Boehner Vows to Fight Iran Deal, Trump Going to U.S.-Mexico Border, Cuomo Blasts de Blasio Over Uber: P.M. Links


  • Todd Krainin

    A bombing in a Baghdad market killed 18 according to Iraqi officials, while a suicide bomber in a market in Afghanistan killed more than a dozen people. Authorities in Italy say they've arrested two men accused of plotting an attack on a U.S. base in Italy on behalf of ISIS.

  • House Speaker John Boehner said he would do "everything possible" to stop the Iran nuclear deal.
  • Donald Trump will visit Laredo, Texas, a town near the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on fellow Democrat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign against Uber,  saying he didn't believe it was the business of government to "restrict job growth."
  • The jury that that found James Holmes guilty of murder in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting will now decide whether he should receive the death penalty.
  • Bottom fact, this list of lost 19th century slang courtesy of NPR won't be too high for your nut.

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  1. Donald Trump will visit Laredo, Texas, a town near the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Let me know when he reaches Tierra del Fuego.

    1. Hello.

      “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on fellow Democrat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign against Uber, saying he didn’t believe it was the business of government to “restrict job growth.”

      You sure it was him that said that?

      1. He may have said it, but he didn’t mean it.

    2. Let me know when he reaches Tierra del Fuego.

      I think he’ll get caught up Nuevo Laredo donkey show.

    3. When Trump walks out in the streets of Laredo,
      When Trump walked out in Laredo one day
      He spied a young wetback rapin all the white wimmin
      Rapin all the white wimmin as clear as the day

    4. Quick – we need to get ready to move the border signs a couple hundred feet north once he comes by to ‘inspect’ the wall.

  2. A bombing in a Baghdad market killed 18 according to Iraqi officials

    You know who else bombed Baghdad?

    1. You’re going to have to narrow that down.

      1. Baghdad, Iraq.

    2. Air Vice-Marshall H. G. Smart?

    3. Outkast?

        1. +1 Bob your head, rag top

    4. Santa Claus and Eric and Stan and Kyle?

    5. Does Hulagu Khan’s Siege of Baghdad count as a bombing for practical purposes?

    6. Al Franken while touring bases there at some point in the past decade, probably?

  3. I am persuaded that ‘climate change’ has been shown, but certainly not persuaded that the proposed solutions are preferable to what I see as the effects. Especially when the solutions are based on numbers pulled out of some politico’s ass:
    “One-third of the oil that we know exists as reserves can never be taken out of the ground. Fifty percent of the gas can never be used and over 90 percent of the coal.”…..397560.php
    Let me state clearly that moonbeam is a self-important ignoramus who should have been fed to a woodchipper long ago

    1. These people are evil. They don’t even pretend to mean well anymore

    2. Never say “never” if technology and human ingenuity are involved.

      1. Not if Brown et al. have anything to say about it. And they do.

    3. Why, are you suggesting that we will fly in the air one day like birds? Or travel the depths of the sea, like a fish? Walk on the moon? We know for a fact that these things are not possible.

      \Moonbeam’s Great-Great Grandfather

    4. When politicians use absolutes, I just think of the (apocryphal) quote from a PTO official: “Everything that can be invented already has been.”

  4. …saying he didn’t believe it was the business of government to “restrict job growth.”

    Correction, not city government’s business.

  5. How long has uber been delivering ice cream and why have none of you animals told me about it?

    1. *becomes mildly aroused by Florida Man’s distress*

      Tell us more about how this makes you feel?

      1. I think the being “mildly aroused” part makes him feel confused and lonely.

        1. I know something he can do to temporarily feel better

      2. Angry Ken. Angry and hungry.

      3. When Floridah Man becomes distressed, interesting (and usually disturbing) things begin to happen.

    2. Takeout Taxi has been providing similar services since 1987.

    3. Call me when they start delivering beef jerky

      1. It’s the booze, dummies.

  6. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on fellow Democrat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign against Uber, saying he didn’t believe it was the business of government to “restrict job growth.”

    Least self-aware comment of all time?

    1. It apparently went a long ways to stopping the capping of Uber, so I think I’m willing to let him slide on being a hypocrite. Besides with an out and out socialist running for president, we need to encourage people to support freedom even if they are only mouthing the words.

    2. C’mon, Cuomo’s StartUpNY initiative has created tens of jobs! Besides, NYC is so fuckin’ great that nobody leaves because the taxes are too high.

  7. So I saw Dave Matthews Band last night. The guy puts on a god damn good show.

    1. Hard-core fans call him Dave.

      1. Dont dave-aggress me, man.

      2. Dave’s not here, man.

      3. How many Daves do you know?

    2. You are a woman aged 27-39?

      1. Naw, he’s just some college bro in 1998 apparently.

          1. Dude, how many bong rips DID you take at that party?

            1. He was under a table and dreaming. It happens.

        1. I saw DMB in 1996 while in college. Was great back then.

    3. I saw Dave Matthews Band at JazzFest back in 2001. Good show. I didn’t realize any of them were still alive.

    4. Saw them in Charlottesville when they had just formed. They’ve always put on a great show, but their female fans are, and in my experience, always have been incredibly obnoxious.

