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GOP Candidates Respond to Kellygate, Trump Calls Us All Deviants

The circus surrounding GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly continues.



The circus surrounding Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly continues, as other conservative candidates scramble to condemn Trump's speculation about from whence Kelly may have been bleeding during Thursday night's GOP debate. The most amazing response, of course, came from Trump himself, whose inexplicably mixed-font email stated that "Mr. Trump said 'blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever' meaning nose, but wanted to move on to more important topics. Only a deviant would think anything else." 

Trump went on to declare himself the clear winner of Thursday's debate and editor-in-chief Erick Erickson, who disinivted Trump from Saturday night's RedState gathering, "a total loser" with "a history of supporting establishment losers."

In a RedState post Friday, Erickson wrote that he has "tried to give a great deal of latitude to Donald Trump in his run for the Presidency," but "his comment about Megyn Kelly on CNN is a bridge too far." 

"I just don't want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal," Erickson wrote, inviting Kelly to take Trump's place at the RedState gathering. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are all expected to be there. 

Trump email

Meanwhile, other Republican presidential candidates have been issuing support for Kelly, with varying degrees of wordiness. Carly Fiorinia's late-Friday night Twitter response was a succinct "I stand with @megynkelly" tweet, followed by "Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse." Walker tweeted, basically, "ditto," with a shout-out to Fiorina: 

Scott Walker/Twitter

Ohio Gov. John Kasich put out the following statement on Twitter: 

The bit about "seeking out different views" may be only so much rhetorical flair, but not a bad statement from Kasich, whom I will begrudgingly admit came across as quite likeable during Thursday night's debate. 

Huckabee told CNN that he was going to "stand for Megyn Kelly," adding that "I would certainly never say anything about a person like that, and I hope (Trump) apologizes because I think that he should." South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham tweeted that Trump's "unrelenting & offensive comments about @MegynKelly puts the @GOP at a crossroads w/Mr. Trump" and applauded Erickson for disinviting him from the RedState gathering. "It is better to risk losing w/out @RealDonaldTrump than trying to win w/him," Graham followed up

And I saved my favorite 2016 GOP-field response for last, which actually comes from "oh, yeah, he's running" candidate George Pataki. "Sad but predictable meltdown from Trump," Pataki tweeted. "With all due respect to @megynkelly the outrage at Trump's divisive language is long overdue."

Pataki gently points out what might also be put as: Fucking really? This is what's "a bridge too far?" Trump has spent the summer calling Mexican immigrants incorrigible rapists, accusing the Mexican government of orchestrating anti-Trump sentiment, and hurling insults at women and men alike if they happen to even hint that Donald Trump, Great American, might not be the best person to "take the brand of the United States and make it great again." 

Yet condemning noxious statements about immigration and Mexicans is a divisive move for conservative candidates. Sticking up for pretty blonde Republican Fox News ladies, however, and the principle that you shouldn't randomly accuse women who disagree with you of being on their periods—as much as that last bit might rile some of the more rabid anti-PC right—is a pretty low-risk, high-reward proposition, especially considering the GOP's ongoing war on the Republican war-on-women trope. But hey—I'll take a little bit of progress in Republican gender rhetoric where we can get it, and while this whole controversy may be a bit silly and overblown, I think Fiorina, Kasich, et al. have struck the right tone here. 

Anyway, I'll give Trump what he seems to want most always, the last word: 


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  1. I was thinking about maybe voting for Trump, I won’t lie, but seeing that email with different fonts? No, that shit is definitely not okay. Also, I was never going to vote for Trump.

    1. The multiple fonts give it that 19th century newspaper article look.

      1. Speaking of fonts, the H&R comments are in different font for me today. Is this because my computer upgraded to Windows 10 last night, or is everyone seeing different fonts today?

        Other than this I don’t see anything different because of Windows 10, I’m wondering what the hell the point is. Oh, there’s access to some new Siri clone named Cortana, who asked if I wanted any help today and I politely clicked for her to fuck off.

        1. Wait a minute. Maybe she CAN help you.

        2. Might be. When I saw 10 was more like 8 than 7 I decided to just keep using 2000 a while longer. Anyway, the fonts look unchanged.

        3. No change in fonts, but Cortana has peeked under the rug and says you have a lot of explaining to do.

        4. Other than this I don’t see anything different because of Windows 10, I’m wondering what the hell the point is.

          Did you upgrade from Win 7? The change is less dramatic than from Win 8. Under the hood there are some improvements, but the big thing was getting the UI/UX away from tablet-land. If you’re concerned about privacy though, make sure you adjust some of the defaults. And turn off Cortana.

          1. I upgraded from Windows 9.1, it came as a free upgrade from Microsoft so I figured what the hell.
            I definitely turned off Cortana, and did adjust the defaults as part of the installation. Cortana reminded me of that stupid talking paperclip they had with Windows 95 or 98 or whatever it was.

            1. Had to have been 8.1, they skipped a 9-numbered series (because 7 8 9… *badumtiss*). And now that you mention it, I’ve never seen Clippy and Cortana in the same room together…

              1. Yes, I’m sure you’re right it was 8.1, I probably got confused with the IE versions and Windows. I would guess that 8 was the one that dropped the ‘start’ button or whatever it was called, and went up to 8.1 which was the one that brought it back.

                1. Yep, you got it exactly.

            2. Cortana is based off the girl in the Halo game series

        5. My job, because they love me so much, bought me a windows phone. It is the biggest piece of shit I have ever had the misfortune to meet in my 46 years on this planet.
          When I am browsing, if I do a search, it opens Cortana.
          Then, when I switch back to explorer, it crashes. I haven’t tried chrome for Windows phone yet.
          Also the amount of apps available is ridiculously small.
          By the way,I hate this phone with every fiber of my being.

      2. It gives it a copy-and-paste, team effort, workflow-gone-wrong look to it. But at least we’re talking about the issues in this election. That’s at least refreshing.

        1. Fist of Etiquette|8.8.15 @ 2:57PM|#
          “It gives it a copy-and-paste, team effort, workflow-gone-wrong look to it”

          C’mon. It looks like a ransom note.

      3. I thought it gave it a more 3rd grade homework look. You know, where the different handwriting shows where he got his big brother to help him spell some really hard words.
        The mangled grammar only solidifies the effect.

    2. No, that shit is definitely not okay.

      We need to rephrase this in Soave style.

      Donald Trump used different fonts in his email. That’s not okay.

    3. Fontist

    4. At least it wasn’t Comic Sans.

    5. Megyn Kelly you ignorant slut! You accomplished one of two things. Either Trump will get pissed-off and run as a third party or Trump supporters will sit out the election because Trump isn’t in it. Either way the GOP will lose yet another presidential election. Of course that will be just fine with Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, O’Reilly and the other RINOs you hang with.

      PS. Those off-color hair extensions you were wearing look like shit.

  2. Make America Great Again!

    I really wish Senator Armstrong was real so he’d kick Trump’s ass for stealing his line.


    1. The politics of failure have failed. We must make them work again.

    2. For me, that game ends when Senator Armstrong asks Jack to join him. I turn the game off and enjoy the firm belief that they join forces and bring America back to greatness.

      *sigh* I really like The Senator. He’s my favorite video game hero. What? He was the villain? What game were YOU playing?

      1. Can we just get a whole game of playing as Jetstream Sam and Armstrong? Because they’re way more fun that any of the ‘good guys’ in that game.

        Don’t fuck with this Senator! *cue badass music*

  3. Make America Great Again!

    Is someone suggesting a huge spike in woodchipper sales?

    1. Wouldn’t that be “Make America Grate Again”?

    2. Oh, let it be true!

  4. Only a deviant would think anything else.

    In his defense I am a deviant.

