Sex Trafficking

Sex (Trafficking) Ed

North Carolina lawmakers want to teach sex-trafficking scare stories to school children.



Teaching public-school students about practicing safe sex still remains a controversial idea in many parts of America, including in North Carolina. But a lot of legislators in the Tar Heel State see no problem with telling kids they're at risk of being trafficked for sex. North Carolina Senate Bill 279 would amend state sex-education standards to require all schools teach age-appropriate info on "the threats" of sex trafficking. A version of the legislation has already cleared the House. 

The bill was originally introduced as a measure making slight changes to councelor credential requirements; the sex-education component was tacked on later. It states that schools must teach age-appropriate "sex trafficking prevention and awareness" as part of sexual education curriculum. The bill also says school administrators must collaborate with law enforcement agents when developing or presenting this material.

This is troubling enough on its own: Training cops on sex trafficking issues is often a collaborative effort by religious nonprofits and the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) who preach the new gospel of prostitution: that almost all women working in it were, at least originally, forced into it and should be treated as victims; that the Internet fuels a thriving child sex-slavery trade; that "ending demand" for adult prostitution by targeting johns and using other tough-on-prostitution measures are necessary to stop children from being sold into sexual slavery; and that there's a rampant and escalating problem with sex trafficking in the United States. But there is no solid evidence that any of these things are true. A DOJ-orchestrated, law-enforcement-centered sex trafficking "awareness" program for public school kids seems likely to spew the kind of fact-lite, panic-heavy propaganda that fueled school anti-drug programs like DARE. 

But the potential to spread bad information and scare kids into thinking they're likely to be snatched up by sex traffickers probably isn't even the worst part of the North Carolina bill. Another component of its sex-trafficking education requirement is that schools must work with local law enforcement to develop "a referral protocol for high-risk pupils and minors." Note that it doesn't say the school must report if it suspects a minor is being sexually exploited, merely if they're deemed "at risk" of it, whatever that means. It's a scheme that seems at best redundant—if officials know a student is being sexually exploited, wouldn't they already report it to authorities?—and, at worst, likely to get state authorities unnecessarily involved in a lot more students' and families' life. 

The last sex-ed rule change North Carolina lawmakers want to make is amending a requirement that sex-ed instruction be limited to "professionals and credentialed experts in the field of sexual health education," instead allowing experts in "education, adolescent psychology, behavioral counseling, medicine, human anatomy, biology, ethics, or health education" to teach. While a loosening of strict occupational licscening regulations is usually something to cheer, the change is being promoted as a way to let schools create sex-ed programs that "better reflect the values of a community, stuff like Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family," as state Rep. Chris Whitmire (R-Rosman) put it before a committee hearing earlier this month. 

"I think this legislation has another intent," Rep. Tricia Cotham (D-Mecklenberg) told WRAL News. "The real attempt is to allow faith-based sex education curriculum and make it available in our public schools." 

A version of the legislation has already cleared the North Carolina House. SB 279 is expected to be voted on in the Senate this week.

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  2. As long as the kids end up learning that there ain’t no love like a pimp’s love, I’m fine with this legislation.

    1. You got to be seasoned to be in the pimp game. Seasoned…

    2. Maybe we could get Collins to explain it? He seems eager to teach….

  3. It’s good to see that the progressive feminist wing have finally found something they have in common with Team Red. I was wondering when those two kids were gonna get together.

  4. “The real attempt is to allow faith-based sex education curriculum and make it available in our public schools.”

    Uh, if children are practicing abstinence then they obviously can’t be sexually exploited. Are Reason and the Dems that anti-Christian that they would rather have kids promiscuous and on slow boat to the seamy underbelly of Thailand than keeping their knees together so as not to be left behind?

    1. would rather have kids promiscuous and on slow boat to the seamy underbelly of Thailand

      But enough about the next Reason cruise…

  5. As written, however, the bill would have allowed any type of expert in any field to plan sex ed courses ? even “your auto mechanic,” quipped Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake.