      1. They only have female fans (sorry Joe) and yes, they are obnoxious.

        1. Point to where on the doll Dave touched you.

          1. I am mostly kidding. I just have a burning hatred for DMB, mostly because every woman who would speak to me in college was a huge fan. Dave and The Counting Crows. I hear their music and I develop a maniacal twitch.

            1. I never really listened to him before I saw him about 5 years ago. His live show got me into some of his music. I don’t know too many people who are fans, but the ones that are are hardcore.

          2. I’m not. Their female fans are obnoxious. The only group of fans that were flat out jerks at the Tibetan Freedom concert in ’98, girls panting and moaning for DMB.

  8. In case people don’t remember him, this is the innocent man shot dead by London police on this day 10 years ago.

    Jean Charles de Menezes’ death ‘tore my soul away’, mother says

  9. House Speaker John Boehner said he would do “everything possible” to stop the Iran nuclear deal.

    Short of actually, you know, doing anything.

    1. He cried, and spoiled that nice, even tanner application. What more do you animals want from him?!

      1. That shit is real!

        No you didn’t

    2. I mean, Boehner and his ilk gave Obama everything he needs to get it through. He needs a third of the Senate. There’s no way it’s not going to pass, and now the Republicans want to pretend that they are putting up a fight…

      1. There’s no way it’s not going to pass, and now the Republicans want to pretend that they are putting up a fight

        This. The agreement to give Obama latitude on these negotiations was reached well before the April Fast Track vote. It was well understood at the time that the GOP would pitch a fit no matter what came out of the negotiations, just as it was well known that the treaty would be ratified after all that bitching. The only thing that has caused any sort of hiccup in the process was when Obama thumbed his nose at the Senate by taking it to the UN first. However, the Senate already voted all their power away, so there was no material damage.

    3. Congress was, arguably, impotent to do anything about to stop this agreement to begin with. The dramatics back in May was Congress realizing they were impotent yet insisting for largely political reasons that they are not impotent.

      I’ll be surprised if Boehner/McConnell put any real effort into hustling together a majority in Congress against this bill. I am 100% convinced that the Republican leadership and Obama actually see eye-to-eye on this issue but can’t actually say that for political reasons.

  10. Taiwanese animation on the Gawker debacle. I don’t know what’s the best part: Their portrayal of the editors or where the robot went to college (NSFW, probably)

    1. How has Rupert Murdoch not hired these guys?

    2. That is great.

      “Should Gawker continue to be bitchy for no reason or just focus on what it does best, rewriting other people’s stories?”

    3. There was not a single second of that video that wasn’t awesome. Writing was top-notch too.

    4. “griping about editorial independence after showing they couldn’t be trusted with it”

  11. This week in comics: Archie vs. Sharknado. This looks so horrible I may have to get it.

    1. Veronica looking nice and slutty on the cover.

    2. The best part is the “storms have feelings too!” sign.

  12. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on fellow Democrat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign against Uber, saying he didn’t believe it was the business of government to “restrict job growth.”

    Fracking ban, man?

    1. Exactly. Frankly, I don’t applaud de Blasio calling of the dogs – that only signifies more populist nonsense. All businesses should have reduced regulatory burden, not just those with cool apps.

    2. Forget it, it’s New York.

  13. Beloved former Reasoner Mike Riggs bitch-slaps the Daily Caller over atrocious story on changes to mandatory sentencing.

    1. Isn’t that Tucker Carlson’s rag?

      1. Yes. Riggs was there at the founding as well.

      2. Yes. Same people who made the mistake of giving Charles Johnson a job and got burned when he started reporting that Senator Menendez was banging little boys in Haiti.

        1. Senator Menendez was banging little boys in Haiti?

          1. No.

            The story ended up being a little bit…uh…inaccurate.

            Thankfully, Charles Johnson then cleaned up his act and nothing he’s reported since has been in any way untrue.

            1. Oh. Good. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea that Senator Menendez banged little boys in Haiti.

              1. Is Senator Menendez STILL banging little boys in Haiti?

    2. You know what deserves a bitch-slap? SFing the link.

      1. (DISCLAIMER: I in no way mean that as a true threat. Note that there are no woodchippers or banishments to hell involved)

      2. I was ready to give the link a quick read and say that “Riggs Chicagoed the Daily Caller after they told a thumper.”

        Way to ruin that for me, Nikki.

        1. I’m just passing it on since Ed took the story about Cuomo away from me.

        2. Riggs’ Chicagoing of the Daily Caller was a real Lally-cooler.

      3. I’m getting really good at that this week.

  14. Texas Department of Public Safety: No, we didn’t edit the Sandra Bland video! It was totally just an uploading error! Really!

    1. I eagerly anticipate hordes of no-kidding experts tearing this apart, like when Dan Rather was trying to pass obviously forged documents off as the real deal.

