Wesley Clark on 'Radicalized' Americans: Let's 'Segregate Them from the Normal Community'

Retired general invokes World War II-era internment camps.


The conventional wisdom in Washington right now says the government should fight terrorism by targeting "radicalization." That is the theory behind the Justice Department's pilot programs to combat "violent extremism." It is the theory behind Rep. Michael McCaul's proposed Countering Violent Extremism Act. And it is the theory behind the following revolting remarks by retired general Wesley Clark:

Here's the heart of Clark's comments:

…on a national policy level, we need to look at what self-radicalization means. Because we are at war with this group of terrorists. They do have an ideology. In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn't say that was freedom of speech. We put him in a camp. They were prisoners of war. So if these people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principle, fine, that's their right. It's our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

Needless to say, "the conflict"—be it with radical Muslims, the radical right, radical animal-rights activists, or anyone else feared by a substantial slice of Washington—has no clear end. So the general is basically calling for indefinite internment. And not just of violent people, but of anyone who has been "radicalized."

There are many good reasons to reject the "radicalization" framework for stopping terrorism, including the fact that it probably doesn't even work. (For more on that, go here and here.) But the worst thing about it is that it feeds the contempt for civil liberties that fuels batty proposals like Clark's.

[Via John Amato.]

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  1. Are you now, or have you ever been, a radical American?

    1. Well, i’ve always considered myself pretty awesome. Who do i report myself to?

      1. To one of your comrades, comrade. Be a patriotic Murikan and report yourself now.

        1. Don’t worry, even if you are not aware that you are a Radicalized American, your children will be taught what signs to look for and will report you for your thought crimes.

          In time you will love them for doing so.

    2. First they came for the free radicals and I said nothing.

      Then they came for the anti-occidentals…

      1. Don’t stop now, you got the music you.

        1. Would you be doing the neutron dance to that music?

    3. What if you’re just tubular dude?

      1. Perfectly cromulent with me.

    4. Bitchin’, most definitely. Some would even go so far as totally tubular, but I have always draw the line at radical.

      1. And groovy.

        Does groovy still work ?

        1. No. Now get off my lawn.

  2. In World War II…
    ::changes channel::

    1. In World War II…
      ::changes channel::


  3. So, Wesley Clark proposes concentrating them in some sort of camp or ghetto where they can be prevented from hurting loyal citizens?

    Gosh, it’s stunning that people with any awareness of history and aspirations to live in a free society think he is a fucking moronic shitheel.

    1. He is a former Democrat presidential candidate. Maybe he thinks country needs another FDR?

      1. Clearly.

      2. Damn it, do I look like a Jap? Fuck him!!!

      3. FDR promised to repeal National Prohibition, like the Libertarian Party does every four years.

    2. Wesley Clark proposes concentrating them in some sort of camp or ghetto where they can be prevented from hurting loyal citizens?

      You know who else?

      1. LBJ?

      2. Joe Arpaio?

      3. The inventor of the Girl Scouts?

    3. I support doing the same thing to his Marxist friends.

    4. What Clark is proposing seems pretty radical. Maybe this is just a cry for help- as if he’s saying “put me in a camp before I do something stupid”.

      1. Not so, he wants to put you in a camp before you do something that conflicts with “the agenda”.

    5. This will handled by the new FPCB (Federal Pre Crime Bureau).

      No need for messy and expensive trails, since there is no actual crime, just the administrative decision of a pre-crime investigator.

      One you are identified as radicalized, you will go straight to a camp to begin a life of service as an un-paid laborer.

    6. It’s stunning that people with any awareness of history and aspirations to live in a free society aren’t renting woodchippers.

  4. That didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

    1. If we all learn Morse code now, we can tap out messages to each other when we’re interned.

      1. A H&R wing at the death camp?

        Who wants a shower?

        1. I call the non-Warty shower shift!

          1. S’okey. All the wommin folk want the Warty shower shift anyhoo.

            I hope the camp is somewhere with good weather, like Alaska or Montana.

            1. I snore. I’m just letting y’all know now so there won’t be any bitching when we get there. No, I won’t turn over. DEAL WITH IT.

