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Rand Paul in Iowa: Transcendent Campaigning, Transcendental Meditation For the Win?


While the Ames Straw Poll is dead and thus loses its ability to let a few hundred overheated Iowans shape the "campaign narrative" for a couple of days, Iowa's first-round caucus votes are still the first place any real voting is done in the GOP presidential race. Unlike in the past, this time the actual delegate votes will have to bear some set relation to the presidential preference votes on caucus day.

The Iowa Republican has some on-the-ground reports about Paul's operation, noting that Paul hasn't been heavily hitting lots of multi-candidate dog and pony shows in the state so far—but has personally campaigned in 19 counties, "What's more impressive is how well orchestrated the Paul campaign events are," reporter Craig Robinson writes. "The mechanics the Paul campaign is deploying in Iowa was easy to see. First, the Paul campaign is wisely using Eventbrite to ticket their campaign events. Getting people to pre-register only makes the task of collecting data from the event easier."

A sense of the feel of a folksy Paul campaign stop, down a gravel road in Poweshiek County:

As Paul arrived to the venue and talked briefly to the event host and posed for pictures with the Lang family, Steve Grubbs, who signed on with Paul a year ago to help lead his effort in Iowa, had everyone in attendance line up so they could meet the candidate personally and pose for a quick snapshot taken by Grubbs himself. After shaking hands and posing for pictures, the event kicked off with a video of Paul's wife Kelley, who talked about how they met and the life they have together. Paul then took center stage, delivered his remarks, and took some questions. Before the event closed, Grubbs grabbed the microphone and enticed people to join the campaign, and if they pledged their support today, they got a snazzy Rand Paul Iowa lapel pin.

Robinson analogizes Paul's style and message not to Rand's father Ron (who won an overwhelming number of the state's delegates, though not the caucus day presidential preference poll that set the narrative for the campaign) but to Steve Forbes, who came in a strong second against George W. Bush there in 2000.

Robinson hypes Grubbs, Paul's Iowa man and Forbes' in 2000 (and a late addition to Herman Cain's operation in 2012), as a wizard at "getting people to attend events and then getting people to volunteer to get involved in a campaign." 

Robinson writes:

The media often wonders if someone like Paul could be a mainstream Republican candidate because of his views, but I think what makes a candidate mainstream is how they approach a campaign and if they are capable of having a broad audience. Paul has succeeded in doing both in Iowa, and you are kidding yourself if you don't think that Grubbs is partly responsible.

I've attended campaign events for most of the Republican candidates, and most of them are pretty laid back affairs, which if fine, but Rand Paul's campaign events are better than anything I witnessed in the last caucus cycle and are at the top of the class this cycle…..

Paul's campaign events, besides being really well attended, serve a number of purposes. First, they create an opportunity for people to get to meet him via the photo line and question and answer period. Second, the event educates people about his life and history. Third, each event ends with a strong pitch to join the campaign. If a campaign isn't doing those things, it's simply wasting time….

The question for Paul has always been whether he can grow his support beyond what his father did in Iowa in 2008 and 2012. I think that's easily doable and likely to happen if he keeps running the type of campaign he currently is in Iowa. That's good news for Paul, and it's something that should make the rest of the field very nervous.

Former Reason-er David Weigel, who is returning to the Washington Post this month, writes for Bloomberg about the curious phenomenon of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stronghold in the heart of Iowa, foursquare for transcendental meditation and the Paul family:

Fairfield, the center of Transcendental Meditation in the U.S., is a hotbed of support for Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul. Earth & Water regulars Jeff Shipley and Roger Leahy helped turn it and surrounding Jefferson County into a stronghold for Paul's father, Ron, the Texas congressman who came in a close third in the 2012 Iowa caucuses. Now they're using Earth & Water as a base to help Rand get all the way to the White House. "There's a self-reliant attitude here," says Shipley. "The people who want to end the wars and end NSA spying are the same people who want to be able to sell raw milk."….

With the Republican field more fragmented than ever, Iowa presents Paul with a chance to notch a win by mobilizing anti-establishment voters while his rivals divvy up the Republican base. It's not clear that everyone who went for Ron Paul will automatically Stand With Rand. "He's got some new position every week," says Francis Thicke, an organic dairy farmer in Fairfield who usually votes for Democrats. "He needs to get his stories straight." Thicke says what drew him to the elder Paul was a sense that he would fight for what he believed. "Ron Paul was the only one running for president not saying that Muslims hate us because of our freedoms," he says. "He was saying they hate us because we're killing them. That seems obvious, but no one else was saying it. I caucused for him because I thought he was going to put some pressure on his right-wing buddies."