      Seriously, I do.

      1. Yeah, and that will provide them a textbook for how to get it right the next time.

    2. Dashboard cams and body cams should automatically upload to a secure server manned by an independent organization to prevent this type of evidence tampering.

    3. As you can see, it has a time stamp on it, and those are very hard to fake.

      \Strange Brew

    4. What, you don’t believe them?

      Honestly, if this wasn’t so damn scary it would be absolutely hilarious. Digital video encoding and TCP/IP protocols don’t work that way, officer.

      1. I haven’t seen the video and its errors, but it’s conceivable that there could be encoding errors in a 50 minute video, either on their end or on Youtube’s. I’d imagine it’s on their end, if they’re working with some outdated, shitty software.

        1. Oh, I don’t disagree with that. I can definitely see a frame or two repeated here and there. Especially if they are using a shitty compression algorithm. But, there are a couple of places where multiple seconds (up to 15 seconds worth) of video frames loop. You should watch the video. If the anomalies are just encoding errors, they are the worst I have ever seen.

        2. Piss on them.. Given their track record, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I’m still waiting for the law to come clean on the biker “shoot out” in Waco..

  15. Authorities in Italy say they’ve arrested two men accused of plotting an attack on a U.S. base in Italy on behalf of ISIS.

    They arrested them on behalf of ISIS? You know who else the Italians got in bed with?

    1. Roberto Benigni?

    2. ISIS holds the international copyright on crazy Muslim fucks attacking US military bases. They bought the rights during the Al Quada chapter 7 proceedings.

      The U.S. Government is very committed to intellectual property protection.

    3. Cicciolina?

    4. They’ve been busy:…..ire-2015-7

    5. Princess Toadstool… And sqlrs

  16. In real time: Someone is writing me a check…and she’s wearing a loose blouse….and she’s obliviously leaning over….and she’s a decent looking gal…and….well Seinfeld…

    1. Her name is Mulva?

      1. Let’s try “breast”….there’s Celeste…Hest…

    2. That’s someone’s mom, Rufe. Have you no decency?

      Also, natural or augmented?

      1. They seemed fake to me.

        But I couldn’t gawk.

        Not with my sister in the office.

  17. …this list of lost 19th century slang courtesy of NPR won’t be too high for your nut.

    The only thing might be too high for my nut is Lindsay Lohan.

    1. Too high. It’s like he doesn’t know us at all.

  18. What’s missing from contemporary war fiction? (Long but really good if you’re interested)

    1. Hitler?

      1. excellent

      2. Blame Danger 5 for that.

  19. House Speaker John Boehner said he would do “everything possible” to stop the Iran nuclear deal.

    All we are saying… is give war a chance!

    1. “Everything possible” strikes me as a bit extreme and, quite frankly, I don’t believe him…

      Will he kick Ban Ki-moon in the nuts? Will he pay someone to hack the White House computer system? Doubt it.

      1. He means everything *politically* possible, which to him means everything short of actually derailing the agreement.

        1. I suspect his omission of that critical word was willful and with intent to deceive. “Everything politically possible” doesn’t amount to jack shit.

  20. “saying he didn’t believe it was the business of government to “restrict job growth.””

    *De Blasio looks over at union leaders sitting around conference table. After a moment of brief silence, all burst into uncontrollable laughter*

  21. Birmingham Qur’an manuscript dated among the oldest in the world

    Researchers conclude that the Qur’an manuscript is among the earliest written textual evidence of the Islamic holy book known to survive.

    Consisting of two parchment leaves, the Qur’an manuscript contains parts of Suras (chapters) 18 to 20, written with ink in an early form of Arabic script known as Hijazi. For many years, the manuscript had been misbound with leaves of a similar Qur’an manuscript, which is datable to the late seventh century.

    Of course one of the earliest written fragments of the Qur’an is in a British library. Why am I not surprised.

    1. Can infidels burn the book written by a “false prophet”, the way muslim believers are destroying ancient statues of “false gods” in Iraq?

      1. 1) No, because that would make us no better than them.

        2) They’re all false prophets.

      2. Well that turned dark quickly.

        1. I can turn any topic of conversation into a story about some woman being stoned to death.

          Just try me.

          1. I’m not sure I want to give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

          2. Got any Janis Joplin stories?

          3. You mean….stoned stoned? Or STONED stoned? C’mon guys, I mean….c’mon.

  22. Look people. When conservatives want to defy the federal government, it’s godawful.

    But when liberals in cities defy the feds with sanctuary city laws, it’s all nice and dandy.

    Republicans Look to Penalize ‘Sanctuary Cities’ That Shield Illegal Immigrants

    1. Good call on the double standard, Hiawatha. You do that really well.

    2. LAWOFTHELANDZ!!!!11!!!! /progderp

    3. Wasn’t the victim of that shooting an attractive white woman? That gets stuff done.

    4. You know who else wanted to penalize cities that defied the Federal government?

      1. President Luthor?

      2. Is it too dark 20000 leagues under the sea?

        1. No, but because the darkness surrounding the Dark Ones blots out the light.

          1. Aah! The light from a storm front must be reaching deep under water.

      3. George Washington?

      4. General Sherman?

        1. +60 miles in latitude.

