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How Much Will Obama's Clean Power Plan Cost You?

Depending upon whom you believe, estimates range from net savings to hundreds of dollars more.



Today, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency are announcing the final regulations that would establish President's Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (chiefly carbon dioxide) from America's electricity generation plants by 32 percent by 2030. Let's set aside the question of whether or not the EPA has the legal authority to tell states how to generate electricity and ask a much simpler, yet not so easy question: How much will the CPP cost American consumers?

In her "6 Things Every American Should Know About the Clean Power Plan" blogpost this morning, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy claimed that "the Clean Power Plan is projected to cut the average American's monthly electricity bill by 7% in 2030." Not because electricity will cheaper but largely because McCarthy thinks that Americans will be using less energy due to the energy efficiency mandates that various agencies of the federal government are imposing.

A preliminary analysis of the CCP issued in October, 2014 by the NERA economics consultancy on "Potential Impacts of the EPA Clean Power Plan" calculated that the CPP could boost retail electricity prices by between 12 to 17 percent. Keep in mind that the NERA study was commissioned by organizations that oppose the CCP.

In May, the World Resources Institute issued an analysis of carbon reductions, "Delivering on the U.S. Climate Commitment: A 10-Point Plan Toward A Low-Carbon Future," that included the implementation of the CCP.  Like the EPA bureaucrats, the WRI analysts figure that energy bills for residential, commercial, and transport sectors will be lower due to "significant demand reductions from energy efficiency policies more than offset higher electricity rates and higher fuel prices." Consequently, they project that monthly electricity bills will be reduced by 8–9 percent by 2030.

Also in May, the Energy Information Administration released its "Analysis of the Clean Power Plan." The agency projects that implementing the president's plan will boost electricity prices by an average of 4 percent by 2030. Despite mandated energy efficiency that supposedly lowers residential energy demand, the EIA nevertheless notes that "average annual household electricity bills during the interim compliance period (2020-29) are 3.0% higher."

All of the analyses at least honestly recognize that spending more money on more expensive power generation technologies—solar, wind, nuclear—will boost electricity prices. The EPA and the WRI hope that regulations requiring improved energy efficiency in houses and appliances will offset those increases enough such that consumers won't see their bills going up.  

On the other hand the EIA reports that the average price of electricity is 12.95 cents per kilowatt-hour and the average household consumes 10,908 kilowatt-hours per year. That totals to $1,412 per year. Assuming that the CCP increases electricity prices by the high NERA estimate of 17 percent that would mean that the price of electricity will rise to 15.15 cents per kilowatt-hour. The cost of household electricity consumption would thus rise to an average of $1,652, that is, about $240 more per year.

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  1. I remember when we used to have a legislature to determine these things.

    1. That’s only from the olden days before pens and phones.

      1. Before the dark times… before the Empire…

        1. Won the thread in the third post. Well done.

    2. We do…or did. When these asshats testify before congress all they do is cite the mandates from the clean air and water acts to justify anything they want to do

    3. No, no, no, democratic government is now bad, along with constitutional government and states.

      1. What has democracy ever done for me?

        1. I do not judge, I merely observe. It was all majority this and majority that, now it’s not. One person making all decisions is the ideal.

          1. One person making all the decisions is the ideal…at the individual level.

            1. That’s not how it works. It’s democracy for the decisions on the individual level and autocracy for the collective decisions. Haven’t you been paying attention the last couple of years?

            2. Naturally, I agree with you, but I speak about what is in style.

          2. All I want to know is can I keep my Doctor ?

            1. That and I also want to know why the carbon produced by private jets is OK but carbon produced by my private SUV is bad ?

              I want to know that also.

              1. Because the elite own private jets and the middle class and upper lower class own SUVs.

                1. “The elite,” that’s a joke! They don’t even know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide.

          3. The liberal political ideal is an elected king.

      2. I don’t remember voting on any of that…

        1. You signed the contract! We’re all in this together. Something something government is what we do together.

          1. What we all do together is submit.

          2. Something something government is what we do together to make sure three generations of imbeciles are enough.

            Much better.

