funny asshole to people he didn’t like made him very popular with them in high school.

            So they aren’t wrong, being a dick can get you laid. It’s just the people it will get you laid with generally live off of drama, and are too stupid to build anything long term with (second part is my opinion, first part is why they like being with someone who is a jerk to them).

          3. I’ve done pretty well with just funny…

          4. “good looking, funny, and fantastic in bed.”

            Does this person even exist?
            It reminds me of the fast/cheap/good Euler diagram – “pick two”

            1. I’ll take good looking and fantastic in bed. I’m terrible with word play, and it feels like I’m not holding up my end of the conversation when I talk with someone who is good at it.

            2. I am surprised none of you have claimed that you would take a person who is just good looking and use your charms and smooth moves to create a fantastic lover who perfectly suits your desires.

              1. “use your charms and smooth moves”
                a bullwhip is faster

                1. Ah lap83, your one of those deviant BSDM freaks I keep hearing about on my granny’s cop shows. Trying seduce impressionable young women into your evil libertarian ways.

                  1. I’m actually (straight) female, so hopefully the comment comes across less psychopathic because people usually just assume that women aren’t psychopaths, not that I’d use that to my advantage or anything… *shifty eyes*

              2. I am surprised none of you have claimed that you would take a person who is just good looking and use your charms and smooth moves to create a fantastic lover who perfectly suits your desires.

                “But they said we couldn’t have sex with those robots!”

      2. In the context of the Santa Barbara virgin shooter.

    2. The police radio traffic is embarrassing. They had maybe 3 officers that responded right away. The rest of the cowards were trying to close out other calls or weren’t answering their radios. Shameful.

      1. Hey, Dunkin’ Donuts requires your undivided attention

    3. “The Northwest”. Yeah, I’m totally convinced that must have been THE GUY.

      Because The Northwest is so specific.

      (Interesting question: How many posts like that come up on 4Chan that can never be tied to anything?)

      1. but it was posted yesterday, with the OP saying he was going to shoot up a community college.

    4. CNN seems to confirm

      Investigators are examining social media postings made by a man, thought to be in his late 20s, who they believe is the suspect in Thursday’s shootings at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. The night before the attack, the alleged shooter appears to have had a conversation with others online about his intentions, the source said.

  14. In an attempt to distract myself from the news, I offer that today is #askanarchivist day. I’m available if you have any archives/preservation related question.

    1. How do you resolve complex disputes without someone ultimately deciding, and how do you enforce that person’s decision?

    2. Why can’t I find a copy of “Monsieur Beaucaire” starring Bob Hope?

      1. It is available on DVD from amazon in a double feature with Where There’s Life.

    3. Whoops. I read that as “ask an anarchist” day.

    4. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

      1. What do you mean, African, or European swallow?

      2. More importantly, what is SF’s favorite color?

        1. Plaid?

        2. Royal purple. Which is an ironic choice for a libertarian, I realize.

          1. Is that because of the line of synthetic lubricants they produce?

            1. No, the association with monarchical systems of government.

    5. The first Star Wars novel had a quote from something (possibly a book) called “The Journal of the Whills”. Where can one find this journal?

    6. What’s the best way to organize my digital photos?

      1. Whatever really works for you. We generally go by date if it is available, considering how complex any sort of subject ordering can become.

        Make sure to use the .tif format when possible. To date is it most stable and lossless format known, and migrate to new storage media when it becomes widely-used.

    7. How does one write description for famous lionized white dudes that doesn’t ignore inequities of race, gender, and class?

      1. [withering stare]

      2. Why do those inequities matter in a description of that dude?

        Answer that question, answer yours.

          1. Nicole’s deadpan sarcasm is just one of the reasons she’s the worst.

    8. I have an old 5.25″ floppy disk that contained my grandfather’s life story that he dictated to me when I was a kid. I took it to one place years ago to get the data off but they were unable. So I’ve always wondered about digital archiving.

      How do the pros deal with digital archiving? Do they move everything to the latest greatest tech whenever it comes out, or how do they decide when and to which media to move data to? How do the determine how many copies to keep?

      1. Migrate, migrate, migrate. Widespread usage is usually the standard, like the march from floppy to ZIP disks to CD ROM to DVD ROM.

        Three copies on any physical format, two onsite, one offsite. I keep my personal digital back-ups on USB drives, one of which stays in a safety deposit box. I have a Mac at home, so I partition the drives and keep Apple OS and Windows format copies. (Large archives now keep digital material in server vaults that back themselves up in different locations around the world.)

        As for the 5.25, I’d contact the archives at the nearest state university. They often keep legacy equipment for just that purpose. If they won’t help you, they are probably just assholes. Try another. But also keep in mind that media was quite unstable. Even a weak magnetic field might have corrupted it.

        1. The Computer History Museum keeps a variety of old machines for that purpose if your local university doesn’t have the equipment.

        2. I have several MP3s on my iPod that started off as vinyl records in the 70’s and 80’s, then migrated to cassette and finally MP3

        3. “one of which stays in a safety deposit box. ”

          Hillary ?

