Ron Paul Backs Iran Nuclear Deal

No surprise, although his son Rand opposes it


Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman who ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988 and as a Republican in 2008 and 2012, has spoken out in support of the deal negotiated between Iran, the U.S., and five other world powers earlier this week.

Paul expressed his support for the deal, which he acknowledged was not perfect, in an interview on Newsmax TV's "Hard Line." Via Newsmax:

Paul told host Ed Berliner that the deal echoed Ronald Reagan's deal with the Soviets in the 1980s. Paul's biggest problem with the deal was that the United States had to work under the confines of the United Nations and NATO.

"There's something to be said about moving in the direction of at least talking to people instead of saying, 'All right, you're scoundrels, we'll keep our $100 billion we've taken from you and all options are on the table, like if you don't do what we tell you, we're allowed to use our nuclear weapons against you,'" Paul said. "The tone has been changed. It's to our benefit; it's to the benefit of world peace."

Paul also pointed out that in its history Iran has never invaded any of its neighbors, though Newsmax notes Iran critics would list Iran's support for militant and rebel groups in the region as a counterargument to that.

Paul didn't appear to mention Mohammed Mossadegh, a democratically-elected Iranian prime minister overthrown in a CIA-backed coup in 1953, though Paul mentioned him often when talking about Iran as a congressman and two time Republican presidential candidate. The coup that overthrew Mossadegh brought back the Shah, an unpopular Iranian leader who was eventually overthrown by a presumably non-CIA-backed coup led by Ayatollah Khomeini and other Islamist extremists. For all of Mossadegh's faults, he was a democratically-elected politician who was not an Islamist extremist. Where Iran would be now had he not been overthrown is an open question, though it's difficult to see how the unpopular Shah would have been able to retake power in Iran without the support of a global superpower like the U.S. Maybe the ayatollahs would've been able to launch a successful coup in 1979 against a democratic Iranian government—it certainly would have been harder than in the conditions that actually existed thanks to reckless U.S. intervention.

Paul's son, Rand, a senator from Kentucky seeking the 2016 Republican nomination, has sounded amenable to negotiations with Iran before but, keeping in line with a troubling lurch rightward on foreign policy, condemned this week's deal and not enough. His lurching hasn't helped—Republicans like South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, another presidential contender, continue to maintain Hillary Clinton, running for the Democratic presidential nomination, would've gotten a better deal with Iran than Rand Paul would be capable of.

Ron Paul called the deal a "gamble" but "the right gamble to make" and not as big a gamble as when Reagan negotiated with the Soviets over weapons.

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  1. Did Paul just compare Iranians to the commies? Why not just call them Nazis and be done with it.

    1. well they are Aryans

        1. Ayran Privilege?

          1. /John

          2. Ooooh, what you did…

          3. You can’t spell Ayn Rand without Ayran. Or something.

  2. Well, it’s sort of like this. If you don’t want the USA to invade your country and use you for a testing ground for their new military toys, you get a nuke.

    1. How does that work, though?

      Say you have a nuke and you really, really, really piss off the US.

      US invades.

      You nuke…what? US beachead? I presume you don’t have missiles that can reach the US.
      Then US retaliates. Well done, you just lost your country. Literally.

      Or do you bomb Tel Aviv? Athens? Maybe you can reach Rome?
      First, why would that stop the US if they want to get it. Second, you just lost your country again.

      Or does your program include developing the means to hit the US. Do you really think US won’t invade before you finish?

      1. But – the US *never* invades.

        At least that’s the North Korean lesson.

        1. US didn’t invade North Korea when they had no nukes, and were as obnoxious and evil as they are now. Nor for that matter had they invaded Iran, despite 35 years of anti-American campaigning and whipping fear in their populace.

          Some other countries without nukes US didn’t invade: Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia, Namibia, Mozambique, Burma, Thailand, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina.

          If you go by history, countries that should be most serious about nukes are in South and Central America.

          1. I believe the above is in reference to the “Axis of Evil,” and the little discussed new American policy of preemptive strike diplomacy.

            To be clear, I think it stinks of banana republic petty dictatorship to decide you are so insecure that you must attack your enemy before they attack you. I also think that if you are campaigning under the guide of “freedom and liberty” you should probably be a little more careful about the application of military might. However, maybe history will look back kindly at these decades as the period where the US used bombs and drones to eradicate “evil” and implement “freedom.”

