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'Don't Let My Daughter Die, Governor!' Drug Warrior Chris Christie Promises to Escalate the War on Weed

If elected president, Christie says he'd stomp out legal weed. As governor, he's already done just that.


Earlier this week, Reason's Jacob Sullum wrote about New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie's pledge to enforce the federal ban on recreational marijuana, ignoring the will of the states that've legalized cannabis sales. 

This isn't the first time Christie has disregarded state law in his crusade against legal pot. As governor, he has made it all but impossible for sick Garden State residents to obtain marijuana, even though it was legalized for medical use before he took office.

I covered that story for Reason TV back in September 2013. Click above to watch the video. Here's the original writeup for that story.

On August 14, 2013, Brian Wilson of Scotch Plains, N.J. confronted Gov. Chris Christie over his delay in signing a law that would make it possible for Wilson's two-year-old daughter to receive the medical marijuana she was prescribed under state law. The testy exchange was quickly picked up by numerous media outlets.

Vivian Wilson suffers from Dravet's Syndrome, a devastating and potentially fatal form of epilepsy that she will never outgrow. It's already led to one hour-long seizure where she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

Although medical marijuana has been legal in New Jersey for three-and-a-half years, Christie's Department of Health has made it nearly impossible for patients to obtain medical marijuana in the Garden State. The myriad regulations include a requirement that three doctors sign off on the prescription, a ban on edible forms, and a limit on dispensaries from growing more than three strains of marijuana.

These regulations have made it impossible for patients to receive the kind of cannabis that could help Vivian, which is a high-CBD, low-THC form that has none of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. That is, it can't get you high. 

High-CBD marijuana has proven wildly successful in alleviating seizures, but because low-THC marijuana is less popular, it makes poor business sense for the one functioning dispensary in New Jersey to produce a strain that very few patients want to purchase.

This past June, the New Jersey state legislature passed a reform-minded medical marijuana bill which reduced the number of doctors required to sign off on a prescription to one, repealed the ban on edible forms of medicinal marijuana, and increased the number of strains dispensaries can grow.

By August, the bill had been sitting on the governor's desk for two months. When Brian Wilson heard Christie was making a campaign stop at a Scotch Plains diner, he decided to ask the governor directly, "What's the hold up?"

Christie curtly replied that while the issue is simple to Wilson, it is not simple to him, and he will make his decision based on what he thinks is right for all the people of New Jersey. As Christie turned to walk away, Wilson shouted, "Please don't let my daughter die, Governor!"

After video of the dust-up in the diner went viral, Gov. Christie agreed to a sign a compromised form of the bill, allowing for edibles for minors only. This still adversely affects Vivian, because limiting edibles to minors artificially decreases demand, making it less likely that a dispensary would make the investment in opening a kitchen and enduring all the red tape involved to produce edible forms of marijuana for an extremely limited consumer base.

And despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, the federal government still lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, making it a felony to bring it across state lines, even for medicinal purposes.

The Wilsons are considering moving to Colorado, where Vivian would have easy access to the medicine that could very well save her life. But because of federal laws, they would be forced to stay in the state indefinitely to legally maintain their daughter's supply, unable even to visit their home state for a holiday. 

Despite such a predicament, Vivian's mother, Meghan, insists, "This is life and death. Our lives are devoted to keeping her alive. If this doesn't pan out in New Jersey, we will move to Colorado." 

Chris Christie has made himself into a national figure by projecting a plain-speaking and defiantly independent persona. But in his opposition to his own state's law permitting medical marijuana, is the former federal prosecutor simply pandering to the national Republican base in preparation for a 2016 run for president? 

"I meant what I said when I said, 'don't let my daughter die,'" insists Brian Wilson. "Politics should not be determining whether or not children live."

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. About 4 minutes.

MUSIC: "Bed" by Jahzzar ( Chris Christie video courtesy of Lefty Grimes /

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  1. Christie curtly replied that while the issue is simple to Wilson, it is not simple to him, and he will make his decision based on what he thinks is right for all the people of New Jersey.

    Dr. Christie, tell me you’re not just a pedagogue.

    I can’t imagine what New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie thinks he’s doing. I realize large objects take longer to shift positions to move with currents, but he has to see that this isn’t a wise issue on which to try to set yourself apart from the pack. If his campaign for higher office wasn’t going to sink under its own weight of anti-gun rights and anti-property rights, it would after slamming into the iceberg of public opinion on this subject.

    Who knows. Maybe he’s setting himself up to be Walker’s drug czar or possibly AG.