    9. What is done to preserve old documents made with caustic inks, such as iron gall ink?

      1. Iron gall ink is an inherent vice and there is a very little that can be done. Some institutions have tried interleaving buffered paper in hopes of neutralizing some of the acid in the ink, to little effect iirc. If possible, given the paper/parchment etc, some will wash the documents in deionized water and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize and stabilize the damage (this is also done with ground wood pulp documents with high lignin content.) This is an incredibly complex process and not something you should do at home. (And it usually is followed up by light encapsulating the document in Mylar, something that requires some very pricey equipment.)

        The “good” news is, all the ink usually does is eat away only the paper/parchment it is directly applied to, so the document is still readable, as such, since the shapes of the letters remain.

      2. Iron gall inks do not work well on paper, so most documents written in oak gall ink are on parchment. The key to preserving parchment is absolute humidity control and keeping exposure to oxygen to a minimum That said, degradation of the ground from the ink is incredibly slow and a new document written in iron gall ink on parchment can reasonably last 1000 years or more. See Book of Kells

    10. At what point is something considered old enough to fall under your purview? Also, how do you decide what is important and what is not?

      1. Institutions will generally collect anything that falls within their collection development policy, and of any age.

        Archives are generally run to focus on primary resources (letters, photographs, business records, etc.)

        Secondary resources (books, periodicals, government publications) are usually the purview of libraries. When those materials are of an age, a fragility or become rare, they become the responsibility of a special collections department. While special collections and archives are often housed together or even share staff or access points, they serve different functions.

        Deciding what is important is one of the hardest things to quantify and regularize. Archives generally err on the side of taking/retaining too much rather that too little. And every institution is different. In that way, I often describe archivists as “anti-librarians.”

        1. Sugar you are reminding me of the charater on Friends who dinosaur bone collector or something. I’ve had a rough day and can’t remember the exact term.

    11. How is anarchivism functionally different from anarchism?

      1. We are much better organized.

    12. “I’m available if you have any archives/preservation related question.”

      Very well, SugarFree.

      How much damage is done annually to the American forest by the spruce bud worm?

      1. I’m in a different movie, man.

    13. What is the ideal medium for preserving fart stench? Sometimes I let the really horrific ones go when there’s nobody else around to enjoy it. I’d like to be able to capture the experience for release in a more populated area.

      1. Silica aerogel

      2. Ambergris.

      3. MythBusters did a segment on flatulence where they collected farts using an submerged inverted jar filled with water to collect farts. You could use that method.

        1. Gawd, but I love this forum. You guys are the best worst.

      4. Special delivery to the Clinton Campaign headquarters…

    14. Actually, I do have a question, though not very interesting. I’ve done some work with libraries over the past year, archiving old Umatic and beta tapes. I think we did it for NYU and another library, but both asked for a compressed version (DVCPro) and a 10bit, uncompressed version, all transferred using that bagit procedure.

      So… what up with that? Is the uncompressed version there to ensure future compatibility, in case DVCPro is dropped from future media players? Or is it for stability purposes, like what you said about tif files? If you have the space, and your whole purpose is maintaining integrity for decades down the line, I understand going with uncompressed video. But 225 mbit/s for something compressed to videotape in the 80s looks like such overkill.

      1. We have a tendency to go for overkill in digitization.

        Archives and libraries both have a bad tradition of early adoption of technologies before they have been optimized. For example, when the mass digitization projects of photographs began, the prevailing standard was set to scanning everything, regardless of physical size, at 300 dpi. This was settled on mainly due to digital storage costs and millions of work hours were put into scanning photographs with not very good scanners into a substandard format to produce files that were barely usable just a decade later. So here we are, scanning them again, which is a lot of wear and tear on the original objects. Hence, the overkill.

        1. I see. That’s what I figured, really. Tanks.

        2. But job security !

    15. How are you still alive?

      1. Black magic and super science.

    16. Why are you still alive?

      1. I’m not done yet.

    17. In an attempt to distract myself from the news, I offer that today is #askanarchivist day. I’m available if you have any archives/preservation related question.

      Have you ever used a particle accelerator to read/scan a manuscript that was erased and overwritten?

    18. I have a friend, let’s call him Not Crusty Juggler, who wants to know if it is possible to infiltrate Warty’s dungeon for a randy doomcocking and still make it out alive?

    19. “In an attempt to distract myself from the news, I offer that today is #askanarchivist day. I’m available if you have any archives/preservation related question.”

      Do women find archivists super sexy and throw their panties at them like they did Elvis ?

      I’m thinking of something to do in my retirement other than “Get Off My Lawn”.

      Thanks Archivist .

    20. What are your thoughts on microfilm? Specifically, what sort of role should/will it play in preserving future documents?

  15. The Brady Campaign will get richer, but that’s about it, thankfully.

    1. Doesn’t he make enough money as the greatest quarterback ever already?

      1. I deflated your joke.

  16. Does anybody need to read a non-straight news story about this? I mean, we know exactly what every news/politics website will write about this and what their commenters will say.