      2. Ok. So what country is it that has a nuke that the USA has invaded?:

        1. “It’s sort of like this. If you don’t want the USA to invade your country and use you for a testing ground for their new military toys, you get a nuke.”


          What do you think of starting to use “USG” (the United States Government) rather than “USA” in this regard?

        2. None, but why would US invade Israel, China, Russia, India, France or UK in the first place?
          Pakistan, would be cheaper to have another coup. What would US invade for?
          North Korea, maybe. But again, how does US invade in the first place? Who will provide the bases? And most importantly, China, which does have nukes, can threaten to provide nuclear umbrella. And above all, what the fuck do you do with North Korea once you have it? Fucked up poverty and mind twisting of that shitpile is best defense a country could have.

          1. North Korea, maybe. But again, how does US invade in the first place? Who will provide the bases?

            Um…you’re joking, right?

            1. I’m serious – South Korea has zero interest in changing the status quo by force. Hell, they are half-terrified the regime will collapse and they get saddled with tens of millions of undernourished, paranoid people and a non-functional economy.

              1. So, the ROK would kick us out, huh?

                Not a chance in hell.

                1. What did US do when Turkey told them they can’t use their arispace to invade Iraq? Nothing, went of to sulk. LIkewise, if Saudis and Kuwaitis told them no, you think Bush would have ordered US troops to occupy them instead of leaving?

                  And it’s not matter of just kicking out, unless you want to invade with 40,000 troops. US needs their cooperation to fight the war. I guess, they could invade South Korea first. Probably will need to reconquer Japan beforehand, though.

                2. “kick us out”, and “actively discourage regime change through our military action” are two different animals..

      3. Also consider Libya and Qaddafi. Give up your program and you might not be long for the world, though maybe not directly at the US government’s hands.

        1. Libya wasn’t centered in a sea of hostile Arab regimes, aching to respond in kind by shopping their local Paki-mart? for functional, off-the-shelf thermonuclear devices..

      4. Or does your program include developing the means to hit the US. Do you really think US won’t invade before you finish?

        “Means to hit the U.S.” includes alternatives to the ICBM. Like put it on a boat and sail into New York harbor. Or Norfolk if you want to mess up the Navy. Or up the Potomac.

        1. But it on a medium range missile on a ship, sail it near the US coast, and launch it for high-altitude airburst. Every piece of non-hardened electronics goes down for months, including the entire electrical grid. Do that with a handful of nukes, and the whole US is without power for many months. Scores of millions would starve to death.

          1. And cease to exist 20 minutes later.


            1. That is a disincentive to sane people. It’s not necessarily a disincentive to religious fanatics who believe they can bring back the 12th Imam by starting an apocalyptic war.

              1. Yawn.

                I wonder how many times throughout history people have claimed their opponents were not rational?

                WE MUST ATTACK THEM NOW!

                /Retarded warmongering Republicans

                1. Luckily, I’m not a retarded warmongering Republican. That’s just your cartoon image of my view, based on nothing I’ve written here. So lighten up, Francis.

                  Can you think of examples of nations starting wars irrationally, which objective observers agree that they could not win? I can think of many. Your argument amounts to “Iran would never do anything suicidal.” Because they’re quivering at the thought of the mighty, cold-hearted wrath of Obama?

                  Are you kidding? Obama would dither and say they weren’t sure who did it. Must investigate first. Maybe it wasn’t an official Iranian operation. The newly wimpified Pentagon would pause its LGBTQWERTYUIOP sessions for a moment, and advise not doing anything rash. The State Department would do the same. The peaceniks and environmentalists would be unanimous, screaming against any retaliation. So would the far left. So would every Muslim. The UN would pass a resolution urging we not retaliate. The NY Times would advise that we hold back and listen to the peacemakers, and bond as we focus on helping survivors and mourning the dead, without adding to the problem by killing anyone. The moment for action would vanish.

                  It doesn’t even matter whether my scenario is right or not. All that matters is that Iran’s leaders think it is. And how would you bet? That they see Obama as a Patton-in-waiting, or as a weak, pompous, vacillating fool?

  3. Maybe the ayatollahs would’ve been able to launch a successful coup in 1979 against a democratic Iranian government …

    Because the Shah eliminated all political opposition though his agency known as Savak the only opposition left was the clergy. The ayatollahs then seized power to overthrow the Shah’s corrupt and torturing regime and in the process replaced it with their own.