Rand says he's ready to win Fairfield over. "There's a strong liberty movement there," he says. "From what I understand, there's a strong aversion to war." In May he addressed voters from the same town square that his father had. He denounced Obama-era military interventions and spent a long while talking about the paranoia that grew out of the war on terror. He invoked the story of Richard Jewell, the hero of the 1996 Atlanta bomb plot who became, unjustly, a suspect. Americans "are so afraid of terrorists that they're ready to ship their neighbor to Guantanamo Bay," he said. A Paul administration, he promised, would defuse that fear. "We've got to believe in justice," Paul said. The crowd cheered. "I'm hoping we can lead the way again," says Leahy. "I'm hoping we can get 75 percent of the vote for Rand Paul this time."

Here's a brief edited excerpt from my 2012 book Ron Paul's Revolution about the Fairfield effect for the elder Paul's campaigns:

Ron Paul spoke that night in Fairfield, Iowa, a small town with a classic square, green and perfect in the cool golden-hour light. Statues of old men giving sage advice, apparently, to young ones sit near benches, the square circled by old brick storefronts. Paul appeared in the last hour of mellow dying daylight, underneath a white cupola. Between two trees, a spray-painted Ron Paul rEVOLution banner hung. Four hundred or so people were there to hear him. Fairfield is most famous for being the home of the Maharishi University of Management and a huge Transcendental Meditation center. It's in Jefferson County, the only county in America in which Ron Paul actually won the popular caucus vote in 2008.


A Ron Paul activist from that county explained in a post on the Ron Paul Forums site how they did it. He credited a personal Ron Paul appearance, a great meetup, a list of 150 local supporters, booths at local farmers' markets and art walks; an office on the town square giving away Paul material; hitting church lots with Paul material; "a focus on local areas of concern, particularly health freedom, restoring civil liberties, opposition to the Patriot Act, restoring the Constitutional limited Federal government, a humble, non-interventionist foreign policy, etc. . . . We directed our efforts mostly to our friends, who were largely Democrats, Independents, or non-political folks. We tried to win over Obama and Edwards supporters, in fact some of our ads contrasted Ron Paul with them. We made a strong effort to get people to register Republican just for voting for Ron." He stressed that they did not do much outreach to traditional conservatives or call Republican voters lists, and "we did not focus on Ron Paul's positions on abortion or immigration (unless asked about them)."

Four years later in Fairfield Paul had attracted families, gray-ponytailed bikers, rockabilly couples, pairs of grandmothers and grandchildren, young dreadlocked men, eager teen girls….

How many of us were here last time he spoke in Fairfield, in 2007, he asked? About a sixth of the crowd cheers. It isn't as if stragglers to the Ron Paul train missed anything then that they won't get now. He's been delivering pretty much the same message the same way for thirty-five years, he said. The difference now is that the country is coming our way….

On this beautiful day, in front of a happy and enthusiastic crowd, the lightness and cheeriness in the man came out; he was blithe and light and falling back on the light ironies in his style. He tipped his hat to the users and marketers of nutritional supplements, and limned the far reaches of his own radicalism: "Why, I'm so radical I think you have the right to drink raw milk!"

There were some populist nods mixed in—Paul's libertarianism never plays to elite sensibilities, despite the philosophy's reputation as special pleading for the interests of plutocrats. Bankers got the bailouts, he reminded us, while the middle class lost its jobs and homes…..

He played the apocalyptician a bit. The official consumer price index (CPI) can't be trusted, nor can official unemployment rates. Things are worse than they are telling us. The middle class is being wiped out before our eyes. And the violence around the world today—the unrest in the European street over fiscal problems—could hit us, too, as the fiat and debt system crumbles. But we need to lose the delusion that somehow war can be good for the economy….

He's a Republican willing to say that America is no longer the richest or freest country on earth—perhaps the unpatriotic heresy that gets standard-issue GOP voters even angrier at him than talking about blowback. Another revolution is needed—"an intellectual revolution, not a violent one. We have to change minds and attitudes. Teachers and writers must lead the way."

