Sex Work

Sex Workers From Around the World Tell Hollywood to Mind Its Own Business

Hundreds of human-rights orgs, sex workers, and allies kindly ask Lena Dunham et al. to STFU about prostitution.



Sex workers around the world aren't taking lightly to a celebrity campaign against decriminalizing prostitution. Hundreds of sex workers, academics, social workers, and human-rights organizations have signed a letter in support of Amnesty International's position that "consensual sexual conduct between adults … is entitled to protection from state interference."

Amnesty's position has earned the ire of dozens of activist groups, feminist icons like Gloria Steinhem and Eve Ensler, and Hollywood stars including Meryl Streep, Anne Hathway, Carey Mulligan, Lena Dunham, and Phoebe Cates. On July 22, they released a letter calling Amnesty's Draft Policy on Sex Work "deeply disturbing" and equating the decriminalizaiton of prostitution with "gender apartheid." 

In response, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) drafted its own letter to Amnesty. "We are aware that Amnesty International will be pressured to back down from this position, but we urge you to show courage and tenacity and to adopt this policy," it states. "Sex workers worldwide are organizing and advocating, often in very precarious and dangerous contexts, for the decriminalization of sex work. Having Amnesty International take this position would make a significant contribution to promoting sex workers' human rights and protecting them from discrimination and violence." 


The letter was signed by 180 advocacy organizations, including international groups such as the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, La Strada International, and The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission; American nonprofits such as the Sex Workers Outreach Project, the New York Anti-Trafficking Network, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and St James Infirmary; and an array of sex-worker rights and feminist groups from around the world, including the English Collective of Prostitutes, the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance, the Polish Federation of Women and Family Planning, Lady Mermaid's Bureau (Uganda), EMPOWER (Thailand), the Association of Hungarian Sex Workers, the Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters (Taiwan), the Sex Work Association of Jamaica, the Dutch Union of Sex Workers, and India's massive Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee. In addition to these groups, more than 600 individuals signed on to the letter.

Meanwhile, Open Society Foundations—the large, international do-gooder group founded by George Soros—is also urging Amnesty to "hold firm in its support of sex workers," and those who disagree to take another look at the issue. "The first thing that those who disagree with Amnesty's policy can do is listen to sex workers themselves," wrote Sebastian Kohn on the Open Society blog.

From South Africa to the United Kingdom, sex worker organizations … say that criminalizing sex workers or their clients serves only to fuel social stigma and to separate them from society, safety, and services. The global refrain from sex workers is clear: "Rights, not rescue."

[…] People often conflate sex work with trafficking, but sex work is consensual while trafficking isn't. Blurring the distinction between the two is a tactic often used to build opposition, with devastating impact on sex workers' rights.

On social media, too, sex workers and their allies have been speaking out: 







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  1. If you ‘re going to get paid for sex, it better be from working for a Major Motion Picture Studio.

    1. or via lobster dinners and jewelry!

      1. ^This. So much this.

        1. I think it was Gallagher that said women hate prostitutes because they look at them the same way as a union worker looks at a scab crossing the picket line.

          1. And THEN he smashed a watermelon on them! THIS GUY!

          2. Doug Stanhope has minutes of material on the subject.

            1. His bit during the financial crisis about prostitutes was incredible.

      2. What’s the difference between sex for money and sex for free? Sex for free costs more.

    2. I should show my support by ordering a Backpage whore tonight.

    3. Why does “Pot meet Kettle, Kettle meet Pot.” keep running through my head?

  2. …International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)…

    So it’s an organization that stands to *gag* profit from having more legalized sex workers who can join it. We can now safely ignore anything they have to say on this issue as being motivated entirely by profit, and therefore, evil.


    1. I do hope you are being sarcastic. Because anyone who knows sex workers, knows that most of us do not pay to join anything. And most of our non profit organizations don’t profit from providing sex workers with information or fighting for our rights. I know- I run ISWFACE- (International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education) and we don’t get paid by anyone- in fact, I put in my own money for years as the Executive Director of COYOTE LA, which pretty much bankrupted me.

