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Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore Becomes the 17th Candidate to Run for the GOP Presidential Nomination

He wants to DO something for America.


Gage Skidmore / flickr

Jim Gilmore, who served as the governor of Virginia from 1998 to 2002 (now you don't have to Google it), just became the 17th candidate to announce a run for the Republican party's 2016 presidential nomination. 

In this crowded field, you might wonder, what does Gilmore believe he can bring to the race that no one else can?

A piece by Gilmore posted at Breitbart, titled "Why I'm Running for President," attempts to provide some insight into his unique approach to solving America's problems:

I am a candidate for president because our current Washington leadership is guiding America on a path to decline, and I can reverse that decline.

That current leadership is damaging our economic and national security to such a degree, that for this first time in American history, most Americans believe their children will not be better off than they are.

I have a vision for a different America, one that will return America to the policies of a dynamic, entrepreneurial free-market economy and a policy of peace-through-strength for our national security.

I have been looking for someone to enter the race committed to my belief that America's economic and national security is increasingly at risk, but I have not seen a response from anyone that makes me certain about their knowledge or solutions to the threats facing our nation.

I do not seek the presidency because I want to be something. I seek it because I want to DO something — for America.

Something…like spend a lot more money on the military: 

I believe we must take immediate action to strengthen our national defense, restore and rebuild our armed forces.

While Russia and China have dramatically increased spending for their armed forces, the United States military has had more than $1 trillion in budget cuts that have decimated our national defense. President Obama has slashed the size of our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to dangerous levels.

Something…like reject the nuclear deal the Obama administration hammered out with Iran: 

Now Obama has made a deal with Iran that fails to stop their support of terrorism throughout the Middle East and the world, insures them billions of dollars and modern weapons and fails to block their nuclear program.

For the security of our nation and the world this agreement must be rejected. I will do so if I become president.

Something…like not being so dang apologetic about everything all the time:

We learned this lesson in the 20th century. The world will not be free and successful if America is weak and apologetic.

Something…like champion a tax cut that name-checks Presidents Reagan and Kennedy, and is so utterly focused on economic growth that it capitalizes the word:

Our program is a modernized version of the policies that worked for Presidents Kennedy and Reagan when they sought to restore Growth to sluggish economies.

A tax cut for ALL Americans, three simple tax brackets, a 15 percent corporate tax rate for all business activity that will make us competitive with our foreign countries and an elimination of the Death Tax.

These are the somethings Jim Gilmore would do DO as president. Only he can do them. 

Reason will continue its coverage of Jim Gilmore's presidential campaign when he drops out. 

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  1. Which republicans are running on a cut-the-military, apologize to everyone, support the Iran deal, and raise taxes platform?

    I’m not sure this guy stands out as much as he thinks he does.

  2. His candidacy will be characterized by campaign workers struggling to remember his name.

    1. I’ve already forgotten it.

      1. I never learned it. Far too many “me too” folk this year…

  3. Gilmore was a dud when he was governor of Virginia. John Kasich is excitement personified by comparison.

    1. I’m not much of a political junkie but even I would think that I might have heard of this guy before. I haven’t.

  4. Running for the Republican nomination seems to be the latest craze. Rand Paul is probably annoyed that these posers are invading his scene.

    1. Rand Paul is Hillary Clinton?

    2. Now every middle-aged hipster duffus will be getting in on it.
      “Oooh, I was running for the Republican nomination before it was cool.”

      I blame Trump!
      No one even knew there was a GOP nomination race before he started jackin’ it.

      1. Maybe Trump is running for the GOP nomination ironically

        1. Watch, they’ll nominate me. I have about as much name recognition as… who was this article about again?

  5. the nuclear deal the Obama administration hammered out with Iran

    Giving in on every major point is now called “hammering out a deal”?

    1. Well, somebody got hammered.

      1. Agile Cyborg approves

  6. For those who thought John Kasich had too much name recognition.

  7. 17th? At what point do you become Mr. Irrelevant, like the last guy picked in the NFL draft?

    1. You Know Else wanted arbitrary cut-off points in regards to the number of candidates running for office?

      1. The UAW?

  8. No relation

    Will buy GILMORE 2016 T-shirt, however, and so should you

    1. In this crowded field, you might wonder, what does Gilmore believe he can bring to the race that no one else can?
      Does the answer start with a ‘W’ and end with an ‘oodchipper’?

    2. Seeing as you will be the only person in the country buying said shirt, there’s a good chance he’ll send you a hand-written thank you note.

      1. Actually i’m hoping it doesn’t include the year just so I can wear “GILMORE FOR PRESIDENT” every day for the rest of time

        1. Having read many of your posts, I can write with confidence that you will find a way to remove the year* and thereby make that shirt “all yours” in perpetuity.

          Unfortunately for you, I already expressed my support for Almanian’s candidacy, so you’ll have to try to “earn” my vote away from him.

          If you are successful in this, I hope that Almanian’s more avid supporters won’t claim he would have surely won the election had you not siphoned off Almanian-leaning voters.

