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Wesleyan Black Lives Matter Group Vows to Punish Student Newspaper for Thoughtcrime

Is there anything more threatening than a safe space?



Students affiliated with the Black Lives Matter anti-racism movement have promised to remove Wesleyan University's student newspaper, The Argus, from its stands and pressure the student government to deny funding to the paper unless certain conditions are met.

In response to a recent Argus op-ed that was mildly critical of BLM's tactics, the protest group launched a petition calling for newspaper staff members to undergo diversity training and set up a space on the front page specifically for "marginalized groups/voices." If no one submits content for this space, Argus staff members are instructed to instead print an advertisement "for your voice." More than 100 students and staff members have signed the petition.

Unless these and other conditions are met, members of Black Lives Matter will dispose of any copies of The Argus they find. They also want the student government, which allocates funding to The Argus, to take action. Troublingly, they seem to have the support of both the student government president and vice president.

These details all come from The Argus's own reporting on the story:

Rebecca Brill '16, co-Editor-in-Chief of The Argus, said that The Argus is committed to repairing its relationship with the community but that she is concerned about the precedent being set by the boycott of the newspaper.

"We would love to work with the WSA on how to achieve diversity, but editorial independence remains a huge priority for us," Brill said. "There's an important conversation going on right now about The Argus representing the voices of all students; it seems counterintuitive to censor the voice of a student expressing their views, offensive as they may be to some. We will continue to publish even if we are defunded. It's our responsibility to cover news on this campus and to represent our community."

The petition was discussed at a recent student government meeting, and the minutes of that meeting seem to support The Argus's characterization of the situation. According to a member of the Student Assembly identified as "Sadasia":

"A group of concerned students met in response to the Argus article about the Black Lives Matters article. It wasn't fact based, and perhaps even openly racist. People argue this is a freedom of speech case. We aren't trying to negotiate that. We want to talk about how this article isolates the community. We met with the Argus. It was a good conversation; productive. We got our voice across. We said that Black Lives Matter is not something that can be negotiated. It's not a maybe, it's a fact. We felt as though the Argus should have published an apology. A few students asked for this and it didn't happen."

It's worth reading the "perhaps even openly racist" article that inspired this petition. That article was written by student Bryan Stascavage, a conservative and veteran whose work also appears in The College Fix. Here is a representative passage:

It boils down to this for me: If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter's message, then I will not support the movement, I cannot support the movement. And many Americans feel the same. I should repeat, I do support many of the efforts by the more moderate activists.

Stascavage goes on to explain that he's frustrated with extremists in his own party who refuse to accept gay marriage, something he supports.

There's plenty to criticize in the op-ed, but it's hardly "openly racist." If agreeing with BLM about certain policy concerns but lamenting specific tactics is ipso facto racist, then there is simply no acceptably sensitive way to scrutinize BLM.

Wesleyan President Michael Roth issued a welcome statement in support of The Argus's freedom of speech:

Debates can raise intense emotions, but that doesn't mean that we should demand ideological conformity because people are made uncomfortable. As members of a university community, we always have the right to respond with our own opinions, but there is no right not to be offended. We certainly have no right to harass people because we don't like their views. Censorship diminishes true diversity of thinking; vigorous debate enlivens and instructs.

In the long run, Wesleyan will be a much more caring and inspiring community when we can tolerate strong disagreements. Through our differences we can learn from one another.

The students (and faculty! staff*) who circulated the petition have no interest in enlivening the debate, unfortunately; they wish only to control it. But they are insincere peddlers of diversity and false advocates of marginalized voices—after all, who is more "marginalized" at a private liberal arts college in Connecticut: the left-leaning activists running the student government or the lone newspaper conservative?

BLM's demands, though hostile to free expression and the educational mission of the university, are well in line with recent attempts by leftist student-activists to police speech that offends them on college campuses—often with the support of administrators who are all too eager to squelch dissent.

Is there anything more threatening to the health of a campus community than a purportedly "safe" space?

This post originally named the vice president for diversity as the president of the university. This mistake has been corrected.

*It was initially reported that at least two faculty members had signed the petititon. Popehat's Ken White has a copy of the petition here; it appears the two non-student signatories are staff administrators, not faculty.

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  1. “Anti-racism” should be in sneer quotes.

  2. If agreeing with BLM about certain policy concerns but lamenting specific tactics is ipso facto racist, then there is simply no acceptably sensitive way to scrutinize BLM.

    What is this “acceptably sensitive” of which you speak?

    1. This week’s addition to the Newsspeak dictionary.


  3. Scrutiny is a tool of the White Man.

    1. What are you implying, RBS, that you need to look closely to find it?

      (I am not being serious, BTW)

    2. White people are privileged in that they have accumulated resources and power to an extent that they can afford the luxury of scrutinizing others.

  4. “Most specifically, it neglects to provide a safe space for the voices of students of color and we are doubtful that it will in the future.”

    What the hell does a safe space for a newspaper column even mean? The ink from it won’t get on your fingers? If you can’t openly debate your ideas and stand them up against scrutiny then perhaps higher education isn’t the place for you. I don’t understand how people think they can empower themselves and infantilize themselves at the same time.

    1. Well, it seems like they mean exactly the opposite–as in a space that is not safe for one to freely emit his thoughts on things.

      1. #GeorgeOrwellMatters

    2. if you can’t openly debate your ideas and stand them up against scrutiny then perhaps higher education isn’t the place for you

      What the hell is this, the 30s? Would you like to re-segregate universities as well, Mr. Let’s Take Us Back Into The Past?

    3. I guess what they want is the paper to guarantee them a certain number of column inches, free from editorial oversight, and to bar anyone from commenting on those articles.

      1. five and three quarters inches?

        1. Or in their terms, two penis lengths.

          1. Or in their terms, two penis lengths.

            Black penises or white penises?

            There is a difference.

            /Founding Member of Black Penis Length Matters

            1. oh my God.

              Way to light the #cuckservative sign.

            2. Black, white, it makes no difference, they’re all dicks.

    4. Sounds to me like a claimed entitlement to proof-by-assertion: the notion that certain people, based completely on accident of birth, have a right to have the last word on particular topics.

      Implicit in this is the idea that one person can speak for his entire demographic. The fun starts when two or more people from the same demographic with different views try to do this at once. Then the “debate” really starts to be about which clique(s) should be on top in the pecking order of the Great Junior High School of Life.

  5. Remember when social conservatives threw away any copies of gay newspapers that they could find? The intolerant right and the intolerant left don’t always even go through the motions of differing from each other.

    1. I don’t remember that actually.

      1. Yes, Dr. Whom, are you just making this up?
        (citation required)

    2. Did they really force the gay newspaper to go to thought training?

    3. The Left is currently doing all the nasty intolerant things that they have long accused the Right of.

      1. That the right never actually did though.

    4. I remember back when I was a social conservative we used to do that all the time. It was a lot of fun. Gay newspapers can be kind of hard to find, though, particularly where their range overlaps with that of social conservatives.

    5. And what the blazes is a “gay newspaper”? Presumably newsworthy events would be whatever they are in a given area. It’s not like the gay and less-than-gay universes occupy the same space but do not overlap, such that a momentous event may occur in the gay universe yet not occur in the less-than-gay universe, despite them both occupying the same space. There a lot of classes of publication that could occur as gay and less-than-gay variations with some meaningful difference between them, but I can’t see that newspapers could be one.

