Donald Trump's Insane Immigration Plan Would Add 10,000 Federal Employees

Conservatives praise a deeply un-conservative plan.


Donald Trump
Todd Kranin

Donald Trump has released a position paper on immigration outlining his plan to "make America great again" by forcing Mexico to build a wall on the U.S.'s southern border, increasing tariffs, deporting all illegal immigrants who have committed crimes, forcing companies to implement E-Verify, obligating employers to choose American workers instead of immigrants, and hiring 10,000 new federal employees.

Is this really what Trump's so-called conservative defenders in the media want: A massive expansion of the federal bureaucracy combined with distortive, crippling regulation of private business?

Apparently, yes. From The Blaze:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his official position on immigration reform over the weekend and some conservative commentators were exceedingly supportive.

In fact, Ann Coulter tweeted Sunday she believed his plan was "the greatest political document since the Magna Carta" and so good she didn't care if Trump "wants to perform abortions in the White House after this immigration policy paper."

That's high praise for a plan that would triple the size of a federal agency (ICE) while giving the government much greater cause to interfere in the affairs of all Americans—both native-born and immigrant—and harass businesses large and small.

People who describe themselves as conservatives shouldn't need to be reminded of this, but such a plan would be economically ruinous if implemented. It ignores the considerable benefits of immigration and immigrant workers. The overwhelming consensus among economists is that immigrant labor is a huge boon to the economy—boosting wages, creating jobs, and lowering the price of goods. When the government prevents immigrants from doing the jobs they want to do, it slows down the engine of economic growth. Again, conservatives must understand this on some level, given that they can typically be found lamenting that government regulation is killing the economy. They know that EPA compliance kills jobs. Labor-related regulatory compliance isn't any different.

It's a very sad commentary on the state of the modern Republican Party that its current frontrunner is not a conservative on any issue—from taxes to abortion to free trade to friendship with the Clinton regime. He isn't even a true conservative on immigration; if conservatism is even tangentially related to the idea that government should get out of the way so that private enterprise can flourish, Trump's position should disqualify him from the label.

Interestingly enough, the candidate whose rhetoric on immigration and labor most closely matches Trump's is Democrat Bernie Sanders, who betrays his own camp's stance on the humanitarian necessity of opening up the nation's borders. Irrational hatred of immigrants and disdain for economic thinking has infected both parties' presidential contests, and it's a shame to see so many people taken in by ugly and destructive ideas that would impoverish them if implemented.

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  1. Donald Trump’s Insane Immigration Plan Would Add 10,000 Federal Employees

    Finally, something the progressives can get behind!

    1. Such stimulus!

      /Keynesian Klown

    2. Let’s see. 10,000 Federal Employees to get rid of 30,000,000 illegal immigrants. Sounds like a bargain to me.

  2. The Border Patrol is already the most abusive law enforcement agency in the country, thanks to the massive expansion they’ve undergone. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, and that’s saying a lot when it comes to law enforcement agencies. Trump is a clown.

    1. Except, of course that the plan says nothing about increasing the Border Patrol.
      Only clowns think that.
      He wants to increase the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, whose numbers have been stagnant since the Oblama years began.
      They are the ones who do internal enforcement of laws, Constitutionally passed, that work on keeping illegal immigrants from avoiding detection and responsibility for their illegal actions.
      Why do you hate the Constitution?

      1. Really could care less about the constitution. Immigration is good, legal or otherwise. All illegals should be granted amnesty. It is the only ethically and economically rational choice.

  3. Ann Coulter tweeted Sunday she believed his plan was “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta”

    Our trolls have nothing on a pro like Coulter.

    1. Coulter is desperate to be ruled. She’s a sub that plays at being a dom for an aggressively dumb audience.

      1. I am coming around to the idea that Ann Coulter is some sort of deep cover performance artist and we’re just not worthy of her brilliance.

        When she admits on her death bed that she was actually an illegal immigrant from El Salvador named Maria Espinoza who had her skin and hair bleached for the sake of her art, we’ll all bow down before a true master.

          1. Donald Trump.

    2. She’s not a vice president, but she played one on TV.

  4. Oh, moar Trump news. I haz a so happy.

    1. At long last, our drought of Trump stories is over!

  5. I think immigration is one of those issues where libertarians reasonably disagree, but in this case I have to agree that Trump’s plan is actually insane. Force Mexico to build a wall – WTF?

    1. Yeah, there should be no disagreement about this particular plan. It really does read like someone trolling conservatives and the anti-immigrant crowd. It’s just nonsense.

