Great Novel About Amazons, Academics,…and Libertarians?: The Lost Sisterhood

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Anne Fortier's engaging, erudite, and exciting novel The Lost Sisterhood is out in paperback for just $8.80 at Amazon.

Reason TV interviewed Fortier in 2014 when the hardcover first appeared:

The Lost Sisterhood switches back and forth between the travails of Diana Morgan, a contemporary scholar at Oxford, and Myrina, the legendary warrior who would become the first ruler of the Amazons. It's a page-turning thriller that is also packed with ideas about history, gender, self-determination, and the desire for true freedom.

"I hope to raise a lot of questions about the choices that we make by…asking, 'What if a group of women decided to live outside of society, bend the spoon, and override all rules and regulations?'" says Fortier, who was raised in Denmark, holds a doctorate in the history of ideas from Aarhus University, and co-produced the Emmy Award–winning documentary Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia.

More here.

Fortier makes "the case for libertarian novels" here. Snippet:

To the freedom-friendly novelist, one further advantage of historical fiction is that the entire history of mankind is jam-packed with tragic examples of what Hayek called "the fatal conceit" and the corrupting effects of power—especially state power. Thus the author need not invent a world and infuse it with political philosophy ex nihilo. The world is already there, firmly based on research, and you don't have to exercise much poetic license to illuminate the evils of statism and the heroic nature of the freedom fighter throughout human history. For example, my first novel, Juliet, is partly set in medieval Siena and based on the historical situation that informed Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.It was a time torn between emperor, pope, and corruption and nothing is easier than to let one of the present-day characters speak the glaring truth: "The devotion of the old neighborhood militia was essentially what made the Sienese republic possible. If you want to keep the bad guys in check, make sure the good guys are armed."

Take the "What does it mean to be an Amazon?" quiz here.

Reason TV's interview with Fortier:


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  1. ‘What if a group of women decided to live outside of society, bend the spoon, and override all rules and regulations?’

    They’re ex-communicated by lefties as being tea party cranks or crypto-Republicans or social conservatives or whatever, and tumblr feminists publish histrionic 1100-word essays condemning their patriarchal false consciousness.

    Oh, and they get a write-up on Reason under which their sexual appeal is dissected, which is probably worst of all. That said, would.

    1. And once I update my Amazon CC number she will have sold a book. So there is that.

    2. Oh, and they get a write-up on Reason under which their sexual appeal is dissected, which is probably worst of all. That said, would.

      Ugh. Typical.

      1. If it were’t for typical I wouldn’t have any type at all.

      2. can you not even?

        1. Your wisecracks are on fleek, lap.

  2. I guess I should be happy there’s a book by a female libertarian advocating for something other than the adult-child mentality of modern feminism, but this concept sounds…horrible.

  3. Seems like the sort of immigrant we need more of.

    1. I would be perfectly fine with a female only immigration policy.

      1. No path to citizenship for fat chicks.

        1. Make the path really narrow.

        2. this is why the only libertarian women are living in fantasy worlds involving Amazons

            1. Have you been operating under the impression that I’m a wizard this whole time? That would be funny

              1. I haven’t ruled it out. But I thought wizards were men.

                1. I would self-identify as a female wizard because I think wizards are cooler, but I don’t think I’d go so far as to get magician reassignment surgery.

                  1. Wizard with a woodchipper? Sounds like the subpoenas targeted the wrong commenter.

  4. what the heck does “bend the spoon” mean? Is this a danish expression or is it referencing the entry level mentalist magic trick? Maybe I need a doctorate in Idea history.

    1. There is no spoon

      1. “Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth…there is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

        1. Nobody bends spoons like Uri Geller.

        2. “You’re a spoon, you’re a spoon, this whole thread is a spoon, they’re a spoon!!”

    2. Matrix reference.

  5. Did there used to be real men in Europe? You know, I’m just asking, was there a non-pussy era in Europe in which real men used to roam the continent? There must have been, once upon a time, or the influence wouldn’t have spread throughout the world.

    It’s up to us Murikans now. Europa will soon be under Sharia.

    1. UK and Nordic countries are under SJW-law now.

      1. More truth to that than many would admit. The bravest mostly died after two monstrous wars.

      2. Not all.

        Some of the real men ended up like this.


        One of the greatest men who ever lived.

        Most of the rest are Texans.

        1. Indeed. But, Texas ain’t in Europe. Okay, maybe I’m getting a bit grim, but with the combined deaths of about 62 million brave men in Europe during the two wars it stands to reason that “real” men are a bit thin on the ground these days. It further stands to reason that since the legacy of those wars reach still into today (look up “The Iron Harvest” and other instances of live munitions being still found today) that maybe the Euros are a bit squeamish to go through it again. Whether for good or bad remains to be seen of course.

          1. I think that’s probably part of it. I also wouldn’t completely discount the consequences of American immigration. A lot of the Europeans brave enough to drop everything start over somewhere where they had no connections, family or support system wound up becoming Americans.

