Could Trump Lead a Movement for White Racial Quotas One Day?

India's upper-caste quota wars suggest that racial quotas for whites are not so far fetched


Upper-caste groups in India, led by a 22-year-old academically mediocre college graduate, have convulsed the

Hindu protestor
?K / Foter / CC BY-SA

country in major protests demanding preferences in college admissions and government jobs for themselves. They claim that they are the victims of six decades of "reverse discrimination" thanks to India's affirmative action policies and are demanding a piece of the quota pie.

But I ask in my column at The Week this morning, will America's anti-affirmative action movement that has so far restricted itself to the laudable goal of pushing ballot initiatives to end race-based admissions make a similar U-turn? Could whites in America led by say, a Trump-style demagogue, start an aggressive fight for racial quotas and affirmative action – for themselves?

On the one hand, the answer seems to be "no" given that there is much more white guilt in America about slavery than there is upper-caste guilt in India about caste oppression.

On the other hand…go here to find out.