    1. Christie is a evil person.He’s a bully and wants everyone to live as he sees fit.He’ll make a perfect drug czar. And he won’t fit in a wood chipper

      1. Oh, I think he could could fit. Some pre-disassemply required.

        1. That’s like washing dishes before loading the dishwasher. Just upgrade to a better product:


          They’ve helpfully included a model for reference. His Corpulence should slide right in. If not, it’s the smallest one in the catalog.

          1. I appreciate your efficiency. I was just going to have my orphans do the disassembly on their lunch brunch which is the break from the diamind mines I give them to make me lunch.

          2. Good handle…. Chipmax 484.

      2. His inability to fit into a woodchipper is like some sort of superpower that makes him immune to standard libertarian argumentation.

    2. A sane person in Chritie’s situation might be humble enough to look in the mirror and realize that they have some pretty serious personal issues to deal with. The guy has severe impulse control problems that manifest in various behavioral issues including bullying, anger, and gluttony. But instead of taking a step back and coming to any realization that he’s not a very healthy person, both mentally and physically, he’s unfortunately decided to pacman his way to the Presidency. In doing so he joins a long list of narcissistic, hypocritical, borderline sociopaths that wish to control and judge other individuals as a means to never deal with their own deeply buried personal problems. The good news is that Christie will implode, sooner rather than later, a victim of his addictions and personal demons… probably going face down into a mountain of mashed potatoes after ordering cheese cake for desert and spilling is fourth gin and tonic all over the floor.

      1. Christie would be in much better shape if he could burn calories as efficiently as you just burned him.

      2. spilling is fourth gin and tonic all over the floor

        You meant “flagon of buttermilk,” right?

        Also, spot on analysis.

        1. Hand him one little after-dinner mint and run.

          1. Wafer thin?

            1. +1 German

      3. A sane person in Chritie’s situation…
        Sane people don’t get to be in Christie’s position. It’s not a coincidence that you can point to a long line of Bloombergs and Spitzers and Clintons. Getting elected to high office takes an insane amount of shitweaseling – can you really be surprised that insane shitweasels keep getting elected?

      4. Pretty much describes a former prosecutor. Some turn to drugs, some turn to gluttony, anything to rid the mind of guilt for sending people to prison to boost their careers. I’d never vote for a former prosecutor. They are the scum of the Earth.

    3. Gov. Creosote knows what’s best for you, better than you do.

    4. “As President, I promise to do all that I can to thwart the will of the people.” Sounds like a winning position.

    5. “Dr. Christie, tell me you’re not just a pedagogue.”

      I think you mean “demagogue”.

      A pedagogue is a teacher, ie, has to know things.

      1. Ah, you missed the allusion. Other parts of the song fit also: “I had a dream / I was 300 lbs” And wouldn’t it be nice if Christie had a Brian Wilson style breakdown? Lying in bed, spending his time with a svengali shrink, playing in a big sandbox? I like it.

  2. I hope there is a special place… oh, never mind.

    1. Is hell big enough for his fat ass ? And ,think about the flame up.A thousand angels with spray bottles can’t put out that fire.

    2. We’re gonna need a bigger woodchipper.

      1. Woodchipper it from orbit, it is the only way to be sure.

  3. I find it amusing that food will likely kill that fat fuck LONG before any drug would.

    Perhaps the rest of us should force him to stop eating? For his own good, of course.

    1. Like Cartman on the cross?

      1. That episode was on just last week.

        Good times…

        1. Yes,I was having a stout while watching it,good beer.

  4. The presidential field, on both sides, is really crowded with awful candidates. From deceitful criminals, to people with a toddler’s grasp of economics, to people who want to double-down on NSA spying and, after 14 years of ceaseless war, long to start a few new ones.

    And even in this crowded field of frauds and rejects, Christie stands out as among the very worst. What is it like, I wonder, to sport an IQ that can’t be more than one-fifth of your weight?

    1. The presidential field, on both sides, is really crowded with awful candidates. From deceitful criminals, to people with a toddler’s grasp of economics, to people who want to double-down on NSA spying and, after 14 years of ceaseless war, long to start a few new ones.

      But enough about Obama, what about the other candidates?

  5. What a dicktator. Christie is making healthcare more expensive for others. He’s funneling away money for his weight which he can control, and taking it away from ppl who have diseases they can’t control.

    If Wilson is so concerned about his daughter he should showcase Christie’s obesity condition. It is far more hazardous to her health than pot ever could be. Heart failure, diabetes, joint/back complications, and much more.