              1. I’m hoping for a spot at Gitmo – balmy caribbean breezes.

                True story: An acquaintance’s 5th grade daughter got in trouble at school for choosing Ayn Rand to dress-up as on “choose a famous person who influenced the world” day.

                Had to go to the principals office and call her mom because the teacher wanted her to change.

                1. What if she wanted to dress as someone not of her race or gender, like, say Walter E. Williams? Can you imagine the shitstorm?

                2. How does one dress up as AYn Rand ?

                  Is there a coutume ?

                  They were probably just mad because they didn’t even know who Rand was. They though the little girl was dressing like her great grandmother who wasn’t famous and she disobeyed their authority.

                3. She should have to,d the Principal that she IS Ayn Rand, and that is how she identifies. It’s her personal life choice right? The proggie Principal might understand that, as it is all about feelz and intentionz.

                4. The teacher should have it’s teaching certificate yanked. I suggest a new career in the exotic entertainment industry.

                  1. Shit, what do you think their night job is, already…

        2. A shower and all the pure nitrogen you want.

          I understand anoxia is a peaceful way to die.

      2. Or go to work for Duke Power.

  5. I’m sure Clark will happily walk to the gallows for the treason of betraying his oath to uphold the constitution, including the 1A.

    1. You think you can leave for a month and come back with no explanation?

      1. I GAVE ADVANCED NOTICE! I was touring the south for the last two weeks and it was awesome.

        1. The South? Shouldn’t that term be considered hate speech? I mean, come on, nothing but racists, rebel flags, and KKK rallies down there.

          1. I did see a guy selling rebel flags that said something like “this flag ain’t coming down”. I smiled because I bet this guy couldn’t give a fig about the flag, he saw an opportunity for profits.

            1. Profits are even more evil than rebel flags.

              1. I still use confederate money.

                1. I use Monopoly money. Or Payday money in a pinch.

              2. Profits are even more evil than rebel flags.

                I guess the ultimate evil would be selling a Trump brand assault style rifle with a rebel flag on the stock.

                1. I think Trump is a colossal asshole, and I don’t particularly care for the confederate flag, but now I’m toying with the idea of building my AR like that just to post pictures online and enjoy the prog butthurt.

                  1. “…enjoy the prog butthurt.”

                    It’s the little things that make life worthwhile.

                  2. I adore Trump, as he makes the proggies writhe in agony over his his non PC views. It just kills the, he won’t be silenced.

                2. (takes notes, calls manufacturing company in China)

    2. he certainly has allied himself with Communists hasn’t he?

  6. Wesley Adolph Clark.

    You know who else rounded up disloyal people and put them in camps?

    1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

      1. One of the worst of our history.

        If not for dying in office, he may have been more reviled.

    2. Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, commander of British forces in South Africa during the 2nd Boer War?

      1. Well that covers the ass sex. What about the pot and the Mexicans?

    3. Generals Jacob H. Smith and Franklin Bell?

    4. My Mothah and Fathah?

  7. The ears of progs everywhere perked up until they realized he wasn’t talking about radical teabaggers

    1. Why do you think he wasn’t?

      Even if he wasn’t, it would come to that.

      1. He was clearly talking about radical Muslims, though I think he could probably be talked into doing the same thing with radical right-wingers.

        1. First, they came for…

    2. Check the comments at the linked crooks and liars article. Rounding up teathuglicans is exactly what they’re discussing.

      1. Well, “they” are always discussing that.

      2. The great thing about words like “radical” is how vague yet negative sounding they are. So you can get people to agree to the punishment before they even know whether you are talking about the same thing.

      3. Of course they are. They would never round up Muslims.

      4. Exactly. Send the people who don’t like the regime to the camps, but if you’re a pro-regime radical, you can stay. Apparently Bernie Sanders has been polling so well, it’s led many pundits to claim America is ready for full-on socialism. Not just socialized healthcare, but socialized media, education, and on and on

  8. Would a belief that Wesley Clark should be fed through the Libertarian Woodchipper of Doom (feet first, of course) count as having been “radicalized”?

  9. It could NEVER happen here. /progs

    At least the mask is now completely off.

    1. It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    2. Progs would round up climate deniers if they could. After all, climate deniers are a bigger threat to the planet than radical Islam.