    When it is Trump vs the brownies, feminazis, and #Cuckservatives, we all lose a little dignity.

    1. As far as I can gather, a “conservacuck” is anyone right-leaning who doesn’t want to shut down the borders or euthanize all illegals, who’s opposed to abortion for the wrong reasons, and thinks that institutional racism may exist even if they differ with social justice plebs on the causes.

      So a cuckservative is anyone who isn’t a shill for big-government bigotry.

      1. I posted this earlier. I dislike giving that website hits, but I think it is worth looking at to see the level of discourse the #cuckservative/internet Trump supporter engages in.

        1. Yes. Trump is the candidate of the hysterical self-pitiers. The PUA crowd, the neoreactionary crowd, the idiots who say cuckservative, the Hit&Runpublicans;. They can all get fucked.

        2. They seem like fascists. Not jackbooted, thuggish, people-I-disagree-with type fascists, but real state socialists. They’re anti- immigration, free trade, minorities, apologies, Israel and women and pro- heavy corporate regulation, unions and Trump. So, a government run, closed economy.

      2. For example, National Review’s Kevin Williamson absurdly blames the dysfunction of Detroit on unions run amok and not the fact that the city is more than 80 percent black.

        And if race is just a proxy for the infantilizing effects of political patronage vis-a-vis a strong welfare state coupled with piss-poor public schools and the depredations of an aggressive war on drugs… what then?

  5. “Trump Calls Us All Deviants”

    Well, I have to give that one.

  6. The political class still doesn’t get it. Trumpmania is about them, not him. And they honesty think that rushing to the defense of a corporate shill who got called out for her shameless hatchet job of a “moderation” is going to help them with the voting pubic? If they keep this up, Trump is actually going to win, and the more I think about the prospect of a President Trump, the more I like it.

    1. Plus, someone has to do something about those mouthy broads and dirty Mexicans, right?

      1. ?Ay caramba! Bitch set me up!

        1. That line never gets old. God bless DC Mayor For Life Marion Barry.

          1. They even named a berry after him. Not a very good one, but still.

            1. I actually tried a marionberry milkshake not long ago, after the waitress said she was sure I’d like it. It wasn’t very good. It was hard not to think of the waitress’ recommendation and think the bitch set me up.

              1. I hope you signed that on the reciept.

                If marrionberrys are so damn good, why aren’t they on sale at Safeway right now???

                1. Food desert!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Not to ignore the very real bigotry in some–and not remotely all–of the far right peeps (of which I am simply an observer) enjoying this Trump sideshow, but you do realize how much you sound like a progressive right now, don’t you? Branding everyone who disagree with you as a bigot isn’t making you look very intelligent or in touch with reality.

        The #cuckservative crowd is more diverse than you want to believe. True, some of them are simply trolls, and some are actual racists. Some are “Neo Reactionaries,” a philosophy so stupid I won’t bother explaining it. But some have legitimate political grievances about the “business as usual” GOP crowd, who prefer mealy-mouthed “comprise” that invariably ratchets to the left instead of coming anywhere close to delivering on campaign promises.

        And the compromise gets them nothing: no support from voters who normally vote Democrat (who are lock-step devoted to The Cause and fully believe the Democrats when they call all non-leftists bigots), no truly conservative political victories, and lately no excitement from anyone in the voting base but the most conservatarded.

        Hashtag shit is silly internet drama and is never to be taken too seriously, but there something important to take away from the phenomenon. We are seeing a bigger split than usual between the right and the far right for a reason.

        1. Being disenfranchised with the Republican party is perfectly legitimate, but attaching yourself to a hashtag movement which encompasses every realm of white male douchebaggery there is, as well as Donald Trump, not going to help.

          How can I put this? Imagine if the Holocaust happened every four years like the Olympics. I would rather that happened than be associated with the #cuckservative movement.

          1. That’s the thing with hashtag “movements.” The “members,” such a they are, are mostly anonymous. So you can make any claim you like about the mass of them, find some egregious examples of behavior used alongside the hashtag, and voila: they’re all whatever “-ist” label you want to slap on them.

            For example, “This is mentioned on a prominent MRA site. Therefore, everyone involved is an MRA idiot, which means they’re all bigots!” More than one logical leap there. Not that you care, I’m sure.

            If I’ve learned anything from the tiresome GamerGate thing, it’s that anybody can characterize anonymous movements in any way they want and be taken at their word.

            1. Aligning with something called “cuckservative” is enough to make a sweeping generalization.

              1. The point is certainly to insult. But there can be good reasons for that.

      3. Send them back to Africa!



        1. To be fair guys, I expect a commentator with a name like ‘FatDrunkAndStupid’ to be pro-Trump. Hell, that’s Poe territory it’s so realistic.


        3. It’s NORMAL FOLK.

          C’mon man.

      2. Because whites are the future, not the past?


    3. Again, you live down to your handle.

    4. Trumpmania

      That makes me think Trump should walk onto the next debate stage with this song playing.

      He can stomp around, work the crowd into a frenzy, and rip his t-shirt off too.

    5. I don’t that is the reason for most of his support. I really think that there are a lot of people who don’t follow the news and think “a successful businessman would make a good president.” Also, Trump doesn’t want the nomination, he’s probably smart enough to realize that if he even came close to sniffing the Presidency the CIA or military would Praetorian Guard his ass in order to save the country.

    6. Well, you are living up to your handle, i give your that.

  7. I’m tired of seeing ordinary politeness and decorum referred to as “political correctness”.

    1. Yeah, the term is bleeding over.

      1. Since we seem to be sans Swiss, I will narrow my gaze:
        (narrows gaze)

        1. Still trying to find a comment to use (narrows gays) on, but this one isn’t it.

    2. Don’t be such a fucking pussy.

      1. I know right? Pussyfucktardbitchup much? What a cocksmokin’ fuckstick.

    3. ‘ordinary politeness and decorum “


    4. “Politeness” is only politeness when it’s not a requirement. It’s a choice, not an obligation.

      1. You’re only “obligated” to be polite if you don’t want people to think you’re an asshole.

  8. Kellygate? Mensghazi.

    1. In defense of the Butt Trumpet, the ladies can become a little raggy during “that time of the month.” Apparently, it’s just another of the countless facts of life that are now strictly verboten to even mention.

      1. If the best trump can come up with as a response to Kelly’s questions is basically, ‘bitches, amirite?’ That doesn’t say much about his competence as a candidate. Fox is probably the friendliest major news source he can expect in the campaign, and if he can’t handle Fox’s questions, how is he going to handle questions from an actually hostile press?

        1. “That doesn’t say much about his competence as a candidate”

          Nothing else does, either, so…

          1. Exactly. I haven’t seen much to suggest a majority of these “Trump supporters” are dead serious in a belief Trump is real candidate material. It’s very early in the campaign, and everyone knows it. I think the supporters are enjoying the catharsis of watching a loudmouth say harsh and often true things to the most phony, boring candidates the GOP could find. This is entrainment. And that’s all.

        2. I think that Fox, having Republican sympathies probably wants to assure that he doesn’t get the nomination. MSNBC would probably rig their debate to help him out. Also, I probably would have called this crazy a month ago, but I really think that there’s a good chance that Trump is only involved to help Hillary. The guy is the Democrats’ best pal. I don’t have any greater affinity for the elephants than I do the donkeys, so that’s not a complaint, just an observation.

          1. Agree. How much is this costing the Clintons? It is worth billions.

        3. “if he can’t handle Fox’s questions, how is he going to handle questions from an actually hostile press?”

          Bullshit. Let the liberal media beat up on the GOP candidates, Fox doesn’t have to do it too. The only way the GOP is going to win is if they start playing dirty the same way the MSM does.

