Police Abuse

Black Lives Matter Protesters Heckle Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders at Netroots Nation

Most candidates ignoring the issue of police reform.



Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, both candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, spoke today in Phoenix at Netroots Nation, a political convention for progressive activists organized by the leftie website DailyKos.com.

They were the only two candidates to appear at the conference's "presidential forum," and both were heckled by protesters from the "Black Lives Matter" movement. O'Malley spoke, and was heckled, first. He tried to respond to protesters, as The Guardian reports:

"Let me say a couple of things," O'Malley began in response. "All of us as Americans have a responsibility to recognise the pain and the grief throughout our country for all of the lives that have been lost to violence, whether at the hands of police or civilians."

His words were greeted by heckling.

O'Malley tried to respond, saying: "This is … let me … sure. I'll just share with you … I'm trying to respond as best I can. No … hey. Look … I know, I know."

Vargas said: "What just happened there? I'm so lost."

O'Malley switched to an inclusive tack. He said: "Every life matters and that is why this issue is important. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter."

He was greeted, repeatedly, by booing.

Anti-police violence protesters also appeared at O'Malley's announcement of his candidacy in Baltimore back in May. O'Malley, as mayor of Baltimore, pushed just the kind of aggressive, unconstitutional policing that, while remaining popular enough among urban residents not to cost O'Malley or any other big city Democrats supporting such policies their jobs, has led now to a "national conversation" about police violence. O'Malley has a lot to answer to on issues of constitutional policing, police reform, and criminal justice reform. Parroting popular, populist left-wing economic talking points won't be enough for the Democratic candidates not named Clinton.

Bernie Sanders, who doesn't have that kind of intimate, causal connection to the police violence problem in the U.S., was also the target of protesters. Sanders wasn't having it, saying at one point if the protesters didn't want him there that was fine. Via The Guardian again:

Sanders began a prepared introduction – as had been delivered by O'Malley – talking about policies, including media bias and the need for a raised minimum wage. Chants of "black lives matter" and either "save our men" or "say her name" then broke out again.

"Black lives of course matter," Sanders said. "I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and dignity, but if you don't want me to be here that's OK. I don't want to out-scream people."

The crowd allowed Sanders to continue, and he stood and walked the stage to make points about prisons policy and other social issues, repeating his campaign theme of calling for "a strong grassroots movement which I call a revolution" and calling for more people, and young people in particular, to vote.

As activists began chanting again – changing their refrain to "I want Bernie Sanders to say my name" – he attempted to answer questions, eventually asking Vargas "What are we doing here?" and "Are you in charge here?"

Gaining some sort of hold on proceedings, Sanders said: "Black people are dying in this country because we have a criminal justice system which is out of control, a system in which over 50% of young African American kids are unemployed. It is estimated that a black baby born today has a one in four chance of ending up in the criminal justice system."

One of the protesters who took the stage while O'Malley was speaking said he wanted "to hear concrete actions" and an "action plan." Based on reporting of the event, neither candidate provided concrete proposals for police reforms. Such proposals, in fact, have been thin in coming from any candidate on the Democratic side. The Democratic candidates appear more interested in hitting the right notes in their economic populism as well as 2012's theme of the "war on women" then tackling the real issues of police and criminal justice reform to which groups like "Black Lives Matter" are drawing attention.

Black Lives Matter protesters have, so far, not appeared to protest many of Hillary Clinton's events. It's unclear if that's a function of a lack of interest or the security surrounding Clinton making it more difficult to protest freely. Clinton's historical positions on criminal justice have been awful from a reform perspective. Her husband apologized for the policies he supported that led to the problem of hyper-incarceration in the black community when he was president in the '90s…last week, nearly 15 years after leaving office. Hillary Clinton supported such policies when she was in the Senate in the early 2000s and has never apologized for them. She also holds a commanding lead over her opponents for the nomination. While candidates like O'Malley may be incapable of adopting the issue of criminal justice reform authentically, perhaps other Democratic candidates aren't as handicapped by their history. Given the attention and emotion directed at criminal justice and police reform, the issue may be one of just a few with which a candidate could substantively chip away at Clinton's lead.

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  1. “say her name”

    What in the fuck does that mean?

    1. it means they want to focus on feels, not policies

      1. Can you clarify further, please?

        If you’re going to cover this stuff, please try and translate into Normal People-speak if possible.

