FBI Releases Crime Report for 2014; Violent Crime and Property Crime Both Down

Slight declines from the previous year, big declines from the previous decade


Today the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its annual report on crime in America. In 2014, the FBI says, most crime rates continued to fall:

Sadly, the FBI report is not illustrated.
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• The overall violent crime rate declined slightly, dropping 1 percent from the previous year. The rate was 9.6 percent lower than five years before and 22.1 percent lower than 10 years before.

• The rate for murder and non-negligent manslaughter was 1.2 percent lower than one year earlier, 6.1 percent lower than five years earlier, and 20.8 percent lower than 10 years earlier.

• The rates for robbery, burglary, larceny, and car theft all continued to decline as well. Motor vehicle thefts showed the biggest reduction from 10 years ago, with the rate sliding 48.1 percent.  

• The FBI's talliers recently revised their definition of rape, making cross-year comparisons difficult. But using the older definition, the crime increased slightly from the previous year, with the rate increasing by 1.6 percent. It was still 4.7 percent lower than five years earlier and 17.2 percent lower than 10 years earlier.

• The one other major crime rate that increased from 2013 to 2014 was aggravated assault, which went up 1.2 percent. It was still lower than five years earlier (an 8 percent drop) and 10 years earlier (20.1 percent).

These are, I repeat, the numbers for 2014, not 2015. Many American cities have seen spikes in violent crime this year, and it is possible that the country as a whole will wind up reporting such an increase as well. (The most complete accounting of the year in homicide that I've seen so far is this piece in FiveThirtyEight. It's definitely worth a look, though it has some significant gaps.) But as of December, despite some small but still unwelcome bumps in the rape and aggravated assault rates, crime overall was continuing its long decline.

Bonus charts: The last five years in violent crime and property crime:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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  1. Many American cities have seen spikes in violent crime this year…

    And that’s just from their employees in law enforcement.

    1. You’re not looking at this right. The drop in crime is evidence of how well the police state works. We may have given away our freedoms, but look at how much crime has dropped. If we keep this up maybe we can achieve the utopia that is Singapore.

  2. The one other major crime rate that increased from 2013 to 2014 was aggravated assault, which went up 1.2 percent. It was still lower than five years earlier (an 8 percent drop) and 10 years earlier (20.1 percent).

    This presumably includes assaults perpetrated by cops?

    1. Well, being punched by a cop will result in assault charges on you, for allowing your nasty hard face to mess up his manicure. So, I’m going with yes?

  3. The FBI recently revised its definition of rape, making cross-year comparisons difficult.

    This year, they’re going by the SJW’s definition of rape.

    In other news, rapes have exploded across the USA.

    Also, the FBI has arrested Bill Clinton, charging him with rape.

    1. It’s not rape when it’s a Democrat former President.

    2. In other news, you’re an idiot.

      Beginning in 2013, rape is defined for Summary UCR purposes as, “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” The new definition updated the 80-year-old historical definition of rape which was “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” Effectively, the revised definition expands rape to include both male and female victims and offenders, and reflects the various forms of sexual penetration understood to be rape, especially nonconsenting acts of sodomy, and sexual assaults with objects.

      1. The joke… you missed it.

      2. “You put your balls in my mouth while i was sleeping?”
        “Yeah, man. Twice.”
        “That’s rape! That is borderline rape.”

  4. Sensationalized media coverage of crime is up. So regardless of what the statistics say, most people will believe crime has never been higher.

    1. Children have never been at a higher risk for abduction by uniformed strangers.

  5. Crime down, police shootings up.

    1. Crime is down BECAUSE police shootings are up! Why, if only we’d allow MORE people to be shot down by cops without cause, crime would be down even further!


      1. If everyone were required to spend all their time sitting quietly with their hands where everyone could see them, and daily home inspections by police who were authorized to shoot up to ten people at random, why, crime would likely be a thing of the past!

  6. But what about the ceaseless slaughter of innocent schoolchildren by deranged gun nuts using hand held chain guns like what’s-his-name in Predator? That happens, like, every Tuesday, right?