          Then again, FOX is as progressive as any MSM. I finally realized that when O’Reilly interviewed Obama and asked him if he was a socialist. Of course Obama said no and O’Reilly didn’t have the cojones to ask him why he told Joe the Plumber we have to “spread the wealth around” if he isn’t a socialist? FOX sucks as much as MSNBC. As a matter of fact they’re all fucking each other in the ass!

      2. Do you think Trump was just stating facts when he said she was bleeding out of her “whatever”? Maybe he saw something tv viewers didn’t, but I doubt it.

        1. Not like it hasn’t happened before…

        2. Maybe Trump did smell blood??? He may have been 100% accurate.

          Who in the fuck gives a shit what Megyn Kelly has to say anyway? Stupid cunt.

      3. In defense of the Butt Trumpet, the ladies can become a little raggy during “that time of the month.” Apparently, it’s just another of the countless facts of life that are now strictly verboten to even mention

        So you’d be OK with a tough questions asked of Hillary Clinton by a male reporter being dismissed as the product of his crankiness due to blue balls? Women aren’t alone in having reproductive systems that play games with their heads.

        1. Wait a second. This reporter had blue balls while asking Hillary questions? Sounds far fetched.

      4. ‘In defense of the Butt Trumpet, the ladies can become a little raggy during “that time of the month.” Apparently, it’s just another of the countless facts of life that are now strictly verboten to even mention.’

        I hain’t notice this to really be so true. In fact, the degree of bitchwhore busting out of any given lady is fairly consistent over time. Most variation is not really significant and can be attributed entirely to inhibitory variables, which is to say how much she thinks she can get away with it. As it is, they can during hormonal shifts for which there are no objective evidences and when under the appearance of drinking alcohol get away with some more bitchwhorror than other times.

    2. But wait, do we have confirmation of whether or not she was menstruating? It could really make or break this election.

  9. There’s saying things that make people uncomfortable because it touches on sensitive topics and then there is being an asshole.

    Trump is an asshole. His supporters are assholes who desperately want an Asshole King because such conservatives are stupid and gravitate towards a “strong” leader who will yell all the things they privately think.

    1. Because of what you just said, I support Trump.

      1. USA! USA! USA! USA! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! #TRUMP2016!!11!11!

    2. This. A lot of conservatives put stock in *appearing* to speak truth to power. Too bad they are too dumb to think about what the truth and, and really immature.

    3. Are you on your period or something, Serious? Trump is just keeping it real about the facts of life. You sound like some kind of beta who’d let Mexicans fuck his wife.

      1. NIKKI FOR PRESIDENT – 2016!!!

        When Trump’s Your Alternative, Why Not Just Pick THE WORST?!

        1. This Endorsement Was Paid for by

        2. I really like it when Nikki talks dirty. Say some more swear words!


      2. Under-paid lawn care workers fucking American men’s wives is a long standing tradition.

        1. #poolboys

          1. +1 “Cabana Chat” with Dixie Wetsworth

      3. See, if you delivered this bombastic nonsense to a focus group-tested empty suit on television, people would cheer. Because they hate the empty suits that much.

    4. Actually I think most of his “supporters” are Democrats who see facing him as Hillary’s only chance.

  10. Rumor has it that Scott Shackford is trying to get into Megan’s panties.

    1. That I’ve been trying to, is not rumor.

    2. That’s a helluva long con if true.

    3. “7 Reasons Why Shackford Absolutely CRUSHES Chicks.”

      1. “Well-known ladies man Scott Shackford writes an article defending Megyn Kelly so he can get all up in that.”

        1. And I am the one bombed on oxy…at least I can keep people’s publically announced sexual preferences in mind.


            1. I am home now….no more button, just a pile of oxy…. in a few weeks I am going to need some advice on restarting the lifting.

          2. Morphine’s one helluva drug.

            Glad you’re up and blathering, Swiss!! Heal fast, you fuckin’ stud.

            1. I keep nodding off in mid-comment. I don’t have Agile Cyborg’s skillz.

          3. Yes, it is rather interesting that a gay man immediately thought of Megyn Kelly’s pudenda when it wasn’t even explicity implied.

            1. Wow, Trump can do explicit implications?

              1. You need a safe space and a Paddington video in the midst of all this misogyny?

              2. “Like him, I didn’t even remember him saying that,” Roderick said during an interview on MSNBC Friday morning. “I’ve always had a positive experience around Donald. He’s always been encouraging. He’s never been disrespectful to me.”

                Better alleviate her of her false consciousness, quick!

            2. it is rather interesting that a gay man immediately thought of Megyn Kelly’s pudenda when it wasn’t even explicity implied.

              Wait a minute, are you saying Shackford is gay? No. Way.

  11. Does anyone have footage of Kelly’s question – the question that triggered Trump’s, er, response?


      Kelly asked, “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. On your Twitter account, your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks.”

      Trump said, “Only Rosie O’Donnell”

      Kelly continued, “No, it wasn’t. You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”

      1. “Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president”

        “Bill Clinton seems to think so”

        1. Could the Trumpet really been pandering for the democrat vote like that?

          Sounds reasonable.

      2. So, from his answer, he admits the charges, but it’s just him being non-PC at a time when we face challenges from China and Mexico. And Kelly is being mean to him.

        But, wait, in the interest of total fairness, the “victim” of his “knees” comments stands up for him:…..s-comment/

        1. FWIW, Vox has the full list of the incidents Kelly was referring to, and at least half of them actually are directed at Rosie O’Donnell. Some of the remainders aren’t exactly gender-specific. One is in the context of his reality TV persona (the extent to which reflects his real life persona I have no idea). I doubt Gordon Ramsay, for example, makes a practice of calling women stupid twats or fat fucking cows, even though his does so routinely in character on his various TV shows.

          He’s right that it was a gotcha question. Like the rest of the questions they served up, it was pretty trivial (the “happy hour” debate was much more substantive). Attacking the media and playing himself off as the underdog against a shadowy cabal of elites is pretty much his schtick, so all it did was feed his campaign. Meanwhile, News Anchor Barbie gets to play the tough, uncompromising female, even while the entire civilized world rushes to her defense because Trump is a big fat meanie picking on the purty blonde girl. Everybody wins.

          1. PM breaks it down like it is. PM is the new John Stewart. Except not an asshole (far as I know).

            1. Except not an asshole (far as I know)

              Frankly, I’m a little insulted. Do you even read anything I post on this site?

              1. Is *anyone* here not an asshole? Identify your pathetic self so I can give you the wedgie of a lifetime.

                1. he’s not
                  (points at Old Man)

              2. I’d apologize, but I’m an assole

                1. Keep firing assholes!

              3. #assholelivesmatter

          2. Well, Kelly, the heck with you for making me side with Trump.

            I guess they’re right – he *does* get his support by trolling the media.

          3. Exactly, I am always amazed at the dichotomy of how equal women should be in all aspects to men until it’s something negative. Nobody is disinviting him from events when he called out the “old white guy” for being captured during war? Yeah women want to be “equal” all right

        2. But, wait, in the interest of total fairness, the “victim” of his “knees” comments stands up for him:

          This is fucking hilarious.

          –Don’s ex-wife stands up for him when the media tries to pin the rapist label on him;
          –Kelly brings up comments directed against Rosie O’Donnell, which nearly every GOP voter laughed about when it happened years ago;
          –And now Brande Roderick refuses to throw Trump under the bus.

          You’d think these people would get a damn clue by now that Trump is the Sebastian Shaw of this election cycle so far. Instead of recognizing that a sizeable portion of their voting base does not support open borders or increased immigration from Central America, and figuring out how to address that in a way that alleviates those concerns so that someone has an actual chance to beat Hillary, the establishment GOP (and a lot of libertarians) dismisses these people as brain-dead rubes and not only tries to freeze out the guy who’s resonating with those voters, they’re openly showing enough contempt for them that the party could legitimately fracture in a year’s time. And the whole time they’re wondering “how on earth are we going to keep Hillary out of the White House” without a hint of self-awareness.

