U.S. Authorizes Air Strikes in Syria, Obama to Announce New Emissions Regulations, Hitchhiking Robot Trip Ends in Philadelphia: A.M. Links


  • hitchBOT

    The U.S. promised air cover for the rebels it trained in Syria if they are pursued by government forces.

  • Two attacks by Israeli extremists, the arson of a Palestinian home in the West Bank, in which a toddler was burned to death, and the stabbing of a 16-year-old girl at a gay pride parade in Jersualem, led to new security measures. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would have "zero tolerance" for extremists.
  • President Obama will announce new emissions and other environmental regulations aimed at climate change, which are expected to help shape the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • A top aide for the late Beau Biden has joined a Super PAC supporting a putative Joe Biden presidential run. Bernie Sanders responded to a possible Biden run, saying he was "very fond" of the vice president but believed the American people wanted someone who went "beyond conventional establishment politics." The campaign of Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is spending $2 million dollars on its first TV ads, which will run in Iowa and New Hampshire and focus on Clinton's late mother.
  • A second American, this time a doctor from Pittsburgh, has been accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe.
  • The Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, dissolved parliament, triggering a round of national elections.
  • The hitchhiking robot hitchBOT's hitchhiking trip to San Francisco ended in Philadelphia, where it was vandalized beyond repair. Its trip began in Boston.
  • Liberal culture commentators would like Caitlyn Jenner to check her privilege in her new reality show, I Am Cait.

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