        1. I went over some of it toward the end here: https://reason.com/blog/2015/07…..n-in-the-h

          Basically, in my opinion, the movement so far, despite its lip service to “structural” problems, focuses too much on individual cases of police violence instead of the policies–like LEOBRs, police unions, the drug war, continuum of force policies, and petty law enforcement as revenue raising–that contribute to a climate where police violence is pervasive.By insisting that black live matter, they’re guaranteeing that, as far as policy goes, black lives won’t matter, and the only way for them to matter is if enough protesters “say their name.” Which seems like the wrong way to go about it. But it makes the protesters feel good.

          1. I still don’t get who “her” is.

            I even went and read the whole guardian piece. None of it makes a lick of sense.

            If people say “we want action!”, it would be nice if someone said what that ‘action’ was supposed to be, if not some gobblygook references to “Racial Justice” supplanting actual concrete demands.

            No one is going to give ‘protesters’ shit they can’t themselves articulate. See = Occupytards

            1. If I had to guess then I would say this is ‘her’:


              If it is not, it should be.

              1. you got it. see the MoriahJovan| link below.

            2. It’s the same thing it always is with black leftists, “beat up Whitey for us!”

        2. Jesus fucking Christ! Are all of you Beyonc? illiterate?

          1. They must not know ’bout her.

            1. They also weren’t ready for that jelly.

          2. Are all of you Beyonc? illiterate?

            Yes. Should I not be?

            1. Yeah – I’ve always favored Kelly Rowland. Yep – I’m that guy….

              1. She does seem like the more down to earth one.

                1. I just always…lusted after Kelly Rowland. More than Beyonce. That’s just me…

          3. I was thinking of ODESZA /millenial
            but who am I kidding, I was in high school when Destiny’s Child became popular, that should’ve been my first thought

            1. I thought they were just really big fans of Breaking Bad.

              1. +1 you’re goddamn right

        3. jeezus, Gilmore. It means there is no interest in policies, unless those policies specifically target certain people judged as bad.

        4. I took it to be a reference to Fight Club. “In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name. His name is Robert Paulsen.”

    2. They’re big fans of Destiny’s Child.

      Say my name, say my name
      When no one is around you,
      Say baby I love you
      If you ain’t runnin’ game
      Say my name, say my name
      You actin’ kinda shady,
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      Why the sudden change?

      Say my name, say my name
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      Say baby I love you
      If you ain’t runnin’ game
      Say my name, say my name
      You actin’ kinda shady,
      Ain’t callin’ me baby
      Better say my name

  2. “”say her name””


    Is it, “Fuck you, we want Hillary to pander to us?” or does that have some other meaning?

    That aside…. I think its just hilarious. ‘Progs dumbfounded that their years of pandering suddenly isn’t working’. That, and that the Left protests the preceived less-than-left because they always attack weakness.

  3. so, professional protesters.

  4. It is hard to me to express how much I don’t give a fuck what these protesters want. When you make me feel some sympathy for a Bernie Sanders, ur doin it wrong.


  5. Two things.

    1. Goddamn Bernie Sanders – as much as I know I *should* hate the guy, he can certainly talk the talk and isn’t afraid of taking people head-on. *Persona-wise*, he’s better than Paul.


    One of the protesters who took the stage while O’Malley was speaking said he wanted “to hear concrete actions” and an “action plan.”

    These protesters need to understand that this shit is not really a ‘presidential’ matter. The only real thing President Sanders (or O’Malley or Whoever) can do is sick the DoJ on rogue cop agencies – and they don’t have the manpower to handle any but the worst cases.

    Which would be fine – *if* these fethers on the ground, instead of demanding someone else fix the problem, got out and handled this themselves. Self-reliance and direct-action are the answers, not expecting one cop shop to police another.

    1. Self-reliance and direct-action are the answers

      Oak tree? Lamppost? Courthouse steps square? Woodchipper?

    1. re: the comment the bartender made = “hey, at least speak to me, and make some human contact to make your point…”…?

      its the constant in most of this ‘social-justice’ activism. They express their great sympathies with ‘working people’ on the internet… but can’t even be bothered to face them/speak to them about the issues that affect them more than the ‘activist’. because you can be damn sure the activist aint earning a minimum wage, while the bartender they just stiffed makes *less*

      1. Where are you getting SJW out of this? The card reads “Economics 101: As the compensation for your service increases there is a cost to me as the consumer to pay for that increase. As i have no control over the Seattle City Council’s decision to redistribute wealth, I can only exercise the rights left to me. 1. I can choose to not eat out. (Then who would pay your wages?) 2. I can choose to be carrion for the City Council’s vultures. 3 I can choose not to tip and explain why and provide a free economics lesson.”