      We create these organizations because this is an issue about which we are passionate. For me, it isn’t just about prostitution, but about my right to control my body – PERIOD. And so I’ve been an activist for 33 years, since I left my hideous job working for the LAPD. I’ve long since retired from sex work but being an activist to change the laws is something I can’t stop doing.

      1. Welcome to the libertarian fold!

        And yes, JJ (Gojira) was being sarcastic: he was imitating the actresses who are the subject of the article.

      2. He is. “/celebs” is an old html joke, implying that everything said before it was meant to be in the voice of a silly famous person trope. Gojira is mocking people who would say the sort of thing he typed.

  3. Also this must be some kind of astro-turf campaign, since we all know that actual sex workers slaves don’t have access to computers or the internet. There is no wifi in the back of the rape trucks where they are stored in between rape sessions, and all their spare time is spent being raped.

    Fact: Charles Koch has a class-A CDL in order to drive a rape truck.

    1. And Elizabeth Nolan Brown might have one, too. I’m still investigating. Never trust someone who uses all three of their names. It indicates that they’re up to something. Like Ho Chi Minh.

      1. Or every assassin ever.

        1. I am disappointed to find out via wikipedia that Sirhan Sirhan’s middle name was not also Sirhan.

          1. don’t hold us in suspense.. what was it?!

            1. Bishara. What a let down.

              1. Bishara is Arabic for “Sirhan.”

                1. Close, Old Man, close. I speak Arabic fluently. Sirhan is in fact Arabic for Bishara, which is a Turkish name that means Sirhan.

                  Sirhan means ‘masturbator’, by the way. From which we get the English ‘sure hand’.

                2. So much win.

      2. I heard she wanted to assassinate John Lennon, but unfortunately Mark David Chapman beat her to it.

      3. It’s sexy when she does it.

      4. What about, what about people what got recursive names, so’s that one or more of all three names includes multiple names, like folks wi crasy caffy names wi each forename being the full name of some saint? For example, “James Intercisus William Firmatus Rickmers”, where his first name is “James Intercisus” and his second name “William Firmatus”: three names yet five in neobabylonian numerology.

      5. Hillary Rodham Clinton!

        Hmmm, you’re onto something here.

    2. Warty’s rape van not only has wifi, but also a minifridge full of Coke Zero.

      1. Is it weird that I find Coke Zero to be the least palatable part of that sentence?


          1. Actually I like Coke Zero much, much more than I do Diet Coke.

            1. No one cares what swill you prefer to suck down, JJ. Just like your mom.

            2. Monster.

            3. Diet Dr. Pepper is the only way to go- especially as a Texan.. you should be ashamed.

              Plus you can order a DP outside of a porn shoot and no one looks at you like you’re a freak.

              1. I don’t like any Dr. Pepper. Remember, I moved here. My drink is the blood-replacement of choice of all true Hillfolk (Warty and SF can back me up on this): Mt. Dew.

                1. Yes. Mt. Dew. It is Hillbilly in sickly sweet liquid form.

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                2. Mt. Dew: Nectar of the Tards

                  1. Laughed at this more than I should have.

                  2. And made from chilled dog piss since 1909.

                3. Dr. Pepper Cherry is fantastic, like banging a 12 year old virgin prostitute.


                4. The best pop of all is Jarritos, especially the Tutti-Frutti.

                  Real sugar, extra fizzy, in a glass bottle.

                5. As another transplant Texan, I’m not a huge Dr. Pepper guy, either. It kills my wife’s family (some of whom work for DP). I prefer Coke Zero.

              2. I used to love Dr. Pepper and at some point my tastes changed just enough that I find it too syrupy. Diet Dr. Pepper is pretty perfect though. It tastes so similar to regular and is just a little lighter.

                *pockets big soda shill money*

                1. I’m trying to imagine how all of you could be more disgusting, and I’m not coming up with anything.

                  1. RC Cola? Sams Choice? Dr. Thunder?

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                2. True story, we were having dinner a few years ago with some folks and I ordered a Mt. Dew. It came to my table and clearly the syrup was about out on their fountain, because it was only a faint, sickly green, instead of the vibrant, Fukushima green that it should be.

                  As soon as the waitress set it down, I asked her to go back and get a new one with changed syrup.