  23. Kirsten Powers: Crush Planned Parenthood

    As my friend and former Obama White House staffer Michael Wear tweeted, “It should bother us as a society that we have use for aborted human organs, but not the baby that provides them.”

    Richards intoned menacingly that the video was “secretly recorded.” So what? When Mitt Romney was caught by “secret video” making his 47% remarks, the means of attaining the information was not the focus of the story.

    Planned Parenthood’s public relations firm also portrayed the crushing and organ harvesting as a “humanitarian undertaking,”

    including Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak, whose column was headlined: “Planned Parenthood deserves to be supported, not attacked.” Actually, it’s fetuses who are under attack. By Planned Parenthood.

    I’m thinking about a strong parallel between what’s happening to my colleague (Nucatola) and the trial week of Jesus before he was crucified (as) he was marched from place to place, asked to answer allegations.”

    When abortion doctors are elevated to gods who may not be questioned or held accountable, society has officially gone off the rails.

    1. Kirsten Powers: Crush Planned Parenthood

      Will we get a crush video out of it?

      1. A video of Planned Parenthood getting crushed is a fetish I can understand.

        1. It’s not a “planned parenthood”, it’s just a lump of cells!

          So crush it. No issue.

          /consistent logic-y

  24. In Uber-related news, Kate Upton slams de Blasio for Uber cap

    @BilldeBlasio Why do you want to return to days when only those in Midtown & Lower Manhattan could get a ride? #UberMovesNYC

    1. Because he’s a scumbag left-wing socialist crony who pretends to care about people?

    2. Hah, the real reason progs are against Uber comes out. If Uber is allowed to thrive then blacks will be able to get a cab in New York, thus eliminating the go to example of racism.

    3. Kate Upton truly is perfect, isn’t she?

      1. Bet Uber is calling her agent right now for a public service ad on their behalf.

    4. And even then it’s a pain in the ass. I watched a couple of ladies wait over 5 minutes for a cab at 6th and 26th at 3pm. An Uber likely would have been faster.

  25. A bombing in a Baghdad market killed 18 according to Iraqi officials, while a suicide bomber in a market in Afghanistan killed more than a dozen people. Authorities in Italy say they’ve arrested two men accused of plotting an attack on a U.S. base in Italy on behalf of ISIS.

    Clearly, markets should be outlawed. If it saves just one life…

    1. They should put Michael Moore first in line for investigation, followed by the Daily Show crew.

      At least the Center for Medical Progress shared the unedited video, unlike Michael Moore or the Daily Show.

      1. It’s say the Daily Show crew, after Stewart’s “President Obama, why are you so awesome?” interview.

  26. Long time lurker, former frequent commenter, checking in.

    I was actually wondering if any Chicago-area members of the commentariat would like to try to organize a meet-up sometime in the next few months. I think it’s worked in the LA and New England areas, and I’m curious to know what other libertarians or at least Reasonoids might also be missing one too many braincells that they feel broke-ass, liberty-infringing ass, gun-grabbing ass Chicago was the right place to settle.

    Plenty of great breweries where we could meet, many of which I can personally attest to their greatness. Lagunitas, Revolution, Begyle are all really good.

    Anyway, if that’s something anyone would be interested in then feel free to comment below or (easier for me) email me at the address in my name.

    1. Oh yeah, Half Acre is good too.

    2. How do I know you aren’t going to rape me?

      1. That’s part of the adventure of meetups, dude. Besides, Warty isn’t in Chicago.

        1. And he’s probably too old for me to molest him.

          1. True, he can type in complete sentences.

            1. Thanks for the compliment.

          2. Mind. Blown.

      2. Because Nikki is from Chicago and she is going to rape you

      3. You don’t. The anticipation is part of the fun

    3. I’d be game. We should get Nicole there because then no one would suspect we were libertarians since we’d be with a girl.

      1. I can even pre-verify that generic Brand will not rape anyone! At least, he didn’t last time.

        1. That’s just what a rapist would do. Not rape anyone at first to lull them into a false sense of security.

    4. If you get an email from STEVE SMITH, do NOT respond.


    5. Do you do spirits and cocktails? If so, there’s an amazing distillery just north of town.

      1. Reason commenters having a COCKTAIL PARTY? Say it ain’t so!

        1. Heh. 😀

          1. perlchpr

            We should do a NM meetup.

            Not that you’re ever going to see this post.

            My email is on my webpage.

            … hobbit

        2. Drunk is drunk. That’s all that really matters.

    6. I like the way you waited until I came back from Chicago to make this request.

      /narrows gaze Swiss style.