            1. Or Canadians or Australians.

    2. Murikans and Aussies.

  6. I think this is what is was like the last time real men roamed the the continent of Europia:

    It’s not love, bitches

  7. Tit or GTFO.

    1. I have observed your effort.

  8. My ears are absorbing the resonances of Medwyn’s Medicine Woman as I enjoy the philosophy of the powerful Amazonian woman.

    The powerful almighty woman that bears the spear in the modern society is likely far less to hate us solid alphas. She might earn hundreds of thousands but I have discovered being married to an Amazon warrior (who doesn’t work for that shit online Amazon.com company I’m thinking about pulling my many thousands from) corporate pulling in many many many of thousands a delicate sweet nature rippling with piranha power.

    Like marrying a shark with tits. For real. A super hot shark with awesome hair, sweet cunt, and badass nipples but she is a shark eater. Even an alpha male such as myself needs to watch his shit….

    1. You’ll need a bigger boat.

      1. My yacht in the jungle will always welcome Quincy.

  9. Amazonian women don’t hate men like weak feminists. Amazonian women just kill all the weak men and love the strong ones. Which is kind of horrible and I don’t suggest this for normal society in freeworld because often weak men can grow into strong men and Amazonians can fall on hard times and become weakened…
    no human is immune to the rise and fall of ourselves…

    1. Amazonian women would really prefer if you refer to them as “Amazon employees,” just like men.

      1. Amazon’s Kiva Robots and Delivery Quadrotors are exasperated that you meatbags have to gender everything.

        1. They’re welcome to choose a gender just like everyone else.

          1. You want transrobosexuals running around amongst our childrenz? For shame, sir!

            1. “Want”? I *insist*, just as long as it keeps the LGBTTQQIAAPTRBS crowd off my back.

              1. #CounterRotatingPride #QuadLivesMatter

  10. This place is arranged so beautifully. I love the ethos of Reasonaqua. The voices. The scribes. The lasers. The breakage stomaic pulsar romage wup lathos.

    1. romage wup lathos

      The sexiest ethnic group of the 23rd century.

    2. It’s nice to be on the front end of an AC thread.

      1. And that’s fine as long as I don’t would. But I did would so too bad. Maybe next time.

          1. Memories of the ’60s in the far east; ‘sloppy seconds’ it was called. I won.

            1. I’m up for anything, as long as it doesn’t involve another man. Or most women. In fact, I’m up for almost nothing at all.

              1. Well, curfew was close. We flipped the coin, I got firsts; he got sloppy seconds, and we still got back to the base before they closed the gate.

              2. In fact, I’m up for almost nothing at all.

                They have pills for that now.

      2. Like Desparados waiting for a train.

  11. Nchole has her own show now.


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    1. Or lesbian sex.

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        FUCK give me a dirty fucking redneck bar in the middle of FUCKING nowhere ANY FUCKING time anywhere… the sex is better, the bouncer doesn’t give a shit, and I can rock like a motherfucking exploding comet and I will rarely be bounced out because my shit is loved like a goddamn bitch outside of proper straight-jacket modern rich club America across this place where all the money gathers… .like a motherfucking colonic of skeletons scared to rivet a beat outside what the club owner has approved. FUCK all the goddamn clubs with all the FUCKING rich retards… American rich is fucking soulless and fruitless and fucking spineless…

    2. Now you’ve given away the nastiest secret of Star Trek: Voyager fandom. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

      1. Nice.

        *opens new tab*

  13. Somebody here was finding “The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land” boring.
    I’m pissed that Asbrige doesn’t begin to cover how in hell 60,000 people left NW Europe, ended up in the near east with pretty much no comment on how they got fed and transported and the resulting spread of disease.
    The political efforts and ramifications are his obvious focus, but c’mon! Who paid what and where did the food come from to support what is claimed to be a mass migration? This is a major economic event in Europe at the time, probably close to the economic upheaval of WWII in the twentieth century, and he makes no particular comment about it.
    Whisky tango foxtrot?

    1. Jesus FUCKING GODDAM CHRIST! HOW the FUCK can any motherfucking fucker possibly answer that complex shit hammered man??

      Fuck you, sevo. Fuck that shit, you simpering majestic whore. AN ENTIRE BOOK was evidently wrote by a man who spent fucking TONS of time on this shit and you think somehow YOUR FUCKING SHIT POST of an assorted ramekin of letters can answer shit and then you end this impossible matrix of hell with whisky…

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      1. Well, jeeze, AC, it’s no more than the grief Judt got from me for Post War.
        But, yeah, Asbrige deserves grief for ignoring that; WTF!

        1. I’,m all aboubout super Sevo power regardless. super sevo is the beast. Pure and simple. I am fucked up but I impressed my fingers to make a note of this thing you offer the white space kind sir.

      2. How come you weren’t at Burning Man, Agile, or are “special oaks”. a euphamism ?

    2. I was just reading the Hansa Towns by Helen Zimmern where in she stated that the rise of independent German cities and eventually the Hanseatic League was a result of the Crusades.

      What happened was Italian traders would visit Germania on business and regale the residents with stories of how free they were in their city-states. The Germans by and large did not believe this but then came the crusades and so many Germans traveled through Italy on their way to the Holy Land and found that it indeed was true.

