Post-Debate Trumping, Federal Reserve Keeps Rates in Place, School Suspends Students over Confederate Flags: P.M. Links


  • Oh. This again. Swell.
    Credit: jaredeberhardt / photo on flickr

    After getting stung by both Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush at the debate last night, Donald Trump was playing nice about the other candidates today, though he thinks he won the debate. But then everybody always thinks they won the debate.

  • The Federal Reserve will not be raising borrowing rates, continuing its nine-year stretch.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the "Justice is not for Sale Act." Hey, he also managed to avoid making a silly acronym.
  • A Virginia high school has suspended 20 students for wearing clothing with the Confederate flag on it. The school also forbids students from displaying the flag on their vehicles.
  • The death toll from flash flooding in southern Utah is up to 19.
  • At least 11 are dead from a magnitude 8.3 earthquake that struck Chile yesterday evening.

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  1. The school also forbids students from displaying the flag on their vehicles.

    They’re never meanin’ no harm.

    1. I agree. Those kids are makin’ their way the only way they know how.

      1. How are they gonna get themselves out of this one?

        1. Jump their cars over a ravine?

        2. They’ll jump the gorge and then blow up the shed with dynamite-tipped arrows.

        3. When I was 5 or 6, I was out with my grandmother and decided I wanted to leave the car by jumping out the window, just like the Duke boys. My grandmother crushed my fingers in the car door getting my sister out of the back.

          That show was the best.

          1. My brother tried jumping into our older brother’s car “Dukes Style” and broke the window (I guess it wasn’t completely rolled down, so a small amount was still above the door frame, which his feet shattered.) He worked all summer to pay back the damages.

            Great show.

          2. I had a car with a broken door handle. So I went through the window all the time.

            Helped that it was a convertible though.

    2. Hello.

      Heeeere’s Rufus!

      1. *** giggles ***

        Oh, you!

  2. After getting stung by both Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush at the debate last night, Donald Trump was playing nice about the other candidates today…

    That’s gonna last about to the end of the day, tops. He can’t help himself.

      1. Yeah, we’re used to it from you. :-p

      2. You should know!

      3. Urban Dictionary: Greatest speech ever!

        Pussies don’t like dicks because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes. Assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck a asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate. And it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves. Because pussies are a inch and half away from assholes. I don’t know much about this crazy crazy world, but I do know this. If you don’t let us fuck this asshole we’re going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit.

        1. It really is a profound piece of profanity.

  3. Remember that upscale Taco Bell that opened about a year ago?
    Surprise, it didn’t do very well.

      1. This place has come pretty crazy, upscale tacos:

        Would like to go there too, but just haven’t gotten around to it…

    1. I was expecting Demolition Man.

      1. It was all going fine until Dennis Leary crashed the joint…

    2. Damn, I’d meant to try them out. It was literally down the block from where I work.

      1. And now you know why they closed.

    3. Remember that upscale Taco Bell that opened about a year ago?


      Did it have something to do with Chef Lorena Garcia’s Cantina Bowls?

    4. Upscale Taco Bells are called “Chipotle”

      1. Well, that just reflects poorly on you. My condolences.

        1. Q’doba, then. Or Moe’s Southwest Grill.

          But not Panchero’s

    5. I hear they tried to pronounce it Take-O’s?

      1. Uffda, that is just wrong. Even we here in Minnesoda know it’s pronounced tack-o

        1. Jesus, I knew some people from Indiana who like to put that parm-EE-zhen cheese on their pesta.

    6. Author calls Taco “pseudo Mexican” while (probably) eating a Chipotle bowl.

    7. kinda OT but:

      That dumb ass should not have won, her food looked like crap and I think she was a diversity win.

      1. Not a Halo fan?

      2. I enjoy the show but it’s not like we get to taste their food so who knows. Anyway I was SO tired of the dude’s “rocker” shtick, I’m glad he lost.

    8. “Good evening, I am Guillaume, your server for the evening (actually it’s Manuel but they thought that wasn’t French enough).

      “May I interest you in a drink? I would recommend the 7-UP.

      “And our specialty today is…let me look…ah, yes, a taco with melted brie cheese.”