        Quite frankly, I just want to know which one of us regulars was it. Epi?

        1. Epi would have left a Dirty Sanchez for a tip.

        2. Oh, I figured they’d explain what was on the card, but sort of glossed past it.

          i thought it was some protest that the person wasn’t earning minimum wage, and therefore the customer was protesting the business (after slurping down a few drinks)

          Either way, the person is still a Godzilla-sized douchebag. bartenders/servers at restaurants (unless i’m mistaken) still aren’t subject to that min wage law, even in seattle. Or at least its not some immediate gigantic bump up that should be affecting prices that protester was already paying


          “”Tipped employees at restaurants employing less than 500 workers will earn at least a $10 minimum cash wage, a 53 cent hike from the current minimum. This only holds true provided those employees earn at least $1 an hour in tips. If they don’t, the employer must make up the difference, bringing the full rate of pay to $11. The minimum cash rate will rise to $10.50 in January and will increase gradually until it hits $15 by 2021.””

          1. Either way, the person is still a Godzilla-sized douchebag

            That goes without saying. Nevertheless, it’s telling that CNN decided to focus on that angle as opposed to addressing the argument behind the card. They just played it as a man bites dog/news of the weird story because otherwise they’d have to address some uncomfortable truths.

  6. What they REALLY mean is, only the lives of blacks who stay on the socialist plantation, REALLY matter. Non-socialistic-plantation-dwelling blacks like Thomas Sowel or Clarence Thomas or Walter Williams? Their lives do NOT matter at ALL! And white and yellow and brown people? Ha, do NOT even bring THEM up! Let alone green people or non-human animals or silicon intelligences? THEY do not matter at ALL!!! ? MeThinks, it is high time to dispense with supporting the NAACP, and move towards supporting the NAACB (Non-exclusive Association for the Advancement of Conscious Beings).

    1. BTW… Conscious Beings of the Universe, unite! Let the smaller-minded beings, feel our bite!

  7. “O’Malley, as mayor of Baltimore, pushed just the kind of aggressive, unconstitutional policing that, while remaining popular enough among urban residents not to cost O’Malley or any other big city Democrats supporting such policies their jobs, has led now to a “national conversation” about police violence.”

    So there it is…it’s not that O’Malley is dog-whistling all the redneck whites, it’s that there are black voters who want cops to be more aggressive…but since this doesn’t fit the narrative, we’re not going to hear about it.

    1. Yup, that was exactly what I thought when I read that. There’s a silent bloc of older “pull-up-your-pants-and-get-a-damn-job” black voters who aren’t part of this foolishness.

      1. People are wholly capable of talking out of both sides of their asses. Many of the people who are vocally ‘upset’ about the latest police killing or beating or whatever of a black person would also doggedly oppose any softening of police aggression.

        I’d speculate even that perhaps the dominant position among poor urban black people is something like this. They may be afraid of the police, but they’re also equally afraid of what they imagine might happen if the local criminals were less afraid of the police. So one finds some such people almost ardently supporting what appear to be two diametrically opposing positions.

    2. It’s like how back in the 1980s many of the black activists wanted stricter punishment for crack dealers – and don’t forget that all whites who supported lenient sentencing were part of a white cracker plot to poison black youth!

      Today, of course, long crack-dealing sentences are symptom of racism.

    3. *Everybody* wants cops to be more aggressive – on their pet issue.

      There are guys here that want cops to stop shooting black (and white) people and start deporting more Mexicans.

      1. Not everyone. The cops have gotten out hand, shooting people, kids, dogs, and burning babies with flash grenades — all with impunity.

        These protesters are barking up the wrong tree, however. Asking these pols who totally worship at the union alter to go against the police unions that protect and enable all these killer cops? That’s ridiculous.

  8. Always fun when the Left turns cannibal.

  9. Apparently he just apologized…wow. getting out the popcorn

    1. Yeah, they don’t show it on this clip, but eventually he broke down and began screaming “NO THEY DON’T! Black lives DON’T matter!!! Now just give me the damn votes!” and rushed a cameraman.

      So he had to apologize for that later.

  10. It’s unclear if that’s a function of a lack of interest or the security surrounding Clinton making it more difficult to protest freely.

    I’d say the two choices are security or payoffs.

    You’re not going to get concrete answers on criminal justice reform from Democrat candidates. That might alienate Big Police. I don’t think they have the same lock on that vote that they do on its rival demographic. The sad thing is they could simply start paring back laws, or say they would. Stop criminalizing every damn thing, but that would run counter to their central planning core belief.