  6. “The NJ legislature passed a reform bill, reducing the # of doctors required to sign off on a prescription from 3 to 1, repealed a ban on edible medicinal marijuana, and removed the limit of growers to only one strain.”

    Remember when I warned what would happen if we medicalized marijuana?

  7. Would a progressive be any worse?

    1. Flip side of the same coin

    2. Well technically he is a Progressive, an R progressive. They aren’t really opposed to Progressives, their main distinction is that they claim to be better managers and support crapitalism over socialism.

    3. He should run with Sanders on a national-socialist unity ticket.

      1. You know who else ran on a National Socialist unity ticket?

        1. Rick James and Hitler?

          1. Jello Biafra and Hitler?

    4. Neo-Fabians are gonna Fabian.

  8. This fucking pig had a chance to parlay the hatred people had of government largesse into a real movement. You could see people getting ready to line up behind him and then, WHAM!, he comes out with garbage like this. Zero chance for the NJ fatboy. All he is now is the another statist Republican with nothing other than the girth of Grover Cleveland as his claim to fame. Makes you wonder if this guy will ever realized the opportunity he had.

    1. *I meant Taft. Sorry, a few beers in.

      1. Wife: “You’re drinking early today.”

        Me: “What is this ‘too early’ of which you speak?”

        1. Different time zone my friend. It’s after midnight.

          1. It’s always after midnight.

            1. Give me a link, I need some music.

                1. Enjoying this. Wife passed out on sake in bed. Good times.

                  1. Sounds like it:)

                  2. Marital rape! You go!

    2. He’s like worst of everything. What an asshole.

      1. Does… does that mean he’s even worse than Nikki?

      2. It means that he needs special devices to bathe and wipe his ass.

    3. Zero chance for the NJ fatboy.

      I suspect the long memory of the Republican base will do him in.

      The diehards who vote in primaries haven’t forgotten the timely analingus he gave to Obama before the last election.

      1. I think even Coulter’s crush has worn off.

        1. She’s in love with the Donald these days.

      2. “I’ll close any bridge I have to to make sure there’s not pot here!”

    4. Girth of Grover Cleveland? More like the girth of Cleveland, Ohio. Amirite?

      1. Unlike Christie, Cleveland only occupies one time zone.

    5. “Zero chance for the NJ fatboy.”

      The question is whether he would make a good Vice-Presidential candidate.

      Can he deliver votes in the northeast or in important swing states, like maybe Philadelphia?

      If he were the Vice-President, he might become the presumptive frontrunner eight years from now.

      Assuming his heart holds out. He’s so fat, his blood type is Ragu.

      1. He would fit right in (figuratively speaking) to that role after Biden.

        1. It’s not a sure thing, but Vice Presidents typically are the prospective nominee.

          And in the role of Vice Presidential candidate, if a Southerner won the nomination and thought he needed some help in the Northeast, he or she might pick fatboy as his or her running mate.

          In that way, he has a better than zero chance.

      2. When they check his cholesterol level they have to use a dipstick.

  9. Outlaw Lipitor and blood pressure pills in New Jersey. Christie problem solved

    1. Just need a few testimonials that people enjoy taking them and that should get them banned.

  10. “It’s a complicated issue. I know you think it’s simple, but it’s not.” – Chris Christie

    How is this so complicated? Medically it’s a no-brainer. Socially there’s an obvious trend that Christie should get onboard with. Politically–even politically–it’s a developing trend that he should go with. But I think Christie is listening to the wrong political advisors and is going with the position that he thinks will be best for him politically–no matter the cost to normal people. What an evil bastard.

    1. The answer is indeed simple. Move the fuck out of New Jersey.

      1. Good advice. But they must leave their northeastern, leftist politics behind. We don’t it to metastasize to the more liberal (classically speaking) parts of the country.

        1. Oh don’t worry liberals always take their politics with them to the places they move to escape the places their liberal politics fucked up.

          1. See: Austin, Texas, and almost the entire state of New Hampshire.

      2. But New Jersey is so nice.

  11. I wonder if there is a way give someone Dravet Syndrome or something similar, say via blow dart. I think it would be poetic justice.

    [scene opens] Christie stands at his podium giving his canned speech about the dangers of freedom. Damn I hate summer he thinks as the nats buzz around in the spotlights. He feels a prick in his neck and absently reaches up to shoo the offending pest. The crowd grows silent, the shuffling feet grow still. His hand reaches the itch, but pulls back instantly when it discovers an unexpected sensation. The hand probes the discovery to find a long thin rod, He yanks it out to look at it as confusion spreads on his sweaty red face. There is a small murmur from the crowd as a man wearing a white lab coat comes weaving his way through the crowd. No one obstructs the man as he approaches the podium, perhaps they are too stunned, or maybe they think the man is here to help, the credentials clipped to the front of his coat claim him as a doctor after all. The doctor that walks up to Christie looks familiar, the politician tilts his head to the side in contemplation, then it hits him. This is the man who pleaded with him a few years back to save his little girl. The question forms on his lips but before they break the threshold, the man leans in close, right over to the microphones and says: that dart was filled with same strain that killed my little girl.