  6. In response to a recent Argus op-ed that was mildly critical of BLM’s tactics, the protest group launched a petition calling for newspaper staff members to undergo diversity training and set up a space on the front page specifically for “marginalized groups/voices.”

    Dear BLM,

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Already.

    1. Yeah, that land belongs to the people anyway. Give it back!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that every time I see BLM.

        1. I think they got sick of all of the tweets I sent them, mocking the blackness of Shaun King.

          Silly, stupid me. I forgot – they ARE the government after all.

      2. I should have said it belongs to the Red People.

        Red Land Matters!

        1. White polar bears don’t matter? The earth really belongs to them.

          I guess only black bears and brown bears, but not white bears. #PinkUnicornsMatter

    2. That’s a surefire way to get the newspaper staff to dig in their heels and start provoking BLM in response.

      Which is probably what a lot of protestors want.

      1. So what. They want space to destroy, they can have at it all day with America’s mental institutions of low-info learning. Nothing of value is lost.

    3. Dear BLM,

      I am deeply concerned by the lack of accountability of the police, the prosecutors, amd various government agancies in this country. That said, you don’t help your cause by demanding special treatment and threatening to censor your opposition. Also, I would be a great deal more impressed,with the slogan “Black Lives Matter” if I thought for one fat instant that you intended to apply it to the gang culture and black-on-black violence.

      So, what’ll it be; do you want to take your place as full and reponsible citizens of the rebublic, or are you just one more bunch of poverty pimps?

      1. Um..the second thing.

      2. *Applauds Wildly*

  7. Apparently gay marriage is what actually matters.

    Also, since when is LE a race?

    1. LE?

      *** gets coffee ***

      1. I dunno, is there such a thing as a Lawful Evil race?

        Hobgoblins, maybe? Are Devils considered a race?

        1. When does Alignment begin?
          At conception? After viability? Following birth? Adolescence?

          Additionally, if the Hobgoblin was born Lawful Evil (as most or probably all were in the older versions)…. If the Hobgoblin was born Lawful Evil, but identified as True Neutral, should Druids be forced to teach him the ways of Druidism?


          1. Where would libertarianism fall in alignment? I would assume somewhere between strict neutral and chaotic good. I don’t see it on the lawful side.

            1. Eh, I would argue, libertarianism is wide enough philosophy to span about any non-evil alignment. Being LN is perfectly within boundaries of minarchism – have as few law as possible, but make sure they are followed. CN is pretty much anarchism, as it only recognizes individual consent as binding. CG/LG would also work, as long as you don’t expect others to do ‘good’ if they don’t want to. NG is a bit bleed-hearty, N is either pointless or hard to play, and, I guess, LE libertarian could exist. Not big on “E” part, but genuinely not giving the fuck about others – you got a problem, sue me. I won’t violate contract, but I’ll fuck you by the letter of it for my benefit.

          2. Can we deport Unlawful Evil? Or are the only Undocumented Evil?

            1. Undocumented Evil sounds like extra-planar creatures (demons, devil etc) so yes, we can deport them via exorcism.

              1. What are you nerds talking about? Nevermind.

                1. * Comprehend Languages on AlmightyJB*

                  1. I googled that. Lol:)

          3. At conception, of course. Otherwise we couldn’t wipe out Orcish or Goblin settlements while maintaining our LG alignment! If we can’t just go balls out, and instead bog the game down in stupid philosophical arguments over every fucking kill, may as well play Vampire.

            1. I thought your points and the brief conversation was rather good. Thanks to all.

        2. Are Devils considered a race?

          Only white devils, Ofay!


      2. *** coffee kicks in ***

        Law Enforcement!

        1. Sure, we’ll go with that.

          1. Nah, Lawful Evil sounds more appropriate!

            1. You say tomayto, I say tomahto . . . .

              STOP RESISTING!

        2. Lesbian Eater

          1. Wouldn’t that just be lesbian?

    2. Lawful Evil

      1. Law Enforcement

  8. In response to an opinion article questioning its tactics, an organization threatens vandalism, makes ridiculous demands, etc.

    Good one.

    1. You can do whatever you want when you’re a protected group.

      1. But it’s intolerant to point out that doing whatever you want is the hallmark of the privileged.

  9. All lives matter (except teh blacks).

  10. All that matters:….._EOD12.jpg

    1. How many hundreds of millions the US spending on this trip you wager?

    2. Speaking of zerohedge…

      The Mystery Of The “Missing Inflation” Solved, And Why The US Housing Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

      Rent inflation is outstripping wage growth, the number of renters spending a third to half of their income on rent is rising steadily, the number of homeowners has fallen to its lowest rate since the late 60s, and the number of parents’ basement-dwelling millennials has grown for a fourth year.

      1. You guys are just a fucking ball of joy huh:)

        1. Wait ’til you hear the bad news!

          1. I’m going to live forever?

            1. “May you live in interesting times.”

      2. I was complaining about my rent far outstripping my salary to my boss today and said “gee you could give me a bigger raise”. He chuckled. Then he says “why don’t you buy” and I laughed in his face.

        1. I’ve noticed over the past few years that more people are moving into my building and sharing apartments to reduce rent than they did when I first moved in. Of course, rents and housing prices have been going through the roof in Seattle and show no indication of slowing down. It’s pretty nuts.

          1. I rented with roommates until I was well into my 30s. I thought it went great, and it spared me money to do plenty of other things, including save to buy a house. Once I bought my own house, I rented out a room in it to a friend, who lived with me until I got married and my wife moved in.

            Why do all the rent questions seem to be based on the idea that people live alone?

            1. I had a roommate until I was 36. At some point you say enough already.

              I do agree that my situation would be *much* easier if I had someone to split the cost but things haven’t exactly been a great success in that department.

              1. But what about all those couples on HGTV buying half million dollar homes? He doesn’t work. She’s a nurse. Am I not the only one who doesn’t get that?

                1. an HGTV reference is how we know JB is married.

                  1. I sure as hell don’t watch it:)

          2. I’ve noticed over the past few years that more people are moving into my building and sharing apartments to reduce rent

            Same here. My building is jam-packed now. Every old bag that was paying $400 a month is being replaced by multiples paying $2000 or more. And of course my neighborhood is under special zoning which means *nothing* gets built. At least the hipsters haven’t found us yet – when that happens, forget about it.

        2. I got the same shit. If I buy a slightly shittier house than I’m renting right now, in a worse location no less, my monthly payment would be even higher. I’m not kidding. I rent from two old people who paid off the house 20 years ago and know full well they could ask 20-25% more. They just don’t want to raise the rent. Thank you!!!

          1. I had a sweet deal like that until the wife kicked it and wanted my place back. Instant $400 rent increase. And hundreds more since then. It’s ridiculous. Also: rent control, my ass. That is a scam for anyone under the age of 70.