          1. Let’s face it–most of us would love to see Rand Paul in the catbird’s seat. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that he doesn’t have a hope in hell of breaking through this field. The GOP, at heart, tolerates him only as far as they can use him to shift the balance of power in the Senate and that’s it. No way they let someone who criticizes the criminal justice system and the NSA off the Congressional plantation.

            So in the end, the only way to keep Hillary out of office is to figure out a way to trick the rubes you despise into supporting you. Going full-bore after their preferred candidate instead of figuring out how to win those voters over without sacrificing mainstream appeal, when that candidate LIVES for public, pointless slap-fights like this, is the height of political stupidity and will not accomplish that.

            At this point, trying to treat Trump like a party pariah is doing nothing but cutting off their nose to spite their face. The left is having a field day pointing out the hypocrisy of the white-knighting for Kelly, who hardly needs it, nor can they go after Trump for his remarks because they’ve said the same damn things about her for years.

            You end Trump’s ambitions by taking the target off his back. It’s as simple as that. But he’s such a damn effective troll you jump to the bait time after time after time.

            1. Thank you. Someone actually understand what’s happening here.

              1. Thank you. Someone actually understand what’s happening here.

                Just look at ENB’s closing remark in the article. Scott Shackford (and Erick Erikson and bunch of Presidential candidates, for that matter) hears “whatever” and thinks “vagina.” Is there any doubt that Trump doesn’t live inside their heads rent-free right now?

                If Trump’s not worth the attention, then stop obsessing about the guy like a bunch of teenage girls. Grill him on specific policy questions, because other than being anti-immigrant and anti-free trade, he has none–and don’t simply dismiss the following he’s built, because it’s large enough now that need those people to beat Hillary too. Anyone who doesn’t want to acknowledge that reality might as well drop out or craft their concession speech now and save themselves the time and millions of dollars.

                1. Where you at, Red? I’m over in Lakewood right now, having a beer and playing pool at BCs sports bar.

            2. The GOP only “tolerates” him because he is a declared republican, they don’t like Paul, they despise him as much as the despise Trump. They hate everyone that is against big gov’t intervening in the lives of it’s own people and not willing to send our sons and daughters to die in foreign lands to force people to live like they want.

              I don’t like Trump but I like what he’s doing to the repugnican party. I hope he single handily destroys this pathetic excuse of a party who only gives lip service to freedoms, the constitution, rights, etc., while supporting bigger gov’t intervention in the our lives, the lives of others in other countries, the over burdening military industrial complex, militarization of police, continued failed policies of the the drug war….

              Maybe when this idiot party is no longer exists a libertarian party with classical liberal ideology with emerge.

              1. I don’t like Trump but I like what he’s doing to the repugnican party.

                I’ve said before that if this is just going to be a kabuki show for Hillary’s coronation, then the possibility of Trump splitting up the GOP might be the best thing that comes out of this election. And considering that we’re due for another recession during the next administration, the chance that Hillary goes down in flames in 2020 is better than 50/50 right now.

      3. Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”

        As opposed to a man who sticks cigars up a fatties’ Hoo Haa?

        1. As opposed to a sick fuck who keeps a “kill list” and drones Pakistani wedding parties? Yeah, I’ll take the pottymouth, thanks.

          1. President Trump wouldn’t have a drone kill list? He’d probably deploy them along the border to keep out the Mexican rapists.

            1. I’M OK WITH THAT*!!!!

              *I’m not OK with that

            2. But only after he had Rosy O’Donnell water boarded.

        2. Or maybe christine christie.

  12. Maybe Trump thinks Kelly has ebola.

      1. Twatititus C

        1. *begins to narrow gaze…forgets what he was doing and stares at far end of room*

          1. You’re a fucking stud. Organ donation. FUCKIN’ BADASS!

            Enjoy the meds at least 🙂

            1. I did not know Swiss had donated an organ.
              From someone whose wife died because of diabetes, I can not give enough mad props.
              You deserve those meds, Swiss, take an extra one, on me.

      2. Ebola of the mouth?

  13. Everyone losing their fucking minds over Trump calling out a snotty bitch for being a snotty bitch is hilarious. Ensuring that the 4 out of the next 5 articles are going to be about Trump. Reminds me of scene in the Howard Stern movie:

    Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes a day. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.

    Pig Vomit: How could this be?

    Researcher: Answer most commonly given: “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Pig Vomit: All right, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?

    Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.

    Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?

    Researcher: Most common answer: “I want to see what he’ll say next.


    1. Everyone losing their fucking minds over Trump calling out a snotty bitch for being a snotty bitch is hilarious

      Yeah, he should have walked up to the moderator table and slapped Kelly around like a real man does when a bitch be getting out of line.

      Donald Trump: MRA Tested, MRA Approved

      1. White knighting isn’t going to get you laid with Kelly.

        1. He wants to watch her fuck a Mexican, not fuck her himself.

          1. In the butt, don’t forget.

        2. Donald Trump: MRA Tested, MRA Approved

          Way to do him the kindness of driving home his point, yo.

        3. Quick, everybody play to an archetype so we can argue via 9gag memes!

        4. Some men get laid because they have money.

          Some men get laid because they’re good looking.

          Some men get laid because they’re intelligent and have confident, charming personalities.

          The ones who have none of the above qualities have to emotionally abuse and manipulate women.

          I pity anyone that pathetic.

          1. I just play barry white and feed women cherry tomatoes.

            I make no apologies

            1. I just play Gorillaz and free women hous booze.

              1. How about “… And feed women booze”

          2. You forgot one: Some men get laid because they make women laugh.

            Clown power!

            1. Rape is no laughing matter, John.

              1. I see what did there! Ha ha.

          3. Look, if you guys hate him that much, why don’t you just gang up and slap him to death with your hankies? That’ll show him!

          4. Don’t you just hate it that women go nuts for bad boys?

        5. A very wise China-man once told me: “Good looking girls are never good in bed!”

          1. The Chinaman is not the issue here.

    2. private parts was a really good movie. i actually disliked howard stern until i saw it, and that movie sorta put him in a whole different light

      1. My dad took me to see it when it came it, I was 15, it was awesome.

      2. I really enjoy Stern when he’s not trying to be shocking. When he just talks about everyday stuff, he’s very funny and interesting to me. The sex stuff gets too repetitive IMHO.

  14. I think I’ve figured Trump out:

    The madman theory was a primary characteristic of the foreign policy conducted by U.S. President Richard Nixon. His administration, the executive branch of the federal government of the United States from 1969 to 1974, attempted to make the leaders of other countries think Nixon was mad, and that his behavior was irrational and volatile. According to Nixon’s theory, leaders of hostile Communist Bloc nations would then avoid provoking the United States, fearing an unpredictable American response.

    Nixon explained the strategy to his White House Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman:

    “I call it the Madman Theory, Bob. I want the North Vietnamese to believe I’ve reached the point where I might do anything to stop the war. We’ll just slip the word to them that, “for God’s sake, you know Nixon is obsessed about communism. We can’t restrain him when he’s angry?and he has his hand on the nuclear button” and Ho Chi Minh himself will be in Paris in two days begging for peace.”

    1. Worked like a charm.

  15. Dammit, the Trump as a Clinton plant theory is becoming more and more plausible. They’ve figured out how to get us to stop talking about Hillary. It’s genius, I’ll give them that.

    1. Just wait until the Trumpet brings up the her prominent membership in the Free-Bleeding movement.

    2. “They’ve figured out how to get us to stop talking about Hillary.”

      For a day or two. In several weeks, Trump will be ‘that buffoon who was in the first debate’.

