Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Talks, Er, Rambles About Server Controversy in Press Conference

What, her worry?


ABC News

History repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce. President Bill Clinton had a number of press conferences where he had to put on his best face and lie to the American people—the most infamous being his 1998 "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" press conference about Monica Lewinsky, a woman he did, in fact, have sexual relations with. 

Hillary Clinton has a new addition to her collection of dubious press conferences after giving this answer to a question from Ed Henry about who wiped the server that stored Clinton's emails and for which Clinton was responsible. Watch below: 

Covering the Lewinsky scandal in 1998 for U.S. News & World Report, Ronald Brownstein and Kenneth Walsh started their report thus: "In some ways, Bill Clinton's career in national politics amounts to a sustained test of public tolerance for ethical controversy. So far, the limits of that tolerance have proved very broad." 

Seventeen years later, is the depth of that tolerance being reached? Clinton remains the front-runner in the Democratic race even as the controversy over her use of a personal server for government business has been brewing for months. Questions remain, too, over Clinton's role in the policy, process, and political failures that led to 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi. 

Peter Suderman ran through the important points of the Clinton server controversy, which now involves the FBI, last week. The Obama administration has prosecuted more people for perceived improper treatment of classified information than any administration in U.S. history.

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  1. Woo-hoo! New Hillary thread!

    1. She can do no wrong, and people will gobble up her lies and sing along to her horrible song. For it won’t be long, that she will be their master as they crawl to her on hands and knees to the sound of the gong.

      Hell, we’d be better off with Cheech and Chong, they’d free everyone and go smoke a bong, while chasing around women in some pink thong.

      1. I’ve been on the Cheech and Chong Presidential bandwagon for decades.

        1. Damnit, that’s leaving Ozzy out. It’s either Cheech and Ozzy or Ozzy and Chong. And if no one’s gonna blow a doob and then bite off a bat’s head at the coronation, then that’s when we know this country has really done gone to shit.

          1. Ozzy can be Secretary of State. You want the crazy bat head eater dealing with the foreign heads of state so they know what’s up.

            1. You’re making sense here…

              1. I better take my meds then.

                1. Are they good? Can I have some?

        2. Tommy is a Canadian….sorry to break the bad news to you.

          I knew his wife when she was a very cute 15 year old. Good East Ender (Vancouver).

      2. The thread has been won, well done.

    2. Trump’s on jury duty today so….

  2. Get her, Ed!

    So far, the limits of that tolerance have proved very broad.”

    Hmmmmmmm. There’s something suspicious here…

    1. Where’s Swiss?

      1. Sitting on his Asiago.

        1. So you are saying he is busy cutting the cheese?

        2. Is Manchego there?

    2. Hillary fatigue is starting to trump my earlier fatigue..

    3. Just ask Hillary who had Vince Foster killed.

  3. All I can say, is that speeches in front of big flags ain’t what they used to be.

  4. Hillary, why were you doing official State Department business on a server stored in the bathroom closet of an unsecured residential apartment, ran by a mom and pop IT company of rank amateurs? What the fuck possible reason would anyone have for doing something so completely insane? Oh, and why is that same company already being sued for criminal behavior?

    We know you have answers, Hillary. What? We can’t ask those questions, because it’s your turn?

    Oh, never mind then.


    2. The idea that anybody, much less Hillary Clinton, would actually run their email server this way is so absurd so ridiculous that it violates Occam’s and Hanlon’s Razors.

      This is starting to look more and more like an elaborate honeypot.

      1. The idea that somebody with a lick of sense would wear an orange jumpsuit to a press conference where they’re going to vigorously argue “I am not a crook” seems pretty absurd, too. Maybe we’re all just living inside a Cheech and Chong routine here?

        1. The one with black and white horizontal stripes was at the cleaners.

          Seriously, though: true. Were her aids too intimidated to tell her?

        2. This is pure comedy now.

    1. Well, people just can’t be going around trying to prove that there’s no invisible sky god who’s told me to tell you what to do… I mean, umm, heretics! Blasphemers!

      Next thing you know, people are going to be doing even more outrageous stuff, like denying climate change.

      I think ISIS and the warmists can come together and finally put a stop to this dangerous denying business.

    2. I wish them great success but I fear for their safety.

      Yazidi singer forms all-female fighting unit to take revenge on ISIS


      1. I imagine the reasoning is that their safety was already quite to be feared for.

        1. No doubt.

        2. And the fact that they’re currently living in Kurdish territory and the Kurds are completely in favor of women fighting due to the general lack of Kurdish man-power.