            1. Er, the husband wanted my place back…

      3. If rents are rising, what is stopping developers from building more apartment buildings?

  11. I remember how idealistic I was when I was in charge of my campus newspaper. I told the student association, who had hauled me in regarding some administration scandal we published about whose details I don’t recall anymore, that “We don’t answer to you!” I was practically Ben Bradlee. What I wouldn’t give for BLM, meat-headed cop defenders, and the social justice PC police to be around back then. It coulda been a ticket to 15 minutes of fame. Back then, and it wasn’t that long ago, nobody gave a shit what you put in a college paper (unless it was the administration in the midst of a scandal).

    1. Also we drank a lot of booze and had sex, often at the same time. Way back in aught five. Poor kids these days.

      1. Also we drank a lot of booze and had sex, often at the same time.

        So you’re admitting to rape. Although I don’t know how that works with gay men. Is there a progressive stack modifier for working this bullshit out? If two men rape one another, does the rape cancel out or are both culpable, like the teenager who’s both victim and perpetrator of his own sexual exploitation? Do we make distinctions for tops and/or power bottoms? Doms and subs? Twinks and… well, you get the point.

        Or is it just like straight couples, whoever gets to the counselor first is the victim?

      2. I love it when kids talk about the old days. Back in 2005.

      3. Nothing quite as refreshing as a leftist opining wistfully of nostalgic “freer” times…

        Tony, the Bringer of Advil…

      4. Way back in aught five


        I was fricking 41 in “aught five”. In other words, you don’t even remember Reagan while I remember the moon landing…

        Children are so cute!

    2. Re: Tony the Marxian,

      I remember how idealistic I was when I was in charge of my campus newspaper.

      Idealism is the best antidote for honesty and integrity, my pappy always said.

      1. Jesus, I know “Tony” is not real, but I have no problem imagining it as that asshole in charge of campus newspaper. It just fits so well – social studies degree, starts writing in first year, editor by third year as well as something on student government, Solidarity With Palestine Society secretary, then bounce around NGOs, writing for lefty papers on the side.

        1. A friend worked for the campus rag and enjoyed several good years there up until a new girl managed to oust the former editor in charge with some political wheedling. She was a feminist and a lesbian as well as a bipolar basketcase, and most of the senior editors quit within a term rather than running afoul of her constant whisper campaigns.

        2. I waited until my 50’s then started writing porn

          1. me too

    3. I’m not a blanket cop defender, I believe there are lots of problems. The author of the link college editorial mentioned that it’s bad to have militarized police always looking over their shoulders.

      However, when the narrative goes first, that everything bad that happens to a black person is because of racism, then they will never even bother to look for the truth which could lead to a solution.

      A false problem leads to false solutions.

      1. A substantial part of the problem has been caused by the refusal of the government to collect and publish national use of force statistics. This has caused a situation where there is no means to objectively verify the success of reforms and, even worse, no way to objectively determine current trends in police violence. So no one can agree on even basic assumptions: who are cops killing, under what circumstances are they being killed, what kind of punishments are being meted out, etc. Opinions are formed by universalizing individual cases or by activist propaganda.

        The only counter-weight to this is are independent, private research efforts of Fatal Encounters – for police killing people – and the Puppycide Database Project – for police killing pets (and people who are standing next to pets). Despite the compilation of massive datsets, no research is being published in journals, and for the most part newspapers are more interested in plagiarizing their own databases than they are in reporting the content of much more extensive existing databases. Its a clusterf***

        Disclaimer: Im a volunterr for PuppycideDB.

  12. They should give BLM a safe space in the paper. Every issue, BLM can submit a small blurb about their struggle. And the space can be indicated as the Black Lives Matter section by covering it entirely in black ink.

    1. I wish this site had upvotes. I’d thumbs-up this over 9000 times.

  13. Nothing says respect me like being a bully.

  14. Is there anything more threatening to the health of a campus community than a purportedly “safe” space?

    Unstoppable roving rape gangs?

    1. Well since they’re imaginary anyways.

    2. Our Pussies Matter?

      1. What do you think Henri (the Existential Cat) would say?

    3. “Unstoppable roving rape gangs?”

      I remember they played an important role in that book THE RAVAGERS. I never been able to get a copy of the film adaptation, but it’s hard to imagine they played it the same way.

  15. Good article Robbo.

  16. Read the article. There really is nothing even remotely racist about it. It points out that there are radicals in the BLM movement and wonders if they are being adequately confronted by the more moderate elements. It goes out of its way to not label all of BLM as being radical or racist.

    1. It was the most level-headed anti-BLM cop-fellating bullshit I’ve ever read. It could have been a whole lot more racist before I’d even consider censoring it.

      There’s something very weird about the “SJWs” and their indifference/hostility to free speech. I don’t think it is helpful for their cause.

      1. They are running out of oppression to protest.

        It’s exceptionally wierd considering BLM is about, you know, black people getting literally killed by cops. You would think that they would have other things to focus their attention on besides some guy at the college newspaper writing an insufficiently deferential editorial.

        1. BLM is, by design, avoiding the issues of cops killing blacks. They’re an anti-racist hammer, looking for racist nails. The fact that the pubsec and its unions are entirely unaccountable to their people is irrelevant. In fact, BLM, like OWS will increasingly morph into a pro-government organization.

          There was an interesting development in the Fed meetings where no protesters would be allowed inside the building.

          Except the Fed did allow one group (I believe Fed Up) to protest. Why that one group? Because Fed Up’s essential complaint is that there isn’t enough government, isn’t enough stimulus, isn’t enough of everything the Fed and the government want to do.

          They don’t want to change anything, they want to inject steroids into what’s already there.

        2. So he was disappeared from Black Pravda for not clapping loud enough for Brutha Stalin.

      2. “It could have been a whole lot more racist before I’d even consider censoring it.”

        What do you consider censoring ?

        1. The same thing every tyrant wants to censor. Stuff they disagree with.

    2. So to prove that they’re not terrorists, they blew everything up?

      1. TIL they’re black Muslims.

  17. “A group of concerned students met in response to the Argus article about the Black Lives Matters article. It wasn’t fact based, and perhaps even openly racist. People argue this is a freedom of speech case. We aren’t trying to negotiate that. We want to talk about how this article isolates the community. We met with the Argus. It was a good conversation; productive. We got our voice across. We said that Black Lives Matter is not something that can be negotiated. It’s not a maybe, it’s a fact. We felt as though the Argus should have published an apology. A few students asked for this and it didn’t happen.”

    Orange dishwasher fling washroom derelict trombone platelet.

    1. Orange dishwasher fling washroom derelict trombone platelet.

      Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to The Late P Brooks for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely commentators were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it “authentic” SWJ gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

      1. Icon fast burger pipe admirably, Indeed!

      2. What are we made of? Our fathers came across the prairie: fought Indians, fought locust, fought dicks!

  18. No matter how well intentioned an organization like this is, it will always be taken over eventually by power-mongers and others who want to intimidate, shout down, and otherwise silence others. Because it’s too perfect for them not to gravitate towards it. It’s a bully pulpit and by god they want to use it to actually push their own grievances and collect power for themselves.

    Some people are total fucking scumbag shitheads. And they are usually the ones fighting hardest for power that they should never have. The instant people turn their backs and stop paying attention–like they will often do automatically for social justice shit, which is why these people love social justice shit–they will slip in. They are always waiting for the opportunity. Always.