    3. Exactly. Instead of talking about a bubble headed bleached blonde who comes on at five who can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye we should be talking about HIllary. We have the presumed defacto Democratic nominee under investigation for maybe exposed state secrets and violating laws about protecting those state secrets.

      But no, got to talk about a blowhard/buffoon who, it seems, is the first man to ever enunciate the epithet that a woman’s attitude is correlated with a certain time of the month.

  16. In case anyone hasn’t had anything “terrifying” to worry about lately: we may have recently reached “Peak Interesting Video” on YouTube. At this point we’re just waiting for full “consensus” from the “scientific” community, but it’s not looking good. It really isn’t.

    1. This is terrifying.

      1. Fortunately, most “terrifying” things are just disinformation campaigns used to manipulate the masses.

        1. The thought of that is also terrifying. Goddamnit, now I’m MOAR TERRIFIED!

  17. If not for the fact that some would turn him into a JFK/RFK hero, I’d really like Trump to drop dead of an aneurysm ASAP. No. Better yet, not drop dead but live on as a drooling invalid.

    1. not drop dead but live on as a drooling invalid.

      Sooooo you’re not really looking for a change?

      alternate joke:

      That might make him more electable.

      alternate joke 2:

      Some folks here would STILL think he was an amazing candidate.

      1. “‘Some folks here””

        God I HATE THEM.

        You know who we mean, you people.

          1. that’s a great tie

          2. I cannot abide skinny Al. His hair is the only think that didn’t shrivel up.

        1. Hate is such an ugly word. Experience embarrassment on their behalf would be a better expression of my feelings.

          1. “”Experience embarrassment on their behalf””

            its the hallmark of a generous soul

      2. Alternative joke 3:
        How would you tell the difference?

        Alternative joke number 4:
        So, you mean hr gets smarter.

        1. “he”. Hr will never get smarter.

    2. Are you implying the Trumpet’s womanizing is on par with that of the famous Kennedy’s?

      1. Hey, at least Trump hasn’t drowned any of his women yet.

        That I know of….

    3. Just dip him into the woodchipper up to and including his dick.

  18. Btw, the proper way to have broached the subject would have been to pose the question: “Mr. Trump, when did you stop raping your wife?”

  19. So out of all the amazing and well-documented crap Mr. Trump has said and done over the years, the thing that seemingly has the best likelihood of bringing his presidential campaign down is implying a Fox News anchor was a bitch to him because she was on her period? I mean, yeah, shitty thing to say. But you literally have DECADES worth of equally- or more-shitty things to highlight.

    1. You better believe they have them stockpiled.

  20. Also, a PSA to Trump’s campaign…

    Two steps to not look like a total idiot when sending an email:
    1. Ctrl+A
    2. select Font

    1. I was assuming the people who like Trump find emails with subject lines that begin FWD:FW:fw:Fwd:Fwd: and contain 8 paragraphs in 13 font types/sizes, a heady mix of bold, all caps, and italics to be the most reliable source of information.

      1. Look who’s railing against cultural inferiors. DICK.




    1. I have to admit, watching you have a daily aneurism about Trump because teh redneck ratbagging teafuckers are a’comin to git us has been the highlight of the campaign season thus far.

      1. Trump, one-man clown show that he is, isn’t half as amusing as those he freaks out.

    2. For someone who developed a personal vendetta against Bo, you certainly seemed to have taken up his crusade to purge the legions of Invisible Rednecks from H&R

      1. Invisible?

        And who the fuck is talking about rednecks? I’m talking about the mouthbreathers who see Trump as their savior against the establishment or whatever stupid reasons they have for liking him.

        And why have you hitched your wagon so tightly to TEAM ILLITERACY, anyway?

        1. Do you even Thesaurus, bro?

        2. Haha, yeah. See, the only reason you don’t notice it is because you’re one of THEM! BUSTED MOTHERFUCKER.

        3. “”the mouthbreathers who see Trump as their savior””

          (shakes fist at cloud)

          “have you hitched your wagon so tightly to TEAM ILLITERACY,”

          Sir, I have no wagon.

          My point remains = who exactly are these people you speaking about, these hordes of faceless Trump Supporters?

          Just as absence of subsidy is not a tax, absence of breathless denunciation is not endorsement

          Just as above “Bo In Drag” tried to spin “hysterical outrage” as “ordinary politeness and decorum”…

          …you will have a hard time convincing me that I’m somehow in league with the Pickup Truck-set simply because I fail to echo your grave concerns about an invisible mob of cultural-inferiors.

          1. My point remains = who exactly are these people you speaking about, these hordes of faceless Trump Supporters?

            You pretend that things don’t exist.

            For what it’s worth, I’m 100% in favor of Trump. He’s disgusting and absurd, which makes him exactly who should head the disgusting and absurd US Government.

            1. “‘You pretend that things don’t exist.””

              You see red people, yes.

              Its just that you don’t seem to ever talk directly to them, but a lot about them.

              How long have you been hearing these ‘voices’?

              1. Are you filtering everyone’s comments but mine? Read a Trump thread or two. If you don’t see the yokel infestation, well, I can’t help you.

                1. Ugh. Now Gilmore’s Obsessed!

                  never mind then. just letting you know the whining about Oppressive Mouthbreathers schtick is pretty old.

                2. Put another way,

                  I don’t do “US vs THEM”

                  Never have. I think its lame. its particularly lame when libertarians do it, constantly insisting that there’s one version and everyone else is just a big faker. See = Bo.

                  1. Hey, Gilmore…

                    Ya know what they call libertarians who are by and large fiscally conservative and socially conservative?


                    1. Except for the fiscally conservative part. And the fact that you can have socially conservative or socially liberal personal views and still be a libertarian as long as you’re cool with not involving the state in forcing them on everybody else. Conversely, you can have socially conservative or socially liberal personal views and be a raving statist asshole if you’re willing to use the state to force them on everybody else. That method isn’t owned by the right by any stretch of the imagination.

                      Until I started commenting at Reason I thought the Rothbardian “Paleolibertarian” squabbles of the 80’s and 90’s were long dead, but some of you guys are still beating the decayed pulpy corpse of that dead horse.

                    2. Until I started commenting at Reason I thought the Rothbardian “Paleolibertarian” squabbles of the 80’s and 90’s were long dead, but some of you guys are still beating the decayed pulpy corpse of that dead horse.

                      You ever get the scent of concern that some of the commenters are afraid of this site turning into a right-wing version of Balloon Juice?

            2. Bo at least has the honesty to indulge his delusional paranoia by naming and shaming the crypto SoCon Republican operatives in our midst. Warty’s equally sure they are there, but prefers to insinuate that if you don’t share his paranoia, you’re obviously one of them. I mean, it’s so easy to spot them. They’re totally reactionary and paranoid that them libruls in New York City (more like Jew York City, amirite?) are out to git ’em. Can you imagine what kind of a backward ignoramus you’d have to be to believe that some shadowy group of people from a particular geographical region with some kind of political agenda are out to get you?!

              1. ” if you don’t share his paranoia, you’re obviously one of them.”

                Yeah, my point in a nutshell.

              2. “the crypto SoCon Republican operatives in our midst”

                Which is funny, because they are almost like giant foam-TEAMRED basketball mascots with giant signs saying, “MEXICANS AND FAGS SUKS”

                meaning = ‘not so crypto’, really

                and besides John and Winston, i’m at a loss to name many more.

                the concern strikes me as a little overblown, and reminiscent of any overly-cloistered clubhouse attitude

                In college, i often used to split time between the ‘philosophy dorm’ (nerds) and ‘frathouses’ (jocks), for business-related reasons.