      3. We’ll see how fast they change their tune once some EVUL TEATHUGLIKKKAN gets elected Emporer.

      4. Not according to Jimmy:…..lp00000592

        1. Jesus… trigger warning for extreme derp, please.

          1. Sorry, I should have added Carter, then everyone would know it was fucking retarded.

    4. I wonder how many “unpopular” industries Obama will destroy before leaving office.

      1. As many as he can?

      2. On the positive side, every time he attempts to destroy the gun industry he simply makes it stronger.

  2. “Depending upon whom you believe, estimates range from net savings to hundreds of dollars more.”

    Net savings? The balls on these fucking people!

    1. “Oh, very well. Savings *or* creations.”

    2. Oh, there will be savings. Or else.

      1. Yep or to rephrase – How will you pay for electricity if there isn’t any being generated.

        I believe Obama will be very pleased if good chunks of the country were relegated to intermittent electrical availability.

  3. Right now I’m stuck in the customer lounge at a car dealership waiting on a repair, and the lounge TV is playing the shitbird-in-chief’s speech about this nonsense. Fuck my life.

    1. your phone/tablet gets pron, no?

      1. Work computer, unfortunately

        1. So it’s not the jacking it in a lobby you have an issue with, it’s misusing company property?

          1. So you’re the sort who gets off on knowing your sysadmin knows about your fetishes?

            1. If I knew who my system admin was I might.

          2. Hah…well played

  4. Who the fuck even pretends having a crystal ball for energy pricing in 2030 whether Clown’s scheme rolls or not? Just stupid.

    1. This. They should be laughed off the podium.

      1. Or asked to put her money where her mouth is. “Will you give up your social security payments if by 2030 were aren’t saving even half what you estimate?”

        1. Skin in the game should be required for any regulation/legislation, and the bigger the scheme the more skin.

    2. I see that someone hasn’t been hanging out with economists very much. Most of these people live to pretend that they can predict the future.

      1. “Economics is the science of explaining why your predictions were wrong.”

        1. Thank you! Just added that to my page.
          Do you know the source or is that an original?

  5. The EPA and the WRI hope that regulations requiring improved energy efficiency in houses and appliances will offset those increases enough such that consumers won’t see their bills going up.

    Wait just a doggone minute! Didn’t all those shovel-ready stimulus jobs *already* max out house energy efficiency?

    1. Exactly.

      Increased regulations surrounding building codes is something neither homeowners nor businesses need, and energy efficiency improvement ROI is generally poor (with the exception of highly ineffecient systems).

  6. “Net savings” you say?
    Haha, good one.

  7. He’s prattling on about acid rain now. Did I wake up in 1978 or something this morning?

    1. I think all of the proglotards are stuck in some space in time when the ‘coming of the peoples’ progressive utopia’ was still a believable thing. You know, before it was ever tried.

    2. He went for a run in LA in 1978, he knows what he is talking about!!!

    3. Do you hear disco music?

  8. And the next president can just change these rules on a whim…

    1. Why else do you think that 2016 will be THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!!!1!!!!111!!!!!

      1. We have to vote for Jebllary! Voting 3rd party will just cause Jebllary to win!

  9. How Much Will Obama’s Clean Power Plan Cost You?

    I don’t know, but my asshole is already starting to pucker.

  10. Depending upon whom you believe, estimates range from net savings to hundreds of dollars more

    Let’s see. Obama is involved. What was that he said about healthcare savings? I think I’m going with ‘thousands of dollars more’.

  11. Contest! If we *must* have an EPA, can’t it at least have a logo that wasn’t designed by a four-year-old?

    My entry.

    1. It wasn’t designed by a 4-year old a 4-year old would have done better. This was done by a liberal arts major, probably grievence studies.

    2. You’re just an old meanie who wants to rape and kill mother Gaia.

      1. She was wearing a short skirt!

        1. Hold its motherfucking leg?

      2. Hey! I thought ‘old’ was one of those forbidden words!

        *** googles it ***

        It’s ‘elder’. Carry on.

  12. “Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket”

    1. That quote sounds really familiar…

      1. In the People’s Republic of Connecticut where I live things are coming to a head.

        My bill shows that on average my electricity consumption compared to a year ago at the same time is down between 8 and 22% depending on the month. Providing this information is something I think utility companies have to do by law here.