    2. Sure sounds like you have read it.
      No one is gonna force Mexico to build a wall, and no one has suggested that.
      Have criticism, if you want, but make it accurate.
      Unlike Robby and his ridiculous “immigrant labor is a huge boon to the economy?boosting wages, creating jobs, and lowering the price of goods”.
      Boosting wages AND lowering the price of goods?
      That’s one I’d love to see proven-out.

      1. No, he just plans on destroying our trade and screwing over the economy just to feed xenophobic morons who are scared of foreigners. I own a company and I employ the best workers for the job at the best price, regardless of immigration status. To do otherwise is unethical to my family and my (few) stockholders. I don’t owe you, my country, or anyone else a god damned thing. I built this business myself. who the hell are you to tell me who I can hire? Now piss off you commie twat.

  6. Form this post I find that Trump is a either a fool or just making shit up on a napkin at dinner.Coulter is a insane hatefull bitch and many people in this country are just fucking stupid.BTY ,I don’t believe Trump wants to win and give up contol of his ’empire’ in a blind trust,as I have said before.I also doubt he has 1 billion dollars cash on hand to fund his run.He may have large assets but that isn’t cash.

  7. In fact, Ann Coulter tweeted Sunday she believed his plan was “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta

    Ann Coulter is the greatest troll in the history of the human race. She elevates trolling to an art form.

    She is our Shakespeare.

    1. Coulter is the epitome of “See You Next Tuesday.”

      1. For a hamburger today?

        1. Um, C U Next Tuesday…

          Do I have to explain everything?

          1. Thanks. I didn’t get it either.

          2. Dang, makes Cockney rhyming slang look easy.

  8. My favorite part is making Mexico build the wall. How is that supposed to work?

    1. Let’s be honest. Mexico may not actually pay for the wall, but I bet you anything that a lot of its citizens will be employed in the construction.

      1. I bet it will be a union hack-orama.

      2. That’s a brilliant plan. By making all illegal immigrants work building the wall, that means they won’t be competing with Americans for coveted lawn care positions and we will end unemployment in one fell swoop.

        1. Millions of American teenagers are crying out in despair for jobs manicuring lawns after school in sweltering July heat. Are we to stand by and watch?

          1. Damn, a job AND summer school. Poor kid.

    2. It would work if there was some kind of implied threat

      1. The thing is that it requires Mexico to care about the people who sneak over, whereas I think they rely on it to get rid of their unhappy citizens so they don’t have to improve their shitty country.

        1. The thing is, Mexico has improved a lot in recent years (outside of the areas overrun by prohibition-related violence anyway).

          Anyway, it’s pretty fucked up to tell a country that they need to build a wall to keep people in. If people in the US want to keep people out, that’s their problem.

          1. Historically, we’ve asked folks to tear down walls built to keep people in.

          2. If your neighbor has an aggressive dog would you consider it fucked up to expect them to build a fence around their yard? Most people with aggressive dogs voluntarily build a fence because they don’t want someone to shoot their dog or have it taken away.
            (hopefully you can see that the analogy is in the burden that illegal immigrants are perceived to impose, not that they’re like dogs)

            It is feasible, but only if we can back it up

          3. “The thing is, Mexico has improved a lot in recent years”

            If people are still coming over in droves, it obviously hasn’t improved enough

            1. Illegal immigration has actually fallen substantially in recent years, particularly from Mexico. The last huge wave of immigrants were those kids who were mostly from Central American countries like Nicaragua as opposed to Mexico.

              Mexican immigration actually has fallen off a cliff in the last decade because a) there are better opportunities in Mexico and b) there are worse opportunities in America. That’s another reason Trump’s plan is idiotic – there isn’t actually a large amount of illegal immigration at present. It would be like running on fighting the Nazis in 1952.

              1. They may be at a comfortable level for you, but a lot of Americans disagree and he’s playing to that perception.

                1. I understand that, but a lot of Americans are basing their opinions on a supposed massive influx of illegal immigrants right this instant when no such influx exists.

              2. The last huge wave of immigrants were those kids who were mostly from Central American countries like Nicaragua as opposed to Mexico.

                Umm, they are still coming. Nothing has changed.

                1. I was responding to her point about Mexico, not talking specifically about the Central Americans.

              3. This often happens in politics. A major problem starts bubbling, but by the time people get angry about it, its passed. So solutions are done far too late.

                Take China. Their labor costs are way up. Our costs have stagnated, so we are now more competitive.

                But now is the time everyone wants a $15.00 minimum wage.