    That’s really funny because a guy who can competely rebuild a transmission couldn’t possibly read a PowerPoint slide deck to a bunch of vapid kids.

    1. Hey, anybody can plan “anti-racism” courses, so why should anti-sex trafficking courses be different?

    2. Is he bothered by the level of expertise that is not required to be a state legislator and make decisions for everyone else?

  6. Now that the Drug war has lost its ability to scare the public into supporting multi-billion-dollar govt spending boondoggles, the Bureaucratic State needs to find a new Moral Panic with which to freak people the fuck out and insist on 24/7 state-funded protection (& ‘survivor counseling’) from the hordes of invisible sex-trafficking child-molesters and Omnipresent Rape Culture.

    Its like the same M.O. as Global Warming, but in more human-scale. “potential threats” always looming, the damages always myriad and intangible… and if you dare protest that perhaps the concerns are overblown, and the funds probably better not spent fighting non-existent problems…. well…. you get the Colombia Journalism-School Graduate routine

    1. I was about to say something similar. We finally have a slight ratcheting down of the War on Drugs because of (limited) weed legalization, and pretty much immediately we have a new, basically unenforceable, “will grind harmless and innocent people into hamburger” War ramping up.

      The control freaks and parasites have learned how to do this too well. It’s not good.

    2. It just doesn’t have the same oomph as the War on Drugs does at either freaking people out or raising free money for LE. The internet makes it too easy to debunk this crap and too easy to circumvent the state. They’ll try but with I think limited success.

    3. What a cunt.

  7. From reading the amendment put forward by “Representative Fisher” I’m assuming it’s the Minority Whip Susan Fisher who stuck in that little gem and she’s just about what you would expect.. Pray the young ‘uns have a large supply of brown paper sacks, lighter fluid, dog turds and matches.

    1. “Representative Fisher”

      Ugh…what a shit-stain.

    2. Before serving in the House, Susan served on the Asheville School Board for eight years?as Chair for four of those years?and worked as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Kids Voting.

      Says it all

      1. Episcopal, career politician, endorsed by cop unions, labor unions, public employee unions, alcohol distribution monopolists, and abortion mill trade groups

          1. So one of them Yokelpublicans, I assume?

    3. 1) State Spending:

      Using the key, indicate what state funding levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one level per category; you may use a number more than once.

      Slightly Increase a) Education (higher)
      Greatly Increase b) Education (K-12)
      Slightly Increase c) Environment
      Slightly Increase d) Health care
      Slightly Increase e) Law enforcement/corrections
      Greatly Increase f) Transportation/infrastructure
      Greatly Increase g) Welfare

      So, she’s an all-around limited government type, eh?

  8. I imagine that nobody wants to be on record as voting for sex slavery.

    So my guess is that the promoters of various make-work “educational” boondoggles want to get laws encouraging schools to buy their services.

    1. I imagine that nobody wants to be on record as voting for sex slavery.

      Is that so?

      1. “‘Wonder how Salwa al Mutairi would’ve felt if during the occupation (of Kuwait) by Iraqi forces, she was sold as ‘war booty’ as she advocates for Chechen women,’ tweeted Mona Eltahawy.”

        Well, from her photo, I doubt Mutairi would have been in a whole lot of danger.

  9. Hello, Reason, I’m State Rep. Chris Whitmire and a goddamn active motherfucking member of Southern Baptist Brevard Community church and “I am a businessman who knows the burden of over-regulation” therefore I will actively pursue any and all means to lie to my constituency to fucking increase not only the goddamn regulations but I promise to fucking increase the shittiest regulations evah through the power of the Lord Jesus and his gooey baby Christ and their minions the cherubs.

    1. Wow. Agile is a state rep. That explains a lot.

  10. The NC legislature has also passed laws to increase charter schools and to provide tuition assistance at private schools.