      1. Well, you’ll just have to go back to Chicago then!

      2. Ahem, actually, I asked if you were available WHILE you were in Chicago. Apparently, Libertarian females are supposed to wait for the men to ask…

    7. The last time a bunch of filthy outsiders got together and went to Chicago, they made a movie about it. It was called Next of Kin. And it was awesome.

    8. There other former regulars in Chicago, too (at least, last I checked)–highnumber, VM, linguist, others I’m forgetting.

      1. Is that thread VM was trapped in still around?

        1. It’s a closed loop of Riemannian spacetime, but it still exists.

  27. Historic Augusta, GA church vandalized over gay marriage

    Well that didn’t play out as expected.

    1. In fairness I am not sure yet can call anything run by the Episcipalians a church. It is more of a meet up for people who are over 50 and vote Democrat.

      1. If that’s what an Episcopalian church is, then what is a UU one?

        1. UU is a very devout church. They just happen to worship the government as a god.

        2. “I went to a UU church the other day. The only time I heard Jesus Christ mentioned was when the janitor fell of his ladder!”

          I am here all week folks!

      2. Where are you getting Episcopalian from?

      3. Well, that’s a bit strong. It’s really just the American version of the Anglican church, except that Episcopalians don’t pray to the Queen.

      4. Episcipalians don’t pass John’s rigorous religious purity test.

    2. I’m sorry, that was hilarious. They sprayed “Burn Leviticus Lies” to protest gay marriage? It’s like something Judean People’s Front would do.

      1. Don’t you mean the People’s Front of Judea?

    3. Those vandals can go fuck themselves.

  28. So four out of five entries in my Accomplished Female Athletes of East and Central Europe series featured blondes. To balance the scales, today we have

    Anastasia Luppova

    Twice the winner of European Billiards championship, as well as winner of Miss Billiards 2009 (year the shoot is from). She is now retired, and gives billiard classes.

    1. Best of the batch

      1. I was hestiant, given that it was a glamour pro-shoot, rather than shots from matches, but brunettes deserve more attention after I’ve neglected them.

        1. How’s her English?

          1. That is a pool joke.

            Again, would not care.

        2. Googled her, at least as hot the rest of the time.

    2. If lady athletes aren’t your speed, you might like Australian Bobsledder (seriously? this seems less likely than a Jamaican bobsledder, but whatever)

      Simon Dunn

      and in uniform

      Apparently he used to be a rugby player, which explains so much about his look.

      1. Awesome work, jesse, thank you for classing up the thread!

        1. Which in retrospect sounds sarcastic, but I was serious. Even cis shitlord such as I can appreciate a well-chisseled hunk of manflesh.

          1. Oh no, I knew you were being serious. I’m a little disappointed the commenters I’d normally expect to respond to Mr. Dunn weren’t around though.

            1. You could say they are…the worst?

              Honestly, they probably didn’t want to go into the caveman zone so they didn’t see you present them with their daily ray of sunshine.

              1. Nah, Nikki and I rarely overlap in what catches our attention, which is why we divvied up the commentariat a few months ago. Kristen and BuSab reliably like what I like.

                I think everyone generally agreed they’d sleep with that Conner Habib fellow from ENB’s post a few weeks ago.

    3. Holy good goddamn my shoes just untied themselves

      I would, would, would, would and then i’d give her a massage

    4. Hello! 😀

  29. 5) How came you so ? inebriated. Describing an illustration, a reporter in the Gettysburg, Pa., People’s Press of May 22, 1835, wrote: “A gentleman a little ‘how came you so’ with his hat on the back of his head, is staggering about in the presence of Miss Fanny, who appears to be quite shocked.”

    Known in today’s circles as “I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here”

    1. You know who else staggered around Gettysburg, Pa?

      1. That Gettysburg was some Pumpkins!

      2. Ulysses S. Grant after his whiskey arrived?

      3. Gen. Sickles?

        1. No more calls, please, we have a winner.

  30. Still hear “Too high for his nut” from time to time. Usually “too rich for my nut” but still hear it.

    “Chicagoed” might have died out from over-use because everyone today would still understand it.

    1. How about Lally-cooler?

      Back in the day, that phrase was some Pumpkins.

      1. See the elephant? While not often used, I have used that myself.

  31. Progressive response: Socialist urine is still tastes better than capitalist water!

    No Markets, Then No Water. California’s Avoidable Crisis

  32. The fuck is with the comments lately? If Bo isn’t randomly jumping in to call me a secret Republican, John’s going on and on about how I’m a secret progressive sympathizer who is fully responsible for gay wedding cakes, while Mike M. proclaims that Reason’s full of secret left-wing liberals. The crazy tribalist paranoia is in full throttle.

    1. It’s the Trump effect.

    2. I get this the worst. Bo says I’m the hardest Red Republican in existence while John claims the only reason I think people should be allowed to form polygamous relationships is because I’m a filthy liberal who loves polygamy and doesn’t care that it would TURN US INTO SAUDI ARABIA.


