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What the 1970 Baseball All-Star Game Can Teach Us About Media Literacy

Pete Rose didn't ruin Ray Fosse's career any more than Walter Cronkite ended the Vietnam War.


The 1970 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was, like tonight's version, held in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is memorable for one of the defining moments of Pete Rose's career as the Reds' "Charlie Hustle," a try-hard athlete who succeeded not through raw talent or genetic inheritance or being a "natural" but by ball-busting perserverance.

In the 12th inning, Rose rounded third and bowled over the American League catcher, Ray Fosse of the Cleveland Indians, in one of the greatest body slams in baseball history. Some fans and sportswriters marveled at Rose's intensity, whose physicality meant the National League won the exhibition game. But it's safe to say that most were turned off by the seriousness that Rose—who later admitted to betting on baseball and a host of other improprieties that earned him a lifetime ban from baseball—displayed in what is essentially a public-relations ploy that has no meaning to league play.

That negative feedback has only grown through the years, since it's widely assumed that Rose's tackle of Fosse cost the young catcher what would have been a brilliant career. As a widely reprinted AP story from this week puts it:

Fosse recalls it being 160 degrees on the artificial turf that night in Ohio, when the AL blew a 4-1, ninth-inning lead and lost 5-4 on Rose's run. Rose says Fosse left him no room to slide into home on the decisive play.

"He's the one blocking the plate without the ball," Rose said on Thursday. "I'm the one who missed three games with an injury to my knee. He played nine more years after that."

Two days after the All-Star Game, Fosse caught nine innings in a win at Kansas City. He couldn't lift his arm above his head.

"They didn't have the technology, I didn't see any of it, as far as X-rays, no MRI, not really anything," Fosse recalled in May at the Oakland Coliseum.

"Since my salary was about $12,000 at the time, nobody was going to tell me I couldn't play. Even though I was hurt and probably shouldn't have played, there was no injury that actually showed. It just was internal. As it turned out it was a fractured, separated shoulder. Things were different then."

Read more here.

I don't raise this story simply because I'm into baseball, live an hour outside of Cincinnati, think Pete Rose is a dick (though one who should be in baseball's Hall of Fame), and have read variations of the Rose-Killed-Fosse's career story all week long.

No, I raise the story and its uncritical repetition in the interest of media literacy. Just as with more-important stories about how Walter Cronkite ended the Vietnam War, Woodward and Bernstein toppled the presidency, and William Randolph Hearst started the Spanish-American War (all adeptly debunked by the great W. Joseph Campbell), the Rose-Fosse story is a classic case where a dubious version of the truth becomes hardened into fact.

We can learn how to become better consumers of media by taking less on faith and doing a bit more of our own investigations. This 2009 Deadspin article, for instance, presents a different interpretation of the impact of the Rose-Fosse smashup:

Yes, Fosse was hurt, but he never went on the disabled list and played 42 games in the second half. (As Rose loves to remind people, he missed three games with a bruised knee.) Playing hurt, there was a noticeable dip in his power, but the next season he went to the All-Star Game again and won his second Gold Glove. His average began to tail off the next two years (72-73), but he was still a full-time starter and a more than serviceable catcher for three full seasons after the original hit.

Fosse's career really went into a tailspin in 1974, after he had been traded to the Oakland Athletics. On June 5, Reggie Jackson, as was his wont, started a clubhouse brawl with teammate Billy North. Fosse attempted to break up the fight—and broke his neck in the process. He missed the remainder of that year, struggled mightily through the next three seasons and was done with baseball by 1977. That was the injury he never recovered from.

Read the whole thing here.

Reason interviewed W. Joseph Campbell about news myths in 2012. Take a look, especially if you think Walter Cronkite was as big a jerk as Pete Rose is:

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  1. “Fosse attempted to break up the fight?and broke his neck in the process”

    Yeah, that’s kind of important to the story.