  12. Hopefully what we’re seeing here is the Lusitanian Moment.

  13. The redness fades from Christies face as if gravity acted on it alone, only to have it replaced with a mottled white, while the sweat beaded on his brow turned cold. The click of glass, draws Christies eyes down to see the man take his hand off of a clear vial. Christie glances back up at the man, This is the only treatment for your new condition, the man says. Too much, wait, this is… what is.. Christie stammers. The man leans closer, with a look of rage and loss in his eyes he says, but if you take it you will be sent to prison. The man briskly turns to walk off, only to make it to the edge of the stage before being restrained by men in suits. The the crowd is still hushed, All the media cameras quietly watching Christie. The click of shutters the only noise around. Christys eyes open wide and he looks down as his foot starts to twitch violently. The crowd erupts.[end scene]

    1. Bravo!

      My only complaint. Needs more Sugarfree.

  14. Man pays property taxes with pennies

    Piotrowski said that his original tax bill of about $500 rose to over $800 with the addition of late payment fees. He said he was then informed that his home would be put up for sheriff’s sale if payment was not received by July 31, and he would be responsible for listing fees that would more than double the original amount owed.

    What bastards.

    “And (Pennsylvania Gov. Tom) Wolf wants to increase our taxes,” said Donna Lee Merritt, of Exeter, to a shout of “Tyrant!” by someone in the group, at the mention of the governor’s name.

    That person should have shouted “Fuck off Slaver!” instead, but I’ll take that.

    In a statement read to the press prior to wheeling the pennies into the bank, Piotrowski quoted a clause from the state constitution, asserting the “inherent and indefeasible rights” of citizens in “acquiring, possessing and protecting property” and 19th century political philosopher Lysander Spooner, who said, “If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.”

    I wonder if anyone involved posts here.

    1. The company for which I work was involved, in that some of those rolls of pennies were wrapped by our machines. I can tell by the boxes they are in.

  15. Bernie’s Koch Brothers response.…..ate-358369

    1. I think its a mistake to bust bernie’s chops.

      Libertarians should be touting him as a ‘serious’, viable alternative to hillary.

      Not because he IS, but because of how it helps undermine her.

      1. Funny because I thought the same thing about Obama. Oops.

        1. Obama stood a very good chance of getting elected if he won the primary in 2008

          (after Bush, the dems were pretty much going to coast to a win without saying anything)

          Not so much this time, particularly for Bernie

          1. “Obama stood a very good chance of getting elected if he won the primary in 2008”

            I never thought that.

            1. Of course I never though Bill Clinton would be re-elected either. I don’t even try and guess what the American people are going to do anymore.

            2. You were wrong.

              Hillary would probably have also won the general election in 2008 if she’d won, but not by the the margin that Obama had.

              Bush burned out people on the GOP and they deserved to lose on his record. Also, McCain was not ever the “alternative, maverick” candidate he postured as in those days, as we should all now know.

              The same should be said for the Dems this time around. They deserve to lose and its just a matter of letting them, and nominating someone who isn’t named Bush.

              1. McCain scared me. He likes that “maverick” lable entirely too much, amd fancies himself “shooting from the hip”. Which might be OK if there were any sing that he was a good shot.

              2. McCain scared me. He likes that “maverick” lable entirely too much, amd fancies himself “shooting from the hip”. Which might be OK if there were any sing that he was a good shot.

            3. I figured whoever the Dems put up would be the odds-on favorite. The GOP can’t very well admit that they suck so they keep putting up the same sucky candidates just so that when the Dems put up an even suckier one they can claim vindication of their suckitude. If they were serious about not sucking they would have gotten behind the candidate least like Bush (Ron Paul) and issued a formal apology for all three of the Bush presidencies. But this is why we are doomed to see a Bush/Clinton match-up that will look very much like an Ali/Foreman rematch (and I don’t mean an Ali-in-his-prime versus a Foreman-in-his-prime fight). Both sides suck so very, very hard but neither one is going to offer anything different because that would mean admitting they know what they’ve been offering before was sucksationally sucky suckness.
              I will say that I was very surprised that Obama won the primary – I just assumed anybody that stood in the way of the Clinton machine was going to wind up meeting with an unfortunate accident involving a woodchipper.