    So at least there’s an escape hatch for any silly public-school curriculum bills.

  11. I didn’t RTFA past the first paragraph but one reason NC might be doing this is there are bushels full of federal money for everything White Slavery sex trafficking. My GF deals with this fed to state transfer of $ex trafficking $$$ in another state as a minor part of her job. Sex trafficking is the moral panic de jour and there’s more money to fight it than state bureaucrats can figure how to spend.

    The post indicates it was attached to another education bill dealing with counselor credentialing. I’d almost guarantee, based on what I know about state legislatures, that this is an educrat “jobs bill” that is going to benefit some legislator’s family member(s). As the money is “free” it’s a “conservative” jobs bill to boot.

    1. ” one reason NC might be doing this is there are bushels full of federal money for everything ______”

      Yeah, that’s a shorter version of what I was suggesting.

    2. Multi billion dollar industry… Entirely unregulated.

  12. OT: I need fedback from this commentariat since you cunts always deliver. I’m ready to enter BBQ competitions in the Greater Denver Area and have the traditional ribs/shoulder down to a goddamned science, but I’d also like to experiment with something exotic for the competetion. How does this sound: slow-smoked pork loin ribs (over cherry wood) at 215F for 7.5 hours with a traditional rub (onion, garlic, paprika, coriander, chili powder, etc) AND…….a light Wasabi baste? The traditional rub would be scaled down to not overpower the Wasabi.

    Once I enter the first Round Robin, I’ll drop the dates/venues so that any of you in the Denver area can swing by and eat on my dime.

    1. Exotic? Pork? Maybe in Denver. Go with goat. Cabrito FTW!

      1. It would need to be in the pork ribs category. If I were gonna do an exotic animal, I’d pick a bald eagle or polar bear.

        1. I’m partial to Spotted Owl, myself.

        2. Yeah, panda’s a little gamey.

          1. That’s how soy sauce came to be.

        3. If it needs to be in the rib category, I would also do something asian, but not wasabi. My understanding is that 90% of what is passed off as “wasabi” in this country is horseradish dyed green. I have no idea how it interacts with smoke.

          Are you comfortable with hoisin and five spice? Meathead Goldwyn from Amazing Ribs has some great recipes. If you want exotic (as far as KCBA is concerned), try wok searing in peanut oil before serving.

          1. I appreciate the feedback, sincerely. I’d need big fucking wok to sear a rack of ribs though. Doesn’t make it impossible by any means; I just don’t know if pan-searing before smoking would dick up the texture. It’s worth a shot, though. Many thanks PM.

            1. My bad. I didn’t know that they needed to be uncut. I’ve had high end “asian fusion” ribs, and they were cut into individual pieces with fried fennel on top.

              The wok sear crisps the exterior, and leaves the rest of the rib juicy. If you overcook and the rib is falling off the bone, it’s sort of like the glue that holds it together. I wouldn’t be surprised if corn starch was involved.

            2. Oh, and I meant after smoking.

          2. I have no idea how it interacts with smoke.

            Like college protesters and campus police?

            1. Hmmm. A hint of red pepper….

      2. “Go with goat.”

        You mean, “goat” to it?

    2. Love wasabi. Crippled a bit it could almost be used as a foundation for your rub dusting as well as your airy basting later on. In any case, I hope you pull the win.

      1. Thanks AC. Your feedback is a divine as your poetry. Thought about the dusting and figured I’d try the baste and the powder on seperate smokings. I’ll hit you back with the results.

    3. Good luck. I used to live in Denver, two blocks from the Capitol. The only decent BBQ I remember having was that place that would cut your necktie off. Don’t recall the name, though.

      1. Boney’s downtown is tits. Ribs are beter than anywhere else in Denver but not Memphis league. Sides are fucking ACES, son. Their collards are better than anything I had back in TN. Boney’s is my competition and I can destroy them on ribs/shoulder.