    1. But do they mostly come out at night?


      1. You can only see their eyes and smiles.

    2. Half decent description of Obama if you ask me.

      1. Politicians are the ne plus ultra of the power-monger shitheads I talked about above.

  19. I’m cringing at the use of “anti-racism”, is the only criteria that the majority of protesters are white for it to be classified a racist rally?

  20. Our newest troll should be here soon to assure us that BLM’s threats are just free speech, since they didn’t have the cops remove the ‘papers.

  21. The return of the Communists. They just changed their name, progressives, globalists, it’s all the same.

  22. If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement

    Sounds like a criminal justice major needs a safe space.

    1. “If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement”

      Why the fuck is this something to get wrung out over? Was their whole movement really hinging on this jerkoff “supporting” it? What a bunch of dopes.

  23. In response to a recent Argus op-ed that was mildly critical of BLM’s tactics, the protest group launched a petition calling for newspaper staff members to undergo diversity training […]

    “Diversity training” must be something that is meant to scare people into compliance, otherwise why mention it. Not unlike such threats like “we’ll send you to the Russian front” or “I have the perfect girl for you – she has the nicest personality!”

    Unless these and other conditions are met, members of Black Lives Matter will dispose of any copies of The Argus they find.

    That threat would have meant something way back when the only media available was print media… Like 20 years ago.

    1. Hmm. A full day of diversity training, or winter in Stalingrad with the Wehrmacht.

      Tough one . . .

      1. I’ll take my chances with the Rasputitsa….

      2. I’ll go with being waterboarded

      3. At least in Stalingrad there’s a chance of Tante Ju!

  24. calling for newspaper staff members to undergo diversity training

    Comrade Mao approves of this demand — as long as there are daily public self-criticism sessions in the re-education camp called “diversity training”.

    1. “Struggle sessions”, comrade.

  25. More than 100 students and faculty members have signed the petition.

    Wesleyan University has a population, according to google, of just over 3,200 students. Add to that a population of a few hundred instructors and support staff. And they managed to garner so few signatures?

  26. Will Matt Damon be teaching the course?

    1. Matt Damon is damaged goods since he interrupted a WoC on national TV and told her that diversity is done in the show, not in the making of the show.

      1. So that makes him a shoo-in.

  27. If higher education was a cock it would be a rat cock. Not that rat cocks suck in rat world (after watching pizza rat I am now concerned about offending the fucking rats) but no living human male wants a rat cock. Maybe dead humans want rat cocks. I’m fucking just assuming shit at this point.

    1. What if a rat wore a hat while eating a cat? Would the sight of it make you diet, or eat till you get Christy fat?

      1. He sees that every day

      2. I am about 20 rats overweight, vamp. Christy was about 12 thousand rats overweight until he went under the delicate paws of boys that play with fat cells. He is currently 3 thousand rats overweight. As far as cats being eaten by rats… rats can dream I guess.

        1. My rats got in with my chickens one time. They caught and kilt one.

          When I was stocking up, I used to just throw any quails I caught live in with the rats. They have a curious method where they just creep up on the quail real slow, till they’re ride and beside it. Then they really slowly closer and closer, till they’ve got an arm over its shoulders. Then the rat looks like he’s whispering something in the quail’s hear. Then all of a sudden it attacks, with a rapid serious of very powerful bites to the neck, which usually severed the spinal column, and at the very least cut through a major artery. So, they can handle a quail fine, one on one, and a dozen can take out a chicken as nice as you please. So I imagine eating cats is entirely possible.

          They broke in with the pheasants one night and when I discovered it the next morning, I found them all sleeping together in the pheasant box, rats and pheasants side by side, no problem. There was also a wild rat that appeared and lived for a year under the shed: It spent a lot of time in the chicken yard, with no apparent disputes with the chickens. Up to about 300 g, the chickens tend to perceive the rat as food and will catch and kill and eat it. Bigger than that, however, they don’t treat like that. One place I lived, there was a lot of mice, and the chickens were catching them all the time. Folks kept telling me no way. Eventually I went ahead and took photographs next time I found them eating mice.

  28. Black Lives Matter anti-racism movement

    I’ll take oxymorons for 200, Alex…

  29. Where in the hell is Waffles!!!??? I’m sooooo tired of pancakes.

  30. From the comments on the original Op-Ed

    Kaloskagathos ? 12 hours ago
    I am black and I actually really like this article. It asks questions that need to be asked. It’s hard not to get the uncomfortable notion that a movement that is supposed to be about showing regard for human life and dignity is seemingly indifferent when a police officer gets killed. And it’s plain to see that the movement clearly doesn’t see it as its job to do anything about the riots and lootings it unwittingly creates in its wake.

    Simon Wethersby – Kaloskagathos ? 42 minutes ago
    How black?

    1. Yay Waffles!!!!!! Ur back. If you leave me with pancakes again, I’ll have to give you a smack.

      1. Pancakes is dead. I have no idea what kind of Ouija board you used to summon her back, but she dead. She’s long been dead.

        1. Don’t do it, son! What comes out of the ground ain’t the thing you put in. The Indians knew that. That’s why they stopped using it when the ground went sour.

          Sometimes… dead is better.

          1. Damn right dead is better….and sexier too!

        2. So silly rhymes conjur the dead ay.

        3. This reminds me of White Zombie

    2. Simon Wethersby, wazup ma nigga!!!!

      wait, what?

      1. oh shit, I just assumed a black guy could never have the name “Simon Wethersby”, submitting my self for re-education.

  31. So this needs to be censored?

    There is barely a lick-spittle of anything offensive in there. The degree of censorship being demanded is absurd. BLM protesters stopped Bernie Sanders mid-speech but some college kid who comes from a conservative background can’t write a mildly critical opinion piece? Sheesh. It’s not the color of the skin that matters, but the thickness of it. Toughen the fuck up.

    1. An officer I talked to put it succinctly: “If they want to come after me, fine. Just come at me head on. Don’t shoot me in the back of my head. I’d rather go down with a fighting chance.”

      WAR ON COPS.

      Wait, no: moron cops.

    2. BLM should spend a coupla 30’s in the circles of Reason. Toughen they shall or weaken into space junk dross.

    3. Smith countered with, “You can’t judge an entire movement off the actions of a few extremists.”

      I responded with, “Isn’t that what the movement is doing with the police? Judging an entire profession off the actions of a few members?”


      1. Smith responded, “I said YOU can’t. learn2english you racist motherfucker.”

  32. I think the more reasonable solution is for these students to start their own newspaper, and petition for that paper to be given proportional funding.

    1. That would require effort.

  33. Some recent history from the home of the Free Speech Movement: (my bold)

    The Daily Californian has a history of publishing spirited editorials, and in some cases editions containing controversial editorials have been subjected to newspaper theft. In 2002, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates agreed to pay restitution after admitting to having thrown away a thousand copies of The Daily Californian after it endorsed his opponent, then-Mayor Shirley Dean. In May 2003, nearly 5,000 papers were stolen by students protesting coverage of the arrest of a Cal football player. The largest act of theft took place in November 1996 when the paper’s senior editorial board endorsed Proposition 209. Nearly 23,000 papers were stolen on Election Day 1996, and in the following days copies of the paper were tossed off the balcony of the newspaper’s office and burned in effigy.