        However, despite the fact that my consumption has gone down again – 3rd year in a row – my monthly payments for this reduced consumption still is about 50% higher than at the same time last year. I did this because I kept my bills (they don’t show you what you paid like they do with how much you used, and one can understand why).

        We had a massive rate hike at the beginning of this year because our utilites have to buy power from elsewhere due to all the generation capaicity loss we have been slammed with by these fuckers. I now even have the privelige of paying a surtax that is used to subsidize those negatively impacted by this horrible price hike!

        At the same time some connected people are raking in the doug while claiming to make the state greener. But hey, that’s green enrgy for ya.

  13. Carbon Dioxide is not your enemy.

    Carbon Dioxide is life.

    The middling increase from the 19th century to now has already produced a pronounced greening of the Earth. Optimal Carbon Dioxide concentrations are 1500ppm – 3000 ppm.

    1. DENIER! Burn this heretic!

      1. *lights Hyperion on fire*

      2. Can’t – that’s wayyyy too much carbon

        1. In lieu of actual burning, perhaps apply “Honest Company” suncreen – works just as well:


    2. How much did Big Oil pay you to say that?

      1. Not enough. I got $0.00 from them.

        1. When you’re a Kochtopus puppet, you have to remind those greedy capitalists to pay you.

  14. If you like your electricity bill, you can keep your electricity bill.


      1. You should be thanking me.

        /da prez

      2. Your electricity bill will stay the same, you’ll just get it twice a month.

        1. And with no electricity.

  15. What’s the reason we’re trying to reduce carbon dioxide? Isn’t methane from our cattle industry the #1 contributor to GHGs?

    1. Look, I’m trying to eat as much beef as I can.

      1. I’m in, we must eliminate this beef menace by eating it all!

        1. I’m doing my part, but I’m just one man!

      2. The more beef you eat, the more cattle they raise.

        It’s a vicious cycle.

  16. “Buy my new light bulb, and save the planet. The price tag, $437.99, may ‘seem’ high, but you’ll save* in the long run.”
    *up to three dollars per year, depending on usage and your local utility rates.

  17. “We will save you money by jacking up your electricity rates via cost-inefficient power plants, and then require you to spend more money on more expensive appliances that use less electricity.”

    You’ve gotta be bad at math or economics to believe this hot mess.

    1. and – as usual – poor people will (actually) be hit the hardest.

    2. No you don’t, you just have to be a prog, which by definition means you’re thoroughly dishonest so long as you believe in the righteousness of your cause.

  18. It’s been a very long time since I actually listened to one this asshole’s speeches, and it was a healthy reminder of just what a smug, mendacious twatwaffle this dickhead is.

    Hey, remember the story about how this guy keeps the White House hot enough in the winter to grow orchids? That’s the guy lecturing the rest of us about energy.

  19. So, the EPA’s plan is to save you money on your electricity bill by causing enough pissed-off people to vote Republican to swing the election to a Republican president who will repeal these regulations, thus cutting your costs back to the what they are right now?

  20. Ask the Germans and the Danes how much they’re “saving.” Oh, and the upfront cost of improving efficiency is never accounted for. This is the same agency that wants to impose ozone regs to the tune of billions per year to save millions. Yes, they are that innumerate.

    And no comment on applying LNT to ozone and PM2.5, Ron?

    1. You know who else asked the Germans …. Never mind.

      1. Catherine the Great?

  21. McCarthy thinks that Americans will be using less energy due to the energy efficiency mandates that various agencies of the federal government are imposing.

    How much will it cost to comply with all those mandates? Mandates were supposed to make health insurance cheaper too…

    1. It’s true that the feds have been rolling out energy efficiency regulations left and right lately. But those aren’t part of the Clean Power Plan. So they would save people money (by their logic at least) regardless of this new regulatory scheme. Seems quite disingenuous, but what else would you expect from this administration?