      1. Then again, calling you a secret Republican is probably funnier since you’re Canadian.

        1. A Canadian who is a registered Liberal.

          There’s a lot of crazy-ass hyperbole being thrown around and some people just need to calm the fuck down and talk to me/you/whoever and not the Republican/progressive/whatever boogeyman.

          1. One thing about this whole meme that objecting to wall-to-wall Trump coverage makes you a Republican apologist: it’s total bullshit. Trump doesn’t even remotely speak for or resonate with anything like a majority. People just like that he’s saying stuff that doesn’t sound politically calculated. It shows to me how much Rand has missed (so far) the opportunity to own the maverick label, which I think a lot of Americans really crave. Especially since he’s not generally viewed as a total clown, unlike Capt. Bankruptcy.

            I will note that it’s a comment out-and-out leftists love to make right now, because they want to capitalize on this moment to tar the entire GOP. Personally, I think that’s a political mistake, as Trump will flame out, and they’ll have missed the opportunity to tar the GOP with far more damning candidates, like Jeb Bush. Or even Graham.

            1. If the GOP wasn’t the stupid party, I’d assume they were using Trump as ablative heat shielding.

              1. Yes, that would be far too brilliant for the Republicans.

        2. I distinctly remember that Harper was called a Bush Republican back in the day. And Alberta is Canada’s Texas. It’s totally appropriate to throw a Republican slur at Canadians.

          1. I distinctly remember that Harper was called a Bush Republican back in the day.

            By the same people who say Harper is pushing us into a ‘soft dictatorship’ while praising Chretien and Trudeau. They don’t actually know enough about politics to comment or are so blindly partisan their opinion is irrelevant.

            1. Hilariously, Reason has started showing me those “Harper conservatives are bleeding our public service. Vote here to stop the cuts” ads.

              If I thought that was true, I’d be registering as a Tory tomorrow.

              1. I almost wish that the imaginary Tories people dream up were real. Yeah, imaginary Tories aren’t good on abortion or gay marriage, but my god do they apparently know how to clean up an overbloated government and make a surplus. Unlike, say, the real Tories.

              2. I got those ads too. It’s pure fantasy.

            2. Next you’re going to try to tell me that “Canadian Culture” isn’t an oxymoron.

              I’m keeping an EYE on you, Titor….


              1. Next you’re going to try to tell me that “Canadian Culture” isn’t an oxymoron.

                I can’t admit this, I’ll end up in a Clockwork Orange-esque theatre forced to watch hours of CBC programming.

                1. You know, we occasionally mock Canadians around here, being mostly Americans of the non-tundra variety, but Canadians are usually too polite to return the favor. I think we should give, well, not equal time, but a day to hear what Canadians like to make fun of Americans for.

                  1. Anything we would say, you lot already said better. But if you want to see smug Canadian anti-Americanisms, I give you

                    Talking to Americans

                    In which (very) Poor Man’s John Stewart does “Americans are stupid. I hate Americans” for an hour. Paid by the state, of course.

                    1. In which (very) Poor Man’s John Stewart does “Americans are stupid. I hate Americans” for an hour. Paid by the state, of course.

                      That’s unfair to Mercer, some of his bits are hilariously non-partisan and on the mark.

                  2. Canadians are usually too polite to return the favor.

                    BAHAHAHAHA…well, not to your face. Much.

                    Depends on the Canadian. Most of the left-wing Canadians tend to focus on how ‘barbaric’ the United States is in comparison to Canada. The big thing lately is talking about how horribly racist the United States is for police abuse, but the long standing tradition is holding up public healthcare as the proof of inherent Canadian superiority.

                    Canadians in general due share the standard foreigner view of Americans being arrogant and self-centred.

                    One thing I will say about Canada is that our politicians are less…aristocratic I guess? Most former PMs don’t have bodyguards (hell, some of them are their own bodyguards) and when I used to work in Ottawa you’d randomly run into them. The political culture’s different in that politicians are pretty expendable. Recently a Senator who lost his job due to corruption had to become a manager of an Ottawa strip club.

                    1. “The big thing lately is talking about how horribly racist the United States is for police abuse”

                      Well, it sure is a good thing Canadians don’t have any racial issues with, say, native Canadian groups or Muslim immigrants or anything.

                    2. Well that’s when your standard left-wing Canadian sighs and says of course racial issues with native Canadians is a problem, it’s just that the Tories are so horribly evil and racist that they’re the cause.

                    3. There are obviously some significant differences between the U.S. and Canada, especially the asymmetry in World Cop status, but I’d say one big difference that doesn’t get as much press is the parliamentary system vs. tr?s branches. It creates a very different view of the federal government than we have here. And, in some pretty significant ways, the provinces are much more powerful in regard to the national government than the states are.

                      Culturally, having known a lot of Canadians over the years, we’re much closer than Canadians sometimes want to admit (though most do). Foreigners can’t tell the difference without a maple leaf.

                    4. “This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.”