              4. OK, then, maybe the wall should be across the border with those Central American countries and the U.S.
                Oh, wait, there isn’t one. Oh, no, they’re coming in over the U.S. border with Mexico.
                But Irish says it won’t do any good to stop them crossing the Mexican border because they aren’t Mexicans.
                Guess we should just do nothing, then.
                Yeah, that’s a plan.

                1. Have you ever even been to the border? My guess is no. Aside form being a massive waste of money, the government will have to seize massive tracts of private land. Thousands of people live where you wanna build your wall, buddy. You just gonna go in there and toss their asses out on the street? Sounds like your style from your previous posts.

      2. Maybe. It would have to be a pretty significant threat, I would think.

        1. On second thought, if I’m right that Mexico wants to get rid of their unhappy citizens all it might take is the threat of massive deportations

          1. Also there’s the fact that Mexicans in America send a lot of money back to Mexico.

          2. I’m sure that there are several ways it might be made to happen. All of which will be absolutely terrible.

            1. The threat of deportations actually seems humane to me compared to some alternatives

      3. It would work if there was some kind of implied threat

        because of the implication….


    3. Anyone from Mexico with any building skills is standing outside a Home Depot in the US!

    4. I thought this was a joke, too, but some people have been thinking about this, and one way is to take remittances from people who are not legal residents at 10%.

      50 billion in remittances a year x 10% = 5 billion per year. IIRC, they said in 5 years the wall would be funded.

      I find it very interesting that “crazy Trump ideas” now have people considering them and how you would actually implement them.

      (I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with this proposal, just saying people are fleshing them out as possible, whereas I had at first assumed they were crazy talk.)

  9. if conservatism is even tangentially related to the idea that government should get out of the way so that private enterprise can flourish

    Hahaha oh you.

  10. I guess I blew my load a thread early.

    To sum up, Fiorina is Trump sans the hundred-foot border-long wall with piranha-filled moat and landmines. However, the wall is probably the less expensive, onerous, and ultimately commercially damaging aspect of Trump’s plan. At least it gives the rubes a sense of having accomplished something. Implementing a no-fly list for employment, with some national ID scheme and fines for violations, let alone the costs of compliance, is fucking lunacy. If Democrats proposed this, nobody would blink an eye and the GOP would rightly call it a jobs-killing initiative. But because the GOP base is obsessed with tackling the midget of domestic policy problems, this is what gets to define the 2016 election. Muppets.

    1. But I have like three anecdotes about random Mexicans killing people.

      Three of them. That shows a pattern.

      1. Three of them in cities which presumably voted to become sanctuaries and can therefore take care of themselves. We’re all grownups, hothouses of democracy and all that, let a million flowers bloom. Wasn’t this once the party of state’s rights? Or does that fall by the wayside because Hillary’s toady is making hash of a nonissue in advance of the primary?

        1. There’s no sugarcoating it – commodious spittoon is somewhat interested in this topic.

        2. What party is that? I sure as hell didn’t sign up for any states rights party. I am for individual rights, the states can go to hell. What do i care if it’s a state trooper with their boot on my throat or a fed?

  11. I’ve read better ideas pissed into the dirt while tailgating.

    1. “Get him another beer – I think he is trying to write ‘Fuck Michigan!'”

      1. Fuck Ohio! And California!

        *drinks moar to reload “pen”*

  12. He’s appealing to the worst aspects of xenophobia, bigotry, and racism. And it’s working.

    Even if he is a joke candidate, it’s sad to see him getting so much support from the Republican base.

    1. It’s been argued by a few people that this isn’t a cross-section of the Republican base so much as a contingent of disaffected voters, some of them GOP but many of whom probably wouldn’t and won’t turn out for the primary. A bunch of racists, bigots, and xenophobes for whom Trump is a dream candidate.

      1. I don’t know who they are in detail, but isn’t he polling in the 15-20% range with likely Republican primary voters?

        Regardless, it’s a sad state of affairs. God help us if he actually gets the nomination. Not that I think he will, but…

        1. You can lay most of the blame on the GOP establishment, and especially the section of the party that likes to “keep issues for the next election.”

          Mitch McConnell and Boehner love to do this. Never deliver anything to the base so that next election they can run on the same issue again.

          Polls show that Democrats actually think their party delivers somewhat. Most Republicans now don’t believe that.

          2014 was a great example of this…remember all the promises?