    1. Well, Wiki page is very pro-Mossadegh, but it includes the following snippet

      Some argue that while many elements of Mosaddegh’s coalition abandoned him it was the loss of support from Ayatollah Abol-Ghasem Kashani and other clergy that was fatal to his cause, reflective of the dominance of the Ulema in Iranian society and a portent of the Islamic Revolution to come. The loss of the political clerics effectively cut Mosaddegh’s connections with the lower middle classes and the Iranian masses which are crucial to any popular movement in Iran.[68]

      Revolution of 1979 was not Islamic. It was broad-based, and was started by liberal and communist parties. Clerics were late-comers (very similar to Arab Spring in Egypt), they just had much better post-coup game, and unleashed the kind of measures Shah never dreamed of onto the other parties. V.S. Naipaul’s Among the believers has an section on his visit to Iran in this interregnum, and it is not a mullah-run society.

      1. Very similar to the February and October Revolutions in Russia in 1917: Broad-based at first, and then the most radical and ruthless factions took over.

        1. Also similar in that the most radical and ruthless faction sat out the initial part of the revolution, jumped in the head of the parade when it was almost over, then turned around and unleashed hell on the opponents. Unlike in Russia, in Iran opposition had nothing. They trashed army and police as hated instruments of the Shah, and weren’t prepared for actual terror.

    2. For all of Mossadegh’s faults, he was a democratically-elected politician who was not an Islamist extremist.

      At the time of Mossadegh, the capers and consequences of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, also a democratically elected non-extremist, were green in people’s memories. This might account for some of the animosity toward Mossadegh.

      I know, I know oooiiiyul!

  4. Ron Paul also thinks we’re about to fall into a currency crisis that’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.

    And the only way to protect ourselves is to buy silver from 1-800 GOLDBUG SILVER1 or whoever the hell he’s whoring himself out for these days.

    1. It almost sounds like you dont think he is trying to help his son win the election in 2016.

      1. I don’t get it!

        Do they not get along?

        Does Ron Paul not realize this kind of shit is embarrassing?

        Rand might be doing better if Billy Carter was his brother instead.

      2. IMO..If Rand Paul actually gets the nomination he’ll sail through to the presidency, regardless of how crazy his dad is. Getting the nomination is the hard part.

        1. Getting the nomination…

          …is not going to happen. It will be some doof like Rubio or Walker, who will get destroyed in the general election. On the bright side, if the Rs can keep the House and Senate, we can hope for gridlock, the second-best outcome.

          1. Walker, who will get destroyed in the general election

            I wouldn’t count on this one.

  5. Libertaria goals:

    1. Sneak the remaining 10% of Mexican population across border to the north.

    2. Walk across southern border.

    3. Build big ass fence to keep Murikans over there.

    4. Raise new Libertaria flag over former state of Mexico.

    5. Acquire vast intercontinental ballistic nuclear arsenal.

    6. Point vast nuclear arsenal at Moscow, Beijing, and Washington, DC.

    7. Live happily ever after.

    1. Look, go with historical name, that also sounds better


      (it’s also a name of a really cool board game)

      1. I don’t like it, it sounds too much like clitoris. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

        1. What in the heck is a clitoris?

          1. It’s like … umm … oh, fuck it, never mind…

            1. I come here to learn and you people just keep disappointing me.

              1. I come here to learn and you people just keep disappointing me.

                You came and you’re still disappointed?

                1. I have no idea what you mean.

                  1. Ignorance is bliss..

        2. So what if it does? Or wait, does this hypothetical Libertarian state has female populace. Because, that’s not gonna be feasible.

          1. Well, it will have to of course, because libertopia cannot exist without the happiness of femininity, but … female libertarians… well, you know, we still do not know if those exists… sort of like the multiverse or time travel, still a mystery…

            1. So, we’ll need a committee of Top! Scientists! to work on the problem. Maybe cloning will provide the answer!

              Or maybe Libertarians will just have to turn gay. NTTIAWT. So foundational SF novels will be Atlas Shrugged and Ethan of Athos, side by side.

              1. Sorry, I can’t turn gay, not that anything is wrong with that, but I still likes wiminz…

            2. The Romans already gave us one possible solution.

              1. Not a Libertarian solution, though. Unless Salon writers get invited to pitch ideas for Constitution of Libertarian State.

          2. Or wait, does this hypothetical Libertarian state has female populace.

            See – there you go already. Thinking about the propagation of the state through the continual creation of new ‘citizens’.

            Libertalia doesn’t need children because Livertalia is for the Libertalians.