      1. Dude, i would FUCK UP a brie taco.

  4. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the “Justice is not for Sale Act.”

    So he’s abolishing prison unions, too?

    1. “Justice is not for Sale Act”

      He’s totally unaware of the irony.

  5. “Justice is not for Sale Act.” Hey, he also managed to avoid making a silly acronym.

    JINFSA is pretty silly.

  6. But then everybody always thinks they won the debate.

    I don’t. I KNOW IT.

    1. I won the debate by not watching.

      1. The only way to win is not to play.

        1. In the game of debate, you win or you die go back to your old job.

  7. So professional troll Ann Coulter apparently tweeted out something trollish and stupid last night, which led to a #IStandWithAnn hashtag that was seemingly mostly populated by Trump-supporting racists and outright Nazis, and I read some of it and now I want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

    1. Also, using the prefix “cuck” should result in summary execution, though I’m still not sure what it even means.

      1. It’s what G.O.B. Bluth thinks chickens sound like, right?

          1. “Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?”

      2. It’s just a way for people to identify their group dynamics. I’d go deeper but I don’t want to get any of it on myself.

      3. If I understand correctly, it’s short for cuckold. I believe it’s out of the racist community. They’re arguing that anyone who doesn’t share their particular views of keeping “‘Murka for Waht Peepil” is essentially the equivalent of a cuckold.

        1. Short for cuckold. It may also be a reference to the cuckold fetish community – white couples where the wife is allowed (encouraged) to have sex with black men while her husband watches but does not participate, except after the fact. “Cleanup on Aisle Nine.”

            1. No. Don’t.

              1. – 1 queen of spades tattoo.

          1. I feel bad for all the hard-working cuckold-Americans out there who go onto the internet to tell you about their experiences* and typing cuck into the search field and finding only unhinged political ranting. It must be deeply disturbing.

            *His petit (likely fictional) girlfriend being ravaged by a muscular, well-endowed black man and him walking into their shared apartment and seeing it, but the woman was so enraptured by the black man’s massive member that she didn’t even notice and the poor white fellow was stunned, but strangely aroused by the thought of his throbbing, giant, black dick sliding in and out of him…I mean her, definitely not her, he’s not gay or anything, he wants someone else’s dick IN HER, why are you looking at him funny….and how he touched his inadequate white penis while they finished without noticing him at all.

            1. Clean-up on aisle Crusty’s stomach.

            2. *applause*

            3. ^This. Bravo, Jesse.

            4. Poor cuckolds. Their innocent perversion is getting drug through the racial insecurity mud…I mean, not like mud people or anything. Oh dear, I’ve stepped in it this time.

    2. I’m sure Mel Gibson agrees with her.

    3. I am really hoping this awful Trump-cuck ugliness sparks the beginning of some serious self-examination and cleansing on the right. The short term awful with come with long-term goodness. Like throwing out the Birchers.

  8. “At least 11 are dead from a magnitude 8.3 earthquake that struck Chile yesterday evening.”

    Orange County Sheriffs closed all of the beaches in the OC this morning. FOR A 5 INCH TSUNAMI AT LOW TIDE.

    1. I was still getting alert messages on my phone several hours after the event.

      1. It actually does matter somewhat at the Ventura Harbor because there’s a bottleneck at the entrance that could cause surging.

        It does NOT matter on sand beaches, and I’m sure that they knew that but closed them anyway.

        1. I’m not so sure they knew that. They could have found it out easily enough, but then they’d have to exercise restraint instead of authority, so it’s a non-starter.

          1. Somebody had to have known. Hermosa Beach activated their Emergency Operations Center last night, and all the employees knew it was bullshit, got pissed, and went home, so they had to shut it down.

            Nothing else happened.

            1. Hey, do you know anything about the suitcase left on the strand just north of the MB Pier yesterday evening?

              There was a decent turnout of cops.

              1. Nope. A SUITCASE OMG DID IT HAVE AN ALARM CLOCK?!?!

                If you haven’t seen anything on Patch or the Daily Breeze yet, it means that it was a false alarm and they’re embarrassed about it.