          They were going to make Obama veto a ton of bills…

          Instead, they let Reid do 2015 budget!!!!! And McConnel stupidly went back to the old Senate rules without punishing the Dems for Reid’s breaking of the rules. (This allows the Dems to water down everything the GOP could pass.)

          Heck, half the time the GOP seems to be supporting Obama.

          This is why some like Trump, beyond the nativists.

      2. It would be nice to permanently split them off to a third and ignorably tiny party, but it was result in a Democratic Party ascendency.

        1. Which is a sad but predictable state since Republicans didn’t spend the past half-century posturing about the moral superiority of serving their disenfranchised political clientele.

      3. Another thought: Why the hell is the Republican party tolerating him in the first place? Political parties are effectively private clubs. If I was in the Republican leadership I’d basically be advocating stripping him of his Republican label. If he wants to run on the nativist party ticket, let him, but don’t let him near a Republican sanctioned event.

        1. Because then Trump runs third party out of spite and says ‘the Republican Establishment is afraid of me!’ and Hillary Clinton is elected in a laugher of an election.

          1. I’m not sure it does less damage to let him keep this up. He’s being so blatantly anti-immigrant, and getting support for it!, that there is potential for it to poison the well for the GOP for a while. And if he pulls the other candidates more towards his side on immigration, it will continue to push more Hispanics and generally pro-immigrant voters to the Democrats, possible for a while.

            If an independent Trump campaign can pull that much support from another Republican just because people hate Mexicans, then the maybe the typical Republican voter is as bigoted and xenophobic as the left tries to paint them.

            1. If an independent Trump campaign can pull that much support from another Republican just because people hate Mexicans, then the maybe the typical Republican voter is as bigoted and xenophobic as the left tries to paint them.

              Recent elections have been decided on vote margins of under 10%, with many being decided on margins of under 5%. It doesn’t take “that much” to swing an election. If Trump swings just 10% of Republican-leaning support his way, then the Democrat has a 5% advantage out of the gate. In recent elections, that alone is enough to win. Yet, would you call 10% of a group “typical” of it?

              1. Those are fair points, and I probably should not have said typical. But if 10% of the party is setting this kind of agenda and the other 90% are basically going along with it, then if I’m a Hispanic voter or an independent that is generally sympathetic to immigrants, I’m looking at the Republican party as a whole and thinking “At the very least, they’ll play to this crowd to win.” Look at what the Democrats did electorally with the Great Society and CRA. If I’m a Republican leader looking at the bigger picture, I don’t want to create a similar situation with Hispanic voters.

                1. I think there’s two factors at play here. There are a lot of Republicans (and quite a few Democrats) who are very upset about the state of immigration policy and enforcement in this country, and furthermore blame their party quite a bit for the status quo. There seems to be a growing “do something!” sentiment among this group, and Trump is capitalizing on it. Whatever Trump’s actual motivations and somewhat regardless of his actual words and deeds, the narrative of racist xenophobia is going to be sold by the media. I don’t doubt that the Republican establishment is fearful of being seen this way. The wrinkle is that a dedicated 10-20% can hold the rest hostage, so to speak, by the nature of electoral mathematics.

                  Now the interesting part for me is that the immigration restrictionists are poised to actually do what libertarians have been accused of for quite some time: throwing the election to a Democrat. The true telling of the sympathies of the “typical Republican voter” will lie in how they respond to this development (should it occur) versus how they have responded to the (mostly hypothetical) libertarian “threat”.

        2. I think that would be foolish and just make him look bigger. This overreaction and overattention just play right into his game. If people would just SHUT THE FUCK ABOUT TRUMP AND STOP POSTING TEN TIMES A DAY ABOUT HIM, he might go away.

          But if everyone keeps fawning over him and writing about him and interviewing him, he’ll just keep going.

          Whatever – I’m not voting for any of these assholes anyway, so I truly don’t care and am enjoying all the TRUMP BAD MAKE TRUMP LEAVE!!!! He’s king of the trolls, and everyone’s biting.

    2. I think its a mistake to believe that most Trump supporters know shit about his policy positions. Hell, how could they? Trump doesn’t even know what his policy positions are.

      Nah, they support him because they are low-information types who like that he pisses off all the right people, in their view: smug, cocooned liberals and kelptocratic party bosses.

      1. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! TRUMP – 2016!!!!!

        Hey! Wait! Are you sayin’ I’m uninformed??!!! WHATEVAH!