          Plus the best looking Kurdish propagandist is also a woman, so they’re pre-disposed to like them.

          I love that Kurdish pop-music is about killing Sunni militants.


          1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SetwsLL1I10

            I actually like this video of hers more because it isn’t marred by a peace nik message, it’s just all about killing ISIS and includes the singer lighting a molotov.

            1. Um..Damn.

              1. That first song I posted? She filmed it 6 miles from the front lines in Iraq.

                She’s hardcore. Her mom is an actual Peshmerga. She was born in the mountains while her mom was fleeing Iran during the Iran-Iraq War and her mother had to carry her on horseback for several months right after giving birth.

                Her mom is therefore quite possibly the coolest woman in the history of the world.

                She then immigrated to Finland, went to LA, got a record contract, said ‘fuck it,’ went back to Kurdistan and has been a major propagandist on behalf of Kurdish independence. It’s one of the weirdest life stories I’ve ever read.

                1. That first song I posted? She filmed it 6 miles from the front lines in Iraq

                  So, Iraq.

                  1. I was wrong. It was 3 kilometers and I went in the wrong direction in my calculations and multiplied rather than divided.

                    So it was 1.8 miles from the front lines. That’s pretty damn close, yo. I just ran 2 miles tonight.

      2. This is just so sad. Western women has better start worrying, because the pussification of western males is so almost complete. I guess they better get ready to fight like these girls, because pajama boy is not going to protect them.

        1. Yeah. Remember when young men stormed beaches and jumped out of airplanes to defeat the Third Reich and Japanese Empire?

          I don’t think Generation Trigger Warning is up to the challenge.

          1. Where’s my controller?

          2. Stop that ISIS, i’ve been triggered! You hear me! I’ll get my mattress and go to a safe place, I mean it!

            Yeah, I think you’re right.

            Fortunately for us, as of now, we are so heavily armed as a nation that no invasion is possible. They would be slaughtered like sheep. But if the left ever really get their foolish way on gun control, we’re fucked.

            1. I’m being hyperbolic, of course, since there are plenty of men today that volunteer for the military and could kick ISIS’ ass up and down the Levant the day before yesterday if given the go-ahead.

              But good Lord, I remember seeing pieces in the days after the Pajama Boy kerfuffle about how conservatives are just threatened because he’s new face of Millenial masculinity.

              1. Yeah, look at me females, I’m weak, my socks are too loose, I mean I’m not like other guys… can you please pity fuck me? Ugh, I can protect you, I got a spork! Get back,scary terrorists!

        2. This is just so sad. Western women has better start worrying, because the pussification of western males is so almost complete.

          Have you noticed that according to some, the upward graph of pussification of western males aligns perfectly with the increase in rape culture?

          1. The pussification of western males aligns perfectly with the increase in the bullshit meme of “rape culture.”

        3. “Their men aren’t brutes enough: that’s the trouble. They’re a crowd of devitalized townsmen, and that’s the truth of the matter’ They’re clerks, they’re factory hands, they’re students, they’re civilized men. They can write, they can talk, they can make and do all sorts of things, but they’re poor amateurs at war. They’ve got no physical staying power, and that’s the whole thing. They’ve never slept in the open one night in their lives; they’ve never drunk anything but the purest water-company water; they’ve never gone short of three meals a day since they left their feeding-bottles. Half their cavalry never cocked leg over horse till it enlisted six months ago. They ride their horses as though they were bicycles?you watch ’em! They’re fools at the game, and they know it. Our boys of fourteen can give their grown men points…. Very well??”

          1. The war correspondent mused on his face with his nose between his knuckles.

            “If a decent civilization,” he said, “cannot produce better men for war than??”

            He stopped with belated politeness.

            “I mean??”

            “Than our open-air life,” said the young lieutenant, politely.

            “Exactly,” said the war correspondent. “Then civilization has to stop.”

            “It looks like it,” the young lieutenant admitted.

            “Civilization has science, you know,” said the war correspondent. “It invented and it makes the rifles and guns and things you use.”

            “Which our nice healthy hunters and stockmen and so on, rowdy-dowdy cowpunchers and negro-whackers, can use ten times better than??What’s that?”

            H. G. Wells “The Land Ironclads”

      3. May your victory over your enemy be swift, and their demise bloody and cruel.

        1. And may we hear the lamentations of their husbands!

          1. Which lamentations will be louder – the ones when they leave or the ones when they come back?

      4. They should post Youtube videos of them castrating ISIS fighters.

    3. It’s like a psychopath’s wonderland over there.

      1. It’s truly insane

    4. “There will be no more sequels, Dr Jones”

    5. ISIS beheaded an archaeologist for the crime of being an archaeologist.

      Interesting article. About two sentences on the execution, the next sixteen paragraphs about architectural fusion cuisine.