      1. It’s a good thing progs are ultimately just a bunch of faggoty little pussies, or we would be in real trouble.

        1. This. They rely on others to be their muscle, but that only works if you can keep control over them.

  10. Oh good, a bill of attainder. “Vote Clark 2016: Dispense With The Pretenses”

    1. Korematsu waves suggestively.

    1. Punched.

  11. It’s your right to be “disloyal” to the United States…and you can exercise your right in a prison camp.

    1. Ooh! Does this camp have nice exercise equipment? And maybe a sauna and whirlpool tub?

      1. I hear they have nice showers.

        1. They’re to die for!

        2. And HOW!
          /E. Warren

      2. Canoes and orange life jackets.

    2. Sounds like a blast . . . We’ll be an updated version of “Hogan’s Heroes”.

  12. I’m not sure the Feds could round up an entire race and ship them to camps in the middle of the country.

    1. How about Utah? They’ll stand out better in Utah.

  13. Who cares about Wesley Clark. I want to know what Wesley Crusher thinks.

    1. Didn’t Wesley Crusher take off, galavanting through space and time with the Traveler Warty?

      1. Yeah, but that wasn’t homoerotic at all. Not one bit.


      2. Warty is Ashley Judd?

  14. All I want to know is how I can find out whether I’ve been radicalized or have just always been this way.

    1. Did you at any time have any interaction with another individual who suggested something to you in some way related to your radical views?

      1. They’re mostly trying to deradicalize me…

        1. What would that even look like? A deradicalized version of you would still be a fringe libertarian type.

          1. Pretty much.

            1. yeah you would melt the brainwashing machine the second they tried to hardwire you, probably take down half the grid with it.

              1. And when that happens we’ll all rattle our weapons and scream to the heavens, as warning to all that a true warrior was coming.

  15. that’s their right. It’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

    for which there is no timeline/metrics for success, discernible long term policy goals or a static definition of who our enemy actually is. This could never end badly.

    1. Perhaps this is why we’re normalizing relations with Cuba, to have a place to send exiles.

      1. If they leave the Castro’s in charge you would have less freedoms than your average jail.

  16. So if these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they’re disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principle, fine, that’s their right. It’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

    Duh. Anyone who harbors an unfavorable opinion shall be guilty of “thought-crime” and concentrated into a camp. Supreme law of the land dictating that the government may not infringe on and punish free speech be damned.


    1. 1A starts off, “Congress shall make no law …” but Obama has demonstrated that he can do any damn thing he wants with a telephone and a pen. The President evidently doesn’t need to care about the steeeenking Bill of Rights.

      1. No, it’s freedom to worship as you please now. We shall provide you with a quiet place to pray in your cell. You’re welcome.

  17. Hey, I think this cool. I will finally get to meet some of y’all. I’ll get to see if Nikki is really hot.

    1. there are dozens of us.

    2. Don’t you have a boner anyway?

      1. I always have a boner. It is like I am always 17.

    3. “I’ll get to see if Nikki is really hot.”

      Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting Naomi Brockwell in our barbed wire prison encampment, but maybe that’s just me.

      1. I bet ESB would end up there too, the true believers are the first ones lined up. Really it doesn’t sound all that bad.

        1. Plus she’s a catholic, and there’s no place for any religion save the Religion of the State.

          How are we going to construct our New Soviet Man otherwise?

      2. You kidding? They won’t want us to breed, they’ll keep the men and women separate

  18. What sux, as usual, is that I’d stand up for the rights of the same people who would love to toss me in one Clark’s fantasy camps if given the chance.

    1. It’s rough actually having ethical principles.

  19. radicalized

    “Radical” is a relative term and what is “radical” is subject to ones opinion. Two ideas that are in opposition to one another are necessarily “radical” relative to one another. It is like people who espouse this anti-speech bullshit don’t know what words mean and how to reason something to it’s logical conclusion.

    1. Bingo.

      “Radical”, “hate speech”, “extremist”, “subversive”, and so on… They’re all just terms with no real definition that, when enshrined in law, allow the authorities to attack anyone they want and make it appear perfectly justified.