      2. Kiss my ass.

        1. Christie should die in a fire.

    2. Royce Obsessed ? Transylvania, Louisiana
      What a waste of time . I cant believe I read this piece of…. Obviously not many people are. Click baiting. Look at the title? FU DANIEL BIER . Get a life Daniel scum troll. Hillary most likely will implode within months. Then what shithead.
      Like ? Reply ? 36 ? Jul 30, 2015 2:08pm

      Denise Johnson
      It’s amazing to me how a journalist can misconstrue what Bernie Sanders said and accuse him of scapegoating immigrants or claim he’s economically illiterate. Daniel Bier is nothing more than a puppet mouthpiece for the corporate media machine that wants to brainwash and fool the public. Bernie spoke truth and that’s what the wealthy corporations, banks, and CEOs are afraid of.
      Like ? Reply ? 33 ? Jul 30, 2015 2:07pm

      KateFrances Hege
      Nice propaganda hack piece from a Libertarian activist group. I’m embarrassed for you, Newsweek. Global poverty is not alleviated by allowing labor to migrate for substandard wages. Bernie talks about the need to eliminate the need to migrate in the first place so that people can remain in their countries of origin with their families and deep community ties. He supports sane immigration policy. He wants to uphold wages in the U.S. That are consistent with the cost of living here.
      Like ? Reply ? 28 ? Jul 30, 2015 2:28pm


      1. Global poverty is not alleviated by allowing labor to migrate for substandard wages.

        Can you even? Because I just can’t even.

        1. Actually, you can, but that idiot can’t, even.

      1. Its a buffet of high-wit and insight

        Elevating the discourse, they are.

    3. If Sanders wasn’t running against Hillary, I don’t if this rebuttal would have made it into Newsweak.

  16. John Kasich not a fan of woodchippers…../30802993/

    1. Kasich rented the movie and was so horrified by the wood-chipper scene at the end – in which Steve Buscemi’s character is, yes, fed into a wood-chipper. At first he was so appalled he demanded Blockbuster remove the movie from its shelf; later he asked for it to be labeled but it sounds like no one listened to him.

      What kind of MORON would you have to be to react like this? It’s fiction and, in the scene in question, it’s a psychopath behaving as a psychopath might.

      1. His response to hip-hop was no more mature. Woodchippers and Hip-Hop seem like they are made for each other.

      2. “While working at Lehman Brothers, Kasich took a risk and bought a hip-hop CD, in this case by The Roots. He found the lyrics so vulgar he said he pulled over to the side of the road and tossed the CD out of the car.”

        For the record, “The Roots” make the Fugees sound like The Geto Boys after a crack-binge

        i.e. for ‘rap music’, they’d be Rated-PG 13 (occasional use of N word)

        He sounds like he’s trying to appeal to people who think the Lifetime TV network is “too raw, sordid and graphic”, or that non-fat greek yogurt is “ethnic food”

        1. This is what he thought rap was.


        2. pulled over to the side of the road and tossed the CD out of the car

          Aren’t there laws against littering?

        3. Ha.. Mind of a Lunatic is one of my favorites; imagine if he heard that.

          Lookin through her window, now my body is warm
          She’s naked, and I’m a peepin tom
          Her body’s beautiful, so I’m thinkin rape
          Shouldn’t have had her curtains open, so that’s her fate
          Leavin out her house, grabbed the bitch by her mouth
          Drug her back in, slammed her down on the couch
          Whipped out my knife, said, “If you scream, I’m cuttin”
          Opened her legs and commenced the fuckin
          She begged me not to kill her, I gave her a rose
          Then slit her throat, and watched her shake till her eyes closed
          Had sex with the corpse before I left her
          And drew my name on the wall like helter skelter

      3. Kasich and Christie make Trump seem tame by comparison.

        1. Asshole Statists versus Asshole Populist. We are so lucky.

          1. Versus uber-corrupt criminal or avowed socialist.

    2. While working at Lehman Brothers, Kasich took a risk and bought a hip-hop CD, in this case by The Roots. He found the lyrics so vulgar he said he pulled over to the side of the road and tossed the CD out of the car. No need for what he considered “offensive drivel,” he wrote.

      “Have you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?”
      “I don’t listen to hip-hop.”

  17. How fucked up was New Jersey that the fat fascist fuck was seen as the solution?

    1. Humongously fucked up.

    2. How is NJ any different than any other state? Or the Federalistas, for that matter.

      Not a one of them is worth a dime. [spits]

      1. There are States that are NOT completely under the thumb of a crooked machine that has held power unchallenged for decades.