In other Paul news, a Politico report from a (largely shielded from the press) confab of Sheldon Adelson's Republican Jewish Coalition finds Paul absent—though invited!—and very much not the topic of conversation.

Why? Speculation is either that his attempts to ameliorate the feeling he was anti-Israel have succeeded, or that the RJC folk don't see him as a serious challenger worth worrying about any more. Adelson seems so far to be sticking by a promise Paul says Adelson made to him to not spend money trying to knock him off specifically.

See my July Reason feature on Rand Paul's studied strategic  ambiguity when it comes to foreign policy for more insight on all that.

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  1. Nothing to say, just wanted to be first for once.

      1. Just like him to ignore his fans. Such a diva.

        1. Nay – like Cincinnatus, he ascends to lofty power, yet retains his humility.

          1. That explains the title of his autobiography: “I am the Humblest Mother Fucker Who Has Ever Lived on this Whole Fucking Planet, Bitches!”

            1. Foreword by Kenny Powers

              1. I was thinking Bunk Moreland, but Kenny is a better choice now that you mention it

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      1. Pure genius! Bravo! Bravo!

  2. Meditation works for Seinfeld and the Bridgewater guy, so it can’t be all that bad.

  3. Aquabuddah visits the home of the Maharishi University of Management. Triply!

    1. Trippy. Damn autocorrect.

  4. The one time Rand Paul tried Zen meditation, Philae’s batteries recharged.

  5. Fergit Hell!

    Serious fuckup for Rand Paul. Won’t even get him a Bubba Watson endorsement.

    1. How dare he tell the truth and take a position shared by non-yokels!

      1. I’ll deign to reply to you just to make the point. US opinion is split on whether the CBF is offensive or not. There is no momentum against it in broad public opinion. Hasn’t budged in polling from 2000 to after the Charleston church massacre.

        There’s no nomination for Rand without capturing much of the “yokel” vote. Who do you think votes in Republican primaries for “anybody but the establishment candidate”?

        1. I’m going to wager the young people of America aren’t so much into the Slave Flag. I am also willing to bet the yokels grumble about it and move on. They always do, eventually.

          1. As a slave flag, or for that matter as a segregation or Jim Crow flag, probably not. As a symbol of southerness like putting those white oval state/country stickers on your car or as a fuck you to liberals/commies/whoever hates mom and apple pie, it does have some appeal.

            Just anecdotally here in the Northwest, you usually see a number of oversize American flags mounted on the backs of pickups around the 4th of July. This year is the first time I’ve seen any Confedeate flags (two of them in fact in different places) and both were flying alongside the US flag. I’m going with the fuck you reason. Also saw a Gadsen flag done the same way.

        2. Maybe he said it because he actually believes it and doesn’t give a fuck what Billy Ray from the trailer park thinks?

  6. I doubt I’m going to vote at all but I like that Brand Paul, even this weaker version, causes a lot of heartache for the right people.

    1. Big fan of the schadenfreude, are we?

      1. Not at all, sometimes I just get pleasure from another person’s misfortune.

  7. Transcendental Pimpitation!

  8. Rand Mutha Fuckin’ Paul!

  9. If he wins in New Hampshire and places or shows in Iowa, he’s got as good a shot as anybody.

    As far as the center of Transcendental Meditation in Fairfield is concerned, maybe they’re on board becasue they’re heard about his support for Aqua Buddha!

    I’m gonna build my own Aqua Buddha shrine and rub his belly every time someone mentions Iowa.

  10. A Zen Master once asked Rand Paul what was the sound of one hand clapping. Rand answered, “How dare you mock wounded veterans.” He then roundhouse-kicked the Zen Master in the face and put on his Ray-Bans.

    1. Damn.

      That’s like Chuck Norris level bad assery, right there.

      1. Rand Paul acrobatically twirls a scalpel to help him relax. He also does it during negotiations with leaders of foreign nations.

        1. “You know why I like a knife? Guns are…too quick.”

  11. Rand has to get his dad to shut up, especially near the general. Ron is nothing but a ticking time bomb to Rand’s campaign (as well as a senile demented nutter) and is a liability to the liberty movement in general. It is but a matter of time before he blames the Jews or the government for 9/11 or says something else stupid ex ‘blowback’.