    1. Reggie Jackson was a real dick.

      1. But he was good at playing himself in The Naked Gun and BASEketball.

        1. +1 Little Bitch

      2. Great car collector. Dude knows his Chevys.

        1. If that’s the nicest thing you can say about him….

  2. But it’s safe to say that most were turned off by the seriousness that Rose…displayed in what is essentially a public-relations ploy that has no meaning to league play.

    that explains why the highlight gets played 45 years after the fact and why it was the peg for this story.

  3. Ive come to learn that the murder of Kitty Genovese might not have been as it was reported in the NYT. I, for one, am shocked that the media might exaggerate a story to sell copy.

    1. I suspect that most news reporters make a lot of stuff up. But in most stories no one cares or notices. part of it is to sell copy, but I think part is laziness or the difficulty of getting the kind of detail that people like to read in news stories.

  4. I don’t raise this story simply because I’m into baseball, live an hour outside of Cincinnati, think Pete Rose is a dick (though one who should be in baseball’s Hall of Fame), and have read variations of the Rose-Killed-Fosse’s career story all week long.

    He agreed to the lifetime ban. He signed the fucking agreement that made crystal-clear his exclusion of all things MLB. So explain to me why he deserves to be in the HoF.

    I’ve made clear on here my hatred for Rose. I drove past Jonathan’s Cafe every morning on my way to school or other activities and saw his red Lambo with “4192” on the plates. Everybody around knew he was a gambler and nobody cared. But when we all found out he was betting on baseball and accepted the ban the entire SW Ohio area turned their back on him…deservedly. The rule was posted on every clubhouse wall of every professional team he played for. And so were the consequences.

    1. Fuck Pete Rose. He’s a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve the glory that goes with being inducted into the Hall Of Fame while alive. If he deserves to be inducted, he deserves for it to happen after he dies. And don’t give me that bullshit about him never betting on his team to lose. He’s slid down the slope on that ever since he accepted the ban. First he said he never bet on baseball. Then he said he never bet on a game he was playing or managing in. Then he said he never bet on them to lose. What’s next? Perhaps the truth, although we’ll never know the truth coming from that asshole. But even if he never bet on them to lose and has finally told the truth, unless he bet on his team to win every single night and for the same sum of money, he could have manipulated rosters to give people rest on days he wasn’t betting or could have played people on short rest when money was on the line.

      I hope he dies without ever seeing his name on a plaque In Cooperstown.

      1. Alright, I’ll put you down as undecided.

        1. He’s been on the fence for a while.

          Shit, or get off the pot.

          1. Right? Sheesh….this isn’t like sloopy…

            1. He’s usually so polite and diplomatic!

            2. I’m sorry if I’m overly animated about this particular situation. We grew up with season tickets to the Reds (green seats behind first base). I was at the 1975 World Series game 3. Hell, my grandpa used to pilgrim elementary school to go watch day games.

              And I thought Pete Rose was the greatest to ever play the game that didn’t have his career sidelined by injury. Still do for that matter. But he destroyed the integrity of the game in a way that is wholly unacceptable. And the price for that is a lifetime ban. Period.

              1. Oh yeah???? I was there when Kirk Gibson limped around the bases. 3rd row.

                1. That’s got me beat for baseball for sure.

                  Of course, I was there when The Ohio State Buckeyes demolished Oregon for the first ever college football playoff national championship game. I hope I’m there for the second one in January.

                  1. Still pretending those are college students, eh?

              2. Sorry, Sloop, you and the Jacket are wrong. Fosse was 23, a rising star, and had hit .312 with 16 homers and 45 RBIs in the first half of the 1970 season, only 2 HRs in the second half. His power really dropped off. The next years he hit .276, .241, .256, then fell to .196 and .140 at Oakland after the Reggie incident.

                Rose missed the next three games with a thigh bruise. Fosse, however, played the next game two days later because he didn’t want to tell manager Alvin Dark he was hurting. But he clearly was. Although he finished the season with a .307 average, he had only two home runs and 16 RBIs in the second half. It wasn’t until the next spring that doctors discovered that he had fractured and separated his left shoulder, and it had healed in the wrong place.

