Brickbat: Are You a Goer?


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Officials with the West Hartford, Connecticut, school system say they may stop asking parents whether their child was born vaginally or through a Cesarean section birth when the children are enrolled in kindergarten. Cara Paiuk complained publicly when she found the question in a packet of forms she and her husband had to fill out to enroll their child. School officials say they just wanted to know if there was any birth trauma that might affect the child in class.

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  1. Et tu, West Hartford-ay?

  2. So,the question about the position the parents were in when the cihild was concieved is ok?

    1. I think you’re confusing that with a Warty customer service survey

      1. No,he’d demand pics.

  3. 1) The school officials could no doubt explain the specific circumstances where they would be able to act on that information, and the specific actions they would take based on that information, right?

    2) Correct response: _x_ Fuck You

    3) Did you see the picture of the mom? The hot red-head? Of *course* she’s a fucking goer.

    1. Oh yeah,you had to end that with a micro aggresion.

      1. There’s always a carve-out for rangas

        1. I had to google that. Don’t think I’ll be using that term with Mrs ASW.

  4. The responses from multiple involved “officials” that “we’ve had this on the form for 20 years and nobody else ever complained” is exactly what I would expect from a bunch of government payroll douchebags. The ruthless efficiency of government in action.

  5. Putting the link on “born vaginally” is… unsettling

    1. It certainly failed to delivery on its promise.

      1. Oops. That was unintentional.

        1. Stork that in your pipe and smoke it

    2. They should have used the common medical term for it: H-Section or Hitlerean birth.

  6. I think we know the reason this bitch bitched is because both she and her son are soulless. Can you blame her for being uppity?

    1. Au contraire – they are not soulless, they just eat YOURS.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. This school system was born anally.

  8. Paiuk says she wanted to speak out about the question at the April meeting but was hesitant to make a stink before her son had even entered the school.

    A few days later, Paiuk, who wrote about the incident in a recent New York Times essay

    For a lady that doesn’t want to make a stink talking about her vagina, she sure made a stink about her vagina.

    1. And god bless her for doing it. These numb-nuts need to have their petty “authority” questioned, challenged, and curtailed at every turn.

  9. “Our daughter Athena was born cranially, I don’t see a spot for that one.”


  10. “A few days later, Paiuk [the kindergartener’s mother]… called the school district and was told by a nurse that if there were any birth traumas… they needed to know. That way, if the child presented with any issues at school, teachers or administrators could refer to the form.”

    This ^*(&*%! belongs in an episode of the old Twilight Zone series, not the reality I live in.

  11. “Is your junk all fucked up or do you just have a scar on your pantyline?”

    1. This is why I thank the good lord every day that Reason, Liberty and Justice were all plucked from the belly.

      1. Groovus said 2 caesarians were the max. But that was a few years ago and for all I know they install a zipper now

        1. It’s more like a Zip-Loc closure.

  12. I don’t understand. Is the school system saying a cesarean birth is traumatic? Or a vaginal birth? Because personally, I’m up in the air on which is more traumatic (to the baby, anyway). Most of both births happen in a hospital so, by definition, that’s traumatic.

  13. In addition to the adopted, this form should also be weeding out the gingers.

  14. While being at “work” and reading the article, I am a bit dubious of clicking the highlighted “vaginal birth”.

    a nods as good as a wink to a blind bat.

  15. I think the thing that bothers me is that NOBODY brought it up before this? Gov’t employees (yes public school teachers and, especially administrators, are govt employees) asking questions like this doesn’t surprise me. But the fact that for 20 years (or more) nobody made a stink about this is really what depresses me about the future of our country.

    Too many gods damned sheep and not enough wolves. Though we sure have shepherds aplenty.

  16. I like the line that Andy Breckman lifted from radio co-host Ken Freedman to use on Monk: “I was born naturally but raised Caesarean.”

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