Ai Weiwei's Upcoming London Exhibition Will Have Everything But the Dissident Artist Himself

The celebrated Chinese artist was denied a business visa by the British government.


United Kingdom immigration officials have denied Ai Weiwei, the world-famous Chinese dissident artist, a "six-month business visa," which would have allowed him to attend the scheduled exhibition of his controversial work at the Royal Academy of Arts. 

As reported by The Guardian:

Ai spent 81 days in secret detention in 2011 after being seized by Chinese security agents during a crackdown on activists who Beijing feared were trying launch a "jasmine revolution".

He was subsequently ordered to pay a $2.4m fine for allegedly unpaid taxes although supporters said the penalty was a politically motivated punishment for the artist's fierce criticism of the Communist party.

Having confiscated Ai's passport in 2011, Chinese authorities finally returned the document last week, allowing him to leave the country for the first time in more than four years. On Thursday he boarded a plane from Beijing to Germany after obtaining a short-term Schengen visa that allows him to enter 26 European countries but not Britain.

Ai Weiwei was also unable to attend his first major showing in the U.S., which Reason TV reported on in 2013. Click above to watch that story, and here's the original writeup:

In October, Washington, D.C.'s Hirshhorn Museum opened Ai Weiwei: According to What?, the first major retrospective of works by the Chinese artist in North America. The show has received glowing reviews from art critics and visitors alike. The artist himself might share that view, if he ever gets the chance to see it.

"We had always hoped that he would be here for the opening," explains Kerry Brougher, chief curator at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. "Unfortunately, as we were in the middle of working with Ai Weiwei on the exhibition, he was arrested in China and incarcerated for 81 days."


Though Weiwei was released in June of 2011, the Chinese government's refusal to return his passport makes it unlikely that he will be allowed to visit his landmark show - the latest move in a series of conflicts between the artist and the state.

Whether chastising the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a "fake smile" to the world, detailing the deadly results of shoddy school construction after the Sichuan earthquake, or meticulously documenting the increasingly aggressive police measures used against him, the encounters between Weiwei and the Communist government seem to be in a constant state of escalation.

Weiwei's reputation has arguably grown larger despite - or because of - the Chinese government's attempts to rein him in. Without the benefit of a passport, Weiwei has increasingly turned to the internet to engage the wider world. He has found a receptive audience waiting for him.  

WeiWei Arrest

As Alison Klayman, director of the the critically acclaimed documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, tells it, "I think, for Weiwei, the one source for optimism does come from new technology and the Internet. [It's] the idea that people can express themselves, be connected, see things outside their own context - both within China and globally."

"There is a blurring of his internet activity and his art." says the Hirshorn's Brougher. "There is no direct dividing line between the sculptures that are in this gallery and what happens when he actually sends things out to the thousands of people that are following him."

Ai Weiwei: According to What? will remain in D.C. until the end of February, at which point the show is scheduled to move to Indianapolis, Toronto, Miami, and eventually New York. There is, as yet, no word whether the artist himself might be as free to travel.

Shot, edited, and produced by Meredith Bragg. Narrated by Nick Gillespie.

About 5:45 minutes.

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  1. You know who else denied travel to dissident foreigners...

    1. Read "In Search of History", Teddy White.
      The US pulled his passport in the '50s, since he'd written about Red China.

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        2) #WildLivesMatter

      1. So true,no jobs,money's worth nothing,no rule of law.Mugabe has ruined that country.I do not see how the U.S. could send that doctor to a country that has no real legal system. It would be a show trail from soviet days.

        1. They'd probably be happy accepting a wheelbarrow worth of cash. US dollars, of course.

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    1. I saw that a few days ago.