  22. I figure by 2030 I’ll have to run my dishwasher 3 times to clean anything.

    1. Dishwashers were outlawed in 2024. Try again.

      1. When were flush toilets outlawed?

        1. Where do you think people do their dishes.

      2. So the border was finally secured?

    2. Just yell at her to get it right the first time. Oh, you mean the dishwashing machine. My bad.

    3. You don’t now?

      I have never had a dishwasher that cleaned anything. They aint worth a shit.

      I took my dishwasher out and made more cabinet space. I hand wash all of my dishes.

      1. Yeah, I’ve never had a dishwashing machine in my life. Except one apartment for a couple years – I put my dishes in there to dry but otherwise never used it.

        1. I have a Bosch dishwasher and it does a good job.

          1. Is his name Hans?

  23. Do you know what this means? The global warming problem is solved! Obama has done it! We can finally move on to other problems and will never, ever have to hear about climate change again.

    I’m looking out the window now waiting for people to pour into the streets celebrating this momentous victory over planetary atmospherics.

    1. planetary atmospherics.

      That sounds like dirty denier talk to me! Everyone knows that human beings are the cause of all climate changes. The climate was perfectly static before EVUL RICH WHITE PEOPLE started burning fossil fuels. Pay no attention to those ice ages behind the curtain. /progdouche

  24. I for one am glad to see that the do-nothing representatives of the people have been taken out of the equation.

  25. Agency are announcing the final regulations that would establish President’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).

    The final solution for the carbon problem.

    1. “Yellow Star Appliances”

      1. And 6″ American flags for everyone else!

      2. /standing ovation.

  26. In addition to the cost, exactly how much will all this lower the average temperature of the Earth? Nobody ever seems to want to highlight that, because it’s always some tiny fraction of a degree.

    1. That “tiny fraction of a degree” could mean melting up to a hundred billion tons of ice near the poles, flooding all major coastal areas and killing about 70% of human life on earth.

      1. Please tell me this is sarcasm.

        1. Wow. Yeah. Sorry. After reading it again, it sounds very plausibly like something someone might actually say.

          1. I could totally see Jackand Ace saying that verbatim and actually meaning it.

            That’s very impressive sarc. *Tip of the hat to you*

      2. I hate to tell you fleshy, but the ice age is ending. Nothing we do or don’t do is going to keep that ice from melting. The CO2 we generate has very little to do with it.

        There is, however, a less than small chance that the sun may be entering a minimum phase and we could soon have another mini -cold spell. But, in the long run, all of the ice is going to melt.

        1. I’m actually with you 110% percent.

    2. It’s a lot like sequestration – it doesn’t actually LOWER anything, it just means the increase is less fast. Or something. Why do you hate polar bears?!?

    3. PapayaSF – I can tell you with certainty exactly how much it is going to lower the temperature of the earth.

    4. Whenever you see some scientist propose an idea that may slow warming without sticking it to the fossil fuel industry, they’re immediately mocked and derided. That tells me that the point isn’t warming, but rather sticking it to the fossil fuel industry.

  27. Ah, but we’ll make it up in volume!

    1. @ PapayaSF

  28. “the Clean Power Plan is projected to cut the average American’s monthly electricity bill by 7% in 2030.”

    This means daily power cuts between 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

    1. Yes. Your television automatically turns off at 8pm with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner and patriotic slideshow.

      1. The Star Spangled Banner will be banned by 2030.

  29. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy claimed that “the Clean Power Plan is projected to cut the average American’s monthly electricity bill by 7% in 2030.”

    Uh huh. If we add that savings to the 2500 annually everyone is saving from Obumblecare we will all be rich. Right?

    Fucking shameless liars. Worse are the idiots who swallow their lies and the press that never calls them on their bald faced lies.

  30. OT: I posted this in another thread, but it’s worth repeating.

    As a Jersey resident, I just wanna say Thanks, suckers!

    State Senate President Stephen Sweeney wants to close out New Jersey’s $51 billion unfunded pension liability once and for all by turning to a new source: the federal government.
    Sweeney called a press conference at the Statehouse today to announce a novel, fledgling plan that he has no real power to enact: A $1 trillion federal loan program to relieve unfunded pension liabilities in any state that wants to take advantage of it.