                1. Haven’t looked. I cycled past it and thought “well that’s a classic ‘IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING’ sort of thing” and then on the way back it was swarming with cops.

                  1. Maybe you should stop leaving your luggage laying around?

          1. It ripped the tethers off the buoys! Such devastation!

            1. It happened in Santa Cruz too. And the governor declared a state of emergency there.


              A. State. of. Emergency.

                1. Ugh. That’s awfully depressing to watch. Any of those boats taken out to the ocean before the wave hit would have been just fine.

          2. The Ventura Harbor was built despite the Army Corps of Engineers telling them it was the worst place on the coast to build a harbor.

            1. Aren’t the Corps of Engineers the ones who built the New Orleans levees?

              1. No, George Bush built those.

                1. And then Cheney blew them up.

                2. ACE built the levees. Bush blew them up.

                  Get it straight.

                3. Bare hands!

          3. Ventura harbor,
            In the sunshine
            Where the days are longer
            The nights are stronger
            Than moonshine

            1. America!

    2. There might also be dangerous currents!

      1. That’s actually true.

        1. I know, I read the notices. Tiny waves, strong current.

    3. My facebook timeline is filled with messages about the tsunami warning for Hawaii. Since there have been no new posts from my friends there, I can only assume the entire state has been submerged.

      1. I assume that Hilo is a smoking crater. They always get pummeled.

    4. Well yeah, Orange County is jackboot central.

      1. Like somebody in the 949 would…
        Oh, wait.

    5. She said it felt much bigger than 5 inches.

  9. “In light of the developments that we have seen and the impacts on financial markets, we want to take a little bit more time to evaluate the impacts on the United States,” Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said

    This is why Janet pulls down the big bucks. *** wink-wink-nudge-nudge ***

    Seriously, WTF does she *do*?

    1. Seriously, WTF does she *do*?

      She keeps interest rates at zero.

      1. Sheesh, Paul — I daresay YOU could do THAT.


    But seriously, don’t date robots. DON’T DATE ROBOTS. It’s almost as if the rest of the internet doesn’t quote Futurama with the frequency of a furiously masturbating gerbil.

    1. Are you criticizing the word of the Space Pope?

      1. Is the Space Pope reptilian?

    2. +1 Electro-Gonorrhea: The Noisy Killer

        1. Thunder Clap?

    3. I’ll always remember Futurama quo-MEMORY DELETED

    4. “But seriously, don’t date robots. DON’T DATE ROBOTS. ”

      Sure, that’s bound to keep all those hormonal teens away from the uncomplaining object of their desire. Hmmm, the human race is doomed.

      1. The human race is doomed because they’ll all try to make love with their robots in a hot tub.


  11. A Virginia high school has suspended 20 students for wearing clothing with the Confederate flag on it. The school also forbids students from displaying the flag on their vehicles.

    Anyone care to wager about whether the school authorities would bat an eye at a Che shirt, though?

    1. I bet they would at this Che shirt.

      1. I like the T-shirt with the crosshairs on Che’s face…

      2. I like this one better.

      3. And Che’s real name? Ernie Lynch. He was basically a white dude (Hispanic mother for what that’s worth) with a minority identity complex. Perfect for the average prog who wears his face on a T-shirt.

    2. Che was classist, not racist.

      1. Actually, I don’t know whether he was racist, but he isn’t particularly known for that.

        1. I haven’t seen him in any interracial porn, so…

        2. Equal-opportunity murderer.

      2. You might want to read up on that…he didn’t like the black peoples.

        1. eh…strike that, I might want to read up on the commie scum more. On second thought, no I don’t. Know your enemy does not apply to dead ones.

          1. Che had a nice Rolex. The “had” was thanks to Felix Rodriguez.

            Fun fact: Castro was fond of sporting more than one Rolex at the same time!

    3. The clothes are at least moderately understandable, but the student cars are not of the schools business. They aren’t in the classroom.

      1. But they are on school property. The only solution – not allow any stickers on cars parked on school property, and apply that to employees as well (especially to employees).

        1. It’s a government school, isn’t it?

    4. Obama certainly won’t be standing with these people.

  12. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the “Justice is not for Sale Act.”

    When private prisons are outlawed, only outlaws will have prisons.