                I saw Rose get his 3,000 th hit off Steve Rogers. It was the night we completed our ‘novena’ – some of my friends and I drank until the sun came up on 9 Friday nights in a row. Ah, grad school!

                Oh yeah, Pete belongs in the Hall. It’s the Hall of FAME not goodness.

                Most famous moment: I batted against Bob Feller – he lived near us and I was on the Pony League team with his son. Feller threw bp occasionally.

        2. There’s no room for fence sitters here.

      2. I’d much rather be pissed off the Buck O’Neil was inducted.

        1. Better to be pissed off than pissed on, I always say…

          1. An acquaintance said that once and two or three people responded along the lines of “not really, pee is sterile and my blood pressure is already high.” The look of horror on his face was priceless.

      3. I don’t want to live in an America where highly talented asshole athletes are shunned from the HOF.

        Rose was a great player and a big part of the history of the game. He deserves to be in for that. Pretending his career didn’t happen is just as stupid as keeping out the guys from the roids era.

        1. Or, well, everyone who has played baseball in the last generation.

        2. I don’t want to live in an America where highly talented asshole athletes are shunned from the HOF.

          And I don’t want to live in a world where contracts aren’t binding. He signed the agreement that put the ban in place. Voluntarily.

          Rose was a great player and a big part of the history of the game. He deserves to be in for that. Pretending his career didn’t happen is just as stupid as keeping out the guys from the roids era.

          A great player is an understatement. Probably the best that ever lived with the exception of Ken Griffey, Jr, whose injuries derailed him from reaching his potential. Pete Rose’s career happened. All of it, including him betting on games he partially controlled the outcome of. He was caught. He VOLUNTARILY agreed to the lifetime ban to save himself the instant humiliation of being caught red-handed. He deserves to honor that agreement and the world should have him held up as a case study in consequences.

          1. Pete Rose…the best that ever lived. You had me right up until there. I guess you’ve never been to Cooperstown?

            1. Rose is 65th in all-time Wins Above Replacement. That’s better than Brooks Robinson and Joe DiMaggio. However, I agree he made his bed when he signed the agreement and should not be in the HoF.

  5. youll see a confederate flag flying over Cooperstown before you see a living Pete Rose get inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

  6. OT: I’m a long time lurker, but haven’t cared too much about the sockpuppet wars.

    BUT… Are PB and Bo the same person? PB seems like a more entertaining version of Bo. Same general ideas/opinions but PB is in-your-face and occasionally amusing while Bo takes the whiny annoying route.

    1. Based on events of a few weeks back, there are some who think PBP, Bo, and a bunch of others are all run by Tulpa. However, the general consensus seems to be that Bo is one of Tulpa’s socks but that PBP is a different entity (there are some who think PBP is Dave Weigel’s sockpuppet).

      1. You beat me by mere seconds! 🙁

      2. Shreake (aka Shrike;Palin’s Butplug) is not anyone’s sockpuppet but the genuine output of a nonsentient creature that was once human, but whose mind degraded to the shambolic mess that we see today. Incapable of reason, but dimly aware of happier times when people interacted with it in a way that indicated that it mattered, it spams characters into the comment box, trying to maximize the responses it gets. It apes human discourse – badly, I might add. It doesn’t comprehend what it is writing, and doesn’t comprehend what the responses mean. It merely generates sequences of characters that are – based on its past experiences – that are likely to generate a response.

        It’s like a neural net program that kids taking Principles of Artificial Intelligence I will be asked to do for their third project.

        As far as Bo goes, it’s possible that Bo is a tulpa sock. But that would mean a remarkable improvement of tulpa’s skill over the normal routine of easily outed sock puppets. My money is on the chick who works for politico.

        1. My money is on the chick who works for politico.

          Really? Why don’t we call her up and ask her?
          It’s ringing!
          The chick who works for politico: Human Resources.
          Hi! Is this Bo Cara, Esq.?
          The chick who works for politico: [click!]

          It’s her!