    1. Rand Paul is so cool, he is measured degrees Rankine.

  12. Waze fucking sucks. Yeah it’s great that I can report the DD checkpoint. Too bad I have to do it *right then* or NEVER. Fuck you Waze. Can someone make or direct me to a good traffic intel app?

    1. You just touch the screen. It’s not difficult.

      1. John, saw you playing with Bo again on AM links. You sure like pounding your head against a wall, don’t you?

        1. And Tony. Every time you talk to them it wastes your time and therefore they win regardless of the strength of your argument.

      2. I DID. It just gives me options to ask for directions there and report if the map is wrong. The only place I can report a blockage or checkpoint is at the place I am now. What if I don’t want to fiddle with my fine at the checkpoint.

        1. If you let go of your four inches of man meat for a few seconds, then you can touch the screen and report. You might want to use a disinfectant wipe later.

  13. The markets are going to throw the primaries into chaos. China imploding first will give progs just enough cover to say that the US economy tanked bc, um, China! I hope Rand gets way out ahead of this.

    1. King Dollar’s monster run is just getting started. China will help tank commodities and Iran is about to add about 3 million bpd while the PIGS are chopping up the Euro.

      Of course this great run for the USD is exactly the opposite of what the Peanut Gallery Goldnuts predicted.

      The Buttplug Reigns!

      1. So when is gold going to hit $900? Because it’s well over $1100.

        You know when a guy is falling down faster than you, it does not mean you are rising.

        1. Who knows? The Fed funds rate is still .25% and hasn’t moved since the collapse. When it does move gold will get shellacked.

          1. When it moves


          2. It’ll be raised in March. No? Ok June. No? Ok September. They can’t raise it and you know it. They’ll use Greece, China, the boil on my ass, anything as an excuse not to raise it. Record length ZPIR and you’re all, “But when they do, maaan!” Here comes Godot, PB. Just wait a couple more minutes.

        2. Gold:Oil is about 23:1 which is still a bit high.

          Long on oil is a better bet than long on gold.

          1. Gold is easier to keep in my house. And a lot more fun to look at.

            1. – 1 Executive Order 6102

              1. No skinny honky in a wheelchair is gonna take my AU!

            2. You cannot blow stuff up with gold.

          2. Better go way long if the world economy is tanking. We’re producing shit loads of oil. Price is only going to go down if we’re the only ones buying it.

          3. Not with fracking it isn’t. We are awash in oil.

      2. Hey shitstopper: Whatcha gotta say about this?
        Nothing, I bet.

        1. A fairly recent IMF study on “Foreign Investor Flows and Sovereign Bond Yields in Advanced Economies,” for example, notes ? en passant as it were ? that, controlling for such flows, the Fed’s large-scale asset purchases resulted, not in the 90-200 basis point decline in long-term rates reported in various other studies, but in a decline of just thirty basis points, which is peanuts.

          So what? The purpose of QE was broader than just shaving rates on the long bond. He is focused on a gnat in a forest fire.

          1. Idiot. You keep crowing about this being a fantastic recovery. How much does it hurt to skip over all the charts which show otherwise?
            Idiot! I knew you didn’t have the guts to acknowledge anything contrary.

  14. Muslims hate us because of their religion. And the name of the religion? Submission. Just like government only with more rules.

    1. cool story bro, tell us about the Jews now.

      1. Well, with adjustment, his statement is true. ISIS and AQ and the Iranian government do hate us for our freedoms.

        1. They wouldn’t be attacking us if we weren’t over there in their neighborhood protecting enlightened despots like the Saudis and Saddam No. 2.

            1. (Cripes, I can’t just say “touch?” because “Your comment does not appear to be written in an English script. Please comment in English.” Racist squirrels!

              1. The squirrels wouldn’t be attacking us if we weren’t occupying their homeland -no more BS-tastic than what Scarecrow wrote.

            2. Did you see ‘The Power of Nightmares’?

              Qutb was the central theme in that. And Leo Strauss a close second.

            3. Have you read “The Looming Tower”?

          1. Right. That’s why they attacked Hebdo: because MERICAN EMPIRE.

            1. Yes, the world is full of completely isolated pockets, independent, incommunicado with each other. Nothing which happens in one can have any affect on the others.

              1. ??????

            2. That’s also why the attack The Wrong Sort of Muslims, all around the world. Cuz they hate George Bush sooo much.

          2. Oh and America isn’t even protecting the Saudis at least not anymore.

            Sadaam No. 2? WTF are you on about?