          *This statement is not to imply that GILMORE is capable of truncating/collapsing/folding increments of time for his own personal advantage.

          1. Almanian claims “he won’t make America any worse”…

            But we’ve heard rhetoric like that Before

            (insert montage of Nazi death camps, Rwanda corpses floating downriver, children burned by napalm in vietnam, forestfires, earthquake victims)

            VOTE GILMORE =

            1. It appears that my confidence was well founded, as you don’t seem to need a PR staff and will run a cost-effective campaign which will impress conservatives and minimal government/grass root voters.

              (Although…. It’s just a suggestion, you understand… you might want to consider rephrasing that last sentence – some might read it as implying that Alamanian has a sexually transmitted disease.)

              1. There are voices suggesting Almanian contracted AIDS through homosexual activity…

                …and others who have suggested it was through intercourse with a rancid baboon while on one of his regular “Laugh at Poor People”-excursions in Africa…

                …and still more that have asserted it is related to his daily use of illegal intravenous drugs…

                We condemn this baseless speculation as to the cause of his affliction.

                We simply suggest that Almanian avoid constantly spitting on American voters.

                Vote GILMORE = We’re Not Trying To Give You AIDS Like Almanian

                1. “Voices” may seem too obscure with Generation X and the millennials, and the pollsters and the pundits unless you can somehow get a majority of them to accept it as a new catchphrase (C.F., “Optics”).

                  However, there is news for which you might want to be proactive:

                  “I am now officially announcing:

                  Spartacus for President 2016!
                  Because everyone else sucks worse.”

                  I am off to work. Have fun.

                2. I’m voting for Epi. HIs Mom has promised to ‘make it worth while’ for anyone voting for him. You have to take a selfie of the ballot though.

                  She’s hoping for 1000 votes.

    3. That would go well with my Athens Olympics 1996 t-shirt…

  9. He’s running on a platform of judging Matt Welch’s outfits.

    1. This country deserves better collar/lapel variety

      1. We don’t need more than one type of collar/lapel /Bernie

        1. We don’t need to waste money on collars and lapels when children are starving.

  10. His first act as President should be a big game hunt.

    1. +1 Count Zaroff

    2. Will he be hunting the most dangerous game of all?

  11. OT: Comment of the day:

    ARECBARDWIN 1 hours ago
    Statist vegan gets meat examined.
    Too funny.

    1. The TSA was created by Bush, so the progs should want it eliminated, right, right?

    2. the singer detailed an incident where he was approached by an airport security officer who “crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles.”

      I am simultaneously trying to suppress a shudder, a guffaw, and the urge to come up with a snarky lyric.

      1. Reel around the johnson?

        1. Goddam typo R instead of F

          1. Don’t apologize… musically, “Reel” actually works better.

    3. I thought he liked that sort of thing.

      1. I figured he was neutered.

    4. Did he shout “What’s the frequency Kenneth?” as he groped Morrissey? Because that’s what I’d do.

  12. Do-something-ism is a plague upon the land.
    Elect me, and I will not only diligently strive to neglect every duty and obligation of my office, I will padlock the doors of every federal building in America.

    1. Do-something-ism is a plague upon the land.

      Yes yes it is. I fear that too much of the resentment of the politicians is predicated on the notion that their partisan bickering is preventing them from Getting Things Done. Perhaps a strongman who will Get Things Done is the solution?

  13. Running for president is just on some people’s bucket lists.

    1. Yes like Hillary’s and Sander’s.

      1. Why do you hate Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley & Jim Webb?

    2. Well, it *is* less dangerous than trying to climb Everest….

      1. +2 Gary Johnson

        1. Nice.

  14. There is this great scene in the movie Major League where the evil trophy wife has taken over the team and is trying to ensure the team loses so she can move it to Miami. She hands out the spring training roster to her staff and one guy looks at the list and says “two of these guys are dead.”

    The current GOP field reminds me of that scene. Who is this guy and why on earth is he running for President?

    1. Karl Rove: How am I supposed to take care of my GOP candidates with no hot water and no therapy equipment?

      Hillary Clinton: Your candidates have to get a little tougher. What are they a bunch of pansies?

    2. Guy in Bar: Ricky Vaughn? Willie Hays? I haven’t heard most of them. Mitchell Freidman?
      Construction Worker: Who are these fuckin’ guys?
      Groundskeeper #1: [In Japanese] They’re shitty.

    3. Is Jobu merely an avatar of Aqua Buddha?

      1. And Rand is the talented guy who can only hit fast balls. And Jeb is Corban Bernson, the overpaid, lazy entitled has been third baseman. Donald Trump is Ricky Vaughn. Ben Carson is Willie Mays Hays. Carly Fionina is Rene Russo and Scott Walker the Tom Berrenger Character.

        This analogy works way better than it should.

        1. “Naaah… It’s too high”

        2. Hillary is the washed up pitcher covered in Vagisil.

          1. No. That is Rick Perry. Hillary is the evil guy with the mustache who hits for the Yankees.

            1. I think I can still say with confidence that she is covered in Vagisil.

              1. Yes. How craven must Huma Abedin be? I can’t imagine wanting anything badly enough that would make sleeping with Hillary worth it.