          1. I always thought of her as a she. Couldn’t shake the “Cara” part of “Bo Cara” in my head.

            1. Secondarily as referring to Rat’s Mouth.

        2. No way it’s the politico chick. If you look at her online presence, there’s no way she’s smart enough to pull it off.

    2. First, the theory was that PB / shrike is actually Dave Weigel.

      Now the theory is that basically everybody who posts here, including Bo and PB and a bunch of others, is a Tulpa sockpuppet. Personally I have a hard time believing it.

      Nice name, by the way.

      1. Thanks, I had a different one in the past but forgot it (Mary?)

        I had this strong sense reading the AM links comments that Bo and PB seemed to be on the page so much that they had to either be the same person or a couple.

        1. There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting that.

          The only thing holding people back is the idea that nobody could actually be that crazy.

        2. Forgive me for being a bit cynical and/or skeptical, but is this a “It was, me, Barry! It was me!” moment?

        3. I’m more of the theory that they just share the same fucked up neurosis. I seem to remember them both claiming to be from rural South-ish areas? Probably both white, grew up in middle class surrounded by people who leaned Republican. So what’s a young man with self esteem issues to do? Separate yourself from ‘that crowd’ as much as you can, elevate yourself above them, and constantly reinforce your own self worth by talking about how shit they are. So much of it comes off like immature angst.

          1. ^Este

      2. Fuck you, Tulpa.

    3. There is absolutely a coordinated effort to disrupt the commenting here. The details of how that occurs or why is very much in dispute.

      1. …but enough about SugarFree….

      2. This happens around presidential election time, it seems to me. Not sure why, since we’re inconsequential libertarians.

        1. I think it’s the blasphemy. Everybody is in super duper partisan TEAM mode, and we’re mocking the whole thing.

          1. How can any sane person do anything less? It’s a huge scam, our government, and almost all of the people involved in running it are scumbags we wouldn’t let into our houses to mop the floor.

            1. Thinking requires effort. That rules out 90% of the people I know.

      3. Some guy linked to an article about how deeply broken and mentally ill the real Dave Weigel is. I never beleived the whole PB is really Weigel thing but the article made me reconsider.

        If you ever notice Bo and Shreek and Tony and sadly now Joe from Lowell again never show up on non partisan threads like this one. They only show up on the AM and PM links and any thread where they can shit on every thread and ensure that any criticism of TEAM Blue is smothered in a pile of shit and trolling.

        1. Weigel is unprofessional, but I don’t think he’s that unprofessional. If there was evidence that it was actually him, he would definitely get fired from the Post.

          1. He just got rehired there. And I would think so. But how would there ever be any evidence? Reason wouldn’t rat him out and they would be the only one who knew.

            The main argument is that PB on mutiple occasions has posted things from Weigal’s twitter feed word for word. That is not very convincing since all PB ever does is post canned talking points and it would make sense he gets them from places like Weigal’s twitter feed.

            I do think Bo, Shreek and Joe are committed Progs here to fuck up as many threads as possible and pull the board left. It is why they obsess over me so much. The actual libertarians on here often disagree with me and say mean things about me, which I of course do the same to them, but they never make an affirmative effort to convince other people to run me off the board or ignore me. Bo and Shreek do. The idea is to run off anyone left of center and make the board a Prog board that serves Prog ends.

            I know that sounds kind of crazy and a bit conspiratorial but that is how these clowns operate. They really are that petty and crazy.

            1. The term you’re looking for is salami tactics.

              1. Because I love you all, here is the Yes, Prime Minister clip on the subject, with extra relevance to discussion on nukes two posts down.


            2. That is not very convincing since all PB ever does is post canned talking points and it would make sense he gets them from places like Weigal’s twitter feed.

              BECAUSE IT’S NOT SENTIENT!!!!!

              Jesus Christ! What does it take to get you people to see what is so blatantly obvious!

            3. I know that sounds kind of crazy and a bit conspiratorial

              Not to mention paranoid and delusional with a side order of persecution complex. In all seriousness, John, do you awake at night in a cold sweat, worrying that Hit & Run will become a “prog board?” Is that your worst nightmare? (That, and the gay-prog Gestapo taking over the nation and turning all us he-men into chaps-wearing homos?)