    1. A person with mental illness who somehow fell through the cracks obtained a weapon, or weapons, legally (or illegally, the details don’t matter), and carried out a grudge because they are a person who is mentally ill.

      It is just so sad, sad enough that politicians and activists are going to fuck it dry.

      1. *Slow clap*

  17. Gun free zone? If so, it looks like their magical gun free zone signs are defective. When is someone going to hold those sign manufacturers accountable? /sarc

    1. More and bigger signs are definitely in order. Clearly the shooter didn’t see them.

    2. Hilariously, one showed up at my local grocery store. I wondered to myself, ‘How could a business that *should* be otherwise so publicly accommodating, get away with this?’

      Upon closer inspection, the fine print (fine black print on clear glass so… nearly invisible) on the sign reads that it’s applicable to employees and business associates only.

      Nice Trick!

  18. I’m sorry to hear this news. My thoughts to the survivors and family members of the victims.

      1. Oh I think not.

        I mean, I don’t even know why anyone complains about the media doing that. It’s their job. Peeps want the reporting, after all.

        1. You are right, you are still worser.

          All of the requests on the same page shines a light on the seediness that is that industry. I mean, at least lie and say you hope they are safe before you ask for the interview.

    1. This is Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

    2. I remember when Andrew Cunanan murdered Versace. At the time I was renting a room from a friend who had gone to school with Cunanan. We had multiple phone calls a day from “journalists” who wanted interviews or to buy his old yearbook. IIRC, it was mostly Hard Copy and Inside Edition types.

    3. It is funny / disgusting to see it all lined up like that, but what do you expect? They got a job to do, and only 140 characters for their pitch.

      1. Can’t they just file a ghoul report, I mean a pool report?

    4. So how do these produces from ABC and CNN found these accounts so quickly? Do they have bots set up to scan the web for keywords such as “students are running everywhere”?

    1. “The Associated Press 7:29 a.m. EDT September 14, 2015”

      *narrows gaze*


        which is almost the same thing.

        1. Mandatory grief counseling.

  19. The campus is a gun free zone.

    How did someone get a gun into a gun free zone?

    1. I blame the lax Virginia gun laws.

    2. Note that, while it’s probably irrelevant to the shooter, Oregon campuses cannot, because of preemption, ban licensed concealed carry.

      So they’re not strictly gun-free zones.

    3. I’m sure Tony can answer that for us.

  20. I grew up there and I can’t think of a more depressing place. A mass shooting there doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    1. Why is it depressing? Is it the economy?

      The parts of Oregon I’ve seen were beautiful.

      1. You’ve never been to Portland I take it.

        1. I didn’t think Portland was bad. I must have been in the good part of town. Anyway, it’s not like it’s back east or something.

          I’ve hiked a nice chunk of the PCH through Oregon. I still think…about the most beautiful beach I ever saw was in Oregon.

          Forests and waterfalls. Snow covered mountains and wildlife. World’s best pinot noir. Awesome Shakespeare Festival.

          I was thinking maybe it was a logging town that went bust or something. That’s still my first bet.

          1. Roseburg’s only depressing if you have to live there and look for work or enjoyment…

        2. I thought Oregon was fucking sweet. Even Portland, although I preferred Eugene and Corvallis. (Those were the only places I went.) I liked Corvallis because it was so small and quiet but not like a small town in the South or even on the East Coast. It was totally laid back with $3 microbrew pints and $2 ones on Monday.

      2. Roseburg’s notable for being along I-5 and… that’s really about it.

      3. The economy has been in the toilet for the last 30 years. I think right now it’s holding on through welfare, unemployment and weed…so things might turn around soon.

        The mix of “poor” california retiree and small town hick/redneck that manages to pull out the worst in each.

        The insular and proud of it view of the world. Most people I grew up with couldn’t fathom moving more than 5 miles away, high school guidance counselors recommending the local community college to kids with enough credits to graduate from said college. Just hearing a town of 17K people called “The City”.

        It’s pretty but unless you’re an outdoor all the time type of person there just isn’t anything there.

    2. Never been up there myself, but I get the notion that a lot of crazies move there. For a few decades they seemed to have more than their fair share of serial killers.

  21. No doubt the Ban Boner crowd is at full mast right now.

    1. My wife, whom I love dearly, had a great take here:

      I patiently wait to find out what thing we can find to blame this one. Was the shooter wearing blue sneakers? Blue sneakers should be banned so this doesn’t happen again!

  22. OT: Homophobic Pizzeria Inadvertently Caters a Gay Wedding

    So, if there ever was a question about it, at least with some, being about nothing but trophies; let it be laid to rest. Sometimes the difference between ‘Do you hate gay/SJW people?’ and ‘Are there gay/SJW people you hate?’ is subtle and sometimes, it’s not.

    1. They specifically said they didn’t care if the gayest people in gaytown ordered their pizzas to go. Just that they’d be “uncomfortable” with participating in a gay wedding.

      a la Vegans and Muslims not being comfortable at a pig-roast.