    1. In Sanders America, everyone will be imprisoned.

  13. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the “Justice is not for Sale Act.” Hey, he also managed to avoid making a silly acronym.

    Just like toilet paper in Venezuela.

  14. “Justice is not for Sale Act.”

    What a silly, vapid man. Him and his fans.

    1. A lot of these people don’t realize that modern private prisons sprung up because the federal prison system was overcrowded and had deplorable conditions. Forbidding the govt to contract out prison services is not going to make prison conditions any better, nor is it likely to have any effect on over-criminalization.

      1. “A lot of these people don’t realize…” Insert any common sense realization. And of course these are the people who scoff at common sense, but decry elitism. Well at least ‘other’ elitism.

  15. Whoah, Gawker published this:

    Obama’s Drone Program Probably Would Have Killed Ahmed the Clock Kid

    Yesterday Barack Obama joined the groundswell of social media support for Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old high school student detained by the police for being seen with an electronic device and being a Muslim named Ahmed Mohamed. Good for Obama. And good for Ahmed that he wasn’t building a clock in Yemen.

    Since his inauguration, Barack Obama has drastically expanded the use of so-called “signature” drone strikes?killings that aren’t targeted against any person in particular, but against someone who looks or acts a certain way. Precisely which behavioral patterns or appearances are sufficient to sign an aerial death sentence remain an absolute state secret?all we know about the so-called “pattern of life activity” sufficient to justify the killing of an unidentified stranger is based on media reports quoting anonymous U.S. officials.

    1. Since his inauguration, Barack Obama has drastically expanded the use of so-called “signature” drone strikes?killings that aren’t targeted against any person in particular, but against someone who looks or acts a certain way.

      And here I thought profiling was bad.

    2. Wait, how long has it been public knowledge that we do these ‘signature’ strikes?

  16. Writer for Roosh V’s Return of Kings website is really showing those Kike loving #cuckservatives who’s boss.

    “What’s it like being a passaround bitch for the Jews? Any painful anal prolapses lately? #cuckservative ”

    Charming. He’s been on a rant about the Jews and cuckservatives for like 7 hours and it’s pretty glorious.

    1. As I said above: Anyone using that hashtag in a non-ironic way should be strung up by their testicles with piano wire.

      1. This guy’s been on a roll though.

        “Are you capable of getting an erection from anything other than Netanyahu speeches? #cuckservative #NRORevolt ”

        “Does your favorite buttplug have a Star of David on it? #cuckservative #NRORevolt ”

        “”How many illegal aliens have you smuggled in your nose? Inquiring goyim want to know. #IStandWithAnn #cuckservative “”

        So this guy appears to be a no-shit Nazi.

        1. Haven’t been to the site but from what you quoted I’m only seeing antisemitism, not Nazism.

          1. Don’t go to the site. Don’t do it.

        2. Oh, he’s been that way for a while though, though generally he’s more anti-black than anti-Jew. He’s just on a roll today.

          He writes (wrote?) for ROK, so it’s a given that he’s a moron.

        3. “How many illegal aliens have you smuggled in your nose? Inquiring goyim want to know. #IStandWithAnn #cuckservative ”

          I want the neo-Nazi version of Swiss to react to this one.

          1. I feel like bizarre statements like this need to be paired with 1930s-style editorial cartoons.

    2. Banned in Canada. I’m against censorship but this racewar as cuckoldry stuff is crosses my personal threshold of yuck. Fortunately I can just ignore it.

      1. I just tweeted at him saying at least he doesn’t have to worry about being made a cuck since no women will ever touch him.

        Awaiting incoming stream of semi-literate vitriol.

        1. Brave man, Irish. Do let us know if he replies.

          1. Rick Wilson called him Pudgy the Pick-Up Artist and that’s what set him off on the most recent rant.

            That’s way more clever than mine.

        2. If I could be arsed to do it, I’d do something like switch to a My Little Pony avatar and respond to him. Maybe his head would explode.

        3. The Irish Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, eh?

          Really, Ish-we could treat you badly here, if you’re feelin’ masochistic. No need to go elsewhere for it (especially there).