  11. Black lives matter unless they are murdered by illegal aliens. Then it is just a little think as Representative Gutierrez tells us.

  12. #SayHerName is in reference to black women who have died in police custody, with Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman as the latest and most visible examples. In the Vine I saw earlier (which link I forgot to save), Shaneen Allen was also part of the chant (as was another woman whose name I didn’t catch). Shaneen Allen is the PA woman who made a wrong turn in NJ, got pulled over, and arrested for carrying a legal-in-PA gun.

    Beyonc? unwittingly provided the tagline, but I doubt she gives a flying fuck about these women.

    There was also an uprising over Bernie Sanders pimping Obamacare, and the crowd roared, “We can’t afford that!” I’ve been watching this all day on Twitter, which is where this stuff always unfolds.

    1. Well at least SOMEONE does the legwork around here

      You’d think presidential candidates would have some kind of Twitter-response-team ready to deal with heavily trending #hastagsloganeering

      1. Brown and black folk use Twitter heavily, and as I have a fairly large liberal fanbase (don’t ask me why, but I think they come for the sex and suffer through the politics), I follow lots of my fans and their friends.

        I don’t see this uprising the way it’s being presented and interpreted here.

        I see this as a revolt against the people they’ve been voting for. What a savvy GOP candidate would do is buy airtime on BET and every local urban radio station in the country and create generic ads (black spokespeople, no candidate names) that gradually narrow the idealogical field down. The savvy GOP candidate would start talking to these communities’ preachers who are in open revolt against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

        The problem is, they don’t want to vote for Ds but the Rs have been so vilified they can’t bring themselves to even THINK about voting R. To change the party branding, the savvy candidate would go where the fear is, inject some hope with an “action plan” (which at least a couple of Rs have), and LISTEN to what they’re saying and not saying. This isn’t about the Free Shit Army, especially when they KNOW Obamacare’s fucking them up the ass w/o lube.

        The votes are there for the guy who goes where the people are begging for someone else to vote for, and he would NOT talk about free shit. He wouldn’t need to. He would just need to not blow smoke up their asses.

        1. Interesting POV.

          I am still not sure that its what you describe – (keep in mind…they were attending a progressive-liberal activist *convention*… not just bombing some public appearance) – but its definitely more coherent than either the Guardian or Ed’s take.

          1. keep in mind…they were attending a progressive-liberal activist *convention*… not just bombing some public appearance

            Yes, that’s why it’s so much MORE significant than just randomly protesting. They went there specifically to see if their D overlords were for real. Lo and behold, they aren’t. Shocking, I know.

            When one goes to proselytize, it’s best to be able to speak the other person’s language. You don’t convert a Buddhist to evangelical Christianity by telling him, “But the Bible says right here if you’re not saved, you’re going to an eternal lake of fire.” Buddhist says: “And what does your holy book mean to me?”

            1. “They went there specifically to see if their D overlords were for real.”

              And the litmus test was to see how well they reacted to vague, shouted gibberish?

              1. How well the D overlords reacted to vague, shouted gibberish?


                How well the angry masses reacted to vague, mumbled rich-old-white-man gibberish?

        2. The problem is, they don’t want to vote for Ds but the Rs have been so vilified they can’t bring themselves to even THINK about voting R.

          This is indeed a major problem. I often see Democrats complaining about Democratic policies, but any alternative is too horrible for them to contemplate.

      2. You’d think presidential candidates would have some kind of Twitter-response-team ready to deal with heavily trending #hastagsloganeering

        You’d think they’d have someone at the back of all these rallies and things, watching all this go down, taking notes, and figuring out how to slip in the cracks.

      1. Oh, that’s so depressing.

        I wont even repost. It was the “I’ll suck your motherfucking dick” scene from Menace 2 Society

    1. I think you SugarFreed the link.

      However, the link to your handle is SUPERB! Well done 🙂

    1. Goddamn you for posting that.

      Best line: “The way I see it, if you can’t handle my stretch marks, then you don’t deserve my cellulite.”

      I am undeserving. Trust me, very undeserving.

    2. I bet she has a tattoo on her foot.

      Also, she seems fun and not at all obsessed with what others think about her body.