      I really don’t get why so many people think lack of affirmation is a hate-crime.

      1. If you don’t fully agree with me on everything that my group has determined to be right and good, then you’re against me and everything that is holy.

  23. Prediction: The shooter recently passed some mental health screening that would have blocked him from legally having a firearm if only we had common sense legislation banning the mentally ill from legally having firearms and he had failed the screening.

    1. See 11f on the NICS form. It’s already covered by law

      1. See 11f on the NICS form.

        Just use the standard S-1798 and write in “pizza” where it says “machine gun”.

  24. I believe in Doing Something, so long as it’s a smart something.

    For example, how many mass shootings are at honky-tonks? They’re full of inebriated good old boys – shouldn’t there be more mass shootings there?

    1. shouldn’t there be more mass shootings there?

      They aren’t gun-free zones, in all likelihood, so no.

      1. More importantly, drunk dick wants to shoot one guy he has a sudden problem with, not “everyone at the bar because his life sucks”.

        Someone looking to kill a bunch of people isn’t going to pick a bar, so much, especially one where there’s a good chance at least someone behind the bar has a weapon.

        People who want to kill lots of other people choose places where they can achieve that.

        1. So what you’re saying is that with people able to carry guns in so many places, the really good targets for mass shooters are the remaining places, like schools and theaters.

          Obviously the country will never be rid of mass shootings until every kindergartner is packing.

          1. Hmm. The last time I went to an elementary school – which admittedly was a long time ago – there were adults there.

            1. But were they government approved adults, Jordan? Because in Tonyland, only government knows best, and only adults that work for the government can be trusted with (insert anything here).

              1. The teachers work for the govt, let a few of them carried concealed, and they don’t have to advertise which ones.

                Don’t rely on the 300 lb resource officer posted outside the office. He will be the first target.

          2. You exaggerate, of course. Nonetheless, if you want to get attacked, then disarm yourself and advertise that fact to the world. Or, you could do the opposite and reduce your chances of suffering such an attack. It’s not exactly rocket surgery.

          3. Curious about how many VIPoliticians who will be surrounded by armed bodyguards will be saying that we shouldn’t be allowed to own guns ?

  25. Christ, this makes me sick. I know they are bat-shit insane, but the perpetrators of these kinds of things are no less than pure evil. Fucking worthless cowards.

    I can’t imagine what the parents of the murdered are going through right now.

    I have to ask. Is the school a gun-free zone?

    The gun grabbers will start their shrieks and emotional appeals any moment now. Those people are equally as evil and make me sick also.

    1. You’re the one who just fucking politicized it, so shut up.

      1. No, Tony, he’s simply pointing out the inevitable. Like predicting rain during monsoon season in Indonesia.

      2. Brady Centers Twitter feed yields:

        Our thoughts are with the entire Roseburg community as they are the latest to be impacted by a uniquely American tragedy.

        Coalition to stop gun violence twitter

        If you feel absolutely sick about the #UCCShooting, pick up the phone & call an elected official who backs the NRA. And give them an earful.

        1. They just want a “conversation,” not to force their anti-gun hysteria onto peaceful gun owners.

        2. Our thoughts are with the entire Roseburg community as they are the latest to be impacted by a uniquely American tragedy.

          Yep, mass shootings never happen in countries where they have mandatory registration, “assault weapon” bans, safe storage laws, and no concealed carry whatsoever.

      3. More CSTGV twitter

        Physically sick contemplating another mass shooting? Vow to fight the NRA & their legislative lackeys w/ everything you have. #NotOneMore

      4. I encourage the democrats to really go Pure Gun Control 2016.

        They should embrace that.

  26. I blame things which didn’t do it, as well as people who didn’t do it.
    Which will form the basis of my solution to it eeeever happening again.

  27. Gun Free Zone strikes again. Expect 10% increase in gun sales tomorrow.

  28. What a shitshow. Here. This should cheer everyone up.

    1. That is a statistically unlikely number of blondes.

    2. That story had a link to another story…

      ..whereupon i thought to myself = “I really want to party with THIS GUY

      Homer’s night on the town
      If you drank a shot with the Knights mascot on Sept. 20, you were basically harboring a fugitive

      Joe Gillespie woke up at the bottom of a BB&T Ballpark stairwell with no idea how he got there. It was hours after an event he attended in the venue, and it didn’t seem like the beginning of what would be one of his “top three nights of all time.”

      That is, until he began searching for a way out and came across the dressing room for Homer the Dragon, the Charlotte Knights’ mascot. He spent the next five hours of that Sunday morning carousing around Uptown Charlotte as Homer, posing for pictures and getting free drinks wherever he tore up the dance floor. By Monday, Gillespie was in jail and the story, complete with a mullet in a mugshot, went viral shortly after.”

    3. I’m glad the hot brunette didn’t disappoint me. She’s just eating her ice cream and checkin’ her phone every now and then. I’ll imagine she’s reading War and Peace or something.