      The thing is the Italians got the idea from the Germans in the first place but the Germans had long forgotten those ways.

      Freiburg was the first city founded and the rest is history.

      1. Most of the comments ( http://www.amazon.com/Hansa-To…..ansa+towns ) mention it’s a bit out of date.
        Have you read “The Edge of the World: A Cultural History of the North Sea and the Transformation of Europe”?

        1. It’s on the list.

    3. “Amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics.”

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  16. I’m close enough to get the free edition of Billy Joel at the ball park; just got “My Life”.
    Have yet to decide whether that’s a claim of freedom, or a bone tossed to some of his fans.

    1. I think you just be happy realizing that billy joel isn’t as cool as you. billy joel is ok, man.

      1. AC, BJ is cool enough to smoke a cig on stage where it is illegal to smoke in an ‘indoor space’ doing “New York State of Mind”; guy’s got my vote for cool.
        Pretty sure Brian Seltzer smoked at a SF concert where it was already illegal (back when), and thumbed his nose at those in the audience who whined.

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  27. This is a great book. I know Reason did a piece with the author but I’m too lazy to look it up. Still it’s a great examination of order where there should be absolute chaos if we’re to believe the usual twaddle given out by collectivists.

    1. Last week’s EconTalk covered a some of the same subject matter.

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    1. So… You’re not on shift at Husky, I hope.

  29. So I took the Amazon quiz


    There’s definitely Amazon potential here, but it’s up to you to make it happen. Maybe it’s time to join a cross-fit gym?


    1. Scientology or Crossfit. You choose the cult.

  30. “The Lost Sisterhood: A Novel” is $8.80 in paperback, but $11.99 in Kindle format. What’s the deal with that?

    1. Amazon is trying to find the market clearing price?

  31. Female libertarians?

    …Man, where do these authors get these ideas?

  32. …holds a doctorate in the history of ideas from Aarhus University,…

    I did not know this was a thing.

  33. Amazons, if they ever existed, would not have ridden horses into battle with spears held over head.

    Amazons would have lived in the late bronze age or very early Iron age (Herodotus described them in the 5th century BC as living in the distant past Homer puts them in the Iliad which would have been 1400 BC) and that sort of combat did not exist in that time period.

    1. Records from that era are spotty at best.

      1. The Hittites, Egyptians and Babylonians had pretty good records on the use of horses in warfare in that period. We also have bones and genetics of horses of the time which make them smaller and weaker then the horses which in later periods carried armoured cavalry, mongols and knights.

        Greek records are pretty shitty but they were the ones talking about amazons which is why I said “if they existed”.

        Also if Amazons existed and they had lanced cavalry while the Hittites Egyptians and Babylonians didn’t one would think they would have written about them and considering the massive military advantage it would have given the Amazons would probably have all been concurred by them.

  34. Poll: Trump beats Hillary head-to-head

    Cosmotarian tears are yummy and sweet.

    1. Yeah – this is getting better and better.

    2. Please tell me one subject Trump is remotely libertarian on and I might join in your celebrating.

      Right now it seems like we’re gonna get a Democrat turned Republican who likes single payer in office. 🙁

      Or is this a case of WHOOOSH?

      1. It’s more a comment on how Hillary can’t even beat a clown like Trump than it is a comment on Trump’s wonderfulness.

  35. What if a group of women decided to live outside of society, bend the spoon, and override all rules and regulations?

    No offense to women like Ms. Fortier but that group would almost inevitably become as (or more) regulated and controlling than the society they left behind. Women tend to be more socially-oriented than men. And while there is no shortage of exceptions, general trends tend to play out in large enough groups.

    1. This is why there are no female anarchists.

    2. That’s only true if the group is randomly picked and all else is the same. A self selected group deliberately leaving behind the existing society isn’t going to have that behavior.

      1. That would work for those opting. The question is whether it would be sustained over multiple generations. And, of course, your assuming that the group is uniformly opposed to regulation and rules, per se, rather than the specific set of rules and regulations from the society they left.

        1. Over multiple generations, the gender ratio would get back to normal, no?

    3. Well you haven’t lived unless you’ve tried anarchy AND absolute dictatorship.

      Sometime I think joining a cult would be awesomely fun experience, but then I don’t think I am brainwashable enough.

  36. ‘it’s a page turner’

    Of course it is. How else to advance and finish the dang book?

    1. I thought Page Turner wasTina’s daughter? I am confuse.

      1. [insert joke about Congress[wo]men turning over pages]

  37. esus FUCKING GODDAM CHRIST! HOW the FUCK can any motherfucking fucker possibly answer that complex shit hammered man??

    Fuck you, sevo. Fuck that shit, you simpering majestic whore. AN ENTIRE BOOK was evidently wrote by a man who spent fucking TONS of time on this shit and you think somehow YOUR FUCKING SHIT POST of an assorted ramekin of letters can answer shit and then you end this impossible matrix of hell with whisky…

    well I danced for 12 hours last weekend totally naked on 3 bottles of whiskey under the special oaks with all the lightning dogs and jazz roots and the righteous booms lit like fucking spiral smoke…

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