          3. rape of the sabine women

      2. Libertatia is portrayed in the Errol Flynn movie (one of his last good ones) Against All Flags. At one point there’s a handbill a pirate captain uses to recruit sailors that says:

        No Prey
        No Pay

        That always cracks me up.

    2. I got a thousand bucks, a truck, some hand tools, and a few Mexican friends who’d be willing to work cheap.

      When do we get started?

      1. Right fucking now

    3. Yeah, it’s a pretty good impression of a nutjob. I like this guy better:

      If I could be the Emperor of America?

      As a gift to my libertarian friends, the first thing I’d do is decree that taxes are all due on election day. In fact, you’d do your taxes on the back of your ballot. See what kind of government we get when people vote and pay taxes on the same day.

      I mean, pretend government. If I’m the emperor, the legislature will be largely ceremonial.

      The second thing I’d do is invoke Droit du seigneur but just for myself personally. Simply email photos in of your bride to be, and Emperor Ken will be send you back something telling you if he needs to do an in person…interview.

      Hey, you shouldn’t have an emperor. I’d be better than a lot of others–but no better than an emperor. I mean, what’s the point of being an emperor if you can’t be arbitrary and obnoxious?

      1. if he needs to do an in person…interview.

        Boy, does she have a story for you. A thousand and one of ’em, as a matter of fact.

        1. Yeah, I meant “if [she] needs to do an in person…interview”.


      2. Early, irreverent Woody Allen was awesome.

      3. And here I thought Uday Hussein was dead.

  6. . . . critics would list Iran’s support for militant and rebel groups in the region as a counterargument to that.

    Hmm, what would those critics call *our* support for militant and rebel groups in that region (among others)?

    1. Depends on who is doing the support, if Lybia intervention is any guide.

      Also, maybe “insufficient” is the word, as far as Kurds go. Only side to have any success against ISIS, but US refuses to arm them, instead preferring to deal with Baghdad government. Likewise in Syria. They keep trying to find some fictional “moderates” to arm and train, but Kurds are told to fuck off.

      1. Its just darkly amusing that there are a strain of people that will point to Iran’s indirect meddling in the affairs of other nations with outrage when we do the same thing (with the same mostly counter-productive results).

  7. I know it is a conservative news talking point, but it is disappointing that prisoners were not released as a result of this deal.

    1. Well, it’s better if releasing prisoners is not part of any deal. Don’t subsidize kidnappings. Regan figured that one out the hard way.

      But yes, if Iran is serious about normalizing relations with they US, they should start by releasing the prisoners. And maybe stop chanting “Death to America.” Just, you know, to show willing.

      1. Don’t subsidize kidnappings.

        That is a very good point. However, it is still disappointing.

      2. Our people spend billions on shitty jets- I see not a single fucking reason why our people can’t spend a few millions on real people who have little families and circles of love back home. Bro, maybe your fucking mom should be stolen by some fucking desert gangsters with tiny dicks who want to kill the planet because their brains suck. I hope she survives her asshole being raped- or not. Unless we can all pony up several million to get YOUR mom out of harms way which I am HAPPY to support wholeheartedly. Yes, save Pan Zag Mom from ISIS rape NOW. She is a MOM and an AMERICAN MOM who loves her kid and all.

  8. How do I benefit from this?

    1. Your benefits as an American are narrowing by the year… Maybe we should focus on dat, cousin.

  9. I think RP got this wrong. The big prob is the US etc not recognizing Iranian sovereignty over its own decisions. The deal micromanages Iran. The best way to get US’ respect is to get the bomb.

    1. The best way to get US’ respect is to get the bomb

      Yep, this is why Ron is right. There is no way to negotiate with the USA without a mutual means of mass destruction.

      1. And the will to see it through..

  10. Ron Paul is on my list of greatest Americans, ever. Rand still has to earn a spot.

    Yeah, it’s still very likely I’m voting for Rand for POTUS, if I get the chance.

    1. Ron Paul balls magnetizes the weirdest Americans known to human kind. I have stories about Ron Paul people that could fill volumes and every single fucking page makes my facial features pop with a spasmodic fist bump into the void of slathered voices and existences. Peace, Ron Paul. Your people mow the lawns of aliens and Jesus rapture but I’ve met plenty that smoke the fucking hardest pot known to man.

      1. What kind of drugs did Jesus take anyway?

        1. jESU

          1. nOT…WAIT… the fucking keys went all backwards and shit. and whatnot, brotha.