            1. I see. Muslims have no memories and live only for the moment.

              Which explains why you can’t see the connection between Iraq’s various despots.

              1. I see. Muslims have no memories and live only for the moment.

                They seem to have gotten over the French neo-Empire (unlike The American Empire, this one is real), if they were ever hung up on it at all.

                Which explains why you can’t see the connection between Iraq’s various despots.

                Connections? Could you possibly be vaguer?

      2. Jews refuse Submission. And even Reform Jews oppose the Drug War.

    2. Another good reason for no intervention – Muslims are doing a good job killing each other.

  15. Earth & Water

    Is that like Earth, Wind & Fire?

      1. Shorter, with cats.

        1. 300 is so awesome it can even make cats cool. Thank you.

          1. 300? I didn’t click, is it a bowling movie?

            1. CLICK IT.

  16. I just came from the Bernie Sanders thread and I can’t believe that Tony used the, ” I vote for Democrats and therefore I am charitable,” line.

    It reminded me of a time when I was walking with a left leaning friend from dinner and we saw a homeless man on the sidewalk. Anyway, I gave the homeless man my leftovers and some cash and the friend was shocked because he thought that Libertairans didn’t believe in charity. I expalined to him that it’s okay to be charitable but when it’s done through force, it’s no longer charity.

    The ironic part was despite him preaching about the injustice of income inequality, he gave the homeless man nothing.

    1. Bernie is to Dems what Ron Paul was to the GOP.

      Devoted cultish fans and a ceiling of about 10-15% of the party primary voters.

      1. I think you are underestimating the large proportion of Democrats who are explicitly socialist, or lean that way. Or perhaps you are overestimating Hillary. In any case, I think Bernie can do better than that.

        1. This campaign will tell us since Bernie is running as an avowed socialist and Hillary is perceived by the stupid progs as “beholden to Wall Street” and a centrist DLC Iraq War hawk.

          1. Well, even stupid progs are right sometimes.

            1. She’s slightly less beholden to Wall Street than she is to various streets in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

        2. There’s also the fact that there’s very little competition aside from those two (maybe Biden will change that if he enters). Paul would have gotten more than 10% of the vote if Romney was his only serious opponent.

    2. The ironic part was despite him preaching about the injustice of income inequality, he gave the homeless man nothing.

      No need to, since *you* did, DUH!

    3. There is some great Tony derp in that thread. The two that I couldn’t help but respond to:

      1. We can go full solar, with some geo-energy help, if the government would just invest enough! Prepare to cover the country in solar panels, I guess.

      2. Obama and the Democrats wanted something much better than PPACA, but had to compromise to get it passed. Even though the only votes for it were by Democrats. Oh, and an Independent Senator: Bernie Sanders.

    4. The point of leftism is to use other people’s money to solve problems, not your own money! Duh.

      1. Hell They dont even solve problems

  17. This is fucking amazing:

    At least 1,331 companies have halted trading on China’s mainland exchanges, freezing $2.6 trillion of shares, or about 40 percent of the country’s market value, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

    The Shanghai Composite Index fell 5.9 percent on Wednesday. It’s now about 32 percent below the peak of 5,166 it reached on June 12. The unwinding of margin loans is adding fuel to the fire. Individual investors in China, as we all know by now, have used generous margin financing terms to enter the stock market and then build up their portfolios. Less-known is that Chinese companies have been doing the same thing by using their own corporate stock to secure loans from banks.

    This means that they stand to lose a lot when those share prices start trending dramatically lower.

    Says Nick Lawson at Deutsche Bank: “Stocks are being suspended by the companies themselves because many have bank loans backed by shares which the banks themselves may want to liquidate, joining the queues of margin sellers.”


    1. Thomas Friedman, call your office.

      1. “Thomas Friedman, call your office.”

        He’ll claim it to be a market failure.

    2. The problem is marginal.

    1. BLM having guns is almost as equally absurdist.

      1. BLM ranger leaving his firearm unsecured in his vehicle is pretty goddam absurd. He’s going to be fired, right? His negligence did lead to someone’s death.

        1. He’s going to be fired, right?


          (catches breath)


  18. Even better!

    San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has deflected blame in the release of a Mexican national now facing murder charges in the Pier 14 slaying by demanding to know why federal authorities returned him to San Francisco to face a 20-year-old marijuana charge in the first place.
    The answer, it turns out, is that the Sheriff’s Department asked federal officials to do so.