    3. Just so I understand this insanity–insofar as it can be understood–is the idea behind the “cuckservative” slur that America is like the wife of white people, and if you don’t support brutalizing immigrants and Jews, that’s like letting another man fuck your wife? Is that the metaphor these troglodytes are trying to draw here?

      1. Conservatives that don’t hate spics niggers and Jews enough are letting liberals fuck their base and taking pleasure in it.

        1. Don’t forget Muslims. Have to hate them too.

      2. Yes. Anyone who doesn’t hate Mexicans, blacks, and Jews with sufficient vigor is a cuck who is betraying his own race.

        1. You forgot the Irish and… oh, man, sorry…. forgot. Well, just the Puerto Ricans then.

        2. Also, cuckservatives let mouthy broads run all over them. Don’t forget that.


      1. And the Corning signal has been lit. Way to go, Gil.

  17. Floods are more deadly than earthquakes. Scientific fact.

    1. You’ve obviously never seen a Floodquake

      1. Does the water crack open and swallow Lois Lane’s car with her in it?!?!?

  18. Who else loves DONDERRRRRRROOOOOOO’s Twitter feed?

    Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR 14m14 minutes ago
    @BigFurHat And imagine all the sniffing pervs in female bathrooms if Houston, other towns allow same sex GLBT facilities
    View conversation 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR 17m17 minutes ago
    @BenWilhelm1230 @Juliet777777 @BNLieb Be pissed at cuckservatives like McCain, Michelle Malkin, NR who said we shouldn’t call Obama a Muslim
    View conversation 0 retweets 1 favorite
    Reply Retweet Favorite 1

    Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR 17h17 hours ago
    Yoh! @RogerJStoneJr how bout that 100% libertarian response from Trump opposing fascist mandated vaccinations? Yeehaw! #LibertariansforTrump
    0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR Sep 15
    No @JoeNBC. The way you beat Trump is you adopt his platform and get downright nasty against illegal immigration and Muslim invasion of US.

    1. Uh, I didn’t want to imagine Donderooooooo sniffing in a women’s bathroom.

      1. I don’t want to imagine him sniffing about in a men’s room, either.

        1. We could demand a dedicated Dondero bathroom, but that would be racist or something.

    2. And imagine all the sniffing pervs in female bathrooms if Houston, other towns allow same sex GLBT facilities

      That doesn’t even make sense.

      1. YOU SHUT UP #cuckservative

      2. Its actually the most reasoned argument I’ve yet heard. First there was the young woman who might someday become pregnant but men are yucky. Next was the old teacher who would never let her young girls go into a mens room or men in her little girls bathroom. So this is almost reasonable.

    3. Of course DONDERROOOOOOOOO supports Trump!

      If Mr Hilter had been running for congress in Texas, I’ll bet Dondero would support him too!

    4. So now Dondero hates McCain and Malkin too. Interesting.

      1. Can you imagine how miserable the poor fuck is?

        The apex of his career – the time he was closest to the levers of power – was when he was on Ron Paul’s staff.

        Now he has no prospects. He’s become the equivalent of a 25 cent crack whore, offering hand jobs for cash to the businessmen who walk by, and nobody will touch him.

        1. Now you put that image in my head with Dondero in place of the crack whore and now I’m going to have to down a bottle of Tito’s to get it out.

        2. Is Donderooo actually Hihn?

  19. I just wanted to give a shout out to the guy in a morning thread who compared Rand Paul’s strategy to a Protoss tech rush in a 6-way mash-up. Best political metaphor ever.

    1. My friends called that game StarCrack…many hours wasted in bliss. Are Trump’s Trumptards considered Zerglings?

      1. As the inventor of the underrated Overlord Rush, I would say that you’re correct.

      2. StarCrack

        Are your friends Korean?

    1. Money quote: Being mistreated by imbeciles is the sine qua non of American public education today, but that fact is of political use only periodically, as in this case.

      1. Iowahawk on Twitter had a great mini-rant where he linked multiple examples of the same bullshit happening to white kids with the appropriate #IStandWith___ tag.

        Race hustlers poison everything.