                    5. Fucking hell, is every In Bruge quote on youtube region locked?

                      Well, it’s a movie about Belgium. Colin Ferrell picks a fight with a guy he thinks is American. Later he’s arrested by Belgian cops for ‘HETTING the Canadian.’

                    6. I’ve always wanted a fake Canadian passport just in case I’m overseas and abducted by terrorists.

    3. Bo is a sock. Interacting with him is its own punishment.

      1. You’re a Republican. Confess.

        1. A compassionate conservative, even!

          1. The worst kind of Republican–one who steals votes that rightfully belong to Democrats (the real reason they hate Bush so much, probably).

            1. Bush is a progressive, in my opinion. That Born Again Christian shtick was a cool ruse and it got him elected twice, but Bush is not really a conservative (maybe a neocon).

              1. Fuck if I know what he was. Statist for sure. I do think there’s a good argument to be made that he was a progressive, which would damage some fragile psyches, wouldn’t it?

                I’ve always wondered what his administration(s) would’ve been like without 9/11.

                1. Maybe we would have more legislation like No Child Left Behind? and Medicare Part D, if 9/11 hadn’t happened.

                  I’m not sure that progressivism was responsible for Iraq, or whether that was neoconism. But the notion that war can make the world safe for democracy is definitely a progressive one.

                  1. “I’m not sure that progressivism was responsible for Iraq”

                    As i’ve frequently pointed out, “Neo-Conservatism” is basically Wilsonian-Progressive Foreign Policy made manifest.

                    The idea of actively “making the world safe for democracy”, the idea that Western forms of Liberal Government are the ‘end of history’ … the perfection of civilization, and that once all world powers have adopted it, we will finally see the end of war entirely…. is 100% a left-wing intellectual notion.

                    All the neoconservatives were lefties who split with the “New Left” in the 60s over whether to actively fight the Cold War or just leave the soviets alone and let them take over whomever, wherever.

                    I don’t think you can blame Iraq on progressives, technically, but they are certainly responsible for germinating the ideas that enabled it.

                    1. Probably more clear =

                      “”Neo-Conservatism” is basically Wilsonian-Progressive Foreign Policy made manifest… by using unilateral force to achieve the ends that multilateralism can not”

                      Neo-cons and progressive liberals actually have the identical vision of re-making the world in its own (western, secular) image

                      the difference is the former prefer to do it *muscularly* (with guns, with the US acting alone), and the latter want to do it though the UN and via lots of treaty-signing/diplomatic coercion

                      ‘Realists’, fwiw, also exist across the left-right divide. There is no consistent foreign policy school that applies generically to republicans or democrats – most of the differences in how they sell themselves is rhetorical.

        2. GAMERGATER

          1. Psychotic teenage gamergater, was it? Damn, I’m sad I forgot the formulation.

          2. Hey now, don’t drag us into your political debate.

        3. My socks vote Republican, because they’re holey.

    4. ” If Bo isn’t randomly jumping in to call me a secret Republican, John’s going on and on about how I’m a secret progressive sympathizer”

      pppppt. Clearly a yokeltarian.

    5. The fuck is with the comments lately?

      See my little tet-a-tet with “In league with the Dark Ones” above.

      He has responded to me several times before, and I have wondered whose sock puppet he is.

  33. So, what did the trans-racialist man who changed from Caucasian to Chinese say?

      1. Get off the stage!

        1. The overly-large snake (for its age) said, “If this is what it’s like to be long, I don’t want to be slight!”

          I just made that up – what do I win?

          1. *grinds the remains of Fist’s sunglasses into the carpet and sharply glares at Almanian menacingly*

            1. If I didn’t know better, I’d thnk you were trying to

              [puts on own sunglasses]

              stamp out my meme.

              1. *Faxes STEVE SMITH Almanian’s photo and address*

                It looks like STEVE SMITH is going to

                [takes off sunglasses and hands them to Almanian]

                switch his blade at the guy in shades.

          2. What do you win?? Ask Mr. Lizard-he seems to have his finger claw on that particular pulse.

        1. Perhaps you are all homosexuals

          1. no homo


        2. You don’t mean Ed McBain, do you?

  34. Australia = Tough on Crime

    Charge Depp’s hottie wife with “Dog Smuggling”, possible 10year sentence.

    1. I didn’t like most of his movies either, but to go after his girl’s dog…that’s south of the equator low. It’s not a dingo! It won’t eat your baby.

    1. I didn’t see a woodchipper. So Rand’s was better.

      1. Blenders are like very small, more portable woodchippers, no?

    2. Um, why? Is this like the old Letterman bit where he hurled different (and often viewer-selected) objects off a five-story building?

      1. Trump gave out his number on the twitter, cause he is awesome.

        1. Oh, right. Can’t you just change the number?

          1. Hey, any excuse to upgrade! I don’t blame him.

          2. Lindsey wants some attention. There should be an investigative report into whether or not that was his actual phone.

            1. It was Hillary Clinton’s.

              Alex, what do I win?