        Losers go home and stay there! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  13. Okay, so you’ve had a dragging, in-and-out of recession economy for 8 long years, an unprecedented move to an authoritarian police state where everyone is under constant surveillance, 14 years of war with damn near nothing to show for it, and an inconceivably enormous debt, and the biggest issue — just about the only issue — for the front runners on BOTH SIDES is keeping Mexicans from coming in and TAKING OUR JERBS! Seriously?!? WTF

    Also, how exactly does this idiot and his blonde Elvira propose to force Mexico to build any kind of wall? Do you give them an ultimatum to start breaking ground or else war is declared on Mexico? And, if there is to be war with Mexico, will that happen before or after Iran?

    1. Too bad Blonde Elvira doesn’t have boobs like real Elvira.

      What were we talking about?

      1. True. And too bad Coulter doesn’t stick to introducing B movies.

        How about this image instead:

        Trump and Coulter waltzing together as a dumb blonde version of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

        1. I just realized that more politicians could be cast for a new, political Addams Family reboot!

          ( ) Bernie, if he shaved his head, would make a good Uncle Fester.

          ( ) The wrinkled, cackling old hag Hilary could be a great Mamma, and this would also play to the established relationship with her “son” Trumpy.

          ( ) Any random prog voter could serve as Thing, because progs are all about receiving HANDouts.

          ( ) Finally, we cast a giant in girth rather than height, Christie, as Lurch the butler.

          1. * starts Kickstarter campaign to fund this *

          2. Kerry as Lurch.

    2. I would find it deeply troubling for the US government to be encouraging a foreign government to build a wall to keep its own people in. If we’re going to be applying such pressure on Mexico vis-a-vis immigration, it should be to encourage them towards greater opportunity for their own people.

    3. And, if there is to be war with Mexico, will that happen before or after Iran?

      Concurrently, you unpatriotic terrorist scum.

  14. “Mr. Nieto, build up this wall!”

    1. Ronald Reagan’s evil twin – you can tell cause goatee and stache

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  16. While I’m all for shrinking the federal government, adding troops to patrol the border with Mexico would be the federal government doing something it’s actually authorized and instructed to do in the Constitution. That alone is a welcome relief.

    1. Mexico isn’t launching a military invasion, and the people sneaking across the border are not, for the most part, armed insurgents and violent criminals. So I’m not sure how militarizing the border is Constitutional.

      1. The Constitution doesn’t say much on the use of troops within the border. I suppose the founders figured they conveyed the gist of their sentiment (no appropriation lasting for more than 2 years, no suspension of habeas except in insurrection/rebellion, no quartering of troops in the home, no declaration of war except by Congress). In practice, the use of troops for domestic matters is limited by the Posse Comitatus Act, not by the Constitution per se. Throw in some eminent domain, declare a national emergency, and it’s unlikely the courts could find cause to stop it.

      2. I would argue that the flood of illegal immigrants IS an invasion, that many of them are armed (with the weapons WE sent them), many of them are criminals (actually they ALL are, by definition), and the objective of MANY of them is no less than a reclamation of the land we “stole” from them centuries ago. Or have you not read any La Raza literature of late?

        1. I guess MECHa literature is more damning:


          But try drawing a real line between them and La Raza.

        2. No it’s not an invasion. It’s not the USG’s job to indulge your pants-shitting.

        3. Calm down Nancy. They aren’t armed and don’t want to take back their land. Most would not even know what the hell la raza literature is. The only thing they are armed with are drywalling tools. You sound like a terrified Victorian era housewife.

  17. Hire Contractors and save us Billions, it would be best for the country in the long term….. When the problem becomes managable do not renew the contract…. I mean really, is the Author clueless on how to manage a short term project? OI mean this is how adults do business,,,, not Democrats of course because once hired people are never supposed to ever have to learn anything new or be in fear of their job ending…

  18. Why is this consensus of economists better than a consensus of scientists who say global warming is happening?

    1. Economics is more of a soft-science than thermodynamics.

    2. Economics and climatology are both applied political science.

  19. We should all know by now that people who call themselves “conservative” are not for small or limited government. They may say that they are, but their various policy positions are obviously not small government in any way, shape, or form and have not been, ever. They are just as statist as anybody on the left is.

  20. So, shift them from the TSA, where they’re absolutely worthless.
    And, if that’s not enough, I’m sure there is a cadre over at EPA that are just as worthless at what they’re doing (Animas River, anyone?).


  22. He’s not Batman, He’s Robin Hood. Great news, someone who says, at least, that he will stick up for the poor and needy, the jobless, the homeless and the Middle Class. He will be the job creator. Great news. Now we’ll see if he can actually fulfill his promises. Sure hope so.

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