    4. God Bless America. That is all.

    5. This should cheer everyone up.

      Is the hot dog/pretzel rod to the face thing deliberate? I assume at college age it’s deliberate, but the deadpan ‘look at me having a good time!’ expressions are too hard to read. Apparently, I’m too old to tell when a girl/woman is doing something suggestive because it’s humorous or because she doesn’t know any better.

      1. All the bitches crave the pretzel rod, bro.

        1. Were their some licking the ketchup from between their fingers and I missed it?

    6. Do they even *know* they’re at a baseball game, or did they just wander in by mistake?

    7. Selfies are stupid, but still beat watching baseball.

  29. Just looked over the 4Chan link.

    The majority of those fucks seem to be supportive of the shooter. It is hard to tell if they take him seriously or not, but God, why would anyone even blow hot air about something like that?

    I am guessing misfit kids who blame the world for their own shortcomings and probably have a touch of crazy in them as well.

    1. It’s the internet.

    2. In other words, “4chan users”.

      (That and “4chan is trolls”.)

    3. It’s nothing new.

      “I stood up in a social studies class -the teacher wanted a discussion — and said I could never kill anyone or condone anyone who did kill anyone. But that I could, on some level, understand these kids in Colorado, the killers. Because day after day, slight after slight, exclusion after exclusion, you can learn how to hate, and that hatred grows and takes you over sometimes, especially when you come to see that you’re hated only because you’re smart and different, or sometimes even because you are online a lot, which is still so uncool to many kids?

      After the class, I was called to the principal’s office and told that I had to agree to undergo five sessions of counseling or be expelled from school, as I had expressed ?sympathy? with the killers in Colorado, and the school had to be able to explain itself if I ?acted out?. In other words, for speaking freely, and to cover their ass, I was not only branded a weird geek, but a potential killer. That will sure help deal with violence in America.”

      1. Oh fucking hell. Murder fantasies of between 1 and 4 people you personally know I can understand. They could have possibly done enough to you to justify your hatred. Anymore than that and you are a narcissist blaming innocent people for shit they didn’t do (unless you are literally in a concentration camp or warzone).

        1. Murder fantasies of between 1 and 4 people you personally know I can understand.

          At a frustrating time in my life a female co-worker with a background in forensics said knowing this fact about me put her at ease. She explained how the profile (at the time) was always white guy, 20-40, above average education, little or no family/personal life, etc., etc. and that I fit to a ‘T’. The thing that set me apart is that the neighbors and co-workers were always surprised when they went off and, if the police showed up and said I went on a rampage and murdered someone she wouldn’t be at all surprised and would probably suspect that the victims most likely did something to deserve it.

          I might nudge the number a little higher than 4 if we’re talking total, but sincerely fantasizing to murder more than a person or two at a time is not at all unheard of.

      2. Because day after day, slight after slight, exclusion after exclusion, you can learn how to hate, and that hatred grows and takes you over sometimes

        See?!?!? Microaggressions are real!

        1. I told my daughter about the few times I was bullied from 6th grade on up. I identified the properly responsible person and used my fists.

      3. That doesn’t strike me as that outrageous. I can definitely see how severely bullied kids could snap.

        1. I think there are two issues to take into consideration here:

          1) When two kids fight, most teachers will punish both kids equally, even if one kid had been bullied by the other for weeks and weeks.

          2) 99% of teachers and 90% of parents will tell kids that the solution to bullying and teasing is “just ignore them and they’ll stop”. That NEVER works. Zero percent success rate. They do it even worse because they know you’ll just put up with it. I’m all for the non-aggression principle, but… Sometimes, the only solution is to give that bully a good crack in the jaw.

      4. “Because day after day, slight after slight, exclusion after exclusion, you can learn how to hate, and that hatred grows and takes you over sometimes, especially when you come to see that you’re hated only because you’re smart and different”

        Sounds like a supervillain origin story. You know, when the bad guy has the hero in a dungeon and is just shooting the breeze about how come he *the villain) became so bad.

        “And then, the Fuhrer personally trained me, and I became an embodiment of ultimate evil, ha ha ha! But enough about me, what’s your favorite deep-dish pizza?”

  30. Oregon expanded background checks on online and private gun sales in August.

    I suppose the background check will cover personal vendettas and grudges.

  31. Bring on the Facederp!

    Just fucking horrified about UCC and also just already tired about the non-conversation that will follow.

    By “conversation” you mean “disarm or else.”

    1. Just fucking horrified about UCC

      Yes, the use of “fucking” as an intensifier has convinced me that your feelings of horror are genuine and not a convenient pretext to socially signal and self-justify your ideological biases.

      1. Also, she should that the Uniform Commercial Code isn’t all that bad.

      2. +1 fucking love science!

        1. Speaking of which, as much as I’m interested in The Martian, I don’t think I can sit thru a movie with Matt Damon blurting out lines like “I’m going to science the shit out this”

          1. YEP. That is seriously the only reason I’m avoiding it. I generally like Ridley Scott, it’s getting good reviews, it’s supposed to be a fun adventure; but I can’t stand a grown, accomplished man using ‘science’ as a verb.

