Nontroversy Over Dylann Roof's Background Check, OPM Director Out, Brewer Defends Trump: P.M. Links


  • Jan Brewer
    Public Domain

    The FBI says Dylann Roof shouldn't have been able to buy a gun and a "loophole" is to blame. Looks more like mere government incompetence to Brian Doherty, though.

  • Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's appeal went nowhere.
  • Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer defended Donald Trump over racist comments.
  • It's not been the best week for walking Subway mascot Jared Fogle.
  • Additional child pornography news: Six minors were charged with posession of child porn because they sexted each other.
  • OPM Director Katherine Archuleta resigned in the wake of revelations about the data breach.
  • The Confederate flag no longer flies over South Carolina state house grounds.
  • Watch Reason TV's latest interview with Peter Schiff.

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