    1. Using a single incident to gin up a fright about illegal immigration is as retarded as using a mass shooting to gin up gun control. There is as much positive correlation between gun ownership and crime as there is between illegal immigration and crime: none, and there may be negative correlation.

      1. Yes, it is lame that it takes just one incident that gets publicized like this to cause a firestorm. In this case it is highlighting a very stupid and reckless policy of letting criminals who are here illegally go free. As it stands now, if you get caught in SF for say, burglary of a house, you will not be turned over to immigration after your time served. That is fucking bullshit. Say what you will about immigration into this country, but that is stupid. Don’t mess with people who are reporting crimes or have traffic infraction or minor crimes, but calling up the Feds on someone who has just finished a sentence with multiple felonies should be a very basic function of local gubmint.

      2. And this isn’t just a “single incident,” of course. Illegals commit plenty of crimes, they just don’t get this level of publicity.

        1. The evidence does not indicate that illegal immigrants, or immigrants in general, commit a disproportionate amount of crime.


          Also, your response is like saying “it’s not just these mass shootings, gun owners commit plenty of crimes, they just don’t get this level of publicity.”

          1. It would depend on if you hold that the state has absolutely no cause to return a foreign national to his home country, or if you believe that they should in some situations. SF errs on the former.

          2. This is wrong for several reasons.

            1) There is a great deal of unreported crime.

            2) It counts crime by children of immigrants (legal or illegal) as crimes by natives, which it is technically, but children of immigrants having a higher crime rate than their parents. I think the crime increase from second-generation immigrants should be counted as well.

            3) An analogy. Let’s say there’s a police department that has a “crime rate” of (e.g.) 5% bad cops, who are crooked and/or abusive. Then, it turns out that they are hiring from the police academy, which is turning out new recruits who are 5% crooked and/abusive. Do we then shrug and say: “Well, it’s OK, because the average rate of bad cops is about the same!” No, we do not. If we have any common sense, we demand an effort to ensure that only good prospects are hired.

            4. Take a look at the names and faces of L.A.’s most wanted, and tell me immigration has no effect on crime.

            1. 3 Yea, when Bailey compares immigrant crime rates (lumping in doctors with laborers because … immigrant!) to natives my first thought is “so better than the horrific black rate.” Not really sure why that’s supposed to be good.

              1. Sidd,

                If you look at the data I presented, that’s actually not true. Within virtually every racial/ethnic group, immigrants have a lower crime rate, and most Asian and Latino groups have lower crime rates than the native white population. I also fail to see how the total native rate isn’t the best comparison. Yes, black people commit crime at a greater rate, but they’re still a part of the native population. And in a lot of places, immigrants are a lot more likely to live near (and thus commit crime against) black Americans than white Americans.

            2. “1) There is a great deal of unreported crime.”

              And do you have any evidence that this distorts the crime rates significantly enough to change the data I’ve presented.

              “2) It counts crime by children of immigrants (legal or illegal) as crimes by natives, which it is technically, but children of immigrants having a higher crime rate than their parents. I think the crime increase from second-generation immigrants should be counted as well.”

              And whoosh go the goalposts.

              “3) An analogy. Let’s say there’s a police department that has a “crime rate” of (e.g.) 5% bad cops, who are crooked and/or abusive. Then, it turns out that they are hiring from the police academy, which is turning out new recruits who are 5% crooked and/abusive. Do we then shrug and say: “Well, it’s OK, because the average rate of bad cops is about the same!” No, we do not. If we have any common sense, we demand an effort to ensure that only good prospects are hired.”

              No one is saying that it’s totally fine for immigrants to commit crimes. I also think that’s a shitty analogy, because we aren’t talking about government employees.

            3. “Take a look at the names and faces of L.A.’s most wanted, and tell me immigration has no effect on crime.”

              Really the height of intellectual scientific discourse here. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that immigrants would be overrepresented on a Most Wanted List. It’s far easier and more viable for them to flee the country than it is for someone who was born here. That doesn’t tell us nearly as much about actual crime rates as the data I’ve presented. LA’s crime rate has dropped drastically over the last couple decades as immigrants have poured in and the Latino population has increased greatly. South LA is a lot safer than it used to be, and one reason for that is the increase in the immigrant and Latino populations there recently.