            1. Ridley Scott hasn’t made a decent movie in decades. If this one doesn’t suck then it is completely because it was more or less written for him.

    2. How can you be tired about a non-conversation?

      1. She’s tired of the fact that she can’t force her personal preferences on people like us. Not yet, anyway.

        At this point, it is only lobbying by certain special interest groups (here, the NRA) that prevents the U.S. from going full Eurotyranny.

        1. I read that as Eurotranny the first time.

  32. From my friend who gave me the “Imagine” quote yesterday…

    Yeah. And these mass shootings are so unlikely when compared to all the other ways somebody can be killed that we really don’t have to worry about [His kid’s name] or [My kid’s name] getting shot to death at school. I mean who even cares about 10 or 20 students? There’s nothing anybody can do thats preventative that won’t greviously harm everybody else’s freedoms. I mean really. Why care? People have all these statistics to prove their side already and they’re all obviously wrong. Nobody really knows anything. Best leave it all alone.

    I can’t even.

    1. “There’s nothing anybody can do thats preventative that won’t greviously harm everybody else’s freedoms.”

      Well he hit the nail on the head there.

      1. I know he’s saying that facetiously, but I wonder if he would have such an attitude toward his preferred freedoms.

        1. Hey! His preferred freedoms are the important ones, OK? After all, the modern man doesn’t need a gun.

  33. Anyone know who the shooter is?

    1. It’s Reddit, so take with salt: here you go.

      1. Holy cow, the kid looks creepy.

        1. It’s obvious this dude is a freak.

          That hair is sooo Beiber 2012.

          Doesn’t he know the Beb has evolved ?

  34. is reporting that the shooter allegedly asked the students to state their religion.

  35. “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has described him as a 20-year-old male.”

    No mention of race? No pic of the perp plastered all over the media? Hmmm. Must be one of those protected groups.

    1. The local dead tree rag The Houston Chronicle does this on a daily basis.

      A typical crime story will read something like this. “Police are advising people to be on the lookput for two males in their mid twenties . When last seen fleeing the scene one was wearing a black t-shirt and red sneakers while the other wore blue jeans and white sneakers. Police advise the suspects should be considered armed and dangerous and if spotted you should call 911 immediately and do not try and apprehend the suspects yourself.

      I shit you not. It has become a running joke around town. They are owned by the same group that owns the liberal Boston Herald or whatever so that should explain their liberal attitude towards race. “Maybe if we don’t say the boys (ooops racist I know ) are black no one will think that “.

  36. Just another mass shooting in a gun-free zone. When will leaders learn?

  37. And yet again, a protracted shooting of many people by a madman in what is surely a “gun free” zone. Is anyone EVER going to figure out the correlation?

    BTW, in Utah, you can pack heat on campus. Indeed, Utah PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers can carry — it’s been so for over a dozen years. No firearm incidents of ANY kind — in college or at a public school.

  38. Finally! A barbaric yet humane strategy to combat these senseless shootings by madmen
    by Richard Rider

    All right. Enough is ENOUGH! And I’m not kidding. It’s time we take REAL steps to end these senseless tragic random shootings.

    No, not more gun control. And not even more guards everywhere. Instead, I propose we put an end this madness a different way. It’s time for a radical new approach. A barbaric but painless solution.

    We have to understand that such premeditated killers don’t seem to fear death. Indeed, they seem to welcome it — often ending their own lives. So we need to go at this a different way — a way to deter them from a fear of what happens AFTER they die.

    Here’s my plan: Publicly announce that from this time forward, any such killer (bomber, shooter, or whatever) will have his body BADLY mutilated. Remember, I’m talking BARBARIC.

    Start with cutting off penises and testicles (almost all such shooters are guys). Announce that these body parts will be jammed in the deceased shooter’s mouth.

    Furthermore, gouge out the eyes. Pull out all teeth. Slash the face to ribbons. Cut off all fingers and toes. Smash the elbows and knees.

    There, that ought to do it. And oddly enough, I’m convinced this post-death retaliation will work on at least some of the shooters.


  39. (continued)

    These shooters crave the attention they get by their despicable act. Complain all you want about the avalanche of press coverage — these killers are going to get the attention they crave. It’s the price we pay for a (relatively) free press, and I can live with that.

    But it’s likely these wackos don’t crave the thought of being mutilated — even if they are crazy. And even after death.

    I know, I know — it’s too ghoulish an idea to even seriously consider. It’s better to keep doing what we’ve been doing — cleaning up after the killings in the (usually) gun free zones, wringing our hands as usual.

    But is the status quo really better?

    I think not. For me, the only question is whether or not grisly pictures of the mutilated killer should be posted on the Internet. For now, I’d say “no” — but only because it would be hard to keep kids from seeing them.

    Besides, posting such photos is probably not necessary anyway. Merely threatening to carry out such an horrible act (and following though on the next shooter’s body) should put a real damper on this aberrant behavior. I think a frank discussion with psychiatrists would find that I’m correct in this.