    4. I don’t find wasabi very flavorful. How about some ginger and/or sweet chili sauce?

      1. Wasabi is just allyl isothiocyanate. Burning sensation.

        1. Right, so I’m thinking that ginger (first choice) or sweet chili sauce (second choice) would make a more interesting addition to that list of “traditional” ingredients.

  13. Who the hell would ever live in NC amirite

    1. Certainly not people who invent airplanes, contrary to what their license plates claim. But I’ll give them credit for possessing satisfactory topography. Good job, NC.

  14. Place your faith in the all knowing church of government. Fear the devils of individuality and responsibility. Trust not your neighbor, but cast him down with suspicion for the greater good.

  15. “Good Morning, students. I’m here to tell you that there is a fantastic chance of many of you will make a series of bad decisions that will lead to you being forced unpaid into ass sex. Some power hungry lunatic will assume that you don’t deserve to own your own body and will take most of your shit, leaving you fully dependent on them for your very survival.”
    *Hand meekly raises*
    “Yes, Billy?”
    “Teacher, what does lacking self-awareness mean?”

    1. The referral potentiality of Billy just increased a couple of notches. Little punk better not wear his britches too tight or he’s off to a prostitution intervention manned by some solid Southern Baptist good ol’ boys crawling out of a Nascar-looking hotrod police car and a tight-lipped spinster carrying a stack of dirty folders who’s never had a dick poke a single hole on her entire trembling body.

      1. I like the imagery on that.

  16. “Oh, a true story! In countries all over the world, including our own, children, many of them just like you, are abducted and sold into the world of underground sex trafficking.”

  17. What the fuck is with all this “human trafficking” legislation the last 10 years? For some reason I think it’s likely that rates of “human trafficking” are lower than ever before in human history, like all the other crimes that have actual victims. Yet it’s the next big thing to legislate endlessly on.

    The statutory law enthusiasts won’t be happy until we’ve got hundreds of thousands of unlicensed bus drivers and porn workers in jail for some vague “human trafficking” statute.

    1. Take an existing trend, pile regulation on top of it and claim credit for the trend. Aren’t you paying attention to how govt works, FS?

      1. I know it’s self-destructive but I always try to understand why so many ostensible people pooled their ‘labor’ to legislate these pieces of shit into existence.

        1. So you support making obscene profits from kidnapping children and charging people to rape them?

        2. If you’re a good citizen, these laws are just minor inconveniences. A little trouble here and there to keep pervy white dicks out of fresh, bronze bung holes. You see, when men have sex, they make creepy faces. They thrust, pound, sweat and the lower jaw protrudes. Truly a scary and traumatic event to those on the receiving end. It’s not enlightened and so we keep and extra eye on these baboons.

          1. A very unique shade, that bronze.

    2. No different than any other rent-seeking operation, the taxi cab cartel in any city paid big bucks to the city for their monopoly and they ain’t gonna just sit by quietly while Uber offers a better deal on human trafficking.

      1. This type of market failure is precisely why we need comprehensive trafficking reform.

    3. “Human trafficking” and “people going where they please without government position” are two very over-lapping Venn Diagrams depending on who you ask. That should be enough to tell you what’s going on.

    4. Human trafficking is just like terrorism. Legislation is passed regarding some unusual but clear cut circumstances and then anything and everything gets redefined to fit into that category. Thus some 17 year old guy taking a picture of his own dick becomes just like holding someone against their will and forcing them to work in a brothel.

      It is shit like this that erodes the credibility of the criminal justice system and as soon as you call them out on it they start screeching “War on cops!”

      Well, if you weren’t a bunch of mendacious shit-bags people wouldn’t be throwing rocks at you.

  18. “Don’t be afraid of those Pakistani men the Lutheran minister is sponsoring for resettlement here.”

    1. “They’re just like you and me.”