            Jesus lived a hallucinogenic life of religion- the most available drug known and loved for centuries- and one I support. But no one in Cedarville Ohio will admit to being a heavy user of this particular drug.

            1. getting high on god

  11. Ron Paul has never seen a country that is a threat to the U.S. And he has never seen a problem in the world that isn’t the U.S.’s fault.

    1. Ron Paul is a silly boob in brilliant booties and the little man is the ultimate pragmatist. Paul sees the haymakers of power slice into the jaws and necks of history across the compass of time. Power at the apex exists not as nation or ideal. We’ve been taught to view our tank protected camps as idealistic extensions of our realities.

      1. Now who can argue with that?

        1. + Blazing Saddles

          Regardless of H&R silliness, DLotWC,

          Agile Cyborg’s post seems to make a good deal of sense to me when I consider that it followed John’s post which posited that “Ron Paul has never seen a country that is a threat to the U.S. And he has never seen a problem in the world that isn’t the U.S.’s fault.”

    2. That’s because there is no country that’s a threat to the US, conventionally speaking, and there’s only one real threat from the nuclear perspective.

  12. Earth has become complex because human life matters so fucking little, bros. It’s not as if human life is worth fucking shit in this country. We fucking throw dudes in solitary for months when they miss the toilet. We fuck up families for decades because mom smokes pot for her broken back. We laud the worst most inept theory any human in the history of humans has ever concocted called ‘broken windows theory’ and its millions of lives it has destroyed and we call ourselves ‘all we hold dear at home’. Good one, fucks. Good one.

    1. I’m not sure human life has any value. Freedom, on the other hand, is worth more than seven piles of owl manure.

  13. “Paul told host Ed Berliner that the deal echoed Ronald Reagan’s deal with the Soviets in the 1980s.” Obama and Thomas Friedman have been working hard to get us to think that there is an actual comparison here, good to know that Ron Paul agrees with them.

    Some exceptions, though. First, Reagan saw the Soviets as evil and work to bring about their end. “We win, they lose.” I don’t think Obama wants the Iranians to lose. In fact, this deal will only make them stronger in Iran and in the region.

    The Soviets had nukes. Obama’s deal has pretty much guaranteed that they will acquire them.

    It was less likely back then that the Soviets would have nuked us. I am not sure that the Mullahs think like the Soviets.

    Reagan also laid the groundwork for eliminating the Soviets. Obama is building up the Mullahs.

    1. You’re full of shit – O Team Red propagandist.

      Obama’s deal has pretty much guaranteed that they will acquire them.

      So preventing them from enriching “guarantees” they acquire?

      Go suck a Fox News Murdoch cock.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.15 @ 10:15PM|#
        “Go suck a Fox News Murdoch cock.”

        Go fuck your daddy, turd.

        1. What would a day be like without a witty rejoinder from Sevo?

          1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.15 @ 10:27PM|#
            “What would a day be like without a witty rejoinder from Sevo?”

            What would a day be like without stupidity from turd, the guy with daddy problems?

    1. Holy shit, that is for serious! They charge money and everything.

      I think the only way to wear them is like pieces of flair from Office Space. Bonus points for extra creative places to sew them on.

  14. Ron Paul has always opposed the wingnut warmonger Chickenhawk Bushpigs.

    (several of which post here – Red Tony and Mike M come to mind first).

    Diplomacy first. Obama may have finally done something to deserve that Nobel.

  15. troubling lurch rightward on foreign policy

    Way to go Rand!

    You’re all the way up to 4%! Keep lurching rightward!

    1. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.15 @ 10:19PM|#
      “You’re all the way up to 4%! Keep lurching rightward!”

      8%, turd.

  16. Palin’s Buttplug|7.19.15 @ 10:12PM|#

    Fuck off.

  17. Don’t really give one fuck what Ron thinks. He’s no longer in the game.

    And it remains to be seen, as far as I’m concerned, whether or not this “deal” does one fucking bit of good for anyone or anything but iran.

    We’ll see.

    In the meantime – no Trump Dump? I am disappoint…

  18. PS “Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf” on SciFi, I can’t stop watching. It makes “Sharknado” look like fucking “Citizen Kane”. This is awesome lows in small-screen cinema. Awesome….

    1. Whale. Fucking. WOLF.


      I want some of the drugs th….heeeeey. I think I’ve figured out where Agile Cyborg works!!!

      Props, my homeslice….