    At the very least, it’s time to consider this mutilation alternative. Remember, no one is killed, tortured or otherwise physically harmed. It’s a terrible idea — except when one considers our current useless policies.

    1. Publicly announce that from this time forward, any such killer (bomber, shooter, or whatever) will have his body BADLY mutilated. Remember, I’m talking BARBARIC.

      Start with cutting off penises and testicles (almost all such shooters are guys). Announce that these body parts will be jammed in the deceased shooter’s mouth.

      Furthermore, gouge out the eyes. Pull out all teeth. Slash the face to ribbons. Cut off all fingers and toes. Smash the elbows and knees.

      “These job postings almost write themselves!”

      /job services employee

      1. I would prefer to give first choice for the mutilation job to the relatives of the victims. I favor contracting out government work whenever possible — especially to someone who will do it for FREE.

        1. Too bad we can’t consult Ruyard Kipling on this matter. He wrote a poem about this very thing concerning the women in Afghanistan.

          Something about advising the young British soldiers to save their last bullet for themselves.

  40. Could a libertarian case be made for gun control?

    1. Yes.

      Poor control means you are a poor shot and therefore unable to competently defend your inherent rights.

    2. No but dickheads callng themselves libertarians have proposed it. See Cato’s Robert A Levy.

  41. Let me guess, just like every other murder spree but one, it’s a gun free zone. There is another great progressive idea that has worked SO well.

  42. According to The Federalist

    Umpqua Community College, the site of the mass shooting, is a gun-free zone.…..n-control/

    Maybe the shooter can’t read ?

    barry is calling for ‘common sense’ gun control. I translate it to be communist sense gun control – AKA confiscation.

  43. How could this happen in a Gun Free Zone?

    1. Maybe they should change it to a bullet free zone?

  44. President Obama is absolutely right on. I’m so tired of you Teathuglicans saying otherwise.

    We need laws right now making it illegal for people to kill and shoot others.

    1. Exactly.

      1. Jack, you been pwnd. And busted.

        1. True dat.

          What we need a 5 more.. no 10 more, maybe 20 more laws making it illegal to murder people amd bigger signs saying “This is a Gun Free Zone”.

          Maybe it’s the signs fault. Maybe if they said This is ABSOLUTELY a Gun Free Zone….and in BIG letters…big RED letters because big red letters mean business.

          That’s the ticket.

          I still want to look through this guys medicine cabinet.

          1. “What we need a 5 more.. no 10 more, maybe 20 more laws making it illegal to murder people amd bigger signs saying “This is a Gun Free Zone”.”

            Dunno if it’s still there or those with some intelligence have ripped it down, but there was a sign on I-80 between SF and Sacto: “Davis is a nuclear-free zone!”
            I wondered how the kept the atoms organized

          2. Oh, and:
            “I still want to look through this guys medicine cabinet.”
            Jack’s? Naah; standard depressants. That’s all it takes to swallow Obo’s comments whole.

    2. I’m AMAZED that no one thought of this before!

  45. They should have revealed the identity of the killer by now. Was it the “egg man” or not?

  46. The Presidents comments were right on point. It’s insane that we accept these occurrences without any attempt at reducing gun violence. He called for stricter gun laws, Scott? Good for him. It’s typical? Not as typical as the constant mass shootings that occur here. Shame on you all for accepting it all so willingly.

    1. EXACTLY what steps or actions would you propose or push were you positioned to do any such thing. No generalities please.

    2. Jackand Ace|10.1.15 @ 8:14PM|#
      “…Shame on you all for accepting it all so willingly.”

      Yeah, shame on us for not being ‘concerned’ like oh-so wonderful Jack!
      Why, most of us here were practically cheering him on, weren’t we?

    3. Re: Jackass Ass,

      The Presidents comments were right on point.

      If the “point ” is to ghoulishly score political points before the victims are even identified, then you would be right.

      It’s insane that we accept these occurrences without any attempt at reducing gun violence.

      It is clear we need more mellow guns, because these are quite rowdy.


      It’s typical? Not as typical as the constant mass shootings that occur here. Shame on you all for accepting it all so willingly.

      So many that you actually need two (count them: 2) hands to count. them!

      Do you even believe your own BS, Jackass?

    4. It’s insane that we accept these occurrences without any attempt at reducing gun violence.

      There have been many attempts to reduce and mitigate murder by gun. They haven’t worked. Some of the recent mass murderers got their guns illegally. Laws don’t work against the lawless. More laws will not make up for that fact. Common Sense Gun Control? is already enacted, but has had little effect. If doing the same thing while expecting different results is a definition of insanity, the doubling down is double insanity. Yet progressives continue to propose the same doubling down every time a senseless mass murder is committed. And they continue to blame those who disagree with them for the murders even though their solutions have failed.

      Shame on you all for accepting it all so willingly.