    Bates is still mayor.

    1. He prefers to be called Master rather than Mayor.

  34. Proggy cannabilism is the best kind.

    1. +1 Yagoda Yezhov Beria

      1. Couldn’t have happened to nicer guys…

  35. We making this an evening thread for West Coasters? If so, I submit
    Fuck your sovereignty, EU edition. Against their will, former Warsaw Pact countries signed up to take “migrants”, but not a lot – just the tip!
    Best quote

    Under the plan, Hungary will have to take in a share of migrants. Had it not opposed the scheme, it would have been exempt.

    1. “Had it not opposed the scheme, it would have been exempt.”

      Is this like “if you hadn’t resisted I wouldn’t have beaten you up?”

  36. I would suggest that this conservative student guy consider if he can get an education which doesn’t expose him to all the financial and retardedness risks of going to a university.

    If he *has* to attend a university, he should keep his head down and confine his shocking opinions to his close friends who won’t rat on him.

    But if he’s going to go off in public with controversial opinions, spare us the “please be nice to me I’m a *good* conservative” BS – it doesn’t work and simply means he’s grovelled and cringed for no good purpose.

    “I’m criticizing the racemongering assholes, but I get to do it because I’m for gay marriage!”

    Screw that, just get straight to the part where you tell the racemongers to fuck off, and save the rest for another column.

  37. Nothing says the right’s trope of Black Lives Matter as a bunch of gang thugs is ridiculous like threats of vandalism.

  38. Dear BLM,

    Kiss my (allegedly) privileged white ass.

    Thank you.


    Rufus from Canada.

      1. Just checked that link.

        Would never enter such a bathroom. Like I want to piss with a woman next to me. Fuck that.


    1. So do they have a similar movement in Canada called My Black Life Matters.

        1. Where did you get more than one black person from? You import them from Detroit for the day?

          1. Why do you think Canada basketball is doing much better now?

            1. I wasn’t aware you played basketball in Canada.

              1. Badly until recently even though…A CANUCK INVENTED THE GAME.

            2. Leo Rautins is white!

              (The Toronto area is producing a bunch of kickass basketball players, many who play with chips on their shoulders, which is great).

              1. But they laid an egg against Venezuela. All part of the learning curve I guess.

                1. Wiggins and Sauce Castillo are still young! Some of the South American and European teams are tough, though.

                  1. Yup. They fight hard.

                    Canada needs to instill their hockey mentality into basketball.

          2. You asshole Americans are having a negative impact on us Canadians.

            1. Yes, Americans are having a negative impact on the French. /rolls eyes

              1. Who are these Frenchos you speak of?

                1. You do live in Canada right? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

                  1. Oh them.

                    /rolls eyes.

      1. So that’s what happened to Kodak huh.

        1. #PhotonsAreRacist

          1. It’s even called “White” Balance:)

            1. I know right? It’s even measured in K’s!

              1. That made me laugh:)

              2. I know right? It’s even measured in K’s!

                3 << 6500

      2. From the comments:

        Aaron Kasparov (2976) 1 hour ago
        “Roth”.. that’s a Jewish name. Well Mrs member of the “Chosen Race”, I guess you didn’t do your research you poor little thing: White people INVENTED colored photography you life sucking leach…

        Yes, White people like Gabriel Lippmann! Lippmann, now there’s a good Anglo-Saxon name if I ever heard one!

        1. Amazing that there is so much Judenhass in this world.

  39. I live in Middletown and drive through Wesleyan 3 or 4 days a week, and regularly read the rantings in Argus, you all should check it out, it’s not a normal school newspaper by any stretch.
    This whole campus is a campus of feigned misdeeds, oppressiveness and grievances, inclusion and equality seems to be all they are concerned with. After 3 years of checking the Argus, it’s nauseating. This is the college campus Jerry Seinfeld was speaking about.
    $60k/year to have your children or friends learn this crap….nobody is aggrieved at Wesleyan except that conservative guy. They are as far from the real world as the Jetsons and Han Solo are. BLM is Totally pathetic.

    1. Is their crossword any good? Or do their constructors cheat the rules by inventing new pronouns?

    2. Well that was racist.

      1. The jetsons and han solo…both white. nuff said

    3. You say this like it’s unique or surprising. All school newspapers are activist agitprop. I graduated almost 25 years ago and I still remember the name of the LGBT group flack because literally every single issue of the paper included a front page article by him. It was a running joke to mock whatever Trey was upset about that week.

      These editors won’t address the BLM lunatics effectively because they’re constricted by the no enemies to the left doctrine. Effective options are available to them, if they choose not to use them we should write them off as losers.

  40. As I said in the PM links… i think the only logical retort to people who engage in “threats” a la =

    “”Unless these [and other conditions] are met, members of Black Lives Matter will dispose of any copies of The Argus they find“””

    …is to call their bluff. Let them go ahead and try and destroy the paper.

    LET the aggrieved politically-extremist minority carry out the acts they claim they have the authority and will for.

    Give them every opportunity to act like children, stomping their feet and throwing their ice cream out the window and demanding Chocolate Cake or else they will cry louder.

    Meanwhile, let everyone else go on behaving like adults, trying to engage in a rational debate.

    See what it wins them, see what it loses them.

    But this “make apologies” bullshit? Is basically granting them authority they don’t deserve.

    1. And catch them on film. Bait some boxes around campus and catch them on film taking newspapers. Confront them. Ask what they plan on doing with them. Ask if it’s worth their effort and exposure to silence critics. And then write up their responses in the next issue.

      1. No! Don’t even bother with them. Don’t give them any attention at all. Asking them for their reasons pretends that there *are* legitimate reasons to try and stifle opponents. If they want to broadcast their own opinions and publish their own paper, let them.

        The entire point is to force them to deal with “No” and put the ball back in their hands.

        They think they can just moan and get whatever they want through the force of Moral Superiority. But the only power they have is what people grant them.

        The reason the BLM people were able to “Shut Down” the Bernie Sanders speech is because they knew that other progs would never have the balls to tell them “No”.

        1. Well, yeah. You say “No,” and the next week they’re out rounding up your print copies for summary burning or mulching or whatever a bunch of college lefties come up with. You can either sigh and pretend it’s not happening, or hope the college will intervene on your behalf, or hope they’ll get bored with it and leave you alone. Or you ambush them and ask WTF they think they’re doing, and write up their vapid responses so others can see what a lunatic fringe this movement is.

          1. Aren’t college papers supposed to be staffed by future media personalities and “journalists” who will mold and craft narratives to support their pet causes out in the real world? I’m just some dumb nobody who comments on a libertarian site, but I’m sure these urchins in training can come up with much better ways to suckerpunch unsavvy dipshits.

            1. Maybe not =

              Broccoli City Forum Discusses Sustainability Issues

              “The Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group sponsored the Broccoli City Forum at the University on Saturday…

              The event took place in the Bessie Schonberg Dance Studio and featured artwork on display as well as a projected slideshow of different pictures from this year’s Broccoli City Festival.

              Kimora Brock ’15 and Kafilah Muhammad ’18 facilitated a discussion focused on sustainability and the importance of uniting environmental causes with social projects. The discussion emphasized the speakers’ advice and insight, based on their personal experiences with similar projects.

