Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Talks, Er, Rambles About Server Controversy in Press Conference

What, her worry?


ABC News

History repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce. President Bill Clinton had a number of press conferences where he had to put on his best face and lie to the American people—the most infamous being his 1998 "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" press conference about Monica Lewinsky, a woman he did, in fact, have sexual relations with. 

Hillary Clinton has a new addition to her collection of dubious press conferences after giving this answer to a question from Ed Henry about who wiped the server that stored Clinton's emails and for which Clinton was responsible. Watch below: 

Covering the Lewinsky scandal in 1998 for U.S. News & World Report, Ronald Brownstein and Kenneth Walsh started their report thus: "In some ways, Bill Clinton's career in national politics amounts to a sustained test of public tolerance for ethical controversy. So far, the limits of that tolerance have proved very broad." 

Seventeen years later, is the depth of that tolerance being reached? Clinton remains the front-runner in the Democratic race even as the controversy over her use of a personal server for government business has been brewing for months. Questions remain, too, over Clinton's role in the policy, process, and political failures that led to 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi. 

Peter Suderman ran through the important points of the Clinton server controversy, which now involves the FBI, last week. The Obama administration has prosecuted more people for perceived improper treatment of classified information than any administration in U.S. history.