  20. “So if these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they’re disloyal to the United States”

    Note that he says nothing about planning any sort of attack. Just nebulous idiocy about ‘loyalty.’

    By the way, is there a better way to radicalize your Muslim community than to start randomly grabbing Muslims and putting them in camps due to a lack of ‘loyalty?’

    It seems to me that a great way to end up with a 17 year old kid blowing himself up in a supermarket is to send his dad to a concentration camp for the kid’s entire life on the grounds that he was insufficiently loyal.

    1. Muslims ?

      Who said anything about Muslims.

      Wasn’t Clark the military guy who echoed Obama’s claim that climate change was the number one threat to America and not fundamentialist Muslims ?

  21. Wait a minute, didn’t Hillary already float this idea?

    She isn’t as slick as I thought. At least Obumbles has his lower minions float the idea first to see if people will buy it.

    1. No, that was a biscuit. But we laughed and blamed the dog.

  22. Segregated AND studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.

    1. +1 Soylent Green

  23. “…swear to uphold and defend the Constitution…”

    I guess since he’s retired, fuck the whole “oath” thing, huh?

    1. It’s more like a guideline.

  24. Yeah, let’s build us some camps. That will bring us more in line with China and North Korea.

    We had to bring ourselves more into line with Europe by totally fucking up the healthcare system for 300 million people. So what’s the logical next step?

    Let’s just build some camps and get it over with. People will never wind up there because of their political beliefs, nope, never will happen. This is a perfectly sane and safe idea. And shovel ready jobs!

  25. Alzheimer’s is a sad way to go.

    1. Yeah. Now why can’t a federal judge order this wacky jackoff to get a psych evaluation?

  26. You know who else wanted to put people in camps?

    1. political parties?

    2. The Boy Scouts?




        1. STEVE SMITH, death camp liberator!!

    4. Colonel Klink

    5. Luke William Gallup?

    6. Napoleon, on his conquest of Russia?

  27. The fact that he even used the term ‘camps’ is just precious.

    1. He probably thinks Korematsu is just dandy.

  28. Would they allow the libertarians to stay together or would they force us to interact with the statists as a form of torture?

    1. They hate voluntary cooperation with a fiery passion, so undoubtedly we would get split up.

      1. They’d split up the libertarians because an all libertarian camp would be the absolute worst thing ever to be a guard of.

        Imagine being one of the camp guards and having to get a bunch of libertarians to fall out in the morning and stand in an orderly formation so that they could be counted.

        And remember that our camp leader would be PB because he is the purest libertarian ever.

        1. Not for nothing, but Nikki still has to go into one of the camps, so… would be the absolute worst thing ever to be a guard of.

        2. Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!

        3. It’s easy to control us cause we’re all dopers.

          Pot legalization is a conspiracy so Wesley Clark can keep us interned, compliant and stoned.

  29. Clark just watched The Siege and is imaging himself as Bruce Willis.

    1. My spelling is going to shit.

      imagining himself as Bruce Willis.

    2. I don’t remember the exact line, but before the crackdown, Willis’s character explicitly told his superiors not to put him in that position, knowing full well what the outcome would be. Clark strikes me more as the superior than the general; he wants it done and he wants someone else to take the fall for it.

    3. Imagining himself as Bruce Willis getting a blow from a hooker as that’s the only way he can get it up.

  30. This is literally why we have the 2nd amendment.

    1. And that Tree of Liberty is looking pretty parched

      1. It can still hold lots of nooses and corpses.

  31. I just hope our barracks are air conditioned. Do you think they’ll let us have cable?

    1. Of course you will have cable in the barracks. It will be permanently tuned to MSNBC though…


        Please, please, please waterboard me instead.

        1. Late at night they take a break from the news and show soft core pr0n involving Rachel Maddow and Melissa Harris-Perry. Each show they bring in a Washingtonian gal and while one asks her questions the other goes down on the guest. They will see how the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Ruth Bader-Ginsberg perform under pressure.

          Make sure you are done with your water boarding session so you get to watch that.

          1. I need to get Reasonable so I can block people. I’ll be sending you a bill for the therapy I’m going to need after reading this.