                1. The conspiracy theory is that she’s a Muslim Brotherhood operative, like a number of her close relatives. So she’s doing it all for Islam.

  15. nice to see you not bending over backwards to give this guy the benefit of the doubt Suderman.

    1. Jesus, this is like seeing a dodo or a sabre tooth tiger. Lonewacko? Really?

      1. IMPOSTER! The real LoneWacko is dead. I know it is.

        1. Well duh, he didn’t even ask any tough questions.

          1. Or film them.

            1. I’ll cut and paste your replies to Youtube.

            2. All of you just shut the fuck up.

      2. I doubt it. Not enough Mexi-paranoia.

        1. -1 letter k

    2. Shut the fuc up, LoneWaco.

      1. noyce

      2. I am veklempt.

  16. I’m voting for this guy because it takes hubris to think you can join a field of 16 with the same platform and get any traction. That’s the kind of hubris we need in a president.

    1. I dunno, the indistinguishable platform of all Democratic candidates not named Jim Webb runs counter to your theory….

      1. They aren’t all the same. Lincoln Chafee has boldly come out in favor of the metric system (which I actually agree with).

        1. I learned recently that America’s first attempt to switch to the metric system was during the Monroe Administration. Armed with that bit of information, I can feel confident in saying that America will NEVER switch to the metric system.

  17. I’m voting for this guy because it takes hubris to think you can join a field of 16 with the same platform and get any traction. That’s the kind of hubris we need in a president.

  18. “Never HEARD of him!”

    /paraphrasing Jed in “Red Dawn”

    1. I prefer Donald Sutherland in the dirty dozen pretending to be a general.

      Pinkley: [impersonating a General] Where are you from, son?
      Soldier: Madison City, Missouri, sir!
      Pinkley: Never heard of it.

      1. I’ll refrain from making a “He slipped on a bar of soap” reference. Certain US attorneys might not like that.

  19. This guy sounds made up

  20. at this point, if i could go back in time and do it all over again, i’d shoot that fucking lion myself. take pictures of his head at famous places all over the world, then mail the pictures and the GPS collar to Jimmy Kimmel.

    1. *sigh* Is that shit still going on?

      This is why I’m not on the Twitter

    2. God this is the best idea EVAR?

      Would you go shoot another lion and then send the pictures if I paid for your airfare to Africa?

      1. NO Al, the best idea EVAR! was the H&R commentariat buying Jezebel.

    3. No. If I could go back in time, I would talk Donald Trump into shooting the Lion and take pictures of its head.

    4. And then run for president.
      You’d have a better shot than Jim Gilmore, at least.

  21. It’s candidates all the way down.

  22. I have no idea what’s goin’ on….

    Anyone wanna get high?

    1. I remember better if I get high.

      1. I’ll make GOOD decisions then!

      2. tarran, you’re the worst character ever

        1. “You’re a woodchipper!”

  23. Can we convince 84 other Republicans to run and have the debate be on the set of that stupid game show Bob Saget was the host of a few years back?

    1. Will any of them have to rat on their drug suppliers?

  24. This guy actually has supporters who will put up good money for his presidential bid? I guess it is true that fools and their money are soon parted.

  25. Are they just going to keep adding candidates until they find one that isn’t terrible?

  26. I remember him (and the many others) from the 2008 presidential campaign. He and/or his staff thought of a useful catchphrase to ridicule the current “frontrunners” at the time. Here’s a snippet: “Gilmore uses the nickname ‘Rudy McRomney’ in derisively lumping together former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. In a Web video, he lambastes them for not sharing the ‘core conservative values’ of his party.”

    In Virginia his “chief claim to fame in his one term was a partially completed repeal of the state’s car tax” – which is appealing. However, in my opinion he was/is quite in line with the statists who prefer a massive military and the bloated government apparatus necessary to support it.

    1. partially completed repeal of the state’s car tax

      Public transit doesn’t cover much of Hampton Roads so if you want to get to work you have to own a vehicle. Fuck that stupid car tax for making it even harder for people to pull themselves up the socioeconomic ladder but I am glad that the burden is somewhat lessened.

      However, in my opinion he was/is quite in line with the statists who prefer a massive military and the bloated government apparatus necessary to support it.

      Look at NoVa (tons of govt contractors+some of the wealthiest counties nationwide) and that giant military installation on the coast. You don’t get to be governor of that without playing ball.

  27. Don’t you read your Jesse Walker? Your count of the # of Republican contenders is low by an order of magnitude.

  28. I am now officially announcing:

    Spartacus for President 2016!
    Because everyone else sucks worse.

  29. When does a candidate ever say, “I’m basically OK with the system as it exists, it just needs a few tweaks here and there?”

    No, they all say “our system is broken, send me to Washington to fix it, etc.”

    And when elected, they act like they were elected on the basically-OK platform.

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