        1. Race baiters gonna bait. Some are masters at it.

    2. This confirms all my biases. An English teacher squealed on him. An English Teacher! I’m quite satisfied.

      1. I hadn’t really considered this angle before, but looking back, the very worst of my public school teachers were indeed all English teachers, including the amazingly dense bint who sent me to detention for arguing that ‘cygnet’ was in fact an actual word. Apparently after I left for the principal’s office, someone else looked it up in a dictionary and her hatred for me thereafter was unremitting.

    3. I just want to make sure you saw this:…..fers-help/

      The retard always comes full circle.

  20. Re: Bernie sanders and private prisons

    Because everything is done better in the private sector. The thing I think libertarians should stand for is having the government dole out money to corrupt contractors so they can hire incompetent morons who end up abusing prisoners.


    ? Results from previous studies show that privately operated prisons function similarly to publicly operated prisons… Three exceptions to these findings are in the areas of staffing levels, management information system (MIS) support, and critical incidents. Privately operated facilities have a significantly lower staffing level than publicly operated prisons and lack MIS support. They also report a significantly higher rate of assaults on staff and inmates.

    1. 1) Do they have similar prison populations 2) Reported assaults =/= actual assaults. Lets assume public prison guard union members lie.

      1. I like this… rivate-prisons-and-mass-incarcerationi

        Where the private company running these prisons essentially admits tha lenient sentencing models are a threat to good business.

        Yeah, if there’s one thing libertarians should get behind its the idea that governments should pay more money to private businesses so these businesses can lobby to lock up more people. It’s what I call a virtuous circle. The real plus, of course, is that we can get rid of all these shitty public employee unions who probably spend lots of time bitching about worker safety and how to protect themselves from violent and mentally-unstable inmates. How about you toughen up, you comrades!

        1. Public sector prison guard unions actually spend their time lobbying against sentencing leniency and are at least as politically potent as the private prisons. Private prisons were created by harsh sentencing laws not the other way around.

          1. Yeah, because right-wingers said, der, we need tough on crime and, der, we need to put marijuana smokers in jail because, der, it’s a gateway drug and my kid knew someone who, der, had a bad trip smoking nutmeg. Yeah, we need to totally vote for them again because, der, Obama is a, der, socialist.

            1. ……….Are you Obama?

              /asking for a friend

    2. Public sector prison guard unions are composed of the worst type of scum, literally people who are too dumb to become cops.

      I am opposed to private prisons under our current justice system because of the obvious perverse incentive of locking up more people for bullshit laws but it’s not the privatization itself that’s the issue.

      1. Maybe Bernie sanders is doing this because he feels the same way you and I do about “bullshit laws” But, nah, we should just stick with the narrative and tell ourselves how great Carly fiorina is– made up bullshit fetus video notwithstanding.

        1. And I’m sure Bernie’s law has a provision to ban prison guard unions, since they have the same perverse incentives as the private prison companies, right? If not, I’m sure you think he’s being a hypocritical douche, no?

          1. You’ll have to ask him. Since he’s repeatedly said there’s too many people in prison I take it that he would be a threat to public and privately-run prisons. I say more power to him.

            1. “You’ll have to ask him.”

              Why? To hear him lie? He’s a public sector union slaver. He’d rather kill private prisons than reduce sentencing.

          2. No, no, look above: prison guard unions are only interested in improving worker safety. That’s what they fight for!

            1. Why would an anarchist like you care about a labor union. Have you ever belonged to a labor union and,if the answer is no, how do you know what they talk about?

        2. How was the video made up? It’s right there for all to see.

          I’m curious.

          1. You mean this one?…..ny-exists/

            Much to my disappointment it doesn’t show what Carly fiorina says it does. She’s a world class bullshitter and ranks as one of the worst CEOs in history, but it’s more important that she hates hillary Clinton in a pathological way.

            1. Are you drunk? The link doesn’t answer the question. In fact, it runs contrary to your point.

              “There have been 10 videos exposing Planned Parenthood since July. The media have struggled to cover most of the them, even though they are full of scandalous information about human organ harvesting. In addition to the 10 videos, lengthier footage of the hours-long meetings from which they were gleaned is also available. Everyone who cares about humanity should watch these videos, which are available here.”