          2. At least you’d be able to throw up all the water you just ingested.

        2. Relax, you will also have NPR!

      2. How else do you expect them re-educate the undesirables.

      3. RED DAWN

  32. So if these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they’re disloyal to the United State

    My oath to the Constitution and duties found in the Declaration of Independence compel me to take up arms against the US Federal Government. It would be a honor to be considered disloyal fuck #1.

    1. That will only happen if you manage to put Clark out of our misery. Bonus points if you make if messy and on live camera.

  33. I think there are a lot of people who owe Alex Jones an apology.

  34. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..ml?hpid=z1

    This Post story sums up so much of what is wrong with our response to radical Islam. First, you have the protestors whom I don’t blame. The problem is our national media and government are just unbelievably stupid. If you are worried about a mob, the worst thing you can do is lie to it and insult because then not only is the mob angry about the initial problem it is now even more angry about you lying to it. These people are protesting because they feel like the government doesn’t’ care about their interests and safety. They think this because just weeks after the President and his media minions made every sort of appalling generalization and group slander possible about the Charleston shooter, they spit in the country’s face by claiming that it is just impossible to tell what could have possibly caused an obvious act of Islamic terrorism.

    1. That makes people feel insulted and like the government doesn’t care about protecting them. Do that long enough and people will take matters into their own hands. A President who hated Muslims and wanted the country to start exacting revenge against them couldn’t play it any smarter than Obama has.

      Then you have the FBI who has found that running sting operations getting the gullible to commit to phony terror plots has alienated the Muslim community and caused them to stop cooperating. Who could have seen that coming. If the FBI were trolling my neighborhood trying to entrap people into committing crimes that send them to prison for life, I would hate them too. God fucking forbid the FBI go down and talk to Muslims and explain how they are harmed by these acts and everyone needs to work together to see they don’t happen. No, can’t do that. That would not mean arresting people and making your career by sending the stupid to prison for life.

      We are so doomed.

      1. The government can’t seem to do anything that is both sensible and constitutional.

      2. The water in the pot gets hotter every day.

      3. Being white and male and Southern, I do feel a bit insulted, but I consider the source. I really don’t care what a bunch of Yankee and West Coast elites think.

        However, their willingness to exploit every single human tragedy to advance an obviously false narrative does change the way I think about them. I used to think they were either stupid or deluded; I now think they are either insane or evil.

        1. Why can’t they be both? It works for me.

    2. These people are protesting because they feel like the government doesn’t’ care about their interests and safety.

      They’re 100% correct!

      1. They dumb fucks for expecting something different

      2. “What was that?”, as a shoe flies by. “Was that a bat?”

        Trouble in Progtardville?

        Blowback will getcha every time. Just ask Robespierre.

  35. Even if I were to believe there was merit to this idea as well as no constitutional issues, I would still like to know how the government determines what “radicalization” is. Maybe, just maybe, the government would abuse the term?

    1. I would still like to know how the government determines what “radicalization” is.

      Why, some executive regulatory agency will decide, of course.

      The Department of Radical Neutralization?

      I’m just as concerned with the phrase “for the duration of the conflict.” No moral hazard there, huh?

      1. Just call it the Ministry of Love.

    2. Of course not. Look how well they’re doing on civil assets forfeiture and sex crime registries and the war on drugs and… oh crap.

    3. Wesley Clark said it right in the video:

      “There are always a certain number of young people who are alienated: they lost a job, they lost a girlfriend, their families don’t feel happy here… And we can watch the signs of that”

      So we’ll have a government program to keep an eye out for young men who break up with girlfriends or get fired. It’s so simple, even an idiot could figure it out.

  36. Wesley Clark continues to haunt us…I thought we were rid of that fool after he got nowhere in the Donkey primary.

  37. Wes never heard of the Boston Radicals? You know, the founders of our country?

    1. (found him the Tweeters and Tweetered this very comment right at his face.)

    2. Well, that’s the point. The founded *this* country. The PTB don’t want another group of radicals founding a new country. They are satisfied with things just the way they are.