    2. Somehow the Guardian actually posted something about this in the UK…..are_btn_tw

  19. Teaching public-school students about practicing safe sex still remains a controversial idea in many parts of America, including in North Carolina. But a lot of legislators in the Tar Heel State see no problem with telling kids they’re at risk of being trafficked for sex.

    There’s probably some kind of broader lesson there about the appropriate role of the state in educating children about sex in such a way that a particular viewpoint or moral standard is favored over others, but ENB helpfully avoids it and opts instead to pout that retrograde sutheners are destroying her vision of comprehensive/progressive sex education. “Sometimes empowering the state to do things I like also empowers it to do things I hate”. File under “Shit, Gee no”.

    1. That goes without saying, but well said.

    2. Maybe she was just highlighting the hypocrisy of pols who think it is bad to have the state indoctrinate with sex ed but okay to fear-monger about trafficking.

    3. the appropriate role of the state in educating children about sex

      …is no role. Problem solved.

      1. The fantasy is strong with us I realize but government vacuums don’t exist in modern cultures. Outside of fucking living our daily lives exactly the way we can under the circumstances we generally struggle with our only plausible function as liberty-centric people living on a giant fucking government squid is to demand limits on the length of the tentacles.

    4. Shame-based sex ed is pretty retrograde, man. From the article, ‘Finley described one educator who would take a trash can from the corner of the classroom and dump it on a desk, comparing kids who had sex to the garbage.’

      Topping that already archaic mindset off with educating youngsters on the risk of being stolen and made into sex slaves AND being monitored as a referral potential! (fucking makes me shudder) for a young knee or butt cheek spreader chained to a bed sort of brings the moot hammer down on your point.

      1. The alternative to forcing one moral viewpoint isn’t to force another. Rhywun has it right in that it’s not something in the state’s purview in the first place. This is the crux of the problem with public education in general. Virtually nothing is taught in a viewpoint-neutral manner, and putting the viewpoints up to a democratic vote doesn’t solve the problem. The retrograde Bible thumpers are every bit as disgusted and appalled by instructing high school freshman in the etiquette of bondage and sharing sexual histories as you are by some lecturer telling freshman girls they’re equivalent to garbage if they’ve gotten laid. And with a public institution, you and your Bible thumping neighbors (theoretically) get an equal say. Sometimes the sexually repressed Bible thumping neighbors you hate might even team up with the sexually liberated progressive educators you otherwise agree with and start sermonizing your kids about prostitution-as-sex-slavery. That’s my point, and it is hardly rendered moot by your disagreement with one teaching practice or another — quite the opposite, it underlines it.

  20. OT: I’m dropping the schtick for this one… County commision hires engineering firm to validate need for light rail. Then the Local news starts sniffing out some cronyism. Now county administrator halted all consulting work by said firm, then asked the Sherif to investigate.…..-20150921/

    Possibly intertwined with the transportation commision’ insistence on stopping Uber. But this is pure speculation on my part.

    1. Every high speed rail / light rail project is just a different spelling for cronyism / land boondoggle.

  21. What the hell would they teach children? Tell boys to not buy sex? On the other hand, informing them that playing doctor with someone from outside of the state lands them in prison is a plus of sorts. What’s the state of the art anyway, is “trafficking yourself” punishable yet?

    Seriously, though, the economics of sex and romance would be quite interesting. But some prefer certain illusions, and dispelling these is arguably paternalistic. The problem is that you can’t unlearn that – and regain these illusions – as an adult. So one shouldn’t force children to – who can’t consent – to learn it. (Call it the Santa Clause.)

  22. Out of two dozen fucking hand-offs from the 1-yard line I have watched this season I doubt two have resulted in touchdowns.

    The stupid fucking Colts just ran once for no gain then fumbled on the next handoff.

    1. We (Cardinals, JPW, Warrior F.L., I coach) converted on a PAT by a guard-around play I devised. It’s easy to execute from the sidesaddle T.