              1. None of those videos show what Carly fiorina stated in the debate. The reason for that is because she’s a.) a liar and b.) totally full of shit. That one of the CNN moderators didn’t call her on her obvious distortions is probably no one with any decency can make it through one of those weepy gotcha videos without wanting to punch the nearest right-wing fundamentalist in the balls. But on 2nd thought… Look what happened to candy Crowley when she pointed out that a right-winger was a liar in a debate? You get hate mails and death threats that– given the cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs hysteria on the Right– you should take deadly serious. Who needs that shit?

                1. no one with any decency can make it through one of those weepy gotcha videos without wanting to punch the nearest right-wing fundamentalist in the balls.

                  Yeah, it’s always tough when members of the Baal cult are shown a mirror into their own sociopathy. Not surprising you can’t help but chimp out about it, you waste of carbon molecules.

                  Now take your immediate family and jump in front of a speeding truck.

  21. Libertarians and conservatives really need to get their act together to counter the coming wave of statist economic b.s. coming from Sanders and Clinton. Tone down the Planned Parenthood posturing that totally plays into the hands of the left (“They want to outlaw contraception!!”) and the foreign policy chest-beating. Focus on the proven benefits of free markets and privatization, and the proven faults of socialism. Talk about how socialist we already are, and how much it costs.

    1. And, predictably, the response will be that we want the streets lined with starving grannies.

      I think Penn Jillette’s “I don’t know what’s best for other people” quote is the best, simplest, and most universally understandable statement of libertarian priniciples.

      1. “I don’t know what’s best for other people”

        But why would I vote for you if you aren’t prepared to enact what’s best for people not me?

        1. Yeah, response to that is usually “that’s cause you dumb, expert know!”

        2. My wife’s coworkers legitimately and truly believe that they need some demigod politician to run their lives because they’re not capable. From their own mouths they said that they aren’t as good at running their own lives as the government is.

      2. I think one good response to starving grannies is to 1) ask if grannies starved in the 1950s, 2) point to how much the federal government spends on welfare, per person, right now, and 3) what the debt is, per person, right now.

        1. Er the 1950s is a bad reference point. Lots of big government then. Liberals are looking at that time period nostalgically.

          1. Federal government spending was (proportionately) a fraction of what it is now, and the only federal “welfare” program was Social Security: no Medicare/Medicaid/food stamps/etc.

            1. Spending is not the whole picture. There were many regulations that don’t exist today. Marginal taxation was very high (though below the official rate).

              1. Well, sure, some regulations have since been removed… and thousands more added. The high marginal rates weren’t as important as they seem: very few ever paid them, due to a plethora of loopholes and deductions.

            2. Also, ‘proportionately’ does not take into account the size of spending as a percent of the economy.

              1. No, that’s what I’m saying: total spending was less, measured by percentage and in absolute (inflation-adjusted) dollars.

        2. I think you’d have to ask about starving grannies in the 1920s, back when Social Security was first proposed and rejected.

          1. Well, my granny didn’t starve in the 20’s cause she had produced a whole mess of properly raised children that made sure she always had a full pantry. And I will not starve if government goes tits up (please dear gods please) because I produced a whole mess of properly raised children that will make sure I always have a full pantry.

  22. The Federal Reserve will not be raising borrowing rates, continuing its nine-year stretch.

    Yeah duh.

    Us peanuts and “goldbugs” predicted that.

  23. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the “Justice is not for Sale Act.” Hey, he also managed to avoid making a silly acronym.

    It still sounds stupid, and another one of those “Don’t Kill Kittens and Puppies Act”.

  24. The Federal Reserve will not be raising borrowing rates, continuing its nine-year stretch.

    For some inexplicable reason, that called to mind a brief vignette from The Bank Dick:
    W C Fields: Say, was I in here and spent a twenty dollar bill last might?
    Bartender: Yeah.
    Fields: Oh boy, what a load that is off my mind! I thought I’d lost it.

    1. Kiiind of? Took until 1996 to get beneath levels of 1989. Also, I wish it had a third line with body count. It’s at least as important as “percentage of countries with mass killings”.

