40 Years Ago


"It matters very little, then, who runs collectivism or Big Government; the important point is the existence of massive statist institutions, which can be readily adapted to whichever group takes power, and hence to the controlling and repressing of the subject population."

—Murray N. Rothbard, "The Reign of Dictatorships"

"Libertarians who are no doubt accustomed to meeting their ideas in caricature have probably been told that in a libertarian world-one with private streets, private mass transit, private utilities of all descriptions, private ownership of redwood trees and alligators-everything would have an explicit price to it. To walk on the streets, to visit the parks, individuals would be required to make an explicit contract. That this is in fact a distortion can be seen because the real world has been kind enough to provide Walt Disney World, a contractual city which bears no resemblance to the caricature."

—David Levy, "Learning Economics from Walt Disney World"

—October 1975