        Not many, maybe….

        1. In Maryland, Hogan has some good positions, especially that of not being Gov. Muscles, but he’s an unabashed Christie lover. He talks him up constantly.

          He’s just another side of the same authoritarian coin.

      2. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle-Dumb.

    3. Two words for you: Jon Corzine. Think about it.

      1. Was he the NJ governor that was a wall street crook or was he the NJ governor that was secretly gay and turning tricks at truck stops (while governor)?

    4. You have NO idea.

      Christie is the first politician in decades that that state has seen that seemed to think “we can’t do everything we want to because the money just isn’t there” was a reason.

      He was such an improvement on the usual Machine pol that it is really scary.

      1. The money isn’t there, except for imprisoning as many people as he can. And not allowing people to pump their own gas.

  18. Christie and Santorum who better represents the Franco wing of the republican party?

  19. This is our political class. Corrupt, entrenched, out of touch. The writing is on the wall; we want legal marijuana, yet most persist in telling us no. They think they are our parents and we are children. They don’t remember that they work for us, that they are just the fucking hired help. They think we are just tax cattle, to use a phrase of one of our commenters.

    I can’t understand why there are not ads of Hillary laughing into her glass of whiskey and saying “It will never happen, there is too much money in it.”

    They need to go.

    1. “”there is too much money in it.”””

      My translation of that statement is, “Govt spends way too much money on too many constituent unions to start cutting back the Drug War like that”

      Although she meant something far more irrational and stupid. Which, notably, she couldn’t get away with today because of the changes in WA, CO, etc. Claiming that drug legalization would be about empowering “drug dealers” is facially bogus.

      Its actually a pretty good issue for someone to stick her with, if she ever actually answered anyone’s questions.

      Would she promise to get the Feds out of the way of banks and lawyers serving legal marijuana businesses? *I doubt it.

  20. I’m surprised that Christie wants to ban *anything* edible.

  21. Speaking of assholes, local news story a couple days ago about Dylan Roof posting on a nazi website run out of a local suburb called Worthington. I leave the comment “I hate Worthington Nazis” obvious Blues Brothers reference. Just get an email from the comment program showing me the following reply to my comment from some skinhead looking asshole who has has city listed as Hymietown, NY.

    “You and your family are free to move into an all-Black neighborhood, where there will be no evil White racists around to scare you.”


    1. I replied. Someone else replied to me. I guess now I’m in a little flame war with skinheads. nice:)

    2. When Barry’s Bots were spouting about what a genius he is, how he is the smartestest guy who ever lived, I pointed out that anyone who subscribes to failed philosophies is not only not smart, but an idiot.

      You are dealing with someone there who subscribes to white supremacy and probably fascism. He is not what I would describe as an intellectual heavyweight.

      1. The comment board on this article just blew up with a bunch of skinheads this asshole probably just brought over from Daily Stormer. Local news station is gonna love that:) Someone going on about Zionist now.

          1. Here you go


            1. KoolAid ? 38 minutes ago
              Why is Duane Pohlman spreading lies? Roof had nothing to do with Anglin’s website. Manipulative lies like this are why an increasing number of Whites (and all Americans) are turning away from the kosher criminals running the mainstream media. Did Duane “the joo” Pohlman honestly think that he would win back any of his broadcaster’s dwindling audience or influence by pulling a stunt like this? He only confirms every dark suspicion we ever had of him, his people, and his business with these actions. We should thank him for displaying the petty and vindictive nature of his masters so openly. It does more for our cause than any article we could have penned.
              3 ? Reply?Share ?

              Am I to infer that the Jews did this?

              1. The Jews did everything. Sheesh, how can you go through life being so unaware?

              2. “Kosher Criminals” works as a band name, right?

            2. Lev Bronstein ? 31 minutes ago
              As a retired military veteran who fought communism and studied in great depths to know our enemy, I fully endorse the Daily Stormer website, as well as Prothink dot org, DailySlave dot com, 911missinglinks dot com, and several others. I encourage all real Americans to study to show yourself approved and learn who is behind the destruction of our country. If our Founding Fathers were here they would endorse the same.
              4 ? Reply?Share ?

              You know what I love most about H&R? It has few to no Nazis. It’s really quite nice.

              1. You know who else there’s few or little of now?

              2. There are the Pedant Nazis:)

                1. I did not see this. Damn you, JB.

              3. They do show up here en masse now and then. And then there’s Hihn…

              4. You know what I love most about H&R? It has few to no Nazis

                Excuse me, we have plenty of grammar nazis that think they know the English language pretty good.