    3. Samuel Adams. Yum.

  38. I would love someone to ask the President or one of his minions how it is that they are convinced you can’t defeat an ideology with a gun but can with prison. The worst thing you can do with people who are preaching radical Islam is send them to prison and give them 24/7 access to the people in our society most alienated from it and most likely to listen to their message. If I were a committed jhihadist, I wouldn’t blow myself up in a shopping mall. I would get thrown in prison and spend my time convincing other people to blow themselves up.

    If you want to fight radical Islam, you better think about doing something about the prison culture in this country. It is a really bad idea to send millions of people to prison if you are worried about people converting to a radical ideology.

    We have really set ourselves up well. First, we have in the name of political correctness totally neutered the Christianity that is preached in prisons. No minister who doesn’t toe the PC line is allowed in a prison. This makes for a mushy bullshit religion that no one is going to buy. People turn to religion for answers and meaning, not feel good pats on the back. Meanwhile, we are allowing no shit radicals unlimited access to our prison population. And the radical religion may be repugnant to our elites, but it offers answers and meaning and is often very appealing to others.

    1. It’s not just the prison ministries John, it’s the vast majority of them in this country. And they wonder why they have so many empty pews.

      1. Yup. It is why the evangelicals are not going away. They offer people meaning and answers. And meaning and answers are why people turn to religion. If you are just going to make your religion a feel good pat on the back for everyone, you are wasting your time since people can get that anywhere.

        One of the problems we have in dealing with radical Islam is that our leaders are so uniformly secular and are totally ignorant of religious thought. Since they don’t understand religious thought and why it appeals to people, they have no idea how to fight a religious ideology.

        1. Well they do have a religion. It’s a secular religion with government as its god and scientism as its truth.

          1. One of the tragic comic parts of that truth is that they all loath Ayn Rand yet if you listen to what they say they are at heart just really stupid Objectivists. If you think your “reason” can give you access to the ultimate truth and certain individuals rise above others in doing that, then I have a philosophy for you, Objectivism. Yet, they all hate Rand. They really don’t believe in “reason”. They believe in mouthing whatever the group tells them is the reasonable thing to say.

            1. Right. What they call reason is just rationalization.

  39. FDR’s internment of Japanese Americans during WW2 wasn’t an aberration, it was part for the course for progtards. Bookmarking this for the next time some proggie shit heel claims the left isn’t a bunch of fascist douchebags.

    1. No, no, no FDR would have been a Republican.

      1. To be fair, California Attorney General Earl Warren was a Republican, and was an enthusiastic supporter of internment.

        On the other hand, the only high-profile partisan politician who openly opposed Japanese internment was Colorado Governor Ralph Carr. It was pretty much the end of that Republican’s political career.

    2. If Fascism weren’t so tightly linked to Nazism in everyone’s mind, the contemporary American left would proudly declare themselves Fascists. Or would at least admit that they pretty much want Fascism with a few modifications.

      1. Sure seems like it. Didn’t think this as recently as a decade ago, but it’s hard not to view them this way, with crap like this becoming commonplace. The masks are getting used less and less.

        1. Communism, fascism, socialism, progressivism, they all start from the same basic assumptions. The cult of TOP MEN, the planning of society through science, and the crushing of dissent.

          1. Well they used “science” not exactly science.

      2. Look I hate the progs as much as anyone here but they are not fascists in the true sense of the word. Fascism attempts to unite a nation state by appealing to common civic or ethnic values, typically by way of contrast with “outsiders.” This involves a rejection of class and gender-based identity politics in favor of xenophobia. Thus, the modern left’s commitments to “gender equality” (i.e. Misandry), affirmative action, and anti-wallstreet rhetoric are counterproductive from a fascist standpoint.

        Additionally, a fascist embraces an ethos of tribalist exceptionalism. “My people are genetically superior supermen who deserve to rule you.” This lies directly at odds with the left’s pathological guilt, perhaps best exemplified by their attitude toward radical islam. While the salafist and sociologist may share a general totalitarian impulse, their specific values, backgrounds, and beliefs are almost invariably divergent. So why do leftists kneel before the scimitar? Because, unlike fascism, progressivism is a fundamentally submissive ideology.

        Just my two cents.