      1. I’ve executed from the wobbly H.

  23. Yes, I decided to bitch about football here tonight.

  24. When were you sexually trafficked, Mommy? Never? What about Daddy? No? Then who was sexually trafficked in our family? They told us most people are. Were we left out?


    A couple of years I had a late night non drug-induced sleep paralysis experience where I woke up standing in front of my dresser feeling exactly as if my entire body had somehow squeezed itself into my eyeballs. My eyes could visualize me from the front and my hands which I could not feel were fiddling with shit on top of the dresser. I could feel nothing but my self compressed into my eyeballs. In this state I was able to comprehend extreme detail but an overwhelming fear took over and I assessed with an almost normal mind I could potentially die trapped in this suffocating reality so I started yelling at myself through my eyeballs to wake up.

    Terrifyingly, the fucking more I screamed the less I could breathe and the intensity of the experience entered into a survival state and just as I felt my body start punching at the insides of my eyeballs I fell back into my actual body exactly as I breathed in a huge gasp of air. I collapsed on the floor in the dark with fucking tears pouring down my face thrilled to be alive when in all likelihood I was never close to dying.

    1. I used to have those, and they were fucking terrifying.

    2. Yeah it sucks. I used to have that all the time.

    3. Sorry about that, must be a bug in the mainframe. Come on down to Indoctrinex Co. for a complimentary download of the new OS and a reboot.

  26. Sex Trafficking Avoidance 101

    1. Do not patronize prostitutes.
    2. Do not allow yourself to be sold for sex.
    3. Do not get addicted to drugs, which might lead you to prostitution.

    Come back next week for another of PapayaSF’s One Minute Courses?.

  27. Donald Trump weighs in Flacco’s ‘eliteness,’ Romo’s injury and Brady’s hot start…..-start-nfl


    1. This from the outlet that publicized Obama’s NCAA picks.

  28. Politician A: “My faith is what informs my decisions.”
    Politician B: “I wouldn’t vote for a Muslim.”
    Media: “Politician B is a bigot. Politician A? No comment”

    Point a gun at my head, and there actually is one there in way, I’d vote for one bleever over another bleever given an honest assessment of each faith in 2015. I chose to pass up a higher paying job in Dubai to stay in East Asia mainly because I prefer the culture here. Still not voting for Carson, but I love what he said.

    1. I chose to pass up a higher paying job in Dubai to stay in East Asia mainly because I prefer the culture here.

      Good choice. I hear Dubai is a great place to visit (unless you’re a single, White woman), but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live there.

      1. Almost double the salary, but even the guy who was trying to recruit me, and had been living there for years, told me that you do it just to put money in the bank and then get the hell out. No thanks. As they say, life is what happens between plans.

        1. What exactly was so awful about it? Aside from the lack of bankruptcy law and bits of Sharia? It’s a very free-market place except for getting your money out of the country which can get tricky.

              1. Quite awful sounding, though I have to air a little it of skepticism to The Independent given their hatred of capitalism.

          1. “Bits of Sharia”? LOL. Any Muslim majority country has more than “bits.”

            1. No it doesn’t. Pretty sure Albania and Bosnia and Azerbaijan don’t have Sharia at all, and those that do have a lot of a variation, with some that apply it only to Muslims. Your ability to know absolutely nothing about what you’re talking about continues to be unchallenged.

              1. Granted, Muslim major countries that lived under Soviet dominance for decades are the ones libertarians find most agreable.

    2. I wouldn’t vote for a Muslim either (unless they publicly renounced their religion).

      But on the other hand I won’t vote for a Creationist (like Carson).

      1. Irrelevant to the conversation here, dipshit. You are trying way too hard. Does the troll union get you time and a half?

  29. Note that it doesn’t say the school must report if it suspects a minor is being sexually exploited, merely if they’re deemed “at risk” of it, whatever that means.

    It would be interesting to see what lawsuits resulted from minors being deemed “not at risk”.

    Trust that clarifies it.

