I Paid the Debt I Owed Them


Amherst County, Virginia's, new business license law allows the county to revoke a license if the business owner has been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. It can also revoke the business license of any firm employing a person convicted of such crimes. But it does allow the employer to keep a business license if it takes "remedial action" by firing that employee.

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  1. The outrage here is requiring a business license at all.

  2. Not going to cause corruption problems at all.

  3. There’s no way in hell this stands up to constitutional arguments, can we just have a ‘three strikes’ rule where legislators that pass stupid laws are removed from office after they demonstrate a clear incompetence at understanding what the hell their jobs are?

  4. The ordinance explicitly states that doing business there is a “privilege”, so it’s no surprise they feel they can deny anyone a living based on good cause, bad cause, or no cause.
    Pet peeve: The ordinance is posted as part of a 31 page, non-searchable PDF. WTF, people?

  5. Felons are no longer allowed to work or own businesses?

    I can’t see any possible negative outcomes from that.

    Surprisingly, you don’t need a business license to commit crime.

    Hey! Maybe they should make a law about that! For example, “No burglarizing without a license.” That should put an end to all burglary!

    1. Thieves Guild!

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