Hillary Could Face Criminal Inquiry, Cruz Fumes About McConnell's Lies: P.M. Links


  • Two inspectors general think former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be investigated for possibly sharing sensitive information over an unsecured email server.
  • Clinton fired back by alleging "inaccuracies" in reporting on this issue.
  • Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, held by the U.S., will be released to smooth over tensions with Israel following the Iran deal.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz is not happy with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and is accusing him of telling lies.
  • Remember that awful Gawker story? It was written, vetted, and published over the course of just a single day.
  • Everything we know about the alleged suicide of Sandra Bland.
  • President Obama is most frustrated about his failure to enact gun control legislation.

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