                  One of the other guys at the table asked me how I could tell. I told him, “You’re supposed to be able to tell just by looking at it that this is probably something you should not put in your body. It’s like the bright colors on poisonous South American frogs.”

                  1. Congratulations, JJ, you accepted my challenge and delivered.

                    1. I aims to please. Your mom. *BOOM*, how do you like it when I flip the fuckin’ script!

                    2. “That was–and I don’t say this lightly–worse than a hundred September 11ths.”

                    3. I drink the occasional Diet Mt. Dew at work and everyone complains about it like I am fisting a puppy.

                    4. A boy puppy or a girl puppy?

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                    6. Go on.

                  2. Since you made her make a new batch of Mountain Dew, there’s no doubt that she spat in your replacement drink.

                3. My first exposure to Dr. Pepper was in desperation while visiting RAF Mildenhall in the 70’s when they still had air shows. Out of Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Fanta and everything else.

                  One gulp. Vomitworthy. Like drinking calomine lotion. It’s one of the few reasons I doubt I could live in TX.

                  Thanks for letting me share.

                  1. Are you sure it wasn’t Mr. Pibb?

              3. What’s wrong with a good DP?

            4. I had to move to diet coke from coke a few years back, and discoverd that by cutting it about 50% with setzer, i got most of the taste I liked and almost no aftertaste.

        2. I didn’t mention the Tomorrowland airbrush art on the side, for obvious reasons.

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    3. And David H Koch drives a rape truck *without* a class-A CDL.

      1. THAT MONSTER!!!

      2. Isn’t that how they busted al capone?

    4. Hopefully another sarcastic comment… since sex workers are very much computer literate and post online all the time. is a very good site to find some of our writing… we can actually put two sentences together all by ourselves.

      It is the actors and actresses you are thinking of who are always stoned… and then in rehab… which is why there is a market for the reality show “Celebrity Rehab…”

      1. Norma, one thing about us Reasonoids is that we are sarcastic almost all the time and constantly engage in satire. It’s the only way to keep sane when the whole world hates what we believe.

        1. This. So much this. To take all the crap and nonsense that people say seriously all the time? ARRRRGGGHHH!!

      2. Don’t knock Dr. Drew. He is a Libertarian superstar, goddamn it.

  4. Someone got told.

  5. How does the casting couch figure into this? Are hollywood moguls going to offer less favorable deals to actress wannabes if prostitution is legal and reasonably priced?


  6. Look, if sex work is legalized and destigmatized, people may start to see intimate relationships like sex as merely transactional, rather than the beautiful expression of love between two people who have duly notarized their consent documents and filed their marriage licenses.


      1. Hey, you can’t set up a market for people until they are commoditized.

        Geez, I bet you even name your orphans.

    2. And now I see Hugh speaking in the voice of the bishop from The Princess Bride.

      1. man and WIFE… SAY MAN AND WIFE!

      2. I’ve never seen that movie, so I’m not sure how to take that. Should I be flattered? Insulted? Aroused?

        1. Inconceivable!

          1. you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    3. Funny how divorce will reveal to you how transactional marriage is.

      1. YUP!!!!

      2. Divorce is more like rape-theft than consensual transaction.

    4. Better yet will be the day that folks come to recognise that, as Kate Wilhelm put it, love is just a habit.

  7. I think the last tweet sums up this situation(and plenty of others) pretty succinctly. People in our society for some reason give a lot of weight to the opinions of people who have demonstrated no discernible talent or ability beyond their skills at playing make believe. I still have no clue why.

    1. The same reason Jeb, Hilary, and Trump are at the top of various respective polls.

      Name recognition. That’s literally it.

    2. Think about this- half of the population has an IQ of 100 or lower… right? (Probably not… but you know what I mean.)

      1. i think the actual quote is “think about how dumb the average person is and realize half of them are dumber than that”

        1. I was going bell curve numbers, not Carlin quotes. but, same result.

        2. Exactly half are dumber than the median (not necessarily the average)


          1. What a mean comment.

        3. I’m constantly vexed by the stupidity of 99.999% of the population. Relatively speaking.

          1. I’m constantly perturbed by the stupidity of 99.999999986% of the population. But especially those who like to use the word vexed.