                The nerds sat around getting stoned and moaning about how much the jocks really hated them and must say nasty things behind their backs. I informed them that the jocks had no idea they existed and never mentioned them at all.

                it came as a great disappointment to them. they sort of needed someone to be mad at.

                i get a similar vibe with the ‘infestation’ concerns. Despoiling our purity of essence!

                1. The reason you don’t see them, is because you are borderline one of them.

                  1. The reason you don’t see them, is because you are borderline one of them.

                    So, GILMORE is no true Scotsman then?

                    1. Not sure he’s even part of Great Britain.

                  2. The reason you don’t see them, is because you are borderline one of them.

                    Just to drive my point further home, Francisco actually articulates it in a less nuanced way than I did as a parody.

                  3. “”you are borderline one of them.””

                    Bo used to say this because I take issue with the false-dichotomy of “interventionism v/ non-interventionism”

                    (*and this is a fairly common complaint about libertarians in FP circles)

                    Otherwise, what issues am I ‘borderline’ on again? I’m all for immigrants, gays, weed, turning cops into crossing guards with nerf bats, etc. Please, show your work.

                2. Doesn’t detract from the rest of your point, but Bo is actually convinced that the handful of obvious socks (a lot of which are ‘murican) are only the tip of iceberg. The number of regulars here he hasn’t accused of being secret Republicans and/or hardcore SoCons is vastly smaller than those he has. I think my favorite was when he laid the label on P Brooks. A hardcore Team Red shill if ever there was one…

          2. You think Trump is polite and decorous?


              1. Thinking. Is that what you’re doing?

                1. Beats rhetorical questions and smart-guy posing while actively tossing out ad-homs at a guy. Yes.

            2. (reverts to self)

              No, I was referencing Bo’s new incarnation, who argues that so-called “political correctness” does not exist, and it is merely people trying to give “ordinary politeness and decorum” a bad name.

              Which is cute.

              Its actually a pretty popular recurring argument on the interwebs =

              that hyberbolic outrage at remarks like Amy Schumer’s mexcan-jokes are “the new normal”….

              … and that Lynyrd Skynyrd T-Shirts are inherently racist, duh

              …and anyone saying otherwise is just making stuff up and trying to demonize Decency. Also, SJW “isn’t real” either.

              1. Yes, political correctness is simply politeness. Politeness you are required to show, or else.

      2. Working theory: you despise New York liberals, so anything that New York liberals hate is cool with you. Am I close?

        1. You really give me way too much credit warty. After 10 years I’d think my reputation as an thoughtless troglodyte would be well-established.

          1. I always think of you as a clothes horse.

            Sorry for being a lookist…

            *hangs head*

            1. I miss the Indepedents fashion reviews…

              1. ^^ this exactly

              2. I missed the Independents thing, unfortunately. I’ve not had TV access in some time.

                1. A lot of fun memes came out of those live-action Independents threads, and some were definitely noticed by the talking heads. I met Matt Welch at the FreedomFest last year, and when I told him I commented on H&R, he wanted to know about Gilmore, asking about him by his screen name.

        2. Well, if being hated by New York liberals isn’t a sterling endorsement, what is?

          1. Its the gold standard. (polishes monocle with live chinchilla)

      3. Let me tell ya somethin Gilmore. Bo is a miserable little asshole. But he’s right about the faction of Republicans that have infested H&R. There are at least a dozen who aren’t any more libertarian than Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

        Anyone who would vote for Trump, is a moron. Period.

        1. “‘he’s right about the faction of Republicans that have infested H&R””

          plurality, how does it work?

          1. The AP says it works like that.

            1. I mean. I obviously prefer…Chicago style.


            2. #REKT

              Did I do it right?

              1. needs moar dubstep, doritos

          2. Did you just correct my grammar?

            1. no, i was just saying that there’s likely to be a bell-curve of views anywhere you go, and i don’t see why H&R should be different.

            2. I would never correct your grammar; she a lovely woman.

              1. I realize this is late. but I still must…

                *narrows gaze*

        2. Anyone who would vote for Trump, is a moron. Period.

          Not necessarily. If you’re looking for a ‘Fiddler while Rome burns’ candidate he’s probably a amusing pick to lead America on its continued decline. My pick is still President Biden because he’s given me years of entertainment already.

          1. YES. Trump is the man to give America the Viking funeral it deserves.

        3. “But he’s right about the faction of Republicans that have infested H&R.”

          I am guessing that supposed faction has been posting here for years longer than Bo has.

          Hell Bo has called Epi a Republican. Bo is not a reliable source on the political make-up of H&R commentors.

  22. OT:

    Carly Fiorina REKT Katie Couric on climate change

    I don’t want to like her. I don’t want to like her. I don’t want to like her.

    1. She’s pretty much the only person i’ve ever seen who’s gone out of her way to split the issue from

      “We all agree that the ‘climate is changing’ in a general direction…


      …but no one really agrees that these anti-capitalist so-called-“environmental” policies make any sense at all, ”

      Its ridiculous that the left has been able to get away with such bad arguments for so long simply because a minority insists on providing them with “DENIER!” targets.

      Also, those glasses look terrible on Katie

      1. Great point. I like how she emphasized the need for innovation over regulation. I’ve noticed the press seems a bit intimidated by her; they tend to use some caution in how they speak to her.

        1. Maybe they’re afraid she’ll decide to buy and run them. After what she did to HP, who could blame them?

        2. They’re afraid I’d being labeled misogynists fire attacking h-*laughter*

          Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face.

          1. *of being labeled misogynists for

            Lord I hate Swype. Doesn’t anyone make a truly portable, physical Android keyboard?

            1. Just use SwiftKey. Problem solved.


      2. Actually, Lindsay Graham did exactly that as well. His line in the first debate was “pick me and when it’s time to debate Hillary I won’t be debating the science, I’ll be debating the solutions.”

        1. Shame about everything else he stands for.

      3. That’s what pisses me off about the whole thing. Republicans who express skepticism about AGW aren’t anymore anti-science than the Dems who believe in it. If the likely policy outcome of the governing class accepting AGW were cutting taxes and deregulating to foster innovation and assure that people had the wealth necessary to adapt to climate change, the majority of Republicans would be trumpeting it as a terrible threat and the Dems would be calling it a hoax perpetuated by the Kochs to eliminate the government!!11!1

      4. I’m still not convinced that global warming is actually happening in any meaningful way. Does that make me a secret Republican?
        I also suspect, that if global warming is happening, then the good effects will outweigh the bad.
        And, all of this is moot, because by 2040 or so, nano tech will mature, and we may very well face a shortage of carbon in the atmosphere. Ironically, we may purposely retrofit our power plants and cars to pollute more, to ensure enough carbon in the environment for nano bots to be useful.

    2. Fiorina has nicely shaped head.

      1. She’s kinda horse-faced, but she dresses really well – conservatively stylish. She wore a champaign pink silk suite for the debate. Very classy.

        1. I think she’s smokin’ hot.

          But then, Katrina van den Heuval makes me swoon, so….

          1. She has patrician features. Not unseemly on a member of the ruling class.

        2. Well, at least her head isn’t shaped like a female on her period the way Katie Couric’s head is.

          1. I’m turning red from blushing…

            1. I don’t know who kept bringing up menstruation today, but now it’s stuck in my head like a bad song.

              1. Let’s go upthread to find out who has blood on their hands.

                1. Return to the scene of the sanguine crime?

              2. To the tune of “My Sharona”

      2. I just…I… nothin’….

        *shakes head*

    3. I think I am in love.

    4. I know this is a shitty rationalization. Carly may have been a substandard CEO at HP, but at least she would come into the job with some executive experience. She doesn’t sound like a Peter Principle poster child who slept her way to the top. Assuming she did work her way to the top, she is miles ahead of our current incompetent community organizer in chief who have never had a real world job.

