Medical Marijuana

The Secret History of Southern Medical Marijuana

The "lost" medical cannabis laws of the '70s and early '80s


Here's a fascinating piece of recovered history:

"Yes, officer, we found fifty of these in Willie Nelson's basement."

Between 1978 and 1982, 25 states set up similar medical marijuana research programs, designed mainly to treat cancer and glaucoma patients. To receive the marijuana, states were supposed to contract with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which cultivated cannabis at a federally funded farm at the University of Mississippi.

Louisiana became the third to pass legislation in July 1978. Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina quickly followed, signing laws in a seven-month span between 1979 and 1980.

That's from a story by Quint Forgey of News21. If you're wondering why you never heard about medical marijuana taking root more than three decades ago in a group of conservative Southern states, it's because it didn't take root, despite those statutes. Forgey explains:

Like most other state programs at the time, [Louisiana state Rep. Tony] Guarisco's bill provided for the establishment of a state medical board to certify participating patients, physicians and pharmacies. Only chemotherapy and glaucoma patients were eligible for treatment.

He thought his work was finished.

"I mean, I'm in there two years. I thought when you passed something, the people that needed to take action after that, to make it operative, would do what they needed to do," Guarisco said. "Unfortunately, they never did."

In the nearly four decades since its signing, Louisiana's medical marijuana research program has treated not a single patient.

Similar programs around the country also slowly evaporated. Either they were never approved by the necessary federal agencies or their funds were never appropriated by legislatures. Some state medical boards were simply not established.

Today, not many know the programs ever existed.

Activists are now trying to revive and revise those old laws to clear the way for medical marijuana today, with mixed results. "Taking that 1980 law as a jumping-off point and amending it really got us halfway there," one South Carolina lawmaker told Forgey. "It was a good icebreaker." The result in South Carolina last year was a bill that allowed epilepsy patients to use CBD oil, a cannabis extract—but did not make any arrangements for anyone to legally cultivate the plant or distribute the medicine. We'll see if it takes another 34 years to fix that hole.

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    3. Since this is Jesse Mr. Paranoid Conspiracist Walker, I have no qualms OT’ing his story with this:

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  7. The result in South Carolina last year was a bill that allowed epilepsy patients to use CBD oil, a cannabis extract?but did not make any arrangements for anyone to legally cultivate the plant or distribute the medicine.

    Good thing that MJ is “legal”, huh?


    Turns out the Paleo diet is made up bullshit with no basis in either archeology or dietary science. Who could have seen that coming?

    1. Since I didn’t pay any attention to what a ‘paleo’ diet was, I didn’t see this coming.

      1. It was a fashionable repackaging of eating low carb. A bunch of people ate raw meat and vegetables and pretended they were cave men to make it more fun really was all it ever was.

        1. But it only takes a moment’s reflection to realize carbs had to be part of the diet of these groups. If they didn’t already consume them, why would they suddenly start planting grains at the dawn of agriculture?

          1. Exactly. And they were also living on the edge of starvation most of the time. The reason why carbs make us fat is because they are easy to digest and contain a ton of energy. That is not such a good thing when you have access to an endless supply of food and are sitting on your ass all day. If you however are active all day and are constantly insecure about your food supply, that is a very good thing. Primitive man would have had to have been stupid not to eat carbs wherever and whenever they were available. And primitive man was not stupid or he would not have survived.

            1. Have you seen that show “alone”? It’s a perfect example of how hard it is to survive without modern society. A couple of the guys were pretty fat, but after a few weeks of hunting/gathering they are pretty trim.

          2. Actually, to make beer.

        2. But what about the health benefits of not bathing, saying “oog,” and dragging women by their hair?

    2. “Eating meat may have kick-started the evolution of bigger brains, but cooked starchy foods together with more salivary amylase genes made us smarter still.”

      “And frying those starches in trans-fats just put the icing on the cake.”

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    3. It was a noble attempt to provide ammunition in the war against Big Anemia.

      1. Big Anemia

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    4. The low-carbohydrate Paleo diet

      Paleo is super silly, but this article starts off being embarrassingly fucking stupid. None of the Paleotards think they’re eating low-carb. They eat tons of sweet potatoes and shit.

      But experts are now debating whether or not people in the Paleolithic Era did actually eat carbs.

      No. Everyone knows they ate whatever carbs they could get. This is in no way controversial.

        1. I think Paleotards avoid them and grains and beans and sugar. As far as I can tell, that and some handwavy bullshit about grass-fed beef is a good first approximation of the fad. It’s not the worst heuristic for a diet, but the benefits of it probably come entirely from avoiding sugar and eating more vegetables.

    5. The whole premise for the diet is stupid anyways. No matter your belief in creation or evolution, mankind did not flourish until we learned how to cultivate crops and increase food production. Being a hunter gatherer basically means that we are in fact animals using most of our food energy to find more food.

      Farming allowed us to feed more, fuck more, give birth more, and develop complex societies. The whole nation that we should be eating like a “caveman” (who is presumed to have a lower functioning brain) is retarded.

      1. That’s a non-sequitur. I think the claim is that while farming allowed for more reliable calories and the start of civilization, the food itself is not totally fit for our genetic make up. As with the market, our bodies can endure a lot of shit and still function well enough, but it can function even better with a more appropriate diet (or more appropriate laws and regulations as in the case of the market).

        I don’t really buy it, but it is an interesting idea.

        1. That squares with the fact that humans are still adapting to digest lactose as adults – once you can herd dairy animals, it’s an advantage – but in much of the world, most adults are lactose intolerant.

          Northern Europeans are largely tolerant of it, though – allows the French to be the cheese eaters they are.

          Maybe we are unknowingly selecting for humans that process carbs better.

      2. a “caveman” (who is presumed to have a lower functioning brain)

        What? That’s retarded. Modern hunter-gatherers most certainly do not have lower functioning brains.

        The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race is an interesting perspective. According to his argument, farming made individual humans weaker and sicker but increased the fitness of societies as a whole.

        1. Cripes, Warty, are you trying to summon White Indian. Last I heard he was gamboling on the prairies.

          1. The thing about white Indian is that he might not be completely wrong. It’s just irrelevant as you can’t put that particular toothpaste back into the tube, so to speak. We are what we are because people developed agricultural societies, with all the good and bad things that entails.

    6. So the article is really just another iteration of “your diet is bad and you should feel bad”.

    7. Well, considering that pretty much most of the fruits and meats we eat are essentially different plants and animals from what existed in paleolithic times, that should hardly be surprising.

      1. This too. Ever eat any wild carrots or wild cherries? Slightly different from what we’re used to.

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  11. I remember years ago – mid-’70’s – my sister had gone to the University of Michigan medical center for some experimental laser eye surgery for her glaucoma that burned the shit out of her eyes and she got medical marijuana for it. (Not like they paid her in weed for allowing them to shoot her in the eye with a laser, she was given mmj to deal with the pain.) UM is in southern Michigan, but it’s hardly the South, so there’s that.

  12. Speaking of “hit & run”, what should the penalty be for driving while impaired by Cannabis?
    Or for being in an auto accident while under the influence?

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