Cops Arrest Veteran for Growing Pot to Treat PTSD. Then CPS Makes Life Hell.

Let the man have his medicine.


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A disabled Iraq War veteran with PTSD was arrested for growing and using marijuana to treat his symptoms. But that was only the beginning of his problems. Child Protective Services also tried to take his kids, allegedly forcing his wife to file assault charges against him so that she could avoid a felony charge herself and keep the children.

That's according to a Truth in Media story by Barry Donegan, who interviewed Whitney Lewandowski about her husband, Kristoffer:

Whitney Lewandowski said that her husband, a loving father to three children who was honorably medically discharged from the Marines and is 100% disabled due to severe post-traumatic stress disorder, was growing the marijuana for personal use, "He was just using it… He couldn't get any, and, of course, we're a military family, we're very poor, we couldn't afford to buy it anyway. So he was just growing it for himself. He was on his way out of the military and just wanted to see if it would help with [his mental health issues]. He was taking 13 pills a day, and it was just killing his liver. He was having all these issues with his body and he just wanted to try something more natural to just see if he could do without that many pills a day." She called his medical marijuana treatments "absolutely effective."

In June of 2014, Kristoffer suffered an episode. Donegan's story claims that Whitney took their three children to a neighbor's house to "diffuse the situation." A local news story called the incident a "domestic disturbance" and claimed Kristoffer chased Whitney with a knife before barricading himself in his house. The police intervened, leading them to discover the marijuana plants. This was treated as a major drug bust, according to

Sheriff Stradley said it was clear from the get-go that Sunday night's call was anything but typical.

"The individual supposedly chased his wife with a knife and she went next door to a neighbor. They went to the door, he was inside the house, he first wouldn't come out. We thought he had a gun," said Stradley.

Once Lewandowski surrendered and came out of this house, that's when sheriff's deputies went inside. All it took was one look around the home for officers to realize they were dealing with a more serious situation.

"When we get there and we find out we have marijuana there that's being grown, it seems to get worse. And then with children present this is a bad situation gone worse for the whole entire family," explained Sheriff Stradley.

A more serious situation? Do cops really think a couple marijuana plants are more serious than a mentally-disturbed person wielding a knife?

Neither Donegan's story nor this recent account in The Free Thought Project mentions the knife. According to these stories, police told Whitney to file assault charges against her husband in order to distance herself from his illegal drug activities. Convinced that compliance was the only way to prevent child services from taking her children, she agreed.

Kristoffer was able to make bail, and the family moved from Oklahoma to California, where he can legally medicate himself with marijuana. But he inadvertently missed a court date, so undercover agents arrested him in a raid while he was picking up his kids from preschool.

The family recently set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for legal expenses.

I reached out to Whitney through the GoFundMe page. I also contacted Donegan about the story. I have not yet heard back from either person. It looks to me like the facts of Kristoffer's initial arrest are in mild dispute; based on what I know so far, I can't say for sure whether Kristoffer's behavior put his family in danger, justifying CPS intervention.

I can say that a couple marijuana plants should not be evidence of parental dereliction or criminal behavior. If a sick man who fought for his country wants to grow and consume marijuana to help himself cope with his injuries, his country should let him.

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  1. Your naivete is quite endearing.

  2. They’ll take your kids for medical marijuana use in Colorado. Where it’s legal.

    Optimism has no place here.

  3. Abolish CPS.

    Do they ever handle the tough cases that would actually justify their existence? Or do they just target these situations where the parents are doing something “illegal” but not harmful to the children? I bet it’s 5/95 percent former vs. latter.

    1. As a former teacher with lots of teacher friends, CPS doesn’t address the ‘real’ situations. In those cases, the parents are professional abusers and the kids are professionally abused. The CPS gets duped by the pros and takes their wrath out on those that either are innocent or temporarily screwed up.

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      1. Only if it were accompanied by a Reason TV video showing us the Top 5 ISIS Fails

  5. Or do they just target these situations where the parents are doing something “illegal” but not harmful to the children? I bet it’s 5/95 percent former vs. latter.


  6. I dunno. The cops are going to have to up their game considerably. It is going to be hard to beat the one where the officer shot at the dog and hit the four year old girl then promptly got in his cruiser and left.

  7. They can never find rapists and murderers but they send a bunch of undercovers, at who knows what expense, to arrest a veteran for a couple of pot plants. Beautiful.

    1. Rapists and murderers are dangerous. Besides, they’ll just do something else bad and then the cops’ll catch ’em, like blow up a marathon or something.

    2. Indianapolis brought 30 cops to watch the First Cannaibis Chuch hold services. The top cop said he didn’t want another Jim Jones situation.

  8. If a sick man who fought for his country wants to grow and consume marijuana to help himself cope with his injuries, his country should let him.


  9. 4:20 – blaze it, veteran!

  10. I can’t read this shit anymore. The holiday weekend starts now.

    1. You know what? I agree with you. See you bitches Monday.

  11. Whitney Lewandowski said that the domestic violence charge does not reflect the reality of her husband’s behavior, “They’re trying to use me as a victim and to make it look worse on his case. My husband has absolutely never laid his hands on me ever. He is not an abusive man, ever? quite the opposite. He is extremely doting.”

    Look lady, if the state says you’re a victim and says your children are in danger, who are you to argue?

    He currently remains in police custody in California and is awaiting extradition to Oklahoma.

    It’s not clear who did the raid. I wonder if someone possessed illegal firearms in CA then moved to OK where it’s legal, would OK arrest and extradite them back too?

  12. You can’t grow medicine yourself. Medicine comes in an orange bottle with a white cap and is handed to you by a pharmacist who looks likes he wants to blow his brains out after spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars in tuition to work 8 hours a day counting pills and telling old people whether Advil conflicts with Lipitor. Everybody knows that. DUH. Duuuuuuuuh.

    1. Well, pharmacists are #9 in the top ten of suicide rates by profession.

  13. As the child of a Vietnam vet who suffered undiagnosed PTSD and self medicated with alcohol and Marijuana for years (like close to 30 before he was finally diagnosed) I can affirm that Pot is in fact a very effective treatment to at least make life tolerable for both the person suffering with PTSD and their family

  14. How many opium producers did he protect in Afghanistan?
    I”m tired of double standards.

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