    1. Why not? We’re all in it together!

      1. *sticks hand in Rich’s pocket and pulls out some coin*

        I’ll pay it back, honest!

    2. I’m sure Mr. Sweeney owns a pen and a phone, which all it takes these days.

    3. “Look, we all know that this is what’s bound to happen anyway. Let’s just get on with it already.”

      1. ^^^^^^^

  31. On some news show, this morning, the teleprompter girl breathlessly announced this June as “warmest evar!” or some such drivel. She did not mention the specific incremental rise, for some reason.

    1. Ever notice that when it’s warm outside it’s always “above normal,” but when it’s cold it’s “below average?”

      1. Too warm = climate
        Too cold = weather

  32. We had a recent project at our company that requires a diesel engine. The John Deere salesman walked in and sat down with a stack of papers. It was all about the costs of meeting EPA regulations and how to procure exemptions. We sat for an hour while he explained how those regs drive the costs of the different tier-level engines. Nary a word was spoken about why we should by a this particular engine as opposed to the competition. Fuck the EPA

    1. buy*

    2. I can’t tell you how many healthcare meetings I sat through where hours were burned away dealing with regulations.

      Yeah, our thinly regulated economy is a runaway train!

      1. I was naive enough to think all you did was pay the man and get an engine. Nope. You’d have an easier time getting a year’s supply of Oxycontin(NTTAWRT) than a fucking diesel engine

        1. *sigh* a year’s supply……..

    3. But, but, but there has to be rules! How can anyone do anything right if there aren’t rules? And you can’t allow people who actually know anything about the subject to write the rules! That would make them biased! They must be completely ignorant of the subject at hand and have no skin in the game! That’s the only way to make things fair!

  33. Also, asshole just keeps on keepin’ on with linking asthma to AGW because……well, fuck if I know, but he basically insinuated that any of you deniers who aren’t on board with his plan want minority children to die from asthma.

    1. I thought minority children were dying from lead poisoning? Which is it, I forget?

      1. Asthma. The lead causes them to do poorly in school and to be violent.

    2. Global warming is the Leftist Grand Unified Political Theory.

  34. “The American Lung Association (ALA) strongly supports the new standards; it says that in 2030 the reductions are estimated to prevent up to 3,600 premature deaths, 90,000 asthma attacks and 300,000 sick days at work and school.”

    Obama has saved more lives than any President – ever!

    1. There’s that nasty little phrase again: up to.

    2. There’s no way it saves sick days from work or school.

      Unless it’s going to eradicate every strain of flu, the common cold, and the Monday’s at the same time.

    3. I have up to $100,000,000,000,000 in my pocket. And my penis is up to 15 inches long.

  35. Another question about this in addition to the cost, what is going to happen to the reliability of the grid?

    Solar and wind are both variable sources of power. They can’t pump power out in a steady state the way a fossil fuel or nuclear plant can.

    It would seem to me that forcing a greater percentage of power to be sourced from wind and solar will increase the frequency of power outages – especially during times of peak demand on really hot or really cold days.

    And that will make people mad even more than paying higher prices for the power they use.

    1. It will destroy the reliability of the grid. If these regulations are not stopped, I would advice buying a very good home generator.

      1. Those will probably be regulated out of existence too.

        1. Yes they will. These people are fucking evil.

  36. What’s to keep a coal plant from going on strike? (Like laws and stuff) If the owner of a coal plant decided to just shut down his plant (or hopefully multiple plants) one day and tell the EPA to use green energy to work things out, it would put a stop to this nonsense. Let everyone know that the shutdown is just a glimpse into the future.

  37. If it saved money, the EPA wouldn’t need to require it. The people who say this is going to save money are lying.

    1. According to leftists, corporations are profit hungry monsters who’ll do anything to maximize cost.

      Except when it comes to pollution. Corporations will chose polluting over lower cost energy if the lower cost energy is cleaner.

      Because corporations are evil.

  38. Like the EPA bureaucrats, the WRI analysts figure that energy bills for residential, commercial, and transport sectors will be lower due to “significant demand reductions from energy efficiency policies more than offset higher electricity rates and higher fuel prices.”