              1. IN all seriousness Mary, are you incapable of understanding the English language?

          2. Right of center I mean.

    4. Everyone’s got their theories. I’m pretty sure they’re separate people. They both come here to pretend they’re superior to their delusional fake Republicans, but PB’s a coked out nutter and Bo has the holier-than-thou arrogance of a lackluster university student.

      1. They are both hesitant to give personal details about themselves, because lies are hard to keep straight over time. Bo’s lies, for example, absolutely do not check out.

    5. I struggle with the idea that Bo is in the same category as PB or Tulpa. PB and Tulpa were trolls from day 1. Bo kinda grew into the role. I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if more sockpuppetry shenanigans came out with regard to Tulpa, and to a lesser extent with PB. Bo, on the other hand, is likely very real and quite honest about his life. I’m just surrounded by too many know-it-all law students to write him off as some figment of imagination. He’s entirely too good at being a smug lawyer in training.

      1. quite honest about his life

        This, of course, not meaning the actual details (which he’s been caught in lies about), but the generic story that he portrays.

        1. I think you’re underestimating the amount of detail our crazy, batshit insane trolls might put into their sockpuppet personae. We had a middle-aged dude who not only pretended to be a 20-something female Asian BDSM submissive (engineer?) from the future, but developed a whole website, blog, and erotic fiction about her as if she were real and not dead.

          1. Instant Poll:

            Did anyone here jerk it to the Suki pics?

            1. I’m going to be really disappointed if nobody admits it.

              1. I’d tell you yes to make you feel better, but you’d know I was lying.

              2. She was too old for me.

            2. Did anyone here jerk it to the Suki pics?

              You’re double posting from your Avatar: The Last Airbender forum again, aren’t you?

            3. Nah. Asian chicks are not really my thing.

              1. Let me guess–too skinny?

                1. Let me guess–too skinny?


          2. Wait, was this Suki?

              1. Well, damn. Thanks. I arrived here just before Suki was killed. I never did comprehend the whole story.

          3. This was before my time, but holy shit! At least with catfishing, you get a few nudies out of it.

          4. We had a middle-aged dude who not only pretended to be a 20-something female Asian BDSM submissive (engineer?) from the future

            ..I’m..I’m sorry… WHAT?!?

      2. Exactly. No one pretends to be that douchey, they have to be trained.

      3. If you believe he’s being honest about his life, here you go

        Spot the Bo.

        1. There are a few good candidates

  7. Rose did have a genetic inheritance of a very strong durable body.

    And he was right – a catcher blocks the plate without the ball, he gets plowed over. That’s how the game was played until the rules changed,

  8. Pete Rose’s girlfriend (or wife?) is pretty hot.

    Scroll down for semi-NSFW pics.

      1. It looks like he and Steve Irwin are long lost brothers.

    1. Sure…. If you’re into that sort of thing.

  9. Reason interviewed W. Joseph Campbell about news myths in 2012.

    Newsroom with a thousand faces?

    Was this is a subconscious labeling?

    1. Nah, that’s intentional.

  10. I wonder what Donald Trump thinks of Pete Rose.

    1. He just tweeted about it today: “Let Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s time, he has paid a big and very long price!”

  11. What I love about sports is things routinely happen on these teams that in ordinary life, people would end up incarcerated and doing hard time. Michael Irvine slit a teammate’s throat because he didn’t give up his spot in line to get a hair cut to the Playmaka.

  12. The AP article that was linked was nothing short of the reporter fellating Fosse. And the headline that Fosse still hurts from the collision is laughable. Even Fosse didn’t say it. He referred to all of his physical problems. And frankly, considering how much longer he did play, I SERIOUSLY doubt that one collision caused more damage than the day to day of playing catcher. EVERY MLB catcher hurts when they get older.

    Disclaimer for the benefit of Sloopy: Nothing in this response should be construed as support for the douchebag known as Pete Rose!!