    3. Trump still Chicagoed him.

  35. This is going around Facebook just now, in case you haven’t had your daily nut punch .

    1. In case that’s not enough info: cop kicks guy in head who was obeying his orders. Caught on camera .

      1. That’s fucked up. Most of the time, at least the victim has some chance to not be an asshole before the gorilla attacks.

    2. Holy shit. What’s the cop’s excuse this time?

        1. taffy?

      1. Climate change? Coriolis effect?

  36. Study claims that recession lowered US carbon emissions and that fracking had nothing to do with it.…..t-33612293

    1. I could not wait. This article is so inept it could not wait.

      They point to the experience of the US showing that exports of coal to China grew rapidly as US power producers shifted to gas.
      In China, the coal was likely used in less efficient burners than in the States, turning what on the surface looks like an emissions cut into an overall emissions rise for the world.

      Because it’s not like China would have built those coal plants anyways without America coal, and just burnt coal from places with messier mining operations! DUR DE DUR

      1. “They point to the experience of the US showing that exports of coal to China grew rapidly as US power producers shifted to gas.”

        I like that this argument is never used to criticize any other country.

        Example: Norway’s entire green energy infrastructure only exists because it is wholly subsidized by Norwegian oil exports. Norway could cut carbon emissions more by dropping their own production, thus causing an increase in oil prices, but instead they’ve decided to keep producing their filthy fossil fuels while making themselves feel good by using the proceeds to build a few windmills.

        1. Yeah, but how can we know without clairvoyants, Irish?

        2. I have a cunning compromise: Let’s all agree to burn all of the oil and coal. Once it’s gone, we’ll move on to some other energy source. Agreed?

        3. Actually, I have a second cunning plan. Some government should buy up as much oil, coal, and natural gas as it can, then either bury it in a huge vault or launch it into the sun.

          1. “… Mr Libertate, we have a “Hillary Clinton” on line 2, saying she was intrigued by your energy proposal, and wanted to know if you were interested in a cabinet-level position…”

            1. I swear that some socialistatist somewhere is writing down all of my “cunning plans” as policy statements for the future. I’ve seen some come to fruition already, though never as cunningly as initially proposed.

    2. That’s some easily disproven horseshit

      His own paper points out that 1997-2007 that rates of growth of emissions were drastically reduced, and confesses that reduced coal use was the primary cause, though attributes it to “Diverse Factors”

      Duh. When you want to bury the proof, claim its “complex” and isn’t worth looking at.

      Let’s just ignore structural changes in our energy production, and zero in on a temporary few-quarters of economic recession. As though that’s the important headline to take away.

      He even changes the claim midway through the piece = he only attributes “recession” as the primary (*but not the only) driver of emissions reduction in 2007-2009. Every other year its ‘complex’ again, and still the most significant contributor is the shift in energy-fuel sources.

      His core point is not that fracking (shale gas) has nothing to do with emissions reductions. In fact he quantifies exactly how much it has to do with it, and its clearly the most significant factor. His argument is that the relative contribution that gas can add to the current existing scenario is minimal, and that in the future there will not be the same benefits. i.e. Fracking has shot its wad, effectively.

      he’s wrong about that too, because he doesn’t factor in the future significance of LNG to transport fuels. Low gas prices have put a stall on that effect.

    3. Basically, that’s the most mendacious reading of the data possible

      This coverage of the same study is a little more accurate…..lummeting/

      saying, “nat gas isn’t the ONLY reason emissions are lower”

      (albeit still being the most significant structural reason from 2000-to now)

      Its funny how WaPo now ‘closes’ their comments (like the NYT) after the great shit-fest that was the Amy Schumer post

  37. Joke above (my own, my precious) reminded me of this other similar one (not my own, and weird)

    A man suffering from horrible tooth pain is additionally stricken with loud flatulence that sounds exactly like an over-revving 4 cylinder engine

    He goes to a dozen doctors, none of whom can explain what exactly is going on.

    Finally, he is referred to a traditional chinese medicine practitioner, who looks at his teeth, listens to his gas-problems, and concludes,

    Ah. Abscess make the fart go Honda.

    1. Now I want a *pained groan* button more than an edit button.

      1. Tip your waitress, try the veal

        (drops mic)

  38. Okay, sorry to bring this over from the AM links, but I didn’t have time to write anything before the comments died. Anyway, someone needs to create a Libertarian-chan. I can’t draw, but maybe someone else can do this. As for what she should look like, all I can think of is that she should have monocle and maybe have orphans to torment.

    1. I believe SugarFree had a good one @ his blog that I used as an avatar somewhere for a while

      It was sort of like this

      only ‘cartoony’. he had a number of examples of possible text to go with it, such as

      “I shoot the poor with bullets made of compressed money”

  39. So, maybe the politicians will leave the gun printers alone now.…..-a-missile

  40. “See the elephant” doesn’t refer to the fable–it refers to the fact that elephants are the last thing in parades–if you’re staying to ‘see the elephant’, you’re staying to see it all.

    In military(british) terms it refers to being assigned to India. Because they have elephants there.

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