            1. I find your statement vexing.

            2. And I was also being extremely modest. By four more decimal places than you.

    3. Unfortunately the advent of television and movies seems to have resulted in the elevation of actors above their traditional status as degenerate travelling hooligans.

    4. Well, they also have a talent for making lots and lots of money.

      1. Which they feel guilty about. There are a few actors who understand that people pay to see them and therefore they’re worth whatever the market will bear but I think a lot of them just assume that everybody else lucked into their positions just as they did and therefore nobody really deserves whatever they’ve got. Sorry, asshole, just because you don’t understand why you’re worth millions of dollars doesn’t mean that you’re not.

        1. I don’t think anyone WANTS to see Lena Dunham. That bitch did luck out through connections and getting a show on a network that generates revenue based on subscribers. Not individual ratings by program? If that dumb cunt had to generate ratings, I’m sure her show would be long over. Her sole value is as an ‘it girl’ of the progs in NYC.

          I honestly hope some illegal progtard robs and beats her to death. Can you imagine the difficulty the lefties would have covering that one? Hilarity would ensue.

  8. On July 22, they released a letter calling Amnesty’s Draft Policy on Sex Work “deeply disturbing” and equating the decriminalization of prostitution with “gender apartheid.”

    Gender apartheid? What…

    1. It’s… Lena Dunham, so just… yeah.

      1. She is truly awful, isn’t she?

        1. Like Nikki’s fat little sister.

    2. At least they didn’t equate it with the Holocaust, so they got that goin’ for them.

      1. It’s metaphorical poo-flinging.

        “Let’s throw words out there and see what sticks!”

      2. “How can I put this? Imagine if the Holocaust happened every four years like the Olympics. I would rather that happened than your rock opera.”

    3. So stupid.

      1) It means more women will sell themselves and not be relying on pimps who take their money and possibly abuse them. They can just hire protection like strippers who work bachelor parties at homes. Boom, a new job is created. Who wouldn’t want to stand outside of motel rooms and hear a hooker fake an orgasm for a living?

      2) Like with Amsterdam, I am sure frequent STD testing to qualify for a license will be part of the decriminalization.

      3) Since they don’t have to hide anymore, they will be much safer from Grim Sleeper and Joel Rifkin types.

      So the only people who should be protesting this are pimps and men who want to strangle a prostitute in a back alley.

    4. Gender apartheid. It’s when people are divided into two sexes, as opposed to their pr?ternatural, and likely spherical, ambisexual forms.

      1. Is that a Symposium reference? Yay Plato.

    5. Gender apartheid.

      So, they just gonna ignore the gigolos? Very sexist of them.

  9. Who doesn’t want to tell Lena Dunham to STFU?

    1. Seriously. Form a damn line.

      1. She’s really much better at making fun of herself and her social circle.

        1. Seriously, no one would do her? for the story?

          1. Not my bag, baby.

          2. Have you seen how big she’s gotten? I mean, she parlays it into the show for effect, but…

            1. You’ve watched that shit? Ugh……….

          3. You’d never be able to get rid of her. She’d cling to you like a glob of monkey shit.

            1. You have experience handling monkey shit?

          4. No,but I’d do Anne Hathaway

            1. what if you could, but you had to throw in Dunham too, to seal the deal.

              1. Could you throw a sheet over her?

              2. that’s what alcohol was invented for

              3. Dunham for Hathaway? I’d do it if neither talked.

            2. I used to think that way. Then I was tortured by Les Miserable. I’ll never be the same again.

              If I ever agree to see that abomination again, you all have total permission to put me down. With prejudice.

              1. But there is a way to keep her for singing,if you know what I mean.

              2. From the casting you should have known better.I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera twice in theater,but,passed on the movie.

              3. Just imagine Hathaway in her Catwoman costume. With an unzip able crotch flap for access. I have.

            3. I used to think I would, but as I’ve aged avoiding narcissistic nagging has become increasingly important to me. If she were a hooker, so she would just leave afterwards, maybe.

