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UK Mirror

South Wales police are investigating a Facebook post made by a former reality TV show star. Ursula Presgrave posted that people with Down syndrome "should be put down, it's just cruel to let them lead a pointless life of a vegetable." The remark went viral, prompting numerous complaints to Facebook and to police.

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  1. she’s lookiong a little potatoe faced in this picture…let’s kill her to put her out of our misery

  2. This is totally unbelievable. People are still posting on Facebook?

    Anyway, outrage porn addicts, by all means, keep feeding her celebrity. That will fix it.

  3. Odd that her post refers to ‘down syndrome’ while the headline says ‘Down’s Syndrome’ and repeats ‘Down’s Syndrome’ in the article. If she knows enough about Down Syndrome to know the correct name for it she’s probably just trolling and a reporter who doesn’t know the correct name has little room to talk about who’s an idiot.

    1. I’m calling the police on your comment.

  4. She’s just bringing back an old idea.

    Nazi euthanasia program

    1. crufus,

      Good point! Our closest survivor to pre WW II euthanasia groups – all of whom either disbanded or changed their names and mission statements to avoid the Nazi comparison – is Maggie Sangers’ “baby,” Planned Parenthood. This charmer from Wales should swing through this side of the pond during our campaign season, now that “PP” is part of the tussle. Her success as a reality star and Trump like willingness to say ludicrously “Politically Incorrect” stuff would make her a quality addition to our quality civil discourse. Crowdfunding, anyone. Does kickstarter work for a vague purpose like “injecting Welsh political incorrectness into our Pres campaign?”

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