    2. You don’t understand. Capitalism has killed way many more people. It’s just that it’s subtle hidden behind all the exploitation and white privilege. If they had a stat for that capitalism would cream communism on the death count!!!!

      1. The bodies are hiding in the ocean.

    1. “He is expected to address immigration, the closest issue to Hispanics’ hearts.”

      Got any polls to back this up?

      1. For the record, I did not write that Reuters article.

        That said, I’m personally aware that hispanics (as a whole) rank immigration reform fairly low relative to Economic issues (in fact, rank almost everything, including religion, fairly low compared to economic issues), but that if you exclude “jobs”…Education and healthcare policy comes next… and then Immigration a bit after that.

        here’s some 2014 polling that mentions “Immigration: Not the Top Issue”

        1. Isn’t economics and finance always first and foremost on people’s minds? Most sane people know the world depicted in Salon and its retarded ilk isn’t accurate good only for the perpetually angry.

          The formula is simple regardless of race or creed: Everyone wants to provide for their families and leave them better off if they could.

          Who in their fucken right mind actually focuses on ‘white privilege’? Worse, who in their fricken right mind actually believes this is screwing them over?

          Nah. I want to believe people are better than that.

          1. “Who in their fucken right mind actually focuses on ‘white privilege’?’

            People who have had everything taken care of them by mommy and daddy and went to schools where they were told they were the cream of the universe… and have a crushing sense of self-importance which requires them to constantly signal that they are *Morall Superior to their regular, normally-white peers because they’re perpetually engaged in self-congratulatory-self-flagellation

            which is what its really about. The whole SJW thing? is about rich white people playing a psychological trick to make themselves believe they are better than other white people

            Its all about social-status, and has nothing to do with actual minorites/poor people.

            1. Right. So people not in their right mind.

              1. Ignoring the SJW’s… what’s actually more ridiculous is the assumption of “immigration” being important to hispanics because….

                “”…well, *naturally* all hispanics are collectivist morons who want only to swamp the US in a tidal wave of newcomers…””


                The fact that polling shows that Hispanics care about the *same shit most people care about* seems to never sink in with people. No, they worry themselves to death about other people who just happen to come from other sort-of-latin-american-shitholes a generation or two ago.

                which reminds me of the time i shared a plane seat next to a (very beautiful) Dominican girl. And she somehow got on the topic of Puerto Ricans. Whoa, nelly. Donald Trump has never held hatred in his heart like this girl. It was like discovering that Not All Asians Like One Another for the first time, all over again.

                1. Exactly. Exactly.

                  Re the Dominican. Oh man. Don’t I know it!

  25. NYC = Busts Heroin Smuggling Ring….which, with 25 people seemed to be making minimum-wage salaries? $1.5m a YEAR? …Fuck man, that’s hardly one good deal. I mean, is this budget-smack or something? I miss the good old days when a Drug Ring was something to be proud of.

    1. Yeah, salary isn’t much, but benefits are amazing if you love COCAINE!

      /Pam Poovey

    2. oh, for the necessary Irony = “Collazo works in the Midtown Manhattan Community Court as a community service supervisor, and Mineo studied substance abuse at a local college and told police he was a drug counselor.”

      Public service. Top. People.

      1. Look, they studied substance abuse, and decided there’s money in it. Why are you against people applying their college education in real life?

  26. Someone is really trying too hard to be the star of their own personal Opera

    “‘She wrote several messages in blood on a wall including “Mi Amor Javier,” and told investigators she believed her husband had cheated on her and was not in love with her anymore, the complaint said.”

    Oh, she also killed both the kids first. Naturally.

    1. Christ, why did I click on that? Like I wasn’t being miserable enough. I don’t even have any vodka in the house to combat it!

      1. I don’t think I’ll click that.

        Try this one:

        1. (David Attenborough voice)

          “”One day soon they will mature and seek nothing more than to slaughter the other for pleasure. Such is nature’s way””

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  28. Dude I am totally diggin that hood!

  29. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to abolish private prisons with the “Justice is not for Sale Act.”

    Because government-owned prisons are so pure and just and don’t care about money. Especially those prison-guard unions.

    Hillary is evil; Bernie is a dipshit.

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