    6. This is such a serious thing, I almost don’t have the heart to scream “Indy! Nooooo…”

  5. She’s not going to jail, but this whole spectacle has been so embarrassing to the Democratic Party that they’re going to be begging crazy Uncle Joe to ride in and save the day.

    Because who else do they have? A crazy socialist, a failed governor, and a sensible moderate with zero name recognition.

    1. The One could just declare himself El Presidente for Life.

    2. sensible moderate with zero name recognition.

      I honestly can’t recall who that one is.

      1. Rand Paul

        1. Well, Rand isn’t a moderate by today’s standards as called by the national media. He’s a right wing extremist. A right wing extremist who at this point, has safely got my vote locked down.

          1. Yeah, I will be voting for him as well.

        2. except he’s not a Democrat.

      2. To your point though, it shows, in part, how overblown the “permanent Democratic majority” shit was to spew as the Democratic party was getting well nigh obliterated at the state level in so many places even as Obama was soaring to new highs. Their bench is basically empty as a result and there doesn’t seem to have been any recognition of how that could savage them in elections to come.

          1. Compared to Bernie and Hillary he’s practically Calvin Coolidge.

            1. I see a few pluses and a bunch of minuses but yes better than Hillary and Barney

              1. Thing is I see Hillary as kind of neutral. She’s disgusting, yes, but I don’t think that she’d really end up making major waves because waves upset the gravy train. She might throw out a few bones, but I imagine a Hillary presidency as a carefully constructed parade of noble failures.

                1. With another 4-8 years of leftist judicial appointments.

                  1. No, 4-8 years of establishment judicial appointments, which is what you’re getting regardless.

        1. Who’s Jim Webb?

        2. I thought it was Martin Webb and Jim O’Malley. Or is it Webb O’Malley and Jim Martin?

          1. Webb O’Malley sounds like a baseball player from the 30s.

            1. He hit .268 with 13 HR with the Schenectady Ambroses in ’37.

          2. Jack Webb and Harry Morgan

            1. Just the facts.

    3. “Because who else do they have?”
      Sitting Bullshit?

      1. I know you’re not going to take this cereal when I say it but I’m being supercereal – the Dems have an ace in the hole for when Hillary goes down.

        1. You’re saying that Fauxcahontas is that ace?

          1. I thought her name was Liawhata?

    4. She’s not going to jail, but this whole spectacle has been so embarrassing to the Democratic Party that they’re going to be begging crazy Uncle Joe to ride in and save the day.

      Nah, it’s a storm. If there’s a party that can ride out a storm, it’s the Democrats.

    5. A crazy socialist

      Wait… that’s not specific enough.

  6. Any chance of there being correspondence between her and journolist types? Discussing money or favors to be exchanged?

    1. Different server.

  7. “We went through and painstaking process and turned over 55 thousand pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law, that decision is made by the official. I was the official.

    She sounds more like Tricky Dick ever day.

    “Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

    1. “le etat se moi”

      1. BTW, I am amazed that someone hasn’t hung that quote around her neck; she claimed exactly that and it is the archetype of political hubris.
        And I note the absence of Tony, commie-kid, turd and assorted other lefty low-lifes on Clinton threads; are we to presume some level of shame?

          1. Missed it. So no shame?
            I’ll look…

          2. Found it; lies and misdirection regarding racism. NWS, nor a comment.

  8. Look, guys and gals, this is all just another phony scandal drummed up by Fox News.

    (I did a software update on my Mac last night and it is acting up. It won’t let me use reasonable shortcuts without freezing. Never update.)

    1. Never update.)

      Truly. I’ve just switched to Windows 10 and I apparently am hemorrhaging memory. :/

      1. My wife just updated her laptop to Win10. I’m enjoying all of the attention.

      2. Hahahahahahahahahaha

    2. Heh, yeah it’s a fake scandal by FoxNews. Where’s Mr. Fake Scandalz right now?

      1. Buying gold futures to hedge against the ongoing global market collapse.

        1. You’ll lose 8%!

  9. Can we call this the Tin Pot Gnome Scandal?

  10. Questions remain, too, over Clinton’s role in the policy, process, and political failures that led to 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi.
    Wait, what the hell did Hillary have to do with making a Youtube video offending Mohammed? The only question is when is that guy ever going to finish making that movie? It looked pretty hilarious from the trailer I saw.