    2. That’s some weapons grade incompetence right thar. If the young lady hadn’t paid for it with her life it would have been hilarious.

      Do the progs that run SF kick this idiot to the curb?

  19. Mirk is probably the only one who will be booted out of office for the whole horrible mess. There is blame to go around, and the policy of SF and the leftist clowns and voters that put them in are the real culprit. Watching the progs try to tie this into gun control is funny, but the whole thing is fucking sad and utterly predictable.

    1. Mirk deserves to be booted out of office since he’s an incompetent twit, but this is only one more example of his incompetence.
      He ran for sheriff hoping to get his two terms in the janitorial department before he ran for some other office, all in the hopes of never working for a living and running up several retirement accounts.
      As you might gather, my position on Mirk is ‘screw him with a rusty wood-chipper’, and the same goes for nearly every SF politico I can think of.
      Oh, and I’m curious how much effort it took to shove Lee out of his foxhole to make a perfectly predictable comment re: Mirk, but feigning anger while he was at it.

  20. Lee is just hoping the shit slides downhill to the SFSD and Mirk. There are a number of others including Harris, Newsom, Ammiano et all who should be getting tossed out of office, but that is very doubtful. I was in the Tenderloin for a couple afternoons this week and there was way more police activity than usual. I say a Homeland suV going the wrong way at 50 mph. They went right by me and down a block. I walked down there and by the time I got there they were gone. Two other ones cruised by at high speed. The manager at the apartment building said he saw the same thing happening all morning.

    1. Wiki on the 1948 Coup:

      On 25 February 1948, Bene?, fearful of civil war and Soviet intervention, capitulated. He accepted the resignations of the non-Communist ministers and appointed a new government in accordance with KS? demands. Gottwald continued as prime minister of a government dominated by Communists and pro-Moscow Social Democrats. Members of the People’s, National Socialist and Slovak Democratic parties still figured, so the government was still nominally a coalition. However, the other parties had been taken over by Communist sympathizers, and ministers using these labels were fellow travellers handpicked by the Communists. The only senior minister who was neither a Communist nor a fellow traveller was Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, who was however found dead two weeks later outside a third-floor window.

      Good thing Reason isn’t filled with Fellow Travelers like Weigel anymore…oh wait.

    2. “Some hilarious graphics.”
      My fave:
      ‘Sometimes there wasn’t toilet paper in the shops, but then there wasn’t any food either’

  21. Get ready for Obama to “diversify” your neighborhood by income level.

    In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood ? imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense ? at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels.

    1. It’s like he hates the Democratic party and is deliberately trying to destroy it by making it the fall guy for hideous legislation.

      As the example of Westchester County shows If you’re a Republican this is great news since white lefty types really don’t like the coloreds and don’t want to live with them, it should be easy to get them to vote R to prevent this from happening.

      That would require the Rs to not fuck something up though.

      1. He’s a lame duck who promised to fundamentally transform America so are we surprised he doesn’t give a shit?

    2. If I’m a HUD bureaucrat, this shit starts as a huge demonstration project in Hyde Park.

  22. I notice the feds are eagerly pushing for the Redskins to change their name. Tolerance, libertarian moment I guess. Of course it will still be named for a treasonous slaveowner who warred against the Indians. And Columbia is for Christopher Columbus…

  23. the presidential bones are massive piles of media shit.

    presidents are dicks and mostly retarded.

    presidents suck.

    presidents are like lids on soft drinks… unscrew them and tons of shit-fuckers want to save the fuck from all sorts of the shit…

    fuck ‘merica and fuck ‘presidents

    a true lover of humans would not run a country where a SINGLE pot head served a single time in prison.

    Obama fucks prisoners with his big black cock… FUCK OBAMA for fucking with the lives of average Americans who wished to get pleasantly high.

    FUCK OBAMA because you are president and YOUR presidency has FUCKED the lives of AMERICANS who enjoy a lovely weed. FUCK YOU OBAMA for sending average Americans to prison over a sweet weed……

  24. Personally I would want a Biden vs. Trump election in order to emphasis how ridiculous the whole US political system is.

  25. New campaign slogan. “Vote for Rand, he’s Trans”

  26. TM is great but most Fairfield residents and high profile TM followers are liberal Democrats or worse with a few exceptions like Clint Eastwood

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