Police Abuse

They Are There to Help


Credit: .v1ctor Casale. / photo on flickr

Joseph Sheldon Hutcheson ran into the lobby of the Dallas County, Texas, jail shouting for help. So naturally, deputies tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him. That was all to calm him down, according to a sheriff's department spokesman. According to a witness, deputies also put their knees into his back and throat. The sheriff's office is now investigating why Hutcheson lost consciousness and died shortly after entering the jail lobby.

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  1. The sheriff’s office is now investigating why Hutcheson lost consciousness and died shortly after entering the jail lobby.

    Probably a negative reaction to the PCP he was obviously on. Also, he made several furtive movements as knees were applied to his airway. Also, he appeared to be a pitbull. But the sheriff’s deputies are working hard to figure out exactly why they killed him.

    1. I would assume it was the PCP. And the flakka and bath salts. Fairly open and shut case.

  2. And nothing else happened.


  3. Investigators were at the scene, with some officers stationed behind Hutcheson’s black pickup, which remained parked on Commerce Street.

    Reyna said deputies saw what “appeared to be narcotics” in the truck.

    Or will be, soon as they get enough officers stationed behind his pickup to block view of how they “find” the “apparent” “narcotics”.

    1. The sheriff’s department also said Monday that the dead man, Joseph Sheldon Hutcheson, did not have drugs in his vehicle, correcting the office’s earlier statement that he did.

      “The information gathering was still on-going at that point and was not accurate,” said sheriff’s spokesman Raul Reyna.

  4. If your only tool is a hammer, then you naturally tackle and handcuff anyone you come into contact with… (who isn’t a LEO).

  5. but all the cops got home to their families, right?

  6. im sure ive posted something to this effect before, but if you react to the slightest possibility that you might not be 110% safe with guns you don’t allow yourself the possibility of being a hero, which seems to be awfully important to cops’ self image.

  7. Did anyone ever think to check on what he was yelling about? Just might be someone out there waiting for the help he was trying to fetch.

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