Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, New York Times Argue Over Legitimacy of His Book Sales

Presidential candidate omitted from bestseller list over accusations of bulk purchases.


Somebody has to say it: Ted Cruz has the prettiest eyelashes in the current field of candidates.

Today's political tempest in a teapot comes courtesy of the decision by the New York Times to leave presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz's newly released book, A Time for Truth, off its bestseller list. Based on just sales, the book should have been up near the top of the list, selling more than 11,000 copies on its first week. But it's nowhere to be seen.

In response a spokesperson for the New York Times told Politico that "the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases." That is to say, the books were not purchased by those who want to read it, but rather in an organized effort just to get the title on bestseller lists.

To that, both HarperCollins (who published the book) and Cruz's campaign say "Hogwash." HarperCollins said in a statement they've investigated and found no signs of bulk, organized sales and pointed out that other outlets have listed Cruz's book as a top-seller, even though they also omit bulk book purchases.

Cruz's campaign has called the Times' explanation a "blatant falsehood" and is demanding the Times provide evidence to back up its claim or apologize.

It's not completely beyond the pale to think politicians seeking publicity make various concerted efforts to get their new books some attention by making them appear popular. It has certainly happened before.

But by booting Cruz from the list, the Times has reinforced culture war battle lines, with conservatives accusing the Gray Lady of bias, while Salon, for example, emits a Nelson Muntz-style "Ha! Ha!" in the general direction of the Cruz campaign.

Cruz may get the last laugh, though, if the publicity for getting booted from the list actually prompts more conservatives to buy the book who wouldn't have bothered otherwise.

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  1. Jesus, the nonsense our media wastes its time on.

    1. It’s not nonsense when Hillary’s presidency is in jeopardy.

      1. Look, Ted Cruz can help Hillary win all by himself.

      2. Really, why would they want her? She’s not the socialist dictator they crave, she’s just another corrupt, incompetent, evil politician. Not sure they benefit that much from that, to be honest. Circulation is still going down, and all of these leftist projects need money that has to be stolen from somewhere.

        1. They need a marquee client.

        2. Because they do. The whole thing is based on social signaling and hating the enemy. It doesn’t matter who or what Hillary is. She is the party’s nominee and supporting her is how you show your loyalty and how you fight the evil enemy.

          It is really that simple.

          1. She is the party’s nominee

            Citation needed.

            1. Rich,

              I receive e-mails from various “areas” of the political spectrum, and before Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy his letter explaining his reasons for entering the field seemed to address the underlying opinion that Hillary Clinton was not only the frontrunner and presumed nominee, but that the targeted audience were assumed to “owe” her their votes. I regret deleting the e-mail now, because I cannot provide the germane paragraph(s).

              1. As usual, please forgive the poor grammar.

              2. Thanks, Charles. However, I suspect the e-mails originated from Hillary’s server.

                1. I looked for the letter from Sanders and could not find it. If I do find it and an occasion arises where it is not too far off topic in a future comments section I will quote the germane parts primarily because I think you and others may be interested in the mentality of the target audience during that point in time, and how Sanders wanted to assure them that he wasn’t running against the lead candidate but for a better future for America (I’m paraphrasing poorly from memory here).

                  Have a great weekend.

          2. It’s not impossible that she’ll actually get indicted for something between now and election time. Seems insane to throw all of your eggs into that old bag. . .I mean, basket.

            1. Who is going to indict her? Obama’s DOJ?

              1. That would be a delightful parting shot from the Obama administration. There’s your legacy, Mr. President: sinking the libs who betrayed you in 2014 and beyond.

              2. Who knows? I’d fucking indict her if I were a prosecutor somewhere. Why not a state-level prosecution? She’s obviously committing crimes galore.

    2. Not wasting time at all, but diligently performing media’s Job 1: hampering a Republican political campaign.

      1. I think they’ll be hard-pressed to make all of the GOP candidates look as horrifically bad as Clinton. Seriously, if we ranked every eligible American for fitness and competence for the presidency, does anyone on this planet, including her, think she’d rank anywhere above the bottom 10%?