      Nobody is “accepting it all so willingly.” That’s just your response to disagreement. You accuse those who disagree with you of callousness to shut down conversation while many progressives who use your same silly tactics are calling for a conversation about common sense gun control. If you progressives want a conversation you can have it, but you must be willing to listen and to accept that your past attempts have failed and that doubling down will not produce a solution. Otherwise you don’t deserve the time of day.

      1. Has martial law been tried?

    5. Considering that most of the mass shooters are liberal leaning nutjobs, and not conservatives, perhaps your side could quit the name calling and personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with the liberal position on issues ?

      No one can deny that the personal attack method of denigrating comes directly from the modern day Democrat Bible “Rules for Radicals”.

      Stop your tribe from inspiring these boderline mentals Jackland and maybe fewer of them will go off the deep end in the future.

      That would be doing something , no ? Even the guy you elected to what is supposed to be the most dignified office in the world spouted a “TeaBagger” crude insult on TV.

    6. Oregon expanded background checks on private and online gun sales, and the campus was a gun free zone.


    7. Mexico has stricter gun laws.

  47. My first attempted disappeared, I’m stubborn so I’ll try once more.

    From what I’ve seen/heard, little information re the shooter other than the following:

    1. He was a 20 year old.
    2. Supposedly, at one point, he inquired into the religion of some who became victims.

    As to comment from Obama, the usual comparisons between this country, and other nations. Also, some generalities regarding the need to “do something”, heaven knows what, however given his past comments and the record of his expressed desires and executive antics, draw your own conclusions. Things might become clearer, more interesting when, if more information becomes available.

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  49. Obama didn’t even wait until the bodies are cold before he started in politicizing their deaths.


    Rank City
    30 Baton Rouge, LA
    29 Youngstown, OH
    28 San Bernardino, CA
    27 Oakland, CA
    26 Barberton, OH
    25 Poughkeepsie, NY
    24 Cincinnati, OH
    23 Petersburg, VA
    22 Wilmington, DE
    21 York, PA
    20 East Palo Alto, CA
    19 Jackson, MS
    18 Wilkes-Barre, PA
    17 Birmingham, AL
    16 East Point, GA
    15 East Chicago, IN
    14 Compton, CA
    13 Baltimore, MD
    12 St. Louis, MO
    11 Harvey, IL
    10 Newark, NJ
    9 New Orleans, LA
    8 Trenton, NJ
    7 Detroit, MI
    6 Flint, MI
    5 Saginaw, MI
    4 Chester, PA
    3 Gary, IN
    2 Camden, NJ
    1 East St. Louis, IL

    1. m, how about some info on the ‘rank’?

      1. I have been to towns 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. I wouldn’t live in any of them. Is that the information you seek?

    2. I assume this city ranking is “gun deaths per 100,000” or some such, with “1” being the worst.

      Nothing correlates perfectly with such a list, but the characteristic that gives the best statistical correlation is likely the percentage of blacks in a city. There are DEFINITE exceptions, but overall the correlation is pretty high. But nobody wants to talk about that.

      1. Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Richard Rider|10.1.15 @ 10:38PM|#
        “I assume this city ranking is “gun deaths per 100,000” or some such, with “1” being the worst.”

        That might be true, or it might be towns with roses bought on Valentine’s Day.
        I’m going to avoid the conclusion-jumping event until mpercy gives us some idea.

        1. Sevo, given that it’s statistically likely you don’t follow this issue or peruse the relevant data, your decision is a wise one. I have some passing familiarity with these matters, so I can intelligently speculate as to the criteria used in these city rankings.

          Here’s a bit more on the black thingy:

          Blacks constitute about 13.1% of America’s population.

          Yet when it comes to crime, the FBI reports that in 2012 blacks committed:
          49.4% of all murders
          32.5% of all forcible rapes
          54.9% of all robberies
          34.1% of all aggravated assaults
          28.1% of ALL crime


          Are whites a major murder threat to blacks? Of course not. 90.8% of all murdered blacks are killed by other blacks. The remaining 9.2% black murder victims were killed by ALL other races, or “unknown” — which doubtless includes some additional blacks.


          NOTE: I had to fiddle with the links to get past the spam filter. An intelligent person can “connect the dots.”

    3. My hometown has fallen to 6th? The two best things we ever did was make Buicks and shoot people and ferkin Saginaw is ahead of us?

  50. There’s only one way to stop this madness. Prosecute the family members of these wack-jobs for not reporting these sickos to the proper authorities. The vast majority of these family members know their offspring and relatives are dangerous nut-jobs, yet nothing can be done until the sickies do their damage.

    In the 40s, 50s and 60s we used to institutionalize the mentally ill but then the Liberals said “You can’t lock these people up, they didn’t do anything.” So we let the whack-jobs out to roam the streets and live under our bridges and get a hold of guns and kill us. Sounds like another socialist plot to me.

    This is insane. We deserve the fucked-up society we have.

  51. Reason, you know I love you, but “But not us! We’d never politicize a tragedy!” is so obviously implied in that 6:40 PM update…..keep it real.

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