    3. I fucking hate FDR. It’s a damn good thing he’s dead already.

  40. And you can’t analogize this to the Japanese internment because we are not the same country now than we were then. Our government at least is much worse. Whatever you think of the Japanese internment, it was finite (they only interned Japanese who lived on the West Coast), and it only lasted until the war was over. Our government has long since lost the ability to do anything in a limited way or to ever stop dong it once it starts. In 1942 you could trust the government to just lock up Japanese and stop doning so when the war was over. Indeed, that is exactly what happened.

    No way could you trust our current government to do the same. What would start with locking of radical Muslims would by bureaucratic inertia alone expand to locking up anyone else the public doesn’t like and since no program ever ends, would mean locking people up forever.

    There may come a time where the sensible thing to do is lock up all of the radical Muslims. If that time ever comes, we are fucked because we no longer have a government capable of doing anything in any kind of measured or sensible fashion. Our government only goes to 11.

    1. You can’t be done with it because there would be so many fucking govt lickspittles who absolutely needed the program to continue or their job would be gone.

      If you were the Senior Assistant to the First Under Deputy of Muslim Internment, the last thing you’d want is to start letting them go. In fact, you would want to start interning someone else, because that would mean more opportunity for advancement.

    2. I think that putting people in camps is probably just something that most people just won’t go for. A whole lot of other government stuff stayed turned up to 11 after WWII. Yet there haven’t been any other forced internments like that. Radical Muslims are probably the closest thing to the threat that japan posed that has happened since and it seems extremely unlikely that the US government will start rounding them up.

      As usual, it is entirely possible that I am too optimistic, but I think that the general public really is very much against that sort of thing and it won’t happen.

      1. Zeb let there be a nuclear attack or enough smaller attacks and people would go for it. In fact, you would have to lock Muslims up to keep the rest of the population from killing them.

        People are not going to roll over and die because some abstract principle says they can’t do something to defend themselves. It just doesn’t work that way.

      2. Guantanamo. We already are locking people up for the rest of their lives.

      3. Guantanamo. We already are locking people up for the rest of their lives.

      4. Guantanamo. We already are locking people up for the rest of their lives.

        1. You know who we really should round up and put in camps? The damn squirrels.

    3. Our government only goes to 11.

      This should be on a t-shirt with a flaming eagle. Badass.

  41. Wesley Clark on ‘Radicalized’ Americans: Let’s ‘Segregate Them from the Normal Community’

    Segregate the “normal community” from me. They’re the crazy ones.

  42. Sounds just like Robert Kennedy Jr’s opinion on AGW skeptics.

  43. the more government interferes with our freedoms and seeks to dictate every aspect of our lives, the more radical Americans will become.

  44. I think it’s quite possible that the Europeans will end up with some type of camps in 10 years or so. They’ve already got camps of migrants trying to make their way across the channel in Normandy. As their economies deteriorate, as more migrants travel from North Africa, Syria, Iraq and other ME points, as more extreme parties are elected in the Mediterranean countries things are going to get ugly fast.

    Considering we’re an armed people, it’s not realistic to think we’ll ever allow camps again.

    But, hey, people turn bat-shit crazy on a dime, so never say never.

    1. Considering we’re an armed people, it’s not realistic to think we’ll ever allow camps again.

      I wish I could believe that. Considering the pussification of the Americans in general and American males in particular, there is little hope that a sufficient number of Americans are willing to to sacrifice any of their conveniences to challenge the government. And those that do are going to be considered, by definition, radicals. And should many of those radical live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, then it will be even easier to marginalize them.

  45. Isn’t this the asshole who damned near caused World War III until the Brits told him to fuck off?

    1. Yes. From Wiki:

      One of Clark’s most debated decisions during his SACEUR command was his attempted operation to attack Russian troops at Pristina International Airport immediately after the end of the Kosovo War in June 1999. A joint NATO?Russia peacekeeping operation was supposed to police Kosovo. Russia wanted their peacekeeping force to operate independent of NATO, but NATO refused. British forces were supposed to occupy Pristina International Airport, but a contingent of Russian troops arrived before they did and took control of the airport. Clark called then-Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana, who told him “you have transfer of authority” in the area. General Clark then issued an order for the NATO troops to attack and “overpower” the armed Russian troops, but Captain James Blunt leading the British troops questioned this order and was supported in this decision by General Mike Jackson, the British commander of the Kosovo Force. Jackson refused to sanction the attack, reportedly saying “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you”.