    1. As well as from those deemed at risk.

  30. Eh. While Reason likes to mock the idea of “sex trafficking”, I guess because they somehow conflate it with voluntary sex work, we are seeing more and more sex slavery these days in the world.

    Partly it’s due to Islam. It’s spreading and they are bringing their ideas that women, especially non-Mulsim ones, should be treated as sex slaves. We’ve seen half-dozen cases in England where the police wouldn’t get involved because they were afraid of muslims.

    Partly it’s because of our semi-open borders – if you get in you can pretty much stay and get welfare. That encourages people to come by dubious methods, many of which are sex slavers.

    You can certainly propose solutions, like I dunno, free plane tickets to everyone that wants to come to the US (or you know, actually kick illegals out) but pretending the problem doesn’t exist is just ridiculous.

    1. “we are seeing more and more sex slavery these days in the world.”

      Citation needed

      “Partly it’s because of our semi-open borders”

      These only exist in your head, much like the spread of ‘sex slavery’.

      1. Sex slavery is ostensibly on the rise, but that’s in large part because of the broader understanding of what constitutes “sex slavery” and “human trafficking” in recent years.

        I don’t think dude was talking about Canada’s borders when he referenced them being “semi-open”, so that part really doesn’t have anything to do with you. But FWIW, yours and America’s borders are, indeed, “semi-open” by any definition of the term: some people are turned away, other people are let through.

        1. “”semi-open” by any definition of the term: some people are turned away, other people are let through.”

          If I have my door a crack open, is it ‘semi-open’?

      2. Rotherham. And before you say “That’s just one case,” no, that’s at least 1400 cases. In one city in England. And the ringleaders were all from one particular group of immigrants.

        And then there’s the well-known sex-slaves of ISIS, in Syria and Iraq.

        And let’s not forget Africa and the sex slaves of Boko Haram.

        And then there’s the institutionalized pederasty in Afghanistan that out troops were ordered to overlook.

        Gosh, I almost have the feeling that something links all four of these recent and current instances of sex trafficking… can’t quite put my finger on it….

        Oh, and do we count the gang rapes in Egypt, Sweden, Norway, France, Australia, Spain? Maybe those don’t count as “trafficking,” but still, looking at all these instances together, maybe someone could find some little clue, some thin thread connecting them all, that might be helpful in solving at least part of the problem.

        1. Re Rotherham: did they actually nail down that all of those incidents took place? I got the impression it was an educated guess.

          None of this indicates an increase in ‘trafficking’ except for the IS and BH stuff, which is a blip.

  31. Haha, more sharp, uproarious humor from the New Yorker!

    Kochs Demand Walker Return Nine Hundred Million Dollars

    MADISON, WISCONSIN (The Borowitz Report)?Just minutes after the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped out of the Republican Presidential race, the billionaire Koch brothers demanded that he return the nine hundred million dollars they had allocated to his campaign.

    For the Koch brothers, who purchased Walker earlier this year, the demand for a full cash refund reflected how badly their relationship with the formerly promising candidate had deteriorated.

    How does Andy Borowitz come up with this stuff? It’s gold!

    1. For the Koch brothers, who purchased Walker earlier this year

      I thought that the Koch brothers were libertarians? So why would they purchase a non-libertarian for $900 million? I mean, just think of all the orphans that could be purchased with that bundle of cash.

    2. Did the new Yorker just inadvertently admit that money doesn’t buy elections?

      1. You don’t think they’re required to be consistent, do you? This is a shot at the right. It doesn’t have to “make sense” in their ideology, because it’s a shot at the right.

      2. They just admitted they are an aging journalistic behemoth trying to be Gawker…how the mighty have fallen. It’s hilarious.

  32. The Reason post about a possible Muslim president insists that religious groups cannot shape our laws thanks to our Constitution and institutions. The very same week, this post about a new law in the South suggests that faith based nonprofits will use it to sneak their agendas into American schools. Reason has dived into the pool of identity politics.

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