    1. He’ll finish it as soon as they finish extraditing him to qitmo.

  11. “In some ways, Bill Clinton’s career in national politics amounts to a sustained test of public tolerance for ethical controversy. So far, the limits of that tolerance have proved very broad.”

    Helps when you have a media, not the least of which the New York Times editorial staff going on record about the newsworthyness of Clinton’s serial lies.

    1. Many people actually love the controversies. It’s all the more fun to see your man/woman win if your opponents see them as corrupt. The person your opponents justifiably hate makes that person way too attractive to pass up.

  12. This is what happens with the sharing economy! Wake up, sheeple!

    Early in the evening of July 4, Micaela Giles’ mobile phone started sounding alerts, and a series of messages straight out of a horror movie began scrolling down her screen.

    Her 19-year-old son told her that his Airbnb host in Madrid had locked him in the fourth-floor apartment where he was supposed to be staying and removed the key. The host was still there, he said, rattling knives around in the kitchen drawer and pressing him to submit to a sexual act. He begged his mother for help.

    When she called Airbnb, its employees would not give her the address and would not call the police. Instead, they gave her a number for the Madrid police and told her to ask the police to call the company for the address. But the number led to a recording in Spanish that kept disconnecting her, she said, and when she repeatedly called back her Airbnb contact the calls went straight to voice mail.

    While this was happening, according to her son, Jacob Lopez, he was sexually assaulted. Eventually, he persuaded his host to free him. He is now home in Massachusetts and in trauma therapy.


    1. If only he’d stayed at a hostel like the good old days.

    2. His host, who was born male but is living as a woman, denied Lopez’s accusations via Facebook Messenger. She said that the sex was consensual and that he is transphobic.

      Oh boy.

      1. if he’s phobic to ‘her’ how could it have been consensual?

        I’m thinking he picked up a chick at the bar, took her home to his Airbnb, and she she got nakey the lady was a dude, which freaked out poor Jacob and such rejection caused the lady to go looking for a knife.

      2. could he claim false advertising?

    3. An international incident like this happened 6 weeks ago and Google hasn’t heard about it until just now – and it’s heard it from a thousand places all referencing the exact same story? If this isn’t pure Grade A bullflop it sure smells like it.

      1. *nods in hunnert percent agreement*

    4. So why did this pajama boy call his mommy in another country instead of the local cops?

      1. I’ll admit, when a roommate started threatening to break down my door and knife me while I was studying abroad I facebook messaged my step mom. I didn’t remember the local version of 911 and the last thing I wanted was getting involved with foreign cops unless no other options were available.

  13. Oops.

    HACKERS WHO STOLE sensitive customer information from the cheating site AshleyMadison.com appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online.

    A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser.

  14. lol, US POlitics, best politics money can buy.


  15. Greatest answer since “what difference?”

    Question: Did you try to wipe the server?

    Hillary answer: “Like with a cloth or something?”

    “Like with a cloth or something?”


  16. This was discussed and thoroughly debunked this morning on the Bill Press show.

    – Everything Hillary did was perfectly legal.

    – Karl Rove used a personal email account. How do we know that there isn’t any top secret stuff there?

    – After the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney cleaned out all the emails from his server.

    – It is unreasonable to expect that government employees won’t use private email accounts.

    See, don’t you feel silly now?

    1. They truly can’t see the difference between a candidate who does not have a government job – and a sitting Secretary of State working with classified materials?

      1. Well, if a political advisor employed by the RNC is equivalent to a Secretary of State, then, sure, you can make all kinds of novel arguments. If prohibition of conducting federal business on a private server is equivalent to saying that people can’t have private email accounts, then sure, anything goes.

  17. if the government won’t prosecute her, then the public should just take an extra large underwear deduction on their taxes in protest

  18. She looks like shit.

  19. It’s not her lack of integrity that particularly bothers me; I have recognized that for many years.

    It’s the tolerance of her lack of integrity by so much of the electorate that really concerns me; we have survived unscrupulous politicians throughout our history, but now too many just don’t care as long as she tells them what they want to hear. And to make a joke of it just puts the icing on the cake of despair.

  20. Wipe it? Like with a cloth?

    She knows exactly what was meant and exactly what she did. Miss “I was the official in charge of decisions but apparently I never gave the order to erase info on the server”. What a cunt.

  21. Do not vote till your candidate proves his integrity/honesty in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fMRI

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