  13. As Gandhi once said Half of my quotes on Pinterest are fake.

    Yes, the media is lazy and stupid and repeats lie after lie sometimes because it fits their partisan purposes but more often than not because they are too lazy and ignorant to know any better.

    1. The last 15 years of sports journalism bears out that assessment. As much as anything else it’s what got the SABR crowd animated. The traditional media could not even be bothered to learn the slightest bit about changes in the industry they were tasked to cover before dismissing them out of hand because doing so would inhibit their ability to churn out the same worthless analysis each week and year.

      1. And now they have fallen into the other ditch and will believe anything some nerd with a calculator tells them.

        Of all sports writers baseball writers are the most arrogant and worst of the lot. What they have done to the HOF is appalling. Whatever you think of Jim Rice, there is no way you can justify how he can go from hardly any votes to getting in over the course of 15 years. Either they were completely wrong to begin with or wrong at the end.

        And the same writers who refused to hold the players’ union accountable for refusing to agree to steriod testing in the 1990s and sat around and wrote breathlessly about Bonds, Sosa and Mcguire when it was happening even though any journalist doing their job would have easily revealed them for frauds, now refuse to put anyone they suspect might have been on steroids in the HOF. Give me a break.

        1. And now they have fallen into the other ditch and will believe anything some nerd with a calculator tells them.

          That’s not really true. The anti-stat guys are still anti-stat but much less vocal about it and much less likely to be tasked with analysis.

          It’s more that the most stubborn of the old-line bad journos are getting replaced by stubborn, new-age bad ones. But they’re still bad journalists with the same bad journalist tendencies that you just laid out. Even though qualitative analysis (i.e. scouting) is en vogue amongst what is considered the spreadsheet crowd, it won’t ever drip down to those that are purportedly their allies because that would prevent them from writing the same worthless analysis each week and year.

          Agree with what you said otherwise.

          1. I think the success of money ball is the result of steroids and the principles are less valuable now than they were. The idea that base stealing and free swinging were bad makes sense if everyone is a homerun threat. The Yankees has so many great power hitting teams and never had a great base stealer. Why? Because it is idiotic to send a runner when a power hitter is at bat. Steroids effectively made everyone into a power hitter and every team into the 1950s Yankees.

            That is not the case anymore. Moreover, the statistical analysis never accounted the second order effects of the threat of stealing bases. Every nerdball acolyte picked the Royals to return to losing this year. And here we are at the all star break and they have the best record in the AL. Their continued success is a direct assault on the validity of SABRmetrics.

            1. Never had a great base stealer? They got a guy from Oakland who was both a great base stealer & a power hitter. I don’t remember his name (Hispanic, though, I’m sure), but he switch hit & had a weird battiing stance that looked like if you puffed on him, he’d keel over. Gave him a postage stamp size strike zone if the umpires called it that way. Played middle infield & 1B as well as outfield at times.

              1. Mickey Rivers and later Ricky Henderson. But none of their great teams from the 50s had base stealers. There was no need for such when you had Mantle Berra and later Marris at the heart of the order.

            2. Back to the 1970 game, what I remember most (besides my dad letting me stay up late to see the whole game over my mother’s objections), was Yaz. IIRC, he went 4-6.

              Yes, you’re right on the writers’ flip-flop with regard to Rice. I have always been a big Rice supporter because of how dominant he was from 1975-1986.

              In your life and mine, there have not been many non-PED seasons better than Rice’s 1978. He was the first American League player to surpass 400 total bases since DiMaggio did in 1937. That was impressive. I distinctly remember the MVP debate during the 78′ season between Rice and Guidry (25-3).

              1. I don’t have a problem with Rice getting in. I liked him too and i am a Yankees’ fan. I just think the fact that the writers flip flopped that badly shows how unserious they are about their jobs.

                And Yaz was a great player.

                1. How about Yaz in 1970?

                  I think he hit 40 HRs, had 120 plus RBIs and hit 326. He lost the batting crown to Alex Johnson (brother of Ron) on the last day of the season.