    Think about this for a moment. They are going to raise the price of electricity but claim it won’t cost you more because they are also going to mandate that you use less of it overall.

    The entire thing goes back to the central lie that people are somehow not doing what they really prefer. Energy efficiency policies sounds nice. You know what it really means? It means the government mandating things you buy either be worse than they were before or more expensive or both. Nothing in life is free. If the washing machine company could make a washing machine that does its job just as well but cost less to run at the same price point, they would do it. When the EPA tells them to make it more efficient, they are telling them to make it more expensive and not work as well.

    The EPA is telling us they are going to raise the cost of electricity but that is okay because they are at the same time going to make us poorer and use less electricity overall thus not raising our bill. How does Ron write about these idiots with a straight face?

    1. If the washing machine company could make a washing machine that does its job just as well but cost less to run at the same price point, they would do it.

      If Kenmore won’t make a washing machine “that does its job just as well but cost less to run at the same price point”, then Maytag will and steal customers from Kenmore.

      And then LG will do it and steal more customers.

      And then Samsung will do it and steal more customers.

      And Kenmore will realize they’re losing money and start building a better washing machine and start trying to steal customers back.

  39. One intelligent blogger at the Washington Post (commenting on an article on this subject) noted that he had 2 questions: What will it cost us? What will it actually accomplish? The answer to the first is “too much”, as always with Obama (who claims it will save money, but that’s why he’s the Liar-in-Chief). The answer to the second is “hardly anything” (which is why Gina McCarthy was talking in terms of its symbolic value). In other words, we’ll be worse off because of this — which is why the Traitor-in-Chief imposed it to begin with.

    1. You’re correct about the answer to the first question.

      But you are mistaken about the second, “What will it actually accomplish?”

      EPA regulation is a critical component of Obama’s mission of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

      Of course its regulations will do nothing to improve earth’s climate (as if that were even possible), but that is not what Obama is trying to accomplish. The objective is fundamental transformation of the USA.

  40. What this country needs is a newer and bigger Corn Ethanol-style boondoggle…something which sounds great on paper but which is really nothing but a way to make prices skyrocket and funnel money to favored constituents.

    Now, how could that work….

  41. I really don’t care what my rates will be in 15+ years from now; I want to know what they will be next year! Why do progressives always project so far out into the future?? Is it because they know what they say is just BS and they need the 15-year buffer zone to dilute how wrong they are??

  42. The EPA is far too modest in its goals. They should mandate 100% efficiency improvements then no one will have energy bills.

  43. Will there still be enough energy to travel really fast and de-evolve into giant horny salamanders?

    1. Absolutely. The future for us is full of nearly limitless, practically free, energy to do, and, or become anything you care to imagine. And the best part is it’ll all be done with practically zero energy. It’s all happening because we had the common sense to completely trust people who are really smart and only want to completely rule every part of our lives.

  44. Also: Libertarian Moment!

  45. Going to cut our electric bills? Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa HA!

  46. I just returned from the power company an hour or so ago. I overheard several customers ahead of me asking if their month bill was correct. After each of them were assured the amounts were correct, they either counted out stacks of currency or wrote what appeared to be painfully written checks. They were obviously very pleased with all the money the “mandates” are already cutting off their electric bills. lmao

  47. There is no human-caused global warming. If President Obama doesn’t know this then he is one of the gullible people taken in by the “Alarmists”…or one of the evil ones promoting itl (How wonderful is it to have such and ignorant and gullible President.) No global warming for 18 years. Plenty of summer sea ice in the arctic (which Al Gore said would be gone by now), more than plenty of ice in the antarctic, polar bear populations are fine, the glacier on Mt. Kilimanjaro is growing (which Al Gore said would be gone by now), and growing glaciers all around the world.

    The only thing I can see the President’s anti-coal-fired energy reduction policy will do is to make sure that the very poor and the old people on fixed incomes will freeze to death in the coming mini-ice-age, if not a full blow ice-age.

  48. Fuck Nobama and his green fascist bull shit. Yeah, skull fuck him, fucking communist piece of shit.

  49. It’ll cost money, and a lot of jobs. But working people don’t vote Democratic, so President Obama doesn’t care.

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