      *toasts Agile*

    2. What does a wolf bring to the table for whales that orcas do not already have?

  19. Oh, and by the way Rand. If you can’t make hay in a field of single digit poll GOP retread assclowns + Trump you should pack your bags and go join the disaster gold nut circuit with your dad.

    1. “D-minus” trolling

      Come on, you can do better than that, shriek.

      It’s like you aren’t even trying any more.

  20. Well, the nuclear deal Clinton worked out with North Korea ended well, so why not this one?

  21. Gold is about to get butt-fricked – just like I have been telling you Peanuts.…..53715.html

    $1089. in Asia this bright morning. Uncle Buck strong as death.

    Ye old goldbugs are nuts. Bend over and take it in the ass Peter Schiff you fucking moron.

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      But Butt would hate me house more than that bros here cuz we make tons of moolah on… palin’s favorite dildo… wall street. HAHAHAHHAAHH… lovya babz

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        (old joke)

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          1. The preceding is a response to your joke- brah PB. Don’t report my ass to the FBI- they will get pissed at the long line of shit they have to follow on a daily basis. BUT- peace out- joke wamma lamma, PB.

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    1. I’ll bring my new slide guitar (made by a friend of mine) and my new Fender amp, and we’ll sing the night away in bud-induced hazy relaxation. That would be fun as hell.

      Have a great rest of the night and next week, Agile 🙂

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    Humans should hate Sharia.
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    And, Humans should reject atheism if it threatens their freedom.

    Man, this planet is fucked bros and 1 sister.
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    I love worship and open religion but NO religion can resist throwing me in prison because I enjoy getting fucked up and tripping. and we have officers of religious persuasion demanding they be waving tyrants all over us free beats.

    Man, fuck this world, bro.

  24. The entire planet wobbles on a new future, my lovely loves.

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    I guess hazelmeade doesnt hang in this jungle no more.

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    you are living air and making fucking tiny humans fucking a sweet pussy carving out homes in shit and all so hard knowing you will die soon and I’m weird for texting about flashdancing light beams.


  27. Everything normal is weird and weird is a fucking blue moon and anyone loves a blue moon so nothing is weird.

    Because politics takes itself very seriously and its young heart ninjas work toward goals under the senators and congresspeeps and they graduate the politik colleges under the various moons and the army of boys and girls go to work with Hillary, Trump, Paul, Bush, and the rest and they push into the pillows of time under ecstatic conditions like a political extended orgy man…. the cloud drops on a million fingers most who aren’t bright enough to take America anywhere but fucked up- FUCKING guaranteed. Most Americans are FUCKING morons. The best place on earth raped up its canyons by tons of states of dumbasses who are happy to be alive and not killed by nazis….. Jesus fucking christ

  28. File under = Bubble-Wrapped Universe

    Earlier this week, the son of Nick Cave, musician, fell off a cliff in Brighton while taking a selfie. A very big cliff (100+ ft). He is now dead.

    Suddenly in the last 24 hours, every news outlet in the UK are now reporting the following =

    The Mirror

    Nick Cave’s son’s rescue was delayed by 20 minutes because of locked gate after he fell from cliff

    Daily Mail

    Ambulances racing to get to Nick Cave’s son as he lay dying at the bottom of the cliff were delayed by up to 20 minutes by a locked gate


    Locked gate delays rescue of Nick Cave’s dying son

    Even the Aussies are in on this (perhaps The Bad Seeds were big down under?)

    Sydney Herald

    Locked gate delays rescue of Nick Cave’s dying son, Arthur

    What none of these Gategate stories bother to mention is that Ambulances do not come equipped with magic ‘put your organs back together’ devices, that falling 100+ft probably killed him at least 4X over, and that were he to be supernaturally revived somehow he would likely live out his days as a boneless sponge. I refer you to the Mythbusters episode where dropping a body 75 feet produced an impact of ~500+g’s. Lethal car-crashes average around ~75.

    I bring this up because it seems that Brits believe a non-lethal universe is possible though increased bureaucracy. No comment suggests the dumb cunt shouldnt be taking selfies on a cliff edge. They moan about needing “bolt cutters” in ambulances

    1. I am listening to Nick Cave in my ears and my arms want to punch marshmallows filled with alien dicks.

      1. The dude lost his dumb son- Gil. I am sad. I enjoy Cave shit. And Gil philoso is jelled with the ruins of the bluelines.

        1. Its horrible and sad.

          There’s no “gil philoso” here other than noting that UK media wants to try and “blame” his death on something other than having carelessly fallen off a cliff. Its a window into a mindset, is all.