                1. pretty good?

                  I think you mean ‘very well’.

                  1. purty guid.

                    and dirt nazis galore

            3. I think this is my favorite. DISGUSTING AND STALK LIKE

              Surplus ? an hour ago
              What a psychological war game this reporter is playing to invade the personal space of somebodies mother, just because that somebody has a viewpoint opposite to his!?

              Disgusting and stalk like behaviour Pohlman! Absolutely disgusting and stalk like.
              4 ? Reply?Share ?

              1. What could surplus have against plants?

              2. Stalk like behavior would be…standing very still? Swaying in the wind?

                I am confused.

              3. apparently someone that’s somehow never heard the word “stalkly”.

      2. Yeah, I’m done:) I did find out that my Worthington Nazi comment meant that I was an anti-speech, anti-constitution, commie though:) so there’s that. LOL:)

        1. They’re gonna find you, sucka. If it’s the last. Thing. They. Ever. Do.

          1. That would be a mistake on their part:) Yeah, quite the derp fest they’re starting there. There were like two comments for two whole days and then this guy shows up and brings all his friends. I have to wonder if the news site will shut them down. It’s not exactly H&R.

    3. People who capitalize racial identifiers are without fail morons. “How come there ain’t no White history month???”

      1. Hey, we got 11 out of 12, what are you bitching about?

    4. Check out what a charming website the little fuck is running. The yellow star is a nice touch.

      1. And the cuckservative thing. This is genuinely fascinating. How does one become this big of a loser?

        1. Popehat noted that “Cuck” thing the other day.

          it seems to be increasingly popular with the very-deeply-retarded, racialist-Right. they seem to think its very witty, or at least an improvement on ‘nigger-lover’

          1. These kinds of morons were calling themselves “neo-monarchists” recently. It’s a marvelously stupid word. I hope they still use it.

            1. Weigel wrote about the cuckservative thing for the Washington Post the other day.

              I stand up for whites, so of course I am not a cuckservative.

              1. The comments are the best thing in the entire Internet.

                I can understand why you might personally be confused and even disgusted at the idea of male homosexuality. I don’t even care to study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because of all of the “rolling” and “mounting” with sweaty men, so I have more in common with you than you think.

              2. Without reading Weigels piece – i am going to assume he’s going to use the opportunity to suggest that everyone on the Right is racist and this is just an example of how ‘non-racism’ is being purged. or something.

                (reads it)

                Ding Ding Ding =

                “If you’re asking how many people might agree with the underlying argument — that the conservative movement has accommodated the cultural left for too long — the answer might be millions. As many as 45 percent of self-identified “conservative Republicans” oppose any legal status for undocumented immigrants “

                Lets get this straight – so a difference of opinion on immigration means you believe that “conservatives are overly accommodating to the Cultural Left?”

                Well, I wonder what proportion of Democrats are similarly “less than amnesty-friendly”?

                Oops! Most of them

                “”A majority of self-identified Democrats oppose President Obama’s expected executive orders to provide administrative relief for illegal immigrants,
                This includes majorities of self-identified Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives… Liberals are alone in supporting Obama as the executive action Lone Ranger.”

                Weigel would never be content admitting that the people saying “Cuckservative” are the equivalent of the Rad-Feminists of the left – an obscure minority of twitter-hate-mongers

              3. “the conservative insult of the month”

                Congratulations! You may already be a racist.

                1. and ,of course, to progs, libertarians and conservatives are all the same. So naturally, libertarians are probably using the term too. If these nazi-wannabes didn’t exist, progressives would have to invent them.

          1. And some people this twit doesn’t like are ‘squirming’ because of his bullshit?
            Sounds like Jack and his racking study.

      2. The comments there are a buffet of wit and insight

        1. I’m surprised they allow beans on there.

        2. I consume only ground beef, coffee, and grain alcohol.

      3. Yeah, the yellow star thing is just sad

      4. “Check out what a charming website the little fuck is running.”
        Particularly nice that they pasted the Nazi eagle on there listing to its left.

  22. I cam where to make a snide comment about Christie protecting the important Italian Weed Grower’s Union, but the general tenor of the comments has made me reconsider.

    Christie would make an awful President. On the national scale he’s a RINO. But for New Jersey, where the state political machine basically owns everything above the level of county representative, he’s a hardcore Libertarian independent. Yes, he’s a bully; only bullies survive in that particular piranha tank. But I have to wonder if his stance on Pot might be colored by knowledge of the characters likely to benefit from loosening the laws.