              Farias discussed his interest in environmental issues and their effect on communities. These interests stemmed from his own experiences growing up in the Bronx.

              “I’ve been here for about a year and a half, and what I see is that we need to reconnect some of these questions of environmentalism and sustainability with ones of diversity and inclusion and equity,” Farias said. “I grew up in the Bronx, and I had asthma. And I had this question of?why do I have asthma…. And if you know anything about the environment and how it impacts underdeveloped communities? You can use the term environmental racism.””

              Yeah, so….that happened. And it was ‘reported’.

              1. *(insert obligatory…)

                SUCKS TO YER ASS-MAR!!

      2. They should wait until a particularly small miscreant takes their newspapers.

        Then issue a press release about how a small minority of BLM vandalized their property.

  41. It’s like all this spaghetti being pushed out of the ceiling, man. Like streams of spaghetti ninjas.

    1. But it never drips. IT NEVER DRIPS!

      1. These fuckers are dripping everywhere man. What the fuck are you talking about, Jab?

        1. I could never get them to fully drip. Like they would start to but they would never fully let go of the ceiling. It would piss me off because I wanted them to just let go and fuckung rain man.

    2. spaghetti ninjas

      That’s racist, Cy. The proper term is “condottieri” or “capitani di ventura”.

      1. Fuck your mafia Q.

        1. Oh Susie Q….

          Now the song is stuck in your head.

          1. Susie Q was really a Jew that got her revenge by making nazi stew.

            1. Are you trying to summon Zombie Waffles again?

        2. Me? I’m a kraut. Our grand conspiracy is brewing the beers that the fucking wops bootleg.

          1. We got a Hofbrau in Columbus last year. Pretty good beer.would like to to Germany somerime. Dad was stationed there. Loved it.

          2. Aren’t you getting a cut? After all, it’s the government that creates the black market.

            1. Al Capone is dead? Wait what year is it? Did we win? Never mind.

              1. Did you win? Your German, remember.

                1. Gott sch?tze Amerika!

              2. Geraldo confirmed his death.

                I think.

          3. You’re a Kraut with a penis the size of a chihuahua snout. That is why the girls throw you out, as you cry on the pavement and scream and shout, then they feel all sad and pout. They then throw money at you for the doctor to stretch it out.

            1. I don’t know if there’s room for both you and Agile.

            2. Kielbasa, V, person of suck.

  42. Agile, your poetry is awesome, sometimes delicate but never fragile. I would walk to the gates of hell with you for many a mile, cause I like your style.

    1. Your love makes me shrink into a humongous microscopic corner, love

  43. A couple of things, as a former administrator of a major college student newspaper:

    1) Why is the school paper taking ANY money from the student government? We specifically made our money ONLY through ads to avoid having any type of situation where we were beholden to the student government or the university administration, although it should be noted the SPLC is quite clear that taking money from the student government does not allow said student government to force the newspaper to do ANYTHING.

    2) Taking mass amounts of copies of the paper from newstands is felony theft, even if it’s a free paper, because the advertising have a reasonable assumption that their ads will reach a wide audience. If that audience number is severely impacted by a theft, they can recuperate that lost ad money from the newspaper and cause a nasty fight between the paper and the advertiser.

    1. 3) We had a similar thing happen at my university. We had mass amounts of our papers stolen by a fraternity to cover up a story about rape at their frat house. We never did nail them, even though one of the perps left their homework with their name on it at the dumping site of the papers (What a fucking idiot). Chalk that up to the brilliance of university police and administrators.

      We also had on-campus racial groups try to force us into diversity training because we ran a cartoon by a well-known (black) cartoonist/satirist where an old white couple proudly pronounces they’re voting for “the nigger”. It was meant to show that Obama, in his ’08 run, had united huge cross-sections of the populations supposedly, even racists.

      And it ran the day after Election Day. Yeah, it pissed a lot of people off, including all the on-campus social justice types.

      Needless to say, because we were independent of school funding, the school could not force us to do anything. Hahaha, good times.

      1. I take back all the rotten things I said about college newspaper authors. You’re alright people, you know.

  44. Yo, protesters – suck my motherfuckin’ dick.

    /Eddie Murphy

  45. Toast sucks. Waffles rule!

    *smashes toast*

    1. All around the country and coast to coast
      People always say what do you like most?
      I don’t wanna brag i don’t wanna boast
      so i just tell em i like toast
      YEAH TOAST!!
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    2. I get up in the morning about 6 AM
      had a little jelly had a little jam
      take a piece of bread put it in the slot
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    3. Now there’s no secret to toasting perfection
      there’s a dial on the side and you make your selection
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    4. When the first caveman drove in from the drags
      didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs
      musta bin a genius got it in his head
      plug the toaster in the wall buy a bag of bread make toast
      YEAH TOAST!!
      UH OHH!

      –Heywood Banks

    5. It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
      Crusty is on the streets, trying to consume
      Some toast for the eve, so I can get some funk
      Just rollin’ in my ride, chillin all alone

      1. When nasa finds a boy floating in space juggling planets we all know what nasa will call that boy.

  46. Kind of funny that this would take place at Wesleyan – a college named after John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church which split with the Calvinists over the issue of predestination, of whether your fate is sealed at the moment of your birth depending on which group you belong to or whether it is up to you as an individual to take charge of your life and determine your own fate. Maybe Wesleyan needs to look into some of this Calvinist back-sliding. (FWIW, Wesley was also known as an ardent abolitionist and the reason that black churches are heavily ‘AME’, African Methodist Episcopal.)

    1. Check your history privilege pal.

    2. And here I thought it was named after the successor to the Dread Pirate Roberts.

  47. I remember the fucking place and some dick ass black bitch was in my face in like fucking 1989 surrounded by his ghetto kittens and I was at my goddam locker in a fucking beautiful fucking marble edifice of a 1940’s high school where architects were actual architects and not the prison plan copy and paste fuck retards of today’s school builds. May all these post 2000 fuck school architects die in sand. Verbal sand. Sue me.

    So, this dick ass black alley cat has the audacity to fucking get in my goddamn face and shit with his pile of black kittens meowing muscles and anger and crap and I’m like fuck you, bitch. I had nothing to do with that fucking shit and I would hide you and all your kittens if some bitch wanted to enslave your fucking black asses under some blood letting whip in the early years of this laboratory experiment called who the fuck even knows the fuck.. but I don’t believe in goddamn slavery you fucking violent black horrid heel. But I can guarantee you one thing you punkass schlep if your bitches come near me your eyes will be the first set my thumbs stapled to back of your skull. Bitch left me alone and we became friends afterward for a short time until I moved South of that hell hole.

    1. So, this dick ass black alley cat has the audacity to fucking get in my goddamn face and shit with his pile of black kittens meowing muscles and anger and crap and I’m like fuck you, bitch.

      So what happened to the kittens?

      1. It’s avant-garde jazz! I treat it as such, which is why Eric Dolphy is my AC soundtrack.

    1. Needs MOAR Woodchipper


      But seriously, bravo. Name and shame.

  48. Kudos to Mr. Roth, but I’d respect him even more if he said something along the lines of “kiss my lilly-white ass, you guilt-peddling twats.”