      1. Yes, THAT James Blunt.

  46. Lindsey Graham: don’t you dare even THINK about joining ISIS
    Wesley Clark: to the camps, terrorist!!!

  47. Wesley Clark is a Democrat. I thought Democrats were the “loving” party . . .

    1. Democrats ARE the loving party! National Socialists were the Christian Party and Soviet Communists are the democratic party, full circle. They love coercing others–it’s what altruism is all about.

  48. “Well, you stupid libertarians won’t let NSA do it’s job (spy on you) anymore . . . What other choice is there? The government just wants to keep you safe!” – Wesley Clark July 2015

    1. They worked tirelessly to keep these people safe.

  49. “In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech. We put him in a camp.”

    Um, no. Few members of the German American Bund were locked up. It was those of Japanese ancestry that were put into camps.

    1. Same is going to happen here. The real, “I want to kill civilians” type radicals will shave their beards, hide their religious beliefs, do everything in pursuit of that goal.

      So when we throw avowed “radicals” in camps and it doesn’t stop the attacks, the next step is stuff that can’t be hidden, like skin color.

  50. There already is a camp for “terrorists”.’ It’s at Gitmo.

    (Wesley Clark, you’re a moron)

  51. Playing devil’s advocate: how do we know that the Japanese Internment didn’t work as planned?

    1. We don’t. We can never live the counter factual. We just assume every Japanese interned was a hard working patriotic American with no loyalty to Japan because that is the fairytale that right thinking people believe. The truth of course is a whole lot more complex and hard to pin down. So of course all right thinking people avoid the truth and believe the fairytale.

      1. Well I like to believe the fairytale.

        This reminds me of the Y2K bug. So many people complained afterward that it was just a ruse to sell computer gear and services because nothing ultimately went wrong. But there were some problems, and the extent to which there were no problems comes down to the hard work of tens of thousands of men and women around the world who busted their butts for a couple years to make sure nothing catastrophic happened.

        So it might have been an heroic task preventing wild Japanese men, women, and children from taking up arms and IEDs against us. But I doubt it.

      2. The only thing for certain with regards to Japanese Internment was that some large number of them had sympathies towards American interests and after internment some fewer probably did.

        It also begs the question as to why more than an order of magnitude more Japanese Americans were interred that were German Americans. Were the Japanese Americans more of a threat, or were they just easier to pick out of a crowd? Who set the criteria for internment? Who will set it in the future?

  52. Well…time to get the oil changed on the ol’ woodchipper. Shes barely cooled off after the last run.

  53. Weasely clark is a witless douchebag who can lick my taint before I’d give him the sweat off of my balls.
    . My contempt for him is based on 34 years in the Army. Fuck you clark.

  54. Depends on what radical is defined as. The justice dept trying to legalize 12 perversions two of which are beastiality and pedophilia. That’s abuse to our children and our animals to make it ok for Muslims and other pedophiles to rape six year olds? Treason. Put em on a camp. Wanting to overthrow the constitution? That’s treason. Put them in a camp. Socialism was hitler. Google it. Communism and Marxism was Lenin and Stalin. Marx was a satanist that wrote Marxism. Google that. I don’t wish to live under any of that. I’ll fight for the constitution and Bill of rights.

  55. Weasel Clark seems to have a poor grasp of history. Certainly there have been restrictions on free expression during some past wartimes (though not always). The internees in World War II were not considered POWs, and eventually were paid compensation for their suffering. (But it was pushed by liberals such as Earl Warren and FDR, a reminder of how little they really cared about civil liberties as such.)

  56. Was that Ayn Rand the noted novelist or Ayn Rand the famous stripper?

  57. I liked the original version better. In the 1968 movie “Wild in the Streets,” victims of GOP brainwashing were committed to Obummercare Camps to be medicated out of their fascination with taxes, regulation, napalming distant peasants and booting down people’s doors to meddle in their private lives.
    I rather fancy Wes Clark and cronies as reconcentrados on meds.
    This is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRNKmje-Abs

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