NCAA Punishes College Athletes for Fantasy Sports Betting

For god's sake, don't pay student-athletes, or treat them like adults!


Because the rules and regulations surrounding college sports can always get more stupid, the NCAA is now punishing athletes for fantasy sports betting. The NCAA's director of enforcement told ESPN:

"NCAA member schools have defined sports wagering as putting something at risk — such as an entry fee — with the opportunity to win something in return, which includes fantasy league games. Because of this, student-athletes, coaches, administrators and national office staff may not participate in a fantasy league game with a paid entry fee."

I'm a huge fan of college sports, even as I recognize the whole system only detracts from the educational mission of schools and totally rips off students who almost always subsidize athletic departments even at big-time sports schools.

It's well past time to free the serfs and disestablish sports and higher education. At the very least, the NCAA, an organization that is imperious as it is idiotic, could actually share some of the bread college sports makes with the athletes themselves.

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