  49. For no reason other than I am watching Dr. Strangelove:

    Try a Little Tenderness

  50. Mrs Harris was a black lady librarian in those fucking years and she looked like a massive attractive toad with orange beads in her braids and she would tell me she couldn’t stand white people as I read contemporary literature next to her desk. And i would fucking look at my pages and ask myself- does this lady fucking even know I’m white? Bitch would go on for days about white injustice and shit and I’m fucking white as fuck and somehow she liked me because I reminded her fucking black ass of yet ANOTHER fucking white motherfucker Clint Eastwood. So the brittle boisterous black lady who fucking had a white chip on her fucking shoulder asked a white boy to manage her library for credits and referred to me as a famous white boy. I actually started to adore her after year two. Took an entire fucking year to figure this weird ass black Librarian mama out and I determined that Mrs Harris was completely insane and I would have to age probably wizard years to figure this thing out so in the meantime I’d hang on for the ride until 11th and make sure I kept lots of memories because, man, the lady was a walking fucking definition of the most massive middle finger to all that is mainstream in pub ed. Well, Mrs Harris, you won. I’ve never forgotten you, babe.

  51. fingers talk
    notice they don’t walk
    but they’d like to
    so they

  52. The fact is a Reason thread is an edge
    People can jump off if they want
    but most aren’t used to jumping off threads
    like actual mountains but
    I have seen people jump off threads
    like mountains
    in a Reason thread…

  53. A pipe once talked to me and it was full of billowing trains and dead hobos.

    1. That’s not a pipe.

      1. It was a portal.

        1. This is the joke I was trying to make.

          1. Well, how do you fit a bunch of dead hobos and billowing trains into something so narrow? Huh, smart guy?


  54. there is like a pile of beer in the bottom of my bottles, man.
    fucking pile of pee maybe

    1. I have as many tape measures as you, so I’m qualified to comment: tape measure fonts suck. The 5 looks like the 6 looks like the 8 looks like the 9 looks like the 3. If half your glyphs look like each other, you have failed as a font designer.

      1. lettered as the brilliant child of the sun Q is.

        1. #TapeMeasureFontsSuck

  55. The bursting of the student debt bubble cannot come about quickly enough.

    Then again, I like to think a lot of precious snowflakes are running up massive debt while securing themselves no marketable gain, so maybe the punishment fits the crime. I just wonder how much of this identity obsessive navel-gazing sociopath-breeding deadweight loss society can accommodate before we collapse into infantile shrieking conniptions over how microaggressive reality is.

    1. Indentured servitude is due for a comeback.

    2. a tank can’t even punch a rocket of words more attractive than that, you fucking receptacle of child like faith.

  56. The funnest shit happens at the backdoor
    so the front door is the most boring crap ever
    the front door is where Mr. Jones acts like a fucking JPMorgan liar and then goes out the backdoor and sucks a cock while his wife enjoys an agile rocket between her lovely lips.

    Reality is not real which makes it super confusing for people on drugs. Reality has an extensive billion ACRE warehouse of secrets behind it while its front door has a billion DOLLAR warehouse of manage intangible properties propping up the backdoor.

  57. Well, this is a different perspective. #ShoutYourAbortion

    Women on Twitter are sharing their stories to help end the shame and stigma surrounding abortion.

    Activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison started the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag on Sept. 19, in response to the news that the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood. West asked people on Twitter to use the hashtag to share how their lives have been impacted by safe, legal abortion.

    Pope Francis could not be reached for comment, as he was busy at a Beltway cocktail party opposing the real dangers to human life: capitalism and global warming.

    1. Don’t forget about gay marriage.

      1. What about gay sandwich? Sorry, wrong subthread.

    2. I wish there was a real danger to Planned Parenthood’s funding, so that these activists could get *really* mad.

      Alas, it’s probably a bunch of Kabuki theater so that Republicans can tell pro-lifers, “hey, we tried, but the Democrats were just too strong for us. Hey, remember to vote for a Republican President next year, and we promise we won’t take the football away!”

      1. It’s not going to accomplish anything but help fuel another War on Women election campaign for the Dems, with the added bonus of another govt shutdown that the GOP can be blamed for.

        The GOP is really too stupid for words at this point.

        1. If they had the balls they’d be able to cut the funding.

          They control the House, the branch of Congress which initiates spending bills.

          They control the Senate as well.

          And if they have the brains God gave turnips, they should be able to get out the message in case of a “shutdown.”

          They just caught PP on camera arranging the sale of dead babies. If you can’t cut the funding of *those* guys, whose funding *can* you cut?

          And no-one’s *forcing* Obama to veto the spending bill – if he does, how hard would it be to explain that he’s “shutting down the government” for the sake a one campaign contributor (which happens to sell dead babies)?

          Notice how, based on past experience, I’ve decided to put “shutting down the government” in quotes.

          1. And they can pass spending bills for the non-abortion related departments (if there are any left under Obama) and narrow the controversy to the specific agency or agencies to which the spending restriction is attached (HHS, I suppose).

        2. If there was a War on Women, would that not incite men to vote for whoever was waging a war on women?

          For a War on Women would, by definition, be a War for Men.

        3. If there was a War on Women, would that not incite men to vote for whoever was waging a war on women?

          For a War on Women would, by definition, be a War for Men.

  58. The only thing real in life is a sandwich.

    1. I dunno. A cold pizza for breakfast comes close.

      1. Pizza is a sandwich without the lid you fucking rustic whore the entire fucking place loves.

      1. Neat!
        I need to get that to Alice Waters, but she’s so fucking dumb, she’d probably applaud the fact that it costs $1.5K.

      2. I think this happened to me Q. I had a garden and shit and all sorts of things and then sandwiches starts fucking popping out everywhere.

        1. That’s not how it works.

          1. “That’s not how it works.”

            I noticed that too!
            I got some lettuce, sometimes a tomato, a cucumber, always zucchinis, but never that damn sandwich.

            1. Gaia hates you, Sevo. Repent.

              1. So does ‘god’, and I guess I’m damned. At least according to some claims…

              2. Oh, but Q! Always the zucchinis!

                1. Kinky!

                  Wait, what?

  59. Often those voices under the clouds
    while I loft on the metal wings to heavenly beaches
    and striking mountains will sound so tinny like I was a
    boy flying on a transnational flight in the 50’s…

    but I wasn’t born then. But Mae West was the goddess of then and now.

  60. OT: Damien Oklahoma identified.

    1. My father suffered through that lefty-hating bullshit. He is now epically ambidextrous: He he can hold a pen in each hand and simultaneously write normally with the right hand and write mirror script with the left.

      1. Ha, I can do that too. Not because anyone thought I had the devil in me but just because I was curious so I taught myself how to write with my right hand. Turns out that left-to-write script is in practice actually easier with the right hand.

        1. You sinister bastard!

          Incidentally, my father’s handwriting looks like Cuneiform thrown into a blender with Arabic and a dozen caffeine pills. Doesn’t matter what hand he uses.