        1. I like your optimism, Pro, and I am now ready to buy shares (in some of) your planned ventures in space.

          1. I’m not sure I’m so much optimistic as appalled. I can only hope enough of America is appalled with me.

            1. I see.

              I also envision a large number of dedicated democrats “pinching their noses” and voting for her because, well… because “D” is better than whoever the “R” will be.

              On a positive note, there are many more people who I meet or read online comments from who are “trending” away from the two major parties.

              1. It’s our only hope. This partisanship has become a huge impediment to any reform or improvement. We can’t keep going back and forth, ceding our judgment to others who don’t represent our interests much at all.

                1. I agree with you well articulated post.

                  However: “It’s our only hope.”

                  What about Obi Wan? He’s still around.

                  Have a great weekend.

  2. Scott had to go all the way to eyelashes to say something nice about Ted Cruz’s appearance.

    1. I was going to opine with regards/in response to the Alt-Text “I disagree, Scott – no one had to say that.”

      Regardless… I think that this is another good article from Shackford (articulate and with well-placed supportive links).

  3. Hell, I hadn’t heard of the book until now. You can’t pay for the kind of advertising the New York Times is giving him.

  4. And the newspaper offers itself, perhaps unintentionally, as a windmill at which Cruz and tilt his lance.

    1. It’s pretty much handing him proof that they are, in fact, totally biased for one party. While they’ve done that plenty of times in the past, this is a handy, recent example of it.

  5. Oh, and why do we still have a New York Times best seller list?

  6. Oh, and why do we still have a New York Times best seller list?

  7. Oh, and why do we still have a New York Times best seller list?

    1. Quit it with the strategic bulk commenting!

      1. No one was answering me!

      2. And it’s called “hfc” or high frequency commenting.

        1. Uh-huh. You make it sound so clinical. The rest of us know what’s up: performance-enhancing squirrels.

        2. If only Kenneth had posted that.

        3. I thought that stood for Hartford Fried Chicken.

    2. + Jim Wright

    3. Oh, and why do we still have a New York Times best seller list?

  8. Cruz may get the last laugh, though, if the publicity for getting booted from the list actually prompts more conservatives to buy the book who wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

    That is exactly what is going to happen. Cruz is a master at trolling these idiots.

    1. You know, I will vote GOP if they run the biggest troll they can find. Barring Trump, of course, because he’s shite. But someone who can work the left into a frothing rage like Bush did, only deliberately. I would relish eight years of frantic pearl-clutching paranoia from the left.

      1. Then Ted Cruz is your man. No one and I mean no one can do that like Cruz. What makes him a nuclear powered troll to them is that he is not only is he Hispanic meaning that can’t call him an evil white male but also he is a Harvard graduate. He is a minority and a top man. That drives them over the edge.

        1. I think you are underestimating their ability to rationalize themselves out of having to consider someone off their plantation a minority.

          1. He’ll be called a “white Hispanic.”

            1. So he’ll be called “Zimmerman”.

      2. Please don’t advertise this. You’ll entice Gingrich back into the ring.

        1. Pfft, what’s the worst he can?

          *eight years of Clinton redux later*

          1. I agree with Green and comm-spitt here.

            Gingrich might resume promising Floridians space stations or colonies on Mars again in order to win votes. Not only will he help the GOP candidates look out of touch (guilt by association) but he will cut into Pro Libertate’s space program, which I have recently decided to profit from.

            Err – donate to.

            Edit Button?

  9. Mr. Haney: [Haney has made a fake film camera out of a box and some cans] I refer you to this tomato can which is playing the part of a lens. Everything is make believe in Hollywood. Now the first thing for the amateur actor to remember is: never look into the tomato can.

    Mr. Haney: Yes, Mrs. Douglas, take it from an old trooper: just talk into the sardine can, and the tomato can will always find you.

    1. The most under-rated show evah.

    2. Now the first thing for the amateur actor to remember is: never look into the tomato can.

      But it worked so well for The Office.

  10. I did like Ted’s Mr. Burns impression. Almost gave me the Smithers…

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