          5. I’ve stuck it in crazy, but not ugly and crazy.

            1. Maybe the Diceman would, if he went ‘hogging’.

          6. Have you ever heard any man say” I could do Hillary Clinton if she was a good bit younger and a hundred pounds heavier.” Because that’s basically what you’re talking about.

            1. luckily this is my last day at this job- so laughing out loud isn’t going to earn me a reputation.

            2. That’s funny….

            3. Young Hillary Clinton was pretty cute and nice-looking, in a nerdy way. Sometimes the problem is the bod, but usually the problem is the attitude that goes with the bod.

                1. That . . . picture. Its like she’s reaching for your head to suck your soul out of your eyeballs or something.

                  And you’d be grateful for the sweet, sweet release of undeath.

            4. Now you have me imagining a Hillary/Dunham threesome. I can’t u imagine that.

              God damn you!

            5. I think that comes under “don’t stick your dick in vicious, mendacious, and power-hungry”.


              1. Not without giving a fake name, anyway.

          7. To be clear- it’s not the physical that would be impossible to overcome… Its her personality and intelligence…

            1. So theoretically, if Lena Dunham was actually just some down-to-earth person running a massive satire on the vapid and angsty idiocy of the Millenial generation (as I thought Girls was for several episodes)? I probably still wouldn’t, but I’d definitely respect her troll skills.

              1. That level of trolling would be very attractive… but I’m more elevated than most of you Neanderthals who are obsessed with the physical above all else.

                1. I assume a more down-to-earth Lena Dunham would still be an uncouth, backwards American unfit for my Canadian eugenics program.

                  And I’ll have you know its a hate crime to use the term ‘neanderthals’.

                2. Neanderthals were not as bloodthirsty as those damn homo sapien sapiens.

              2. I think she thought it was satire in a Portlandia kind of way (although obviously not a fraction as good), but then she got told what a genius she was and thinks she’s the voice of all millennials.

    2. Her sister? (too soon maybe…no it’s not)

  10. More twitter snark from Pornstars, please

    It should be a regular column. Like a weekly roundup of “sick pornstar-burns”

    1. Not related to this, but there was a porn star Reddit AMA that got snarky a few days ago when the woman got sick of the idiots heartbroken she revealed almost no woman is having a real orgasm on camera.

      1. Some of them do. But usually not. Depends on the chick. I remember Slenea Steele saying in an interview that she didn’t fuck offscreen when she was in a period of shooting scenes so her work would be more authentic and energetic. Maybe it was bullshit, but I have to say she fucked like panther in heat on screen.

      2. “she revealed almost no woman is having a real orgasm”


  11. So, Hollywood actresses, you believe in and even promote care-free sex. Fine by me; to each his (or her) own.

    But, should the lady want to make a living out of it, suddenly it’s not only bad, but also deserving of fines and imprisonment?

    I’m failing to follow the moral logic here.

    1. They’re commies. There’s nothing worse to a commie than making an honest buck without the government sticking its dick in.

      1. You shouldn’t be getting paid to play pretend, it should be illegal. You wanna act, then do it for free.

  12. SHAME! I like Doug Stanhope’s take on it, Women can never be equal due to the shame associated with female sex.

    There always has to be an excuse for promiscuity. Absent dad, abuse, wrong peers, wrong side of tracks…. it can’t be that she just loves the purple meat hammer!

    Godammit if I could fuck for money… Handsome Companion seemed like a gig I could get, but ‘Always Sunny’ disabused me of that notion.

    1. or Urban Cowboy. that more accurately describes my attempt at the male escort trade…

    2. Dennis: I will be providing a very important service, however, as what I would like to be called … a handsome companion.

      Mac: To dudes?

      Charlie: To guys or…

      Dennis: No, not to dudes. To?no, hang on. Hold on. Hang on. To old fancy rich ladies who want to do classy, exotic, fancy things with me.

      Mac: Great, Dennis, you keep banging dudes.

      1. its the implication….

    3. Purple meat hammer? Only one of those words could accurately describe my penis.

      1. more like a crowbar, huh?

        1. Well, if you really must know, it’s more like a slightly bent carbon rod. Or a mushroom, maybe, but I couldn’t see a hammer that shape being useful for, you know, hammering anything. Jackhammer tip, maybe?