          1. Us lefties are definitely fucked in that arena because BIAS.

            1. #LeftiesArePeopleToo


          2. Quincy.|9.22.15 @ 11:19PM|#
            “You sinister bastard!”

            But he’s dexterous!
            Anyhow, I once volunteered as a subject for conceptual test ‘tests’.
            My flight instructor was forever telling me ‘your other left!’, which is not all that uncommon, and, according to the test ‘tests’ it is closely aligned with being able to read upside down and backwards.
            Write a common word any direction you please and those of us at that end of the spectrum will read it easily.
            When I was in corporate sales, it was an advantage to read other proposals left on the client’s desk.

            1. Forgot to add; I’m am ‘single-dexterous’ in the extreme; my ‘sinister’ hand is along for the ride and the q-a-z end of the keyboard.

            2. My flight instructor was forever telling me ‘your other left!’,

              For as long as I know you, Sevo, my private name for you is “not a flaming crater of destruction.”

              1. Well, Q, I never planted an aircraft in a crater, so I hope that matters.

                1. Fly on, S. Swoop, swoop.

  61. Hollywood hasn’t presented a sexy woman in 40 years.
    Period. I will respect the views of the fucking bros but….
    Hollywood lost its sex appeal no matter what James Fucking Dobson cries about in stilted tones on his Colorado Springs Prog. HEY, JAMES DOBSON, HOLLYWOOD AFTER THE 80’s sucks so you should be all goddamned happy you old shrunken head.
    Hollywood has sex appeal?
    Hollywood is dead.

    Far as I’m concerned no movies they produce enrapture me. I fell asleep 40 times and then walked out on their favorite commercial this months Furious 7. Fucking like shit fucked me and poured piles of sleeping pills in my ass. Fucking horrible.

    1. Wait… you sat through six of those and thought number seven would be the charm? I like to take shortcuts – therefore I have not wasted my time with a single one.

  62. Fucking Alba isn’t sexy. Alba is boring.

  63. Where are the studs in Hollywood?

    Fake fucks with zero goddam appeal.

    1. Elijah Wood?

      1. Q, the brush rocket, ultraz sex peels.

        1. Scrubby scabby pixel-bots! I knew it!

  64. I get this shit that Hollywood is a giant sperm pile on that fucking place in Cali but hey motherfuckers, can you start producing weird shit I will actually watch?

    I hate the fucking theater. I fucking hate modern film. I hate comedy. It’s all fucking regressive salad.
    I hate youtube. I hate the bible and I hate the koran and I hate all the religions. And I FUCKING HATE fucking waiting for anything. I HATE it when I can’t cum when I want. I FUCKING HATE the MOON if its to brite… I FUCKING HATE it when my steak is over cooked and I HATE asshole cops that come to my parties and want to kill pedophiles.. I HATE THEM AND I would kill them accept for the fact that I am a nice person and I have zero capacity to kill people unless they are zombies or interplanetary nazis dispatched by Black lives matter….. well now geez this and all

  65. I like Charlie Chaplin, man. Those old deep days are the real deal. Modern Hollywood is lobbied by all fucking sorts of gov agencies and candy bar companies. I fucking hate all their movies. Are you kidding me? So who gives a fuck that some top notch Movie site rates their shit great like Rotten Tomatoes= all these people are in the massive gangs that work together to push ‘great’ movies….

    well, I try to watch all those ‘great’ movies and some are ok.

    1. He was a commie and a pedophile

  66. I just want to take one day and bang my head into the wall until my head bleeds and then I want to crawl into my head and punch my skull like a pack of wolves that just ate a bear and some lightning and a couple of people.

  67. if the universe had knees who would it kneel 2?

  68. We live on a ball.
    A fucking ball.
    A ball with water crawling on it like puddles and crap.
    And its fucking cold on the head and ass.
    and the bellybutton is way too fucking hot.

    We live on a goddamn ball.

    What inspired all of us to fuck and make tons of families and shit on this ball?

    a FUCKING asteroid could wipe us out or a long fart from that sun over there….

    goddamn…. we live on a goddamn BALL.

  69. I just want this ball to behave and stop fucking with people and shit

    fuck this planet crap… it is a BALL. a motherfucking ball floating around some goddamn torch.
    thats all…

    Christ, I love Bertrand Russell, baby and i love pantera and I love reason and I wish my arms were boxes of super aliens and my forehead should unleash piles of star sharks on the goddamn place here … i hear tons of star sharks eating and shredding piles of stars and bleeding planets, man….

    well this is an interesting arrario….. and all

  70. a shark from the stars and pianos is eating my eyeballs i see this why fin and i can my arms and legs are in apirate chest… i am dude I am actuall coins in a pirate chest… i am also a shark eating screeching voices screaming in my head if you screech star i am a great white and I will eat you in greece but maybe I am a schizo shark person living in the ocean but also living on the concrete boardwalks near the sun….

  71. So charge a penny a paper, put the price in bold on the front page, then if they destroy them you can charge them with theft.

  72. Turn this shit up. You seem like you could use it, Cyborg.

  73. More than 100 students and faculty members have signed the petition.

    More evidence these nuts are a tiny fringe. Why do so many journalists treat them as serious people when they’re just a few hateful lunatics? Let them talk, and ridicule them. Let them steal the newspapers, then get them expelled. Mock their lunacy in every issue, don’t legitimize them through appeasement like this:

    “We would love to work with the WSA on how to achieve diversity

  74. The irony in all this is astounding.

    ‘Black Lives Matter’ started in Ferguson because the people are not being honestly represented in their city government. They demanded to be heard. That is their right. And they have been heard. There are some indications that things are starting to go in a more positive direction. The movement is spreading to other places in serious need of improvement.

    Now some college students that are involved with the movement want to silence someone that does not blindly agree with what they are doing raises a voice of protest and they want to shut down the paper. They would deny me the right to read that paper by destroying it when they find it.

    The best way to counter speech you don’t like is with more speech, not censorship. Write your own article for the paper. Address each item you disagree with and refute it. If you have a conversation/debate both sides will have to examine why they believe as they do. Having to explain your position on an issue always enhances your own understanding. Maybe you will convince him he is wrong. Maybe he will convince you that you are wrong. Maybe you will meet in the middle. Make the effort.

    If you succeed in shutting down the paper you have won nothing; you are simply a new generation of Brown Shirts (lookup at If you simply cannot handle being offended then you are not ready for the real world snowflake.

  75. Hehe, diversity training.

  76. The liberal vs. conservative idiot fest that passes for politics in America is like a perpetually looped skit from a lame sitcom. While the two groups of useful idiots are busy foaming at the mouth yelling insults and accusations at each other, the people with real power are laughing at the easily led morons planning their next move.

    For a group that supposedly stands apart from traditional party politics many libertarians seem to feel the need to reflexively jump into these “debates” and defend the conservative. Aren’t there enough Young Republicans around to worry about the goings on at college newspaper? I mean seriously. Liberal leftists trying to shut down speech they don’t agree with? You don’t say. On a college campus? No! That never happens! And we have (again) the token conservative at the school newspaper pretending to be shocked that this happens. Come on. In other words it was just another day at an American university.

    I read the opinion piece in question…yes it was pretty inoffensive and he makes some uncontroversial points that only university liberals would lose their shit over, but, man, was it a clumsy cobbled together mess. His shoehorning Kim Davis in there was especially pointless and stylistically cringeworthy. And the I this, I that….good grief. This kid has a long way to go before he can write a coherent article.

    So why should this kid matter to libertarians again?

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