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  5. China has a lot of problems.They have a bubble economy built on cheap exports and a real estate bubble.Most people are poor and the government spends as much,it is thought,on internal security as defence. The army is corrupt and the polution,well ,enough said.And their one child policy is leaving them with a shortage of women and young workers and no real property rights .I don't see the power house that many think they will become

    1. I agree. China has massive financial, social, and environmental problems.

      1. Won't stop the government from picking fights with foreigners - "hey, look over there!"

        1. Actually, it makes it more likely that they will pick fights with foreigners.

          See: Argentina and the Malvinas...I mean Faulkland Islands.

          1. I think you mean "Maldives"

            /B. Obama

  6. What is it with the UK and denying visas? Criticize Islam, and you can't visit. Criticize China, and you can't visit. But if you're a preacher of violent radical Islam, hey, you're a poor unfortunate refugee! Bring your whole family and stay in this mansion we'll have the taxpayers provide for you!

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    2. Don't forget the UK denying visas to pick up artists. Because they're major threats to female safety or some shit.

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  7. The wording of this article is a little slippery. According to the link below, the original decision was to restrict his visa to 20 days, not to deny him a visa entirely. And yesterday, the Home Office extended it to the normal 6 months.

    Ai Weiwei granted six-month UK visa by home secretary

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    Bullshit - the decline occurred after the economic collapse. You can't blame issues with 'persistent unemployment' on automation when persistent unemployment only became a problem after a financial crisis. If it were the result of automation, you would have seen unemployment going up over an extended period of time, which didn't occur.

    1. Del Spooner writes for the Federalist?

    2. So what? Businesses aren't going to get rid of robots out of the kindness of their hearts. If I was a young person with no skills, I would start thinking about getting some.

      1. True, but in times past, menial entry-level jobs, now being automated out of existence, were a major avenue for gaining skills. And unlike college, it didn't require a subsidy from the govt or parents.

        1. I personally think the major driving factor behind teenagers not working is the massive increase in occupational licensing. Some 17 year old isn't going to spend 4 months getting the licensing necessary to do a job.

          1. I actually think its mexicans, and regulations creating incentives to use them under the table

          2. Not to mention that a lot of jobs that are really menial now all but require a college degree.

          3. Some 17 year old isn't going to spend 4 months getting the licensing necessary to do a job.

            If they're not going to do it then, when are they going to do it? Are you saying this is a problem particularly for teens?

            1. I thought he was snarking that by the time a 17 year old gets around to finally completing that 4 month certification he/she will be 18 or 19 - thus, no 17 year old would do it .

      2. Businesses aren't going to get rid of robots out of the kindness of their hearts. If I was a young person with no skills, I would start thinking about getting some.

        Some skills or some robots?

        1. Depends on the robots.

    3. So, they repeat an assertion made by some economist with no real evidence.

      I think all economists should be required to wear a robe and a tall pointy hat adorned with suns, moons, and stars. Also, when they make their assertions and predictions they should have a crystal ball in front of them or maybe some tarot cards spread out.

      1. re: the professional term "economist"

        I think people throw it out all the time as though its supposed to make sense *by itself*

        ""Why, he's *an economist*! How can you dispute his claims?!"

        but they fail to appreciate that there's really no such thing as a generic "economist"...rather, people who serve as 'economists' for very specific institutions and their purposes

        you can be sure that the 'Chief Economist' for Goldman Sachs has a very different set of objectives from the 'Chief Economist' for the NLRB

        And economists in academia similarly tend to have narrow areas of core focus, and rarely offer better insights on business-matters than people in industry themselves. Their careers certainly dont *depend* on their being right more often than not, the way they do for economists at banks.

        The way journalists treat 'economists' is like saying, "but he's a Doctor!".... and getting a Podiatrist to offer ideas on treatment for Ebola.

        i.e. They lack the ability to discriminate between people who can offer very sound insights to the subject matter at hand... and just random people who are willing to opine for the sake of getting their quotes in print.

        1. But...but...but... Krugman!

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    What little media coverage there is offers "balance" with a handful of RCP counter-protestors but it still appears to be more African-Americans on the pro-flag side.

    I can't find a single comprehensive news story yet.

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