    4. i dunno yo. there’s that whitewashing scene in tom sawyer making the point you cant enjoy work (my friend’s dad is a professional guitarist and he says you know you’re a pro when it’s not fun anymore). maybe sex is like too primal for that to happen to, but that would suck.

    5. You just got to get yourself ready for the hot beef injection.

    6. Girls with daddy issues have been, and might a,ways be, the cornerstone of my sex life.

  13. I like Stoya. That is all.

    1. We all know you drink Faygo.

      1. It’s true. Check out my awesome new hair, bro.

        1. Is that you in the red sweatshirt?

          1. Of course, you idiot. Didn’t the bariatric surgery make me look good?

            1. It’s good to see the coke zero is working.

              1. Now I kind of want to have a Juggalo funeral, even though I have nothing to do with that subculture, for no other reason than to throw people off.

                1. And have a coffin way too small for your body.

    2. “Highly skilled at avoiding pants.”

      Agreed, Warty.

    3. Dude, Rebeca Linares or GTFO.

      (pre-boob job, obviously)

      1. Dana Dearmond

        1. Call me a fickle devotee of the flavor of the month if you must, but, Carter Cruise and Mia Malkova.

          1. Dakota Sky and Marina Viscomti are both pretty awesome. Also, August Ames.

            1. Valentina Nappi


    4. I like her body. I frequently wish she would shut her damned mouth on “feminist” issues.

      This is not one of those times.

    5. I’ve read a few things Stoya has written. She is relatively articulate and seems to have a good head on her shoulder.

      Makes her way more attractive.

  14. I’m just surprised that so many Hollywood actresses would publicly admit to being economic homophobes.

    1. They are terribly worked up that they might have to stop looking down on whores. I mean, who else can they look down on?

  15. It’ll be interesting to see the compromise these factions arrive at.

    1. I suspect the compromise will be:

      (1) Clients should be caged and put to hard labor, AND

      (2) Prostitutes should be caged and treated for their BadThink false consciousness.

  16. “People often conflate sex work with trafficking”

    That’s exactly the issue. Peope are being sold that by law enforcement who wants more money and internet spy tools and the media who wants to sensationalize everything.

    1. And here you go…..=obnetwork

    2. Exactly. If you can’t separate the consensual from the nonconsensual, you have a serious perception problem.

    3. Indeed, overlooking entirely the fact that trafficking is what you get in a black market created by prohibition.

      Want to stop trafficking? Legalize prostitution.

      1. It works in Nevada.

  17. “Meanwhile, Open Society Foundations?the large, international do-gooder group founded by George Soros?is also urging Amnesty to “hold firm in its support of sex workers,” and those who disagree to take another look at the issue. “The first thing that those who disagree with Amnesty’s policy can do is listen to sex workers themselves,””

    This is the first thing I’ve read about Soros or his organizations that didn’t make me want to kick him briskly in the crotch.

    1. He presumably must own brothels..

  18. From before the birth of their nation, and up until a decade or two before a half a century ago, Americans placed the worth of actors far, far below that of whores. In fact they were considered by many to be the very lowest form of being on the planet. Too bad people are generally so stupid these days that they’ve forgotten how “celebrities” throughout the ages have always served only themselves and most vile of the ruling class masters. Too bad people are generally so stupid these days that they’ve forgotten how “celebrities” throughout the ages, in exchange for royal treatment and coin, have always helped their masters torture, murder, subjugate and enslave the rest of us.

    1. Celebrities are testing and proving grounds for morals and shared values. In that they function as the extension of fiction. It’s not royalty who pays them, though some may get royalties. Customers do. Of course the process goes in two directions, with actors/celebrities influencing customers; they are indeed a kind of elite.

    2. Makes me think of a scene from ‘My Favorite Year’…………….

      At about 3:35.

  19. If your fucking muscles can trip in the Olympics
    if your fucking arms and legs can be broken under the moon and stars of insurance
    if your broken heads streaming tears under a football thrown wrong
    if your team on the ice failed liked shitty whores under stats that…

    stats objectify every single male and female in American sports and Canadian sports.