                  BTW, what do you think was more agonizing, the Sox blowing the 14 game lead in 78 or the Yankees blowing the 2004 ALCS?

                  1. The 04 thing was unbelievable. More men have walked on the moon than have scored against Rivera in the post season and three of them happened in one fucking game.

                    I knew the Yankees were doomed when they had to start Kevin Brown’s corpse in game seven. It really was a case of the Yankee’s pitching finally collapsing.

                    I think 04 was about the Yankee failure and 78 was about Yankees being that good. People forget the Red Sox won something like 11 in a row after the Boston Massacre. They didn’t choke. The Yankees just got on an insane hot streak.

                    1. Yeah, the Red Sox won 14 out of their last 15. That can hardly be called a choke.

                      But, between late July and the Boston Massacre, they unraveled.

                      The second half of that 78 Yankees team or the 98 Yankees?

  14. That baseball is a sport that people follow and care about is the real tragedy. I would rather watch an episode of Rachel Maddow’s show than a baseball game on TV. And I played on my high school team. Baseball, quite simply, sucks!

    1. It could be worse, they could be following soccer or MMA.

      1. What’s wrong with MMA? I prefer freestyle or greco- roman wrestling, but watching 2 skilled guys fight us always enjoyable.

    2. I feel the same about football. Yet I enjoy watching baseball. It’s almost as if it is a matter of personal preference.

  15. The whining about Rose running into Fosse is the reason All-star games have evolved into pure boredom. These chicken-shit millionaires won’t even play extra innings anymore.

    With the billions baseball rakes in, they should give the winning squad 500K per player that actually played in the game (plus the manager, 100K for everyone else) and the loser squad just gets the all-expenses paid trip to Cincinnati and 10-game suspensions. Anyone opting out just gets a 20-game suspension.

    Imagine the AL losing and all the undeserving Royals voted in by their asshole fans getting suspended.

    1. The Royals are the defending league champions and have the best record in the AL at the brake. If their players are so undeserving, the rest of the league must suck pretty bad. How is it that a team with no good players manages to win so much?

      1. The Royals have above average players at nearly every position. But the only ones that I would consider All Stars are Cain, Gordon, Escobar (weak class), and Davis.

        But seriously, get a life, KC fans. FFS, they almost managed to get Infante in, and he might be the 2nd worst regular 2B in the AL.

  16. Fuck this noise. The important story from 1970 was the dismantling of the Reds in the World Series, led by the all-time greatest performance at third base in baseball history by a gentleman named BROOKS ROBINSON.

    1. Pete Rose says the 1970 Reds team was the best Reds’ team ever; better than either of the ones that one the World Series. They were until the 1998 Yankees, the only team in history to win 70 out of their first 100 games. And Brooks Robinson and the Orioles took them apart.

      The old Earl Weaver Orioles had a habit of destroying teams that were until then considered invincible. It is largely forgotten now but few things in baseball history have shocked the world as much as the Orioles sweeping the formerly invincible Dodgers in 66. The Dodgers were defending champions, had Kolfax and Drysdale in their prime, and had just three years before done the unthinkable and swept the Yankees.

      1. Of course, ’66 was pre-Weaver. I *think* that Hank Bauer was still in charge.

        Robinson was always the best 3rd baseman, but in the ’70 series, he just went full-on monster.

  17. The day MLB banned collisions at home plate was the day the music died.

  18. If Rose hadn’t run over Fosse, that game might have lasted 276 more innings. Seems Pete did us all a favor.

  19. They were playing a spectator sport, right? Then they’re all exhibition games. Why shouldn’t the audience get to see the All Stars play to win? What, like it’s enough just to gather them on the field? What’s the point of picking stars at playing if they don’t play for real? Like it’s Old Timers Day, only with current players?

  20. On the subject of sports mythology:

    H. L. Mencken on the Dempsey vs Carpentier fight.…..l-mencken/

    one of the Old Master’s better rants.

  21. if you are into baseball ,you’ll know many affairs about The 1970 Major League Baseball All-Star Game ,now many people can remember how players tried their best to finish the game

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