  13. What about black olives?

  14. What is fucking pathetic is that these protestors are far less interested in actual things like “Sentencing Reform”, “Defunding the Drug War”, and “providing better community oversight to police”…

    …because they’d much rather rip their shirts and yell #hashtagbullshit!!. because slogans reinforce your sense of belonging to a tribe. identity (greater than) policy

    1. additionally – the problem with actual *policy* as opposed to slogans? is that it will quickly become clear that many of your so-called “allies” are actually part of the problem. Policy might mean someone that is normally very much your ‘supporter’ might be faced with goring their own sacred cows.

        1. #KonyIslandMustClose

        2. Yeah, you nailed it.

          I’ve heard vets bitch about Yellow Ribbons and “service-thank-you’s” replacing anyone’s actual need to be aware of WTF is actually going on in the world, consequently letting the Iraq war drag on for a decade.

        3. Not necessarily. Twitter’s search feature sucks. Hashtags are a workaround so you can track a conversation.

          It’s how I’ve been following this all day. It “trends” because lots of people talk about it but the conversation is hard to follow.

          It becomes hashtivism by default.

  15. activists began chanting again ? changing their refrain to “I want Bernie Sanders to say my name”

    “Very well,” he replied. “‘Asshole.'”

    1. I don’t believe in any gods but I’ll pray to all of them to make this happen.

      Er…does anyone know where I could find the prayer techniques for all the gods? And if I need special items about how much would that cost?

      1. Well, it involves a virgin girl-child, a chicken, a snake, and a giant pyre on top of a pyramid. You’ll get further instructions after the girl has pleasured the snake.

        1. A chicken. What the fuck? The 12th century called, they want their ritual back.

            1. “I thought I liked fried chicken because it’s delicious”

              1. I mean, for real, who didn’t know that rotisserie was a ancient form of panthiestic worship

      2. http://vrilology.org/ytp.htm

        Except, it’s not actually praying to the gods to make these things happen. Rather, it’s a combination of learning some of their tricks to do the same sort of magic, with aligning yourself to their purposes so they take notice of you & use you in their plans. You don’t ask them to do stuff for you except in token ways; instead you try to become like them to be more powerful.

    2. A clear admission that they don’t have anyone in their gallery that is worth a shit.

    3. Super cereally?

    4. That main image is like a still from a commercial for senior life insurance. It’s unbelievable how pathetically old and white bread the Democrat favorites are. Yet it’s the party of coolness and youth. I don’t get it.

        1. He tucked in his shirt so he’d be more aerodynamic.

  16. “O’Malley switched to an inclusive tack. He said: “Every life matters and that is why this issue is important. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”

    He was greeted, repeatedly, by booing.”

    I have said it before and I will say it again: Oppressed people do not want an end to oppression. They simply want to change places with their oppressors.

    Even if that is not they want, that is how this exchange is going to be perceived.

    1. Even if that is not they want, that is how this exchange is going to be perceived.

      By whom? Anybody who matters?

      I’m not being sarcastic here. I don’t matter. You don’t. Nobody here matters because our hands are as tied as theirs are. Militarized police, drug war, whatever, those things DO affect us, but WE can’t do anything about it.

      The only people who matter who will perceive it negatively are the same people who always do: the police.

      The people it SHOULD matter to, if they REALLY want to try to change things, are GOP candidates who can at least say, “Hey, we know this is a problem and we have done X, Y, and Z to try to fix it. We need your help to continue fixing this because your white limousine liberal overlords sure aren’t going to.”

      I want to win a fucking election for once. Pragmatism, a rundown of how they’ve been screwed over for years, and a specific to-do list will help.

      Why, yes, I do see opportunity there. I do think there’s a silent majority who will get out the vote for someone who says something solid in plain language.

      1. Why would any party want to actually solve a problem if that means they would lose levers of control were they to win? It’s easier to wait for the inevitable fuck up of the other party, win an election and then still have the state apparatus in full oppression mode. They become politicians for a reason.

        1. I don’t see that the Ds have fucked up since LBJ said he’d have them voting D for the next 50 years. Still aren’t fucking up enough to lose.

          1. Slave morality is harder to get rid of than tribalism and it provides the base for both parties. You’re right, you’d think a certain racial group would recognize how they’re truly are getting screwed, but, again, it’s Stockholm syndrome.

            1. That, I cannot disagree with, but with caveat: Some victims do successfully leave their abusers.

            2. Slave morality

              I do not think that phrase means what you think it means.

              Nietzsche argued that there were two fundamental types of morality: ‘Master morality’ and ‘slave morality’. Slave morality values things like kindness, humility and sympathy, while master morality values pride, strength, and nobility. Master morality weighs actions on a scale of good or bad consequences unlike slave morality which weighs actions on a scale of good or evil intentions.