      1. ^^this so much. People who get to lead KKKOCHPORASHUNZ1!!1! are generally exceptionally smart. And they’ve been through a shitload of crap to get there, so they know how to handle stupid questions. Importantly, they tend not to suffer fools at all, so the press doesn’t faze them.

        Not gonna lie, I’ve found her to be impressive so far. Not sure she’d be any less statist than any of the other assholes running, but I don’t despise her yet, so giving her a chance.


      2. From what I know of her, I’d certainly be open to hearing more from Fiorina. Some valuable real life experience from a head of the executive branch would be a welcome breath of fresh air at this point.

        1. Maybe she’d off-shore the Federal Government too. It wouldn’t be the worst idea.

          1. Can’t get much further off-shore than Washington, D.C. already is to most of the USA.

      3. And she speaks in articulate, complete sentences as opposed to Trump’s click-bait sound bites.

      4. I’m not extremely well versed in her career at HP, but I think a lot of the issues surrounding her tenure had as much to do with the board and internal conflicts as to the direction of the company as her direct performance. In any case, failing at that level can actually teach you more valuable lessons than succeeding sometimes. There’s a difference between fucking up all of the time and fucking up once, but never letting it happen again.

      5. So seems a million times better than Trump, Jeb, or Christie

        1. There may be others, but those 3 stand out to me as being the worst

          1. When I first heard about Christie, I liked how he was able to win from the right in NJ, and he did a couple of cool things there. But ever since he has become so putrid — and among other things like his war and police boners, his obvious distaste for libertarianism makes me really hate him. I can’t imagine I could vote for him for dogcatcher, much less president.

            1. The whole medical marijuana thing rules out Christie. He’s just as power-mad as anyone else.

    5. I like her.

      Especially the part about unaccountable, corrupt bureaucracy.

      Also, wow. She does her homework and is light on her feet, with actual arguments that are to the point.

    6. Katie tried so hard to get her to say something heretical.

    7. She seems smart. What the hell happened at HP? I can defend the Compaq acquisition, but the stock price took a big hit.

    8. so far, I like what she’s had to say.

  23. Consistent with previous right-wing rhetoric, any female complaining about a successful businessman’s sexist behavior is probably a fat smelly dyke who hasn’t got fucked in a decade– just like Carly fiorina.

    1. I know. Wouldn’t it be great to throw them all in concentration camps and starve them to death? Oh, I miss the good old days, comrade.

      1. No fat bitches in a concentration camp, amirite?

        Go american retard!!! BURN that strawman!

    2. As Nigel Tufnel once said:

      Well, so what? What’s wrong with bein’ sexy?

      1. When you get older you’ll know the answer.

    3. Amsoc: Legitimately stupid enough to make sexist and homophobic remarks about a right-winger while whining about the sexist nature of ‘right-wing rhetoric’.

      1. It’s punching up, though!

  24. “”Mr. Trump said ‘blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever’ meaning nose, but wanted to move on to more important topics. Only a deviant would think anything else.” ”

    Goes to show Trump is just another lying full of shit weasel. I can see how he got along with the Clintons.

    We know what you meant, Donald, and parsing what the meaning of “is” is won’t help you.

    If you’re going to whine like a little girl when a woman asks you a tough question you can’t answer, then lash out and say she was on the rag, at least man up and own it.

  25. Oh, look, right on cue, a retard’s shown up. Get Botox here to shit up the whole thing and we’ll be golden!


    1. How much can Gilmore squat? Cuz if it is less than 450 lbs,, I’m putting my money on Warty.

      1. Oh, come on. Tulpa is the only person here who I actually would be happy to beat up.

        1. I don’t know.

          You seemed pretty pissed at me when I told you Jon Snow was going to die.

          How are you going to feel when I tell you GoT is actually a SciFi the Children of the forest are aliens and everyone is going to die?

          1. I wasn’t pissed. And GRRM has long since given up on his cash cow. Who cares how he continues to fuck up his story.

      2. I mean, I’ve always wanted to do this to someone.

      3. “How much can Gilmore squat?”

        Does Body Weight count?

      4. I was kind of hoping that joke would go into a “Dude, I can squat 600 lbs” direction.

        1. Oh. Well, I can squat 600 pounds.

          1. I’m going to take this as a de facto agreement to help me move.

            1. You have a pickup truck, you carry one refrigerator, and everyone wants to be your friend.

              1. You have a pickup truck, you carry one refrigerator, and everyone wants to be your friend


              2. “” you carry one refrigerator””

                You don’t mind if i leave the bodies food inside, right? I hate throwing stuff away

    2. Almanian May Say “He Won’t Make Things Worse”….

      …but have you seen his record?


      (paid for by the committee to destroy Almanian by any means)

        1. Almanian insists his runny nose ISN’T caused by an especially-virulent form of SUPER-AIDS…

          But Can We Really Afford to Take That Risk?

          Almanian = Probably Carries Germs We Don’t Even Have Names For Yet

          1. You mean to tell me that Almanian did not rape and kill a girl in 1990?

          2. Harry Reid, is that you?

      1. JEALOUS!

  26. Has any of these articles given one bit of new information that we can’t find anywhere else?


    Do they give us a libertarian bent on the subject?


    For 2016 election coverage all I see here is Reason being a giant bleeding millennial cunt…..which is so much better then David Weigel’s coverage of the 2008 election.

    I mean he is giant bleeding genX cunt after all. Which is completely different.

    1. The application of then and than cause much confusion for many.

      1. There is only one “then” and it is “then”

        1. That’s so much better, then.

  27. The best thing about Trump is his uncanny ability to force establishment douchebags to out themselves.

    1. He may actually be a plant.

    2. Anything that outs establishment douchebags has benefit.

    3. The best thing about Trump is his uncanny ability to force establishment douchebags to out themselves.

      Please provide a specific example of how/when Trump forced establishment douche bags to out themselves.

      WTF does that even mean?

      1. Trump has reason on the verge of endorsing Jeb!

      2. For Example

        Erick Erikson and his crappy site Red State is supposed to be some grass roots organizing site.

        Except that it’s owned by the crony establishment human event, which is assiduously hides from it’s members.

        Their response to Trump has outed them as establishment trojan horses.

        1. Also, all of the “libertarian journalists” that feel compelled to denounce Trump in order to show their deference to the politically correct zeitgeist.

          1. (pulls out notepad, writes, “Mouth-breather = 1”)

            1. You know who else wrote down peoples’ names on notepads…

              1. My kindergarten teacher. She was an evil woman, kinda like this German guy I was reading about. Dude, have you heard about him? Somebody needs to stop him!

  28. The beauty of this is, Trump needs exactly nothing from any of the people, particularly Republicans, criticizing him. All they can do is rail impotently as he goes from strength to strength. If anything, they need him. He’s the one walking away with the poll numbers in his pocket. Everyone else? Not so much.

  29. So Kelly basically yells war on women at Trump, Trump calls her a bitch, reason pens an article about how they could barely reach their fainting couches from the whole affair, and now I guess we are all supposed to be shocked that Trump will walk out of this more popular by looking the least assholeish.

    1. Let’s see if any of the Democratic candidates are hardballed in their debates. Somehow I doubt the trend will spread that far; unfortunately.

      1. “Mrs. Clinton, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?”

        1. “How do you keep your cankles so shiny and luscious?”

      2. Bernie will get grilled because he’s the only real threat to Hillary right now. The others are just window dressing to barely mask the illusion that this isn’t a coronation.

  30. I’ll never throw you in my woodchipper, Corning.
    All that sand in your vagina would ratfuck the blades.

    I hereby demand “Why does/doesn’t reason continually run articles about ‘X’?” be added to the drinking game.