          1. the garden of this thread runs with the light flowers
            \and young men and girls can die on edges…

            streams of brains love Gil- the new haiku pornboy.

    2. “No comment suggests the dumb cunt shouldnt be taking selfies on a cliff edge.”

      Side-walk supervisor to painter: “Step back and see how it looks!”
      Dunno if SF is the home of the selfies, but it’s home to a whole lot of hipsters who take them. While, oh, not really getting of the road along the Embarcadero. Or peddling their fixy bikes erratically in the same place.

      1. what the fucki is a fixy bike sevo?

        I saw and advertisements for a FiXy Mongoose and FUCKING man i need to BUy that Mongoose cuz it was ‘FIXY’…

        man is that even a real thing in this world, SevO?

        booma woomba ad ashalako lights flash and some bitch off jackass rides a frame sold on Cartoon Net… and LITTLE DUDES AND GOILS… CHECK THIS SHIT OUT… THIS FUCKING BIKE IS a GODDAMN….. FIXY… best shit your mommy and daddy ever spent sheckles on…

        ….a Sevo fixy.

        BEST FUCKING BIKE EVer before even jesus christ.

        1. Agile Cyborg|7.19.15 @ 11:45PM|#
          “what the fucki is a fixy bike sevo?”

          Bikes get stolen all the time. They are easy to fence or use, and they come with their own get-away vehicle.
          So a bike designer decided to offer really cheap ones; no gear change (fixed ratio = ‘fixy’) and (for a while) no brakes. Natch, they became fashionable, got fancy paint jobs, ‘gold’ drive chains and ended up costing what a bike that works costs. The only difference is that you have to have your brain vacuumed out to buy one without brakes. Quite popular.

    3. “I bring this up because it seems that Brits believe a non-lethal universe is possible though increased bureaucracy. No comment suggests the dumb cunt shouldnt be taking selfies on a cliff edge. They moan about needing “bolt cutters” in ambulances.”

      I’ve never read a better summary of present-day UK government ans society.

  29. American citizens understand their history?
    We GET the lens of math forming the US future?
    Old School patriots can vote beyond war and those fucking Mexicans they hate?
    I owe a lovely mexican a drawing in Wapak- bro, peace out…

    You HATE MEXICANS unless they serve your house or offer you food. FUCK DRUDGE! And I love Drudge- Mexicans, blacks, and whites ALL SHOULD FUCKING STOP murdering and raping but stop
    pretending that ONLY fucking MEXICANS rape and kill DRUDGE…. BLACKS KILL and…………………………….oh man, guess what… us white people kill… us white people love to kill very cleverly under the radar….

    1. AC, you seem to want to sit squarely on that fence, but sooner or later, that causes hemorrhoids.
      If you are not opposed to Mexicans showing up here and helping themselves and the economy, you are going to have to oppose those who oppose that.
      I don’t know what Druges’ position is, but you’re going to have to pick love ’em or hate ’em.

      1. Mexicans should love their alleys and mine, you fucking filthy slut.

        1. Well, I think that’s pretty clear

          1. I tend to agree, as does Juan, who’s painting the house down the street. And doing a good job of it, I might add.

            1. Sevo, your lovely puckerfuckhole can relax… no disturbing winds of change will disturb sevo buttpianos…. none. your butthole is free from hey hey hey hey hey. love…
              Sevo, your butthole can sleep gently under blankets of lachika, bro. I owe a lovely mexican lovely handsome fuck a drawing. FUCK… I will have his sexy drawing in like 2 weeks….

  30. Fuck this shit:
    putting on some mexican tunes and I want to feel mexican tonight in my head: my lovers be fuckin with me head on these threads- all due respect to my thread gods:

    I am going on a Mex rip…

    waves under the stones and the stars rose up with clouds
    when beats of thwap thwap thang wing winga winga deep deepo
    seats surround the gods and underneath the gods love angels filling
    spirits with the motherfucking best bull wings where tines clacked
    into the streams of flashing suns ..

  31. My arms are in deep mesa lands where mex unicorns prance.

  32. I saw a cactus eat a thumb from a dead DEA dude… the cactus did NOT KILL the DEA dude… the cactus had to survive and found a thumb from a horrible human being…. smiles..

  33. Fucking tired of Mexican shit- my asshole is listening to Debbie Gibson…

    I dated a fucking sweet ass little christian horror in the late 80’s called Rachel Gipson. She.was.the.original.killer.of.hardons.but.I was a single new business fucking dude… alone.unsure.lonely.