              1. I’ve gone over this exact objection before here. Tell me you’re not the same guy with a new handle, cuz if you’re Tulpa, I’m not bothering. If you’re not, my bad.

              2. I assumed his autocorrect nailed him, and I read it as “slave mentality.”

                Aside: Yes, I can be annoyingly earnest.

                1. MJ , I was talking about Tulpa, not you 🙂 the guy changes handles bc he’s a dishonest asswipe.

              3. What makes you think straffinrun didn’t mean it that way?

                1. What makes you think straffinrun didn’t mean it that way?

                  The mention of Stockholm syndrome.

        2. Why did E. German politicians run promising to abolish their jobs if elected or re-elected? Why did they actually deliver on that promise?

      2. By whom? By a larger demographic that will interpret that as a threat. The large demographic that is responsible for the policies in place that created the problem that the ‘black lives matter’ people are rightfully complaining about.

        You don’t think the soccer moms are going to recoil when they hear booing to ‘white lives matter too’? That they aren’t going to pull the lever for a law and order type?

    2. They simply want to change places with their oppressors? What makes you think they haven’t?

      Seems to me I’ve been forced to pay for wrongs some people with my skin tone committed mostly before my birth; and I’ve been made to do so for at least a half a century despite the fact I’m part Native American. It doesn’t matter, unless your Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren or like ilk, who have sought and enjoyed special racist privileges by claiming to be like me, I’ve never struggled for anything but for all Americans to be treated equally.

      Yeah, I think we’re already there. The descendants of the once oppressed have been extremely efficient oppressors for quite some time now.

      1. It will never be enough.

  17. Watching the US devolve into a caricature of a parody of Atlas Shrugged has left me thinking I made the right choice leaving it 20 years ago.

    1. Going where?

  18. Governor Dumbshit O’Malley doesn’t even understand just how extremely racist his own neo-prog-fascist cult is. What a moron.

    1. O’Malley tried to respond, saying: “? I know, I know.”

      “I know.”

  19. So heckler’s veto is OK if the hecklers agree with a libertarian cause?

    What kind of circus is Kos running at this event? How did a random person get on stage with a presidential candidate? What’s to stop some violent nutjob from doing the same and attacking them?

    1. That’s how they got Dimebag Darryl.

      *pours a sip for my homey*

    2. Now see, in this case I think it’s you who doesn’t understand what a term means, in this case “heckler’s veto”. Heckler’s veto is where you keep someone from speaking because you say you’re afraid the speakers will be subject to violence.

  20. Right before this happened, O’Malley said that he agrees with Hillary and Bernie Sanders that we need to increase social security benefits.

    Greece…coming to America.

    1. Greece-ing the skids to bankruptcy.

      1. Per Keynes we got to ‘prime the pump’, with lubricant, ‘Greece the pump’ one might say. Haha.

        Maybe I should have just gone with an anal rape analogy to ‘priming the pump.’ Could’ve sneaked in a reference to going Greek, too, if I were clever enough.

        1. Keynes, being a major proponent of eugenics, probably would have wanted to give people free mandatory sterilizations with their welfare checks.

  21. As activists began chanting again ? changing their refrain to “I want Bernie Sanders to say my name”

    That had great potential to turn into a Key and Peele sketch.

  22. So those on the plantation are questioning their masters….will wonders never cease.

    1. No, they aren’t “questioning” their masters, they are simply demanding better gruel while firmly affirming their own status as slaves.

  23. Police commit some level of violence, pretty much unavoidable given that the job naturally attracts some power hungry and violent men.

    Victims of police brutality are not representative of the population, but they are representative of the population of criminals. There is nothing any politician can do about those statistics; any “action plan” is an empty promise.

    What politicians could do is reduce the presence and power of police in general. However, Democrats run into opposition from public sector unions, and Republicans run into opposition from the law-and-order crowd. Not much hope for success there.

  24. “O’Malley, as mayor of Baltimore, pushed just the kind of aggressive, unconstitutional policing that, while remaining popular enough among urban residents not to cost O’Malley or any other big city Democrats supporting such policies their jobs, has led now to a “national conversation” about police violence.”

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the police unions are the Democratic Party, but the rest of the Democratic Party mostly does whatever the police unions tell them to do.

  25. O’Malley stepped in it with his “all lives matter” response. SJWs have a tortured, Jesuitical explanation for why that is Crimethink that devalues black lives.

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