    Every single man and woman has……………….’numbers’
    associated with their performance………………………………..

    go to war with little pucks and footballs and live entire lives ‘objectified’ by numbers….at the order of billions of dollars on the back of hundreds of okayed females and males….

    but don’t get woke up in any free society as a gay or female prostitute ever in any ‘free’ country…

    get your face smashed or leg broken with that Ohio Insurance company happy to to give your shit money- but get fucked for pleasure?

    go to prison.

    Break a leg on UFC camera. win a trophy.
    Give a tired female executive a female orgasm with prostitute tongue on her lips….JAIL.

  20. Laws against prostitution are antiquated nonsense from a period in history when women weren’t permitted to show their ankles in public. Prostitution is not sex slavery. For the vast majority of women in the business, it is a choice. And for many it is a rather lucrative vocation. With the exception of a little money changing hands, a night with a prostitute is hardly different than a one night stand with someone from a “hook up” site. Time to grow up, folks.

  21. Romance novel feminists (esp. Hathaway; Mulligan). It seems their personal ambiguity, inconsistency, and susceptibility causes them to regulate others.

    1. They’re also not that bright.

      1. Looks to me like a variant of rational ignorance, dealing with cognitive dissonance. Simply, several preferences and beliefs don’t align here; and instead of trying to solve the conflict (which entails abandoning some things, thus real loss) one ignores. Thus one avoids not only information costs but displeasure more broadly. It’s an attempt to have it all, characterized by essential opportunism. It’s selective awareness, switching, moving back and forth as time progresses. Lack of intelligence is not the root here. Nor is it – selfishly – a bad way. It allows one to be a bad girl and a good girl. This is lack of (intertemporal) personal unity, inner conflict, conflicting aspects of “the self”. Not only is it common – even though kind, degree, and extent vary -, it can be sexy and alluring.

  22. Gloria Steinhem

    Did she acquire the ‘h’ with her marriage?

  23. Meanwhile, Open Society Foundations?the large, international do-gooder group founded by George Soros?is also urging Amnesty to “hold firm in its support of sex workers,” and those who disagree to take another look at the issue.

    Yes, Soros wants those who disagree to “take another look”: … as long as it takes.

    After all, he and his minions have reached the correct conclusions, and everybody else just hasn’t thought about it enough.

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  25. Best thread ever.
    *heartfelt applause*
    Where else cold I possibly read a sex worker make a heartfelt plea for her cause, and then watch her get welcomed to what actually goes on in these comments?
    Ladies and germs, you’ve done yourselves proud.
    The soda talk alone is a piece of Americana. It’s unfortunate that shit is killing our country with a scourge of type 2 diabetes, but your descriptions being a tear to my (formerly cola-addicted) eye.
    For the record, I was a diehard regular Coke kid, thought New Coke was fucking heresy punishable by a year on the rack, and developed a taste for Mr. Pibb for a while. (Maybe that’s because I was born in Texas).

    1. Texas banned the secret ingredient in Dr Pepper in 1905.

      1. This should warm the heart of DP enthusiasts…wait – never mind.…..e-1.408223

  26. Dear workers, the Hollywood parasites are not against you specifically. Their bought minds recoil against any kind of voluntary exchange much like the Junior Anti-Sex League in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Untroubled by rules of inference, these Inner Party members evade the knowledge that they prefer rape to consensual sex and taxation and looting to voluntary exchange of values. So of course they attack anyone who sticks up for your right as individuals to not be coerced by altruistic bigots. You should be proud that these whores have stepped up to denounce you as ordered. It only exposes their own character and value structure, and you clearly benefit from the contrast. I only hope the Libertarian Party can count on your votes to help change the laws.

  27. I meant, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the original title of which was The Last Man in Europe.

  28. I prefer Salt and Pepper’s philosophy “If you want to be a freak and sell it on the weekend, it’s OK it’s none of my business.”

  29. “Lena Dunham’s crusade against Amnesty International’s push to decriminalize sex work is the epitome of white privilege elitist feminism. What’s more perverse than a rich and famous actress claiming to be a feminist while simultaneously trying to convince the world of what women should or shouldn’t be able to do with their own bodies?”…..ady-parts/

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