    Rachel would have killed the entire Reason boys and the entirety of Reddit would have been eclipsed….

    Rachel was a dick killer. we were both young. same age… I was young wild-eyed but super creative dumbass that attracted strange hot blondes in the late 80’s who loved Jesus. and jesus FUCKING CHRIST her dress hang off her tight ass like no porn film ever created could capture… she was a living embodiment of male cum… man, her legs were curved your favorite mountain, her tits were a strong man’s full grasp under gathered cloth, her cleavage was always a perfect shadow, her lips were always red, her eyes never enjoyed a single man, her hair was always wet and her mother I also wanted to fuck… I massaged the feet of her mother and I was hard at 19 and I wanted Rachel and her mom so FUCKING HARD.. and when Rachel’s mom fell asleep i bit her pinky toe with my mouth and I licked her toes and I came in my Adidas underwear.. man…

    jesus FUCKING christ…. I did

  34. I was cursed with loving a young woman and her mother, man… I was confused under the lights of life and my mind. I played with the tunnels of sex and I have no regrets- no criticisms.

    Rachel- Bec says it is ok if we meet again…we have lovers since then- We are on 22 years married to a strong first round… after its been said and done… I will get another 22 out of this relationship but we lived longer than ALL of the uptight motherfuckers around us who kick out all their infringers after decades…….

    my marriage is lasting longest and we broke the most rules and in our social circle not a single marriage is lasting…….. we are making all the divorcees nervous while they search for new husbands and wives and we are shooting toward the sun, babe…. Fuck Brad, baby.
    I have the HOTTEST wife known to man…. Fucking sadly, every single marriage is failing around us and they don’t have to do this- most of the marriages do NOT have to fail but they do because
    minds are inflexible or they hit late life without a ‘perceived’ cause.

    You can love and live for decades and you don’t have to cheat- rules can and should be broken if you aren’t religious or scared…..

    But death and marriage…. is like taxation…. boundary-centric.

  35. so you feel religion preach on the rivers as you pull your tongues from the altar and
    your crew falls into the dark cabins under the sacred roof of protected life….

    where you fade under the mind of Christ?

    Do you feel that Christ is the ultimate energy of the world?
    Do you feel that Christ is more improved the the far lesser ISIS?
    Because ISIS followers are dead rat butts and ISIS followers are brain fucking shit eaters.
    Man, FUCK the worst religion on the face of the motherfucking face of the motherfucking EARTH the goddamn extremist MUSLIMS

    Can someone explain to me why Sharia is so great and can someone explain to me why tyrant muslim religions should NOT be visited by our bicep bullets?


  36. America is a lode of open offerings spilt on pleasure and sweet poem
    America is where a lonely mind can love the split of volcanic terms streaming
    into lost counties unnumbered where calls and cries resonate
    into and under the old bridges of sounds in the deep under the sweeping berries
    oh man. the fields
    the fields swell with green arms to the suns and while the underwear is wet the tits are green
    and sparkly, my farmer, boy, babe….
    we don’t lose millions of dollars on electronic storms Ohio.. man, we lay down smashed
    Ohio, but fuck that shit, baby…..
    roll into the roots…

    praise fly, ohio…. man, I am fucked up, man….
    crank the fields, man
    roll your iron, bro=

  37. So I go out to have a last smoke before bedtime and there is a “Google Self-Driving Car” in my hotel’s parking lot. It wasn’t there 45 minutes ago. I guess the passenger needed a room.

  38. Seems extra-weird because I’m in a similar desert environment, watching Vanishing Point on my computer, and the “car” (some heavily modified shitty crossover) has a white paint job. They shoulda used a Challenger 392.

  39. It’s a Toyota, more specifically a Lexus RX450h.

  40. Ron Paul is an idealist whether you like him or not. Son Rand is politican to the bone flip flopping on every issue as the wind changes. Lindsay Graham along with his buddy McCain( how by the way may have been a traitor not a hero) is a war mongering asshole who is more than willing to send your kids to die overseas so his banker and military contractor friends can all line thier pockets with green.

  41. Ron Paul called the deal a “gamble” but “the right gamble to make”

    Since this deal has zero verification and provides significant financial support to the Iranian regime, this is about as much of a gamble as betting on “Red 23” during a poker game.

    IOW, there is absolutely zero chance we will “win” this bet, so its not really a gamble at all.

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