    1. You’re a mad man Brooks, John and Winston alone will kill us all with that rule!

      1. We aren’t doing this…retroactively, are we?

    2. Had “trump” been added yet? I nominate it, if not, and second your suggestion.

  31. I can’t believe how much time I spend reading the comments here . . . (not meaning anything bad, it’s actually pretty much more edifying than the articles and just about ALL msm articles.)
    BTW Reason, thanks for not editing out the shitty language.

  32. This is another moderately manufactured bullshit performance. At least we don’t have to listen to Obama and Clinton.
    The only reason they asked the “fealty to the party” question was to goad Trump – probably staged anyway.
    The sexist questions were fine and his response was also fine. The think that sours my milk is how much the rest of the Republican candidates look like turds with their political correctness. Even Fiorina is getting in on it.

    1. Yep,

      Establishment douchebags outing themselves.

  33. Hey Elizabeth! Any comment about Reason using the headline “on the rag?” Or is that one OK. Come on, speak up.

    1. Hey joe! Still short? Still stupid? Still pathetic? What am I saying. Of course you are.

      1. Hey warty! You still hanging on my every word? Does my heart well!

  34. Any comment about Reason using the headline “on the rag?”

    1. Reasons words, not mine dood.…..bate-perfo

      These are her co-workers. Trump didn’t use that term, Reason did. She might want to show
      Some courage and address it, but I doubt it.

      1. You must be shitfaced, you short little Irish moron. You’re not usually quite this stupid.

        1. Warty is baaaack!

        2. “You’re not usually quite this stupid.”
          Oh, yes, Jack is.
          Ask him when the rapture is coming from Gaia.

  35. trump is merely playing out a live rendition of ‘the thomas crown affair’. rich man gets bored, etc….

  36. Grizzlies 1
    Hikers 0


    BILLINGS — Evidence shows that a hiker found dead in Yellowstone National Park was attacked and partially consumed by a grizzly bear, according to a release from park officials.

    Investigators found what appeared to be defensive wounds on the man’s forearms, but haven’t determined an exact cause of death. Track from a female grizzly and a cub were found at the scene.

    Park officials aren’t releasing the hiker’s name, but said he’s a Montana resident who has worked and lived at Yellowstone for five years and was an experienced hiker.

    A park ranger found the man’s body on a popular off-trail area about half a mile from the Elephant Back Loop Trail. His body was cached, partially covered in dirt.

    1. That’s a rough way to go.

      That said, ‘experienced hiker’ should have been packing a .44 at least.

      1. Timothy Treadwell was technically an experienced hiker. Nothing fixes willful stupidity, except a hard run-in with reality.

    2. First Tim Treadwill, now a poor hiker. Ban grizzlies.

      1. Well, only the assault grizzlies; nobody needs that many teeth.

    3. I refuse to apologize.

  37. War if you do, war if you don’t. There’s little point in pandering to sensitivity. It quickly becomes costly, as it is seen as vulnerability and acknowledgment of wrongdoing; further, labored righteousness is likely to lead to contradictions soon. That wordy statement about (binders of) strong women everywhere is not a good idea.

    1. Speaking of war, apparently things get bloody when a woman is disrespected, less so when a (male) veteran who has been tortured is disrespected. Maybe the logic is that every woman has undergone more torture, or that the group of tortured veterans is smaller than that of women (utilitarian distributive justice).

  38. Let me start by saying I hate, hate, hate Donald Trump, and consider him a circus act who needs to be taken out of the picture ASAP, by whatever nonviolent means necessary, so the real candidates can start talking about the real issues. If this controversy is what it takes to make that happen, then so be it.

    But… his explanation that he was just starting to go through a list of visible body parts that blood can come out of, sounds a lot more plausible than the claim that he was talking about menstruation. If he were talking about menstruation why would he be talking about blood coming from her eyes? It makes no sense.

  39. further, labored righteousness is likely to lead to contradictions soon.

    Some drunks are interesting.
    Not you.

  40. Where I live, this guy would swiftly have been picked up by the security guards and put in a little room which is safe for himself, where he can try to recover his mental health.

  41. If you were gung-ho to invade Iraq, thought Sarah Palin had more than 2 working brain cells and are fooled by Trumps belligerent bombast, do the world a favor and shut up!

    1. Or any two of the three.

    2. “thought Sarah Palin had more than 2 working brain cells”

      Well, she’s parlayed her immense stupidity into quite a successful enterprise*. What have you done?

      * – Not an endorsement of her politically.

  42. “But hey?I’ll take a little bit of progress in Republican gender rhetoric where we can get it, and while this whole controversy may be a bit silly and overblown, I think Fiorina, Kasich, et al. have struck the right tone here.”

    Since when is there a problem with gender rhetoric on the right? Holy liberal SJW messaging. “Hey! We’re the same as men. Exactly the same. Until you hurt our feelings. Then we need a big, strong man to stick up for us.”

  43. “…stop wasting time and energy on MY nonsense.” There. Fixed it.

  44. A “libertarian” site is more concerned with mean words than substance. Sounds REASONable.

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  46. Start making cash right now… Get more time with your family by doing jobs that only require for you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $8596 a month. I’ve started this job and I’ve never been happier and now I am sharing it with you, so you can try it too. You can check it out here…

  47. I’ll bet when he loses either the nomination or Presidency, he’ll file for endless recounts because he says his Twitter followers told him he really won.

  48. I prefer Rand but they should change the name of ‘Reason’ to ‘Dump on Trump’.

  49. I have been studiously ignoring the entire Trump phenomenon for the sake of my own sanity, but based on this comment thread, I think I get it. The Trump thing is about northeastern/mid-western “hardhats” (social conservative, economic statist) switching camps ala the ‘Reagan Democrats’. It’s the same pro-union stance combined with racism, anti-immigration, and anti-trade claptrap that’s been going around for 30 years. It just used to be a Democratic thing (although not exclusively) more than a Republican thing.

    I had been theorizing that the Obama Democrats had alienated whites in the midwest, but I’d forgotten how racist and statist midwestern whites were.

    1. Um, what? Have you ever been to the midwest? Even most black people who move to the midwest from elsewhere usually comment on how nice the (white) people here are. Contrary to the beliefs of solipsistic New Yorkers, most people in the midwest do not live on farms.

      I am willing to bet Donald Trump gets a disproportionate share of his support from the south and southwest, i.e., your garden variety rednecks. Hell, it’s his anti-immigrant stance that has made him so popular. Seems like something that would get a lot of Texans behind you.

      1. “Hell, it’s his anti-immigrant stance that has made him so popular. Seems like something that would get a lot of Texans behind you.”

        Well, to be fair, Texas has to deal with a greater impact of illegal immigration than say, Maine or Oregon. There are some legitimate reasons to be opposed to illegal immigration, regardless of what Trump has to say about the subject.

        Also, in my experience, Boston seems to harbor a lot more closet racists than Atlanta has out-and-proud ones.

    2. “but I’d forgotten how racist and statist midwestern whites were.”

      I think that’s supposed to say “Northeastern liberals.”

  50. I was accused of “elitism” because I support free trade.

    Me: Free trade lifts all economies
    TrumpTrash: So you support Brazil over America? You autistic, elite libertarians HATE the proletariat!

    Me: No, I just believe we’re all better off when we’re free to live our lives without govt interference.
    TrumpTrash: Oh, what have you elitists done anyway? We’re more communist than ever.

    Me: School choice, pot decriminalization, ending the draft . . .
    TrumpTrash: I’m BLOCKING your Twitter feed.

  51. Donald Trump is the most disgusting asshole I have ever seen. And I have known a lot of disgusting assholes.

  52. Start making cash right now… Get more time with your family by doing jobs that only require for you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $8596 a month. I’ve started this job and I’ve never been happier and now I am sharing it with you, so you can try it too. You can check it out here…

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