    1. Old painless wielded by the lesser governor.

    2. Actually I’m pretty certain such antics do constitute a Tuesday for Florida Man

    3. Only if everything goes as scheduled.

  7. The police state is working!

    1. You know what other government enjoyed a low rate of violent crime and property crime?…

      1. Mega City 1?

        (wait, you said low)

      2. The Republic of San Lorenzo. You know, because of the Hook.

      3. Airstrip One

  8. I am pretty sure Law & Order tells a different story.

  9. Preface – Yes, I am a libertarian so don’t throw me in a wood chipper.

    What is causing the crime rate to fall? (honest question) I could just see a prohibitionist or a security whore saying that more policing and what not is causing it.

    So is it enforcement, economics, birth control, etc? Just interested.

    1. Global warming, reduced road construction, increased road construction, deep dish pizza, economically feasible solar panels, and sustained fusion?

      1. Bernie Sanders

      2. Don’t forget abortion and Mexican ass sex.

      3. Also circumcision.

    2. The proliferation of guns in our society makes everybody safer.

    3. Yes, I am a libertarian so don’t throw me in a wood chipper.

      Don’t tell me what to do, slaver.

    4. My shot in the dark crazy theory is video games. Most violence is committed by young men. Now nearly 100 percent of men are gamers so they aren’t wandering the streets getting into trouble. Now for a racist stereotype: the blacks are busy playing madden, the Browns playing FIFA and the whites playing COD.

      1. and the yellows don’t commit crimes so they are taken care of already.

        1. Sorry, forgot the Asians um… Pokemon black, you have to catch Jamal.

          / racists!!!

    5. All of that, none of that, some combination of a dozen other factors, or the stats could be bullshit.

      1. Freakonomics… “the widespread availability of birth control methods… with a 20-year lag time.”

        I think that’s a great explanation…

    6. Aging population.

    7. Porn & Video Games. DUH!

  10. But as of December, despite some small but still unwelcome bumps in the rape and aggravated assault rates, crime overall was continuing its long decline.

    Unwelcome bumps in the rape rate? Rolling Stone disagrees.

    1. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.

      /Grandma was right all along

  11. Obviously, teh ciminulz have been hoovered up by Stop and Frisk dragnets and carted off to the hoosegow, making America safe for the meek.

  12. despite some small but still unwelcome bumps in the rape and aggravated assault rates

    Bumps but no grinds?

  13. Unacceptable. We aren’t going to dissuade immigration by inticing migrants with a safer country to live in.

  14. Crime is down. As long as you don’t the actions of that criminal organization known as “government”.

  15. I don’t care to learn the methodology by which these statistics are gathered, but it has been shown in the big city in which I live and work- in the suburbs – has drastically lied about its crime rates. I’m going to assume everybody lies about the rates, up or down, as it suits their objectives. I don’t set aside the fact that we live a “Brazil” landscape of the absurd as it might suit my own hopes or preferences.

    Pure anecdote, a friend of mine – while in college – was jumped by a group of indians and beaten for which he still has several scars. The police didn’t even pursue charges or filing a full report. They pretty much told him to suck it. How does this get included in the FBI’s statistics?

  16. lol like what does the flippin FBI know anyways lol.

  17. Too many CCW’s, and you can only recycle stolen property so many times.

  18. Nonsense. I have it on good authority from Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts that due to the sunsetting of the AWB, the Heller and McDonald SCOTUS decisions…and the general loosening of firearms ownership and carrying restrictions that have been occurring for the past couple of decades the U.S. is now the wild, wild west, and the streets of Everytown are hip deep in rivers of the blood of adorable school children…

    …and KITTENS!!!!

  19. All this without the dreams of some, the president included, of Gun Control, amazing isn’t it? Absolutely amazing.

  20. (Page 1) According to the NCMEC map, there are over 843,260 men, women and children (as young as 8 and 10 in some states) required to register and the “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and many others.

  21. (Page 2) If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being murdered, harassed, threatened, children beaten, have signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, have flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant….all these things occur when these people try to hold their family together and provide the three things that professionals state are needed for successful re-integration; a job, a place to live and a good support system. Residency restrictions and homeless shelter restrictions only prohibit successful reintegration.

  22. We, as an organization, ask legislators to please pass laws that will actually help protect children, teens and the public. We need Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Programs with state funding to be taught where the offenses occur; family home, school, church, scouts, training programs and to teach parents how to begin and maintain a dialog with their children about their own sexuality. Also, empowering kids and teens to protect themselves as much as possible based on their ages and to speak up if someone makes them uncomfortable or starts to overstep their bounds. We should be proactive instead of reactive.
    Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry

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