    I happen to think it should be done ANYWAY, but my nodding acquaintance with the workings of the State of New Jersey leads me to believe that, no matter who is in front, the people behind the legalization effort are probably scumbags.

    1. In my estimation New Jersey is one of the worst states in the Union, and that is saying a lot. If he is gauging his national policies by what works in NJ he would do to BO what BO did to Jimmah Cahter.

      1. I don’t really think he has much of a chance to get elected, though he might (Gods forbid) get Shrillary elected. What worries me is that in trying to run for President he might lose the Governorship of New Jersey, which would be too bad.

        Looking at him from the point of view of “This idiot is turning for President?”, he’s a disaster. looking at him as Governor of New Jersey, he’s great. The first politician in that State who, once in power, is prepared to say to special interest groups, “Yes, your plan would be wonderful. If we could afford it. We can’t. The money to do that simply does not exist.” in one hell of a long time. Probably since WWII, if not since the Civil War.

        Yes, what we want on the national stage is people willing to end some of the more spectacular idiocies, like the War on Drugs. But there are places that have been Liberal Enclaves so long that the best we can hope for is somebody who won’t start a huge boondoggle like the California High Speed Rail idiocy, which the rest if us will have to bail out when it fails. And to that end, I think maybe we need to stop going rabid when somebody like Christie gets elected somewhere like New Jersey and isn’t the second coming of Calvin Coolidge.

    2. My assumption regarding Christie’s comment that legalizing weed was a complicated issue is that it’s complicated because they don’t yet have the market set up for legalized weed. Before you can legalize it, you have to make sure all your friends and relatives and ‘business associates’ have the supply locked up, the grow operations running, the storefronts rented, the licenses and permits lined up, etc. It’s not like you’re just going to legalize pot and then let whoever wants to get into it get involved in the business.

      1. You have to remember that Christie isn’t a Conservative, just conservative for NJ. He believes in THE STATE. He thinks that legalizing pot before there is a comprehensive PLAN in place would result in chaos.

        He’s wrong, but whacha gonna do? Nobody who believes otherwise has a chance of getting elected. At least he isn’t pushing some white elephant, like Moonbeam’s High Speed Rail boondoggle.

  23. I’m sorry if this has been done, but it’s a tribute worth repeating

    1. Someone posted yesterday but yeah, that never gets old:) I haven’t seen that movie in a few years at least.

  24. Christie is an asshole.

    You know who else was an asshole?

    (My Godwinning sucks today)

      1. Hey now, he helped promote tobacco use. Which I think deserves some credit

        1. lol it’s an obscure Beatles reference 🙂

          1. a la

            “now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall”?

    1. Rush Limbaugh, the pain-pills addict who wants to “hang high” the pot smokers.

    2. Andrew Sullivan?

      1. That’s so cute.

        1. Now, it’s not that I’m denying the charge, it’s that I question whether certain people have the *standing* call anyone else assholes.

          1. Or you could assume that it takes one to know one.

            1. A witticism worthy of the Trial of Oscar Wilde –


            2. And you know them all.

    3. Sergeant Barnes?

  25. The WOD fascists will be only too, too entirely pleased to let your daughter die, lest some-one, some-where, should “cop a buzz” that they do not approve of. Such are the priorities of the WOD types…

  26. Christy would make a heck of a dictator.

  27. Chris Christie is incredibly fat.

    1. Yeah, but he’s not a jolly fat man like Santa Claus, Cleveland or Taft, and more of an unpleasant fat guy – Jabba the Jerseyite.

    2. Oh, please. He’s overweight. Increadibly fat is an exaggeration.

  28. This Christie character is one massive gasbag full of phony bluster.

    And you New Jersey characters…are just as bad. Take your awful state and shove it.

  29. Fortunately, that fat fuck’s chances of getting elected are rather less than Harold Stassen at this point.


    1. He can just go wading at the shore and become leader of his own city-state.

  30. Instant disqualification, you fat-ass drug warrior.

  31. The parents are being stupid. Fly to Colorado and get some CBD oil for your kid. It’s legal there so no one cares if you get on a plane with it and no one checks you when you get off the plane. Carry the prescription in case you get stopped driving home and say you got it in NJ. The odds of getting in trouble are tiny and it will save your daughters life.

    1. Or they can just leave New Jersey entirely.

      1. We don’t know their work, family and finance situation so maybe they can’t.

  32. “These are complicated issues”


    “I don’t care about the legislation, but I’m still trying to figure out how a veto would affect my presidential bid.”

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